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					      Reynolds Secondary School
           Music Handbook

                  Reynolds Secondary School
           3963 Borden Street - Victoria, BC - V8P 3H9
                    Phone: (250) 479-1696
                     Fax: (250) 479-6677

 Mr. David Flello                        Nathan Georgesen
 Band Director                             Choir Director           

 Jacqui Sullivan                            Anja Rebstock
  Band Director                             Strings Director            

          Reynolds Music Parents Association
Program Description

Welcome to our 46th Year!!          David Flello, Band Director
                                  Jacqui Sullivan, Band Director

With school now back in session, we’d like to extend a special welcome to
Band members and their parents who are new to the Reynolds Band
Program and, as always, a warm “welcome back” to returning parents and

The band family remains large with over 250 students’ participating. The
fall season is traditionally occupied with start-up activities, fund-raisers, and
the noted “Blow Out the Dust” Concert. In the spring, the focus shifts more
towards performances, festivals, parades, and possible trips and

With your support, we look forward to a busy and rewarding 46th year of
music making.

At Reynolds there has traditionally been a distinction made between the in-
school classes and the co-curricular performing bands and other
ensembles. The classes devote a major portion of their time to the
acquisition of performance skills and a study of the basic theory and
literature of music.

The co-curricular bands rehearse mostly outside school hours, applying the
class-learned skills and knowledge to the preparation of music for public
performance. Students are evaluated on their co-curricular band
participation with attendance being a major component.

Course outlines issued to students provide full class descriptions; first band
lists are published early in the school year with students notified of first
Grade 9 Band                                  Grade 9 Course Members
Green Band                                    Grade 10’s and Invited Grade 9’s
Junior Jazz Band                              Grade 9 and 10 Course Members
Blue Band                                     Grades 11 and 12
Senior Jazz Band                              Grades 11 and 12 – Course Members and by
Musical Theatre Pit Band                      All Grades, By Invitation for Instruments as
Reynolds R & B Band                           Course Members and by Invitation
(Music Composition 9 – 12)
Reynolds Jazz Combo                           Course Members and by Invitation
(Music Composition 9 – 12)
Choir                                         Grades 9 - 12
Strings                                       Grades 9 - 12
                 MONDAY         TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY          FRIDAY
  SCHOOL        Senior Jazz    Senior Jazz       Blue Band       Gr. 9 Jazz      Green Tour
   7:15 AM      Gr. 10 Jazz     Gr. 9 Jazz       Gr. 10 Jazz
      TO                                                        Choir 9 – 12
   8:15 AM
  11:25 AM       Music         Music Comp.      Gr. 9/10 Jazz   Senior Jazz       **Band
      TO       Composition                                                        Council
  12:10 PM       9 - 12                                                         Meeting time
  SCHOOL         Pit Band      R&B Band 1        R&B Band 2       Pit Band       R & B Band
   3:30 PM                                                                           1/2
      TO          Strings      Choir 9 - 12        Strings                      (1:30 – 3:00)
   5:00 PM

Dates to note
All dates for concerts, community performances and fundraising events will be posted on the
Band website and sent to parents via email. They will also be posted in the band room for
students to note.
Upcoming:      September 12 –Band BBQ and Meeting (for both parents and students)
               September 17/18- Cedar Hill Middle School Band Camp with invited
                            Reynolds Grade 11 students.
               September 28- Band Uniform Issue from 1:30 to 7pm
               September 29 – Band Uniform Issue from 9am to 1:30pm
                     Also: Cops for Cancer Band Bottle Drive
               November 7 - Blow Out the Dust Concert – Reynolds Gym @ 7pm
               November 9 – Reynolds School Remembrance Day Assembly
               November 11 – Saanich Municipal Hall Remembrance Day Service
               December 12 – Winter Concert
Home Practice

Learning music is like learning to speak. At first, we listened closely to the sounds
around us and tried our best to imitate what we heard. Our first attempts may not have
sounded much like speech, but with repeated practice we slowly improved and before
long were able to communicate with confidence.

The same is true with learning an instrument. The first sounds that students make may
not sound much like what we hear at concerts or on CDs, but through consistent
practice, the skills learned in class will become natural. The most important thing is to
have confidence that with patience and consistent effort, things will get better, and the
results will be worth the effort. All Reynolds Music students are expected to spend time
practicing their instrument (including the voice for choir members!) as part of their
development as musicians, and teachers will review daily the warm ups, exercises and
repertoire for home practice.
Some tips:
   ●    Set aside a particular time for practicing, making space for it in your daily schedule. Let
        the rest of your family know that you are not to be disturbed during this time.
   ●    Practice in a place where you can be on your own, somewhere where you can be free
        from distractions like TVs, computers, etc.
   ●    Have everything you need with you, including your instrument, music folder and a watch
        or clock to time your practicing. A glass of water is nice, too.
   ●    Always begin your practice session with a warm up – long tones and other exercises
        given by the teacher. Sessions should be organized a) Warmup b) Technique
        c) Repertoire (pieces) d) Just for fun (Your favourite piece, play along with recordings,

Music Stand

       Using a music stand to hold music while practicing at home is important to prevent
       strained muscles. Music stands are also useful for performances away from the
       school. Inexpensive folding stands can be bought at most music stores.

