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Influenza virus sialidase - a drug discovery target
Gene vaccines
Automated organizations                                                Oliveira, Nelio.
Managing temperature effects in nanoscale adaptive systems             Wolpert, David.
Grammars for language and genes                                        Chiang, David.
Spelling morphology                                                    Ravid, Dorit Diskin.
Fundamentals of surgical simulation                                    Gallagher, Anthony G.
Robotic urologic surgery
Handbook of race and development in mental health
Himalayan biodiversity in the changing world
Sustainable urban environments
Tropical and sub-tropical reservoir limnology in China
Tumors of the central nervous system.
Plants in alpine regions
A history of diabetes in pregnancy                                     Kalter, Harold.
Intradermal immunization
The pollination biology of North American orchids.                     Argue, Charles L.
Signaling and communication in plant symbiosis
Cotton, water, salts and soums
Tumors of the central nervous system
The researching, teaching, and learning triangle
Metal toxicity in plants
Control of innate and adaptive immune responses during infectious diseases
Handbook of drug interactions
Agroecology and strategies for climate change
Natural killer T cells
Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT), Dublin, Ireland, June 7-10,
Stress ecology                                                         Steinberg, Christian E.W.
Functional genomics and evolution of photosynthetic systems
Lymphoma and leukemia of the nervous system
Aralkum - a man-made desert
The pollination biology of North American orchids.                     Argue, Charles L.
Mechanical stretch and cytokines
Functional coherence of molecular networks in bioinformatics
Microbial stress tolerance for biofuels
Current topics in innate immunity II
Weed science                                                           Zimdahl, Robert L.
The relevance of the time domain to neural network models
Shedding light on indoor tanning
Synaptic mechanisms in the auditory system
New frontiers of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases
Community-based operations research
A century of sovereign ratings                                         Gaillard, Norbert.
Information systems theory
Recent developments in vector optimization
Climate change and the sustainable use of water resources
Econodynamics                                                          Pokrovskii, Vladimir N.
Ezio Tarantelli - Economic theory and industrial relations             Michelagnoli, Giovanni.
Complex scheduling                                                     Brucker, Peter.
Social exclusion
Export assistance                                                      Faroque, Anisur R.
Sustainability innovations in the electricity sector
Econometric analysis of carbon markets                                 Chevallier, Julien.
Common corporate tax base in the EU                                    Spengel, Christoph.
Information systems theory
The economics of bank bankruptcy law                                   Marinc, Matej.
Functional metal oxide nanostructures
Multistate GTPase control co-translational protein targeting             Zhang, Xin.
Microwave-induced synthesis of aromatic heterocycles                     Rauf, Abdul.
Energetic materials at extreme conditions                                Millar, David I.A.
Metal and alloy bonding                                                  Saravanan, R.
Electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials
NMR methods for the investigation of structure and transport             Hardy, Edme H.
                                                                         Virkar, Ajay.
Investigating the nucleation, growth, and energy levels of organic semiconductors for high performance plastic electronics
Fine particles in medicine and pharmacy
Long-term durability of polymeric matrix composites
Natural hazard mitigation policy                                         Alesch, Daniel J.
Dynamic land use/cover change modelling                                  Jokar Arsanjani, Jamal.
Land-use and land-cover changes                                          Molders, Nicole.
Humans on earth                                                          Santos, Filipe Duarte.
Polyfluorinated chemicals and transformation products
Environmental sensing                                                    Lein, James K.
Experimental and theoretical advances in fluid dynamics
Drilling down                                                            Tainter, Joseph A.
Soil enzymology in the recycling of organic wastes and environmental restoration
Environmental protection strategies for sustainable development
Introduction to phytoremediation of contaminated groundwater             Landmeyer, James E.
Supply chain disruptions
Fractional order signal processing                                       Das, Saptarshi.
Fiber-optic transmission networks                                        Pachnicke, Stephan.
Combustion engines development
Analog electronic filters                                                Dimopoulos, Hercules G.
Advanced dynamics and model-based control of structures and machines
Experience from the DARPA Urban Challenge
Mechanical vibrations                                                    Schmitz, Tony L.
Recent advances in system reliability
                                                                         Li, Simon.
3D TCAD simulation for semiconductor processes, devices and optoelectronics
Reliability, availability and serviceability of networks-on-chip         Cota, Erika.
Built-in-self-test and digital self-calibration for RF SoCs              Bou-Sleiman, Sleiman.
Propagation engineering in wireless communications                       Ghasemi, Abdollah.
Speaker authentication                                                   Li, Qi (Peter).
Mechatronic systems design                                               Janschek, Klaus.
Dynamical systems and methods
Enabling manufacturing competitiveness and economic sustainability
Speech enhancement in the STFT domain                                    Benesty, Jacob.
Introduction to hardware security and trust
Introduction to the mechanics of space robots                            Genta, Giancarlo.
Fast spectrum reactors
Innovation design                                                        Ouden, Elke den.
Machining of metal matrix composites
Analog circuit design
ECG signal processing, classification and interpretation
Computer and information sciences II
Viability of hybrid systems                                              Labinaz, G.
Queer masculinities
Education, culture and epistemological diversity
From text to 'lived' resources
Contradictions of neoliberal planning
Research on e-learning and ICT in education
The claims of parenting                                                  Ramaekers, Stefan.
Heavy!                                                                   McKenzie, Richard B.
Advances in nature of science research
The ethics of screening in health care and medicine                      Juth, Niklas.
Leading student assessment
The many faces of youth crime
Drunk on capitalism
Active ageing, active learning
Work and education in America
Organising the firm                                                       Mantysaari, Petri.
The realism-antirealism debate in the age of alternative logics
Perspectives on scientific argumentation
The importance of assent                                                  Rijt, Jan-Willem van der.
International perspectives on teaching and learning with GIS in secondary schools
The practice of theoretical curiosity                                     Zuss, Mark.
Conceptualizing cultural hybridization
Learning trajectories, innovation and identity for professional development
Handbook of analytic philosophy of medicine                               Sadegh-Zadeh, Kazem.
The three paths of justice                                                Andrews, Neil.
Rethinking virtue ethics                                                  Winter, Michael.
Informed consent, proxy consent, and Catholic bioethics                   Mazur, Grzegorz.
The fullness of the logos in the key of life.                             Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa.
Putting fear of crime on the map                                          Doran, Bruce J.
The demography and epidemiology of human health and aging                 Siegel, Jacob S.
Mathematical modeling in biomedical imaging.
Stochastic differential equations and processes
Stochastic stability of differential equations                            Khasminskii, Rafail.
A concise guide to statistics                                             Kaltenbach, Hans-Michael.
Functional equations in mathematical analysis
Rational number theory in the 20th century                                Narkiewicz, Wladyslaw.
Numerical methods with worked examples                                    Woodford, Chris,
Falling liquid films
Regression analysis under a priori parameter restrictions                 Knopov, Pavel S.
From calculus to analysis                                                 Schinazi, Rinaldo B.
Eosinophilic esophagitis
Quality                                                                   Barofsky, Ivan.
Pediatric sedation outside of the operating room
Scrotal pathology
Penetrating trauma
Prostate biopsy interpretation                                            Shah, Rajal B.
Insulin-like growth factors and cancer
Fertility preservation
The elephant in the room                                                  Waxman, Jonathan.
HIV and liver disease
The causes and behavioral consequences of disasters                       Rudenstine, Sasha.
International advances in foot and ankle surgery
Advanced surgical facial rejuvenation
Stress and cardiovascular disease
DNA topoisomerases and cancer
Diabetes care for the older patient
A primer for chiral perturbation theory                                   Scherer, Stefan.
At home in space                                                          Evans, Ben.
The physics of music and color                                            Gunther, Leon.
General and statistical thermodynamics                                    Tahir-Kheli, Raza.
Formation and cooperative behaviour of protein complexes on the cell membrane Ksenia.
The universe as automaton                                                 Mainzer, Klaus.
Open quantum systems                                                      Rivas, Angel.
The amateur astronomer's guide to the deep-sky catalogs                   Cavin, Jerry D.
From special relativity to Feynman diagrams                               D'Auria, Riccardo.
The spiral galaxy M33                                                     Hodge, Paul.
Light scattering reviews.
                                                                            O'Regan, David
Optimised projections for the Ab initio simulation of large and strongly correlated systems D.
A concise introduction to the statistical physics of complex systems        Bertin, Eric.
Vortex, molecular spin and nanovorticity                                    McCormack, Percival.
Bell's theorem and quantum realism                                          Hemmick, Douglas L.
Disorder and strain-induced complexity in functional materials
Physics of transitional shear flows
Protein folding and misfolding
Reactive attachment disorder                                                Shreeve, Daniel F.
LGBT psychology                                                             Lewis, Michele K.
Delinquent girls
Consumer-run mental health                                                  Brown, Louis D.
Small group research
The sirex woodwasp and its fungal symbiont
Designs for clinical trials
Materia medica for various cancers
Biosimulation in biomedical research, health care and drug development
Expert knowledge and its application in landscape ecology
Key statistical concepts in clinical trials for pharma                      Turner, J. Rick.
Quantifying functional biodiversity                                         Pla, Laura.
Modeling fragile X syndrome
Pollination biology                                                         Abrol, Dharam P.
Lactoferrin and its role in wound healing                                   Takayama, Yoshiharu.
Technological innovations in major world oil crops.
Growing from seed                                                           Lacuna-Richman, Celeste.
Traditional forest-related knowledge
Organelle genetics
Bioinformatics for high throughput sequencing
Epilepsy                                                                    McCandless, David W.
Rethinking social epidemiology
Computational neuroscience of drug addiction
Advances in cancer stem cell biology
Evolutionary dynamics of forests under climate change                       Williams, Claire G.
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
Plant defence
Measuring roots
Noise-induced hearing loss
From neurology to methodology and back                                      Maurits, Natasha.
Nanotechnology for biology and medicine
Tumour-associated macrophages
Continuous cover forestry
Nutritional epidemiology of breast cancer                                   Ronco, Alvaro Luis.
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
The strategic CFO
International politics in times of change
Network reliability in practice
Justice and conflicts
Patent filing strategies and patent management                              Jell, Florian.
Developing international strategies                                         Grunig, Rudolf.
Strategic outsourcing                                                       Vagadia, Bharat.
Non-standard employment and quality of work
The reasons for underdevelopment                                            Strangio, Donatella.
The future of EU agricultural markets by AGMEMOD
Practice-based innovation
The Greek economy and the crisis                                            Petrakis, Panagiotis.
New insights into the theory of giffen goods
Risk habitat megacity
Ecological economics                                                        Shmelev, Stanislav E.
Network economics and the allocation of savings                              Servatius, Philipp.
Econometrics of financial high-frequency data                                Hautsch, Nikolaus.
Environmental economics                                                      Wiesmeth, Hans.
The taxation of capitalistic bequests                                        Kley, Verena.
Taxation, growth and fiscal institutions                                     Lee, Albert J.
Behind the executive door                                                    Wasylyshyn, Karol M.
Understanding family businesses
Advanced planning in supply chains
Venture capital and the corporate governance of Chinese listed companies     Zhang, Lin.
The exploration of supramolecular systems and nanostructures by photochemical techniques
Self-assembly of nanostructures
Two studies in gas-phase ion spectroscopy                                    Simpson, Matthew J.
Multiscale molecular methods in applied chemistry
Application of bacterial pigments as colorant
Heat and mass transfer in porous media
A prehistory of polymer science                                              Patterson, Gary.
Molecular farming in plants
Solid state NMR
Desalination concentrate management                                          Ladewig, Bradley.
Fluorescent proteins.
Transition metal catalyzed enantioselective allylic substitution in organic synthesis
Kelvin probe force microscopy
Essentials of chemical education                                             Barke, Hans-Dieter.
How to reliably test for GMOs
Phase interaction in the metal-oxide melts-gas system
The design of cloud workflow systems
Recent trends in information reuse and integration
Haptic systems architecture modeling                                         Weber, Anton.
Principles of tidal sedimentology
Submarine mass movements and their consequences
Earth system modelling.                                                      Bonaventura, Luca.
Perspectives on environmental management and technology in Asian river basins
Development of the settlement network in the Central European countries
Environmental security in watersheds
Role of seismic testing facilities in performance-based earthquake engineering
Microbial degradation of xenobiotics
Sustainability ethics and sustainability research                            Becker, Christian U.
Natural processes and human impacts                                          Govorushko, Sergey M.
Energy, environment and sustainable development
Air pollution modeling and its application XXI
Earth system modelling.                                                      Valcke, Sophie.
The Paleogene and Neogene of Western Iberia (Portugal)
Intraseasonal variability in the atmosphere-ocean climate system             Lau, William K.-M.
Design and impact of water treaties                                          Zentner, Matthew.
Heat transfer                                                                Bockh, Peter von.
New approaches in modeling multiphase flows and dispersion in turbulence, fractal methods and synthetic turbulence
Fractional processes and fractional-order signal processing                  Sheng, Hu.
On integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the National Airspace System   Dalamagkidis, Konstantinos.
The art of hardware architecture                                             Arora, Mohit.
Adiabatic logic                                                              Teichmann, Philip.
Handbook of memetic algorithms
Global aerospace monitoring and disaster management                          Menshikov, Valery A.
Electronic devices for analog signal processing                              Rybin, Yu. K.
Software radio                                                               Venosa, Elettra.
Automation in warehouse development
Forensic speaker recognition
Energy and the wealth of nations                                             Hall, Charles A.S.
Fatigue of beta processed and beta heat-treated titanium alloys              Wanhill, Russell.
Optical transmission
Nonlinear dynamic phenomena in mechanics
Harnessing VLSI system design with EDA tools
Adaptive feed-forward control of low frequency interior noise           Kletschkowski, Thomas.
Wind power plants
Lead free solder                                                        Pang, John Hock Lye.
Intelligent computer graphics 2011
Low power design with high-level power estimation and power-aware synthesis Sumit.
Recognizing variable environments                                       Dong, Tiansi.
Optimal mobile sensing and actuation policies in cyber-physical systems Tricaud, Christophe.
Error control for network-on-chip links                                 Fu, Bo.
Fundamentals of digital manufacturing science                           Zhou, Zude.
Integrated filters for short range wireless and biomedical applications Laoudias, Costas.
Functional observers for dynamical systems                              Trinh, Hieu.
Innovations in intelligent machines.
