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									QUEST Discussion Topics

One of the pieces I want to include in our discussion tomorrow is the
problem of representation of time in a QUEST based solution applicable for
exploiting persistent sensing data – we currently store frames of data with
time metadata associated with the frames and some sensing specifics
(location and orientation of sensor) etc. – the question becomes can our
view of the quale of time provide a unique innovative approach to
representation of the ‘memory’ of the ‘experienced’ data in a sys2 part of
the solutions that gets away from this physics time tag mentality?
    1. Link game, cache, dreaming and the quale of time –the general
       challenges of the link game, recall we have posited that there is a
       quale of time, adam recently suggested that the units of the quale of
       time are ‘links’, we would like to have a discussion of the impact of
       link game and perceived time, example – when a bball game ‘slows
       down’ for Michael Jordan I suggest this implies that the number of
       qualia links that he has to exercise to accurately predict / respond to
       events in the game are fewer than other experiences in a game thus
       he has the perception that it ‘slowed down’ with respect to his
       ‘stress’ - the amount of tension and the quale of being rushed versus
       those experiences where he has to deliberate over many qualia links
       to get to an acceptable (feels right) answer for the response and in
       those cases things are happening with the quale of happening fast
       compared to his quale of deliberation – the idea carries over to when
       you are learning to drive a car – at first it is a very ‘stressful’
       experience where things are happening so fast when compared to
       your deliberation speed (deliberation is the process of exercising
       qualia links) – then as you become a more experienced driver you
       relegate many of the expected activities down to Sys1 (Libet) and you
       can drive while talking on the phone and changing the music and
       fixing your makeup -> driving ‘slows down’ in the sense that you
       don’t have to use many qualia level chunks not many qualia level
       links are involved so the ‘stress of feeling like too many things are
       happening too quickly is gone so in that sense it slows down’ but in
       the sense that your perception of elapsed time it flies by (there are
       not many qualia links that can anchor the passing of wall clock time).
   2. Narratives - the fundamental unit of cognition ISN'T these categories
      / qualia / concepts but the situations you form with them - that is we
      would suggest you can't define / formulate these categories
      independent of the context (all the other active categories - that is
      the way they are linked) - if you will we would suggest that culture
      specific (and as per my comment on the immortal matt) even person
      specific 'situation vocabulary' made up of these categories allows us
      to infer categories in streaming overwhelming stimuli –
   3. YATE project – the idea that using Second Life to provide ‘links’ while
      presenting concepts – brainstorm the hypothesis to be tested – what
      are the controls – what is the expected outcome
   4. Spinning Road illusion – related to number 1 above – the idea that
      context controls perception
   5. Image quality – hit brian with the quest definition – tied to number of
      ‘situations’ that can be extracted by a given class of agents
   6. Architecting conscious systems – return to the shannahan etc work –
      what architectures might be the key to replicating some of the engineering
       advantages we seek

News Articles
  1. App rule changes

       Apple announced Thursday that it would change some of the strict and
       perplexing rules for developers creating content for the iTunes App Store….Apple
       said it is “relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS
       apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code.” This means app
       developers will be able to use third-party tools to create applications for the iOS
       platform, something Apple has steadfastly denied in the past…Along with
       relaxing some restrictions on app development, Apple said it would publish the
       set of guidelines the company uses to approve, or shun,
       applications…publishing the App Store Review Guidelines to help developers
       understand how we review submitted apps. We hope it will make us more
       transparent and help our developers create even more successful apps for the
       App Store…

   2. Dreams and day’s events
   much of what happens in a dream is unique to that dream. But some events
   from a person’s day can be incorporated into dreams in two stages…“day
   residue” stage, in which emotional events may work their way into a person’s
   dreams that night. But that is followed by the more mysterious “dream lag”
   effect, in which those events disappear from the dream landscape — often to be
   reincorporated roughly a week later….Researchers reviewed the journals of 470
   people who recorded their dreams over a week. The dream-lag effect was
   strongest among people who viewed their dreams as a chance for self-
   understanding; their dreams often involved the resolution of problems or
   emotions tied to relationships…speculated that the delayed dreams were the
   mind’s way of working through interpersonal difficulties and even
   “reformulating” negative memories into more positive ones…BOTTOM LINE The
   dream cycle can be much longer than a single night…

