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									Castle View High School
English Department

College Prep Reading/Writing

Room: 9800
Time: 7:40 - 9:05

Teacher: Shaun Martin

Contact and Availability: First of all, I expect and implore you to come to me with
any issue regarding this class. I want to help you become college ready, and besides,
it’s my job! Having said that, when your parents call me, my first response will
always be “Have insert you name and I spoken of this?” As juniors and seniors
preparing for college, you must be ready to handle class issues on your own.

Please contact me via email. As I move from room to room throughout the school, I
do not have a district phone number. If we encounter an issue that cannot be solved
electronically, we can move from there.

I will be available during advisement in my office in the BHS pod. I also have 2nd
period plan so if you want to meet with me you are welcome to stop by. However, I
may be in other areas of CVHS doing teacher things so if it is very important, please
let me know that you need to stop by, either face to face or via email. (After school
usually works too.)

Course Description: In this course, students will prepare for the demanding
reading and writing requirements in college. Students will learn valuable techniques
for improving their reading comprehension and developing their critical thinking
skills across various subject areas. Students will improve their ability to read deeply
and carefully, understanding how authors use language to create meaning. This
class will include direction and practice in expository, persuasive, descriptive and
narrative writing. Students will engage in the college application process, including
writing the college application essay. They will also examine the research process
and produce a topical research paper. In addition, students will build a vocabulary
useful for success on college entrance exams and in college-level reading. All
elements of this course are intended to make a student’s transition into college as
smooth and successful as possible.

Materials Needed: 1 2 inch 3 ring binder
                  1 set of 5 binder dividers (recommended, but optional)
                  Loose-leaf paper in binder
                  1 pack of sticky notes
                  1 book of your choice
                      1 flash drive
                      Various pens/pencils/highlighters, etc.
                      Library card

The Beginning of Class: At the beginning of EACH class, you will be expected to
either read or write. The best way to improve reading and writing aptitude is to
simply do it!

Writing- During the beginning of class, you may be expected to write to a prompt or
on a specific topic. These will either be collected at the end of the class or saved in
your binder. I like to look at these to gauge your growth as a writer and to get to
you know better.

Reading- You will be expected to read 2 novels this semester. The first of which is an
independent reading novel; therefore, you may read what you wish (no textbooks,
magazines, website, or anything that is not a novel at your reading level). During
our reading days, at the beginning of class you will be expected to read your novel.

Course Policies:

* General expectations for classroom behavior

              *Students will learn.
              *Students will have fun.
              *Students will dress according to school rules.
              *Students will treat each other with respect.
              *Students will treat the teacher with respect.
              *Students will behave professionally.
              *Students will come to me if they have trouble with the material or
completing assignments.
              *Students will be engaged on a regular basis.
              *Students will use appropriate language i.e. no cussing and academic
language when appropriate.
              * Students will arrive on time.
              * Students will come to class ready to engage.
              * Students will have all the necessary materials needed for class on a
consistent basis (though forgetting something every once in a while is ok).
              * Students will be able to use smartphones and iPods but only when I
expressly inform them its ok and only for classroom purposes
              * Students will not cheat or plagiarize under any circumstance

Late work – There is none. However, if you must turn in an assignment late, you will
need to use one of your late passes. These give you two chances to turn in work
without penalty. When you are out of late passes, one day late results in half credit.
After that, no credit will be given for late or missing assignments. My rationale
behind this stems from the CVHS Mission Statement and DCSD end-statement,
which states that we will “help our students be responsible citizens.” Also, in
college, your professors will laugh if you try to turn in late work. I am simply
preparing you for your bright and successful future, both in school and in life.

    LATE PASS                                                      LATE PASS

Attendance: Coming to class late or not at all directly correlates to your grade in this
class. I understand that live events come up that are more important than attending
class; in these situations, please let me know (if you know in advance) and check the
class wiki for the work missed.

Missed Assignments: Are simple. If you know you’re going to be absent before a
due date, get your assignment to me (via email or give it to a friend to turn in
for you) before you go. If you are absent, you get as many days as you were gone
to make-up an assignment plus one day. This is the policy at Castle View High
School. After those dates, the late work policy applies. If missed assignments are
not turned in on time, they because missing and/or late work, which cannot be
made up for credit.

Technology: Use of technology including personal computers, tablets, smartphones,
etc. is an important part of our class. Abuse of technology (texting in class) will
cause you to not be able to use any of the available technology in class. Don’t ruin it
for yourself by misusing technology. If you have any questions about whether or
not your use is acceptable, please ask!

What is going on?: If you have to miss class or your parents are curious as to what
is happening, please go to the class wiki page.

Please detach the bottom of this page and return no later than Wednesday,
January 9th!

I have read and understand the policies for College Prep with Mr. Martin.

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Student Signature: ___________________________________________

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