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					                                                   School Improvement Plan- Toolkit 3                                                                           -High expectations for students and staff-performance
                                                   management How we do things better. Strong instructional leadership-coaching using GROWTH model across all levels of the school.

School               The School Improvement Framework under the leadership of school principal, deputy principal and head of curriculum will recognise that highly effective teaching practices
Goals:                are the key to improving student learning throughout the school. The team will take a strong leadership role, encouraging the use of research-based teaching practices in all
                      classrooms to ensure that every student is engaged, challenged and learning successfully. ‘High quality learning depends on high quality teaching.’ (Hattie, 2002)
                     Implementing a framework for professional learning that allows for the extensive variety of learning needs & specialist knowledge through Developing Performance Plans (DDP)for
                      all staff
                     Opportunities for all staff to mentor, learn from others & to access professional information/readings. Focus on performance management of individuals and teams by encouraging
                      collaborative behaviour across the school, enabling the sharing of good practice and professional dialogue within the school. Building a sense of common purpose and direction
                      across the school.

   Feb 2012                   June 2012                                           Dec 2012                                               2013                   2014                                    2015
                                                                                                                                                                            All professional learning is aligned to the aims and objective
Establish team to    Performance Management           Performance planning &                                                 Continue to monitor and        Continue to    of the school with a clear focus on student learning
set parameters of    system focuses on:              management agreements (DPP)for all staff to be reviewed yearly           refine the processes and                      outcomes informed by data and research
the toolkit                                          using the ‘coaching tree’                                                                               monitor and
                      Teaching and classroom                                                                                 systems established
Focus on                 practice                                                                                                                            refine the     All systems fully embedded into practice with twice yearly:-
improvement –                                        Improving leadership coaching & feedback by developing                                                  systems        100% of staff engaged in a peer reviewed class observation
performance                                          knowledge in the skills using the GROWTH coaching methodology-           Introduce Focused                             sessions
                        Encouraging collaborative                                                                            Intensive Teaching (FIT)       established
management of            behaviour across the        MDSS Coaching Road Map10 staff members to workshop                                                                     100% of teachers to present a Teaching & Learning Walk
individuals and                                      GROWTH coaching framework by the end of 2012                             Identify focus with the                       each semester based on key initiatives into the class
teams                                                                                                                         team including HOC & DP        Conduct        program
                      Enabling the sharing of             Delivering effective feedback in the coaching process             with each team member to       audit          Principal/DP/HOC delivering literacy/curriculum/ICT
                                                      Principal involved in instructional coaching with a focus on literacy   support a different level of                  coaching sessions with 100% of teaching staff
                          good practice and                                                                                                                  against the
Focus intensively                                     & documented on feedback template                                       instruction                                    100% teachers engaged in a feedback coaching
                          professional dialogue
on improving
                          within the school. Building      Principal in the classroom (every class 2xper year)                                              targets for    conversation with Principal/DP/HOC
instruction and
                          a sense of common                Lunch with the Principal-phase level teams invited to join        Watching Others Work           2015 at the
achievement-                                          principal for informal lunch to celebrate the successes in the class                                                  SO24 - 100% of staff feel they receive helpful feedback
based upon the
                          purpose and direction                                                                               (WOW)                          beginning      about their work
                          across the school                Principal has a Principal Performance and Development              Teachers spend 15 to
National                                              Plan (PPDP) External Coach to coach Principal performance
                                                                                                                                                             of the year
standards for                                                                                                                 20miniutes in a colleagues                    School Improvement Team (SIT) embed into weekly
                     High expectations                development – to meet each term
teachers                                                                                                                      classroom observing &                         meetings discussion of student data & feedback given to
                        Implementing framework            Leadership team to analyse student achievement data
                                                      Results of this analysis communicated to staff through the coaching
                                                                                                                              then engaging in reflective                   teachers
                         for professional learning
Building a                                            and feedback Performance Measurement System once per                    dialogue
                         that allows for the
system-wide                                           semester                                                                                                              SIT to use T&L Audit – reflective questioning around MDSS
                         extensive variety of
framework and                                              Monitor the progress of A Performance Management                  Lesson Observation                            explicit school improvement agenda – monitoring progress
                         learning needs & specialist
infrastructure to                                     System for School Improvement with Toolkit leaders presenting           Each teacher to have                          towards targets
                         knowledge through
support                                               progress of performance towards targets once every semester to          lesson observation with
                         Developing Performance
instruction                                           the staff                                                               feedback once per term
                         Plans (DPP) for all staff
                                                                                                                                                                            100% of staff to review their DPP by the end of every Term
                                                          PD co-ordinator to write an Annual School Professional             using GROWTH coaching
Making                                                                                                                                                                      4 with new goals set
                     Opportunities for all staff to   Development Plan identifying targeted PD in line with school            format by Principal, DP &
                     mentor, learn from others &      improvement priorities                                                  HOC
development                                                                                                                                                                 SO25 - 100% of staff satisfied with opportunities to improve
                     to access professional               Devise a system of sharing of teaching strategies that are         Using Hattie’s Expert
relevant and                                                                                                                                                                skills
                     information/readings-staff to    identified in PD activity with the school community as identified in    Teachers – Distinguishing
                     present PD learnings at T&L      MDSS PD Policy
                                                                                                                              Expert teachers from                          SO76 -100%of staff satisfied with access to quality
                     Walks                                Continue with the Teaching &Learning Walks linked to                                                             professional development
                                                                                                                              Novice and Experienced
                                                      performance standards to identify examples of good pedagogy
                                                      Standard 1 Know students & how they learn (1.6 Strategies to            Teachers – John Hattie,
                                                      support full participation of students National Standards               2003