3. Google instant

   Google Instant shows search results as you type…Using the new system, as a
   query is typed, the search box immediately jumps to the top of the search page,
   and a constantly changing list of suggested pages appears…If the user finds the
   right site, they don't need to finish typing or hit "enter."… feature builds on
   Google's existing auto-complete feature…Google executives brought up a local
   weather report simply by hitting the "w" key…esults just stream to you, giving
   the results that are most likely, given what you've typed so far…Anticipating
   partial queries turning up unfortunate results, potentially offensive search terms
   like "porn" still require the user to finish typing the word and hit enter for
   suggestions to appear…Even though we are serving more results pages, the
   additional load this enhancement creates is very small when compared to other
   types of web services such as streaming video and online gaming…Google
   processes more than 80 billion searches a month…Google was responsible for
   about 71 percent of all Web searches, followed by Yahoo with about 14 percent
   and Microsoft's Bing with just under 10 percent…

4. Email virus causes havoc

   e-mail virus swept through the Internet Thursday, snarling traffic and taking
   down servers at ABC, NASA, Comcast, and Google -- and possibly even affecting
   the Department of Homeland Security…virus, called “Here You Have” or
   VBMania, is a simple Trojan Horse: An e-mail arrives in your inbox with the
   suggestive subject line “here you have.” The body reads “This is The Document I
   told you about, you can find it Here” or “This is The Free Download Sex Movies,
   you can find it Here.”… Click the link in the message and you launch a program
   that spams the same Trojan Horse out to everyone in your address book, flooding
   and crippling e-mail servers…particular virus is especially challenging to monitor,
   noted McAfee’s experts, since it seems to be replicating in several forms…ooks
   like multiple variants may be spreading and may take some time to work through
   them all to paint a clearer picture…virus appeared to take down internal servers
   at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Thursday. Numerous sources
   told FoxNews.com that some DHS agencies that run on the Immigration and
   Customs Enforcement server crashed and were mostly disabled throughout
   Thursday….It’s a phishing attack -- when you click on the link in an e-mail it goes
   into the address book. It was clogging a bunch of e-mail and that’s it…U.S.
   Computer Emergency Readiness Team -- US-CERT, the agency tasked with
   preventing cyber attacks against the government -- was actively sharing its
   expertise with departments and agencies that had been affected, as well as
   private companies…

5. Brain studies applicable to neuroergonomics

   Mapping how the brain matures…New analysis tools may eventually help
   doctors predict autism and other developmental disorders…scientists have
   mapped out how the complex networks of connections in the brain evolve as
   children age…researchers are now using the technology to examine how brain
   development in children with specific disorders, such as autism, veers off the
   norm…aim to use the technology to predict, for example, whether a child at risk
   for autism will actually develop the disorder, or what treatments might work
   best for that individual…shown that between age five and 30, the short-range
   connections in the brain tend to weaken, while longer-range connections get
   stronger….showed for the first time that they could determine a child's
   development based on a brain scan…(fMRI), have proven to be a valuable
   scientific tool over the last decade, but they're still rarely used in medicine. That's
   because most fMRI studies aggregate data from multiple people, making the
   technology inappropriate for diagnosing patients. "We realized that if the
   promise of fMRI is going to apply to understanding individual patients, we need
   to come up with a new approach, one that can take advantage of an individual's
   data…researchers developed a twist on functional connectivity--a relatively new
   approach to analyzing brain-imaging data. With this approach, fMRI is used to
   record spontaneous fluctuations in brain activity as an individual lies quietly in
   the brain scanner and does nothing in particular. Brain areas that are well-
   connected will fluctuate in synchrony, providing an indirect way of mapping the
   brain's functional networks…studied more than 200 people age five to 30 and
   recorded brain activity in 160 brain areas. These areas had been identified in
   previous studies as important nodes of neural connectivity. The team then used a
   machine-learning algorithm to examine how activity in each of those areas
   fluctuated with every other area…an then look at the features that the
   algorithm deemed most important and learn what is changing in the brain's
   functional architecture. Over the course of development, different brain regions
   became segregated from each other as the connections between them
   weakened. "It paints a picture of a brain that gradually organizes into distinct
   subnetworks," esearch is part of a growing trend to analyze how the brain's
   networks interact…now using the same approach to study such developmental
   disorders as Tourette's syndrome and autism…

