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									CallNumber              Title                                                                       Vol          Chron
N1 .A613                ARTnews annual.                                                                          1957
N1 .A613                ARTnews annual.                                                                          1958
N1 .A613                ARTnews annual.                                                                          1959
N1 .S78                 Structure.                                                                  yr.1958
N 2 .S47                                                                                         no.4
                        Serment des Horaces : revue d'art internationale = International art review.             1990
N9 .W52                 Winterthur portfolio.                                                       v.3
N11 .A27                American abstract artists.                                                  v.10
N31 .B6                 Book of art; a pictorial encyclopedia of painting, drawing and sculpture. v. 9
N31 .E5 1936            Graphic arts, by the following authorities: Paul Beaujon, Muirhead Bone, Franklin Booth [and others] ...
N31 .R8                 Encyclopedia of the arts, edited by Dagobert D. Runes and Harry G. Schrickel.
N33 .A223               Adeline's art dictionary, containing a complete index of all terms used in art, architecture, heraldry, and archæology; translated
N33 .F4                 Report of the Committee on Terminlogy, William G. Whitford, chairman, Lorando [!] Taft, Raymond P. Ensign.
N33 .O923 2001          Oxford companion to Western art / edited by Hugh Brigstocke.
N33 .P5 1977            From Abacus to Zeus : a handbook of art history / James Smith Pierce.
N34 .C75 2003           Critical terms for art history / edited by Robert S. Nelson and Richard Shiff.
N40 .K3                 Dictionary of pronunciation of artists' names with their schools and dates; for American readers and students, by G.E. Kaltenba
N40 .W38                Painters, sculptors, architects, engravers, and their works : a handbook / by Clara Erskine Clement. --
N 40.1 .B219 K3 1992    Edward Mitchell Bannister, 1828-1901.
N 40.1 .B475 G88 1998   Thomas Hart Benton and the American South / J. Richard Gruber.
N 40.1 .M2732 D6 1992                                                                                  of
                        Sylvia Plimack Mangold : works on paper, 1968-1991 : with a catalogue raisonne̕ the prints / Ellen G. D'Oench, Hilarie Fabe
N40.1 .C34 M37 2000     Mary Cassatt : prints and drawings from the artist's studio / catalogue by Marc Rosen and Susan Pinsky ; essays by Warren Ad
N40.1 .F672 W45 1999    Lucio Fontana / Sarah Whitfield.
N 43 .O6 1991           Special visions : profiles of fifteen women artists from the Renaissance to the present day / by Olga S. Opfell.
N 43 .S57 1990          Women artists in history : from antiquity to the 20th century / Wendy Slatkin.
N43 .F56                Women & art : a history of women painters and sculptors from the renaissance to the 20th century / by Elsa Honig Fine.
N43 .P45                Women artists : recognition and reappraisal from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century / Karen Petersen & J. J. Wilson
N43 .W3 1974            Women in the fine arts, from the seventh century B.C. to the twentieth century A.D. / Clara Erskine Clement.
N55 .J3 S4 1987         Japanese art signatures : a handbook and practical guide / James Self and Nabuko Hirose.
N 59 .D45 1998          Delivering digital images : cultural heritage resources for education.
N59 .J66 1999           Art information and the internet : how to find it, how to use it / by Lois Swan Jones.
N61 .C48 1971           History of taste; an account of the revolutions of art criticism and theory in Europe, by Frank P. Chambers.
N61 .C5 1967            Cycles of taste; an unacknowledged problem in ancient art and criticism, by Frank P. Chambers.
N61 .G66 2002           Preference for the primitive : episodes in the history of Western taste and art / E.H. Gombrich.
N61 .J66 2006           Measuring heaven : Pythagoras and his influence on art in Antiquity and the Middle Ages / Christiane L. Joost-Gaugier.
N62 .C83 2002           Transhistorical image : philosophizing art and its history / Paul Crowther.
N62 .D67 1780a          Elements of beauty. Also, Reflections on the harmony of sensibility and reason.
N63.H853 S82            Symbol and myth : Humbert de Superville's Essay on absolute signs in art / Barbara Maria Stafford.
N 64 .H4 1975                                                                                  v.1
                        Aesthetics; lectures on fine art, by G.W.F. Hegel. Translated by T.M. Knox.
N 64 .H4 1975                                                                                  v.2
                        Aesthetics; lectures on fine art, by G.W.F. Hegel. Translated by T.M. Knox.
N 64 .H413 1975b                                                                                   P.
                        Philosophy of fine art / by G. W. F. Hegel ; translated, with notes, by F. v.1B. Osmaston.
N 64 .H413 1975b                                                                                   P.
                        Philosophy of fine art / by G. W. F. Hegel ; translated, with notes, by F. v.2B. Osmaston.
N 64 .H413 1975b                                                                                   P.
                        Philosophy of fine art / by G. W. F. Hegel ; translated, with notes, by F. v.3B. Osmaston.
N 64 .H413 1975b        Philosophy of fine art / by G. W. F. Hegel ; translated, with notes, by F. P. B. Osmaston.
N64 .H6813 2002         Sculpture : some observations on shape and form from Pygmalion's creative dream / Johann Gottfried Herder ; edited and tran
N64 .L742 1962          Laocoön; an essay on the limits of painting and poetry. Translated with an introd. and notes by Edward Allen McCormick.
N64 .S2913 1989         Philosophy of art / Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling ; edited, translated, and introduced by Douglas W. Stott ; foreword by Da
N65.L4 P3 1968          Codex Huygens and Leonardo da Vinci's art theory. The Pierpont Morgan library, Codex M.A. 1139. London, The Warburg inst
N 66 .A4                Philosophy of art.
N 66 .S88 2000          Classification of visual art : a philosophical myth and its history / Tiffany Sutton.
N66 .B46                Nature of representation; a phenomenological inquiry. Edited by H. W. Janson.
N66 .D32 2006           Philosophy of art / Stephen Davies.
N66 .D4 1959       Art as experience.
N66 .D4 2005       Art as experience / by John Dewey.
N66 .F3            Art & existentialism.
N66 .G57 1947      Artists on art, from the XIV to the XX century. Compiled and edited by Robert Goldwater and Marco Treves.
N66 .G82 1968      Sight and insight; a prediction of new perceptions in art [by] Richard Guggenheimer.
N66 .K4            Art and philosophy; readings in aesthetics [by] W.E. Kennick.
N66 .K8            Shape of time; remarks on the history of things.
N66 .L2            Reflections on art; a source book of writings by artists, critics, and philosophers.
N66 .N38           Survival through design.
N66 .O8            Aesthetics and art theory: an historical introduction.
N66 .P66 2006      For the love of beauty : art, history, and the moral foundations of aesthetic judgment / Arthur Pontynen.
N66 .R26 1909      Representative significance of form; an essay in comparative aesthetics.
N66 .R29           Genesis of art-form; an essay in comparative aesthetics showing the identity of the sources, methods, and effects of compositi
N66 .R31           Proportion and harmony of line and color in painting, sculpture, and architecture; an essay in comparative aesthetics.
N66 .R32           Essentials of æsthetics in music, poetry, painting, sculpture and architecture, by George Lansing Raymond.
N66 .R4 1965       Icon and idea; the function of art in the development of human consciousness [by] Herbert Read.