The MPEG representation of digital media
PEM fuel cells with bio-ethanol processor systems
Extremum-seeking control and applications                               Zhang, Chunlei.
Scalable multi-core architectures
                                                                        Mary, Leena.
Extraction and representation of prosody for speaker, speech and language recognition
Recent advances in intelligent engineering systems
Fundamentals of GPS receivers                                           Doberstein, Dan.
Advances in numerical modeling of adhesive joints                       Silva, Lucas Filipe Martins da.
Life-cycle assessment of semiconductors                                 Boyd, Sarah B.
Noise and vibration mitigation for rail transportation systems
Reset control systems                                                   Banos, Alfonso.
Innovative materials and techniques in concrete construction
Advanced control of turbofan engines                                    Richter, Hanz.
Lee de Forest                                                           Adams, Mike.
Energy systems in the era of energy vectors                             Orecchini, Fabio.
Elasticity and plasticity of large deformations                         Bertram, Albrecht.
System identification, environmental modelling, and control system design
Quantitative methods in supply chain management                         Christou, Ioannis T.
Modular neural networks and type-2 fuzzy systems for pattern recognitionMelin, Patricia.
Structural synthesis of parallel robots.                                Gogu, Grigore.
Translocal ruralism
Sports marketing agreements                                             Blackshaw, Ian S.
Deficits in EU and US mandatory environmental information disclosure Bunger, Dirk.
Images in mobile communication
Evolution 2.0
Subverting borders
Regimes in Southeast Asia                                               Litta, Henriette.
Philosophical dimensions of human rights
Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills
International handbook of migration, minorities and education
Sports betting
Global perspectives on archaeological field schools
Exploring the theory, pedagogy and practice of networked learning
Living with paradoxes                                                   Kappler, Karolin Eva.
Wind bands and cultural identity in Japanese schools                    Hebert, David G.
The social ecology of resilience
Groundwork in the theory of argumentation                               Blair, J. Anthony.
Case, word order and prominence
Philosophy of behavioral biology
Handbook of European homicide research
Founding psychoanalysis phenomenologically
Consumer demographics and behaviour                                     Martins, Jo M.
Education for self-transformation                                       Kwak, Duck-Joo.
Insurance systems in times of climate change                                Quinto, Cornel.
Police organization and training
Collaborating to meet language challenges in indigenous mathematics classroomsTamsin.
Metacognition in science education
Emilie du Chatelet between Leibniz and Newton
Interpreting imperatives                                                    Kaufmann, Magdalena.
Experiencing grandparenthood
The main business of natural philosophy                                     Ducheyne, Steffen.
EPSA philosophy of science
The European Union after Lisbon
Topics in noncommutative algebra                                            Bonfiglioli, Andrea.
Group testing theory in network security                                    Thai, My T.
The beauty of everyday mathematics                                          Herrmann, Norbert.
Generalized solutions of operator equations and extreme elements
Frames and locales                                                          Picado, Jorge.
A beginner's guide to discrete mathematics                                  Wallis, W.D.
Methods of geometric analysis in extension and trace problems.              Brudnyi, Alexander.
A course in complex analysis                                                Fischer, Wolfgang.
A royal road to algebraic geometry                                          Holme, Audun.
Discretization of processes                                                 Jacod, Jean.
Nonlinear PDEs                                                              Ghergu, Marius.
Methods of geometric analysis in extension and trace problems.              Brudnyi, Alexander.
Numerical analysis of multiscale computations
Partitions, q-Series, and Modular Forms
Highlights in lie algebraic methods
Direct methods in the theory of elliptic equations                          Necas, Jindrich.
Survival analysis                                                           Kleinbaum, David G.
Differentiable manifolds                                                    Torres del Castillo, Gerardo F.
Fundamentals of group theory                                                Roman, Steven.
Nonlinear partial differential equations for scientists and engineers       Debnath, Lokenath.
Representation theory of finite groups                                      Steinberg, Benjamin.
The mathematical experience                                                 Davis, Philip J.
Handbook of computational finance
Aging and lung disease
Success in academic surgery.
Quick guide to the management of keratoconus                                Sinjab, Mazen M.
Radiation exposure and image quality in x-ray diagnostic radiology
Practical ECG holter                                                        Adamec, Jan.
Rheumatoid arthritis and Proteus                                            Ebringer, Alan.
Serous effusions
Perioperative two-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography              Vegas, Annette.
                                                                            Tabery, Helena M.
Adenovirus epithelial keratitis and Thygeson's superficial punctate keratitis
Perioperative addiction
Systemic vasculitis
Computer medical databases                                                  Collen, Morris F.
Frozen section library                                                      Mohsin, Syed K.
Frozen section library
Clinical examination in orthopedics                                         Iyer, K. Mohan.
Practical procedures in orthopedic surgery
Sepsis management
The Institute of Nuclear Medicine 50 years
Novel insights in the neurochemistry and function of pulmonary sensory receptors
                                                                            Freye, Enno.
Acquired mitochondropathy - a new paradigm in western medicine explaining chronic diseases
Textbook of penile cancer
Learning neuroimaging
Hypermobility of joints                                                     Beighton, Peter.
Family and HIV/AIDS
Transfusion medicine                                                        Mijovic, Aleksandar.
Hand bone age                                                            Gilsanz, Vicente.
Review of rheumatology                                                   Colburn, Nona T.
The BCS-BEC crossover and the unitary Fermi gas
Nuclear physics with polarized particles                                 Paetz gen. Schieck, Hans.
Optical properties of nanostructured metallic systems                    Rodrigo, Sergio G.
The physics of invisibility                                              Beech, Martin.
Heterogeneous ferroelectric solid solutions                              Topolov, Vitaly Yu.
Daylight science and daylighting technology                              Kittler, Richard.
Electroweak and strong interactions                                      Scheck, Florian.
Grappling with gravity                                                   Phillips, Robert W.
Hot interstellar matter in elliptical galaxies
Charm production in deep inelastic scattering                            Klein, Sebastian.
The casual sky observer's guide                                          Laet, Rony de.
Particle accelerators, colliders, and the story of high energy physics   Jayakumar, Raghavan.
The chemical cosmos                                                      Miller, Steve.
Dijet angular distributions in proton-proton collisions                  Boelaert, Nele.
Strongly correlated systems
The Schrodinger-Virasoro algebra                                         Unterberger, Jeremie.
Observing the Messier objects with a small telescope                     Pugh, Philip.
Fundamental questions of practical cosmology                             Baryshev, Yurij.
Control of cell fate in the circulatory and ventilatory systems          Thiriet, Marc.
Exploring frontiers of the mind-brain relationship
Electrodermal activity                                                   Boucsein, Wolfram.
Children's discovery of the active mind                                  Pillow, Bradford H.
Cognitive remediation for brain injury and neurological illness          Podd, Marvin H.
Positive relationships
True and false recovered memories
Consumer knowledge and financial decisions
Paradigms in theory construction
Freud on interpretation                                                  Rieber, Robert W.
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
Anticarbohydrate antibodies
Atlas of human pluripotent stem cells                                    Amit, Michal.
Bones, genetics, and behavior of rhesus macaques
Induced pluripotent stem cells                                           Yildirim, Sibel.
The Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov.
Activation and detoxification enzymes                                    Chen, Chang-Hwei.
Regenerative therapy using blood-derived stem cells
Signaling pathways in cancer pathogenesis and therapy
Plant cytogenetics
Recent advances on model hosts
Technological innovations in major world oil crops.
Oxidative stress in cancer biology and therapy
Macromolecular crystallography
Fencing for conservation
Crop stress and its management
Induced pluripotent stem cells in brain diseases
Encyclopedia of cancer
Water soluble vitamins
Forests in development
Aging research in yeast
Reviews in Fluorescence 2010
Marine bioactive compounds
Cell signaling & molecular targets in cancer
The primo vascular system
Reviews in plasmonics 2010
Honeybee neurobiology and behavior
Progress in botany.
Innate immune regulation and cancer immunotherapy
Evolution that anyone can understand                                     Marcus, Bernard.
Nano-biotechnology for biomedical and diagnostic research
Adipose tissue biology
Adenosine deaminases acting on RNA (ADARs) and a-to-i editing
Small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMC)                            Liehr, Thomas.
Modeling tumor vasculature
Atlas of forensic pathology                                              Prahlow, Joseph A.
Principles of osteoimmunology
Abiotic stress responses in plants
The theory of evolution and its impact
Nutraceuticals and cancer
The reality of M & A governance                                          Farschtschian, Farsam.
A cross-border-only regulation for consumer transactions in the EU       Twigg-Flesner, Christian.
Women's entrepreneurship and economics
Handbook of healthcare system scheduling
The effects of cause-related marketing on customers' attitudes and buying behavior Denise.
Balanced growth
The purchasing chessboard
The causes and consequences of income tax noncompliance                  Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Financial performance measures and value creation                        Venanzi, Daniela.
Evolutionary foundations of equilibria in irrational markets             Luo, Guo Ying.
The impact of performance budgeting on public spending in Germany's Laender Christiane.
Mode 3 knowledge production in quadruple helix innovation systems        Carayannis, Elias G.
Internationalisation and mode switching                                  Sachse, Uwe.
Prediction markets
Macroeconomic analysis and economic policy based on parametric control
Handbook of the history of economic thought
Cruise management
Implicit incentives in international joint ventures                      Wu, Fan.
The next generation of responsible investing
Collaborative communities of firms
Handbook on semidefinite, conic and polynomial optimization
Excel-based business analysis                                            Anari, Ali.
Switchpoints for the future of logistics
Industrial research performance management                               Samsonowa, Tatjana.
Integrated methods for optimization                                      Hooker, John N.
Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Novel technologies in food science
                                                                         Inuki, Shinsuke.
Total synthesis of bioactive natural products by palladium-catalyzed domino cyclization of allenes and related compounds
Mycotoxins in feedstuffs                                                 Weidenborner, Martin.
Biotechnology for pulp and paper processing                              Bajpai, Pratima.
Fluorous chemistry
Dynamical symmetries for nanostructures                                  Kikoin, Konstantin.
Vibronic interactions and the Jahn-Teller effect
Advances in the theory of quantum systems in chemistry and physics
Engineering biomaterials for regenerative medicine
Automatic algorithm selection for complex simulation problems            Ewald, Roland.
Numerical and symbolic scientific computing
Mobile intention recognition                                             Kiefer, Peter.
Applied computer science                                                 Torbert, Shane.
Computational complexity
Environmental chemistry for a sustainable world.
Ocean governance                                                        Chang, Yen-Chiang.
Politics and development in a transboundary watershed
Advances in location-based services
Clean soil and safe water
Arctic climate change
Integrating ecology and poverty reduction
Nonlinear internal waves in lakes
Bioenergy for sustainable development in Africa
The Yamuna River basin
Precipitation modeling and quantitative analysis                        Li, Xiaofan.
Cars and carbon
Research design and proposal writing in spatial science                 Gatrell, Jay D.
Environmental chemistry for a sustainable world.
Strategies for achieving food security in Central Asia
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology.
Minerals as advanced materials II
Process variations and probabilistic integrated circuit design
Soft computing in humanities and social sciences
A concise introduction to mechanics of rigid bodies                     Huang, L.
Satellite communications                                                Pelton, Joseph N.
Towards an advanced modelling of complex economic phenomena             Aluja, Jaime Gil.
Design technology for heterogeneous embedded systems
Variants of evolutionary algorithms for real-world applications
2011 International Conference in Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control proceedings
Data mining.
Micromechanics and microactuators
Structure from motion using the extended kalman filter                  Civera, Javier.
                                                                        Carayannis, Elias G.
Institutional learning and knowledge transfer across epistemic communities
Advances in robotics and virtual reality
Fractional dynamics and control
Introduction to network simulator NS2                                   Issariyakul, Teerawat.
Decision making with imperfect decision makers
Computing statistics under interval and fuzzy uncertainty
Human-computer systems interaction
Process grammar                                                         Leyton, Michael.
Type-2 fuzzy logic in intelligent control applications                  Castillo, Oscar.
New trends in agent-based complex automated negotiations
Crystallization and growth of colloidal nanocrystals                    Leite, Edson Roberto.
Lead-free piezoelectrics
Human-computer systems interaction
The digital dividend of terrestrial broadcasting                        Beutler, Roland.
Optimization based clearance of flight control laws
Variation tolerant on-chip interconnects                                Nigussie, Ethiopia Enideg.
Interference calculus                                                   Schubert, Martin.
Biogas energy                                                           Abbasi, Tasneem.
Transient and permanent error control for networks-on-chip              Yu, Qiaoyan.
Hardware/software co-design for heterogeneous multi-core platforms
Modeling, control and coordination of helicopter systems
Onboard computers, onboard software and satellite operations            Eickhoff, Jens.
Societal dynamics                                                       Betz, Frederick.
Passive methods as a solution for improving indoor environments         Orosa, Jose A.
Mechanics, models and methods in civil engineering
Fluid effects in polymers and polymeric composites                      Weitsman, Y. Jack.
Industrial process identification and control design                    Liu, Tao.
The unknown component problem
MIMO communication for cellular networks                                Huang, Howard.
Modeling and control of sustainable power systems
Computer, informatics, cybernetics and applications
Distributed decision making and control
Lighter than air robots                                                   Bestaoui Sebbane, Yasmina.
Cross-word modeling for Arabic speech recognition                         AbuZeina, Dia.
Trade in ideas                                                            Ullberg, Eskil.
Data-driven controller design                                             Sanfelice Bazanella, Alexandre.
Promoting balanced competitiveness strategies of firms in Developing CountriesVivienne.
Compensating for quasi-periodic motion in robotic radiosurgery            Ernst, Floris.
Low rank approximation                                                    Markovsky, Ivan.
Data mining.
Imaging the Cheops pyramid                                                Bui, H.D.
Sustainable bioenergy and bioproducts
Knowledge perspectives of new product development
Software engineering research, management and applications 2011
Inverse analyses with model reduction                                     Buljak, Vladimir.
Detection and identification of rare audiovisual cues
Information engineering and applications
Basics of computer networking                                             Robertazzi, Thomas.
Mechanisms, transmissions and applications
Advances in modeling concrete service life
Bioethics critically reconsidered
Current issues in bilingualism
Responding to a resurgent Russia
Responding to immigrants' settlement needs                                Vineberg, Robert.
Targeted killings and international law                                   Otto, Roland.