6. Marines take down pirates

   Marines from Camp Pendleton who stormed a pirate-held ship in the Gulf of
   Aden were combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, where they learned the
   skills necessary to disarm and arrest the nine Somalis without firing a shot…called
   the mission "a 10 out of 10 on any scale."… Launching Thursday morning
   from the amphibious transport ship Dubuque, the Marines assaulted in two
   inflatable boats while a helicopter hovered overhead. Despite resistance, the
   Marines used ladders to quickly scale the side of the freighter…Two dozen
   Marines were part of the assault force. In all, about 80 personnel, including U.S.
   Coast Guard members and Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, were
   involved in the operationship's 11-member crew -- which included Filipinos, Poles
   and Ukrainians -- was unhurt. It took Marines three hours to search the vessel for
   pirates who were hiding and to free the crew from a barricaded space in the
   engineering compartment…predawn take-down was the first involving U.S.
   forces. Whether it signals a heightened aggressiveness by the task force
   remains unclear….

7. Facebook passes Google in use time

   U.S. Web surfers are spending more 
 time socializing on Facebook than
   searching with 
 Google…people spent a total of 41.1 million 
 minutes on
   Facebook, comScore said Thursday, 
 about 9.9% of their Web-surfing minutes
   for the 
 month. That just barely surpassed the 39.8 million 
 minutes, or 9.6%,
   people spent on all of Google Inc 
 .'s sites combined, including YouTube, the free
 Gmail e-mail program, Google news and other 
 content sites…the time spent
 osting photos, updating status messages and 
 scrolling through news from
   friends has at least 
 grown to rival just about everything else people do

8. Taliban Commander killed

   suspected U.S. missile strike Sunday killed at least five associates of a warlord
   who is fighting Western troops in Afghanistan…two missiles targeted a home in
   the village of Datta Khel in the North Waziristan tribal area where Bahadur's
   associates were believed to be staying. They said five people were killed and
   three were believed to be wounded…Four airstrikes pounded the area over 24
   hours this past week, the last killing five suspected militants early Thursday…

9. Facebook bandits

   If you plan to log into your Facebook account and announce to the world that
   you’re heading to the beach for the weekend, you might want to append the
   status update with a warning that your home is under 24-hour surveillance, you
   have a 140-pound Rottweiler who hasn’t eaten in a week and that you own a
   really good alarm system…New Hampshire’s WMUR Channel 9 News, three local
   men, Mario Rojas, Leonardo Barroso and Victor Rodriguez, have burglarized
   more than 18 homes in the Nashua area of New Hampshire simply by checking
   status updates on Facebook and then pillaging houses of victims who
   announced on the social network that they were not home…Police told the
   news outlet that they recovered between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of
   stolen property as a result of the investigation…tracked down the burglars after
   a specific type of firework was stolen from a victim’s home. The police listened for
   the sound of the fireworks where they apprehended the suspects and their
   loot…A Web site called Please Rob Me had noted when people informed the
   world they weren’t home by their status updates and check-ins on some
   location-based social networks. But the site has since shut down, noting that
   the site’s founders are “satisfied with the attention we’ve gotten for an issue
   that we deeply care about.”…

10. Testing kids

   taking tests was as much a part of the rhythm of their school day as tag at recess
   or listening to stories at circle time…living in China, where their school blended a
   mostly Western elementary school curriculum with the emphasis on discipline
   and testing that typifies Asian educational styles…nearly constant tension
   between the Asian parents, who wanted still more tests and homework, and the
   Western parents, who were more concerned with whether their kids were
   having fun…educators and parents in the United States debate new federal
   programs that will probably expose young children to far more exams and
   quizzes than is the current norm…esting of young children had been out of favor
   for decades among early-childhood educators in the United States, who worry
   that it stifles creativity and harms self-esteem, and does not accurately reflect
   the style and irregular pace of children’s learning anyway…President Obama’s
   Race to the Top educational competition — which announced billions of dollars
   in state grants this month — includes and encourages more reliance on what
   educators call “formative tests” or “formative assessments.” These are not the
   big once-a-year or once-in-a-lifetime exams, like the SATs, but a stream of
   smaller, less monumental tests, designed in theory, at least, primarily to help
   students and their teachers know how they’re doing…“What’s best for kids is
   frequent testing, where even if they do badly, they can get help and improve and
   have the satisfaction of doing better,” he said. “Kids don’t get self-esteem by
   people just telling them they are wonderful.”… Other educators recoil at the
   thought of more tests…genuine learning in young children was a global process,
   while tests look at narrow and specific skills, and good teachers don’t need tests
   to know if a child is learning…