Practice Cards

       Student in grade 9 and 10 ensembles are expected to keep track of their home
       practice on practice cards, which are to be signed by a parent and are marked
       and initialled by the teacher weekly. A mark for home practice is included in each
       term report and is assigned as follows:

        Excellent             30 minutes/day, 5 days/week
        Good                  30 minutes/day, 4 days/week
        Satisfactory          30 minutes/day, 3 days/week
        N                     Fewer than 90 minutes/week

The practice card grade accounts for 20% of a student’s grade in Grade 9 and 10.
Private Lessons

Reynolds Music students are not expected to take private lessons; however, taking
private lessons can provide enrichment and encouragement for students who are
interested in expanding their musical experience. Please see Mr. Flello or Ms. Sullivan
if you would like more information or would like help finding a private teacher.


A progress report is included with each term's report card and provides an update of
student achievement in relation to program goals and provincial Music curriculum
objectives prescribed by the Ministry of Education. Student progress is assessed by
teachers through informal observation as well as playing tests (“Requirements”) and
practice cards. Students are encouraged to repeat playing tests to increase their marks
once they have spent time improving through home practice. Term reports for junior
grades include a grade for home practice (based on practice cards), a grade for tests
completed in class and an overall grade, as well as comments on student progress and
suggestions for improvement. Attitude and effort in class is an integral part of the grade
as well.

Students and parents are invited to contact Mr. Flello, Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Rebstock or Mr.
Georgesen at any time for more specific feedback pertaining to student progress.

With so many concerts and other special activities, it's essential that students take
responsibility for keeping track of upcoming events. Dates are discussed regularly in
class, with reminders on the Band website ( Communication
with parents happens primarily through email, so please make sure that you provide Mr.
Flello and Ms. Sullivan with a current email address if you have one. You can submit
your email address on the Reynolds Band website and
following the link at the bottom of the Homepage. Additionally we have established a
Band Facebook group to get info out to students and families. If you are interested in
joining please go to the URL:!/groups/220233924673168
For families that don't use a computer, please let us know so that we can make paper
copies of newsletters to go home with students. Permission forms for trips will be
distributed in class and also posted on the website; it is the students' responsibility to
get these home and returned to the school in a timely fashion. Additional copies will
be available on the website.
Each year, students are expected to perform at a number of concerts, including daytime
and evening concerts at the school as well as public concerts. These concerts are an
integral part of our Band Program. There are sometimes opportunities to participate in
district-wide concerts, featuring music students from across the Victoria School District.

Students are required to be at all performances and to remain until the end of the
event, unless suddenly taken ill or excused in advance. The experience gained through
performing and observing performances are invaluable parts of becoming a
musician and attendance at concerts is part of the student’s grade.

Concert Dress

All students must appear in full uniform for all performances.
     White shirt (dress shirt with a collar; golf shirts are not permitted)- provided by
       the student
     White socks – provided by the student (no ankle socks or coloured designs on
       the socks)
     White dress pants – provided by Reynolds Band – purchased by the family
     White dress shoes – provided by Reynolds Band – purchased by the family
     Ties, sweaters, uniform jackets and senior jazz uniforms are provided by the
       Reynolds Band on a yearly rental basis
     Please note – there is a non-refundable dry-cleaning fee charged with each

The Uniform Issue night(s) will be announced at the first Band Parent meeting of the
school year.
Travel Policy

Over the past 40 years, Reynolds Bands have traveled extensively throughout most of Canada
and the Western United States; our most memorable trips include to China in 2009 and to Cuba
in 2011 and two National Festivals last year, one in Banff and one in Ottawa, Ontario. The flags
carried in annual parades represent many of these areas. Under normal circumstances,
students involved in the program will have at least four opportunities to travel with the bands
over the course of their secondary school years. Band travel is intended to provide students
with educational, musical and cultural opportunities while at the same time developing team
spirit and the social skills inherent in working within a group. (And – it’s fun!) Travel is an
optional part of the Reynolds band program. Students who do not travel will still receive a
full, balanced musical education.

Students who travel with the Reynolds Music program are representing the
program and the school. Students not meeting academic or behavioural
expectations as per the Reynolds Code of Conduct will not be permitted to travel
without special permission from Reynolds administration.
Reynolds Music Parents Association

The Reynolds Music Parents Association exists to advocate for music education and to support
the Music Directors in providing a music program that will be educational, enjoyable and
rewarding for all student participants. There are many areas where parent help essential and
include such things as:

      Uniform organization and distribution
      Concert help
      Fundraising
      Event coordination
      Policy development
      Public Relations and Advertising
      Chaperoning

Communication with music families is primarily through email (please join our email group on
the Reynolds Music website), Facebook and monthly meetings, which all music parents are
welcomed and encouraged to attend. Agenda items can be emailed to

The RMPA supports music programs through facilitating fundraisers to pay for portions of the
program not funded by the School Board (such as uniforms, supplies, instruments, trip
subsidies, music, awards and equipment). Fundraisers occur throughout the year and are
designed to provide support for students’ musical education. The profits from these
fundraisers support BOTH individual student accounts (to be used for music related costs for
students) and the music program in general.

