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									12. Appendix


Abbreviations used………………………………………………………………………………………6



a) Coercion in sentence…………………………………………………………………………………7

b) Coercion in context…………………………………………………………………………………..7



a) Change of meaning…………………………………………………………………………………..8

b) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………..13



a) Coercion in context…………………………………………………………………………………14

b) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………..…15



a) Coercion in sentence………………………………………………………………………………15


Depend on………………………………………………………………………………………………..16

a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………….16

b) Coercion in context…………………………………………………………………………………17

c) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………..18


a) Change of meaning…………………………………………………………………………………18



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………….19

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….30

c) Change of meaning………………………………………………………………………………..32

d) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………32


a) Coercion in sentence………………………………………………………………………………52

b) Change of meaning………………………………………………………………………………..57

c) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………….59



a) Coercion in sentence………………………………………………………………………………62

b) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………….62


a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………….64

b) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………….65



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………….65

b) Coercion in context…………………………………………………………………………………74

c) Change of meaning…………………………………………………………………………………75

d) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………..90



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………….93

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….112

c) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….113

d) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………114


a) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….121

b) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………126



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..127

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….128

c) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….129

d) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………136


a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..140

b) Change of meaning…………………………………………………………………………….…142

c) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………144



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..147

b) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….147


a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..152

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….155

c) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………156



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..161


a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..162

b) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………163



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………..………………………164

b) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………166


a) Coercion in sentence…………………………………………………………………………….167

b) Coercion in context………………………………………………………………………………170

c) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….171

d) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………..172



a) Coercion in sentence…………………………………………………………………………….174

b) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………175



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..175

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….177

c) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………178



a) Coercion in sentence……………………………………………………………………………..179

b) Change of meaning……………………………………………………………………………….184

c) No change of meaning or coercion……………………………………………………………200


a) Coercion in sentence…………………………………….……………………………………….203

b) Coercion in context……………………………………………………………………………….204

c) Change of meaning………………………………………………………………………………..205



a) Coercion in sentence………………………………………………………………….………….213

b) Change of meaning………………………………………………………………………………215

c) No change of meaning or coercion…………………………………………………………...217



a) Coercion in sentence…………………………………………………………………………….218

b) Change of meaning………………………………………………………………………………218

For easier orientation in the electronic version use bookmarks.

Abbreviations used:

   (a) temporal advebial

   (d) stress on development

   (r) repetition

   (t) stress on temporariness

   (tense) usage of tense




   For other markings see respective parts of the main text.

           1.a.i Seem

           Coercion in sentence

                bncdoc.id CFY              For the first time a sensation pierced the numbness and it caused
            David Lee's                Joe 's body to jerk and send a message to his brain that created the
            classification             desire to shout , ` Do n't call me that , because I 'm not a sir . I
            W_fict_prose               never was and never shall be ; you 've left the sir in the grave . ' `
            bncdoc.author              Are you all right ? ' ` Yes , yes . ' The words were clipped . ` You
            Cookson, Catherine         said you 'd be leaving for Newcastle ? ' ` We 'd like to make it before
            bncdoc.date 1992           dark . With no lighting , the roads can be rather treacherous , you
            bncdoc.title My            understand , and the weather is seeming to worsen (d). ' ` Yes . '
            beloved son.               There was a long pause before Joe said , ` I want to see you about
            bncdoc.info My             … about business . ' ` Yes , yes , anytime . ' ` Tomorrow ? ' Mr
            beloved son. Sample        Beecham 's eyebrows moved up slightly , and he said , ` Yes , if you
            containing about 38926     wish , tomorrow . Say , eleven o'clock ? ' ` Very well . ' Joe 's reply
            words from a book          was curt and Mr Beecham looked at this young man who , when he
            (domain: imaginative)      had last seen him just a few months ago , had appeared to him to
            Text availability          be a schoolboy , immature for his age : but sitting before him now
            Worldwide rights cleared   was a young man with no sign of immaturity on his countenance ,

            Publication date           for he seemed to have aged overnight , as it were .
            1985-1993 Text type
            Written books and
                bncdoc.id GYT              Mhm . he could get social security but here they closed the social
            David Lee's                security bit down in and he 'd nowhere so he came up here , oh he
            classification             'd stayed here many time previous to that . When would this be ?
            S_interview_oral_history   Oh well he died I mean the sixteen years , what , what time ? He 'd
            bncdoc.author              come here just about nineteen fifty something . Mhm . And of
            bncdoc.date                course he came here , he , and one day and he says , could I gi give
            bncdoc.title               this place as an address and I 'll get social security ? I says , och
            bncdoc.info Oral           aye , certainly Charlie . So he made up a bed in the front of the byre
            history project:           there , and he was sixteen year in it . And he used to walk from
            interview. Sample          here to and sign on twice a week . And walk back . And how old
            containing about 4427      would he be ? Well he was seeming to six when he died (a). You
            words speech recorded      see he used to get over the stick pretty often , if you understand
            in leisure context Text    what I mean by over the stick ? Aye . Er this night he was , when I
            availability Ownership     went into the byre in the morning Charlie was n't there . So I waited

            has not been claimed       , he generally turned up , I 've seen him not be up home till eight
            Publication date 1985-     and half past eight in the morning but he never turned up so about
            1993 Text type Spoken      nine o'clock I says , I 'd better phone the police .

           Coercion in context

               bncdoc.id CH3               Forgotten , momentarily , were the lumps and bumps and
            David Lee's                soreness of his face after the punishment he took from game but
            classification             limited American challenger Tony Thornton in Glasgow on Saturday
            W_newsp_tabloid            night . Today is the actual anniversary of the tragic night in
            bncdoc.author              Tottenham when Eubank crushed Watson -- and it is only recently
            bncdoc.date                that the Islington fighter has started to make a real recovery (d).
            bncdoc.title The Daily     Just the mention of his name started Eubank off . ` What a blinding

            Mirror. bncdoc.info        man , and I 'm so very pleased that Michael is seeming to make an
            The Daily Mirror. Sample   amazing recovery . ` I 've spoken to him a few times and he 's the
            containing about 124251    epitome of a true warrior . He still wants to fight , believes he still
            words from a periodical    has it in him to fight . ` He 's still sharp , has a sense of humour , he

           (domain: leisure) Text     's witty . He 's bitter about what happened -- he did n't want to lose
           availability Worldwide     . He hated that .
           rights cleared
           Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type
           Written books and



         Change of Meaning

               bncdoc.id ASB              Pursuant to the warrant , an intercept was placed on Mr. Cox 's
           David Lee's                telephone in or about August 1983 and I saw the products of the
           classification             intercept in the form of transcripts of recorded telephone
           W_ac_polit_law_edu         conversations . As Mr. Cox lived in Wales there was a fair amount of
           bncdoc.author Gearty,      telephone communication between him and C.N.D. headquarters .
           C A;Ewing, K D             He would routinely be in contact with the office and with , for
           bncdoc.date 1990           example , Bruce Kent and Joan Ruddock . Accordingly , without
           bncdoc.title Freedom       intercepting their telephone communications we obtained a fair
           under Thatcher.            amount of information about their attitudes on quite a wide range of
           bncdoc.info Freedom        topics that were concerning C.N.D. at the time . As to Mr. Cox
           under Thatcher. Sample     himself , we obtained very little information that we did not already
           containing about 44722     have , although perhaps a bit more detailed . My own assessment
           words from a book          before we had the check would have been that he worked within
           (domain: social science)   C.N.D. because he was a committed C.N.D. member rather than
           Text availability          working in C.N.D. in order to further the interests of the Communist
           Worldwide rights cleared   Party . Certainly nothing that I recall seeing as a result of the
           Publication date           intercept ever contradicted that assessment .
           1985-1993 Text type
           Written books and
               bncdoc.id B05               Dialogue House , New York , has developed a comprehensive
           David Lee's                system of journalling and others have adapted this for a ` spiritual
           classification             journal ' . Whether shorter or longer , the important thing is to make
           W_religion                 it serve you so that it becomes not a burden but a means of personal
           bncdoc.author Long,        reflection and integration . A simple way is to use a notebook ,
           Anne bncdoc.date           dating each day and following these headings : ( i ) insights ,
           1988 bncdoc.title          thoughts , questions emerging from my Bible reading and prayer . (
           Approaches to spiritual    ii ) notes about my spiritual journey -- things that are currently
           direction. bncdoc.info     concerning me , challenging me , strengthening me . ( iii )
           Approaches to spiritual    something I am reading or thinking about at present that I would
           direction. Sample          like to remember . ( iv ) a current event or relationship I need to
           containing about 10323     reflect on . For a fuller version the following headings might be
           words of miscellanea       useful : ( i ) my personal salvation history ( it can be both
           (domain: belief and        encouraging and revealing to review one 's life journey and trace the
           thought) Text              different stages within it .
           availability Worldwide

           rights cleared
           Publication date
               bncdoc.id CTN                                                     Before that Sampson was

David Lee's               involved in DEC 's early Unix efforts . Drawing on his experience ,
classification            Sampson will also spearhead IXI 's assault on Sun 's user base with
W_non_ac_tech_engin       the Motif-based Deskworks toolset ( UX No 387 ) . … SAYS OSF
bncdoc.author             MOTIF SHOULD BECOME AN END-USER PRODUCT …
bncdoc.date               Meanwhile , the future of the Open Software Foundation 's Motif
bncdoc.title Unigram      graphical user interface is a subject that 's concerning IXI , as well
x. bncdoc.info            as some other corners of the independent software vendor
Unigram x. Sample         community who 's businesses are focused on the emerging de facto
containing about 10318    industry standard , OSF 's major success to date . Although there are
words from a periodical   moves to define the requirements for a next generation user
(domain: applied          environment , UEC II ( UX No 391 ) , which will be a ` highly
science) Text             evolved ' version of Motif , that wo n't be around until 1995 , and
availability Worldwide    there are some more immediate issues that need to be addressed ,
rights cleared            according to IXI .
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written books and
    bncdoc.id B32            Do you want to get her GP in ? I 'll get a specimen of her urine
David Lee's               tomorrow morning anyway . Reporting the facts directly When you
classification            start work , you should have a formal meeting with your manager ,
W_non_ac_soc_science      and from time to time there will be follow-up meetings . Usually
bncdoc.author             meetings are informal . You drop into his or her office , or bump into
Worsley, Jenny            each other in the hall . If you have something to say about a
bncdoc.date 1989          resident , you 'll still get your message over best if you stick to the
bncdoc.title Taking       point . Say what is concerning you , and then report the facts .
good care. bncdoc.info    Tracey meets her manager in the hall . MANAGER Oh good , there
Taking good care.         you are Tracey . Could you lend a hand with the laundry this
Sample containing about   morning ? We 're one short . TRACEY Yes , I will . But I need to see
34195 words from a        you for a moment . I 'm a bit worried about Mrs Brown . Her urine 's
book (domain: social      a strange colour and she was incontinent twice yesterday . That 's
science) Text             not usual for her . MANAGER Thanks for telling me .
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written books and
    bncdoc.id B3A             Telephone Belfast 365131 , Extension 2138/2139 for hours of
David Lee's               attendance during vacations . MAGEE COLLEGE The University
classification W_misc     Medical Officers at Magee College are the general practitioners in the
bncdoc.author             Aberfoyle practice situated in the Strand Road on the fringe of the
bncdoc.date 1991          campus . 2.3 COUNSELLING SERVICE The Counselling Service is
bncdoc.title Guide for    open to all students of the University and their immediate family and
new students 1991.        friends . It is a confidential service staffed by professionally trained
bncdoc.info Guide for     counsellors . People can use the Counselling Service to discuss any
new students 1991.        kind of personal , academic or emotional problem or issue which is
Sample containing about   concerning them . If you feel that you might benefit from using the
8486 words of             Counselling Service you can make arrangements to see a counsellor
miscellanea (domain:      by telephoning , writing to , or calling at the campus office . If it is a
social science) Text      matter of urgency a consultation can be arranged quickly . An
availability Worldwide    information package about how counselling might help with
rights cleared            particular problems is available on request from any of the campus
Publication date          offices . The Counselling Service offers a number of Student Success
1985-1993 Text type       Courses and skill acquisition classes during the academic year .
Written miscellaneous
    bncdoc.id HHV            Mr. Kinnock Is the Prime Minister aware that building employers

David Lee's               say that conditions are worse than they have been in 40 years , that
classification            car sales are down 20 per cent . on the year and that Lord Prior ,
W_hansard                 chairman of GEC , says there is no improvement in trading
bncdoc.author             conditions ? If the Prime Minister thinks that all that adds up to
bncdoc.date 1992          recovery , he is not living in the real world . The Prime Minister The
bncdoc.title [Hansard     right hon. Gentleman should get out of the habit of writing his
extracts 1991-1992]       supplementary questions before he hears the first answer . What is
bncdoc.info [Hansard      concerning the right hon. Gentleman is the fact that the economy
extracts 1991-1992].      is moving back into growth and he does not like it . Growth is good
Sample containing about   for the country but bad for the Labour party . Mr. Kinnock After
437508 words of           years of pushing Britain down , the Prime Minister is in no position to
miscellanea (domain:      make that kind of claim . He has taken Britain into negative growth ,
world affairs) Text       rising unemployment and falling output . It is time he was out .
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written miscellaneous
    bncdoc.id K4C             The brilliant 2,000 Guineas winner was pulled out today
David Lee's               apparently because the ground is too soft . Despite more rain over
classification            the weekend , clerk of the course Nicholas Beaumont maintains the
W_newsp_other_social      going is still good . But a representative from owner Khalid Abdulla 's
bncdoc.author             team walked the course this morning before the decision was
bncdoc.date               reached . Zafonic was beaten on soft going at Maisons-Laffitte in
bncdoc.title Liverpool    April . Jockey Pat Eddery will switch to Wharf , originally in the race
Daily Post and Echo:      to make the pace for Zafonic . The weather is also concerning John
Leisure pages.            Dunlop , trainer of Ventiquattrofogli . His stable confirmed that the
bncdoc.info Liverpool     colt will run , but adding the proviso , ` unless there is significant
Daily Post and Echo:      overnight rain ' . Woosnam in the swing IAN WOOSNAM jets off to
Leisure pages. Sample     this week 's US Open in good heart despite being beaten by Sam
containing about 28557    Torrance in a four-way play-off for the Honda Open . Woosnam ,
words from a periodical   Torrance , Paul Broadhurst and Sweden 's Johan Rystrom tied on
(domain: leisure) Text    278 , but despite he last-gasp agony Woosnam was delighted by his
availability Ownership    form .
has not been claimed
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written books and
    bncdoc.id BNV             The proposed increases for 1992/93 do n't quite meet that
David Lee's               criteria , although the AOC charges increase of 4.3 per cent is very
classification            close … I am not such an optimist as to imagine that we are
W_pop_lore                always going to agree with you about the type of regulation , or its
bncdoc.author             costs , but I do want to emphasise that we are determined always to
bncdoc.date 1992-06       try to talk through contentious issues with you and to ensure that
bncdoc.title Pilot.       there is real dialogue . ' An associated issue which is concerning UK
bncdoc.info Pilot.        operators is the question , oft raised in the past but still showing no
Sample containing about   sign of solution , of mutual recognition of aircraft certification
38964 words from a        standards in the Single European Market . European Commission
periodical (domain:       spokesman Chris North says that the intention of legislation is for
leisure) Text             aircraft to be transferred between the civil aircraft registers of EC
availability Worldwide    states without additional work , but that this will apply only to new
rights cleared            aircraft , type-certificated under JARs . It could be twenty or thirty
Publication date          years , perhaps more , before all new aircraft meet those
1985-1993 Text type       requirements and non-JAA certificated aircraft have been retired .
Written books and

                                         - 10 -
               bncdoc.id C9J               You said that his estate had given Gibson permission to use Jimi
           David Lee's                 's signature . Well fine , but I 'm curious to wonder if the man
           classification              himself would have endorsed a guitar that he could n't then go out
           W_pop_lore                  and buy ! ! Unless of course he turned it upside down … !
           bncdoc.author               → I posed the same question at the end of the review . SLIM
           bncdoc.date                 PICKINGS Dear Guitarist I am in a band and we are still at school .
           bncdoc.title Guitarist.     We have a problem that a lot of youngsters such as ourselves can
           bncdoc.info Guitarist.      relate to . It is concerning PAs and speakers : they just cost too
           Sample containing about     much . To buy a brand new PA system costs a lot of money for a
           53361 words from a          single person , and as a group it is a huge risk as we are still at
           periodical (domain: arts)   school ( lower 6th ) and do not wish to spend that sort of money
           Text availability           when we can not guarantee we will still be together in a week , let
           Worldwide rights cleared    alone a year 's time . To buy secondhand is a risk as we do n't really
           Publication date            know what we are purchasing .
           1985-1993 Text type
           Written books and
               bncdoc.id HHB               If I were you I 'd change those spike heels for walking shoes and
           David Lee's                 explore the place . You might find it 's not so rough after all . ' And ,
           classification              without waiting for further comment from Doreen , she left the table
           W_fict_prose                . But when she reached the office she found concentration to be
           bncdoc.author               almost impossible , and within a short time she became impatient
           Macgregor, Miriam           with herself . Why are you concerning yourself about these matters
           bncdoc.date 1993            ? she queried mentally while staring at the typewriter . Silas 's
           bncdoc.title Wilder's       emotional affairs are not your problem , so why are you allowing
           wilderness.                 them to snake about in your mind ? And then the answer shrieked at
           bncdoc.info Wilder's        her all too clearly . It 's because you like him a little too much -- or ,
           wilderness. Sample          to be honest , you 're drawn to him a little too fiercely . The touch of
           containing about 61703      his hand sends ripples quivering through your blood , his kiss is like
           words from a book           an electric shock that sets your body on fire .
           (domain: imaginative)
           Text availability
           Worldwide rights cleared

           Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type
           Written books and
               bncdoc.id JTC              Yeah well what we do i All D K is double wrapped . We select the
           David Lee's                 pallets then Do you ? they must be uniform . They must n't be out of
           classification              the perimeters of the pallet . We go to no end of trouble to D K I
           S_meeting                   mean the fee And it 's all all the loads have to be signed by Chand
           bncdoc.author               and or to say Okay so you do bend over backwards for D K . We do
           bncdoc.date                 bend over backwards for D K . And what 's concerning me about
           bncdoc.title                the D K , I think we brought it up yesterd yesterday it was . Yeah .
           bncdoc.info Managerial      About when they get a load of in , Yes . I always insisted it went
           Meeting. Sample             from Yes . now it 's going from er . Yes . They 're stacking is n't as
           containing about 11213      good as what was . And the wrapping certainly is n't which Ray 's
           words speech recorded       taken up with them anyway . Well we 're gon na get complaints from
           in business context Text    D K again if that 's the case are n't we . We are .
           availability Ownership
           has not been claimed
           Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type

           Spoken context-
               bncdoc.id KLY              The only trouble is when you 're doing your administration and
           David Lee's                 some days you know y you may have to really get stuck in Yeah .