Scholars in the changing American academy                                 Cummings, William K.
The sciences' media connection - Public communication and its repercussions
Quality assurance in an international higher education area               Bernhard, Andrea.
Handbook of social indicators and quality of life research
Agent-based models of geographical systems
Qualitative research in the post-modern era                               Cooper, Karyn.
Interpreting physics                                                      MacKinnon, Edward.
Doing clinical ethics                                                     Sokol, Daniel K.
A politics of inevitability                                               Beveridge, Ross.
Critical communities and aesthetic practices
Insider dealing and criminal law                                          Seredynska, Iwona.
The science of sensibility
Early childhood grows up
                                                                          Taxman, Faye S.
Implementing evidence-based practices in community corrections and addiction treatment
Where do you stand?
                                                                          Mineiro, Michael C.
Space technology export controls and international cooperation in outer space
Two centuries of local autonomy
On the periphery of the periphery                                         Sweitz, Sam R.
Between logic and reality
Essays on law and war at the fault lines                                  Schmitt, Michael N.
CAS and football
Coarse-to-fine natural language processing                                Petrov, Slav.
Physical systems                                                          Belkind, Ori.
Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
Cost and fee allocation in civil procedure
Evidence-based counterterrorism policy
Muslim merit-making in Thailand's Far-South                               Joll, Christopher M.
The reinvention of distinction
Youth criminal justice policy in Canada                                   Alvi, Shahid.
                                                                          Boehm, Franziska.
Information sharing and data protection in the area of freedom, security and justice
Neighbourhood effects research
Aging in China
On location
Archaeology in society
EU external relations law and policy in the post-Lisbon era
Bifurcation theory                                                          Kielhofer, Hansjorg.
Algebraic approximation                                                     Bustamante, Jorge.
Epidemiology                                                                Krickeberg, Klaus.
Critical point theory for lagrangian systems                                Mazzucchelli, Marco.
Regularity concepts in nonsmooth analysis                                   Bounkhel, Messaoud.
Mathematical models in population biology and epidemiology                  Brauer, Fred.
Nonlinear partial differential equations
Deterministic global optimization                                           Scholz, Daniel.
The pullback equation for differential forms                                Csato, Gyula.
Operator inequalities of the Jensen, Cebysev and Gruss Type                 Dragomir, Silvestru Sever.
Parametric statistical change point analysis                                Chen, Jie.
Sustainable environmental design in architecture
Representations of finite groups                                            Benson, David J.
Modular forms                                                               Shimura, Goro.
Fractal-based methods in analysis
Harnack's inequality for degenerate and singular parabolic equations        DiBenedetto, Emmanuele.
Mathematical analysis                                                       Giaquinta, Mariano.
Einstein and the changing worldviews of physics
Prime numbers and computer methods for factorization                        Riesel, Hans.
Thermodynamics of materials with memory                                     Amendola, Giovambattista.
The robust maximum principle                                                Boltyanski, Vladimir G.
Nonlinear filtering and optimal phase tracking                              Schuss, Zeev.
Spectral theory, function spaces and inequalities
Handbook of optimization in complex networks
Behavioral research data analysis with R                                    Li, Yuelin.
Combinatorial set theory                                                    Halbeisen, Lorenz J.
The geometry of Minkowski spacetime                                         Naber, Gregory L.
Just-in-time systems
Excursions in the history of mathematics                                    Kleiner, Israel.
Knots and primes                                                            Morishita, Masanori.
High performance computing on vector systems 2011
Contributions in analytic and algebraic number theory
Inverse limits                                                              Ingram, W.T.
A geometric approach to differential forms                                  Bachman, David.
Stochastic models, information theory, and lie groups.                      Chirikjian, Gregory S.
Approximation theory XIII
Competing risks and multistate models with R                                Beyersmann, Jan.
Excel 2010 for educational and psychological statistics                     Quirk, Thomas.
Associated sequences, demimartingales and nonparametric inference Prakasa Rao, B.L.S.
Structure and geometry of lie groups                                        Hilgert, Joachim.
Topological aspects of nonsmooth optimization                               Shikhman, Vladimir.
A polynomial approach to linear algebra                                     Fuhrmann, Paul A.
Syzygies and homotopy theory                                                Johnson, F.E.A.
Design and analysis of approximation algorithms                             Du, Ding-Zhu.
Visualizing time                                                            Wills, Graham.
Symmetry                                                                    Tapp, Kristopher.
Buildings, finite geometries and groups
                                                                            Yosibash, Zohar.
Singularities in elliptic boundary value problems and elasticity and their connection with failure initiation
Analysis of phylogenetics and evolution with R                              Paradis, Emmanuel.
Mathematical aspects of discontinuous galerkin methods                      Di Pietro, Daniele Antonio.
JIMD reports
Practical procedures in elective orthopedic surgery
Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders
Case studies in chest imaging                                               Joarder, Rita.
Hughes syndrome                                                         Hughes, Graham.
Learning genitourinary and pelvic imaging
Monitoring the nervous system for anesthesiologists and other health care professionals
Essentials of sleep medicine
External fixation in orthopedic traumatology
Basic principles of forensic chemistry                                  Khan, JaVed I.
Inborn metabolic diseases
Plastic surgery
Diabetes & c-peptide
Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic value of gene signatures
The neurologic diagnosis                                                Alpert, Jack N.
Thyroid cancer
Ecohealth research in practice
Caveolins in cancer pathogenesis, prevention and therapy
Diffusion MRI outside the brain                                         Luna, Antonio.
Diffuse lung disease
Healthcare management engineering                                       Kolker, Alexander.
Translational vascular medicine
Bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the jaw
HCV infection and cryoglobulinemia
Chest imaging                                                           Folio, Les R.
Ultrasound and carotid bifurcation atherosclerosis
Interventional oncology
Sex and gender aspects in clinical medicine
Intra-operative neuropathology for the non-neuropathologist
Core concepts in renal transplantation
Endocrine disruptors and puberty
Sjogren's syndrome
Radiology fundamentals
Practical procedures in elective orthopaedic surgery
Peripheral and cerebrovascular intervention
Anal and rectal diseases
MRI handbook                                                            Elmaoglu, Muhammed.
Digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM)                  Pianykh, Oleg S.
Manual of outpatient cardiology
Cardiac imaging in electrophysiology
Critical issues for the development of sustainable e-health solutions
Evidence-based procedural dermatology
Radiology illustrated.
K taping                                                                Kumbrink, Birgit.
Treating prostate cancer and related genitourinary applications
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic hepatitis C virus
Emergencies in pediatric oncology
An invitation to quantum field theory                                   Alvarez-Gaume, Luis.
Celestial delights                                                      Reddy, Francis.
A field guide to deep-sky objects                                       Inglis, Michael D.
Sketching the moon
Matter, dark matter, and anti-matter                                    Mazure, Alain.
Scale invariance                                                        Lesne, Annick.
Metal-dielectric interfaces in gigascale electronics                    He, Ming.
Deep space propulsion                                                   Long, K. F.
Exoplanets                                                              Kitchin, Chris.
The quality of measurements                                             Fridman, A.E.
Particles and fundamental interactions                                  Braibant, Sylvie.
Theory, analysis and design of RF interferometric sensors               Nguyen, Cam.
Cosmic update                                                           Adams, Fred.
Tracer technology                                                         Levenspiel, Octave.
Interplanetary outpost                                                    Seedhouse, Erik.
The astronomer Jules Janssen                                              Launay, Francoise.
U. S. spacesuits                                                          Thomas, Kenneth S.
3,000 deep-sky objects                                                    Aranda, Ted.
Internationalizing the psychology curriculum in the United States
Early adulthood in a family context
Pediatric and adolescent concussion
Foundations of Chinese psychology                                         Hwang, Kwang-Kuo.
Fundamentals and applications of controlled release drug delivery
Phase response curves in neuroscience
Advances in rapid sex-steroid action
Reef fish spawning aggregations
The forgotten cure                                                        Kuchment, Anna.
Medicinal plant biodiversity of lesser Himalayas-Pakistan
Wildlife behavior and conservation                                        Yahner, Richard H.
Environmental adaptations and stress tolerance of plants in the era of climate change
Stress challenges and immunity in space
Isoquinolines and beta-carbolines as neurotoxins and neuroprotectants
Carbon sequestration in urban ecosystems
Advances in systems biology
Antibiotic discovery and development
Formulating poorly water soluble drugs
Post-fire management and restoration of Southern European forests
Beta maritima                                                             Biancardi, Enrico.
Human auditory development
Retinal degenerative diseases
Ultrasound imaging
A geographic perspective of Cuban landscapes                              Gebelein, Jennifer.
Essentials of biochemistry                                                Fromm, Herbert J.
Chemical and physical signatures for microbial forensics
Genetically engineered mice for cancer research
Microbial technologies in advanced biofuels production
Inflammation and atherosclerosis
Interactions of yeasts, moulds, and antifungal agents
Short and long distance signaling
Branded component strategies                                              Worm, Stefan.
Hedge funds and financial markets                                         Holler, Julian.
A new institutional economics perspective on industry self-regulation     Sammeck, Jan.
Interactive decision aids in e-commerce                                   Pfeiffer, Jella.
Service management
Health and animal agriculture in developing countries
Systemic structure behind human organizations                             Lin, Yi.
The ethics of tax evasion
Quantitative problem solving methods in the airline industry
Innovation systems in small catching-up economies
Designing public procurement policy in developing countries
The economics of the National Football League
Referees in sports contests                                               Duvinage, Cedric.
Dark web                                                                  Chen, Hsinchun.
Sustaining innovation
Field-flow fractionation in biopolymer analysis
Direct-fed microbials and prebiotics for animals
Applications of electrochemistry and nanotechnology in biology and medicine II
Microbial food safety
Glasses and glass ceramics for medical applications                       El-Meliegy, Emad.
Agents and data mining interaction
Graph drawing
Principles and practice of multi-agent systems
Structure discovery in natural language                                 Biemann, Chris.
Water, cultural diversity, and global environmental change
Business and environmental risks
Global tropical cyclogenesis                                            Sharkov, Eugene A.
Chemistry of phytopotentials
National strategies to harness information technology
Nonlinear approaches in engineering applications
Proceedings of the International Conference on IT Convergence and Security 2011
Computer science and convergence
Control and optimization methods for electric smart grids
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications 2012 (INDIA 2012) held in
System specification and design languages
Vehicle dynamics and control                                            Rajamani, Rajesh.
Creating new medical ontologies for image annotation
WDM systems and networks
Identification for automotive systems
Integrative production technology for high-wage countries
Remote instrumentation for eScience and related aspects
Dynamics of soft matter
Theory of arched structures                                             Karnovsky, Igor A.
Solar power satellites                                                  Flournoy, Don M.
Regularity and complexity in dynamical systems                          Luo, Albert C. J.
Background calibration of time-interleaved data converters              El-Chammas, Manar.
Fading and shadowing in wireless systems                                Shankar, P. Mohana.
Virtualization of universities                                          Pfeffer, Thomas.
Parametric resonance in dynamical systems
Cross-cultural knowledge management                                     Del Giudice, Manlio.
Feedback control of MEMS to atoms
Classical, semi-classical and quantum noise
Reconfigurable networks-on-chip
Weighing the world                                                      McCormmach, Russell.
European yearbook of international economic law 2012
Higher education in Portugal 1974-2009
The Europeanization of domestic legislatures
A comparative look at regulation of corporate tax avoidance
Understanding lone wolf terrorism                                       Spaaij, Ramon.
One-dot theory described, explained, inferred, justified, and applied   Yu, Peter Kien-hong.
Second international handbook of science education
Youth gangs in international perspective
The ethics of anthropology and Amerindian research
General reports of the XVIIIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law
Defining democracy                                                      Emerson, Peter.
Citizens in Europe                                                      Moro, Giovanni.
International handbook of rural demography
Equity in discourse for mathematics education
Towards learning and instruction in Web 3.0
Educational media and technology yearbook.
The contextual challenges of occupational sex segregation               Steinmetz, Stephanie.
Tourism and archaeological heritage management at Petra                 Comer, Douglas C.
The development of Quine's philosophy                                   Murphey, Murray G.
Sheaves of algebras over boolean spaces                                 Knoebel, Arthur.
Subgame consistent economic optimization                                Yeung, David W.K.
Two-way analysis of variance                                            MacFarland, Thomas W.
Selected works of Willem van Zwet
Mixed integer nonlinear programming
Spectra of graphs                                                       Brouwer, Andries E.
Number theory, analysis and geometry
Interfacial convection in multilayer systems                             Nepomnyashchy, Alexander.
Probability approximations and beyond
Numerical analysis                                                       Gautschi, Walter.
Perspectives in analysis, geometry, and topology
Probability with statistical applications                                Schinazi, Rinaldo B.
Representing finite groups                                               Sengupta, Ambar N.
Operator inequalities of ostrowski and trapezoidal type                  Dragomir, Silvestru Sever.
Modern mathematical statistics with applications                         Devore, Jay L.
Global differential geometry
Foundations of mathematical analysis                                     Ponnusamy, S.
Representation theory, complex analysis, and integral geometry
                                                                         Soliman, Soliman Abdel-Hady.
Modern optimization techniques with applications in electric power systems
Duration and bandwidth limiting                                          Hogan, Jeffrey A.
Biostatistics with R                                                     Shahbaba, Babak.
A new approach to differential geometry using Clifford's geometric algebra nygg, John.
Humidification in the intensive care unit
Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in melanoma
Biomaterials for surgical operation                                      Suzuki, Shuko.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy research
Handbook of growth and growth monitoring in health and disease
Redo cardiac surgery in adults
Gestational trophoblastic disease
Laparoscopic entry
Autoimmune hepatitis
How to set up an acute stroke service                                    Grunwald, Iris Q.
Physicians' pathways to non-traditional careers and leadership opportunities
Atlas of dermatology in internal medicine
Cardiology in family practice                                            Hollenberg, Steven.
Great health care
Neurorehabilitation technology
From justice to protection                                               Kottow, Miguel.
Targeted therapeutics in melanoma
Coronary artery disease
The SAGES manual of quality, outcomes and patient safety
Overactive bladder in clinical practice                                  Wein, Alan J.
Midfacial rejuvenation
Femoroacetabular impingement
Essentials of regional anesthesia
Telemedicine in dermatology
Bedside procedures in the ICU
Frozen section library                                                   Coffey, Donna M.