11. Iraq mission not over

   August 31, the U.S. military formally declared an end to its combat mission in
   Iraq, 7-1/2 years after the invasion that removed Saddam and led to sectarian
   warfare and a fierce insurgency in which tens of thousands of Iraqis were killed.
   More than 4,400 U.S. soldiers have been killed since 2003…U.S. networks such as
   NBC showed what the U.S. military labeled the last combat brigade rumbling into
   Kuwait…there are still six brigades made up of 50,000 troops in Iraq, ahead of a
   full withdrawal at the end of 2011. Their focus is to assist and advise their Iraqi
   counterparts…September 7, two U.S. soldiers were killed and nine wounded
   when an Iraqi soldier opened fire on them at an Iraqi commando base…Manuel
   said changing the mission's name meant little if any of his soldiers were to be
   killed by a roadside bomb…Gone are the days when U.S. soldiers kicked in doors
   and searched for insurgents and weapons, U.S. officers say, adding that they
   cannot even enter towns now unless invited and escorted…However, a tip-off
   that a suicide bomber from the Iraqi affiliate of al-Qaeda planned to attack a
   joint Iraqi-U.S. checkpoint in western Nineveh during the Muslim holiday of Eid
   al-Fitr, which started on Friday, led U.S. troops to take the initiative in a raid last
   week….Being that it is a credible threat specifically against U.S. forces, we kind of
   have to act,"…

12. ISR Group and Cyber

   659th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group was activated Sept. 8
   during a ceremony here…to provide direct ISR support to the 24th Air Force,
   which contributes to U.S. Cyber Command's mission. Members of the 659th
   focus on digital network exploitation analysis and digital network intelligence,
   which enables computer network operations. The group also provides digital
   network experts to the National Security Agency…tasked with standing up an ISR
   group to support 24th Air Force, we laid the foundation within days by
   establishing the provisional 770th ISR Group, which was the 659th's
   precursor…new 659th ISR Group has two intelligence squadrons: the 7th
   Intelligence Squadron here and the 35th IS at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
   The more than 400 military and civilian Airmen of the 659th ISR Group conduct
   missions at locations worldwide…

13. Artificial Skin

   Flexible sensors could give prosthetics and robots a more sensitive sense of
   touch….tactile sensitivity of human skin is hard to re-create, especially over
   large, flexible surfaces. But two California research groups have made pressure-
   sensing devices that significantly advance the state of the art….One, made by
   researchers at Stanford University, is based on organic electronics and is 1,000
   times more sensitive than human skin…second, made by researchers at the
   University of California, Berkeley, uses integrated arrays of nanowire transistors
   and requires very little power. Both devices are flexible and can be printed over
   large areas…surfaces could help robots pick up delicate objects without breaking
   them, give prosthetics a sense of touch, and give surgeons finer control over
   tools used for minimally invasive surgery…core of Bao's device consists of a clear
   silicon-containing polymer called PDMS. This material's ability to store charge is
   directly related to its thickness…The microstructuring also improves the
   sensitivity of the device. The gentlest pressure that human skin can detect is
   about one kilopascal; Bao's devices can detect pressures that are 1,000 times
   more gentle…Touch sensing can also help robots avoid obstacles and locate
   objects in difficult environments…Surgical tools tipped with very sensitive
   tactile sensors could give doctors better control over how much force they use
   during minimally invasive surgeries…

14. DHS and Iris scanners

   test futuristic iris scan technology that 
 stores digital images of people's eyes in
   a database 
 and is considered a quicker alternative to
 fingerprints…department will run a two-week test in October 
 of commercially
   sold iris scanners at a Border Patrol 
 station in McAllen, Texas…Iris scanners are
   little used, but a new generation of 
 cameras that capture images from 6 feet
 instead of a few inches has sparked interest from 
 government agencies
   and financial firms…fears that the 
 cameras could be used covertly…Homeland
   Security will test cameras that take photos 
 from 3 or 4 feet away, including one
   that works on 
 people as they walk by…In 2007, the U.S. military began taking
   iris scans of 
 thousands of Iraqis to track suspected militants…