                                                       - 11 -
classification             and what are they gon na do , just sit and watch you Yeah . writing
S_speech_scripted          ? Mm . You feel That 's right . yeah . You 've got to pick your day .
bncdoc.author              that the day you choose Yeah . got to be more active Yeah . rather
bncdoc.date                than writing . Region I want to make some comments about the
bncdoc.title               UNISON er section of the report , because er I think it 's
bncdoc.info Trade          concerning me that er we 're basically not getting our act together
Union Annual Congress.     . July the first more members er in , in , in local authorities than er
Sample containing about    than we 've got in the whole of our union right and we 've got
13768 words speech         twenty five per cent of our membership in , in local authorities and
recorded in business       we 're getting hammered and we 're also getting at the same time
context Text               privatization , we 're seeing local authorities being broken up and we
availability Ownership     're seeing a creation of large numbers of employers .
has not been claimed
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Spoken context-
    bncdoc.id KE6              But another thing is you see where Sandra lives , you saying that
David Lee's                where she lives is apparently erm P C , now I do n't know him , but
classification S_conv      she does he lives up the same road and when people park did n't
bncdoc.author              she tell you this when we were coming down ? No , I do n't mean
bncdoc.date                that Sandra , I meant this one ! Oh Sandra over here ? Right ? Yeah
bncdoc.title               . Let's just say she could n't out Yeah . and she went to Claire and
bncdoc.info 59             George tonight Yeah . and said is anybody staying with you ? Oh
conversations recorded     yeah , that 'd do it ! That would do it would n't it ? But , what I was
by `Wendy' (PS0X8)         gon na say was concerning them blocking these pavements if the I
between 21 and 28          know as we I was there when she You were there when she said
February 1992 with 8       about P C . Well if we had some I know there 's two policemen up
interlocutors, totalling   round the corner here . Cos they walk down here , here Is there any
10803 s-units, 70883       one in ? Well P C I think is an older policeman . Yeah , that 's what I
words, and 10 hours 46     meant . Mm . These are two young-uns I reckon they lodge up here
minutes 58 seconds of      somewhere .
recordings. Text
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Spoken demographic
    bncdoc.id KRT              Once you get up on the roof then it 's euphoria , there 's anarchy
David Lee's                reigning , you 're in the public eye , the sun 's shining , er and
classification             everyone 's quite happy for a day or so , but of course you get cold
S_brdcast_news             and a bit hungry , and er then the sort of import of what you face
bncdoc.author              starts to come through . Er . Now what will be concerning the last
bncdoc.date                hard core will be that amongst them can almost certainly the people
bncdoc.title               who were involved in the original planning of the er uprising or riot ,
bncdoc.info Fox FM         and also who probably er orchestrated the Kangaroo Courts . What
News: radio                will be on their mind is first of all the Prison Authorities are going to
programme. Sample          isolate them , they 're going to be in solitary confinement for a very
containing about 155729    long time -- six months , maybe a year , that 's been the pattern --
words speech recorded      they 're going to lose a lot of remission , but they also know they 're
in educational context     going to face criminal charges .
Text availability
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication
date 1985-1993 Text
type Spoken context-

                                           - 12 -
         No change of meaning or coercion

              bncdoc.id BNK               Sir Charles Frank came to the Department of Physics in 1946 and
          David Lee's                 worked there until his retirement in 1976 . Most of the important
          classification W_misc       Physics that has been done in the laboratory during that time has
          bncdoc.author               been profoundly influenced by Sir Charles . Indeed , he has
          bncdoc.date                 continued to play an active role in Bristol Physics since his formal
          bncdoc.title Nonesuch:      retirement . His work can be summarised by an expression which he
          the University of Bristol   himself used in a retirement speech in 1976 : ` Physics is not just
          magazine. bncdoc.info       concerning the nature of things but concerning the
          Nonesuch: the               interconnectedness of all the natures of things ' . His contribution to
          University of Bristol       Physics has spanned a huge range of disciplines from muon-
          magazine. Sample            catalysed nuclear fusion ( which is now an area of flourishing
          containing about 25350      research directly initiated by one of Sir Charles ' short papers for
          words from a periodical     Nature in 1947 ) to defects in solids , liquid crystals , quasi crystals
          (domain: leisure) Text      and polymer crystallisation . Some of Sir Charles ' ideas relate to
          availability Worldwide      19th-century physics such as his very recent work on the vectorial
          rights cleared              description of the rational relationships between neighbouring crystal

          Publication date            grains .
          1985-1993 Text type
          Written books and
              bncdoc.id J3R               Chair , if I may , was the cooperatives that currently put in
          David Lee's                 Shropshire , they are essentially of self- employed people , who are
          classification              working together in a cooperative , and there 's certain advantages
          S_meeting                   that that presents them with . Whereas the agencies tend to be
          bncdoc.author               agencies employing people directly and then marking sense . Ah ,
          bncdoc.date                 yes . Any further comments , points ? Okay , thank you . Er , moving
          bncdoc.title                on then to the tabled items which should be placed L , marked L.
          bncdoc.info Shropshire      Item eleven , selling to the hospital resettlements . It 's concerning
          County Council Social       request , Chair , to replace the first few pages Oh , right . Er , the
          Services Committee:         following three pages of the papers sent out to members still stand ,
          committee meeting.          but there is some confusion in the numbering on er , the first page
          Sample containing about     of the rest of the report , and there was a section missed out on the
          13141 words speech          second page of the report which er , we 've inserted in the new
          recorded in public          papers there . Second the report ? Could I just say Chairman ?
          context Text
          availability Ownership
          has not been claimed

          Publication date
          1985-1993 Text type
          Spoken context-

                                                     - 13 -
     bncdoc.id KD8             Okay ? So something similar Excellent . Something like that yes .
 David Lee's                Yes . Erm So I 'll speak to Dennis for er addresses . Is there a phone
 classification S_conv      number in the ad or just an address ? A phone number as well yeah
 bncdoc.author              . Oh right . I think most people ring . You know cos it wastes so
 bncdoc.date                much time . Your name ? Yeah . But we 'll just have a word with
 bncdoc.title               Anna-Lee and if , I think you know , she 'll say what 's it
 bncdoc.info 31             concerning and if I 'm not there well she can put them through to
 conversations recorded     you . Okay . Erm so you say , are we saying that we 're gon na leave
 by `Martine' (PS0LK)       the police till we 've got some dates ? And the Well we know when
 between 12 and 20          we 're gon na do it do n't we ? Do we ? Well we know it 's the last
 March 1992 with 10         week in April or something Yeah . do n't we ?
 interlocutors, totalling
 10787 s-units, 76445
 words, and over 7 hours
 15 minutes 1 second of
 recordings. Text
 availability Worldwide
 rights cleared
 Publication date
 1985-1993 Text type
 Spoken demographic
     bncdoc.id H5E               Procedures . procedures Procedures Internal discipline you again
 David Lee's                ? Mm . There 's been a lot of stuff come down from county . As
 classification             opposed to complaints from outside . Oh yeah . Yeah , no staffing .
 S_meeting                  Staffing . And sickness as well if you 're looking at Yeah . counselling
 bncdoc.author              for sickness . Excuse me . Erm Alison from the Job Centre is on the
 bncdoc.date                phone , and I asked her if it was urgent and she said , fairly urgent ,
 bncdoc.title               it 's regards to the article To do with article . erm it 's concerning
 bncdoc.info Careers        the photograph , and she just wondered if you had anything in mind
 Service: meeting.          for the photograph or if , if you wanted to leave it up to the press ?
 Sample containing about    Tt erm I did wonder if this might happen actually I could n't
 8398 words speech          remember whether they wanted a photograph or not . Cath , can
 recorded in business       you ever remember whether we 've had a photograph taken at the
 context Text               recruitment fair ? Do n't think so . I do n't .
 availability Ownership
 has not been claimed
 Publication date
 1985-1993 Text type
 Spoken context-

1.a.iii Contain

Coercion in context

                                           - 14 -
              bncdoc.id CG3 David           Take this case , for example . One afternoon while I was in
          Lee's classification          the USA(a) , I received four obscene telephone calls . I was
          W_non_ac_humanities_art       alone in the house and extremely frightened . When I called
          s bncdoc.author               the police , they instructed me to write down everything the
          Casterton, Julia              caller had said . I did n't want to . I just wanted to forget it had
          bncdoc.date 1992              ever happened . But I forced myself to write it all down and ,
          bncdoc.title Creative         as I wrote it , it began to lose its power over me . I was
          writing. A practical guide.   containing the threats in written words : I was taking control .
          bncdoc.info Creative          I kept the piece of paper and , after I returned home and
          writing. A practical guide.   thought more about the episode , I transformed it into a poem
          Sample containing about       . It was important to me not to be silenced by the fear the
          35011 words from a book       anonymous caller invoked . After I 'd finished the poem I felt
          (domain: arts) Text           triumphant that I 'd broken my fear-silence . I also thought I 'd
          availability Worldwide        written a better poem because I 'd struggled with the voice ,
          rights cleared                forced myself to hear it again in my mind and to reply to it .
          Publication date 1985-        This dialogue went into the poem . The voice of the place If

          1993 Text type Written        you come from a certain town or region , you will know what
          books and periodicals         the different voices mean better than someone who comes
                                        from outside because you 've learned the code .

         No change of meaning or coercion

             bncdoc.id J3T David Lee's             In that case the , the white page which is n't numbered
          classification S_meeting             at the back of page three , is the revised estimate , and
          bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            shows the variations as outlined there . Erm , the only
          bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             variations which are actually going outside the Committee
          Shropshire County Council Public     control are as a result of the internal market variations
          Protection Committee:                which are going on down . Plus of course the growth in the
          committee meeting. Sample            Firemen 's Pension Scheme of thirty one thousand in the
          containing about 10451 words         current financial year , rising in future years . Otherwise the
          speech recorded in public            Committee services are containing their budgets within
          context Text availability            original cash limits . If there are no questions on the revised
          Ownership has not been claimed       estimates Chair , then the , the base budget for ninety three
          Publication date 1985-1993           , ninety four are those outlined on the green pages ,
          Text type Spoken context-            identified it certain service by service . It 's on these figures

          governed                             which in effect any Committee reductions will be made . I
                                               have nothing further to say on the green pages . Do
                                               members have any questions ?

         1.a.iv. Belong

         Coercion in sentence

                                                      - 15 -
              bncdoc.id HEU David             And we used to tidy up things like that . Er we did n't do
          Lee's classification            much . Cos there were we were only getting about five bob
          S_interview_oral_history        a week aye . Aye . And then er like like that . And er I
          bncdoc.author                   joined this territorials they come and then I joined them ,
          bncdoc.date bncdoc.title        and we went to Camp Parkgate for a fortnight . We were
          bncdoc.info Gwynedd             we had n't been home a couple of two or three weeks then
          County Council tape 14:         the big war started , nineteen fourteen . Fourth of August
          interview for oral history      so we had to go see . We were belonging to the
          project. Sample containing      territorials then(a) . And then we had to go straight away
          about 8098 words speech         there and we went different places , Northampton , s you
          recorded in leisure context     know different places in the country like , in England . And
          Text availability Ownership     and in Wales yeah we forget where we were there . But we
          has not been claimed            went to had a lot of joi jointer then joiners men . And we

          Publication date 1985-          had to go to France then . Er Belgium and France where I
          1993 Text type Spoken           was in we were in . And we had n old naval guns . Old
          context-governed                naval guns .

         1.a.v Depend on

         Coercion in sentence

              bncdoc.id FRJ              What must it be like for Joshua ? They had never been parted
          David Lee's                before -- they had never even lived in different houses . So how
          classification             could he not be far more upset than he would admit at the
          W_fict_prose               thought of the gap it would leave in his life and the prospect of
          bncdoc.author              probably never seeing his father again ? Bertha Cohen wished
          Marcus, David              she could believe that that was the explanation , but in her heart
          bncdoc.date 1993           she knew it was n't . Her instinct told her that it was something
          bncdoc.title A land not    far more worrying . And she was n't (tense) depending only on
          theirs. bncdoc.info A      her instinct -- yesterday he had come home too late to go to the
          land not theirs. Sample    Sabbath commencement service and looking very tired . And all
          containing about 36898     he would say was that he had been delayed . That had never
          words from a book          happened before . What could have delayed him ? Business ? No
          (domain: imaginative)      , he would n't let business make him late for Shabbos . A visit to
          Text availability          the doctor ? She was afraid to consider such a possibility .
          Ownership has not been
          claimed Publication
          date 1985-1993 Text

          type Written books and
              bncdoc.id G4N              I was man and er they er brought me all the odd jobs that
          David Lee's                was going about and they used to go down the warehouse and
          classification             er there was a fellow there , well a woman more than anything ,
          S_interview_oral_history   know 'd where every thing was and in no time at all they showed
          bncdoc.author              me where the things were and er I er , young , it was in my
          bncdoc.date                memory , and in no time at all the men in the shop used to
          bncdoc.title               come and ask me to get them something from out the
          bncdoc.info                warehouse for this and that and the other . And in no time at all
          Lockmaking in              (a) erm they were all more or less depending in some small
          Willenhall: conversation   way on me , and I was just absolutely lapping the situation up ,
          with Dick Brown,           you know what I mean , just suited me fine . And er after a time
          lockmaker. Sample          , they wanted to know if I 'd take complete charge and I said
          containing about 10311     well yes I said , but what are the men gon na think ? And they

          words speech recorded      said we do n't mean to be over the men , but what we mean is
          in leisure context Text    for you to come down the office , no what the office wants as
          availability Ownership     regards orders ,

                                                    - 16 -
           has not been claimed
           Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type
           Spoken context-
               bncdoc.id FLL              Now do you go to Burns nights , do you enjoy those as a
           David Lee's                good Scottish tradition ? Yes ? Oh yes ! Yes , but it 's not so
           classification             male orien orientated now as you 're making it out to be . Cos
           S_brdcast_discussn         Oh , I 'm I 'm sorry I did n't , I was sa , I was simply suggested
           bncdoc.author              it used to be , I mean it did originally start as a Yes . as a , as a
           bncdoc.date                male thing . Well many of the traditions nowadays (a), even the
           bncdoc.title               male orientated ones are depending a lot on women to upho
           bncdoc.info                hold them . Mhm . Yes . I think actually , there are still a few
           Traditions: television     erm male only Burns suppers . I 'm a singer and I have on
           discussion. Sample         several occasions sung at male only Burns suppers which means
           containing about 4904      you get wheeled in after the meal is over , and then wheeled out
           words speech recorded      again after that , which does n't worry me at all because I 'm
           in leisure context Text    charged exactly the same whether I 'm there for three hours or
           availability Ownership     twenty minutes !
           has not been claimed
           Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type
           Spoken context-
         Coertion in the context

              bncdoc.id ABA David           Almost as soon as the Japanese surrendered in August 1945
          Lee's classification          (a) these British hopes turned to doubts . The Truman
          W_non_ac_polit_law_edu        Administration had already been forced by Congress to end
          bncdoc.author Jackson,        Lend-Lease ; many of the joint boards set up to co-ordinate the
          General Sir William           Anglo-American war effort were summarily dismantled ; and ,
          bncdoc.date 1990              although the Combined Policy Committee and the Combined
          bncdoc.title Britain's        Development Trust survived , the flow of technical information ,
          defence dilemma: An           on which Britain was depending to set up her own atomic
          inside view (rethinking       establishments , began to dry up . Attlee flew to Washington in
          British defence policy in     November 1945 with two purposes in mind : to agree a joint
          the post-imperial era).       Anglo-American approach in the United Nations on the
          bncdoc.info Britain's         international control of atomic weapons ; and to update the
          defence dilemma. Sample       1943 Quebec Agreement . He was successful in the former ,
          containing about 38309        and he thought that he had laid the foundations for the latter .
          words from a book
          (domain: world affairs)
          Text availability
          Worldwide rights cleared
          Publication date 1985-
          1993 Text type Written
          books and periodicals
              bncdoc.id AL3 David            The Pizza Express National League champions should have
          Lee's classification          little difficulty in beating Royal Leopold , of Belgium , today and
          W_newsp_brdsht_nat_mis        Racing Club de France tomorrow , but face the holders ,
          c bncdoc.author               Uhlenhorst , in Sunday 's final group match (a). Uhlenhorst ,
          bncdoc.date 1992-19-19        from Germany , have held the European Cup for the past four
          bncdoc.title Daily            years and during their reign only one club , Atletico Terrassa ,
          Telegraph, electronic         of Spain , have maintained a challenge to this supremacy .

          edition of 1992-04-17:        Terrassa will be back again , aiming to reach the final for the
          Leisure pages.                fourth successive year , and seem likely to head the other
          bncdoc.info Daily             group at the expense of Dinamo Alma Ata , from Russia ,

                                                      - 17 -
          Telegraph, electronic        Ireland 's Lisnagarvey and Bloemendaal , of Holland . The
          edition of 1992-04-17:       biggest threat to Havant will come from Carsten Fischer ,
          Leisure pages. Sample        Uhlenhorst 's short-corner specialist , and the English team will
          containing about 39092       be depending heavily on Rob Hill , their own striker , to match
          words from a periodical      the German at the set-piece . With winger Don Williams
          (domain: leisure) Text       recovered from injury , Havant have the all-round strength to
          availability Worldwide       perform with some distinction in an event which has not seen
          rights cleared               an English winner since Slough in 1980 .
          Publication date 1985-
              bncdoc.id CBM David          DIRECTIONS You come to learn to inhibit and to direct your
          Lee's classification         activity . You learn , first , to inhibit the habitual reaction to
          W_newsp_other_report         certain classes of stimuli , and , second , to direct yourself
          bncdoc.author                consciously in such a way as to affect certain muscular pulls ,
          bncdoc.date 1991-11-05       which processes bring about a new reaction to these stimuli .
          bncdoc.title Ulster          F.M . Alexander During his years of experimentation , (a)
          Newsletter. bncdoc.info      Alexander was led to a long consideration of the whole question
          Ulster Newsletter. Sample    of direction . He asked himself , ` What is the direction upon
          containing about 16888       which I have been depending ? ' , and realized that he had
          words from a periodical      been relying on a sense of what seemed ` natural ' and ` right
          (domain: world affairs)      ' to govern his actions . Alexander 's research had proved these
          Text availability            sensory feelings to be unreliable guides and he therefore
          Worldwide rights cleared     sought to formulate instructions or orders to himself to replace
          Publication date 1985-       them . To give directions is to project messages from the brain
          1993 Text type Written       to the body 's mechanisms and conduct the energy necessary
          books and periodicals        for the use of these mechanisms .

