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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Audio books are recordings of the contents of a book provided either on tape, CD or in digital format. Audio
     books or talking books, as they are generally called, are audio recordings of books. Audio books are a great
                                              way to use ‘empty’ time.
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                                          Experience The Audiobook Phenomenon!
                                                         By Tommy Thompson

   Life has become more technological in order to make simple tasks easier. Audiobooks for instance
have evolved considerably over the last 20 years bring with it new possibilities for portable

An audiobook by old standards was a recording on a cassette tape of a particular book. Not these
days. Now you can listen to a professional narrator spin a tale of adventure or teach you a language in
several different portable formats. My favorite, the instant download to my MP3 Player. You can
download to iPods or burn to CD's thousands of different titles in every gender.

I downloaded the South Beach diet narrated by Dr Agaston himself. So now I can listen while at the
gym and when I walk, even when I am doing household chores. It really helps me stay focused on my
weight loss goals and the time passes quickly.

But health and motivation are only some of the audiobook categories available. How about a nail biting
mystery, a hair raising thriller or a romantic tear jerker. Want to learn a second language, educational
audio books are very popular and an excellent way to learn.

Many people lose a great deal of time doing nothing while commuting to and from their jobs.
Audiobooks are perfect for traveling. Why not use that time to listen to an audio book, especially one
that develops your mind and/or improves your professional and business skills? Thats right, there are
many audio book courses made specifically for professionals to improve their skills in many areas of
their professions.

Children love to listen to their favorite stories on audiobook. A good narrator will play all the character
roles and really bring you into the story. What better way to get kids excited about great works of

The benefits of audio books are endless. If you have never had the pleasure, now is the best time to
give a listen.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                        Ipods Fuel New Popularity Of Audio Books
                                                               By Jeff Wend

 iPod and MP3 players are becoming omnipresent. Everywhere you go, you see the familiar
headphones in someone's ears. And with the busy lifestyles we live, it is no wonder that audiobook
sales are soaring. The combination of audiobooks and iPods are now making it possible for people to
listen to their books on tape, or audiobooks where ever they go.

Apple and its many retail partners managed to sell 88 iPods per minute in 2006 which totaled
46,432,000 iPods sold. That is more then 1 iPod sold per second! The Christmas season from
October and December were obviously the busiest of the year.

IPod sales look to continue to grow in 2007. In the first quarter of 2006, total iPods sold were 8.53
million. It is estimated that for the first quarter of 2007 iPod sales will be over 10 million. Some predict
that the new iPhone will slow down iPod sales, but others feel the iPhone will not be competition due to
its US $500 Price plus associated fees.

Audiobook sales have also been soaring. In 2005, audiobook sales totaled $871 million. Audio books
are getting a boost in sales due to the rise in popularity of downloadable audiobooks which
represented 9 percent of total audio book sales in 2005. While that number may seem small, it is a 50
percent increase in sales from 2004. It is fair to predict that audiobook downloads are going to
continue to rise due to the rise in popularity of iPods and MP3 players.

Another reason audiobook download sales are going to continue to soar is that as of this year, almost
all new cars are now capable of playing digital audio files. 97 million Americans drive alone to work
everyday, and commuters are stuck in traffic an average of 62 hours per year. That is 32 percent of
the entire U.S. population, and that does not even include those who commute by bike, bus, train or
car pool. Now that audiobooks can be played so easily in cars and on iPods, it's easy to see that
audiobook download sales are going to skyrocket even further.

It is clear that with the rise in iPods and MP3 players, and the rise in audiobook downloads go hand in
hand. Listening to your audiobooks on iPods is a great way to maximize your time. It seems to be
harder then ever to find the time to read. We can now find time to read, or rather listen thanks to our
trusted iPods and MP3 players.

We can multi-task by listening to our audiobooks as we exercise, clean the house, commute to work, or
even just listen to as we relax. In fact, there are several audiobook titles that are designed to help you
fall asleep and to relax.

Many businessmen love listening to their sales or motivation audiobooks. Students are listening to
assigned literature on their iPods as audiobooks. People are learning a foreign language with
audiobooks. And couples are saving their relationships by listening to audiobooks.

Audiobook downloads are priced far better then audiobooks in prepackaged CD's, which another great
feature. There are also many free titles to listen to and many quality websites let you listen to five
minutes of your audiobook before making a purchase.

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It is easy to download your audiobook off of the Internet. You simply select your title, make the secure
purchase, then you are ready to download. The download takes seconds to a few minutes depending
on the size of the file on most computers. If you have a dialup, you can select the smallest size file for
each title which is not as good of quality, but still sounds as good as any audiobook CD you may have
purchased from the store. Once you download your audiobook, you can play it on your PC, burn it to
disc, or you can load it to your iPod or MP3 player.

After learning how easy it is do listen to an audio book on your iPod or MP3 player, what are you
waiting for, go out there and listen to you audio book today!

The author publishes the AudioBookstorePortal library of talking books (
http://www.audiobookstoreportal.com) and the AudiobookstoreHQ (http://www.audiobookstorehq.com)
audiobook directory.

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