15. Social search

   even on the Internet, it is not what you know but who you know…many people
   now prefer getting their online information the old-fashioned way: by yakking
   across the fence…urning to friends is the new rage in the Web world, extending
   far beyond established social networking sites and setting off a rush among Web
   companies looking for ways to help people capitalize on the wisdom of their
   social circles — and to make some money in the process…What your friends
   think and what people like you think is much more relevant than what
   everybody thinks…Amazon.com now allows its shoppers to connect to their
   Facebook accounts so that Amazon can display their friends’ favorite books, films
   and other products. TunerFish, a start-up owned by Comcast, lets users share
   what television shows and movies they are watching…“Improving search has
   always been about improving relevance,” Mr. Ray of Forrester said. “But the
   thinking now is that getting information from your immediate social network is
   what will really make results more relevant….trust factor of friends’ suggestions
   can make a big difference…

16. Genetic based treatments

   watershed" in sequencing technology helps physicians choose drugs for cancer
   patients…two years ago, scientists published the sequence of the first cancer
   genome, detailing the constellation of genetic mutations that likely enabled
   tumor cells to grow out of control. Now a handful of scientists and physicians are
   starting to use data from this "whole genome analysis" to help them choose
   the best drugs for their patients. Over the weekend at the Personal Genomes
   conference in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, three researchers presented cases
   highlighting how the approach can work on rare tumors and other unusual
   cases…cancer results when healthy cells acquire a combination of genetic
   mutations that let them grow out of control. Previous research has identified
   genetic variations that increase the risk that an individual will develop certain
   kinds of cancer, as well as specific mutations within the cancer cells themselves
   that render them sensitive to certain drugs…one of the first cases to apply the
   technology to clinical practice, scientists from the BC Cancer Center in Vancouver
   twice sequenced the genome of cancer cells in a patient with a very rare type of
   tumor--an adenocarcinoma of the tongue…no standard courses of
   treatment…collaborators used the genetic variations that they had identified,
   along with their knowledge of the molecular pathways that have been implicated
   in cancer, to create a model for what might be driving cancer in that patient.
   They narrowed in on a defect in a specific molecular pathway linked to cancer
   cell growth. The patient's physician then chose to treat him with a drug that
   inhibits that pathway, and the patient's tumor stopped growing for eight months.
   "A rare tumor is never going to have clinical trials,"… the cancer eventually
   grew resistant to the treatment and started growing again…scientists implant
   tumor cells biopsied from a patient into a mouse, which then grows a tumor
   similar to the patient's. Jones's team could then hypothesize which drugs would
   work best using the model created from the genome analysis, and test those
   drugs on the mouse before trying them in the patient….Physicians currently try to
   predict the prognosis for patients with different subtypes of AML by looking for
   certain abnormalities in their chromosomes…cost of sequencing itself--about
   $10,000 to $20,000 for a human genome--is quickly becoming less of a
   roadblock. It's now on par with other medical tests and treatments for cancer; an
   MRI scan costs about $6,000, and cancer patients typically have severa…points
   out that it's impossible to conclude from individual cases whether a particular
   treatment worked because of a mutation identified in the genetic analysis…

17. Gaming and decision making

   Action gamers acquire advantage in evaluating sensory information…Playing
   shoot-‘em-up, action-packed video games strengthens a person’s ability to
   translate sensory information quickly into accurate decisions….ction-game
   players get tutored in detecting a range of visual and acoustic evidence that
   supports increasingly speedy decisions with no loss of precision…action games
   improved probabilistic inference not just for the act of gaming, but for unrelated
   and rather dull tasks…Much remains to be learned, though, about whether and
   to what extent video-induced thinking improvements aid other skills, such as
   pilots’ ability to land airplanes in challenging conditions…Bavelier’s group tested
   11 men who reported having played action video games at least five times a
   week for the past year and 12 men who reported no action video game activity
   in the past year. Participants in each group averaged 19 to 20 years of age…Men
   in both groups looked at dot arrays on a computer screen and had up to two
   seconds to indicate with an appropriate keystroke the main direction in which
   each set of dots was moving. Arrays ranged in difficulty, with some having
   almost all dots moving in the same direction and others having slightly more
   than half the dots moving in the same direction…Action gamers responded
   substantially faster than nongamers to dot arrays at all difficulty levels…Game
   players showed a similar speed advantage on an auditory task…playing action
   games amplifies an ability to analyze sensory information…
18. Google Me