         No change of meaning or coercion

              bncdoc.id FYB David Lee's            We 're very informal really . You started off by erm
          classification                       talking about how er Jesus tackled the problem and er it
          S_interview_oral_history             seems to me that that erm is what is a very great example
          bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            really . I mean he 'd he 'd use so often the experience of the
          bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             people who were listening , so when a went down to , they
          Methodist church meeting: oral       all knew what he was talking about . Right . And then he
          history project interview. Sample    would say the Kingdom of of Heaven , you may or may not
          containing about 8978 words          know what that is depending Mm . on whether you 're in
          speech recorded in public            the club or not , but he said . Yeah . The Kingdom of
          context Text availability            Heaven is like this . Yes . and he and erm I think if we kept
          Ownership has not been claimed       if we kept that at the front of our minds , Mm . when we

          Publication date 1985-1993           used it . Yeah . Erm er or or tackling issues like you know ,
          Text type Spoken context-            sanctification or Yes . And then I think that help .

         Change of meaning

              bncdoc.id HXW David                  and the landlord or lessor , to whom the same is due ,
          Lee's classification                hath right by law to re-enter for the non-payment thereof ,
          W_ac_polit_law_edu                  such landlord or lessor shall and may , without any formal
          bncdoc.author Lim, Hilary           demand or re-entry , serve a writ in ejectment for the
          bncdoc.date 1992                    recovery of the demised premises , which service shall stand
          bncdoc.title Land law.              in the place and stead of a demand and re-entry ; and in
          bncdoc.info Land law. Sample        case of judgment against the defendant for non-appearance ,

          containing about 46865 words        if it shall be made appear to the court where the said action
          from a book (domain: social         is depending , by affidavit , or be proved upon the trial in
          science) Text availability          case the defendant appears , that half a year 's rent was due

                                                     - 18 -
 Ownership has not been            before the said writ was served , and that no sufficient
 claimed Publication date          distress was to be found on the demised premises ,
 1985-1993 Text type Written       countervailing the arrears then due , and that the lessor had
 books and periodicals             power to re-enter , then and in every such case the lessor
                                   shall recover judgment and execution , in the same manner
                                   as if the rent in arrear had been legally demanded , and a re-
                                   entry made ;
     bncdoc.id HXW David               The rights of the tenant in the High Court are governed by
 Lee's classification              the same Act : Common Law Procedure Act 1852 Tenant
 W_ac_polit_law_edu                paying all rent with costs , proceedings to cease 212 If the
 bncdoc.author Lim, Hilary         tenant or his assignee do or shall , at any time before the
 bncdoc.date 1992                  trial in such ejectment , pay or tender to the lessor or
 bncdoc.title Land law.            landlord , his executors or administrators , or his or their
 bncdoc.info Land law. Sample      attorney in that cause , or pay into the court where the same
 containing about 46865 words      cause is depending , all the rent and arrears , together with
 from a book (domain: social       the costs , then and in such case all further proceedings on
 science) Text availability        the said ejectment shall cease and be discontinued ; and if
 Ownership has not been            such lessee , his executors , administrators , or assigns , shall
 claimed Publication date          , upon such proceedings as aforesaid , be relieved in equity ,
 1985-1993 Text type Written       he and they shall have , hold , and enjoy the demised lands ,
 books and periodicals             according to the lease thereof made , without any new lease .
                                   The framework for relief from forfeiture in the county court is
                                   provided by the County Courts Act 1984 .
1.a.vi. Promise

Coertion in sentence

    bncdoc.id A19 David Lee's          Zobel said that there had been no approaches from
 classification                    Japanese companies wanting to work in the OMI . The Esprit
 W_non_ac_tech_engin               III work programme , which is backed by 600 million ECU ,
 bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         is split into six sections . As well as the OMI and
 1991-09 bncdoc.title              microelectronics research , there will information systems
 Electronics and Wireless World.   and advanced home systems projects . Rob Causey
 bncdoc.info Electronics and       Unappealing face of Blumlein biography Francis Thomson ,
 Wireless World. Sample            the man who for nearly twenty years (a) has been
 containing about 41084 words      promising to write a biography of Alan Blumlein is once
 from a periodical (domain:        again appealing for more material on Blumlein . Thomson 's
 applied science) Text             latest letters to the media very , but in some he explains the
 availability Worldwide rights     decades of delay with a puzzling tale of his attempts to `
 cleared Publication date          shield the Blumleins from the belated discovery that a person
 1985-1993 Text type Written       close to them had supplied me with letters … stolen
 books and periodicals             from the late Mr A K Van Warrington ' .
    bncdoc.id A69 David Lee's          ' That was one course . The other course was to say : `
 classification                    It will be all right , boys , because we are going to grow
 W_non_ac_polit_law_edu            faster , we got ta growth plan . ' Accordingly the
 bncdoc.author Powell, Enoch       Conservative Government -- a non-planning party , mind you
 bncdoc.date 1991                  -- announced that . Of course , they only started by `
 bncdoc.title Reflections of a     examining the implications ' of growing at 4 per cent ; but
 statesman: the writings and       presently they were planning to grow at 4 per cent , and
 speeches of Enoch Powell.         soon(d) they were promising to grow at 4 per cent . This is
 bncdoc.info Reflections of a      the other way : you fix the expenditure first , and you hope
 statesman. Sample containing      afterwards ; and if it does n't come off ( which it is unlikely
 about 41550 words from a book     to , if you are gambling on an improbability ) , then the
 (domain: world affairs) Text      result is the monetisation of debt with the consequences
 availability Worldwide rights     which we know . So there is the psychological explanation .
 cleared Publication date
 1985-1993 Text type Written

                                           - 19 -
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id AD2 David Lee's           When the first parade passed off without serious incident
classification W_biography         ( but with a massive police presence ) , the Portadown
bncdoc.author Bruce, S             Orangemen reaffirmed their determination to go through the
bncdoc.date 1990                   Tunnel on the Twelfth . At this point , the Orange leadership
bncdoc.title God save Ulster!      began to retreat , suggesting that they had made their point
bncdoc.info God save Ulster!.      with the church parade and calling on the Portadown
Sample containing about 36359      loyalists not to break the law . While Martin Smyth was
words from a book (domain:         trying to persuade the march organizers to relent (a), Ian
world affairs) Text availability   Paisley was promising his support . Although committed to
Worldwide rights cleared           the Independent Orange Order 's rally in Ballycastle , he
Publication date 1985-1993         announced that he would begin the Twelfth by visiting
Text type Written books and        Portadown to add his support to the planned march . The
periodicals                        marchers did not walk through the Tunnel . The massive
                                   RUC presence prevented them , but over that weekend fifty-
                                   three police officers and at least nineteen civilians were
                                   injured in serious rioting which wrecked shops in the town
                                   centre . At least forty-eight loyalists were arrested , two of
                                   whom turned out to be full-time members of the Ulster
                                   Defence Regiment .
    bncdoc.id ALL David Lee's          Sometimes bungalow-land and the world of the
classification W_misc              tenements met , however , and Scotland remained a body
bncdoc.author Chisnall,            politic with democracy as its core and Glasgow its heart .
Edward bncdoc.date 1989            EMILY MacPeake turned the corner from Merrycrest Avenue
bncdoc.title Bell in the tree.     into Ashlea Drive and then left up Merrycroft Avenue . The
The Glasgow story.                 juniper in No 26 next door was looking as tired as she felt as
bncdoc.info Bell in the tree.      she opened the gate . David had been promising to paint
The Glasgow story. Sample          the new metal design for two weeks (a) now , ever since
containing about 41743 words       they had had it fitted . If they had realised when they
from a book (domain: world         answered the advertisement in the Evening Citizen that it
affairs) Text availability         was bare metal , they would have gone elsewhere . David
Worldwide rights cleared           was not very handy . ` He ca n't knock a nail in a wall , ' his
Publication date 1985-1993         mother had said before they married . She was wrong .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id AN9 David Lee's          In a 1981 report , the committee noted that the use of
classification                     historic costs had made the resulting figures ` highly
W_non_ac_soc_science               misleading as a guide to past investment decisions and
bncdoc.author Aubrey, Crispin      entirely useless for appraising future ones ' . When the Board
bncdoc.date 1991                   finally shifted from historic to current cost accounting in the
bncdoc.title Melt down:            same year , this had dramatic effect on the comparative
collapse of a nuclear dream.       costs . From being marginally more expensive than nuclear
bncdoc.info Melt down:             power , coal suddenly became markedly cheaper . By that
collapse of a nuclear dream.       time (a), however , the new generation of AGR stations was
Sample containing about 41687      promising to herald yet another new dawn of plummeting
words from a book (domain:         nuclear costs . Whilst this use of ` creative ' accountancy
social science) Text               may have helped to avoid the harsh reality of nuclear power
availability Worldwide rights      's burdensome construction charges , there have also been
cleared Publication date           major problems in the area of running costs . To start with ,
1985-1993 Text type Written        some of the power stations have significantly failed to
books and periodicals              operate as efficiently as expected . The CEGB 's Magnox
                                   series , for instance , was expected to produce on average
                                   75 per cent of its maximum output each year .
   bncdoc.id CD5 David Lee's           But overall this is a watchable stab at that most degraded
classification W_pop_lore          of Hollywood genres -- the romantic comedy . films of the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          month news and reviews compiled by jim mcclellan and
1992-19-19 bncdoc.title The        steve beard From this side of the Atlantic , the pointless

                                          - 20 -
Face. bncdoc.info The Face.      remake of Wuthering Heights looks like a deliberate attempt
Sample containing about 41039    to finish off British film ( crap dialogue , laughable Barnsley-
words from a periodical          by-the-Seine accent from Juliette Binoche and Sinéad
(domain: arts) Text              O'Connor as Emily Brönte ) . But in Hollywood there 's a
availability Worldwide rights    mini-fad for adaptations of literary classics . Scorsese 's
cleared Publication date         working on Edith Wharton 's The Age Of Innocence ,
1985-1993 Text type Written      Coppola on Bram Stoker 's Dracula and now (a) Mel Brooks
books and periodicals            is promising to do Oliver Goldsmith 's restoration comedy
                                 She Stoops To Conquer Although Slacker , the original film
                                 about twentynothings , remains unreleased over here ,
                                 Hollywood has several attempts to tap the Generation X
                                 market on the way . Following Singles , Cameron Crowe 's
                                 account of Seattle slackers , comes Bodies , Rest And Motion
                                 , an existential romantic comedy about Xers featuring
                                 Bridget Fonda , Tim Roth and Eric Stoltz .
   bncdoc.id CFC David Lee's         He needs to persuade foreigners that it is safe for them
classification                   to lend the best part of £1000 million a week to the Treasury
W_newsp_other_report             ; and he needs to persuade Britons that it is safe for them to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        start spending their money again . He starts with the
1993-03 bncdoc.title East        disadvantage of having been wrong in the past . A year ago
Anglian Daily Times.             he promised his creditors that the pound sterling would
bncdoc.info East Anglian Daily   never be devalued , and six months ago he had to break his
Times. Sample containing about   word to them . A year ago (a) he was promising economic
43674 words from a periodical    growth in the UK , which should by now have been
(domain: world affairs) Text     accelerating to three per cent per year but , of course , it
availability Worldwide rights    never happened . This year the Chancellor has been insisting
cleared Publication date         that the pound can not be allowed to go any lower , because
1985-1993 Text type Written      of the dangers of inflation ; and he has allowed the Bank of
books and periodicals            England to give a strong endorsement of his argument .
                                 Nobody is yet convinced that he really would be willing to
                                 raise interest rates if there were a prolonged run on the
                                 pound sometime this year .
   bncdoc.id CKS David Lee's         If I ca n't do it all , which of those things that I really
classification                   need or want to do am I going to have to leave undone ?
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu           The working party on Equal Opportunities that I said I would
bncdoc.author Claxton, Guy       convene ? The meeting I ought to set up with Samuel 's
bncdoc.date 1989                 parents ? Getting my brains round that new , interesting-
bncdoc.title Being a teacher.    looking book on personal , social and health education ? Or (
bncdoc.info Being a teacher.     how many years have I been (tense) promising myself this
Sample containing about 36257    ? ) sorting out the stock cupboard/prep room ? When they
words from a book (domain:       do n't have enough time , teachers know , even if they are
social science) Text             fairly successful at not thinking about it , that in some way
availability Worldwide rights    or other they are letting down their pupils , their colleagues
cleared Publication date         or themselves . Pragmatism Teachers do not , as a breed ,
1985-1993 Text type Written      read or talk much about education and this presumably
books and periodicals            reflects the general feeling that ` something 's got to go ' ,
                                 and that concern with ideas and ideals seems to be one of
                                 the areas that is dispensable .
    bncdoc.id CMK David              Most people 's basic list -- at least to think about -- under
Lee's classification W_misc      this heading includes one or more of the following :
bncdoc.author Brown,             Expenditure on their home The purchase of a car The
Rosemary bncdoc.date 1993        termination of HP or other credit arrangement Additionally ,
bncdoc.title Good retirement     there may be a number of general domestic or luxury items
guide 1993. bncdoc.info Good     which you had been promising yourself for some time (a)
retirement guide 1993. Sample    and the only question is one of actual timing , i.e.
containing about 35525 words     determining the right moment to buy . Typical examples
from a book (domain: social      might include : a duvet , gardening equipment , a video

                                        - 21 -
science) Text availability        recorder , a home computer , hobby materials and so on . To
Worldwide rights cleared          help you decide whether a policy of ` spending now ' is
Publication date 1985-1993        sensible , or possibly selfindulgent , there are two very
Text type Written books and       simple questions you should ask : Can I afford it more easily
periodicals                       now -- or in the future ?
    bncdoc.id CMW David               The company says that it will not initially be aiming at the
Lee's classification              unfamiliar Unix community , instead it has set its sights on
W_non_ac_tech_engin               its existing customers , and IBM mainframe sites , which are
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         increasingly feeling the push towards Unix . The company
bncdoc.title Unigram x.           will add Network Data Management Server software in
bncdoc.info Unigram x.            around six months -- this will provide network back-up ,
Sample containing about 10765     management and recovery , and will be followed , during the
words from a periodical           first half of next year , by a database server based on Oracle
(domain: applied science) Text    Corp technology . Finally(d) the company is promising
availability Worldwide rights     transaction processing software at a future , unspecified date
cleared Publication date          . The Sparc-based Network Co-Processor costs between
1985-1993 Text type Written       $160,000 and $180,000 . HI-OSF/1-M pricing is based on
books and periodicals             IBM 's licence group methodology and costs between $2,800
                                  and $25,000 . ICL SETS AN EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS TO
                                  FOLLOW IN THE ERA OF OPEN SYSTEMS Unlike most of its
                                  competitors , ICL Plc has managed to stay in the black for
                                  the year ending December 31 despite having experienced a
                                  ` character-forming year for the computer industry
                                  worldwide ' and being forced to make major price cuts on its
                                  products .
   bncdoc.id CMX David                The company says video or a maximum 640 x 480 pixel
Lee's classification              rectangular region of the screen can be sent in near real
W_non_ac_tech_engin               time . Users can reportedly adjust frame speed , image
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         quality and window size , giving them control over how
bncdoc.title Unigram x.           much data is sent over the network . Video messages can be
bncdoc.info Unigram x.            recorded to the hard disk and forwarded via the Unix mail
Sample containing about 12484     subsystem to parties who can not attend conferences . +1
words from a periodical           609 275-4475 . IBM PROMISES AD/CYCLE BY MID-1994
(domain: applied science) Text    Announced way back in September 1989 , IBM Corp is
availability Worldwide rights     finally(d) promising to have a completed version of its
cleared Publication date          AD/Cycle CASE-based application development environment
1985-1993 Text type Written       completed by the end of the year and ready to ship to end
books and periodicals             users by the middle of 1994 . The all-embracing AD/Cycle
                                  combines a set of standards and interfaces to speed up
                                  application development . The object-oriented framework
                                  will support support IBM System Application Architecture
                                  platforms as well as its AIX Unix systems ( UX No 323 ) .
                                  AD/Cycle comprises a view of the application development
                                  lifecycle , methodologies and tools to support the lifecycle
                                  plus software services such as languages for application
                                  development .
    bncdoc.id CRA David Lee's         This was the basis for the opt-outs arranged at the EC 's
classification W_pop_lore         Edinburgh summit . The Yes camp has also been helped by
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         the collapse of the ten-year-old centre-right coalition in
1993-19-19 bncdoc.title The       January . It was replaced by a four-party coalition under the
Economist. bncdoc.info The        Social Democratic leader , Poul Nyrup Rasmussen . Social
Economist. Sample containing      Democrats , frustrated by long years out of power , voted by
about 60664 words from a          more than three-to-two against the treaty last June . This
periodical (domain: commerce)     time (a), their leaders are back in office and are promising
Text availability Worldwide       lower income taxes to give domestic spending a boost if the
rights cleared Publication date   country votes Yes . Most of them are therefore likely to give
1985-1993 Text type Written       their assent . Spain 's election The arbiters FROM OUR