Our Constitution is available at
2012/2013 Band Fundraising at Reynolds

The goals of the fundraising efforts of the band students (and their parents) are threefold:
   1. to raise money to support music-related activities for band students (ex.: access to
      private music lessons; concerts; travel opportunities related to performance; instrument
      accessories; music consumables – reeds, valve oil, etc.; music resources – sheet music,
      CDs, method books, etc.);
   2. to raise money to support the band program in general, as current school allocations do
      not cover the funding needs (PAC contributions, while appreciated, are unlikely to be
      enough in these economic times); and,
   3. to create and support involvement in the Reynolds music community, and enhance
      students’ music education opportunities, through participation in group activities
      (service), involving all students at some level, even those who do not travel.

Fundraising activities are organized by the Reynolds Band Parent Auxiliary in cooperation
with music teachers. The structure will be as follows:

       each student will have an individual band account;
       individual accounts may build to future years (i.e., students may “save up” for senior
        band trips);
       all monies raised will be divided by percentage, with 50% being allocated to individual
        students and 50% being allocated to the band program in general;
       money in an individual student account may be used to offset travel costs for band trips,
        for instrument rental or purchase, or for other music-related expenses (ex.: access to
        private music lessons; concerts; individual travel opportunities related to performance;
        instrument accessories; music consumables – reeds, valve oil, etc.; music resources –
        sheet music, CDs, method books, etc.);
       money accessed from a student account will be based on a reimbursement system – all
        potential expenditures must be approved by the band director, and reimbursement will
        be paid out upon submission of an original receipt; the exception to this system is
        money used to offset travel with the band;
       if a student leaves the program (i.e., moves to another school or graduates), and still
        has money in his/her individual account, the parents/guardians may request that the
        remaining funds be transferred to a current or upcoming sibling who is a band member;
        this request must be made in writing by May 31 of the year that the student leaves the
       any money remaining in an individual student account and which is not transferred to
        another band student by written request will revert to the Reynolds Band general
        account by June 30 of the current school year;
       50% of profits earned at group fundraisers (i.e., bottle drives, the Band Fashion Show,
        Reynolds Revue) will be divided equally among the participating students, while the
        remaining 50% will be placed in the Reynolds Band general account; (note: students
        who participate in more than one shift of a fundraiser will be counted as the
        corresponding multiple for the purpose of dividing the profits – 2 shifts = 2 times the
        individual portion of the profits);
       in the case of sales-based fundraisers (ex., chocolate sales, poinsettia sales, etc.), 50%
        of a student’s sales profits will be placed directly into his/her individual account, while
        the remaining 50% will be placed in the Reynolds Band general account;
       parental involvement in fundraising activities is a critical piece; however, family
        participation in a fundraising event does not count toward students being given extra
        credit in terms of fundraising totals;
       the Reynolds Music Parent Executive will create spreadsheets of participation and total
        dollar figures in each student account, and this information will be posted monthly in the
        band room;
       all monies will flow through the Reynolds Secondary School office as per SD #61
        requirements; however, management and tracking of students accounts will be
        maintained by the Reynolds Music Parents Association.

Fundraising participation requirements:
    each band student MUST participate in a minimum of TWO fundraising activities per
    each band student MUST participate in a minimum of ONE band service activity (ex.,
       setting up for concerts, returning gear to the band room after concerts, sorting music,
       etc.) per semester;
    in the case where fundraiser participation rates have to capped to ensure equal
       opportunity for all students to access the activity (ex. bottle drives), students will be
       given opportunities throughout the year to participate (i.e., the same students will not do
       every bottle drive). Students are responsible for signing up for various fundraisers;
       attendance will be monitored to ensure fair dispersal of funds.

Reynolds Band fundraisers:
In view of the stated goals of fundraising, the Music Parents Association notes that different
fundraisers will serve different purposes within the program (i.e., some are less likely to make a
significant profit, but are important in terms of program tradition and team-building potential).
While considering possible fundraisers, the Music Parent Association will consider
     tradition of the program,
     community interest,
     community “competition” – how may groups, at the school or in the greater community,
        are doing the same fundraiser, and
     potential for profit versus the activity’s importance as a team-building exercise.

Examples of current fundraisers and how they will be categorized under the new system

Group activities – share of 50% of               Individual sales activities – 50% of
profit based on number of students               profit to individual account
Tree chipping                                    Coffee Sales
Manure Sales                                     Poinsettia sales
Reynolds Revue                                   Purdy’s chocolate sales
Fashion Show                                     Thrifty’s cards

New Fundraising ideas are always welcome – we encourage any band parent to join the

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