    Google this fall plans to infuse its core products with elements of social
   networking.. Google hoped to at least get access to Facebook users' contact lists
   so that people can grow their social network on Google…The best thing that
   would happen is for Facebook to open up its data," Mr. Schmidt said. "Failing
   that, there are other ways to get that information."… been developing a rival to
   Facebook, the largest social-networking service with more than 500 million users
   who share photos, comments and website links with a network of friends. The
   new service is known internally as Google Me…YouTube, Google's online video
   service, is one product that will incorporate more social-networking elements,
   said people familiar with the matter. Google is working on ways to notify users
   when a particular video is being watched by many friends in their
   network…Google will attempt to allow users on the Google site to access
   information they created on many other sites including Twitter and Yahoo's
   Flickr, the photo-sharing service

19. Twitter adds video

   users will soon be able to embed photos and video clips into their 140-character-
   long tweets…fast-growing microblogging service said the new features are part
   of a major overhaul focused on making Twitter more user-friendly…It's faster,
   it's easier and it's a richer experience…Simple things that are cryptic on Twitter
   today become a lot more clear…pdated Twitter.com features an expanded
   sidebar that shows related content when you click on a specific Tweet,
   eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between different Web pages. The
   company partnered with 16 media providers, included Yahoo's Flickr and
   Google's YouTube, to let users embed pictures and playable videos directly on
   Twitter.com. That cuts a step out of the previous navigation path, which required
   clicking on a link to view images or clips…also includes the ability to scroll down
   the page without having to press a "more" button.. move is part of Twitter's
   ongoing shift from promising startup to entrenched Web giant. While the four-
   year-old company has insisted on what it calls a "slow and thoughtful approach
   to monetization…Earlier this year, Twitter launched "Promoted Tweets," a
   money-making plan featuring 140-character ads purchased by companies like
   Starbucks and Red Bull…

20. Taliban quote
   Taliban commander in northwest Pakistan tells CBS News a wave of recent U.S.
   air strikes have had an "incredible and accurate" impact on al Qaeda militants
   in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area…elentless waves of air strikes,
   suspected to have been carried out by unmanned U.S. drones, have pounded the
   region in the past three weeks, leaving dozens of alleged militants killed…Within
   72 hours, four to five drone attacks in tribal areas have interrupted badly al
   Qaeda and Pakistani militants,".. Taliban commander, who spoke on the
   condition that he not be identified by name, said the number of al Qaeda
   militants in the region was dwindling as a result of the increasing pressure…may
   seem counter-intuitive for a Taliban commander to reveal apparent advances by
   the U.S. military and intelligence apparatus, it is important to note that the
   Islamic fighters in the region are divided into myriad tribal groups…Taliban
   commander also said, however, that the missile strikes -- the most recent of
   which slammed into a house early Monday in North Waziristan, killing 10
   alleged militants -- are taking an increasing toll on the Taliban, in addition to al
   Qaeda operatives in the area…commander told Yousafzai locals seem to have
   ramped-up their "spying" on militants in the area, and are increasingly grassing
   on even the more native Taliban fighters who have long enjoyed some degree of
   support in the region…said the Taliban's "brutal punishment and beheading of
   spies" was apparently failing to halt the villagers' cooperation with government
   forces, who have increased their tip-offs to American intelligence
   operatives…commander went so far as to say the reprisal attacks could be
   "widening and complicating" the Taliban's fight in Waziristan…Intelligence
   sources tell Bokhari that the strikes over the past couple days have killed
   important "field commanders," though nobody has mentioned any of the most-
   wanted figures believed to be hiding out in the mountainous region…

21. Zhari

   U.S. and Afghan forces began advancing slowly Wednesday through the
   insurgent-filled district in southern Afghanistan that gave birth to the Taliban
   movement, treading ground where guerrilla fighters have operated freely for
   years…latest push in Zhari district is part of a crucial strategy aimed at reducing
   violence in the provincial capital Kandahar by stemming the flow of fighters and
   weapons there and connecting civilians estranged from their government…part
   of military operations that have been going on in Zhari for at least four
   months…One of the targets in Zhari was the village of Makuan, which U.S.
   commanders expect to clear within days. Carter said troops had "breached some
   IED belts" adjacent to the village, referring to bombs coalition forces often call
   improvised explosive devices…NATO said 25 Afghan civilians had been killed and
   60 injured so far in September as the result of the Taliban insurgency…
   22. Cursor on Target

       ANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- Officials from the Electronic Systems Center
       here are slated to the host the Cursor on Target Users' Conference Sept. 22 and
       23….scenario-based, 'friendly competition' will dominate much of the
       event…expecting as many as 200 attendees to participate in the hands-on
       activity. They will be split into two teams, each consisting of end-users,
       developers and program managers. The teams will apply CoT-based technologies
       to rapidly track and share data that allows operational challenges to be
       met…Specialists from the office of the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for
       Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A2) and Air Force Special
       Operations Command will judge the results…CoT is a straight-forward, powerful
       method of communicating situational awareness data…For special operations
       personnel and others operating in a battlefield environment, where time is
       critical and bandwidth limited, only minimal essential information can be passed
       and processed…The key is that it strips critical, time-sensitive communication
       requirements down to their most essential elements…General Jumper
       challenged ESC officials to develop capabilities that allowed different agencies to
       communicate with each other using existing systems…The sum of all wisdom is a
       cursor over the target…CoT, he noted, has helped solve many key operational
       challenges, including the need to rapidly assign strike assets to a target and then
       pass target coordinates to the asset. CoT does this by significantly reducing
       operator tasks, like typing in target coordinates, and replacing them with the
       machine-to-machine interfaces General Jumper called for…CoT also helps
       connect systems that, for one reason or another, fail to connect on their own,
       and it has become an essential tool for tracking both hostile and friendly forces.
       That tracking capability, combined with the enhanced accuracy provided by
       removing hand-written or hastily typed coordinates, means that CoT
       significantly reduces fratricide potential…full-motion video feeds can be
       brought up with the click of button…

   23. Yahoo and Google TV

Yahoo Brings Apps to TVs
      The company's widget platform is in stark contrast to Google's set-top box
      approach…platform lets users install Internet apps, or "widgets," to do things like
      watch shows bought through Amazon or rented through Netflix, or browse eBay
      and Facebook while watching TV. Yahoo announced today that Toshiba will
      begin shipping TVs with the platform--joining Sony, LG, Samsung, and
      Vizio…Yahoo and Google both hope to make advertising dollars through
      Internet-connected TVs. Such ads would be targeted to TV content. For
example, while an app on an Internet-connected TVs could automatically pull up
scoring data to accompany a sports broadcast, advertising could show
merchandise for the viewer's favorite team…Google is working with Intel to
create a powerful dedicated TV device featuring Intel's Atom processors.
Yahoo's approach is fundamentally different--it's making Internet apps that
could work on even relatively cheap TV sets, rather than selling a separate
computer-like set-top device…"TVs are designed for video performance, not
application performance, and have little internal storage," says Russ Shafer, a
senior director of marketing at Yahoo. "So we developed a very light, cloud-
based platform." Yahoo's platform can be shipped with almost any TV capable of
connecting to the Internet, the cheapest being a model available from Vizio for
$299…around 65 TV models running Yahoo's software are available. As a result,
Yahoo is one of the first companies to have data on how TV viewers use Internet
apps on TVs. "The most popular apps today are video-on-demand and
Facebook," says Shafer, who adds that users have shown how TV and Internet
content can share the screen. "Users can turn to Twitter to add information not
featured in a news broadcast as an event unfolds,"… only limited lessons can be
drawn from the cell-phone app market. "One big difference is that the TV is a
shared device, not a personal device; also, maybe 80 percent of phone apps are
location-based, which doesn't translate to TV…argues that consumers are ready
for shared apps. When his firm asked people what apps they would use on a TV,
many said they wanted a shared calendar that everyone in their household
could update and view…Schafer claims that Yahoo's platform should give
advertisers metrics similar to those offered by Google TV. But Dixon points out
that it will collect less information than Google TV. "The Yahoo engine doesn't
know what's on the TV; Google TV devices can know,"… Google TV device could
track whatever content is onscreen at any given moment by monitoring the
station a person is tuned into and using the Internet to check TV schedules…

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