                                         - 22 -
         books and periodicals                 MADRID CORRESPONDENT THE two minorities in Spain that
                                               matter most to politicians are the Catalans and the Basques .
                                               They have much in common . They live near the coast , at
                                               each end of the Pyrenees , and they both have cousins in
                                               France .
             bncdoc.id CRD David Lee's             Much paper passed between the BEA and the Ministry ,
         classification W_commerce             with the BEA agreeing to these limits for presentational
         bncdoc.author Hannah, Leslie          purposes . Yet in reality neither they nor the manufacturers
         bncdoc.date 1993                      took the limits seriously , and Central Authority engineers
         bncdoc.title Engineers,               deliberately ignored the agreed commissioning limits . The
         managers and politicians: the         result -- a rather higher rate of completion of power stations
         first fifteen years of nationalised   and higher spending four or five years later in the mid-1950s
         electricity supply in Britain.        -- was welcomed by the Electricity Division , but it annoyed
         bncdoc.info Engineers,                the Treasury and caused political embarrassment for the
         managers and politicians.             Government ( which had been (tense) promising restraint
         Sample containing about 39281         in the public sector ) . The desire of politicians to control
         words from a book (domain:            annual outcomes in this way was unrealistic when applied to
         commerce) Text availability           a policy in which the industry 's own long-term objectives (
         Worldwide rights cleared              in this case overcoming the capacity backlog ) were in
         Publication date 1985-1993            conflict . Physical limits after 1953 were progressively less

         Text type Written books and           effective ( and in most other areas not even formally
         periodicals                           retained ) , but the Government hoped that the new financial
                                               disciplines would have some effect in curbing the industry 's
                                               investment demand .
            bncdoc.id CTG David Lee's              Progress Software Corp ( no.24 ) and Sequoia Systems
         classification                        Inc ( no.62 ) made this year 's BusinessWeek list of the 100
         W_non_ac_tech_engin                   Hot Growth Companies . Sources claim Samsung is the
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             company Hewlett-Packard CEO John Young was referring to
         bncdoc.title Unigram x.               when he told Wall Street analysts that one of his PA RISC
         bncdoc.info Unigram x.                partners was doing a port to SVR4 ( UX No 386 ) . IBM
         Sample containing about 10521         READIES FIRST OF ITS RS/6000 MULTI-PROCESSORS Multi-
         words from a periodical               processors seem to be the flavour of the day at the moment
         (domain: applied science) Text        and IBM Corp has been promising a multi-processing
         availability Worldwide rights         addition to its RS/6000 line for some time (d), so it 's not too
         cleared Publication date              surprising that we hear it 'll announce one in around six
         1985-1993 Text type Written           weeks for delivery later in the year . We 're told it comes
         books and periodicals                 with four Rios RISC processors , 2Gb RAM , 6Gb or more
                                               disk , 2Gb per-second fibre optic channel input/output and
                                               will perform at 400 MFLOPS .
             bncdoc.id E9V David Lee's             Edward 's intervention had at least saved Montfort 's
         classification                        cause from complete collapse . The campaigns were not only
         W_ac_humanities_arts                  successful politically , but they also became famous for the
         bncdoc.author Tuck, Anthony           deeds of prowess and valour done by the leaders of the
         bncdoc.date 1986                      English forces and the booty and ransoms they won . While
         bncdoc.title Crown and nobility       Edward had been preoccupied in northern France , the
         1272-1461: political conflict in      English position in Aquitaine had deteriorated . Philip VI 's
         late medieval England.                armies had taken key English positions along the Garonne ,
         bncdoc.info Crown and nobility        and Philip had been (tense) promising grants and pensions
         1272-1461. Sample containing          to those Gascons who would enter his obedience . Edward 's
         about 39125 words from a book         first move was to counter any possible threat to Aquitaine
         (domain: world affairs) Text          from the south and from the sea . He sent Henry Earl of
         availability Worldwide rights         Derby to Castile in October 1341 to undermine French
         cleared Publication date              influence there that threatened to bring Castile 's navy into
         1985-1993 Text type Written           play against English shipping in the Bay of Biscay . Derby
         books and periodicals                 handled the complex politics of the Castilian court with
                                               considerable insight and deftness , and when war between
                                               England and France was resumed in 1345 Castile remained

                                                      - 23 -
                                   neutral .
    bncdoc.id G00 David Lee's          However , they are not PostScript typefaces and the
classification W_commerce          quality is sometimes a little less than you have grown used
bncdoc.author Budget,              to on the laser printer . Some suppliers are beginning to
Henry;et al bncdoc.date            develop additional faces but the obvious way forward is to
bncdoc.title [Miscellaneous        create a PostScript film recorder . Agfa have done just this
articles about desk-top            with a genuine Adobe PostScript RIP for their Matrix range
publishing] bncdoc.info            although , at £12,000 , it 's not a cheap upgrade . Montage
[Miscellaneous articles about      and Mirus have both been (tense) promising their versions
desk-top publishing]. Sample       of PostScript for many months and there is even a version of
containing about 94394 words       Freedom of the Press , a software PostScript interpreter ,
of miscellanea (domain:            that will drive Matrix and Montage film recorders . Eventually
commerce) Text availability        the price of such devices will fall and PostScript recorders
Ownership has not been claimed     will become the norm -- just as they have with typesetting .
Publication date 1985-1993         However , if your company requires that all its slides are set
Text type Written                  in Univers or Franklin Gothic you 'll be hard pushed to find a
miscellaneous                      film recorder that will oblige .
    bncdoc.id G00 David Lee's          No longer can there be a neat and tidy debate in the
classification W_commerce          pages of august journals such as this as to the benefits , or
bncdoc.author Budget,              otherwise , of the new product . This time it has all gone
Henry;et al bncdoc.date            public . What is even worse is that desktop publishing
bncdoc.title [Miscellaneous        delivers to the mass market at a ridiculously low price the
articles about desk-top            technology that traditional electronic publishing system
publishing] bncdoc.info            suppliers have been promising us for years(d)--the ability
[Miscellaneous articles about      to mix text and graphics freely on a page . Just the fact that
desk-top publishing]. Sample       this can be achieved at less than £10,000 for a complete
containing about 94394 words       system is rather likely to upset anyone who has invested
of miscellanea (domain:            hundreds of thousands in ` Third Wave ' systems and
commerce) Text availability        discovers that , for a tenth the cost they could actually
Ownership has not been claimed     achieve rather more . Indeed , much of the backlash against
Publication date 1985-1993         desktop publishing has come from these quarters rather than
Text type Written                  being based on serious evaluation of the technology and its
miscellaneous                      strengths and weaknesses .
    bncdoc.id G37 David Lee's          Our chartered Sunsail 350 , La Pietra , rode contentedly
classification W_pop_lore          with the other anchored boats in the shimmering heat of the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          afternoon , and it was not until the sun turned bright orange
1991-02 bncdoc.title Yachting      and began to drop rapidly seawards that anyone in the boat
World. bncdoc.info Yachting        felt like stirring . The forecast from Livorno has spoken of
World. Sample containing about     increasing winds and I laid out all the chain before we rowed
47052 words from a periodical      ashore ( feeling curiously British and eccentric using oars
(domain: leisure) Text             among so many outboards ) for the pasta and wine we had
availability Worldwide rights      been promising ourselves since mid-morning (a). I left the
cleared Publication date           crew to fend for themselves ; they were a married couple ,
1985-1993 Text type Written        after all , and I remembered a small trattoria in a back street
books and periodicals              where I had enjoyed a candlelit meal . Sadly , the building
                                   was now a bank .
   bncdoc.id HHW David                 Britain has an inflation rate of 4.1 per cent . and a growth
Lee's classification               rate of minus 2.5 per cent . The Government have reduced
W_hansard bncdoc.author            inflation only by imposing the second Tory slump in 10 years
bncdoc.date 1992                   . That is the price the Chancellor and the Prime Minister
bncdoc.title [Hansard extracts     think is worth paying -- the price of decline and despair for
1991-1992] bncdoc.info             families , the price of the dissolution of industries upon
[Hansard extracts 1991-1992].      which we in this country depend for our future . The Prime
Sample containing about 292389     Minister and the Chancellor are now(a) promising recovery
words of miscellanea (domain:      . To be sure , the whole country needs recovery . People in
world affairs) Text availability   every industry , service and region need recovery . We need
Worldwide rights cleared           recovery in my constituency , where unemployment has

                                          - 24 -
Publication date 1985-1993         risen by 39 per cent . in the past 12 months . They need
Text type Written                  recovery in the Chancellor 's constituency of Kingston upon
miscellaneous                      Thames , where unemployment has risen by 102 per cent .
                                   during the past 12 months .
    bncdoc.id HHX David Lee's          Its approach to cost comparisons is to say that they are
classification W_hansard           not fair , whereas the Conservative approach is to ask , '
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          How can we do better ? How can we provide a better service
1992 bncdoc.title [Hansard         ? ' The hon. Member for Dagenham ( Mr. Gould ) , in a half
extracts 1991-1992]                sentence that he perhaps did not mean to utter , let the cat
bncdoc.info [Hansard extracts      out of the bag . He said that the real problem was a failure
1991-1992]. Sample containing      of local government funding . In other words , like all of his
about 410370 words of              Labour colleagues , he is promising paradise when he
miscellanea (domain: world         should be talking about priorities(a) . Labour makes
affairs) Text availability         promises : a new council house building programme , more
Worldwide rights cleared           money for community care , more money for roads and
Publication date 1985-1993         pavements , more for teachers , better schools , extra
Text type Written                  equipment , new capital expenditure , leisure centres and
miscellaneous                      sports facilities -- and all of this to be funded without a
                                   general increase in taxation . Labour 's deputy leader has
                                   been saying to the councils , ' You may not get as much as
                                   you want , but you will certainly get more . '
    bncdoc.id HL8 David Lee's          Although Kucan had backed the suspending of
classification                     independence , he was overruled within 24 hours by the
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu             Slovenian Assembly . Sporadic outbursts of fighting
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          continued , with claims and counterclaims as to who was
1991 bncdoc.title Keesings         responsible , and late on June 29 Gen. Marko Negovanovic ,
Contemporary Archives.             a member of the JNA high command , appeared on
bncdoc.info Keesings               television to warn Slovenia to stop fighting or face " decisive
Contemporary Archives. Sample      military action " . This fuelled concern that the JNA was no
containing about 60789 words       longer accountable to the federal government , but within
from a periodical (domain: world   hours (a) Markovic was promising Kucan that there would
affairs) Text availability         be no further air raids . On June 30 the EC troika returned to
Ownership has not been claimed     Yugoslavia to try to salvage the peace deal . Poos informed
Publication date 1985-1993         Markovic , and the Presidents of Slovenia , Croatia and
Text type Written books and        Serbia , that unless a ceasefire was implemented and JNA
periodicals                        forces returned to their barracks the EC 's US$1,155 million
                                   five-year aid programme to Yugoslavia would be frozen .
    bncdoc.id HY7 David Lee's          " He had a practical outlook on life , the ability to
classification                     understand things quickly ( even things about which he
W_ac_humanities_arts               knew little ) , and an understanding of people " . His brother
bncdoc.author Saunders,            Dmitrii had been making a good case for emancipation at the
David bncdoc.date 1994             War Ministry , but his own importance , in the long run , was
bncdoc.title Russia in the age     to be greater . Although he was by no means a radical , he
of reaction and reform 1801-       felt that the government 's best chance of maintaining its
1881. bncdoc.info Russia in        authority was to give more ground -- literally -- than it was
the age of reaction and reform     (tense) promising to do . In his memorandum for Elena
1801-1881. Sample containing       Pavlovna he did not concern himself just with her estate in
about 43678 words from a book      Ukraine . " The preface and to a still greater degree the text
(domain: world affairs) Text       of the memorandum evince the author 's hidden intention to
availability Ownership has not     provide general ideas for the transformation of the whole of
been claimed Publication date      Russia " . Miliutin either said or implied that the time had
1985-1993 Text type Written        passed for half-measures like the Law on Free
books and periodicals              Agriculturalists of 1803 , the Baltic emancipation of 1816--19
                                   and the Law on Obligated Peasants of 1842 .
   bncdoc.id CH7 David Lee's           Bruno knocked out hapless John Emmen last November
classification                     and then big Cuban Jose Ribalta in April and now faces his
W_newsp_tabloid                    stiffest test against the 31-year-old who has won 39 and lost

                                          - 25 -
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          three . Duff said : ` Of course it 's a risk fighting Coetzer . It
bncdoc.title The Daily Mirror.     's undoubtedly the hardest fight Frank has had since his
bncdoc.info The Daily Mirror.      comeback . LEWIS : Tough test FISTS OF FIRE FRANK Bruno
Sample containing about 87903      was yesterday(a) promising a hot time for his next
words from a periodical            opponent Pierre Coetzer at a Press conference in London
(domain: leisure) Text             when a fire alarm went off and the building had to be
availability Worldwide rights      evacuated . Picture : BILL KENNEDY Karl wo n't move
cleared Publication date           MARTIN RICHARDS BRADFORD Northern have refused a bid
1985-1993 Text type Written        from Leeds for Great Britain forward Karl Fairbank . Leeds
books and periodicals              said they had offered a six-figure sum for Fairbank and
                                   manager Doug Laughton wanted the player in his side for
                                   the home game with St Helens on Sunday week .
    bncdoc.id J7C David Lee's          Many of these devices will be subject to legal control ,
classification                     either under statute , such as the UCTA 1977 , or common
W_ac_polit_law_edu                 law rules such as the rule against penalties or the law
bncdoc.author Bradgate,            governing the effectiveness of retention of title clauses . In
Robert bncdoc.date 1991            many cases it may be impossible to predict with certainty
bncdoc.title Drafting standard     whether or not a particular clause will be effective . The
terms of trading. bncdoc.info      client will often(r) be promising less than it hopes to be
Drafting standard terms of         able to deliver : although it may exclude liability for defects
trading. Sample containing         in goods , the client will generally seek to deliver goods free
about 45149 words from a book      from defects , in order to establish or maintain its
(domain: commerce) Text            commercial reputation and protect its trading relationships .
availability Ownership has not     The purpose of such terms is often to comply with the terms
been claimed Publication date      of the client 's insurance , or to reduce the cost of obtaining
1985-1993 Text type Written        insurance cover .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id K1N David Lee's          Video-Taped report follows
classification W_news_script       CASTLEMORTON/Worcestershire TONY BALDRY MP/Junior
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Environment Minister Cllr ALEX STEWART-CLEARY/Malvern
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         Hills/District Council Voice over COMMON Just a small
television news scripts]           percentage of the original twenty thousand hippies are still
bncdoc.info [Central television    camped out on Castlemorton Common in Worcestershire .
news scripts]. Sample containing   The rest have moved on , many , prompted by news that
about 41718 words of material      tomorrow morning , locals will apply to the courts for an
written to be spoken (domain:      order to get them evicted . That wo n't come a moment too
leisure) Text availability         soon for farmers . For the last six days , their lives have
Ownership has not been claimed     been completely disrupted . Now(a) the Government is
Publication date 1985-1993         promising to take steps to ensure this scale of invasion
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     does n't happen again . Up to now the police have played a
                                   passive role with the hippies , preferring to keep a watchful
                                   eye on them . But local councillors feel now is the time to
                                   take stronger action . The travellers who 've moved on
                                   voluntarily have been creating problems elsewhere . Last
                                   night in Gloucestershire two people were arrested as
                                   travellers tried to move onto land in Painswick .
    bncdoc.id K2N David Lee's          No boltholes THE issue of extradition has been a long-
classification                     running sore in Anglo-Irish relationships . Many people , in
W_newsp_other_report               Northern Ireland and in Britain , have doubted the will of the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          authorities in the Republic to hand over wanted republican
bncdoc.title Belfast Telegraph:    terrorists who have fled to the south . Critics point out the
Foreign news pages.                nit-picking thoroughness which legal authorities in the
bncdoc.info Belfast Telegraph:     Republic so often bring to bear on extradition requests .
Foreign news pages. Sample         They argue that if the same rigour was applied to drafting
containing about 21493 words       proper legislation the problem of bringing suspects to trial
from a periodical (domain: world   could be eliminated . Now(a) the Dublin Government is
affairs) Text availability         promising to bring in the toughest extradition legislation in

                                          - 26 -
Ownership has not been claimed      the EC . A Bill extending the grounds on which terrorist
Publication date 1985-1993          suspects can be handed over is to be presented to the Dail
Text type Written books and         early in the next session . It will not come a moment too
periodicals                         soon . The existing law is riddled with loopholes and
                                    anomalies . At present only automatic weapons are covered .
                                    This is to be widened to include all firearms . Possession ,
                                    not just use , of firearms and explosives will be extraditable
                                    offences .
   bncdoc.id K3X David Lee's            Tuesday 's relaxed and informal atmosphere puts you at
classification                      your ease and gives you the time to think through your
W_newsp_other_social                current life direction and emphasis . Despite the congenial
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           air of unhurried calm you are more than usually assertive
bncdoc.title Liverpool Daily        and ambitious now . Where do you get all your energy from
Post and Echo: Leisure pages.       ? When other sunsigner 's get up and go has got up and
bncdoc.info Liverpool Daily         gone you 're still going strong , so take pity on a pooped pal
Post and Echo: Leisure pages.       or po-fagged partner and ease up a little Tuesday . Knuckle
Sample containing about 29847       down to any jobs you 've been (tense) promising all and
words from a periodical             sundry to do , but have secretly been avoiding like the
(domain: leisure) Text              plague . You have a self-disciplined and energetic approach
availability Ownership has not      to life now that should help you get even the most arduous
been claimed Publication date       and onerous tasks done . A personal problem you thought
1985-1993 Text type Written         would be a bed of nails and nothing but a whole heap of
books and periodicals               hassles and troubles will actually be your big chance to show
                                    off your brilliant brain , sensitive nature and warm hearted
                                    generosity .
    David Lee's classification          Wigan were dismayed at his condition when he came
W_newsp_brdsht_nat_sports           back , and there was a half-hearted threat from Central Park
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           to demand financial compensation from the Sydney club . He
1989-19-19 bncdoc.title The         had a successful hernia operation but was a regular visitor to
Guardian, electronic edition of     Harley Street as additional deep-seated groin trouble failed
1989-12-20: Sport section.          to respond to treatment . By November(a) , Wigan were
bncdoc.info The Guardian,           promising to scour the world for a cure , while Hanley in
electronic edition of 1989-12-20:   his enforced idleness was reported to be depressed and
Sport section. Sample containing    frustrated . Wigan have not done at all badly without him
about 9270 words from a             but his return , to loose forward , could not be more timely .
periodical (domain: leisure)        Goodway has been playing with consistent brilliance there
Text availability Worldwide         this season , scoring 18 tries , but he will now be out for a
rights cleared Publication date     month , and Hanley is no stranger to the position after
1985-1993 Text type Written         spending earlier periods of his career mostly at centre or
books and periodicals               stand-off .
    bncdoc.id H92 David Lee's           He was soon to find out . The guests were eventually
classification W_fict_prose         ushered out at about eleven forty-five . This took some
bncdoc.author Brett, Simon          doing , as they seemed prepared to stay all night . They did
bncdoc.date 1984                    n't seem to share their clients ' reservations about getting
bncdoc.title Murder                 home late . It was only when the bottles of wine had been
unprompted. bncdoc.info             firmly put away and the last glass drained that they got the
Murder unprompted. Sample           message . ( Charles also got the message that he was n't
containing about 41970 words        going to get the quick slurp of wine at the end of the
from a book (domain:                evening that he had been (tense) promising himself . )
imaginative) Text availability      Etiquette had demanded that none of the cast should leave
Worldwide rights cleared            until the last of their guests had gone , but , as soon as the
Publication date 1985-1993          final raincoat disappeared round the door of the theatre bar ,
Text type Written books and         the entire company leapt for their belongings to make a
periodicals                         quick getaway . ` Shall we go , Micky ? ' Charles heard
                                    Lesley-Jane Decker say to the star . Which was in itself
                                    interesting . But they were all stopped by Paul Lexington
                                    clapping his hands .