N66 .W32           Nine basic arts.
N66 .W34           World of art.
N66 .W37 1964      Philosophy of the arts.
N66 .W56 2005      Regime of visibility / Camiel van Winkel.
N68 .P313          Idea; a concept in art theory. Translated by Joseph J. S. Peake.
N69 .C813          Guide to aesthetics (Breviario di estetica) Translated, with an introd., by Patrick Romanell.
N 70 .D825 1955    Art, the critics, and you, by Curt J. Ducasse...
N 70 .F43          Creative eye [by] Kelly Fearing [and others.                                 v.1
N 70 .F43          Creative eye [by] Kelly Fearing [and others.                                 v.2
N 70 .H27 1997     Philosophy and the arts : seeing and believing / Andrew Harrison ; preface by Ray Monk.
N 70 .K34 1976     Aesthetics for dancers : a selected annotated bibliography / compiled and annotated by Mary H. Kaprelian.
N70 .A69           Toward a psychology of art; collected essays.
N70 .A693          Visual thinking.
N70 .B22 1985      Theories of art / Moshe Barasch.                                             v.1
N70 .B22 1985      Theories of art / Moshe Barasch.                                             v.2
N70 .B22 1985      Theories of art / Moshe Barasch.                                             v.3
N70 .B48           Art as the evolution of visual knowledge.
N70 .B87           How people look at pictures; a study of the psychology of perception in art, by Guy Thomas Buswell.
N70 .C597                                                              Huyghe.
                   Art and the creative consciousness. Introd. by Rene̕
N70 .C598          Essays in the philosophy of art, by R. G. Collingwood. Edited, with an introd., by Alan Donagan.
N70 .D83 1966      Philosophy of art.
N70 .F69           Walter Gropius and the creation of the Bauhaus in Weimar: the ideals and artistic theories of its founding years.
N70 .G55 1986      Picturing the world / John Gilmour.
N70 .G615 1961     Art and illusion; a study in the psychology of pictorial representation [by] E. H. Gombrich.
N70 .H68           Origins of art; a psychological & sociological inquiry, by Yrjö Hirn ...
N70 .H74           Meaning and truth in the arts, by John Hospers...
N70 .J4            Art and human enterprise.
N70 .K45           ... Language of vision, with introductory essays by S. Giedion and S. I. Hayakawa.
N70 .K84 1967      Psychoanalytic explorations in art.
N70 .L45213 1973                                        g
                   Functions of painting, by Fernand Le̕er. Translated by Alexandra Anderson. Edited and introduced by Edward F. Fry. With a p
N70 .L465          What happens in art.
N70 .M4            Art in human affairs; an introduction to the psychology of art, by Norman Charles Meier ...
N70 .N395 1964     Art and philosophy; [proceedings of] a symposium, edited by Sidney Hook.
N70 .P33           Space-frame experience in art.
N70 .P37           Work of art.
N70 .R43 1972      Enquiry concerning the principles of taste and of the origin of our ideas of beauty.
N70 .S48 1993        Art & physics : parallel visions in space, time, and light / Leonard Shlain.
N70 .S57             Mind & art: an essay on the varieties of expression.
N70 .T47             Design and expression in the visual arts [by] John F. A. Taylor.
N70 .T59 1984        But is it art? : the value of art and the temptation of theory / B.R. Tilghman.
N70 .T6 1963         Chto takoe iskusstvo? = What is art? / L. N. Tolstoĭ ; with an introd. by Militsa Greene.
N70 .T93 2004        In the land of temple caves : from St. Emilion to Paris's St. Sulpice : notes on art and the human spirit / Frederick Turner.
N70.T78 G3           Tolstoi's theory of art, by H. W. Garrod ...
N 71 .A67 1974       Art and visual perception : a psychology of the creative eye / Rudolf Arnheim.
N 71 .A67 1974       Art and visual perception : a psychology of the creative eye / Rudolf Arnheim.
N 71 .F42 1992b      Varieties of visual experience / Edmund Burke Feldman.
N 71 .H45 1993       Making theory/constructing art : on the authority of the avant-garde / Daniel Herwitz.
N 71 .H63 1996       Past looking : historical imagination and the rhetoric of the image / Michael Ann Holly.
N 71 .S18 1990       Challenge of art to psychology / Seymour B. Sarason.
N 71 .S77 1997       Artworks : definition, meaning, value / Robert Stecker.
N 71 .W413           Psychology of art. Translated from the French by Julius A. Elias.
N 71 .W43            Visual arts as human experience [by] Donald L. Weismann.
N 71 .W64            On art and the mind.
N 71 .Z45 1999       Inner vision : an exploration of art and the brain / Semir Zeki.
N71 .A66                                                                                                         A.
                     Transformative vision : reflections on the nature and history of human expression / by José Argüelles.
N71 .A677 1989       Parables of sun light : observations on psychology, the arts, and the rest / Rudolf Arnheim.
N71 .A68 1965        Art and visual perception; a psychology of the creative eye.
N71 .B86             Structure of art, by Jack Burnham. Assisted by Charles Harper and Judith Benjamin Burnham.
N71 .D57 1987        What is art for? / Ellen Dissanayake.
N71 .E2              Art and nonart : reflections on an orange crate and a moose call / Marcia Muelder Eaton.
N71 .F4              Art as image and idea.
N71 .F4 1972         Varieties of visual experience: art as image and idea.
N71 .F42 1992        Varieties of visual experience / Edmund Burke Feldman.
N71 .F43 1982        Artist / Edmund Burke Feldman.
N71 .F56             Style in art history; an introduction to theories of style and sequence.
N71 .G28 1991        Reenchantment of art / Suzi Gablik.
N71 .G4              Creative vision : a longitudinal study of problem finding in art / Jacob W. Getzels, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
N71 .G64             Art, perception and reality [by] E. H. Gombrich, Julian Hochberg [and] Max Black.
N71 .G65             Image and the eye : further studies in the psychology of pictorial representation / E. H. Gombrich.
N71 .H4              Representation and meaning in the visual arts. A study in the methodology of iconography and iconology.
N71 .K557 2005       Accidental masterpiece : on the art of life, and vice versa / Michael Kimmelman.
N71 .L63 1952        Nature of creative activity : experimental and comparative studies of visual and non-visual sources of drawing, painting, and sc
N71 .M42 1973        Studies in the psychology of art, edited by Norman C. Meier. Vol. III.
N71 .O32             Man and his images; a way of seeing.
N71 .P29 1987        How we understand art : a cognitive developmental account of aesthetic experience / Michael J. Parsons.
N71 .R34             Demands of art. With an appendix, Toward an empirical theory of art. Translation by Norbert Guterman.
N71 .R4              Art and alienation; the role of the artist in society [by] Herbert Read.
N71 .S35             Unfolding of artistic activity, its basis, processes, and implications. With a foreword by John Dewey.
N71 .V58             Modern art and modern science : the parallel analysis of vision / by Paul C. Vitz and Arnold B. Glimcher.
N 71.5 .C37          Outsider art.
N 71.5 .G54          Seeing the insane / by Sander L. Gilman.
N 72 .A33 H83 1997   I can't draw a straight line : bringing art into the lives of older adults / Shirley K. Hubalek.
N 72 .A56 H38 1999   Art as culture : an introduction to the anthropology of art / Evelyn Payne Hatcher.