Women's health in interventional radiology
Sports injuries
Leukemia and related disorders
Materia medica of new and old homeopathic medicines                      Riley, David S.
Essentials of neurosurgical anesthesia & critical care
Dupuytren's disease and related hyperproliferative disorders
Treatment of esophageal and hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Practical handbook for small-gauge vitrectomy                            Spandau, Ulrich.
The role of laparoscopy in emergency abdominal surgery
Medical response to major incidents and disasters
Head and neck cancer imaging
Bariatric surgery
Visual dysfunction in diabetes
Handbook of endovascular peripheral interventions
Magnetic resonance angiography
Stardust, supernovae and the molecules of life                              Boyd, Richard N.
Star clusters in the era of large surveys
Optical interferometry for biology and medicine                             Nolte, David D.
Biomimetics in materials science                                            Nosonovsky, Michael.
Chips 2020
Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics                              Capitelli, Mario.
Our explosive sun                                                           Brekke, Pal.
Ion beam therapy
How James Watt invented the copier                                          Schils, Rene.
Signaling at the cell surface in the circulatory and ventilatory systems    Thiriet, Marc.
Encyclopedia of the history of psychological theories
Stress proof the heart
Peace psychology in Australia
Psychology of religion
Neuronal noise                                                              Destexhe, Alain.
Fruit breeding
Cochlear mechanics                                                          Duifhuis, Hendrikus.
The effects of noise on aquatic life
Long acting injections and implants
Herpetological osteopathology                                               Rothschild, Bruce M.
Atlas of genetic diagnosis and counseling
Clinical use of anti-infective agents                                       Finberg, Robert W.
Oxygen transport to tissue XXXIII
Nanocellbiology of secretion                                                Jena, Bhanu P.
Introduction to data mining for the life sciences                           Sullivan, Rob.
Treatment and prevention of malaria
Twenty years of G-CSF
Recent freshwater ostracods of the world                                    Karanovic, Ivana.
Long-term field studies of primates
Regulatory RNAs
Morphogenesis and pathogenicity in fungi
Receptor-like kinases in plants
Secretions and exudates in biological systems
Veterinary science
Muscarinic receptors
Bio-geo interactions in metal-contaminated soils
Biology of marine fungi
Bacteria in agrobiology
Biocommunication of plants
Mucosal vaccines
Behavioral neuroscience of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its treatment
Appetite control
Biopatent law                                                               Hubel, Andreas.
Fibrinolytic bacterial enzymes with thrombolytic activity                   Kotb, Essam.
Chocolate and health
Edible medicinal and non-medicinal plants.                                  Lim, T. K.
Edible medicinal and non-medicinal plants.                                  Lim, T. K.
Microorganisms in sustainable agriculture and biotechnology
Microorganisms in environmental management
Managing forest carbon in a changing climate
Technological innovations in sensing and detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear threats and ecological terrorism
Reproductive health and cancer in adolescents and young adults
Epigenetic epidemiology
Signaling pathways and molecular mediators in metastasis
Pediatric palliative care
Bacteria and cancer
Non-fibrillar amyloidogenic protein assemblies
Stem cells and human diseases
The biology of subcellular nitric oxide                                  Roszer, Tamas.
Information strategy design and practices                                Mohapatra, Sanjay.
Redefining German health care                                            Porter, Michael E.
Innovation policy and governance in high-tech industries
Congestion-prone services under quality competition                      Moon, Dong-Joo.
Electoral systems
Semantic technologies in content management systems
Design thinking research
Innovation communities                                                   Fichter, Klaus.
Design and diagnosis for sustainable organizations                       Perez Rios, Jose.
Nonlinear dynamics in equilibrium models
Managing safety of heterogeneous systems
Empirical modelling in regional science                                  Mitze, Timo.
The financial systems of industrial countries
Optimization of temporal networks under uncertainty                      Wiesemann, Wolfram.
New corporate governance                                                 Hilb, Martin.
Understanding German real estate markets
Child soldier victims of genocidal forcible transfer                     Grover, Sonja C.
Strategic enterprise architecture management
eDemocracy & eGovernment                                                 Meier, Andreas.
Applied general equilibrium                                              Cardenete, Manuel Alejandro.
Performance measurement with the balanced scorecard                      Biazzo, Stefano.
International trade policies and climate change governance               Rao, P.K.
Business intelligence
Trends and issues in global tourism 2012
Modeling for decision support in network-based services
Unemployment and inflation in economic crises                            Carlberg, Michael.
Modelling value
Korean science and technology in an international perspective
Freight forwarder's intermediary role in multimodal transport chains     Schramm, Hans-Joachim.
Operative transportation planning                                        Seiler, Thorben.
Inside a secret software laboratory                                      Grimm, Christine.
Doomed to internationalization and modernization of corporate culture Anghel, Ghenadie.
Anatomy of global stock market crashes                                   Chakrabarti, Gagari.
Lipids, lipophilic components and essential oils from plant sources
Green technologies in food production and processing
Specific intermolecular interactions of organic compounds                Baev, Alexei K.
Analysis and design of biological materials and structures
Nanostructured materials and their applications
Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic devices
From sugar to Splenda                                                    Fraser-Reid, Bert.
Materials challenges and testing for supply of energy and resources
Fluorescent proteins II
Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils
Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology
Late transition metal-carboryne complexes                                Qiu, Zaozao.
Heteroaromatic lipoxin A4 analogues                                      Duffy, Colm.
Ultrasonic coal-wash for de-ashing and de-sulfurization                  Ambedkar, B.
Theory of charge transport in carbon electronic materials                Shuai, Zhigang.
                                                                         Junk, Matthias J. N.
Assessing the functional structure of molecular transporters by EPR spectroscopy
Alkaloid Synthesis
Peptide-based materials
Biomedical applications of polymeric nanofibers
Synthetic biodegradable polymers
Total synthesis of plakortide E and biomimetic synthesis of plakortone B Sun, Xiao-Yu.
Bismuth-mediated organic reactions
Unimolecular and supramolecular electronics.
Molecular electronic structures of transition metal complexes I
Molecular electronic structures of transition metal complexes II
Unimolecular and supramolecular electronics.
Advanced x-ray crystallography
From the molecular world                                                 Kopp, Hermann.
Fragment-based drug discovery and x-ray crystallography
Chemical transformations of vinylidenecyclopropanes                      Shao, Lixiong.
Liquid crystals
Polymers in nanomedicine
Transport processes in porous media                                      Coutelieris, Frank A.
Modern charge-density analysis
Photosensitizers in medicine, environment, and security
Chemistry for sustainable development
Handbook of computational chemistry
Practical aspects of computational chemistry I
Interplay between metal ions and nucleic acids
Scale space and variational methods in computer vision
RFID: Security and privacy
Mathematical and engineering methods in computer science
Distributed computing and networking
Advanced agent technology
Formal aspects of component software
Advances in multimedia modeling
Theory of security and applications
Perception and machine intelligence
Resource discovery
Curves and surfaces
Verified software
Foundations and practice of security
Verification, model checking, and abstract
Membrane computing
Algebraic and numeric biology
Software and systems traceability
Conquering complexity
Guide to software development                                            Langer, Arthur M.
Virtual reality and animation for MATLAB and Simulink users              Khaled, Nassim.
Service placement in ad hoc networks                                     Wittenburg, Georg.
Guide to reliable distributed systems                                    Birman, Kenneth P.
High-performance scientific computing
Image registration                                                       Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir.
Achieving systems safety
Interactive 3D multimedia content
Introduction to video and image processing                               Moeslund, Thomas B.
Introduction to computer graphics                                        Klawonn, Frank.
A primer of multicast routing                                            Rosenberg, Eric.
Foundations of algebraic specification and formal software development   Sannella, Donald.
Collaborative financial infrastructure protection
Analysis of rare categories                                              He, Jingrui.
Multilingual information retrieval                                       Peters, Carol.
LaTeX and friends                                                        Dongen, M. R. C. van.
Software quality
Computer and computing technologies in agriculture V
Computer and computing technologies in agriculture V
Computer and computing technologies in agriculture V
Multimedia for cultural heritage
Web information systems and technologies
Business process management workshops
Business process management workshops
Operational and environmental consequences of large industrial cooling water systems
True-3D in cartography
Geospatial techniques in urban planning                                    Shen, Zhenjiang.
Cosmogenic radionuclides                                                   Beer, Jurg.
Remote sensing of the environment and radiation transfer
History of cartography
Carbon cycling in the Baltic Sea                                           Kulinski, Karol.
Maps for the future
Geodesy for planet earth
Active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone                           Shaw, Beth.
Environmental modeling                                                     Holzbecher, Ekkehard.
VII Hotine-Marussi Symposium on mathematical geodesy
African ecology                                                            Spinage, Clive Alfred.
Metals and society                                                         Arndt, Nicholas.
Seismic wave propagation and scattering in the heterogeneous earth         Sato, Haruo.
Global change                                                              Gotz, Georg.
Sustainable transport
Impacts of large dams
Effective parameters of hydrogeological models                             Gorokhovski, Vikenti.
Reconstructing human-landscape interactions.                               McLaurin, Brett T.
Earth system modelling.
Global risk-based management of chemical additives I
                                                                           Suzuki-Parker, and future
An assessment of uncertainties and limitations in simulating tropical cyclone climatology Asuka.
                                                                           Saeedi, Ali.
Experimental study of multiphase flow in porous media during CO2 geo-sequestration processes
Thermospheric density and wind determination from satellite dynamics Doornbos, Eelco.
                                                                            subsurface reservoirs
Microseismic monitoring and geomechanical modelling of CO2 storage inVerdon, James P.
                                                                           Marino, Armando.
A new target detector based on geometrical perturbation filters for polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POL-SAR)
Landslide analysis and early warning systems                               Thiebes, Benni.
Satellite remote sensing
The geography of wine
The science of cities and regions                                          Wilson, Alan.
Tackling long-term global energy problems
Eddy covariance
Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for infrastructure applications
National security and human health implications of climate change
Recent landform evolution
Education, community engagement and sustainable development                Blum, Nicole.
Earthquake disasters in Latin America                                      Castanos, Heriberta.
Human-environment relations
Contractual communities in the self-organising city                        Brunetta, Grazia.
Commercial-industrial cleaning, by pressure-washing, hydro-blasting andMaasberg, Wolfgang.
Control of solar energy systems
Handbook of climate change mitigation
Low complexity MIMO detection                                              Bai, Lin.
High quality test pattern generation and boolean satisfiability            Eggersgluss, Stephan.
Emerging technological risk                                                Anderson, Stuart.
Computer-aided nonlinear control system design                             Nassirharand, Amir.
Wind energy conversion systems
Warehousing in the global supply chain
Waste to energy
Thermal power plant performance analysis
GSN - The goal structuring notation                                        Spriggs, John.
Pervasive mobile and ambient wireless communications
Industrial engineering
Robot motion and control 2011
Multi criteria analysis in the renewable energy industry                   San Cristobal Mateo, Jose Ramon.
Optimization of photovoltaic power systems                                 Rekioua, Djamila.
Machining of complex sculptured surfaces
Fuel cells in the waste-to-energy chain                                   McPhail, Stephen J.
Energy                                                                    Demirel, Yasar.
Condition monitoring using computational intelligence methods             Marwala, Tshilidzi.
Energy management in buildings using photovoltaics                        Papadopoulou, Elena V. M.
Sliding-mode control of PEM fuel cells                                    Kunusch, Cristian.
Design for environment as a tool for the development of a sustainable supply chain Maurizio.
Interfacial compatibility in microelectronics
Powered flight                                                            Greatrix, David R.
Offshore wind energy cost modeling                                        Kaiser, Mark J.
Control systems with saturating inputs
Mechanical design optimization using advanced optimization techniques Rao, R. Venkata.
Understanding and using the controller area network communication protocol
Sensors and microsystems
Parametric analog signal amplification applied to nanoscale CMOS technologies Joao P.
Intelligent control and innovative computing
Molecular modeling and multiscaling issues for electronic material applications
Multiresonator-based chipless RFID                                        Preradovic, Stevan.
Low-power wireless sensor networks
Environmentally friendly machining                                        Dixit, U.S.
Customer-driven supply chains
Handbook of visual display technology
Software engineering and knowledge engineering
Advanced technology in teaching
Dictionary of production engineering
Handbook timing belts                                                     Perneder, Raimund.
The Pi-Theorem                                                            Yarin, L.P.
Navier-stokes-fourier equations                                           Zeytounian, Radyadour Kh.
Alternative energy sources                                                Michaelides, Efstathios E. (Stathis).
Cell and tissue engineering
Materials with complex behaviour II
Data mining.
Damage and fracture of composite materials and structures
Green tribology
Computational intelligence paradigms in advanced pattern classification
Comprehensive logistics                                                   Gudehus, Timm.
Patient-specific modeling in tomorrow's medicine
Combining experimentation and theory
Advances in reasoning-based image processing intelligent systems
Possibility theory and the risk                                           Georgescu, Irina.
Intelligent tools for building a scientific information platform
High temperature phenomena in shock waves
Balancing renewable electricity
Knowledge representations for planning manipulation tasks                 Zacharias, Franziska.
The Common Information Model CIM
Modern TRIZ                                                               Orloff, Michael A.
Underwater acoustic networking techniques
Computational intelligence for privacy and security
Advances in cognitive information systems                                 Ogiela, Lidia.
Computational viscoelasticity                                             Marques, Severino P. C.
Advances in collective intelligence 2011
Software engineering and knowledge engineering
Electromagnetic fields and waves in fractional dimensional space          Zubair, Muhammad.
Decision making in complex systems                                        Sokolova, Marina V.
Advances in bio-imaging
Human-computer interaction
Recommender systems for the social web                                    Pazos Arias, Jose J.
Analytic methods of sound field synthesis                                  Ahrens, Jens.
Computation and asymptotics                                                Ramnath, Rudrapatna V.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
Fuzzy evidence in identification, forecasting and diagnosis                Rotshtein, Alexander P.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
China's energy economy                                                     Ma, Hengyun.
Advances in information technology and industry applications
Advances in control and communication
Advances in electronic engineering, communication and management.
Advances in electronic engineering, communication and management.
Future communication, computing, control and management.
Future wireless networks and information systems.
Future wireless networks and information systems.
Constitutive modelling in geomechanics                                     Puzrin, Alexander M.