                                           - 27 -
   bncdoc.id HAC David Lee's          Before you start trying to watch home movies on your PC
classification W_pop_lore         , remember that although Microsoft is kind enough to include
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         a very basic multi media player and recorder ( both
bncdoc.title [Articles from       illustrated ) as part of the standard Windows desktop , in
Practical PC] bncdoc.info         order to go some way towards true multi media you need a
[Articles from Practical PC].     few more things : a windows multi media extension , a CD-
Sample containing about 197450    ROM drive , a sound card and probably a new monitor , not
words from a periodical           to mention that faster machine you 've been (tense)
(domain: applied science) Text    promising yourself . Whilst this little lot may cost you a
availability Worldwide rights     packet , your PC will become the all singing all dancing box
cleared Publication date          the salesman claimed it would be . Multi media first arrived
1985-1993 Text type Written       with us ( on the PC ) when Microsoft released windows 3.0 .
books and periodicals             It was heralded by more than one hack as being just another
                                  gadget . Whilst it is true to say that it might have started off
                                  that way ( call me a sceptic if you will ) , it has now found
                                  itself a major market position .
   bncdoc.id K8S David Lee's          He looked down into the fire , his lashes low on his
classification W_fict_prose       cheeks . ` Did they wait long for me ? ' ` A week or more .
bncdoc.author Pargeter, Edith     They inquired for you everywhere . In the end they had to
bncdoc.date 1987                  go , there was no sense staying . They said you 'd come
bncdoc.title The green branch.    back for your horse , and my father promised to send them
bncdoc.info The green branch.     word . ' ` And you ? ' he said with a pale smile . ` I did n't
Sample containing about 40960     promise anything . ' And she was (tense) promising
words from a book (domain:        nothing to him , either ; he knew that was what she meant ,
imaginative) Text availability    but he did not ask for anything . She must judge , too ; he
Ownership has not been claimed    thought she would trust him and let him have his way . `
Publication date 1960-1974        You could put on your own clothes again , ' said Aelis
Text type Written books and       practically , pleased when she saw his eyes brighten . Yes ,
periodicals                       where he was going now he could at least appear as himself
                                  ; the face was avowal enough , his dress should match the
                                  face .
   bncdoc.id FYY David Lee's          His touch was like a doctor 's , firm and impersonal . And
classification W_fict_prose       , of course , she 'd seen him before ; he 'd been the third
bncdoc.author Gallagher,          man on the commission that had interviewed her , the one
Stephen bncdoc.date 1992          who 'd sat next to the Cheka 's doctor and who 'd listened to
bncdoc.title The boat house.      her slurred responses without ever saying anything . Now(a)
bncdoc.info The boat house.       he was straightening the covers over her as she lay , utterly
Sample containing about 41451     spent , and he was promising her answers to her unspoken
words from a book (domain:        questions in the morning . She could barely turn her head to
imaginative) Text availability    watch him as he backed out of the room and closed the door
Worldwide rights cleared          ; a moment later , the sounds of the fire irons against stone
Publication date 1985-1993        resumed . It was this strange subterranean thumping that
Text type Written books and       had wakened and drawn her in the first place . She was still
periodicals                       wearing the thin cotton dress that she 'd worn in the prison
                                  hospital , but now there was a shawl around her shoulders
                                  as well .
   bncdoc.id AT7 David Lee's          Then , of course , if Rose Pratt were to leave because of
classification W_fict_prose       her rheumatics , and she being forty-five , there was a
bncdoc.author Cookson,            chance that Jane would move upwards . Not that he wished
Catherine bncdoc.date 1990        any harm to Rose , and it was n't as if she would be on her
bncdoc.title The wingless bird.   own because , being the wife of Peter , and he the stable
bncdoc.info The wingless bird.    man , she was well set in their cottage . Oh , life was good .
Sample containing about 40027     But it could be better , and it was(tense) promising to be
words from a book (domain:        so ; and for every member in the household , God bless
imaginative) Text availability    them , for there were never a better master nor mistress .
Worldwide rights cleared          They gave you your place , yes they did , they gave you your
Publication date 1985-1993        place ; and you gave them theirs ; and that was how things

                                         - 28 -
Text type Written books and      should be . As he turned out the gas jet he whistled to
periodicals                      himself . Jessie ` Do n't say it , Jessie . Do n't say it . '
   bncdoc.id GUE David Lee's          ` I am suitably diminished , ' he mocked with a grin . ` I
classification W_fict_prose      had never realised what a deeply uninteresting person I was
bncdoc.author Ash, Rosalie       . ' Now they were at the elegant pavement café beside the
bncdoc.date 1993                 library . The tantalising aroma of fresh coffee wafted
bncdoc.title Calypso's Island.   towards them , over the buzz of voices and laughter . Her
bncdoc.info Calypso's Island.    feet ached , her mouth was parched . Hesitating , she said
Sample containing about 48151    lightly , ` I think I 'll stop off here . I 've been promising
words from a book (domain:       myself a drink for the last couple of hours(a)' ` Do you mind
imaginative) Text availability   if I join you ? ' The request sounded impeccably polite , but
Worldwide rights cleared         tinged with dry sarcasm . ` No , of course not … ' They
Publication date 1985-1993       sat down beneath the shade of an umbrella , and looked at
Text type Written books and      each other across the table . Roman 's slow smile was
periodicals                      infinitely sardonic . She was grateful for the small privacy of
                                 her sunglasses .
   bncdoc.id H85 David Lee's          She dropped the dear , she had made a mistake there ,
classification W_fict_prose      he was not the sort you called dear . She knew how to adapt
bncdoc.author Butler,            her manner . She was studying 185 anthropology , and was
Gwendoline bncdoc.date 1991      the first member of her family to enter higher education .
bncdoc.title Coffin              Coffin sat eating and reading . He could hear snatches of
underground. bncdoc.info         conversation from across the room . They seemed to be
Coffin underground. Sample       talking about a pop star called Sid Vicious . In the newspaper
containing about 43705 words     the headlines were still speculating about a General Election
from a book (domain:             and Mr Callaghan was once again(r) promising to make an
imaginative) Text availability   early statement . The Election had been on and off for weeks
Worldwide rights cleared         now . He knew where his vote would go , expected no good
Publication date 1985-1993       to come of it and was n't worried . He had long since gone
Text type Written books and      dead on politicians . He turned the pages . Films , theatre . A
periodicals                      play about Elvis Presley had opened , and Sleuth was still
                                 running . And yes , here was a preview of Stella Pinero 's
                                 new play .
   bncdoc.id HA5 David Lee's          As Rune 's hard , caressing hands slid up and down her
classification W_fict_prose      body , Gina automatically raised her arms around his neck ,
bncdoc.author Wells, Angela      her fingers reaching for his hair , winding through its golden
bncdoc.date 1993                 thickness , oblivious to everything save the heavy clamouring
bncdoc.title Viking magic.       of her heart , the new-found responses of her senses to
bncdoc.info Viking magic.        Rune 's compelling masculine power . If he 'd picked her up
Sample containing about 55373    and laid her on the bed and taken her with all the passion
words from a book (domain:       and strength his virile body was promising her at that
imaginative) Text availability   moment (a), she would n't have raised a finger to stop him ,
Worldwide rights cleared         so when he swung her around in his arms and deposited her
Publication date 1985-1993       nearer to the bathroom door before removing his arms from
Text type Written books and      her she was left gasping with surprise and a sinking feeling
periodicals                      of disappointment mixed with humiliation which shook her
                                 with its intensity . ` There are several things you should
                                 know about me , min kaere Gina , ' he told her softly .
   bncdoc.id HTU David Lee's          Do n't knock it about . ' High upon another roof-top , not
classification W_fict_prose      so far distant , stood a tall dramatic-looking figure robed in
bncdoc.author Rankin, Robert     black . He studied the dirigibles through a pair of those really
bncdoc.date 1993                 amazing computerized binoculars that you see in movies .
bncdoc.title The suburban        The ones with infra-red night-sights , little flashing digital
book of the dead. bncdoc.info    displays , electric zooms and whatnots . The ones that you
The suburban book of the dead.   waste your time describing to the blank-faced school-leaver
Sample containing about 48045    behind the counter in Tandys . The ones that a friend of
words from a book (domain:       mine who was once in the TA has been promising to get
imaginative) Text availability   me for three years (a) now . ` Just as I suspected . ' The

                                        - 29 -
            Ownership has not been claimed     man in black lowered his binoculars to reveal that he was
            Publication date 1985-1993         none other than the Anti-Rex himself . ` Big black crates
            Text type Written books and        arriving . If I 'm not very much mistaken , they would be for
            periodicals                        packing up the Presley hoard in . ' He was very much
                                               mistaken , of course . But at least he was out of his top-
                                               secret room and getting a bit of fresh air for a change .
                bncdoc.id KBX David Lee's          Oh yes , that 's probably what it is , I 'm sure it is ,
            classification S_conv              because when we were young , do Winters were much more
            bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          bitter were n't they ? Yeah Prolonged as well Yes I do n't like
            bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 11        the cold snaps but they have n't been for long have they ?
            conversations recorded by          No no I , if we do have any er severe snow again or ice Yeah
            `Donald2' (PS1DW) between 17       I 'm thinking of buying myself some ice skates , I 've been
            and 10 January 1992 with 6         (tense) promising myself those , just , you know over the
            interlocutors, totalling 1967 s-   last few years when we have had a , just a bit , mind you
            units, 28273 words (duration       there was one year about six years ago were n't it , where
            not recorded). Text                we were You ought to be very careful with living on your
            availability Worldwide rights      own Don you could break an ankle and you 'd be in real
            cleared Publication date           serious trouble Yeah dangerous sport that is , that and skiing
            1985-1993 Text type Spoken         No well no , ice skating
                bncdoc.id KBG David Lee's          Yeah Do you know that , that little girl ? From Wilby
            classification S_conv              School you mean ? Yes . Are we in Stradbroke ? No . Not yet
            bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          . No not yet . We 're still in Wilby . just come out Mm . It 's
            bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 10        spread out really . Elongated . Yeah . Linear I think is the
            conversations recorded by `Carl'   geographical expression . Sorry ? Linear Linear , yeah .
            (PS051) between 21 and 27          Follows the road . I would n't mind having a day in Norwich
            February 1992 with 9               maybe this summer . Yeah we 've been pr promising that
            interlocutors, totalling 4559 s-   for the last I know , for the last year (a) we 've been saying
            units, 28812 words, and 3 hours    we 'll go to Norwich Two years . for the day . I 'd like to go
            30 minutes 23 seconds of           on and lo dad went to look at the cathedral .
            recordings. Text availability
            Worldwide rights cleared
            Publication date 1985-1993
            Text type Spoken demographic
                bncdoc.id KD6 David Lee's         these frozen meals Geoff that 's what they says Domino
            classification S_conv              that looks nice , I might make that tomorrow what I had ?
            bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          no that 's what you had oh no it wouldn't 've been er with
            bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 19        spin with spinach and ricotta cheese , what 's it like Geoff
            conversations recorded by          was it nice ? do you want me to make lasagne tomorrow ?
            `Martin' (PS0KN) between 11        yes yes you 've been promising for weeks (a) well I 've got
            and 16 January 1992 with 8         the mince out so you 're alright I 'll do it then oh I do n't like
            interlocutors, totalling 4721 s-   the Darling Buds of May at all no is I like er back , he 's
            units, 39227 words (duration       coming back that 's coming back an all , oh yes they were all
            not recorded). Text                police things more or less oh God no they 're good P D
            availability Worldwide rights      James I like him P D James is a woman though is n't it ?
            cleared Publication date           yeah mum ? quite , do n't keep on what 's on the news ?
            1985-1993 Text type Spoken

 Coercion in context

               bncdoc.id A46 David Lee's          The boiler suit is back . The colours to watch :

            classification                     revolutionary red , proletarian blue and grey . In keeping
            W_newsp_brdsht_nat_report          with its drive to restore socialist purity and combat `
            bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          counter-revolution ' , China yesterday(a) unveiled a `

                                                      - 30 -
1989-19-19 bncdoc.title            new socialist look ' for the next spring and summer
Independent, electronic edition    season . According to Zhu Bingchen , director of the
of 1989-10-10: Foreign news        China Garment Research and Design Centre , ` four
pages. bncdoc.info                 types of garments will be trendy ' . Inspired by their
Independent, electronic edition    octogenarian leaders ' nostalgia , fashion designers are
of 1989-10-10: Foreign news        promising a return to the austere clothing of the 1950s
pages. Sample containing about     , now hailed as the high-water mark of the revolutionary
12823 words from a periodical      tradition of ` bitter struggle and hard living ' . Such
(domain: world affairs) Text       garments , Mr Zhu insists , will recall this golden age of
availability Worldwide rights      Chinese socialism when people ` worked hard and were
cleared Publication date           always in high spirits ' .
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CK1 David Lee's          But if , in saying ` I meant ' (a), one is not saying
classification                     something about something one did at the time of saying
W_ac_humanities_arts               , ` Come here ' or ` Go to the bank ' , what is one saying
bncdoc.author Vesey, Godfrey       ? Compare : ` But if , in saying ` I promise … ` ,
bncdoc.date 1991                   one is not saying that one is promising , what is one
bncdoc.title Inner and outer:      saying ? ' Both questions are symptomatic of a reluctance
essays on a philosophical myth.    to accept a linguistic practice for what it is . You may
bncdoc.info Inner and outer.       gather from my behaviour that I meant you , not Jones .
Sample containing about 42431      In saying ` I meant you , not Jones ' , I am not saying
words from a book (domain:         what I gather from my behaviour ( though if what I say
belief and thought) Text           and what my behaviour seems to show seem to conflict ,
availability Worldwide rights      you will be justified in saying you do not understand me [
cleared Publication date           67 , 136 ] ) .
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CLA David Lee's          It 's planning to sponsor the three-day Unix
classification                     Perspectives : The Conference for Enterprise Solutions in
W_non_ac_tech_engin                the first week of November . It has been in the pipeline
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          for a while , and Unix Labs now hopes to embrace the
bncdoc.title Computergram          Common Open Software Environment 's planned
international. bncdoc.info         developers ' conference . In a letter sent out the last few
Computergram international.        weeks (t) over the signature of Unix Labs president Roel
Sample containing about 9131       Pieper , who also sits on the UniForum board , Unix Labs
words from a periodical            is promising ` no other industry event will attract such
(domain: applied science) Text     a prominent collection of information system executives ,
availability Ownership has not     developers , end users , industry analysts and key
been claimed Publication date      members of trade media . ' The show has an extensive
1985-1993 Text type Written        national advertising campaign and 500,000-piece direct-
books and periodicals              mail shot . Possible venues include Dallas . The big
                                   Comdex show in Las Vegas is two weeks later .
    bncdoc.id HLG David Lee's          Privatization developments The privatization of the
classification                     state-owned economy took a further step on Feb. 17 (a)
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu             with the start of the preliminary or " zero " round , under
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          which investors were allowed to start placing their
1992 bncdoc.title Keesings         vouchers in any of the 437 officially sanctioned
Contemporary Archives.             investment funds [ for details of privatization programme
bncdoc.info Keesings               see pp. 38584-85 ; 38734 ] . Many funds were
Contemporary Archives. Sample      promising substantial returns , in some cases up 10
containing about 63859 words       times the invested value within a year , and for this
from a periodical (domain: world   reason the number of citizens choosing to place their
affairs) Text availability         investments with them exceeding predictions . Opinion
Ownership has not been claimed     polls suggested that about a third of the 8,400,000
Publication date 1985-1993         people who had been issued vouchers intended to place
Text type Written books and        them with funds set up by banks or private financial