N 72 .B5 R5          Art of organic forms [by] Philip C. Ritterbush.
N 72 .C36 B4         Art & camouflage : concealment and deception in nature, art, and war / Roy R. Behrens ; preface by Guy Davenport.
N 72 .E53 P66 1993   Art of the electronic age / Frank Popper.
N 72 .E53 R63 1998           canique : artistic explorations of digital realms / Sarah J. Rogers, with essays by Heidi Gilpin and Brian Massumi.
                     Body me̕
N 72 .E8 M29         Responsibility of the artist.
N 72 .E8 N5713 1973   Art and morality. Translated by David A. Dilworth [and] Valdo H. Viglielmo.
N 72 .F45 B33 1994    Bad girls.
N 72 .F45 E96 1992    Expanding discourse : feminism and art history / edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard.
N 72 .F45 E96 1992    Expanding discourse : feminism and art history / edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard.
N 72 .F45 F44 1982    Feminism and art history : questioning the litany / edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard.
N 72 .F45 L6 1987     Looking on : images of femininity in the visual arts and media / edited by Rosemary Betterton.
N 72 .F45 N48 1994    New feminist criticism : art, identity, action / edited by Joanna Frueh, Cassandra L. Langer & Arlene Raven.
N 72 .F45 N64 1988    Women, art, and power : and other essays / by Linda Nochlin.
N 72 .M28 W34 1994    Art in the age of mass media / John A. Walker.
N 72 .P5 K67 1999     Artist and the camera : Degas to Picasso / Dorothy Kosinski.
N 72 .P5 S64 1992     Special collections : the photographic order from pop to now / by Charles Stainback.
N 72 .P5 S64 1992     Special collections : the photographic order from pop to now / by Charles Stainback.
N 72 .R4 S26 1996             a
                      Santeri̕ aesthetics in contemporary Latin American art / edited by Arturo Lindsay.
N 72 .S6 G23 1995     Conversations before the end of time / Suzi Gablik.
N 72 .S6 H32 1993     Inside culture : art and class in the American home / David Halle.
N 72 .S6 Z65 1990     Constructing a sociology of the arts / Vera L. Zolberg.
N 72 .T4 W67 1992     Breaking frame : technology and the visual arts in the nineteenth century / Julie Wosk.
N72 .S6 G7 1989                                                                              sar
                      Meaning and authenticity : further essays on the sociology of art / Cé Graña ; introduction by Irving Louis Horowitz.
N72 .S6 P52 1988      Picturing power : visual depiction and social relations / edited by Gordon Fyfe and John Law.
N72.A56 R46 2003      Figuring it out : what are we? : where do we come from? : the parallel visions of artists and archaeologists / Colin Renfrew.
N72.E8 E85 2006       Ethics and the visual arts / edited by Elaine A. King and Gail Levin.
N72.F45 F44 1982      Feminism and art history : questioning the litany / edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard.
N72.F45 G38 2010      Brunelleschi's egg : nature, art, and gender in Renaissance Italy / Mary D. Garrard.
N72.F45 G38 2010      Brunelleschi's egg : nature, art, and gender in Renaissance Italy / Mary D. Garrard.
N72.F45 L56 1995      Pink glass swan : selected essays on feminist art / Lucy R. Lippard.
N72.H63 G63 2007      Abstraction and the Holocaust / Mark Godfrey.
N72.M28 P45 1985      Art and mass media / Robert H. Pelfrey with Mary Hall-Pelfrey.
N72.M28 W34 2001      Art in the age of mass media / John A. Walker.
N72.M6 L38            Cubist cinema / Standish D. Lawder.
N72.P5 C6 1972        Painter and the photograph; from Delacroix to Warhol.
N72.P5 S3 1974        Art and photography.
N72.P6 K54 2004       Rape of the masters : how political correctness sabotages art / Roger Kimball.
N72.P6 S27 2006       Political blind spots : reading the ideology of images / Raphael Sassower and Louis Cicotello.
N72.P74 S65 1985      Art and psyche : a study in psychoanalysis and aesthetics / Ellen Handler Spitz.
N72.R4 .E9            Christian faith and the contemporary arts.
N72.R4 .M26           Metamorphosis of the gods. Translated by Stuart Gilbert.                    v.1
N72.R4 B72            Man and God in art and ritual; a study of iconography, architecture and ritual action as primary evidence of religious belief and
N72.R4 D5             Nature and grace in art, by John W. Dixon, Jr.
N72.R4 L413           Sacred and profane beauty; the holy in art. Pref. by Mircea Eliade. Translated by David E. Green.
N72.R4 R44 2009       Re-enchantment / edited by James Elkins and David Morgan.
N72.S3 G36 2002       Exploring the invisible : art, science, and the spiritual / Lynn Gamwell.
N72.S3 K39 2006       Seen/unseen : art, science, and intuition from Leonardo to the Hubble telescope / Martin Kemp.
N72.S3 K4             Structure in art and in science.
N72.S3 R5             Modern art and scientific thought.
N72.S3 S65 2004       Body of the artisan : art and experience in the scientific revolution / Pamela H. Smith.
N72.S6 A43 2005       Art in mind : how contemporary images shape thought / Ernst van Alphen.
N72.S6 A75            Art in society : studies in style, culture, and aesthetics / edited by Michael Greenhalgh and Vincent Megaw.
N72.S6 A78            Arts in a democratic society / edited by Dennis Alan Mann.
N72.S6 B55 2001       American art : a cultural history / by David Bjelajac.
N72.S6 C27            Culture gulch; notes on art and its public in the 1960's [by] John Canaday.
N72.S6 C6             Dream of Icarus.
N72.S6 C73 1987       Transformation of the avant-garde : the New York art world, 1940-1985 / Diana Crane.
N72.S6 E45 2003     Visual studies : a skeptical introduction / James Elkins.
N72.S6 G6 1962      Art and the social order.
N72.S6 G68          Art and culture; critical essays.
N72.S6 H46          Artist and social reform: France and Belgium, 1885-1898.
N72.S6 K33          History on art's side; social dynamics in artistic efflorescences [by] Vytautas Kavolis.
N72.S6 K37          Arts of the environment. Edited by Gyorgy Kepes.
N72.S6 L3 1985      Compañeras : women, art, & social change in Latin America / Betty La Duke.
N72.S6 L39          Anthropology of art / Robert Layton.
N72.S6 M36 2003     Art in its time : theories and practices of modern aesthetics / Paul Mattick.
N72.S6 M8 1971      Social function of art.
N72.S6 R28          Art and society, by Herbert Read.
N72.S6 S24 1984     Bourgeois and the bibelot / Remy G. Saisselin.
N72.S6 S65          Street art / Robert Sommer,
N72.S6 S78 2001     Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture / Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright.
N72.S6 T58 1986     Tokyo, form and spirit / essays by James R. Brandon ... [et al.] ; Mildred Friedman, editor.
N72.S6 W44          Art as revelation : the role of art in human existence / Frank Avray Wilson.
N72.S6 W5           Arts in society, edited by Robert N. Wilson.
N72.T4 A784 2008    Artists as inventors, inventors as artists / Dieter Daniels, Barbara U. Schmidt, editors.