Industrial applications of evolutionary algorithms                         Sanchez, Ernesto.
Stochastic global optimization and its applications with fuzzy adaptive simulated annealing
Sustainability in energy and buildings
Information technology and agricultural engineering                        Zhu, Egui.
Affective computing and intelligent interaction
Advances in intelligent systems
Advances in computer science and education
Advances in computer science and engineering
Advances in electrical engineering and automation
Advances in computational environment science
Optimization and performance analysis of high speed mobile access networks Weerawardane, Thushara.
Self-organizing robots                                                     Murata, Satoshi.
Green communications and networks
High performance fiber reinforced cement composites 6
Urban environment
Fracture mechanics                                                         Zehnder, Alan T.
Automatic calibration and reconstruction for active vision systems         Zhang, Beiwei.
Vibrations of elastic systems                                              Magrab, Edward B.
Asset management
Application of super absorbent polymers (SAP) in concrete construction
Non-destructive assessment of concrete structures
Ventilating cities
Encyclopedia of the sciences of learning
Gaither's dictionary of scientific quotations
Charismatic leadership in Singapore                                        Hava, Dayan.
Undoing ethics                                                             Whiteman, Natasha.
The global victimization of children                                       Hartjen, Clayton A.
The law of business organizations                                          Schulz, Martin.
Real Estate Investments in Germany
International neurolaw
Strategic issues in air transport                                          Abeyratne, Ruwantissa.
German corporate governance in international and European context
Civil litigation in a globalising world
The European Union and member state territories                            Murray, Fiona.
Lex sportiva
Handbook of risk theory
Human security
Special sciences and the unity of science
Life, subjectivity & art
Philosophical faith and the future of humanity
Subjective well-being and security
Handbook of tourism and quality-of-life research
Second international handbook of lifelong learning.
International handbook of Protestant education
Mortality and causes of death in 20th-century Ukraine                       Mesle, France.
Problem-based learning in clinical education
Privacy impact assessment
Structural realism
A master of science history
The Muslim world in the 21st century
Rewriting the history of school mathematics in North America 1607-1861 Ellerton, Nerida.
Transformative approaches to new technologies and student diversity in futures oriented classrooms
Perspectives on males and singing
Pedagogies for development                                                  Sriprakash, Arathi.
Acceptable risk in biomedical research                                      Simonsen, Sigmund.
The biotechnology debate                                                    Bovenkerk, Bernice.
The rise of post-hegemonic regionalism
The virtuous physician                                                      Marcum, James A.
School leadership effects revisited
Wheat marketing in transition                                               Botterill, Linda C.
Trying to measure globalization                                             Caselli, Marco.
Valuing students with impairment                                            Cumming, J. Joy.
Young people's quality of life and construction of citizenship              Tonon, Graciela.
Milnor fiber boundary of a non-isolated surface singularity                 Nemethi, Andras.
Complex Monge - Ampere Equations and Geodesics in the Space of Kahler Metrics
Spectral analysis on graph-like spaces                                      Post, Olaf.
Intersections of Hirzebruch-Zagier divisors and CM cycles                   Howard, Benjamin.
Multiscale and adaptivity
Approximate deconvolution models of turbulence                              Layton, William J.
The dirichlet problem for elliptic-hyperbolic equations of keldysh type     Otway, Thomas H.
Dissipative ordered fluids                                                  Sonnet, Andre M.
Mathematical methods for signal and image analysis and representation
Finitely generated abelian groups and similarity of matrices over a field Norman, Christopher.
Linear algebra and linear models                                            Bapat, R.B.
Functional spaces for the theory of elliptic partial differential equations Demengel, Francoise.
Handbook of optimization in complex networks
R by example                                                                Albert, Jim.
Selected works of E. L. Lehmann
Scheduling                                                                  Pinedo, Michael L.
Analysis of genetic association studies
Advances in meta-analysis                                                   Pigott, Terri D.
Constrained optimization and optimal control for partial differential equations
A panorama of modern operator theory and related topics
Iris Runge                                                                  Tobies, Renate.
The Cinderella.2 Manual                                                     Richter-Gebert, Jurgen.
Advances and challenges in space-time modelling of natural events
Applied multivariate statistical analysis                                   Hardle, Wolfgang Karl.
CGAL arrangements and their applications                                    Fogel, Efi.
Analysis for science, engineering and beyond
Pen-and-paper user interfaces                                               Steimle, Jurgen.
Visualization in medicine and life sciences II
Approximation algorithms and semidefinite programming                       Gartner, Bernd.
Numerical analysis of multiscale problems
Scientific computing in electrical engineering SCEE 2010
The crossing of heaven                                                      Gustafson, Karl.
Topological methods in data analysis and visualization.
Inequalities                                                                Cvetkovski, Zdravko.
High performance computing in science and engineering '11
The arithmetic of fundamental groups
Frontiers in numerical analysis - Durham 2010
Combinatorial optimization                                                  Korte, Bernhard.
Boolean function complexity                                            Jukna, Stasys.
Lectures on gaussian processes                                         Lifshits, Mikhail.
Optimization for industrial problems                                   Bangert, Patrick.
Mathematical modeling for complex fluids and flows                     Deville, Michel O.
Nonlinear partial differential equations
Asymptotics for associated random variables                            Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo.
A theory of branched minimal surfaces                                  Tromba, Anthony.
Convexity and optimization in banach spaces                            Barbu, Viorel.
Analytic Inequalities                                                  Pachpatte, B.G.
Stochastic differential games                                          Ramachandran, Kandethody M.
Practical handbook of thoracic anesthesia
Psychology and diabetes care
Images in urology
Manual of fast track recovery for colorectal surgery
Cutaneous manifestations of infection in the immunocompromised host
Handbook of pain and palliative care
Encyclopedia of immigrant health
Imaging in pediatric pulmonology
STOP, THAT and one hundred other sleep scales
Integration of medical and dental care and patient data
Vortex formation in the cardiovascular system                          Kheradvar, Arash.
Dementia in clinical practice                                          Larner, A.J.
Pediatric dialysis
Coronary heart disease
Injury research
Iron physiology and pathophysiology in humans
Molecular genetics and personalized medicine
Clinically oriented pulmonary imaging
Integrative therapies in lung health and sleep
Clinical echocardiography
Imaging of gynecological disorders in infants and children
Textbook of clinical pediatrics
Rare tumors in children and adolescents
The Daschner guide to in-hospital antibiotic therapy                   Frank, Uwe.
Color atlas of chemical peels
Neonatal cranial ultrasonography                                       Meijler, Gerda.
Kidney cancer
Disorders of sex development
Evidence-based practice in complementary and alternative medicine
JIMD reports - Case and research reports,
Myeloproliferative neoplasms
JIMD reports - Case and research reports,
Totally implantable venous access devices
Negotiating public health in a globalized world
Systems biology in biotech & pharma                                    Prokop, Ales.
Modern theories of many-particle systems in condensed matter physics
Fundamentals of time-dependent density functional theory
Quantum triangulations                                                 Carfora, Mauro.
Non-centrosymmetric superconductors
Advanced quantum mechanics                                             Dick, Rainer.
Dark nebulae, dark lanes, and dust belts                               Cooke, Antony.
Handbook of particle detection and imaging
Mechanics                                                              Chaichian, Masud.
The Rudolf Mossbauer story
Fowler-Nordheim field emission                                         Bhattacharya, Sitangshu.
Density matrix theory and applications                                 Blum, Karl.
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy                                   Noll, Reinhard.
Measurement uncertainties                                              Gupta, S. V.
Probability in physics
Observational astrophysics
Chemical evolution of galaxies                                         Matteucci, Francesca.
Unconventional superconductors                                         Askerzade, Iman.
How likely is extraterrestrial life?                                   Halley, J. Woods.
Nonlinear optics and solid-state lasers                                Yao, Jianquan.
The square kilometre array
New eyes on the sun                                                    Wilkinson, John.
Nonlinear waves and solitons on contours and closed surfaces           Ludu, Andrei.
Magnetism                                                              Stefanita, Carmen-Gabriela.
Models of science dynamics
From the web to the grid and beyond
The classical theory of fields                                         Helrich, Carl S.
Mass metrology                                                         Gupta, S. V.
GaN and ZnO-based materials and devices
D-Brane                                                                Hashimoto, Koji.
Studying atomic dynamics with coherent x-rays                          Leitner, Michael.
From the universe to the elementary particles                          Ellwanger, Ulrich.
Semiclassical approach to mesoscopic systems                           Waltner, Daniel.
GaN-Based laser diodes                                                 Scheibenzuber, Wolfgang G.
                                                                       Gross, Christian.
Spin squeezing and non-linear atom interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates
Exploring macroscopic quantum mechanics in optomechanical devices Miao, Haixing.
Plasma turbulence in the solar system                                  Narita, Yasuhito.
Coherent states and applications in mathematical physics               Combescure, Monique.
Intelligent textiles and clothing for ballistic and NBC protection
Applied photometry, radiometry, and measurements of optical losses     Bukshtab, Michael.
Biomimetic membranes for sensor and separation applications
Radiation damage in biomolecular systems
Handbook of ethnic conflict
Handbook of juvenile forensic psychology and psychiatry
The neuropsychology toolkit                                            Wanlass, Richard L.
Handbook of research on student engagement
Viral molecular machines
Novel developments in stem cell mobilization
Modeling dynamic economic systems                                      Ruth, Matthias.
The evolution of the use of mathematics in cancer research             Gutierrez Diez, Pedro J.
Renal cell carcinoma
Studies on retinal and choroidal disorders
Adult and embryonic stem cells
Space weather monitoring by groundbased means                          Troshichev, Oleg.
Epigenetic regulation of lymphocyte development
Chemical and physical behavior of human hair                           Robbins, Clarence R.
MicroRNAs in plant development and stress responses
Ricin and shiga toxins
Pharmacology of Bombax ceiba Linn                                      Jain, Vartika.
JIMD reports - Case and research reports.
Nerve-driven immunity
Synaptic plasticity
Private or socialistic forestry?                                       Palo, Matti.
Edible medicinal and non-medicinal plants.                             Lim, T. K.
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
Plasma for bio-decontamination, medicine and food security
Statistics applied to clinical studies                                 Cleophas, Ton J.
Portable chemical sensors
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
Arsenic & rice                                                         Meharg, Andrew A.
Stem cells and cancer stem cells.
Phosphoinositides II
Proactive intelligence                                                     McGonagle, John J.
Enacting electronic government success                                     Gil-Garcia, J. Ramon.
Information theory and best practices in the IT industry                   Mohapatra, Sanjay.
Managing supply chain risk                                                 Sodhi, ManMohan S.
Technologies and innovations for development
Insurance economics                                                        Zweifel, Peter.
Engineering production control strategies                                  Karrer, Christoph.
Challenges at the interface of data analysis, computer science, and optimization
Project management with dynamic scheduling                                 Vanhoucke, Mario.
Telephone surveys in Europe
Modernization science                                                      He, Chuanqi.
Innovators' marketplace                                                    Ohsawa, Yukio.
Fundamentals of international transfer pricing in law and economics
Improving software testing                                                 Majchrzak, Tim A.
Market risk and financial markets modeling
Information and communication technologies in tourism 2012
How firms can strategically influence open source communities              Lee, Viktor.
Innovation without R&D                                                     Som, Oliver.
Ethics and compliance programs in multinational organizations              Wulf, Katharina.
Eastern and cross cultural management                                      Singh, N. K.
Progress in corrosion science and engineering II
Sol-Gel processing for conventional and alternative energy
Non-thermal food engineering operations                                    Ortega-Rivas, Enrique.
Structural connections for lightweight metallic structures
Halogenated heterocycles
Computational organometallic chemistry
Optical nano- and microsystems for bioanalytics
High- and low-valent tris-N-heterocyclic carbene iron complexes            Vogel, Carola S.
Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes                          Backes, Claudia.
                                                                           Yoder, Bruce L.
Steric effects in the chemisorption of vibrationally excited methane on nickel
Chemistry of nanocontainers
Radicals in synthesis III
How glass changed the world                                                Rasmussen, Seth C.
Beauty in chemistry
Activity-based protein profiling
Enzymatic polymerization of phenolic compounds by oxidoreductases          Ghoul, Mohamed.
Security and intelligent information systems
Data security and security data
The semantic web: ESWC 2011 Workshops
Computer aided systems theory - EUROCAST 2011
Financial cryptography and data security
Computer aided systems theory - EUROCAST 2011
Open problems in network security
Computation, physics and beyond
Practical aspects of declarative languages
Knowledge representation for health-care
Information security applications                                          WISA 2011
Grid and pervasive computing workshops                                     GPC (Conference)
Topics in Cryptology - CT-RSA 2012
Current trends in web engineering
Distributed computing and internet technology
WALCOM: algorithms and computation
Applied parallel and scientific computing
Transactions on large-scale data- and knowledge-centered systems V
Applied parallel and scientific computing
Engineering secure software and systems                                   Barthe, Gilles.
Wireless sensor networks
Algorithms for sensor systems
Mathematical modeling and computational science
Partially supervised learning
Building a national distributed e-Infrastructure - PL-Grid
Conceptual modelling and its theoretical foundations
Architecture of computing systems - ARCS 2012
New frontiers in applied data mining
Statistical atlases and computational models of the heart
Cryptography and security
Multi-agent-based simulation XII
Recent trends in algebraic development techniques
Medical content-based retrieval for clinical decision support
Selected areas in cryptography
Adaptive and learning agents
Advances in user modeling
Transactions on computational science XV
Latent variable analysis and signal separation
Introduction to programming with Fortran                                  Chivers, Ian.
Advanced methods in computer graphics                                     Mukundan, Ramakrishnan.
Guide to web development with Java                                        Downey, Tim.
Foundational Java                                                         Parsons, David.
Sets, logic and maths for computing                                       Makinson, David.
Guide to scientific computing in C++                                      Pitt-Francis, Joe.
Guide to medical image analysis                                           Toennies, Klaus D.
Rough sets
Future wireless and optical networks                                      Jiang, Shengming.
Recommender systems for social tagging systems
Reliable knowledge discovery
Language grounding in robots
Logic and the organization of information                                 Fricke, Martin.
Mining text data
Power distribution and performance analysis for wireless communication Zhao, Dongmei.
Competence in high performance computing 2010
e-Business and telecommunications
Advances in computer science and information technology
Event-driven surveillance                                                 Denecke, Kerstin.