                    Awareness                                                                      Implementation                                                          Refinement
 Key text                ‘Better schools Better teachers Better results a handbook for improved performance
 management in your school’ Vic Zba, G Marshell, P Power 2007
                                                                                                                   Using GROWTH coaching methodology leaders at all levels effectively support the
   GROWTH Coaching- reflective practitioners                                                                    development of others; provide feedback; enhance levels of motivation & commitment &
                                                                                                                                facilitate improved pedagogical practices & outcomes
   across all levels of the school

   Principal in the
    classroom for
       the day
                         Teaching and Learning Walks
                                                                                                               Teaching and Learning Walks are conducted at every staff meeting. Staff relate their
   Principal & teacher                                                                                         presentation to the current standard and focus on a specific program. Pedagogy with
       support all
   students' learning                                                                                          supporting evidence is presented. Feedback is given from colleagues and principal
   through frequent,
     non-evaluative         Focused
   classroom literacy
      and follow up
                           Intensive             Reflective Coaching
      conversations        FIT (2013)
                                                 Conversation-DPP Tree
     about practice

                                                                                                              Developing Performance Plans linked to the national standards & themes teachers complete
                          Observation                     Data analysis @ DP & HOC                            DPP yearly. Phase Leaders, SIT members, DP, HOC, BSM and Principal facilitate coaching
     Lunch with             (2013)                                                                            reviews. Principal engaged in executive coaching supporting DPP with Peter Davis.
    the Principal

     Phase level
     teams have                Hattie’s Expert
     an informal               Teachers –                                    Using data walls
     lunch with                Distinguishing                                conversations take place
     Principal to              Expert teachers                               discussing trends and
     celebrate the             from Novice                                   setting targets using “B
     things they               and                                           Squared” every semester
     achieved as a
                               Teachers   –
                                                                                                                                               Themes for DPPs & T&L Walks
                                                                               Moderation around
     Celebrate                 John                                            teacher judgements
     with invited              Hattie,                                         takes place at phase
                                                                                  level meetings                                          2012 4 Blocks Literacy/ ICTs

Components of an effective performance management system –Boston Consulting Group (2003)
                                                                                                                                          2013 Explicit Instruction
                              reflection                                             Professional
   professional                                          Career planning             development

                                                            Professional Development Plan
                              Review &                                                                                                    2014 ..............................
                                                               Goals for the next year
                             Evidence&                 Assessment of review impact on career
                                data                   progression

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