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					Put Some Power Behind Your Words:
United Way Message Platform
Purpose: Share why & how to use the United Way
Message Platform

• Examine each of the 3 elements of the Message
• Using discussion & interactive exercises, we will elevate,
  reinforce and integrate them thru written & oral

Payoff: Learn to effectively communicate a consistent
and compelling case for United Way’s work

United Way Business Framework

Big Ideas :                Measured by :            Values :
Build impact strategies    Lives improved           Outward facing, 
in education, income,                               engaged with the 
                           Individuals engaged: 
and health that improve                             community, committed 
                           giving, advocating, 
lives                                               to community success
Frame strategies as                                 Accountability/ 
                           Investor satisfaction 
investment products                                 transparency
                           and confidence
Segment and                                         Operational Excellence
                           Long-term, sustained 
understand your 
                           financial growth         Customer-centered
                           Resources under          Inclusiveness
Connect investor 
aspirations with                                    Innovation/continuous 
need/opportunity                                    improvement
The Strategy Works:
Message Platform Drives Gains In Public Attitudes

                                 % Trust United Way

Overall                                                               69%

Common Good                                                                      83%

2-3 Impact Areas                                                                    84%

Live United recall                                                            82%

                     General Population
                     Those who believe UW is effective in Advancing the Common Good
                     Those who believe UW is making a difference in 2-3 impact areas
                     Those who recall Live United campaign
The Strategy Works:
Message Platform Drives Gains in Engagement Behavior

                                          % Donate

Overall                                               17%

Common Good                                                  21%

2-3 Impact Areas                                                   28%

Live United recall                                                   35%

                     General Population
                     Those who believe UW is effective in Advancing the Common Good
                     Those who believe UW is making a difference in 2-3 impact areas
                     Those who recall Live United campaign
A lot of the messaging is around
the results of the annual
campaign and you don’t hear
anything more until the next
campaign. There needs to be
year round messaging to shift the
communities’ perception from
fundraiser to community impact.
              Corporate partner
Message Platform
Platform Elements

      Positioning     Goals      Role

     What we     What we‘re   How we
     stand for    trying to    do it
United Way advances the common good by
creating opportunities for a better life for all.


      What we 
      stand for
Position: Advancing the Common Good
We are interconnected, linked

                     It matters to me that I live in a good,
                     healthy community where… the
                     problems…are being worked on by
                     community organizations such as
                     United Way…I have no children but I
                     support the schools because to me
                     that's important to a good community
                     that I want to live in.
                     San Francisco woman, UW-ACI
Position: Advancing the Common Good

    Our Efforts are              Not:
    Connectedness               Altruism
  Advancing everyone   Doing good for the needy
   Interdependence         Charity/hand out
       Inclusive       Divisive (haves/have nots)
Advancing the Common Good

       Interconnected                           Altruistic
 • United Way works to advance         • United Way helps the poor
   the common good.                      in our community.
 • …benefits that will ripple out to   • …programs and services for
   the community as a whole.             those most in need
 • Ensuring society will continue to   • Helping families get through
   progress and our children will        these tough economic
   have a better future.                 times.
 • It takes the whole community        • People who care should
   working together to reach our         step up and lend a hand.
   mutual goals.

    United Way is looking for good men and
    women who care about their community, think
    we instead of me, and who are willing to help
    their friends and neighbors who are struggling
    during these difficult times. Campaign leaders
    say they are confident that through the
    generosity of new and existing donors, United
    Way can raise the money needed to help
    people who are struggling and support more
    than 300 health and human service programs
    that are crucial to the health and stability of
    our communities.
Pre Version

I didn’t have anything to cover my doctor
bills or my medications so I was introduced to
the Community Health Connections through
the nurses and the doctors at the Family
Health Center.
If I hadn’t of known about Community Health
Connections and what they could do - I do
not know where I would be at right now, I
really do not. Because there were a lot of
things I was letting go. With me being a heart
patient I am supposed to be checked
regularly…But you know if I couldn’t pay for it
I didn’t want to go!
Post Version
“I learned the hard way a full-time job is no
guarantee of health coverage.” Mercedies
A record number of Battle Creek workers are
unable to afford health care. Today, Mercedies is
finally receiving treatment for long-term health
challenges, due to two United Way partners, the
Family Health Center and Community Health
Care Connections. She is now is in a position to
go back to work and be financially stable.
Poor health influences a person’s ability to work
or pursue an education, and increases health
costs for the community. “Working together, we
can improve health and reach United Way’s
goal of creating financial stability for families,”
said Samantha Pearl, Executive Director of
Community Healthcare Connections.
Analyze the following workplace flyer. What’s wrong?
Why United Way?
United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for a 
better life for all. Our focus is on education, income and health, 
because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life.
Here in Anytown, United Way helps those in need find affordable 
housing.  One in eight families in Anytown have no real home, moving 
from place to place, relying on friends and family for help, or even living 
in cars. Families make up half the homeless population. Imagine if you 
only had a suitcase of belongings and your family had to live in a car?