Precision assembly technologies and systems
Linked data in linguistics
Technological innovation for value creation
Agent-based technologies and applications for enterprise interoperability
VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design
The impact of virtual, remote, and real logistics labs
Integration of world knowledge for natural language understanding         Ovchinnikova, Ekaterina.
Integrating ecology and poverty reduction
Aquatic life water quality criteria for selected pesticides
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology.
Springer handbook of geographic information
Geospatial free and open source software in the 21st Century
Russian Arctic seas                                                       Marchenko, Nataliya.
Soil-subsurface change                                                    Yaron, Bruno.
Sand control in well construction and operation                           Matanovic, Davorin.
Emerging and priority pollutants in rivers
Adaptation and evolution in marine environments.
Special topics in earthquake geotechnical engineering
The atmospheric chemist's companion                                       Warneck, Peter.
Transport of dangerous goods
Environmental and food safety and security for South-East Europe and Ukraine
Governing the uncertain
Vector control of induction machines
Distributed, embedded and real-time Java systems
Ensemble machine learning
Digital signal processing for in-vehicle systems and safety
Complexity, analysis and control of singular biological systems            Zhang, Qingling.
PID control in the third millennium
Complex strategic choices                                                  Leleur, Steen.
Maintenance management in network utilities                                Gomez Fernandez, Juan F.
Power theories for improved power quality
Enterprise Interoperability V
Distributed-order dynamic systems                                          Jiao, Zhuang.
SystemVerilog for verification                                             Spear, Chris.
Power electronic packaging                                                 Liu, Yong.
Compact models and measurement techniques for high-speed interconnects     Sharma, Rohit.
Wireless communication electronics                                         Sobot, Robert.
Physics of nanostructured solid state devices                              Bandyopadhyay, Supriyo.
Interfacial fluid mechanics                                                Ajaev, Vladimir S.
Resource-aware data fusion algorithms for wireless sensor networks         Abdelgawad, Ahmed.
Advances in non-linear modeling for speech processing                      Holambe, Raghunath S.
Novel techniques for dialectal Arabic speech recognition                   Elmahdy, Mohamed.
RF-frontend design for process-variation-tolerant receivers                Sakian, Pooyan.
Measuring technology and mechatronics automation in electrical engineering
Multifunctional nanoparticles for drug delivery applications
Machine vision handbook
Logistic core operations with SAP                                          Kappauf, Jens.
Advances in real-time systems
Complexity theories of cities have come of age
Supervised sequence labelling with recurrent neural networks               Graves, Alex.
Collaborative assistive robot for mobility enhancement (CARMEN)            Urdiales, Cristina.
Ways of thinking, ways of seeing
Time delay systems
Transport phenomena in porous media                                        Ichikawa, Yasuaki.
Internet - Technical developments and applications 2
Soft computing techniques in vision science
Soft computing methods for microwave and millimeter-wave design problems   Chauhan, Narendra C.
Modeling multi-commodity trade
Fast boundary element methods in engineering and industrial applications
Programming with multiple precision                                        Nikolaevskaya, Elena.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
Recent advances in computer science and information engineering.
Advances in knowledge discovery and management.
Advanced information technology in education
Data fusion                                                                Mitchell, H B.
Future communication, computing, control and management.
Mechanical engineering and technology
Towards modern collaborative knowledge sharing systems
Computational intelligence techniques for new product design               Chan, Kit Yan.
Subjective quality measurement of speech                                   Kondo, Kazuhiro.
                                                                           Manjarekar, N S.
Nonlinear control synthesis for electrical power systems using controllable series capacitors
Computational intelligence
Frontiers in computer education
RF transceiver design for MIMO wireless communications                     Mohammadi, Abbas.
Smart sensing technology for agriculture and environmental monitoring
Practical applications of evolutionary computation to financial engineeringIba, Hitoshi.
Knowledge discovery and data mining
Technology for education and learning
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on High-Speed and Intercity Railways.
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on High-Speed and Intercity Railways.
Business, economics, financial sciences, and management
Hybrid modeling and optimization of manufacturing                        Quiza, Ramon.
                                                                         Patan, Maciej.
Optimal sensor networks scheduling in identification of distributed parameter systems
Flexible AC transmission systems                                         Zhang, Xiao-Ping.
Nature-inspired fluid mechanics
Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science.
Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science.
Advances in electronic commerce, web application and communication.
Advances in electronic commerce, web application and communication.
Wind resistant design of bridges in Japan                                Fujino, Yozo.
The global age                                                           Pandya, Jayshree.
Restoring lands - Coordinating science, politics and action
Continuum damage mechanics                                               Murakami, Sumio.
Electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting devices                      Spreemann, Dirk.
The next generation of distance education
Aging, health, and longevity in the Mexican-Origin population
Aging in comparative perspective                                         Cook, Ian Gillespie.
Sociophysics                                                             Galam, Serge.
Transformations of religiosity
European perspectives on Taiwan
Direct democracy and minorities
Renewal in European local democracies
Trust in biobanking
Does international trade need a doctrine of transnational law?           Heidemann, Maren.
The implementation of the EU services directive
Google and the law
Narrative soundings
Analysis and interpretation in the exact sciences
Happiness across cultures
The United Nations and the regions
Feminism and migration
The cold war politics of genetic research                                DeJong-Lambert, William.
State, globalization and multilateralism
Probability and social science                                           Courgeau, Daniel.
International students in the Asia Pacific                               Kell, Peter Michael.
European data protection
Entrepreneurship, governance and ethics
Flows of faith
Evolutionary psychology and the propositional-attitudes                  Walter, Alex.
The politicization of parenthood
Becoming a mathematician                                                 Wood, Leigh N.
Multidimensional ranking
Probabilities, laws, and structures
Geographical sociology                                                   Porter, Jeremy R.
Beginning teaching
Rudolf Carnap and the legacy of logical empiricism
Teachers of english learners negotiating authoritarian policies          Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda.
Marconi's wireless and the rhetoric of a new technology                  Toscano, Aaron A.
Spherical harmonics and approximations on the unit sphere                Atkinson, Kendall.
Demand flexibility in supply chain planning                              Geunes, Joseph.
Business statistics for competitive advantage with Excel 2010            Fraser, Cynthia.
Anticipatory systems                                                     Rosen, Robert.
Algebraic geometry over the complex numbers                              Arapura, Donu.
Data mining for biomarker discovery
                                                                         Steele, John
Ancient astronomical observations and the study of the moon's motion (1691-1757) M.
Discrete-time linear systems                                              Gu, Guoxiang.
Graphical models with R                                                   Hojsgaard, Soren.
Rainbow connections of graphs                                             Li, Xueliang.
Pyomo - Optimization modeling in Python
Quantum field theory and gravity
The vexing case of Igor Shafarevich, a Russian political thinker          Berglund, Krista.
Global well-posedness of nonlinear parabolic-hyperbolic coupled systems   Qin, Yuming.
Recent progress in operator theory and its applications
Automated solution of differential equations by the finite element method
Handbook of networks in power systems I
Algebraic modeling systems
Phase change in mechanics                                                 Fremond, Michel.
Modeling, simulation and optimization of complex processes
Tensor spaces and numerical tensor calculus                               Hackbusch, Wolfgang.
Atlas of intestinal stomas
Contemporary coloproctology
Handbook of anthropometry
The sclera                                                                Maza, Maite Sainz de la.
Cancer associated viruses
Mohs micrographic surgery
Real-time three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography              Vegas, Annette.
The manual of dermatology                                                 Cafardi, Jennifer A.
Ultrasound of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Koss's cytology of the urinary tract with histopathologic correlations    Koss, Leopold G.
Manual of neonatal respiratory care
Handbook of parathyroid diseases
A primer of neuroimmunological disease                                    Pachner, Andrew R.
Atlas of electroencephalography in sleep medicine                         Attarian, Hrayr P.
Energy balance and hematologic malignancies
Clinical research informatics
Learning abdominal imaging
Technical basis of radiation therapy
Tutorials in endovascular neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiologyByrne, James Vincent.
Prevention of bone metastases
Reflectance confocal microscopy for skin diseases
Physeal injury other than fracture                                        Peterson, Hamlet A.
Clinical cardiac MRI
Comparative effectiveness and efficacy research and analysis for practice (CEERAP)
Minimally invasive thyroidectomy
PET-CT                                                                    Nanni, Cristina.
Nuclear endocrinology                                                     Piciu, Doina.
Nuclear medicine imaging                                                  Thie, Joseph A.
Patch testing and prick testing                                           Lachapelle, Jean-Marie.
Nutritional management of cancer treatment effects                        Kumar, Nagi B.
Intracranial pressure and brain monitoring XIV
Infection control in the intensive care unit
Surgery in the multimodal management of gastric cancer
Emergency radiology of the abdomen
Tumors of the central nervous system
Tumors of the central nervous system.
Symmetries and group theory in particle physics                           Costa, Giovanni.
Theory of nuclear fission                                                 Krappe, Hans J.
Lectures on LHC physics                                                   Plehn, Tilman.
3+1 formalism in general relativity                                       Gourgoulhon, Eric.
Clusters in nuclei.
Fundamentals of shallow water acoustics                                   Katsnelson, Boris.
Astronauts for hire                                                     Seedhouse, Erik.
Planetary nebulae and how to observe them                               Griffiths, Martin.
Computational modeling of biological systems
Astronomy with a budget telescope                                       Moore, Patrick.
Social foundations of human space exploration                           Dator, James A.
Remote sensing
The plasma environment of Venus, Mars, and Titan
Red giants as probes of the structure and evolution of the Milky Way
Next generation of photovoltaics
Basics of laser physics                                                 Renk, Karl F.
Magnetic particle imaging
Thermo-gas dynamics of hydrogen combustion and explosion
On gauge fixing aspects of the infrared behavior of Yang-Mills Green functions Markus Q.
Electromagnetic processing of materials                                 Asai, Shigeo.
European founders at work                                               Santos, Pedro Gairifo.
Pro Android apps performance optimization                               Guihot, Herve.
Peace psychology in the Balkans
MATLAB for psychologists                                                Borgo, Mauro.
                                                                         with ASD
Collaborative model for promoting competence and success for students Ruble, Lisa A.
Advances in flow research
Mindfulness and acceptance in couple and family therapy                 Gehart, Diane R.
Internet gambling                                                       Gainsbury, Sally.
Sexuality and aging                                                     Hillman, Jennifer.
Evaluating and promoting positive school attitude in adolescents        Stern, Mandy.
Unlocking markets to smallholders
The restoring ecological health to your land workbook                   Apfelbaum, Steven I.
Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region
Translational stroke research
Neurodegenerative diseases
Endocrine FGFs and Klothos
Notch signaling in embryology and cancer
Caveolins and caveolae
Self and nonself
Sensing in nature
Neural metabolism in vivo
Principles of bone regeneration
Stem cell transplantation
Molecular marker applications for improving sugar content in sugarcane Swapna, M.
Energy balance and gastrointestinal cancer
Methylmercury and neurotoxicity
New technologies for toxicity testing
Physiology of prenatal exercise and fetal development                   May, Linda E.
Studies on men's health and fertility
Human medical research
Lentiviral vectors and gene therapy
Ethical challenges in genomics research                                 Boddington, Paula.
Molecular geometry of body pattern in birds                             Lima-de-Faria, Antonio.
Phytohormones and abiotic stress tolerance in plants
Toxicity of heavy metals to legumes and bioremediation
Plant genome diversity.
Protection of the three poles
The symbolic species evolved
Advances in mitochondrial medicine
Calcium signaling
Atlas of interstitial cells of cajal in the gastrointestinal tract      Komuro, Terumasa.
Nutrition, diet and cancer
Modern origins
Lessons learned from long-term soil fertility management experiments in Africa
Genesis - In the beginning
Pediatric cancer.
Improving soil fertility recommendations in Africa using the decision support system for agrotechnology transfer (DSSAT)
Insect conservation
Phosphoinositides I
Mortalin biology
Inflammatory breast cancer
High resolution archaeology and Neanderthal behavior
Dietary phytochemicals and microbes
An epidemiological odyssey                                                  Pollock, George.
Recarbonization of the biosphere
Decision policies for production networks
Project management simulation with PTB Project Team Builder                 Shtub, Avraham.
Stochastic optimal control and the U.S. financial debt crisis               Stein, Jerome L.
Finance for academics                                                       Francisco, Ronald A.
Reimagining democracy                                                       Cadeddu, Davide.
Emerging fraud
Water science & technology in China
Clusters in automotive and information & communication technology
The software dilemma                                                        Gutbrod, Roger.
The economics of evaluating water projects                                  Johansson, Per-Olov.
Creativity and innovation in the music industry                             Tschmuck, Peter.
Competition for public transport services                                   Beck, Arne.
Diversity in European marketing
Integration of preference analysis methods into quality function deployment Abu-Assab, Samah.
Competitive advantages through clusters                                     Saric, Sasa.
Greentech innovation and diffusion                                          Hoff, Philipp H.
                                                                            Gell, Sebastian.
Determinants of earnings forecast error, earnings forecast revision and earnings forecast accuracy
Functional instability or paradigm shift?                                   Sarkar, Amitava.
Mantras for managers                                                        Singh, N. K.
Ionic equilibria in analytical chemistry                                    Burgot, Jean-Louis.
Modeling nanoscale imaging in electron microscopy
Electrochemical production of metal powders
Microarray detection and characterization of bacterial foodborne pathogens
                                                                            Herrera, Maria Lidia.
Analytical techniques for studying the physical properties of lipid emulsions
Factors affecting the removal of ammonia from air on carbonaceous materials Camille.
Perspectives in electronic structure theory                                 Nalewajski, Roman F.
Raman spectroscopy for nanomaterials characterization
GraphITA 2011
Challenges in molecular structure determination                             Reichenbacher, Manfred.
Bionanoelectronics                                                          Dragoman, Daniela.
Novel sampling approaches in higher dimensional NMR
Conducting polymers                                                         Inzelt, Gyorgy.
Mass spectrometry of polymers - New techniques
Piezoelectric nanomaterials for biomedical applications
Constitutional dynamic chemistry
EPR spectroscopy
Genomics and systems biology of mammalian cell culture
Molecular imprinting
NMR of proteins and small biomolecules
Green solvents.
Equilibrium between phases of matter                                        Jacobs, M.H.G.