N72.T4 F713 2000    Art & technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Pierre Francastel ; foreword by Yve-Alain Bois ; translated by Rand
N72.T4 R67          Cybernetics of art : reason and the rainbow / M.J. Rosenberg.
N72.T67 H45 2008    Iron fists : branding the 20th-century totalitarian state / Steven Heller.
N 72.5 .A78 1999    Art : the critics' choice : 150 masterpieces of western art selected and defined by the experts / introduced by John Russell ; edi
N 72.5 .S72 1995    Believing is seeing : creating the culture of art / Mary Anne Staniszewski.
N72.5 .C33          Masterpieces : chapters on the history of an idea / Walter Cahn.
N75 .B714 1955      Good and bad taste; translated from the Norwegian by M. A. Michael.
N75 .G3 1970        Essay on taste.
N81 .S87 1958       Aesthetic form and education, edited by Michael F. Andrews.
N 82 .D57 1987      Discipline-based art education : what forms will it take? : proceedings of a national invitational conference sponsored by the Ge
N 84 .F46 1996      Philosophy of art education / Edmund Burke Feldman.
N84 .E38 2002       Arts and the creation of mind / Elliot W. Eisner.
N84 .F74 2003       Teaching visual culture : curriculum, aesthetics, and the social life of art / Kerry Freedman.
N84 .I87 2003       Issues in art and design teaching / edited by Nicholas Addison and Lesley Burgess.
N 85 .E9 1996       Evaluating and assessing the visual arts in education : international perspectives / edited by Doug Boughton, Elliot W. Eisner, J
N 85 .G4613 1997    Lessons in beauty : art and adult education / Bastiaan va Gent.
N 85 .G62 1996      Teaching art : academies and schools from Vasari to Albers / Carl Goldstein.
N 85 .H35           Curricular considerations for visual arts education : rationale development and evaluation. Edited by George W. Hardiman and
N 85 .L359 1991     World of art education : according to Lanier / Vincent Lanier.
N 85 .N28 1994      National visual arts standards.
N 85 .N28 A5 1995   Adaptations of the National Visual Arts Standards : National State, and District Examples / Edited by Larry N. Peeno.
N 85 .T74 1995      Trends in art education from diverse cultures / edited by Heta Kauppinen and Read Diket.
N 85 .W35 2000      Rethinking how art is taught : a critical convergence / by Donovan R. Walling.
N85 .A65            Art: as the measure of man, by George D. Stoddard; as education, by Irwin Edman; a personal vision, by Bruno Bettelheim.
N85 .A657 1984      Art in education : an international perspective / Robert Ott, Al Hurwitz, editors.
N85 .B3             ... Art education, by Henry Turner Bailey ...
N85 .B36            Foundation for art education.
N85 .B37            Open eye in learning; the role of art in general education. Richard Bassett, editor.
N85 .C527 1996      Art education : issues in postmodernist pedagogy / Roger Clark.
N85 .D28            Art for the family [by] Victor D'Amico, Frances Wilson [and] Moreen Maser.
N85 .E48            Educating artistic vision [by] Elliot W. Eisner.
N85 .E5             Readings in art education [by] Elliot W. Eisner [and] David W. Ecker.
N85 .F288           Art and the creative teacher. By Kelly Fearing [and others]. Designed by William A. Berry.
N85 .F37            Becoming human through art; aesthetic experience in the school.
N85 .H53 2005           Why we make art and why it is taught / Richard Hickman.
N85 .L28                Meaningful art education.
N85 .L53                Lifelong learning and the visual arts : a book of readings / Donald H. Hoffman, Pearl Greenberg, Dale H. Fitzner.
N85 .L65                Lowenfeld lectures : Viktor Lowenfeld on art education and therapy / edited by John A. Michael ; foreword by Laura H. Chapma
N85 .M24 1980           Art, culture, and environment : a catalyst for teaching / June King McFee, Rogena M. Degge.
N85 .M83                Art education, its philosophy and psychology; selected essays.
N85 .P36                Concepts in art and education; an anthology of current issues.
N85 .R8                 Methods of teaching the fine arts, edited by William Sener Rusk.
N85 .S55 1977           Gist of art : principles and practise expounded in the classroom and studio / John Sloan ; recorded with the assistance of Helen
N85 .S65 1989           Sense of art : a study in aesthetic education / Ralph A. Smith.
N85 .W45 2008           What is research in the visual arts? : obsession, archive, encounter / edited by Michael Ann Holly and Marquard Smith.
N 87 .D67 1998          Mind in art : cognitive foundations in art education / Charles M. Dorn.
N 87 .H23 1994          Effects of art education on visual-spatial ability and aesthetic perception : two meta-analyses / Folkert Haanstra.
N 87 .I53 1998          Images online : perspectives on the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project / edited by Patricia McClung, Christie Stephen
N87 .H28                Vision and invention; a course in art fundamentals.
N87 .L6                 Art experiences; an experimental approach.
N87 .L64                Viktor Lowenfeld speaks on art and creativity. Edited by W. Lambert Brittain.
N87 .M6                                                                                           bk.
                        Art: of wonder & a world. Editorial consultants: Olive L. Riley, Mary Cole Emerson [and] Albert W. Porter. Design consultant: No
N87 .M6                                                                                           suppl.
                        Art: of wonder & a world. Editorial consultants: Olive L. Riley, Mary Cole Emerson [and] Albert W. Porter. Design consultant: No
N87 .R43 2000           Readings in discipline-based art education : a literature of educational reform / edited by Ralph A. Smith.
N87 .T7313 1981         Teaching color and form / Gottfried Tritten ; translated by Alba and Ernest H. Lorman.
N 88.3 .A33 1995        Aesthetics for young people / edited by Ronald Moore.
N 88.3 .C74 1998        Creating meaning through art : teacher as choice-maker / Judith W. Simpson ... [et al.].
N88.3 .P37              Learning to teach art, by Herbert S. Paston.
N88.3 .P7 1997          Preparing teachers of art / edited by Michael Day.
N 89.2 .E75 A35 1994    Picturing learning : artists & writers in the classroom / Karen Ernst.
N89.2.B37 Z35 2003      Barkan / by Mary Zahner.
N90 .M3                 History and philosophy of art education.
N103 .H36 2004          Handbook of research and policy in art education / edited by Elliot W. Eisner, Michael D. Day.
N 105 .B76 1993         Art making and education / Maurice Brown and Diana Korzenik.
N 105 .D64 1998         Learning in and through art : a guide to discipline-based art education / Stephen Mark Dobbs.
N 105 .S6 1996          History of American art education : learning about art in American schools / Peter Smith.
N105 .D57 1989          Discipline-based art education : origins, meaning, and development / edited by Ralph A. Smith.
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N6535.S3 T45             Artists and people.
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N6536 .C6 1970           American artists.
N6536 .I52 1970          Index of twentieth century artists; 1933-1937.
N6536 .S5                Art in the new land; stories of some American artists and their work [by] Charlie May Simon. Decorations by James MacDonald
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N 6537 .B23 A4 1999      Cremaster 2 / written and directed by Matthew Barney ; produced by Barbara Gladstone and Matthew Barney ; videography, Pe
N 6537 .B447 A4 1991                                                                           Book
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N 6537 .H384 A64 1990    Michael Heizer : Effigy tumuli ; the reemergence of ancient mound building / essays by Douglas C. McGill ; photographs and ex
N 6537 .H3897 A4 1994    Crop art and other earthworks / by Stan Herd.