                                          - 31 -
             periodicals                      groups . The deadline for registration , which had been
                                              extended in January , expired on Feb. 29 . The first
                                              round of privatization was due to start in late March .
                bncdoc.id AE0 David Lee's         Sergei was saying mostly Da and Nyet , with long
             classification W_fict_prose      intervals in between . Nodding towards the bathroom ,
             bncdoc.author Thomas, D M        Surkov said very softly , ` It 's a disaster . ' ` She 's
             bncdoc.date 1990                 doing her best . Her fall has shaken her . ' ` Okay , but
             bncdoc.title Lying together.     most of this is just memorised stuff . There 's almost
             bncdoc.info Lying together.      nothing original . ' I was about to respond that she 'd
             Sample containing about 41886    added quite a lot to the letters , but Masha came out of
             words from a book (domain:       the bathroom(a) . Sergei was promising to ring Sonia
             imaginative) Text availability   tomorrow . When he put the phone down he said to us ,
             Worldwide rights cleared         ` She has stomach pains , she ca n't sleep . Ever since
             Publication date 1985-1993       we married there 's been something wrong with her . ' `
             Text type Written books and      How did she get put through to my room ? ' asked Masha
             periodicals                      . ` I guess they transferred the call . ' He looked ashen --
                                              even more than usual . Masha said , ` You should have
                                              called her to let her know you 'd arrived safely . '
                bncdoc.id CD6 David Lee's         ` Yeah , those First Division ones are almost as poxy
             classification W_pop_lore        as the Premier League ones on Sky . ' I pondered on the
             bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        Italian touch Id experienced early that Sunday afternoon
             1992-19-19 bncdoc.title The      , and reflected on why the rest of the weekend had just
             Face. bncdoc.info The Face.      fizzled out into one empty blank . The first person to dent
             Sample containing about 36309    my euphoria had been Brian Moore , ITV 's match
             words from a periodical          commentator for West Ham versus some town up North ,
             (domain: arts) Text              later that same afternoon (a). The half-time score was
             availability Worldwide rights    nil-nil -- yet there was our Brian promising us that the
             cleared Publication date         second half would be better ! How did he know that the
             1985-1993 Text type Written      second half would be better ? It was a live game , for
             books and periodicals            God 's sake ! If he had told me that the first half was
                                              going to be crap , I would n't have bothered to watch it
                                              in the first place . And now , Brian , you expect us to
                                              trust in your psychic powers concerning the
                                              entertainment level of a second half that had n't even
                                              started .
Change of meaning

         bncdoc.id KE2 David Lee's               I know I have n't So am I , I 'm going to have a , oh
     classification S_conv                    have a , an orange and a lemonade that 's right , that 's
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                what I 'll have well you must n't forget to have a wee before
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 153             you go out That 's right I do n't know who that woman is ?
     conversations recorded by                Those were the , oh yes got one of those right I 'll have
     `Terence' (PS0W2) between 20             these then and this , if you want the sugar Kay was saying
     and 27 February 1992 with 10             that they 're promising heavy storms and erm gales Oh
     interlocutors, totalling 10080 s-        they are yes , for tomorrow or tonight Yeah but erm Cranks
     units, 77961 words, and over 12          at Dartington Oh he 's talking about that is he ? Yes , that 's
     hours 49 minutes 22 seconds of           why I called you in for Oh I did n't hear you call me Cranks
     recordings. Text availability            at Dartington is going , they 're going to keep it open while

     Worldwide rights cleared                 they try and find a buyer for it Oh er , mm the Cranks who
     Publication date 1985-1993               have got six other outlets , erm have gone into , what do
     Text type Spoken demographic             they call it , miners , administrative liquidation
No change of meaning or coercion

                bncdoc.id A0V David Lee's         Breaking the banner at Ryde Pier head to inaugurate

             classification W_pop_lore         the first run of the Eastleigh-refurbished ex-LT 1938 stock
             bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         from Ryde Pier Head to Brading on 13 July 1989 , Class
             1991-08 bncdoc.title Tennis       483 unit No 001 looks particularly smart in a neater version

                                                     - 32 -
World. bncdoc.info Tennis           of NSE livery . PROVINCIAL WHO would have thought ,
World. Sample containing about      back in 1980 , that we would now be reading in the
20581 words from a periodical       popular railway magazines a number of reports that British
(domain: leisure) Text              Rail 's Provincial sector possesses some routes which are
availability Worldwide rights       promising to become profitable ? Who indeed could have
cleared Publication date 1985-      forecast that the Provincial sector would be announcing
1993 Text type Written books        such an improvement in their financial situation resulting
and periodicals                     from rapid but targeted investment in new trains , with the
                                    prime objective of cost reduction ? Certainly , only eight
                                    years ago , when the other sectors were given clearly
                                    defined briefs , the lumping of unprofitable passenger
                                    services into a somewhat negatively titled ` Other
                                    Provincial Services ' produced a kind of dustbin sector .
   bncdoc.id APX David Lee's            It was tempting to see its potential as another fun
classification W_misc               palace or shopping centre or -- this being Liverpool --
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           housing estate . It is too soon to be sure that any such
1990-10 bncdoc.title Royal          desecration has been avoided , but the excellent scheme
Institute of British Architects     by Allies and Morrison which has now been adopted is
Journal. bncdoc.info Royal          already on course for completion by the arrival of the Tall
Institute of British Architects     Ships in 1992 . With Paul Appleton as the project architect ,
Journal. Sample containing about    Allies and Morrison is promising a park and tree-lined
29542 words from a periodical       square , which will leave an uninterrupted view of the
(domain: arts) Text availability    existing buildings from the river . There are times when
Worldwide rights cleared            understated architectural solutions like this are the right
Publication date 1985-1993          ones . The Pier Head was a place of departures and
Text type Written books and         homecomings . It deserves to retain its dignity and to
periodicals                         escape trivialisation . Visiting a large London practice
                                    shortly after the end of the 1980-88 Gulf War , I was
                                    surprised to find the Middle East rather than Europe the
                                    focus of attention . Was there confidence , I asked , about
                                    stability ?
    bncdoc.id CEK David Lee's           But this is the first time supermodels have appeared in
classification                      a home shopping catalogue . ` In the past we have used
W_newsp_other_social                celebrities such as Stephanie Beacham , Jane Seymour and
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           Joan Collins but now supermodels are the new celebrities ,
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.         ' says the spokesman . ` They 've become instantly
bncdoc.info Today. Sample           recognisable . ' Littlewoods say they are not worried by the
containing about 124295 words       prospect of disappointed customers complaining they do n't
from a periodical (domain: social   look like catwalk queens in their £9.99 clothes . ` We have
science) Text availability          n't tried to hide anything , the clothes speak for themselves
Worldwide rights cleared            . We are n't promising haute couture . ' For the next issue
Publication date 1985-1993          they are contemplating using the latest catwalk star , the
Text type Written books and         waif-like Kate Moss . Cindy Crawford is another possibility -
periodicals                         - providing she has n't been snapped up already by another
                                    catalogue . FOR a free copy of the Littlewoods catalogue
                                    phone , quoting reference number:472-0621-2 . St
                                    Bartholemew 's Hospital I FULLY support your writer Rory
                                    Clements ' plea to save St Bart 's Hospital and understand
                                    his gratitude after his nephew was successfully treated
                                    there .
   bncdoc.id CEP David Lee's            Revamped Bristol Rovers include central defender Andy
classification                      Tillson and rugged midfield man Gary Waddock , bought
W_newsp_other_sports                from QPR in a £470,000 joint deal 48 hours ago , against
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           Wolves . But top scorer John Taylor , who has shown
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.         disappointing form recently , could make way for Marcus
bncdoc.info Today: sports           Browning , who has returned from a loan spell with
pages. Sample containing about      Hereford after scoring six goals in five games . ` I have

                                         - 33 -
202283 words from a periodical     recalled Browning because Taylor is going through a sticky
(domain: leisure) Text             spell , ' said Rovers manager Dennis Rofe . Birmingham , is
availability Worldwide rights      promising goals . Bristol City manager Denis Smith ,
cleared Publication date 1985-     whose side entertain Terry Cooper 's Birmingham , is
1993 Text type Written books       promising goals . ` We are creating and missing so many
and periodicals                    chances that sooner or later we 're going to hit someone
                                   for six , ' he said . Plymouth Argyle 's forgotten men are set
                                   to make their Home Park returns against Rotherham United
                                   . Striker Robbie Turner , 26 , and on a weekly contract ,
                                   has been out of the side with a broken leg since February .
                                   And midfielder Kevin Hodges , 32 , was considered too old
   bncdoc.id CEP David Lee's           Revamped Bristol Rovers include central defender Andy
classification                     Tillson and rugged midfield man Gary Waddock , bought
W_newsp_other_sports               from QPR in a £470,000 joint deal 48 hours ago , against
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Wolves . But top scorer John Taylor , who has shown
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.        disappointing form recently , could make way for Marcus
bncdoc.info Today: sports          Browning , who has returned from a loan spell with
pages. Sample containing about     Hereford after scoring six goals in five games . ` I have
202283 words from a periodical     recalled Browning because Taylor is going through a sticky
(domain: leisure) Text             spell , ' said Rovers manager Dennis Rofe . Birmingham , is
availability Worldwide rights      promising goals . Bristol City manager Denis Smith , whose
cleared Publication date 1985-     side entertain Terry Cooper 's Birmingham , is promising
1993 Text type Written books       goals . ` We are creating and missing so many chances
and periodicals                    that sooner or later we 're going to hit someone for six , '
                                   he said . Plymouth Argyle 's forgotten men are set to make
                                   their Home Park returns against Rotherham United . Striker
                                   Robbie Turner , 26 , and on a weekly contract , has been
                                   out of the side with a broken leg since February . And
                                   midfielder Kevin Hodges , 32 , was considered too old .
    bncdoc.id CNF David Lee's          WO NEW CONTRACTS FOR SIMBASE SOFTWARE CGI
classification                     Informatique SA announced the signing of two new
W_non_ac_tech_engin                contracts for its stock and share management software ,
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Simbase , with Banque de Neuflize Schlumberger Mallet
bncdoc.title Computergram          and Paribas Suisse : the Banque NSM , a subsidiary of ABN
international. bncdoc.info         Amro Bank , Europe 's sixth largest banking group , chose
Computergram international.        Simbase to remake its stock and share processing system ;
Sample containing about 9496       Paribas Suisse , a subsidiary of Groupe Paribas , purchased
words from a periodical (domain:   the Simbase modules Share Operations and Portfolio
applied science) Text              Coupons and Movements . ANSWERS PROMISED AT
availability Ownership has not     NOVELL BRAINSHARE Novell Inc 's BrainShare ` 93 get-
been claimed Publication date      together in Utah , March 22 to 26 , is promising to come
1985-1993 Text type Written        up with answers to questions like ` Can Microsoft Corp NT
books and periodicals              and NetWare co-exist ? ' ` What exactly is Novell 's Unix
                                   strategy ? ' and ` What is Novell 's vision of distributed
                                   computing ? ' John Landry of Lotus Development Corp ,
                                   Philippe Kahn of Borland International Inc and John Sculley
                                   of Apple Computer Inc have also been booked to speak at
                                   the event . ` HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH … '
    bncdoc.id CNG David Lee's          For Sparc server users , the software will replace the
classification                     need for Novell 's NetWare for Unix , which has been
W_non_ac_tech_engin                criticised for being to slow . However Sparcstation clients
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          wo n't -- at least not initially -- be able to access servers
bncdoc.title Computergram          running NetWare for Sparc . They will have to buy NetWare
international. bncdoc.info         for NFS , which costs $5,000 for 100 users . Once the initial
Computergram international.        product is out , the firms say they will add more
Sample containing about 9558       communications options for Sun workstation users . To

                                        - 34 -
words from a periodical (domain:   offset criticism , Novell is promising to deliver a new
applied science) Text              NetWare NFS gateway this month , which it says will make
availability Ownership has not     it easier for NetWare clients to access Network File System
been claimed Publication date      services on remote Unix systems . INTEL PURSUES
books and periodicals              PARTNERSHIPS WITH TWO BABY BELLS Intel Corp , as
                                   reported briefly , has announced separate agreements with
                                   Ameritech Inc and Bell Atlantic Corp to explore applications
                                   such as audio , data and video conferencing for personal
                                   computer users .
    bncdoc.id CNN David Lee's          Finally , a new 10Base-T hub card can be added to any
classification                     of the RX 7000 models for integrated routing and hub
W_non_ac_tech_engin                facilities , also from April , at $2,000 . Retix also cut US
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          prices on its 4900 Series remote bridge-routers : the 4941
bncdoc.title Computergram          is off 10% at $4,450 ; the 4942 16.8% to $4,950 , the
international. bncdoc.info         4982 by 14.3% to $5,950 ; and the 2265M/S local bridge is
Computergram international.        reduced by 18.6% to $1,750 . ARIES DRESSES UP FIRST
Sample containing about 7201       HYPERSPARC-BASED WORKSTATION FOR ITS PUBLIC
words from a periodical (domain:   DEBUT AT UNIFORUM Sparcsystems builder Aries
applied science) Text              Technology Inc , Fremont , California , is promising what
availability Ownership has not     is to our knowledge , the first system implementation of
been claimed Publication date      Cypress Semiconductor Corp 's HyperSparc for delivery in
1985-1993 Text type Written        April . At UniForum next week , the firm will show an Mbus-
books and periodicals              based Marixx DS workstation using a 66.7MHz HyperSparc
                                   RISC -- which is plug-compatible with the Texas
                                   Instruments Inc-Sun Microsystems Inc SuperSparc --
                                   alongside Marixx DT , a Sparcstation 10 Model 30 clone
                                   which uses a 36MHz SuperSparc . Aries is pitching Marixx
                                   DS against Sun 's overdue 45MHz and 50MHz Sparcstation
                                   10s , which are now expected around the end of the
                                   second quarter .
    bncdoc.id CNP David Lee's          The new line ranges from the 99/711 , 721 and 731
classification                     with one , two and three processors , available next
W_non_ac_tech_engin                quarter , through the dyadic and two-plus-one 822 and 832
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          for the fourth quarter to the 941 , with four processors in
bncdoc.title Computergram          single image configuration , and the 99/982 doubled-up
international. bncdoc.info         version of that , plus two-plus-two , three-plus-two , three-
Computergram international.        plus-three and four-plus-three variants , the 942 , 952 ,
Sample containing about 9607       962 , 972 and 982 , all to ship in the third quarter . They
words from a periodical (domain:   support Escon channels including Escon Multiple Image
applied science) Text              Facility , and Sysplex clustering . The company is also
availability Ownership has not     promising data compression , Asynchronous Data Mover
been claimed Publication date      Facility and logical partitioning extended reconfiguration at
1985-1993 Text type Written        an unspecified later date . The company also added the
books and periodicals              mid-range mid-range 9/810 uniprocessor and 9/822 three-
                                   way multiprocessor . It gave no prices for the new models .
                                   The company also announced a new 6825 laser printer that
                                   does 60 A4 pages a minute and can print on both sides of
                                   the paper . It prints at up to 480 by 480 dots per inch and
                                   will be shipping in the fourth quarter .
    bncdoc.id CNS David Lee's          Apple 's low-end machine , the Centris 610-based AWS
classification                     60 is also configured with AppleShare 4.0 and the System 7
W_non_ac_tech_engin                operating system . The Centris-based server will sell for
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          around the $5,000 mark and the Quadra-based boxes will
bncdoc.title Computergram          go from $10,000 to $20,000 . Client-server document
international. bncdoc.info         management software may also be launched at Cebit , US
Computergram international.        sources say . LUCID HAS NEW VERSION OF ENERGISE

                                        - 35 -
Sample containing about 9331       C++ DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT AND LOOKS BEYOND
words from a periodical (domain:   SPARC ARCHITECTURE Lucid Inc is promising to release a
applied science) Text              new version of its Energize C++ application development
availability Ownership has not     environment , launched a year ago . The Menlo Park ,
been claimed Publication date      California company also has a new release of its native
1985-1993 Text type Written        C++ compiler , bringing it up to Version 3.0 compatibility ,
books and periodicals              and will be announcing the availability dates for Solaris 2 .
                                   X products .
    bncdoc.id CPK David Lee's          Generally flat year It is hoped that the new releases will
classification                     continue the minor upturn in personal computer sales seen
W_non_ac_tech_engin                during the fourth quarter after the release of the PCS and
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          M300 . Compared to the same period last year , sales rose
bncdoc.title Computergram          39% up from 201,000 to 280,000 . This was the highlight
international. bncdoc.info         of a generally flat year for Olivetti , during which saw its
Computergram international.        market share rise to 6.1% from 5.8% . As for its printing
Sample containing about 9164       business -- Olivetti proudly claims it produced more than
words from a periodical (domain:   500,000 units in 1992 and is promising to make a number
applied science) Text              of new announcements through 1993 . It has kicked off
availability Ownership has not     with its high-quality-low-cost JP250 printer which
been claimed Publication date      harnesses the new bubble-jet technology developed by
1985-1993 Text type Written        partner Canon Inc , with which Olivetti has a joint licensing
books and periodicals              agreement ( CI No 1,888 ) . It also has a special refillable
                                   print head , designed by Olivetti , which the company
                                   reckons helps preserve printhead life and helps reduce the
                                   cost per page .
    bncdoc.id CR1 David Lee's          It can address up to 256 logical paths , twice the
classification                     number on IBM 's new controller . As with the IBM
W_non_ac_tech_engin                controller , cache goes to 1Gb . The IBM concurrent copy ,
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          sequential data striping , enhanced dynamic cache
bncdoc.title Computergram          management and search assist will be available for the
international. bncdoc.info         7980-3 as well as the 7690 in the first quarter 1994 .
Computergram international.        Subsystem prices go from $425,000 to $2m . Hitachi claims
Sample containing about 6863       to have RAID 1 already implemented with the dual copy
words from a periodical (domain:   feature , and the firm is promising higher levels of RAID
applied science) Text              in the future . AT&T TEAMS WITH KOKUSAI , SINGAPORE
availability Ownership has not     ON WORLDSOURCE AT&T Co is stepping up its battle with
been claimed Publication date      British Telecommunications Plc with launch of its
1985-1993 Text type Written        WorldSource customised communication services for
books and periodicals              multinationals , and has announced its plans for Europe
                                   and the Far East . In Europe it plans to invest $350m over
                                   the next five years and create 650 jobs to launch the
                                   speech and data services , which will offer common
                                   features and performance standards globally , and will be
                                   offered to European multinationals in 1994 .
    bncdoc.id CR1 David Lee's          But it is clear that the future lies with a microkernel ,
classification                     which IBM dubs the Workplace OS and will be using to host
W_non_ac_tech_engin                future versions of OS/2 , AIX and MS-DOS with Windows .
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          If this microkernel sounds familiar , it should -- Workplace
bncdoc.title Computergram          OS is none other than the extended and neatened Mach-
international. bncdoc.info         based microkernel that the Taligent Apple-IBM joint
Computergram international.        venture is using to host its eponymous object-oriented
Sample containing about 6863       operating system . But while Taligent is promising action
words from a periodical (domain:   in 1995 , IBM will begin shipping beta microkernels to
applied science) Text              hardware vendors and people that build ` personality
availability Ownership has not     neutral services ' ; which means those capabilities common
been claimed Publication date      to all operating systems . Then in the third quarter the
1985-1993 Text type Written        company will ship a beta AIX personality to sit on top of