Green solvents.
Bacillus thuringiensis biotechnology
Emerging compounds removal from wastewater
Metallic nanocrystallites and their interaction with microbial systems      Suresh, Anil K.
Data engineering and management
Parameterized and exact computation
Bioinformatics for personalized medicine
Language and automata theory and applications
Reconfigurable computing
Foundations of information and knowledge systems
Intelligent information and database systems
Intelligent information and database systems
Intelligent information and database systems
Traffic monitoring and analysis
Passive and active measurement
Measurement, modelling, and evaluation of computing systems and dependability and fault tolerance
Abdominal imaging. Computational and clinical applications
Self-organizing systems
Computational linguistics and intelligent text processing
Computational linguistics and intelligent text processing
Web-age information management
Principles of security and trust
Compiler construction
Economics of grids, clouds, systems, and services
Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security VII
Requirements engineering: Foundation for software quality
Logic for programming, artificial intelligence, and reasoning
Foundations of software science and computational structures
Tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems
Information processing in cells and tissues
Programming languages and systems
Fundamental approaches to software engineering
Data privacy management and autonomous spontaneus security
Computational processing of the Portuguese language
NASA formal methods
Theory of cryptography
Critical infrastructure protection
Hybrid artificial intelligent systems
Programming multi-agent systems
Hybrid artificial intelligent systems
Social computing, behavioral - Cultural modeling and prediction
Transactions on edutainment VII
Evolutionary computation, machine learning and data mining in bioinformatics
Transactions on petri nets and other models of concurrency V
Declarative agent languages and technologies IX
Approximation and online algorithms
Evolutionary computation in combinatorial optimization
Genetic programming
Evolutionary and biologically inspired music, sound, art and design
Applications of evolutionary computation
Theory and applications of formal argumentation
A brief history of computing                                           O'Regan, Gerard.
Doing design ethnography                                               Crabtree, Andrew.
Immersive multimodal interactive presence
Software similarity and classification                                 Cesare, Silvio.
Entropy guided transformation learning                                 Santos, Cicero Nogueira.
Spatial AutoRegression (SAR) model                                     Kazar, Baris M.
Handbook of service description                                        Barros, Alistair.
The economics of financial and medical identity theft                  Camp, L. Jean.
A survey of data leakage detection and prevention solutions            Shabtai, Asaf.
Data dissemination and query in mobile social networks                 Chen, Jiming.
Autonomic cooperative networking                                       Wodczak, Michal.
Rhodes framework for Android platform and BlackBerry smartphones            Vohra, Deepak.
Business processes for business communities
Ontology engineering in a networked world
Empowering open and collaborative governance
Re-conceptualizing enterprise information systems
Mathematical modelling and scientific computation
S-BPM ONE - Scientific research
Wireless communications and applications
Information systems, technology and management
Electronic healthcare
Testbeds and research infrastructure Development of Networks and Communities
S-BPM ONE - Education and industrial developments
Carbon capture                                                              Wilcox, Jennifer.
                                                                            Myers, Wayne L.
Multivariate methods of representing relations in R for prioritization purposes
Aerospace engineering on the back of an envelope                            Alber, Irwin E.
From the Earth's core to outer space
Online maps with APIs and webservices
Proceedings of the 10th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM)
Introduction to earth and planetary system science                          Shikazono, Naotatsu.
Non-renewable resource issues
Bouguer gravity regional and residual separation                            Mallick, K.
The coastlines of the world with Google Earth                               Scheffers, Anja M.
Hydrologic time series analysis                                             Machiwal, Deepesh.
The future of cities and regions
System theory in geomorphology                                              Elverfeldt, Kirsten von.
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Database systems for advanced applications
Database systems for advanced applications
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Artificial intelligence and soft computing
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Euro-Par 2011: Parallel processing workshops
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IS Olympics
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Security and privacy in mobile information and communication systems
Broadband communications, networks, and systems
Mobile multimedia communications
Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012                                         Luszczak, Andreas.
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Computer aided surgery
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Ecologist-developed spatially-explicit dynamic landscape models
Delivery and mixing in the subsurface
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology.
Human transit                                                          Walker, Jarrett.
Seeds of sustainability
Saving a million species
Local climate action planning                                          Boswell, Michael R.
Mining the Earth's heat
Ocean dynamics                                                         Olbers, Dirk.
Permafrost hydrology                                                   Woo, Ming-ko.
Paleontology in ecology and conservation
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Emerging organic contaminants and human health
Deep crustal structure of the Son-Narmada-Tapti Lineament, Central India aidu, G. Dhanunjaya.
Radioactivity transfer in environment and food                         Vosniakos, Fokion K.
Bridging the geographic information sciences
Climate change
The impact of climate change and bioenergy on nutrition
Natural resources, sustainability and humanity
Management of mountain watersheds
Tracking environmental change using lake sediments
European energy markets observatory
Encounters and engagements between economic and cultural geography
Coral reefs of the Gulf
Design for innovative value towards a sustainable society
Sustainability in the chemical industry                                Johnson, Eric.
The plant family Brassicaceae
Seismic design and assessment of bridges
Transboundary aquifers in the eastern borders of the European Union
Nutrient indicator models for determining biologically relevant levels Morris, Charles Clarence.
Science communication in the world                                     Schiele, Bernard.
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Smart design
Re-engineering of products and processes                               Rotini, Federico.
Atomic information technology                                          Woo, Taeho.
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Negotiation in decentralization                                        Yang, Ming.
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Low-power smart imagers for vision-enabled sensor networks             Fernandez-Berni, Jorge.
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Advanced bimanual manipulation
Leveraging technology for a sustainable world
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China satellite navigation conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings
China satellite navigation conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings
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Advances in future computer and control systems.
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2011) December 20-22, 2011.
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From scientific instrument to industrial machine
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Risk management technologies                                                Solozhentsev, E.D.
Evidence-based practice in clinical social work                             Drisko, James W.
Crime and transition in Central and Eastern Europe
Balancing the budget is a progressive priority                              Taylor, Donald H.
The future of vocational education and training in a changing world
Rethinking history, reframing identity                                      Wangler, Alexandra.
New perspectives on individual differences in language learning and teaching
Understanding the fundamentals of the U.S. presidential election system Belenky, Alexander S.
Power in the 21st century
The matrix of derivative criminal liability                                 Hallevy, Gabriel.
Judicial independence in transition
International judicial lawmaking
Introduction to international and European sports law                       Siekmann, Robert C.R.
Perspectives on human suffering
Higher education
Redefining indefinites                                                      Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen.
The role of community-mindedness in the self-regulation of drug cultures Stallwitz, Anke.
Migration and transformation
Critical voices in teacher education
Issues and challenges in science education research
Rationis defensor
Globalization and human rights
Population aging                                                             Rowland, Donald T.
Quality of life and mortality among                                          Jordan, Thomas E.
                                                                             Niaz, Mansoor.
Reconstruction of wave-particle duality and its implications for general chemistry textbooks
Happiness in children                                                        Holder, Mark D.
One-day, one-problem
Control of partial differential equations
Self-adjoint extensions in quantum mechanics                                 Gitman, D.M.
A beginner's guide to finite mathematics                                     Wallis, W.D.
Game theory for control of optical networks                                  Pavel, Lacra.
Normal forms, melnikov functions and bifurcations of limit cycles            Han, Maoan.
Complex analysis and differential equations                                  Barreira, Luis.
Selected works of Terry Speed
Variational analysis and aerospace engineering
The Beltrami equation
Nonoscillation theory of functional differential equations with applications
Introduction to the mathematics of finance                                   Roman, Steven.
Babylonian mathematical astronomy                                            Ossendrijver, Mathieu.
Discontinuous dynamical systems                                              Luo, Albert C. J.
Probability in complex physical systems
Mathematics and modern art
Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2010
Manfredo P. do Carmo - Selected papers                                       Carmo, Manfredo Perdigao do.
Thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes in porous media
Sparsity                                                                     Nesetril, Jaroslav.
Ergodic theory, hyperbolic dynamics and dimension theory                     Barreira, Luis.
Geometry by its history                                                      Ostermann, Alexander.
Adaptive hierarchical isogeometric finite element methods                    Vuong, Anh-Vu.
The mathematical legacy of Leon Ehrenpreis
Solving numerical PDEs                                                       Formaggia, Luca.
Groups                                                                       Machi, Antonio.
Introduction to modeling biological cellular control systems                 Liu, Weijiu.
Financial mathematics                                                        Pascucci, Andrea.
Topics in modern regularity theory
The linear algebra a beginning graduate student ought to know                Golan, Jonathan S.
Pediatric critical care study guide
Practical manual of in vitro fertilization
Development of antibody-based therapeutics
Pediatric metabolic syndrome
Imaging and technology in urology
Principles of health interoperability HL7 and SNOMED                         Benson, Tim.
Simulation training in laparoscopy and robotic surgery
The Mediterranean diet                                                       Zacharias, Eric.
Biotargets of cancer in current clinical practice
Multislice-CT of the abdomen
Clinical facial analysis                                                     Meneghini, Fabio.
European instructional lectures.
Management of prostate cancer
Radiology education
Treatment of dry skin syndrome
Radiation oncology                                                           Beyzadeoglu, Murat.
Differential diagnosis for the dermatologist                                 Jackson, Scott M.
Minimal residual disease and circulating tumor cells in breast cancer
MDCT protocols
Hemocoagulative problems in the critically ill patient
Normal ultrasound anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
Clinical applications of cardiac CT
Field theoretic method in phase transformations                              Umantsev, Alexander.
Strings and fundamental physics
Conformal invariance
Molecular theory of the living cell                      Ji, Sungchul.
Efficiency evaluation of energy systems                  Kanoglu, Mehmet.
The Andromeda Galaxy and the rise of modern astronomy    Schultz, David.
One-shot color astronomical imaging                      Kennedy, L. A.
Terahertz techniques                                     Brundermann, Erik.
Dwarf galaxies: Keys to galaxy formation and evolution
Semiconductor research
Nanophotonic fabrication                                 Yatsui, Takashi.
Exciton polaritons in microcavities
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Biophysics                                               Glaser, Roland.
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Giacomelli, Giorgio. Spurio, Maurizio.                              9789400741348 (paper)
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Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
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Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Professional and Applied Computing (Springer-12059)
Professional and Applied Computing (Springer-12059)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Engineering (Springer-11647)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Medicine (Springer-11650)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Professional and Applied Computing (Springer-12059)
Professional and Applied Computing (Springer-12059)
RJ506.A58                                             Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
RA645.35                                              Behavioral Science (Springer-11640)
RC168.P15                                             Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP383.15                                              Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QH603.C96                                             Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
RM666.M512                                            Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP376                                                 Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QR351                                                 Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP624.5.D726                                          Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QH508                                                 Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QL698.9                                               Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QR189                                                 Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP535.C2                                              Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QL737.P9      Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP301         Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QP105         Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
SD387.M33     Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QD415         Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
SB933.3       Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
QR201.V55     Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
HC415.3       Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
RA395.A3      Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
QA614.83      Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
H61.25        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD38.5        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
QP356.45      Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD39.5        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HG5732        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
QA76.76.D47   Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HC430.5       Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD30.23       Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HB548         Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
QA76.9.D3     Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HG8771        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HG4529.5      Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD58.8        Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HB615         Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HF5415.32     Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HF5686.C8     Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD9665.5      Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
QA76.76.S46   Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD60          Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HD30.28       Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
TS155         Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
HB95          Business and Economics (Springer-11643)
TP248.B55     Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Q147          Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
TA417.23      Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
QD555.6.L37   Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
QA248.5.R8    Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
TP248.3       Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
TP248.195     Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
QC760         Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
TD745         Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
QK753.H4      Chemistry and Materials Science (Springer-11644)
QA76.9.A25    Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758      Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758      Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Z667          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25    Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.D3     Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.D3     Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.D3     Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25    Computer Science (Springer-11645)
G70.212       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.888    Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA75.5        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758      Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758      Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA75.5        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Q334          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Q334             Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Q337.3           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
R858.A2          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TA1630           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.63          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.875.I57   Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.L63       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.L63       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QH506            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK6570.M6        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A43       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.58          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.58          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.88813     Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5102.5         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.5915        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.6           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK7882.I6        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
HM742            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
R859.7.C67       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.A25       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.E57       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.625         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.585         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
HV6152           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
ZA4575           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA162            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Q387             Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA75.5           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA75.5           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
T58.5            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
T58.6            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
T58.6            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.5         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.77        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.59          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.5         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
HF5548.2         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.59          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5103.2         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.758         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
T58.6            Computer Science (Springer-11645)
HF5548.32        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5102.85        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5103.4         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
TK5105.15        Computer Science (Springer-11645)
HF5548.2         Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.9.F38       Computer Science (Springer-11645)
RD29.7           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA75.5           Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QA76.63          Computer Science (Springer-11645)
QH541.15.S5      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TD192.8          Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TD174         Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
HE4211        Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
S451.7        Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QC902.9       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QC903         Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
GB1199.5      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QE391.Q2      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
GC10.4.M36    Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
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QE711.3       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QE598.2       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QC903.2.B29   Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
RA566         Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QC807.6.I4    Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TD196.R3      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
G70.212       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QC902.8       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
HD9000.5      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
GF13          Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
GB980         Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QE39.5.P3     Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
HD9502.E85    Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
HF1025        Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QE565.5.P35   Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TS171.4       Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
HD9651.5      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
QK495.C9      Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TG302         Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
GB1081        Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
TD427.N87     Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Q223          Earth and Environmental Science (Springer-11646)
Q325.5        Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA76.38       Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ213         Engineering (Springer-11647)
HD2365        Engineering (Springer-11647)
NK1164        Engineering (Springer-11647)
HD58.87       Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK9152        Engineering (Springer-11647)
HD38.5        Engineering (Springer-11647)
HC79.P55      Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA357.5.M43   Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK7895.E42    Engineering (Springer-11647)
P98           Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK7872.D48    Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA654         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA654         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA654.15      Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA654         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA654         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK7868.L6     Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ254.5       Engineering (Springer-11647)
T57.62        Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ267         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ163.3       Engineering (Springer-11647)
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TA177.4       Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA418.9.P6    Engineering (Springer-11647)
QC585.7.M3    Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA1650        Engineering (Springer-11647)
LB1028.3      Engineering (Springer-11647)
QC793.2       Engineering (Springer-11647)
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TK6680.3      Engineering (Springer-11647)
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QA76.758      Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ213         Engineering (Springer-11647)
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QA76.58       Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ220         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK5102.5      Engineering (Springer-11647)
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QA76.9.C65    Engineering (Springer-11647)
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QA9.64        Engineering (Springer-11647)
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T55.45        Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA248         Engineering (Springer-11647)
TL798.N3      Engineering (Springer-11647)
TL798.N3      Engineering (Springer-11647)
TL798.N3      Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA75.5        Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA75.5        Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK5103.4873   Engineering (Springer-11647)
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TA654.3       Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA76.9.S63    Engineering (Springer-11647)
QA76.9.S63    Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK5103.2      Engineering (Springer-11647)
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TK7895.G36    Engineering (Springer-11647)
TJ5           Engineering (Springer-11647)
TK7895.E42    Engineering (Springer-11647)
TA409         Engineering (Springer-11647)
HD61          Engineering (Springer-11647)
HV689         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
HV6022.C36    Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
HC106.84      Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
LC1043        Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
DK4121.5.U4   Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
P53.7         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
KF4886        Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
JC330         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
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K3367         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
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HV5822.H4     Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
JV6035        Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
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Q181          Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
BC135         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
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HQ1061         Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
HB1323.C5      Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
QC476.W38      Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
BF723.H37      Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
LB1027.42      Humanities, Social Science and Law (Springer-11648)
QA374          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QC174.17.M35   Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA39.3         Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA269          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA371          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA300          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA276          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA315          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA360          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA372          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
HF5691         Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QB19           Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA614.8        Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA273          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
N72.M3         Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
TA329          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA641          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
TA418.9.P6     Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA164          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA614.8        Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA443.5        Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
TA347.F5       Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA26           Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA377          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA171          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QH604          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
HF5691         Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA377          Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
QA184.2        Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
RJ370          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RG135          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RM282.M65      Medicine (Springer-11650)
RJ390          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC874          Medicine (Springer-11650)
R858           Medicine (Springer-11650)
RD33.53        Medicine (Springer-11650)
RM217          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC270.3.T84    Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC944          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RD119.5.F33    Medicine (Springer-11650)
RD715          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC280.P7       Medicine (Springer-11650)
R899           Medicine (Springer-11650)
RL110          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC271.R3       Medicine (Springer-11650)
RL105          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC280.B8       Medicine (Springer-11650)
RA644.L3       Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC78.7.T62     Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC647.C55      Medicine (Springer-11650)
QM100          Medicine (Springer-11650)
RC683.5.T66    Medicine (Springer-11650)
QC175.16.P5    Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QC794.6.S85    Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QC174.52.C66   Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QH581.2        Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
TJ163.2        Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QB858.42       Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QB121          Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
TK7872.M25     Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QB858          Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
TK7871.85      Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
TA1530         Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QC176.8.E9     Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
R857.B54       Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QH505          Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QA614.83       Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
T174.7         Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QB450          Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
TA357.5.T87    Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QC244.5        Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
QC793.2        Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
 ce (Springer-11640)
 ce (Springer-11640)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
  onomics (Springer-11643)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
Materials Science (Springer-11644)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
 ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
ce (Springer-11645)
 nmental Science (Springer-11646)
 nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
nmental Science (Springer-11646)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
 al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
 al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
 al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
 al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
 al Science and Law (Springer-11648)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)
d Statistics (Springer-11649)

onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
onomy (Springer-11651)
Democratic competences and social practices in organizations
Encyclopedia of signaling molecules
Naturally occurring antibodies (NAbs)
Hereditary retinopathies
Phosphorescent oxygen-sensitive probes
Antiplatelet agents
Mouse development
Climate change and sustainable development
Forages and grazing in horse nutrition
Origin(s) of design in nature
Endoplasmic reticulum stress in health and disease
The eukaryotic replisome
Natural compounds as inducers of cell death.