N 6537 .H4 A4 1992                                                                              Book
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N 6537 .H577 A4 1990     Venice installation : United States Pavilion, the 44th Venice Biennale, May 27-September 30, 1990 / organized by the Albright-K
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N 6537 .P47 A4 1997                                                    rard                   book                                          rard
                         Jack Pierson : the lonely life / edited by Ge̕ A. Goodrow and Peter Weiermair ; with texts by Yilmaz Dziewior, Ge̕ A. Go
N 6537 .P533 A4 1996     Lari Pittman drawings/ Elizabeth A. Brown, with an essay by Laurence A. Rickels
N 6537 .P57 O24 1978                                            of                            v.1
                         Jackson Pollock : a catalogue raisonne̕ paintings, drawings, and other works / edited by Francis Valentine O'Connor and Eu
N 6537 .P57 O24 1978                                            of                            v.2
                         Jackson Pollock : a catalogue raisonne̕ paintings, drawings, and other works / edited by Francis Valentine O'Connor and Eu
N 6537 .P57 O24 1978                                            of                            v.3
                         Jackson Pollock : a catalogue raisonne̕ paintings, drawings, and other works / edited by Francis Valentine O'Connor and Eu
N 6537 .P57 O24 1978                                            of                            v.4
                         Jackson Pollock : a catalogue raisonne̕ paintings, drawings, and other works / edited by Francis Valentine O'Connor and Eu
N 6537 .R27 A4 1997      Robert Rauschenberg : haywire : major technological works of the 1960s / [exhibition concept and organization, Cornelia Faist,
N 6537 .R27 A4 1999      Robert Rauschenberg / Sam Hunter
N 6537 .R27 S74 2000     Encounters with Rauschenberg : (a lavishly illustrated lecture) / Leo Steinberg.
N 6537 .R4 A4 1985       Artist in residence : the North Country art of Frederic Remington : an exhibition / co-sponsored by the Frederic Remington Art M
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N 6537 .S358 U5 1984     Fritz Scholder : paintings, monotypes, lithographs, etchings, bronzes : [exhibition] November 13-December 14, 1984, The Univ
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N 6537 .S92 S47 1992                                                                            v.1
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N 6537 .S92 S47 1992                                                                            v.2
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N 6537 .T38 A4 1990      Lenore Tawney : a retrospective : American Craft Museum, New York / Kathleen Nugent Mangan, editor ; color photographs by
N 6537 .T47 A4 1995      Paul Thek : the wonderful world that almost was / [authors, Anke Bangma ... et al.].
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N 6537 .V56 A35 1995     Reasons for knocking at an empty house : writings 1973-1994 / Bill Viola ; edited by Robert Violette in collaboration with the au
N 6537 .W218 A2 1995     Daddy-O : iguana heads and Texas tales / Bob Wade with Keith and Kent Zimmerman ; foreword by Linda Ellerbee ; afterword
N 6537 .W28 A42 1993                                                                 Mugrabi and an Isle of Man Company / edited by Jacob Baal-Tes
                         Andy Warhol, 1928-1987 : works from the collections of Jose̕
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N 6537 .W28 Y38 1993     In the realm of appearances : the art of Andy Warhol / John Yau.
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N6537 .A35 1968          Samuel Adler Recent collages.
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N6537 .F475 A35 1987   Fischl.
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N6537 .H4 L56          Eva Hesse / Lucy R. Lippard.
N6537 .K27 A2 1999     Experiments in the everyday : Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts : events, objects, documents / by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh and J
N6537 .L45 A4 1989     Jack Levine / introduction by Milton Brown ; commentary by Jack Levine ; commentary compiled and edited by Stephen Rober
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N6537 .S616 A4         David Smith, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden collection, Smithsonian Institution / Miranda McClintic ; [photos. by
N6537 .T96 A4 1987     Cy Twombly : paintings, works on paper, sculpture / edited by Harald Szeemann ; with contributions by Demosthenes Davvetas
N6537 .V28 A4 1987     Creatures : the art of seeing animals ; prints, drawings and watercolors / by Beth Van Hoesen ; foreword by Evan Connell.
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N6537 .W28 B63 1989    Life and death of Andy Warhol / by Victor Bockris.
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N6537 .W86 W55 1987    Andrew Wyeth : the Helga pictures / text by John Wilmerding.
N6537.A29 W37 2002     Vito Acconci / Mark C. Taylor, Frazer Ward, Jennifer Bloomer.
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N6537.A675 A4 1985     Robert Arneson : a retrospective / Neal Benezra.
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N6537.A95 A97 2004     They'll have to catch me first : an artist's coming of age in the Third Reich / Irene Awret ; foreword by Walter Lacqueur.
N6537.B16 S7 1987      William Bailey / by Mark Strand.
N6537.B228 D6 2002     Rick Bartow : my eye / Rebecca Dobkins.
N6537.B23 A43          Baskin: sculpture, drawings & prints.
N6537.B24 A44          Herbert Bayer: painter, designer, architect.
N6537.B4 W37           Art of Romare Bearden; the prevalence of ritual. Text by M. Bunch Washington, with an introd. by John A. Williams.
N6537.B578 A4 1985     Mel Bochner, 1973-1985 : exhibition / organized by Elaine A. King ; interview with the artist by Charles Stuckey.
N6537.B6 A4 2003       Lee Bontecou : a retrospective / exhibition curator, Elizabeth A.T. Smith in association with Ann Philbin ; essays, Donna De Sa
N6537.B645 A4 2005     Louise Bourgeois : Aller-Retour : Zeichnungen und Skulpturen = drawings and sculptures / Gerald Matt, Peter Weiermair (Hg.).
N6537.B75 A4 1986      Romaine Brooks / Adelyn D. Breeskin.
N6537.B79 E9           Mather Brown, early American artist in England / Dorinda Evans.
N6537.B794 A4 1987     Roger Brown / Sidney Lawrence ; with an essay by John Yau.
N6537.B835 A4 2005     Gary Bukovnik : watercolors / foreword by Louis A. Zona ; introduction by Carter E. Foster ; interview by Clare Henry.
N6537.C33 L56          Calder's universe / Jean Lipman ; Ruth Wolfe, editorial director.
N6537.C33 L57 1981     Alexander Calder and his magical mobiles / Jean Lipman, with Margaret Aspinwall.
N6537.C34 C34 1985     Calder creatures great and small / Jean Lipman with Margi Conrads.
N6537.C35 A4 1985      Mary Cassatt and Philadelphia / Suzanne G. Lindsay.
N6537.C35 M3 1987      Mary Cassatt / Nancy Mowll Mathews.
N6537.C48 A4 1985      Birth project / by Judy Chicago.
N6537.C48 A4 1993      Holocaust project : from darkness into light / Judy Chicago ; with photography by Donald Woodman.
N6537.C48 A4 2002      Judy Chicago / Lucy R. Lippard, Edward Lucie-Smith, Viki D. Thompson Wylder ; edited by Elizabeth A. Sackler.
N6537.C57 A4 1985      Paintings and drawings / by Sue Coe ; foreword by Marshall Arisman ; introduction by Russell Mills.