                                        - 36 -
books and periodicals                Workplace OS , with an OS/2 Personality following in the
                                     last quarter . This is not just technological tinkering ,
                                     according to Lois Dimpfel , PS Director with the Personal
                                     Systems Programming Centre at Boca Raton .
    bncdoc.id CR2 David Lee's            Virtual network services AT&T says it expects ` several
classification                       hundred ' of its 11m million business customers in the US
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  to ` express interest ' in the new services in the first year
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            or so -- but will that interest be turned into contracts ? It
bncdoc.title Computergram            does already have PaineWebber Inc , United Parcel Service
international. bncdoc.info           , Unisys Corp , Motorola Inc , Honeywell Inc , Goodyear
Computergram international.          Tire & Rubber Co and LSI Logic Corp signed up . The
Sample containing about 9291         service will initially be available only across North America
words from a periodical (domain:     and the Far East -- the company is promising a ` family
applied science) Text                of customised business communications services ' . The
availability Ownership has not       company plans virtual network services for speech and
been claimed Publication date        data communications , highly reliable private line services
1985-1993 Text type Written          for data or speech , voice , and Frame Relay service for
books and periodicals                high-speed data transmission . The WorldPartners
                                     association will be headquartered in New York , and AT&T ,
                                     Kokusai Denshin Denwa and Singapore Telecom also
                                     agreed to create an operating organisation within
                                     WorldPartners to provide a range of support capabilities for
                                     association members , including clearing house functions
                                     for billing , ordering , provisioning , maintenance and
                                     customer support .
    bncdoc.id CS9 David Lee's            Already a number of companies , including Bull 's
classification                       Integris division and Dallas , Texas-based VISystems Inc
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  are doing just that , as well as offering the facility on non-
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            IBM kit . VISystems marketing manager John Phillips claims
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              IBM 's product is unlikely to allow migration from current
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        VSAM ( virtual storage access method ) files , used by 60%
containing about 7960 words from     of IBM Cobol applications , or from RDBMS ( DB2 ) files . `
a periodical (domain: applied        IBM will say it has the same API everywhere , and that
science) Text availability           users can retain code ' , he says , ` But it 's not promising
Worldwide rights cleared             that it will work unchanged ' . ( VISystems -- see page 5 ) .
Publication date 1985-1993           SUN LABS WORKING ON NEW NFS FOR DRAGON MP Sun
Text type Written books and          Microsystems Inc 's Network File System , which is now
periodicals                          into its seventh year with no changes , is set for an
                                     overhaul , according to Electronic Engineering Times .
    bncdoc.id CSA David Lee's            It includes three master/slave SBus slots , up to 128Mb
classification                       internal memory , an Optal-Mechanical mouse and Type 5
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  Sparc keyboard . Strategically Integrix plans to create a
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            one-stop shopping service providing resellers with all the
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              basic components of a Sparc up to a fully configured
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        system . Unlike many other cloners , Integrix manufactures
containing about 10523 words         virtually all the basic components of a Sparc including the
from a periodical (domain: applied   motherboard , keyboard , enclosure , graphics boards and
science) Text availability           SBus expansion units . The firm is promising to develop
Worldwide rights cleared             new distribution channels , predicting that resellers will
Publication date 1985-1993           private label their own systems with Integrix components .
Text type Written books and          MAINFRAME HOUSE SAP MAKES ITS CAUTIOUS WAY TO
periodicals                          UNIX … Mainframe software house SAP AG , based in
                                     Walldorf , Germany is to release English , French and Dutch
                                     versions of its SAP System R/3 Unix business software in
                                     January 1993 . Based on SAP 's wide ranging R/2
                                     management information and financial software for
                                     mainframes , R/3 is already being piloted in the UK and on

                                          - 37 -
                                     the continent .
    bncdoc.id CSA David Lee's            New York-based software house AFIC Computers Inc
classification                       will have a set of utilities for distributed databases at the
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  Show : Multi Server Option ( MSO ) , Quick Dump and Last
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            . MSO replicates , updates and synchronises databases
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              across a LAN or WAN , offering a measure of fault
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        tolerance and high availability . Quick Dump is a fast
containing about 10523 words         dump/restore facility , and Last is a logging and auditing
from a periodical (domain: applied   utility that records and prints reports of data changes .
science) Text availability           Currently working with the Sybase database on Sun and HP
Worldwide rights cleared             hardware , AFIC is promising an RS/6000 port by the
Publication date 1985-1993           fourth quarter , and Oracle 7 versions by the first quarter
Text type Written books and          of next year . UNIX EXPO SHORTS NCR Corp 's Applied
periodicals                          Digital Data Systems ( ADDS ) division is to show its first
                                     AlphaWindow terminal at Unix Expo to catch all those
                                     character-based applications unlikely to be converted to X :
                                     the terminal , based on AT&T 's 705MT multi-session
                                     terminal , supports the full AlphaWindow spec including
                                     mouse support and Motif-like windowing .
    bncdoc.id CSB David Lee's            Targeted at the cellular communication , military and
classification                       flight control markets , Spectra is available direct from
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  Ready Systems in the US and from its UK distributor
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            Instrumatic UK Ltd , Marlow , Buckinghamshire : no prices
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              given . NOW SUN STRIKES A DEAL WITH ADOBE SYSTEMS
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        FOR NEWSPRINT Sun Microsystems Inc 's SunPics division
containing about 9450 words from     has announced a joint technology and marketing deal with
a periodical (domain: applied        Adobe Systems Inc , hoping to add value to its NewsPrint
science) Text availability           open network printing technology ( UX No 360 ) with
Worldwide rights cleared             imaging technologies such as Postscript and Display
Publication date 1985-1993           Postscript . In return , Adobe is promising to increase
Text type Written books and          technology and application development for SunSoft 's
periodicals                          Solaris environment , including the porting of Adobe 's
                                     Illustrator and Photoshop applications to Solaris . Sun also
                                     promises to help Adobe to make its long-awaited Carousel
                                     document interchange format software successful in the
                                     Unix marketplace . SunPics spokesman Kevin Olsen said
                                     that Adobe technology would be integrated within the four
                                     layers of its NewsPrint system , particularly the imaging
                                     and font layer where X11/News and its own well-
                                     established F3 scalable font format standard already reside
    bncdoc.id CSD David Lee's            Customers with 30 or more 3270 terminals that want
classification                       access to Unix are the targets . CAP 200 , with up to 30
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  lines , costs £42,000 in the UK , while CAP 250 , with up to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            180 lines , costs £56,000 . A dedicated server is also
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              required at the Unix end , and will cost another £10,000 ,
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        and there is a further £10,000 implementation services
containing about 10417 words         charge . Unisys says it is considering making the software
from a periodical (domain: applied   available to non-Unisys servers . Unisys Corp is promising
science) Text availability           a VME upgrade to its Sequent-based U6000/75
Worldwide rights cleared             multiprocessor next month -- the product currently uses
Publication date 1985-1993           Multibus . UNIPLEX PREPARES USERS FOR COMPLEX
Text type Written books and          NOUVEAU Unix office software company , Uniplex Ltd ,
periodicals                          based in Hemel Hempstead , Herts , England has launched
                                     a professional services division , combining existing
                                     services and support with consultancy as well as Unix and
                                     Uniplex training for resellers and end-users . The services

                                          - 38 -
                                     are also available from accredited or registered training
                                     centres , endorsed by Uniplex . Resellers will get
                                     commission for selling Uniplex courses .
    bncdoc.id CSL David Lee's            Pouring over its latest simulation runs , Sun is confident
classification                       it has broken the back of the technical problem . That still
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  leaves it with the human problem of what to do about its
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            many customers , the sizeable backlog of orders they have
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              created and the delays they face . Sun says it will deliver
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        36MHz Model 30 Sparcstation 10s in place of the Model 41
containing about 11324 words         and upgrade them as the chips become available . It is
from a periodical (domain: applied   promising customers the upgrades will be made on an
science) Text availability           on-going basis between now and the end of March . Sun 's
Worldwide rights cleared             vice president of product marketing Anil Gadre believes
Publication date 1985-1993           Model 41 backlog will be normalised at 30 to 45 days by
Text type Written books and          March 30 . $10,000 compensation By way of compensation
periodicals                          , Sun will give customers who book orders for Model 41s by
                                     December 4 a second free Viking module , valued at
                                     $10,000 and promised for delivery by June 30 .
    bncdoc.id CSN David Lee's            It expects to leverage off Borland Japan and is looking
classification                       for additional Japanese distributors . A few weeks after
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  announcing System V/4 for IBM 's PS/2 Models 90 and 95 (
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            UX No 412 ) , Scotts Valley , California-based Microport 's
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              got its version of SVR4 ready for DEC Intel Corp 486
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        machines . It says it 's the first product to fully support the
containing about 8211 words from     Intel Express motherboard architectures with DEC 's high-
a periodical (domain: applied        performance graphics , SCSI and networking chipsets and
science) Text availability           adapters . DEC is supporting Microport customers .
Worldwide rights cleared             Microport is promising an optimised version of its
Publication date 1985-1993           software for the Pentium chip . 1992 AND ALL THAT : IBM
Text type Written books and          FOURTH QUARTER CHARGES WILL BE $6,000m AS 25,000
periodicals                          MORE JOBS GO Even President-elect Bill Clinton could not
                                     contain his dismay last week after IBM Corp announced
                                     that business in Europe was so bad that the company
                                     would at best break even in the current quarter -- and
                                     prescribed only more of the same medicine that has so
                                     signally failed to save the situation up to now .
    bncdoc.id CSR David Lee's            However , Novell , which claimed it was acting on the
classification                       urgings of its customers , is expected to press the
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  integration and interoperability of NetWare and Unix , the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            development of common management framework and
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              common application framework ABIs to put at the service
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        of third-party software developers and mission-critical
containing about 7492 words from     accounts intent on rightsizing and employing distributed
a periodical (domain: applied        solutions . NetWare will be played as the network services
science) Text availability           provider and Unix as the application server . The desktop
Worldwide rights cleared             will be anybody 's game . Novell is promising tighter
Publication date 1985-1993           integration with MS-DOS , Windows , OS/2 , Apple Mac and
Text type Written books and          Unix clients . Bad blood On the day the merger was
periodicals                          announced , USL president Roel Pieper , who will report to
                                     Noorda , claimed a positive reaction to the move from
                                     AT&T 's old enemies Hewlett-Packard Co and IBM who
                                     always fretted over AT&T 's control , its hardware biases
                                     and its association with the bad blood that drove the
                                     industry apart .
   bncdoc.id CST David Lee's             Application programming interfaces will be defined to
classification                       enable third-party developers to integrate telephony
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  services into applications ; integration of electronic mail ,

                                          - 39 -
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            fax and voice mail are planned , other possibilities include
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              voice-mail management products , simplified conference-
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        calling capabilities and call-centre applications . Other
containing about 10549 words         people 's systems will be integrated , although only AT&T
from a periodical (domain: applied   holding NCR Corp is currently involved , with a plan to
science) Text availability           provide similar support in its Unix-based StarGroup
Worldwide rights cleared             software line with applications complimentary to NetWare .
Publication date 1985-1993           They are promising a multimedia desktop down the road
Text type Written books and          and a user interface that is a ` pleasurable and useful
periodicals                          experience . ' TALIGENT IS ` AHEAD OF SCHEDULE '
                                     Taligent Inc , the Apple Computer Inc-IBM Corp joint
                                     venture that is busy turning Apple 's Pink object-oriented
                                     operating environment into a fully-fledged product , is well
                                     ahead of schedule in the development effort and now
                                     expects to start shipping the thing next year rather than in
                                     1995 , the Wall Street Journal reports .
    bncdoc.id CSW David Lee's             The 7051 network file server models 800 and 840 --
classification                       aimed at sophisticated network system users -- come with
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  up to eight Ethernet ports and up to 48Gb and 144Gb disk
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            respectively . Prices go from $177,600 with deliveries to
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              begin in May . Parallel , multiprocessing Long-awaited
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        multiprocessing -- as distinct from parallel processing --
containing about 10949 words         RS/6000s , on which Compagnie des Machines Bull SA is
from a periodical (domain: applied   collaborating with IBM , are due volume at the beginning of
science) Text availability           1994 , if you listen to Big Blue . On the other hand , Bull is
Worldwide rights cleared             promising a multiprocessing version of AIX in the third
Publication date 1985-1993           quarter and says it 'll have multiprocessor boxes in the
Text type Written books and          fourth quarter . The multiprocessor will use the multi-chip ,
periodicals                          single board Rios 2 Power implementation which is due in
                                     the second half of the year . Rios 2 parts will also find their
                                     way into IBM 's widely previewed high-end parallel
                                     computing effort which will come as a scalable , eight to 64
                                     processor , one-to-eight 8GFLOPS Power Parallel
                                     RISC/6000 9076 SP1 system running AIX Unix version 3.2 .
                                     It starts at $312,000 .
    bncdoc.id CSX David Lee's             According to IBM Corp , which is busy trying to salvage
classification                       and make sense of its core business , we are now to think
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  of the mainframe as the complete server . It 's got the I/O
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            , bandwidth , memory and storage . It 's also pegging the
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              mainframe as the solution to ` large business problems , '
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        all in the name of trying to justify why people should still
containing about 11135 words         be interested in what IBM has to offer . The company is
from a periodical (domain: applied   expecting another double-digit drop in mainframe sales
science) Text availability           again this year . IBM is promising to come up with a cost-
Worldwide rights cleared             efficient CMOS microprocessor-based 390 in the second
Publication date 1985-1993           half of the year . It says it 's already built a prototype . It
Text type Written books and          paints a picture of a moderately parallel MVS-run 390 with
periodicals                          50 to 100 processors for complex query-based applications
                                     . Next year , it says , it will have a transaction processing
                                     offering . The chip , for cost efficiencies , would come off
                                     the same line as the RS/6000 chips but the silicon would be
                                     impressed with the 390 instruction set .
   bncdoc.id CT1 David Lee's              The third area was not revealed , but it is thought to
classification                       cover a Unix alternative for the Microsoft object linking and
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  embedding and dynamic data exhange technologies . Any
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            company can submit technology , and UI members vote to
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              find the winner . The provider of a selected technology

                                          - 40 -
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        must agree to provide specs , APIs , test suites and general
containing about 8747 words from     availability before being accepted . LUCID HAS NEW
a periodical (domain: applied        VERSION OF ENERGISE -- LOOKS BEYOND SPARC Lucid
science) Text availability           Inc is promising to release a new version of its Energize
Worldwide rights cleared             C++ application development environment , launched a
Publication date 1985-1993           year ago ( UX No 366 ) . It also has a new release of its
Text type Written books and          native C++ compiler , bringing it up to Version 3.0
periodicals                          compatibility , and will be announcing the availability dates
                                     for Solaris 2. x products .
    bncdoc.id CTC David Lee's            Work on developing the PowerPC version of IBM Corp 's
classification                       Rios RISC is progressing faster than anyone , including
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  partners in the venture IBM , Apple Computer Inc and
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            Motorola Inc believed possible , and chips should be ready
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              before the end of the year with the possibility of machines
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        being announced very late this year , Electronic News
containing about 10962 words         reports . The key to completing the design was to add the
from a periodical (domain: applied   input-output interface of Motorola 's 88110 RISC to the
science) Text availability           IBM chip , something that turned out to be easier than
Worldwide rights cleared             anticipated . IBM is also promising a new release of AIX
Publication date 1985-1993           for later this year that will enable network administrators to
Text type Written books and          update client computers from an RS/6000 server , making
periodicals                          PowerPC personal computers running AIX more attractive
                                     to large users . And the deal between Apple Computer Inc
                                     and Echo Logic Inc on the latter 's application translation
                                     technology should make a raft of Mac applications available
                                     for the new machines .
    bncdoc.id CTD David Lee's            It is , however , considered out of the research phase .
classification                       Tough-nut The Apple deal reportedly came about because
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  Echo used the Mac , theoretically the toughest nut to crack
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            , as its proof of concept and showed the system to Apple
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              last year , translating Macintosh programs to several
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        unidentified RISC platforms . Burnham described FlashPort
containing about 10756 words         as a beefy , sophisticated and complex piece of software
from a periodical (domain: applied   suitable for use by a senior engineer . However , Echo is
science) Text availability           promising to cut ports to a matter of days , or at worst
Worldwide rights cleared             weeks , lopping off what could be years of development
Publication date 1985-1993           time in moving from one architecture to another . The time
Text type Written books and          saved could be spent adding features like voice recognition
periodicals                          that are only possible on a more advanced platform such
                                     as PowerPC . Echo claims to circumvent the problem of
                                     trespassing on Apple 's jealously guarded ToolBox by not
                                     needing it anywhere but on the target machine , which in
                                     this case Apple will provide .
    bncdoc.id CTE David Lee's            Triton SCI will offer bridges to VME-based systems and
classification                       is claimed to be five times faster than systems that will be
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  built around the emerging Futurebus+ standard . SILLA `
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            TO HALVE THE PRICE OF LCD , GAS PLASMA SCREENS '
bncdoc.title Unigram x.              Start-up Silla Corporation , the latest of the Sparc cloners (
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample        UX No 385 ) , which last week was due to change its name
containing about 8594 words from     to EOS Technologies , is promising great things on the
a periodical (domain: applied        portable screen front . Founder Michael Pak , late of
science) Text availability           TriGem , says he has a joint venture with an unidentified
Worldwide rights cleared             Japanese company that will halve the price of LCD and gas
Publication date 1985-1993           plasma screens and overcome the fatality rate experienced
Text type Written books and          in trying to make colour tubes for portables . He says the
periodicals                          development is based on advanced new technology which
                                     he declines to name but promises to show in July at the