Agroforestry-- The future of global land use
The entolomataceae of Tasmania
Bacterial fish pathogens
Novel apoptotic regulators in carcinogenesis
Sales excellence
Economics for environmental studies
Overview of the PMBOKR guide
Social innovation and new business models
Advances in advertising research (Vol. III)
The value of information
The effect of hydrogen and hydrides on the integrity of zirconium alloy components
Biomedical applications
Atom probe microscopy
Degradation of implant materials
Medical devices and biomaterials for the developing world
Conventional three-phase fixed-bed technologies
Drug discovery in Africa
UK Colloids 2011
Plasmons as sensors
Capture and utilization of carbon dioxide with polyethylene glycol
Characterization and authentication of olive and other vegetable oils
Mechanics and properties of composed materials and structures
Liquid crystal elastomers
Stereoselective alkene synthesis
Organometallics as catalysts in the fine chemical industry
Encyclopedia of nanotechnology
7th RILEM International Conference on Cracking in Pavements
Ions in water and biophysical implications
Computational social networks
Computational social networks
Handbook of natural computing
Compiler design
Semantic search over the web
The German language in the digital age
Global trends in computing and communication systems
Engineering secure two-party computation protocols
Enabling flexibility in process-aware information systems
Scientific workflows
Shall we play the Festschrift game?
Constructing ambient intelligence
Computers and creativity
Contemporary computing
Nordic contributions in IS research
E-Commerce and web technologies
Uncertainty quantification in scientific computing
Convergence and hybrid information technology
Bio-inspired models of network, information, and computing systems
Knowledge technology
Exploring the abyss of inequalities
E-science and information management
Green Communications and Networking
Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems
Global security, safety, and sustainability & e-Democracy
Enabling real-time business intelligence
Theoretical foundations of artificial general intelligence
Computer science - theory and applications
Implementation and application of automata
Wireless algorithms, systems, and applications
Advances in bioinformatics and computational biology
Advances in cryptology - CRYPTO 2012
New frontiers in artificial intelligence
Similarity search and applications
Computing and Combinatorics
Web-age information management
Information theoretic security
Trust, privacy and security in digital business
Data management in cloud, grid and P2P systems
Interactive theorem proving
Information technology in bio- and medical informatics
Business system management and engineering
Formal methods for industrial critical systems
Multidisciplinary research and practice for information systems
Knowledge management and acquisition for intelligent systems
Data warehousing and knowledge discovery
Mathematical foundations of computer science 2012
Database and expert systems applications
Database and expert systems applications
Cooperative design, visualization, and engineering
Controlled natural language
Logic, language, information and computation
Topics in performance evaluation, measurement and characterization
Augmented environments for computer-assisted interventions
Intelligent data engineering and automated learning - IDEAL 2012
Convergence and hybrid information technology
Swarm intelligence
Internet of things, smart spaces, and next generation networking
Rules on the web
Advancing democracy, government and governance
Pattern recognition
Spatial cognition VIII
FM 2012
Coalgebraic methods in computer science
Text, speech and dialogue
Information and communication technologies
Euro-Par 2012 parallel processing
Secure data management
Business process management
Computational logic in multi-agent systems
Datalog in academia and industry
Security and cryptography for networks
Parallel problem solving from nature - PPSN XII
Theoretical aspects of computing - ICTAC 2012
Financial cryptography and data security
Parallel problem solving from nature - PPSN XII
Computer algebra in scientific computing
Web-Age Information Management
Algorithms - ESA 2012
From animals to animats 12
Algorithms in bioinformatics
Static analysis
Reasoning web
omputer security - ESORICS 2012
Advances in visual computing
Artificial intelligence: Methodology, systems, and applications
Advances in visual computing
Web reasoning and rule systems
Electronic participation
Provable security
Progress in pattern recognition, image analysis, computer vision, and applications
Collaboration and technology
Parameterized and exact computation
Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems
Service-oriented and cloud computing
Progress in Cryptology - LATINCRYPT 2012
Electronic government
Entertainment computing - ICEC 2012
Computational logistics
Abdominal imaging
Advances in web-based learning - ICWL 2012
Artificial immune systems
Tidal marsh restoration
Applications of linear and nonlinear models
Modern advances in intelligent systems and tools
Progress in hybrid RANS-LES modelling
Ultrasonic doppler velocity profiler for fluid flow
Future information technology, application, and service
Embedded and multimedia computing technology and service
Information technology convergence, secure and trust computing, and data management
Cross-border transactions of intermediated securities
Mistake of law
International disaster response law
Gender in philosophy and law
Optimization, control, and applications of stochastic systems
Henri Poincare
Astrostatistics and data mining
Problems in probability
Excel 2007 for educational and psychological statistics
Excel 2007 for business statistics
Dynamics of information systems
Modeling and optimization
Natural locomotion in fluids and on surfaces
Topics in fractional differential equations
Modeling infectious disease parameters based on serological and social contact data
Applications of mathematics and informatics in military science
Optimization and data analysis in biomedical informatics
Graph energy
An introduction to modern mathematical computing
Ordering block designs
Modeling psychophysical data in R
An introduction to inverse limits with set-valued functions
Data storage for social networks
Stationarity and convergence in reduce-or-retreat minimization
Visual complex functions
Modern optimization modelling techniques
Compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Sharp martingale and semimartingale inequalities
Advances in applied analysis
Classical geometries in modern contexts
Evolution equations of hyperbolic and schrodinger type
Modeling dose-response microarray data in early drug development experiments using R
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Learn Objective-C on the Mac
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Metro revealed
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Pasteurella multocida
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Design thinking business analysis
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Artificial intelligence applications and innovations
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Information computing and applications
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Trustworthy ubiquitous computing
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Medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention - MICCAI 2012
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Volunteers of America
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Advertisers at work
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AsiaSim 2012
AsiaSim 2012
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Leveraging applications of formal methods, verification, and validation
Mobile multimedia communications
Syndevs co-design flow
ntroduction to programming concepts with case studies in Python
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Discovery science
Principles and practice of constraint programming
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Distributed computing
Multiagent system technologies
Computer network security
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Algorithmic game theory
Advances in conceptual modeling
Conceptual modeling
Rewriting logic and its applications
Large-scale complex IT systems
Algorithmic learning theory
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Research in cryptology
Structural, syntactic, and statistical pattern recognition
Applications of graph transformations with industrial relevance
Gesture and sign language in human-computer interaction and embodied communication
Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing
Secure IT systems
Provenance and annotation of data and processes
Progress in cultural heritage preservation
Computational visual media
Formal methods and software engineering
Advances in computer entertainment
Service-oriented computing
Simulation, modeling, and programming for autonomous robots
Learning and intelligent optimization
Security, privacy, and applied cryptography engineering
Advances in artificial intelligence - SBIA 2012
Graph-theoretic concepts in computer science
Financial cryptography and data security
Transactions on computational collective intelligence VIII
Data and knowledge engineering
Information security and cryptology
Multi-agent systems
Interactive storytelling
Internet and distributed computing systems
The Semantic Web - ISWC 2012
The Semantic Web - ISWC 2012
Coastal environments
Synthesis and nullification
Engineering, development and philosophy
New media and sport
English as an international language in Asia
Perspectives on teaching and learning Chinese literacy in China
Politics, participation & power relations
Getting there
Ways of learning to teach
Science in primary schools
Canadian education
The persons in relation perspective
The new politics of the textbook
Financial literacy education
Biology Education for Social and Sustainable Development
The new politics of the textbook
Safe spaces
Being and learning
Professional learning in the knowledge society
Be(com)ing human
Elementary school
Collaborative knowledge creation
Reflections on learning, life and work
Discourse, power, and resistance Down Under
Through white noise
Statistical tools for measuring agreement
Data correcting algorithms in combinatorial optimization
Transcending tradition
Modeling of physiological flows
Bone marrow lymphoid infiltrates
Diabetes and hypertension
Ghrelin in health and disease
Pediatric neoplasia
A clinical guide to occupational and environmental lung diseases
Diabetes and peripheral vascular disease
Radiology illustrated
Atlas of postsurgical neuroradiology
Imaging endocrine diseases in children
Manual of spine surgery
Understanding periodontal research
FDG PET/CT in clinical oncology
Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary
Learning ultrasound imaging
Progress in social psychiatry in Japan
ICU protocols
The right ventricle in adults with tetralogy of fallot
Innovation in esophageal surgery
Open, laparoscopic and robotic hepatic transection
Percutaneous treatment of left side cardiac valves
Articular cartilage defects of the knee
Sports cardiology
Acupuncture and moxibustion as an evidence-based therapy for cancer
Computer simulation study of collective phenomena in dense suspensions of red blood cells under shear
Convergence of terahertz sciences in biomedical systems
Pro SQL server 2012 BI solutions
SQL Server 2012 integration services design patterns
Beginning WebGL for HTML5
Pro Spring MVC
SQL server 2012 T-SQL recipes
Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 framework
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C#
Ultra-fast ASP.NET 4.5
Learn cocos2D 2
Pro .NET performance
Android arcade game app
DevOps for developers
WinRT revealed
Handbook of social resource theory
Current antipsychotics
Fungal associations
Animal lectins
Cellular trafficking of cell stress proteins in health and disease
GPCR signalling complexes
MicroRNAs as tools in biopharmaceutical production
Foundations of rule learning
Resilience assessment and evaluation of computing systems
Reflections on the history of computing
Natural language processing and Chinese computing
The practice of enterprise modeling
Model-based engineering of embedded systems
Metadata and semantics research
Computer applications for modeling, simulation, and automobile
Green and smart technology with sensor applications
Computer applications for security, control and system engineering
Computer applications for software engineering, disaster recovery, and business continuity
Computer applications for web, human computer interaction, signal and image processing, and pattern recognition
Advances in speech and language technologies for iberian languages
Information flow based security control beyond RBAC
Computational intelligence systems in industrial engineering
Communicability, computer graphics and innovative design for interactive systems
Social robotics
Advances in information and computer security
Pattern recognition in bioinformatics
Computational geometry
Search computing
Decision and game theory for security
Implementation and application of functional languages
Cognitive behavioural systems
Network and system security
Modeling decisions for artificial intelligence
Advances in artificial intelligence - IBERAMIA 2012
Testing software and systems
Motion in games
Machine learning and interpretation in neuroimaging
Combinatorial Image Analaysis
The outreach of digital libraries
Ambient intelligence
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2012
Multiple access communications
Web information systems engineering - WISE 2012
Brain informatics
Middleware 2012
Transactions on petri nets and other models of concurrency VI
Neural networks
Certified programs and proofs
Transactions on large-scale data- and knowledge centered systems VII
Ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence
Information security applications
Machine learning in medical imaging
Transactions on computational systems biology XIV
AI aproaches to the complexity of legal systems
Asset condition, information systems and decision models
Computer-aided design in power engineering
Dancing in the light
Essential urology
PET-CT and PET-MRI in oncology
Surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
Arthroscopic management of ulnar pain
Neutron capture therapy
Early gastrointestinal cancers
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