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   Computhink Broadens E-Mail Archive Options to include GroupWise® Direct

Chicago, IL – March 20, 2006 - At Brainshare 2006, Computhink, Inc., manufacturer of ViewWise®,
the only “Novell Yes” Certified Integrated document management and archival software solution, is
announcing the release of its latest addition to their family of Email Archive Service (EAS) solutions,
the new Archive Agent (AA). This new agent provides the ability to capture all emails direct from

The new product enhancement called the “Archive Agent” extends and consolidates our unparalleled
email archive processing solutions for MS Exchange® and GWAVA®. The E-mail Archive Service is
the key element in satisfying the multitude of regulatory audit requirements including those of the
Florida Sunshine Act, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17A, Sarbanes-Oxley,
HIPAA and the IRS, for email retention, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Computhink fully recognized the need to automatically archive all incoming, outgoing and internal E-
mails direct from GroupWise regardless of the monitoring and filtering application utilized to address
virus and or spam problem. Using the ViewWise archival platform, Computhink is now able to leverage
all of GWAVA’s GroupWise Security products, providing a comprehensive protection and email
archive solution.

A Cost-Friendly Path to Compliance

With email retention regulations being enforced, such as those required by various federal and state
agencies, it has become a matter of urgency for organizations to maintain a secure and easily searchable
archive of their email. Combine that with the ongoing threat of viruses and the mountains of spam email
that businesses receive on a daily basis and it makes perfect sense to filter emails before storing them.

“Listening to customer demands we’ve embellished our Corporate Email Archive offering to provide
one of the most comprehensive E-Mail compliance solutions to date for GroupWise” said Joe Wharram,
President of Computhink. “Utilizing standards based technology, this product offers outstanding value,
Companies in the small-to-mid-size category who are forced into compliance shouldn’t have to pay
more money for less functional solutions.”

How it Works

Having captured all emails and their respective attachments, it then hands them over to the ViewWise
Email Archive Service to archive them into the ViewWise Integrated Document Management system.
Dependent on the volume of emails to be processed, the solution is scalable, enabling the use of multiple
ViewWise Archive Agents and Email Archive Services.

Once emails and their respective attachments are stored in a secure, compressed, and encrypted
ViewWise repository, they can be easily searched and retrieved based on both email header information
as well as content. In fact, the ViewWise solution enables a flexible range of comprehensive search
options for identification and retrieval of emails regardless of their file format.
A Lifetime Solution

ViewWise, used by businesses, hospitals, universities and government offices world wide, now provides
an even greater range of email archive solutions via optional ViewWise email archive modules.
ViewWise remains the only Novell “Yes” Certified Integrated Document Management solution
available which runs native on Netware®, SUSE® LINUX and integrates with eDirectory® and
GroupWise. GroupWise Security Solutions coupled with Computhink’s Enterprise Document
Management solutions complement GroupWise providing the most comprehensive compliance and risk
reduction answer to your needs.

About Computhink

Computhink provides best-in-class Enterprise Level Integrated Document Management (IDM) software
and document-enabling integration solutions for secure enterprise information sharing, targeting
Enterprise class customers operating on Windows, LINUX, or Novell platforms. Computhink has over
4,400 worldwide customers in government, financial services, education, healthcare, industrial and
utility organizations. For more information on Computhink and its products go to

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