N6537.C66 A93          Joseph Cornell album. With special contributions by John Ashbery [and others] and assorted ephemera, readings, decorations
N6537.C66 H68 2009     Joseph Cornell and astronomy : a case for the stars / Kirsten Hoving.
N6537.C66 J67          Joseph Cornell / edited by Kynaston McShine ; essays by Dawn Ades ... [et al.].
N6537.C66 W343 2002    Joseph Cornell : master of dreams / Diane Waldman.
N6537.C794 A2 1984     Sketchbook : a memoir of the 1930's and the Northwest School / William Cumming.
N6537.D43 A4            Willem de Kooning : drawings, paintings, sculpture : New York, Berlin, Paris / Paul Cummings, Jörn Merkert, Claire Stoullig.
N6537.D43 A4 2001       Willem De Kooning : vellums : March 21-April 21, 2001 / essay by Brenda Richardson.
N6537.D43 G38           Willem de Kooning / Harry F. Gaugh.
N6537.D43 S74 2004      De Kooning : an American master / Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan.
N6537.D445 A4           Pennsylvania modern : Charles Demuth of Lancaster / Betsy Fahlman.
N6537.D5 S5             Jim Dine : painting what one is / text by David Shapiro.
N6537.D52 A4            Harvey Dinnerstein : artist at work / [by Harvey Dinnerstein].
N6537.D54 A4 2006       Cabinet of curiosities : Mark Dion and the university as installation / Colleen J. Sheehy, editor.
N6537.D55 B4            Jim Dine; Gemälde, Aquarelle, Objekte, Graphik. [exhibition held] June 15-July 25, 1971.
N6537.E3 A4 2001        Thomas Eakins / organized by Darrel Sewell with essays by Kathleen A. Foster ... [et al.].
N6537.E3 G6             Thomas Eakins / Lloyd Goodrich.                                           v.1
N6537.E3 G6             Thomas Eakins / Lloyd Goodrich.                                           v.2
N6537.E9 A4 1986        Heavenly visions : the art of Minnie Evans, January 18 - April 13, 1986, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, North Carolina
N6537.F463 A4           Herbert L. Fink, graphic artist / compiled by Judith Quevreaux Carter and Richard D. Carter ; foreword by John Gardner ; with a
N6537.F55 A4 2004       Dan Flavin : a retrospective / Michael Govan and Tiffany Bell ; with an essay by Brydon E. Smith.
N6537.G66 H46           R.C. Gorman, a portrait / photographs by Chuck Henningsen ; text by Stephen Parks.
N6537.G6617 K87 2004    April Gornik : painting and drawings [organized by the Neuberger Musem of Art].
N6537.G688 A4           Morris Graves, vision of the inner eye / Ray Kass ; introduction by Theodore F. Wolff.
N6537.G72 A4 1985       Red Grooms, a retrospective, 1956-1984 : essays by Judith E. Stein, John Ashbery, and Janet K. Cutler.
N6537.G73 L6            William Gropper / Louis Lozowick.
N6537.G92 S23           Robert Gwathmey : 2 October thru 27 October 1976, St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's City, Maryland : 2 November th
N6537.H32 A4            Richard Haas, an architecture of illusion.
N6537.H348 A4 2002      Keith Haring : short message : posters, 1982-1990 / Marc Gundel.
N6537.H3633 H655 2007   Marsden Hartley and the West : the search for an American modernism / Heather Hole ; preface by Barbara Buhler Lynes.
N6537.H367 A4 2004      Childe Hassam, American impressionist / H. Barbara Weinberg ; with contributions by Elizabeth E. Barker ... [et al.].
N6537.H377 A4 2005      Tim Hawkinson / Lawrence Rinder ; with essays by Howard Fox, Doug Harvey.
N6537.H4 A4 2006        Eva Hesse drawing / edited by Catherine de Zegher.
N6537.H57 A2            Hollingsworth : the man, the artist, and his work / edited by Jane Hollingsworth ; introduction by O.C. McDavid.
N6537.H58 J64 2002      Winslow Homer : the nature of observation / Elizabeth Johns.
N6537.H65 A4 1987       Fry breads, feast days, and sheeps : stories of contemporary Indian life / Kris Hotvedt.
N6537.I64 A35 1985      Being and circumstance : notes toward a conditional art / by Robert Irwin.
N6537.J3237 A4 2003     Art of Gillian Jagger / with essay by Michael Brenson.
N6537.J6 A4 1989        Jasper Johns / Georges Boudaille.
N6537.J6 B47 1985       Jasper Johns' paintings and sculptures, 1954-1974 : "the changing focus of the eye" / by Roberta Bernstein.
N6537.J6 K6             Jasper Johns. Text by Max Kozloff.
N6537.K225 A4 2004      Let's walk west / Brad Kahlhamer ; [edited by] Susan Krane.
N6537.K229 A4 2003      Wolf Kahn's America : an artist's travels / paintings, pastels, and text by Wolf Kahn ; with an introduction by John Updike.
N6537.K38 W3            Ellsworth Kelly; drawings, collages, prints [by] Diane Waldman.
N6537.K44 A2 1983       Northern Christmas / by Rockwell Kent ; with an introduction by Fridolf Johnson.
N6537.K48 A4 2001       Kienholz : tableau drawings.
N6537.K53 A4            R. B. Kitaj : [exhibition] organized by Joe Shannon, Hirshhrn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution.
N6537.K547 A4 2004      David Klamen : paintings, watercolors, and drawings / interview by Russell Panczenko ; essay by David Pagel.
N6537.K6285 A4 2004     Ida Kohlmeyer : systems of color / Michael Plante ; foreward by Erik H. Neil.
N6537.K645 A4 1992      Jeff Koons.
N6537.L46 A68 2001      Sol Lewitt : incomplete open cubes / edited by Nicholas Baume ; with essays by Nicholas Baume, Jonathan Flatley, and Pame
N6537.L48 R67           Alexander Liberman / Barbara Rose.
N6537.L5 A84            Roy Lichtenstein / Lawrence Alloway.
N6537.L5 W32            Roy Lichtenstein [by] Diane Waldman.
N6537.L54 A2 2000       Boundaries / Maya Lin.
N6537.L54 A4 1998       Maya Lin : topologies / organized by Jeff Fleming ; with essays by Michael Brenson, Terri Dowell-Dennis, and Jeff Fleming.
N6537.L54 A4 2006       Maya Lin : systematic landscapes / essays by Richard Andrews, John Beardsley ; foreword by Lawrence Weschler.
N6537.L65 A4 1985       Robert Longo / text by Carter Ratcliff.
N6537.M44 A4 2004      Ana Mendieta : earth body : sculpture and performance, 1972-1985 / Olga M. Viso ; with essays by Guy Brett, Julia P. Herzber
N6537.M48 D8 1985      Indiana artists George Jo and Evelynne Bernloehr Mess : a story of devotion / by June DuBois ; with "A history of printmaking i
N6537.M647 A4 1986     Jacqueline Morreau.
N6537.M654 A4 2005     Robert Morris : blind time drawings, 1973-2000 ; [on the occasion of the exhibition "Robert Morris", Centro per l'Arte Contempo
N6537.M656 A4 2004     Native modernism : the art of George Morrison and Allan Houser / edited by Truman T. Lowe.
N6537.M8 A4 1982       Joseph Mugnaini : drawings and graphics / with a foreword by Ray Bradbury.