We recruit the people and organizations from all across the community 
who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things 
done.  We invite you to be a part of the change. You can give, you can 
advocate and you can volunteer. That’s what it means to Live United .
Our focus is on Education, Income and Health
- the building blocks for a good quality of life.

        Positioning        Goals

       What we        What we‘re
       stand for        trying  to 
Goal: Education, Income, Health

• Clarifies positioning
• Reinforces
• High priorities
• Lasting change
The Building Blocks
for a Good Quality of
                       Those are keys to helping make a
       Intertwined     difference in people’s isn't
                       just giving money, it is helping
                       people stand on their own.
Building Blocks        Building blocks are typically
                       critical -- the "foundation" of
                       something. Quality of life to me,
           Essential   means independence - in every
                       sense of the word - and a success
                       however you choose to define it.
Collective Focus

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 30
fastest-growing occupations include 19 jobs that require
at least a bachelor’s degree…
This points to a troubling future for dropouts as the
reality sets in that at least some post-secondary
education will be a necessity for many of the available
This points to a troubling future for our city/state/nation
as the reality sets in that unless we prioritize post-
secondary education, we will have an unprepared
workforce and important jobs will go unfilled.
Addressing Basic Needs

Health                                                     Education

         Clinics                              Child care


                   Utilities              Housing

                          Job placement
 Stability              Financial Literacy
Talking in Tough Times

     The economic downturn clearly shows how eroding any
     of the building blocks of a good life - education, health
     or financial stability - can weaken the whole community.
     For example, home foreclosures and evictions ripple
     throughout local economies.
     In the short term, we need to stabilize families by finding
     ways for them to stay in their homes, or afford utilities, or
     make sure they have enough food.
     In the long term, our community will only prosper and
     grow if all families are financial stable - that means
     getting to work now on more affordable housing options,
     good paying jobs…
United Way recruits people and
organizations  who bring the passion,
expertise and resources needed to get things

      Positioning         Goals        Role

     What we        What we‘re      How we
     stand for        trying  to     do it 
Our Role:

     We don’t want to take all the credit.
     But when success happens,
     We want people to see
     It wouldn’t have happened without us.
We galvanize and connect a diverse set
of individuals and institutions, and
mobilize resources, to create long-term
social change.
Role Language Requirements

    Consistent with value proposition
    Authentic across local United Ways
    Distinguished from Goal
    Makes the case for United Way
    Doesn’t rely on outcome measurements
United Way recruits people and organizations
from all across the community who bring the
passion, expertise and resources we need to
               get things done.
United Way recruits people and organizations
from all across the community who bring the
passion, expertise and resources we need to
get things done.
      “Recruit” - UW is looking for the best and most committed; inviting your
         They recruited you, they have their eye on you as a person who
         could help fix this problem - personally asked you to get involved.
      “Passion” - connects emotionally, about more than $.
         You have to be passionate, if you are not you won’t do it for the
         long term.
      “Expertise” - UW has connections.
         Every community has those key people. UW knows who those
         people are and can get them to act.
      “Get things done”- about problem-solving, not process.
         It really is about accomplishing things together...not giving money
         to an agency and helping them meet financial goals...but to
         accomplish big goals.
Adapting for Stakeholders

     Unique & Enviable Characteristic:
      • United Way’s local/national/global reach
      • Take corporate efforts to scale
      • Leverage foundation resources

Portray the Role - Invite and Commit

     An explicit ask matters
            Join us
     Suggests ways to engage to reinforce “more than
            Give. Advocate. Volunteer.
 United Way advances the       Our focus is on education, 
common good by creating         income and health—the 
opportunities for a better     building blocks for a good 
        life for all.                 quality of life.

                 YOUR TOPIC
   United Way recruits        We invite you  to join us.  You 
 people and organizations      can give, you can advocate 
  who bring the passion,         and you can volunteer.  
 expertise and resources 
needed to get things done.        That’s what it means to 
                                      LIVE UNITED.
 United Way advances the       Our focus is on education, 
common good by creating         income and health—the 
opportunities for a better     building blocks for a good 
        life for all.         quality of life. Here’s how our 
                                  goals are the same…

    United Way recruits        You are essential to success 
 people and organizations      because… We invite you  to 
   who bring the passion,      join us.  You can give, you 
 expertise and resources       can advocate and you can 
needed to get things done.              volunteer.  
   We are uniquely able to        That’s what it means to 
  leverage/bring to scale…            LIVE UNITED.
Exercise: Cocktail Party

   You are at a cocktail party and unexpectedly 
   find yourself in a one-on-one conversation 
   with an Executive Vice President of a 
   company you’ve wanted to interest in 
   partnering with United Way. He says, “What 
   kind of work do you do at United Way?” How 
   do you respond?
Message Platform Training Options

     Register on United Way Online

     1. Two Day On Site Custom Training Session:
     Keyword phrase: Effectively Describing Your Work

     2. Virtual Trainer: Register on United Way Online
     Keyword phrase: virtual trainer message course
Additional Resources

     Live United Message Platform Workbook (the black
     Additional Resources

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