N6537.M84 A4 2005      Baghdad journal : an artist in occupied Iraq / by Steve Mumford.
N6537.M87 A4 1987      Elizabeth Murray, paintings and drawings / organized by Sue Graze and Kathy Halbreich ; with essay by Roberta Smith and no
N6537.N38 A4 2006b     Bruce Nauman : make me, think me / edited by Laurence Sillars.
N6537.N38 A4 2007      Rose has no teeth : Bruce Nauman in the 1960s / Constance M. Lewallen ; with additional essays by Robert R. Riley, Robert S
N6537.N478 L56         Nevelson's world / by Jean Lipman ; introduction by Hilton Kramer.
N6537.N48 A4 2004                                            /
                       Barnett Newman : a catalogue raisonne̕ Richard Shiff, Carol C. Mancusi-Ungaro, Heidi Colsman-Freyberger ; photography by
N6537.O39 A4 2007      Georgia O'Keeffe Museum collections / Barbara Buhler Lynes.
N6537.O39 H63 1984     Enduring spirit : the art of Georgia O'Keeffe / Katherine Hoffman.
N6537.O4J6             Claes Oldenburg, by Ellen H. Johnson.
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                                                                                               a                                            face
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NB 547 .P56 1998            e
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                          Zur Seinserfahrung bei Ernst Barlach. Eine ontologische Untersuchung von Barlachs dichterischem und bildnerischem Werk. M
NB588.B35 G7 WorldCat 3 02/12/10 KEC
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NB623.D7 G73                                                                                      Colacicchi.
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NB813.G3 C62                                                                    par
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NB853.T5 H8413            ta                                               n
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NB1098 .G84            Sculptures nègres; 24 photographies pre̕ de̕s d'un avertissement de Guillaume Apollinaire et d'un expose̕ Paul Guilla
                                                                 ce̕ e                                                             de
NB1098 .H413                                    p
                       Tribal masks from the Nárstek Museum, Prague: translated from the Czech, by Till Gottheiner, photographed by Jindřich M
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                      Jose̕                                                          Go̕                        Luis Cuevas ; [translation by Kenn
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NC242.H6 A53             72 drawings; [chosen by the artist]
NC242.J65 O73                                                                                    v.1
                         Theatre of the Stuart Court; including the complete designs for productions at court, for the most part in the Collection of the Du
NC242.J65 O73                                                                                    v.2
                         Theatre of the Stuart Court; including the complete designs for productions at court, for the most part in the Collection of the Du
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NC246 .S47 2005             rard, Girodet, Gros : David's studio / Arlette Se̕
                         Ge̕                                                 rullaz.
NC246 .V314              French drawings from Prud'hon to Daumier. Introd. by Maurice Serullaz. [Compiled and edited by Andrè Vantoura with the as
NC 248 .A72 A4 1996      Antonin Artaud : works on paper / edited by Margit Rowell.
NC 248 .A72 D4713 1998                                                              venin ; translation and preface by Mary Ann Caws.
                         Secret art of Antonin Artaud / Jacques Derrida & Paule The̕
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NC248 .C37 A4 1988               zanne : the Basel sketchbooks / Lawrence Gowing.
                         Paul Ce̕
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NC248.D4 A4 2004                            rullaz.
                     Delacroix / Arlette Se̕
NC248.D4 P43                                               r       rka.
                     Drawings [of] Edgar Degas [by] JaromíPečí [Translated by Ivo A. Havlů]
NC248.D6 D45                     saw: a Victorian evocation [by] Eric de Mare̕
                     London Dore̕                                            .
NC248.D6 J4 1969                          .                                                                        .
                     Life of Gustave Dore̕With one hundred and thirty-eight illus. from original drawings by Dore̕London, W. H. Allen, 1891.
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                      Zeichne, was Du siehst : Zeichnungen eines Kindes aus Theresienstadt/Terezí = Maluj, co vidí                      těte
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ND237.C3 B68                                              of
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ND237.M24 R4                                                                  .
                      John Marin: a stylistic analysis and catalogue raisonne̕                 v.1
ND237.M24 R4                                                                  .
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ND237.S3 A4 1998                                                                             v.2
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ND 259 .I97 A4 1997                                    a
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ND259.T3 C65 1987                      Corredor-Matheos.
                      Tamayo / by Jose̕
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ND 303 .M37 1994                                                                                           n
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ND308.D88 C67 2004                                                        /
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ND 467 .W66 1995                                                                             and
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ND526 .P7 1956                                                             n
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ND546 .B76                                                                g
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ND547 .M67                                                                                   , v.1
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ND547 .M67                                                                                   , v.2
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ND547.5.I4 N4 1972                                                          zanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh.
                        First loan exhibition: New York, November, 1929; Ce̕
ND547.5.I4 P37 2002                                                                   e
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ND547.5I4 .D8                                                                                                           zanne--Guillaumin, by The̕
                        Manet and the French impressionists: Pissarro--Claude Monet--Sisley--Renoir--Berthe Morisot--Ce̕                         d
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                         World of Ce̕
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                         World of Ce̕
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                         Interpreting Ce̕
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                         Youth of Ce̕
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                       Mountain of victory; a biography of Paul Ce̕
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                       Interpretation of Ce̕
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ND553.C9 A4 2008                                                          a
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ND553.C9 L3313 2008                 g
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                       Honore̕                           of                              v.1
ND553.D24 M3                  Daumier; catalogue raisonne̕ the paintings, watercolours, and drawings [by] K.E. Maison.
                       Honore̕                           of                              v.2
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ND553.D25 S47 2005                        rullaz and Louis-Antonie Prat.
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ND553.D3 A2515                                    rin.
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ND553.D3 H273                                           vy.
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ND553.D33 J5713 1998                      le̕
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ND553.D357 F7          Du cubisme à l'art abstrait; documents ine̕its publie̕ par Pierre Francastel et suivis d'un catalogue de l'oeuvre de R. Delau
                                                                    d           s
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ND553.G27 S45 2004                                                           ches-Thory, with additional essays by Isabelle Cahn [et al.]
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ND553.H48 W5            rold.
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ND553.L58 D35                   g
                     Fernand Le̕er / Peter De Francia.
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ND553.M3 C68           d
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ND553.M3 F3 1971       d
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ND553.M7 G8          Claude Monet and his garden; the story of an artist's paradise, by Stephen Gwynn; illustrated from photographs and with reprod
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ND553.M7 W33         Camille; a study of Claude Monet, by C.P. Weekes.
ND553.M8 P313                                                    Pierre. Translated by Bettina Wadia.
                     Gustave Moreau [by] Jean Paladilhe and Jose̕
ND553.P5 A75         Picasso's Guernica; the genesis of a painting.
ND553.P5 B45 1965    Success and failure of Picasso.
ND553.P5 B64                                                        s.
                     Picasso [by] Wilhelm Boeck [and] Jaime Sabarte̕
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ND553.P5 D2553                                                                 of
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ND553.P5 J253                                                 .
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ND553.P5 M87 1974     Picasso; fifty years of his art by Alfred H. Barr Jr.
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ND553.P5 P323         Picasso: the early years [by] Jiři̕
                                                           Padrta. With a pref. by Jean Cocteau. [Translated by Iris Urwin]
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ND553.P5 S76          Gertrude Stein on Picasso. Edited by Edward Burns. Afterword by Leon Katz and Edward Burns. Published in cooperation with
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ND553.P56 M4          Lucien Pissarro; un coeur simple.
ND553.P8 B64          Nicolas Poussin.                                                        v.1
ND553.P8 B64          Nicolas Poussin.                                                        v.2
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ND553.R67 V33         Henri Rousseau.
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ND553.S5 R8           Seurat.
ND553.S52 C6          Charchoune.
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ND553.S7 F5           Soutine, by Andrew Forge.
ND553.S7 W5 1966      Soutine.
ND553.S8 D4           De Staël; a retrospective exhibition held during 1965-1966 in Rotterdam, Zurich, Boston, Chicago [and] New York.
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ND553.T7 A3           Unpublished correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: 273 letters by and about Lautrec written to his family and friends in
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ND553.T7 F413         Toulouse-Lautrec. Translated by Paul Stevenson.
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ND553.T7 M27          Toulouse-Lautrec.
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ND553.V35 S6313         Victor Vasarely/ Werner Spies; translated from the German by RobertErich Wolf.
ND553.V6 W4 1971        Maurice Vlaminck. Text by Alfred Werner.
ND553.V9 N4 1969          d
                        EÌ•ouard Vuillard, by Andrew Carnduff Ritchie. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in collaboration with the Cleveland Muse
ND553.V9 R87            Vuillard.
ND553.V9 S28            Vuillard ...
ND553.W3 A28            Complete paintings of Watteau. Introd. by John Sunderland. Notes and catalogue by Ettore Camesasca.
ND553.W3 P669 1984      Antoine Watteau / Donald Posner.
ND553C33 .R421959               zanne. Translated by Margaret H. Liebman.
                        Paul Ce̕
ND564 .B713             German painting. Translated by W. J. Strachan.
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ND568 .S35              Malerei des 20. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland.
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ND568 .S4               German expressionist painting.
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ND568.5.E9 M813         Blue Rider, with a catalog of the works by Kandinsky, Klee, Macke, Marc, and other Blue Rider artists in the Municipal Gallery,
ND585 .P73 1912         Berlin galleries ; giving a history of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, with a critical description of the paintings therein contained, to
ND586.D7 A32 1912       Dresden Gallery ; notes and observations upon the old and modern masters and paintings in the royal collection / by Julia de W
ND 588 .B37 L298        Max Beckmann / by Stephan Lackner ; [translated from the German by Lucas Lackner].
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ND588.B37 F49513        Max Beckmann [by] Friedhelm W. Fischer. Translated by P. S. Falla
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ND588.E3 A44            D. Edzard: tableaux de 1917 à 1963. Pre̕ de Claude-Roger Marx.
ND588.E75 J4                                                                                                                       Pieyre de Man
                     Max Ernst: sculpture and recent painting, edited by Sam Hunter. Introductory essays by Lucy R. Lippard, Andre̕
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ND611 .B543                                                     tabli       avec pre̕ et avant-propos par Paul Arbelet. Frontispice original de Met
                     Histoire de la peinture en Italie. Texte e̕ et annote̕        f.     v.1
ND611 .B543                                                     tabli       avec pre̕ et avant-propos par Paul Arbelet. Frontispice original de Met
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ND615 .A36 2009                                                                                                                  s
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                     Italian pictures of the Renaissance: a list of the principal artists and their works with an index of places. Central Italian and Nort
ND615 .B56 1968                                                                                   v.2
                     Italian pictures of the Renaissance: a list of the principal artists and their works with an index of places. Central Italian and Nort
ND615 .B56 1968                                                                                   v.3
                     Italian pictures of the Renaissance: a list of the principal artists and their works with an index of places. Central Italian and Nort
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ND621.F7 N4              Italian paintings: Florentine school; a catalogue of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [by] Federico Zeri, with the a
ND621.S6 P6              Sienese quattrocento painting.
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                         Italian pictures of the Renaissance; a list of the principal artists and their works, with an index of places. Venetian school.
ND621.V5 B48                                                                                          v.2
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ND 623 .L5 A45           Leonardo da Vinci.                                                            v.2
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ND 623 .L5 A4513 1956    Leonardo da Vinci.                                                            v.2
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ND623 .C38 P6            Annibale Carracci; a study in the reform of Italian painting around 1590.v.2
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ND623 .L5 W32            World of Leonardo, 1452-1519, by Robert Wallace and the editors of Time-Life Books.
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ND623.B39 H45          Giovanni Bellini, by Philip Hendy & Ludwig Goldscheider.
ND623.B39 M37          Giovanni Bellini's St. Francis in the Frick Collection.
ND623.B7 D3            Botticello.
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ND623.B7 L53           Sandro Botticelli / Ronald Lightbown.                                            v.2
ND623.B7 S223                                                                                      the
                       All the paintings of Botticelli. [Text] by Roberto Salvini. Translated from v.1 Italian by John Grillenzoni.
ND623.B7 S223                                                                                      the
                       All the paintings of Botticelli. [Text] by Roberto Salvini. Translated from v.2 Italian by John Grillenzoni.
ND623.B7 S223                                                                                      the
                       All the paintings of Botticelli. [Text] by Roberto Salvini. Translated from v.3 Italian by John Grillenzoni.
ND623.B7 S223                                                                                      the
                       All the paintings of Botticelli. [Text] by Roberto Salvini. Translated from v.4 Italian by John Grillenzoni.
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ND623.B9 M313          Michelangelo, the painter.
ND623.B92 S74          Michelangelo's last paintings : the Conversion of St. Paul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palac
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ND623.C26 M59 1982     Caravaggio / text by Alfred Moir.
ND623.C485 B413                                                                                           cile
                       Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors, by Ce̕ and Michel Beurdeley. Translated by M
ND623.C56 A2713        Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico. Translated from the Italian and with an introd. by Margaret Crosland.
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ND623.F5 A5            Masterpieces of Fra Angelico (1387-1455) : sixty reproductions of photographs from the original paintings.
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ND623.G5 C7            Giorgione, by Herbert Cook...
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ND623.G5 P543          Giorgione.
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ND623.G6 S363                                                                                   v.2
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                       Literary works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Compiled & edited from the original manuscripts by Jean Paul Richter.
ND623.L5 A15 1970                                                                            v.2
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ND623.M43 P763         All the paintings of Masaccio. Text by Ugo Procacci. Translated by Paul Colacicchi.
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ND623.M67 N4 1972      Modigliani; paintings, drawings, sculpture. With an introd. by James Thrall Soby. The Museum of Modern Art, New York in colla
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ND635 .G4713                                                                       p
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ND 665 .L33                                                                                 v.2
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ND673.E87 H8                                                                      e
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ND673.R9 C63 pt.2      Eucharist series / Nora de Poorter.                                        pt.2:v.2
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ND699.K3 A4 1982                                      of                                     v.2
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ND1460.G37 H64 1982b     Enchanted garden : images of delight / Bryan Holme.
ND 1471 .T264            Guide to traditional and modern painting methods.
ND1471 .B37              Trompe l'Å“il = The eye deceived / Martin Battersby.
ND1471 .B4               How to find your own style in painting; what style is, and how the kind of a person you are will influence your style. With diagrs.
ND1471 .B55              It'