                                          - 41 -
                                    Sun Expo in Anaheim , California .
    bncdoc.id CTP David Lee's            OPENTEC SETS SPARC PLAN A new player in the Sparc
classification                      clone market is Sydney-based Opentec , formed to market
W_non_ac_tech_engin                 the new machines coming from Hyundai Electronics new
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           workstation division in California , the first machine being a
bncdoc.title Unigram x.             100% compatible clone of the Sparcstation2 , the company
bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample       says -- see page three . But more importantly in the
containing about 7766 words from    competitive Sparc clone marketplace , Opentec is claiming
a periodical (domain: applied       to have beaten other workstation developers to the punch
science) Text availability          by preparing a machine based around the Texas
Worldwide rights cleared            Instruments Viking/SuperSparc chip . John Ashton ,
Publication date 1985-1993          managing director of Opentec , is promising a SuperSparc
Text type Written books and         machine within a month of the availability of Sun 's Sparc
periodicals                         10 , with volume shipments from both companies expected
                                    around September/October . ` Dare I say it , but they are
                                    truly leadership products -- with their 96 MIPS desktop
                                    system being offered locally at just $35,000 , ' said Ashton
                                    . However , he noted that cloning Sun 's machines will be
                                    only a part of Hyundai 's operations .
   bncdoc.id E9R David Lee's             he tournament , to be jointly hosted by India , Pakistan
classification                      and Sri Lanka , will be contested by 12 nations -- the nine
W_newsp_other_report                Test-playing teams and three associate members of the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           International Cricket Council . Anti-AIDS drug test results
1993-03 bncdoc.title The East       disappointing THE GOVERNMENT is promising to continue
Anglian. bncdoc.info The East       the fight to find a cure for AIDS after the failure of the AZT
Anglian. Sample containing about    drug to halt the onset of the disease in trials . Health
25252 words from a periodical       Minister Tim Yeo says he is ` disappointed ' by the results
(domain: world affairs) Text        of four-year tests on the drug , also known as Zidovudine ,
availability Worldwide rights       involving more than 1,700 HIV positive patients . The tests
cleared Publication date 1985-      show people with symptomless HIV did not benefit in terms
1993 Text type Written books        of survival or spread of the disease , whether they took the
and periodicals                     drug immediately on diagnosis or waited for the onset of
                                    infection .
    bncdoc.id G00 David Lee's            The development of colour desktop publishing is a
classification W_commerce           classic example of this in action . Because the computers
bncdoc.author Budget, Henry;et      on which most desktop publishing software runs are
al bncdoc.date bncdoc.title         capable of displaying colour it seems logical to the software
[Miscellaneous articles about       developer that they should introduce colour into their
desk-top publishing] bncdoc.info    desktop publishing programs . Whilst they can probably get
[Miscellaneous articles about       away with spot colour separations , and indeed many of
desk-top publishing]. Sample        them produce excellent spot separated material , the world
containing about 94394 words of     now seems to expect that process colour separation will
miscellanea (domain: commerce)      follow just as easily . Some vendors are promising that
Text availability Ownership has     they will provide it on their own , others such as Quark are
not been claimed Publication        linking to specific vendors ( Scitex in this case ) while still
date 1985-1993 Text type            others such as Aldus are merely providing an open
Written miscellaneous               interface to anyone who cares to take their files on board .
                                    Of all the approaches the latter is likely to succeed the best
                                    as they are leaving all the clever stuff to those in the know
                                    . Colour publishing on the desktop is possible and can be
                                    demonstrated .
   bncdoc.id G33 David Lee's             The ` after ' image is also misleading . With so much
classification W_pop_lore           pollution flowing down the Taff and Ely rivers , there is
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           little or no prospect of the 600-acre lake being used for
1991-19-19 bncdoc.title BBC         contact water sports -- the health risks are expected to be
Wildlife. bncdoc.info BBC           far too high . Even walking along the quayside promises to
Wildlife. Sample containing about   be an unhealthy and unpleasant experience : smelly and

                                         - 42 -
48198 words from a periodical      midge-infested , though the CBDC is promising a
(domain: leisure) Text             combination of pumped aeration and chemical sprays to
availability Worldwide rights      deal with the ` problems . ' But all that is academic if the
cleared Publication date 1985-     barrage does n't get its parliamentary approval . On 27
1993 Text type Written books       November , for the fourth time since 1987/88 , a Cardiff
and periodicals                    Bay Barrage Bill -- a hybrid bill , like the Channel Tunnel Bill
                                   , that is promoted by the Government -- will be introduced
                                   into Parliament . A coalition of wildlife conservation groups
                                   , led by the RSPB and backed by WWF and the Royal
                                   Society for Nature Conservation , will once again be
                                   arguing against the measure both inside and outside
                                   Parliament . Their objective is not to oppose the area 's
                                   development , just the actual barrage .
    bncdoc.id HHV David Lee's          The Labour party has opposed every tax cut that we
classification W_hansard           have introduced and now it threatens to raise taxes if we
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          cut them . The right hon. Gentleman wants people to let
1992 bncdoc.title [Hansard         him spend their money rather than spending it themselves
extracts 1991-1992] bncdoc.info    . Labour opposes tax cuts when the economy is growing
[Hansard extracts 1991-1992].      and when it is not . Mr. Kinnock The Prime Minister heads
Sample containing about 437508     the Government who have imposed the biggest tax burden
words of miscellanea (domain:      in British history . Perhaps he will now try answering the
world affairs) Text availability   question . The Government have promised to increase
Worldwide rights cleared           public expenditure and are promising to cut income taxes
Publication date 1985-1993         . Is that not , in the Prime Minister 's own words , truly a '
Text type Written miscellaneous    dishonest and absurd ' promise ?
    bncdoc.id HJ4 David Lee's          All the artists featured in the charity 's 25th anniversary
classification                     exhibition have either donated a picture or given 50 per
W_newsp_other_report               cent of the sale price . New-look 900 SAAB has produced
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          the first pictures of its first new car for quite some time ,
bncdoc.title The Belfast           the new-look 900 . The new model is due to be unveiled
Telegraph. bncdoc.info The         officially to the public at next autumn 's Frankfurt Motor
Belfast Telegraph. Sample          Show . The Swedes , mind you , are n't giving too much
containing about 200828 words      away outside of the altered shape of the car . But it still
from a periodical (domain: world   looks very much like a Saab ! They are promising new
affairs) Text availability         innovations on the safety and environmental fronts , as
Ownership has not been claimed     well as a wider range of engines than before , including a
Publication date 1985-1993         new 16-valve , 190 bhp , 2.0 litre turbo with double
Text type Written books and        balance shafts . Nursing survey PATIENT care is suffering
periodicals                        while nursing posts remain vacant across the province ,
                                   according to local nurses in a new survey published at the
                                   weekend by the Royal College of Nursing and Nursing
                                   Standard . The joint report shows that 49 per cent of
                                   nurses in Northern Ireland say there are empty posts in
                                   their workplaces .
   bncdoc.id HX9 David Lee's           If h* ( n ) is wildly optimistic ( i.e. the cost estimate is
classification W_ac_tech_engin     essentially ) then the algorithm will be guided by g(n) the
bncdoc.author Wilson, Howard       cost computed so far . If many paths pick up additional
bncdoc.date bncdoc.title           cost at each expansion , then the cost of a path will
[Unpublished academic thesis]      increase with its length . Under these conditions , however
bncdoc.info [Unpublished           good the heuristic estimate , the algorithm will keep
academic thesis]. Sample           abandoning paths that fail to live up to their initial promise
containing about 40822 words of    in favour of untried paths that are promising a little more
unpublished miscellanea (domain:   than they will deliver ( Pearl 1984 ) . Equal cost will start to
applied science) Text              look like equal depth ( i.e. breadth-first search ) and the
availability Ownership has not     algorithm will explore a broad band of hypotheses . Pearl (
been claimed Publication date      1984 ) proves that , for a binary tree model whose
1985-1993 Text type Written        branches have a cost of 1 or with probability p and 1-p

                                        - 43 -
miscellaneous                        respectively , if p < ½ then any admissible algorithm will
                                     run in exponential time . In the section on specific speech
                                     systems , we shall see under what conditions the speech
                                     search problem is of this type .
    bncdoc.id J1M David Lee's            Rev SANDY McDONALD/Department of Ministry
classification W_news_script         Kilbarchan Rev ANDREW McLELLAN/St Andrew 's and St
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            George 's RONNIE CONVERY/Scotland Today Programme =
bncdoc.title Scottish TV -- news     6pm 25/10/93 In tomorrow 's report Ronnie will be
scripts. bncdoc.info Scottish TV -   examining the internal tensions within the Catholic Church ,
- news scripts. Sample containing    fifteen years to the month since the election of Pope John
about 38983 words of material        Paul the second . Programme = S.T jde 25/10/93 JIM
written to be spoken (domain:        DELAHUNT The top sports story tonight &hellip; Hearts
leisure) Text availability           chairman , Wallace Mercer has abandoned his proposal to
Ownership has not been claimed       buy the club 's ground at Tynecastle and lease it back to
Publication date Unknown Text        the club . He 's promising instead to unveil a subscription
type Written-to-be-spoken            scheme for supporters to help pay for ground
                                     improvements demanded by the Taylor report . Mr Mercer
                                     's opponents say the climbdown has left his credibility in
                                     tatters . This from John Macgill . WALLACE
                                     MERCER/Chairman , Heart of Midlothian ; 24 secs ROBIN
                                     BEITH/Federation of Hearts Supporters Clubs ; 35 secs
                                     CHRIS McLEAN/Hands Off Tynecastle Campaign ; 1 min 32
                                     secs JOHN MACGILL/Scotland Today ; 1 min 48 secs
                                     Programme = S.T jde 25/10/93 Lou Macari is now
                                     expected to take over at Celtic on Wednesday as the two
                                     parties continue to discuss Macari 's wish to nominate his
                                     own assistant .
    bncdoc.id J1M David Lee's            Programme = LUNCH 26/10/93 There will be more
classification W_news_script         news and features in a moment , but first the weather with
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            Lloyd . Programme = LUNCH 26/10/93 LLOYD
bncdoc.title Scottish TV -- news     QUINAN/Scotland Today Weather Looking back at this
scripts. bncdoc.info Scottish TV -   morning -- any early mist patches soon cleared and
- news scripts. Sample containing    although it was a dry staert everywhere , it has remained
about 38983 words of material        cloudy . And there 's not much change in prospect -- that
written to be spoken (domain:        cloudy but dry theme continuing this afternoon . But , and
leisure) Text availability           I 'm not promising , the sun might break through in a few
Ownership has not been claimed       favoured spots . Temperatures will be a little below the
Publication date Unknown Text        seasonal norm , but winds will remain very light , so it
type Written-to-be-spoken            should feel quite pleasant . Tonight , once again , mostly
                                     cloudy but the rain staying away . However , a few clear
                                     intervals may develop , allowing some patchy mist and
                                     perhaps a touch of ground frost during the early hours .
   bncdoc.id K1E David Lee's             Voice over It 's taken 85 years for the Goodman family
classification W_news_script         name to appear on one of their motorbikes , but looking at
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            the HDS 1200 on the road , the wait has been well
bncdoc.title [Central television     worthwhile . Read in studio Five young men with a passion
news scripts] bncdoc.info            for music are all set to become the darlings of the pop
[Central television news scripts].   world . Collectively known as Bedazzled , they 've signed a
Sample containing about 46525        million pound contract with one of the biggest record
words of material written to be      companies in the world . But they 're promising not to let
spoken (domain: leisure) Text        the fame and fortune go to their heads . Clare Lafferty
availability Ownership has not       reports . Video-Taped report follows GLOUCESTER
been claimed Publication date        LAURENCE WINDO/Singer DARRIN STEVENS/Drummer
1985-1993 Text type Written-to-      DAMIEN KINGSCOTT/Bass player RICHARD
be-spoken                            GOBEY/Guitarist PAUL FIELDHOUSE/Guitarist Read in
                                     studio Voice over Finally some football news -- Swindon
                                     Town are making one change in their side for the match

                                          - 44 -
                                   with Bristol City at the county ground tonight . Time
                                   allowed = 00:24 Three die in Ulster gun attack Three
                                   people have been killed in a gun attack on the Belfast
                                   offices of the IRA 's political wing , Sinn Fein .
    bncdoc.id K1N David Lee's          The Batman and Joker playing cards , hiding the LSD
classification W_news_script       squares , were kept in a safe-deposit box at Selfridges in
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          London and the gang used the store 's restaurant as a
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         cover for drug deals , unknown to staff . They spent their
television news scripts]           money on good food and high living . The police have
bncdoc.info [Central television    recovered only £12,000 in cash . Read in studio The
news scripts]. Sample containing   Government is promising to review the laws that have
about 41718 words of material      enabled tens of thousands of new age hippies to set up
written to be spoken (domain:      camp on common land . Farmers and local residents say
leisure) Text availability         the hippies are destructive , noisy and dangerous , and are
Ownership has not been claimed     demanding that harsher action be taken against them .
Publication date 1985-1993         Clare Laffety reports . Video-Taped report follows
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     CASTLEMORTON/Worcestershire TONY BALDRY MP/Junior
                                   Environment Minister Cllr ALEX STEWART-CLEARY/Malvern
                                   Hills/District Council Voice over COMMON Just a small
                                   percentage of the original twenty thousand hippies are still
                                   camped out on Castlemorton Common in Worcestershire .
    bncdoc.id K1R David Lee's          Rape counsellors believe only ten per cent of rapes are
classification W_news_script       reported to Police &hellip; Police have so far ruled out any
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          connection between the rapes . Read in studio One of the
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         oldest parts of Robert Maxwell 's collapsed empire has
television news scripts]           been revived by a management buyout . The firm 's new
bncdoc.info [Central television    owners say there are no plans for more job cuts and they
news scripts]. Sample containing   're promising increased investment to develop the
about 45357 words of material      business . Simon Garrett reports Video-Taped report
written to be spoken (domain:      follows COWLEY/Oxford RICHARD HOLMES/Managing
leisure) Text availability         Director BOB KNIGHT/Printers ' Union Voice over The
Ownership has not been claimed     Nuffield Press has been a leading British print supplier for
Publication date 1985-1993         seventy years . For the last six months the managers
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     brought into the firm by Robert Maxwell have been trying
                                   to strike a deal to wrench it from the quagmire of his
                                   estate . Today they succeeded .
    bncdoc.id K1V David Lee's          Male speaker We are offering a once in a life time
classification W_news_script       chance to enjoy dancing . Voice over However that party is
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          facing strong opposition from people living in nearby
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         Wavenden . There are alot of old people living in this
television news scripts]           village and we do n't want it here . Female speaker it will
bncdoc.info [Central television    be terrible there is bound to be overspill and vandalism .
news scripts]. Sample containing   Voice over The party is to go ahead at the end of August .
about 43882 words of material      Local people say they 'll keep fighting to get it banned .
written to be spoken (domain:      The promoters are promising tight security to prevent
leisure) Text availability         ravers leaving the site . There is a ban on alcohol and
Ownership has not been claimed     drugs and new age travellers will be discouraged . They
Publication date 1985-1993         say the rave will be big but like its mascot it will also be
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     inoffensive .
    bncdoc.id K1Y David Lee's          Voice over That 's as close to a free lunch as you 're
classification W_news_script       likely to get . But with only 40% of the pupils eating them ,
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          they need to sell a lot more . In part two : Pasta Blaster
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         &hellip; Swindon 's four-goal warning to Oxford for the
television news scripts]           Anglo-Italian Cup . And it 's a breeze.The OTHER way to
bncdoc.info [Central television    spend a windy bank holiday Read in studio Britain 's most
news scripts]. Sample containing   successful cable television company is going into
about 46520 words of material      competition with British Telecom . ( WES READS NEXT ) It

                                        - 45 -
written to be spoken (domain:      's promising to cut people 's phone bills by at least ten
leisure) Text availability         per cent . Video-Taped report follows ROBIN
Ownership has not been claimed     POWELL/Swindon JIM HARVEY/Telus Corporation DAVE
Publication date 1985-1993         GOSLING/Swindon Cable Voice over Swindon Cable already
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     claims more than 30 per cent of the local television
                                   audience . Now it plans to use its underground cable
                                   network to offer customers a telephone service as well .
                                   The project 's a joint venture between Swindon Cable 's
                                   parent company , CUC Cablevision , and the Canadian
                                   telecommunications giant Telus .
    bncdoc.id K22 David Lee's          He told the coroner how he and a local farmer struggled
classification W_news_script       to pull two people from the burning Metro . They did n't
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          see the second passenger because she 'd fallen into the
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         well between the front and back seats . Her body was
television news scripts]           discovered in the wreckage . PTC The coroner Lester
bncdoc.info [Central television    Maddrell praised the courage of PC Waters and the farmer
news scripts]. Sample containing   . He said their evidence had made his blood run cold . He
about 43169 words of material      recorded a verdict of accidental death on all four victims .
written to be spoken (domain:      Read in studio The Home Secretary 's promising a
leisure) Text availability         crackdown on New Age Travellers and Rave partygoers . At
Ownership has not been claimed     the tory conference Kenneth Clarke named a team of
Publication date 1985-1993         ministers charged with tackling the people he called '
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     parasites . ' Simon Garrett reports Video-Taped report
                                   follows 23 MAY 1992/CASTLEMORTON/Worcestershire
                                   KENNETH CLARKE MP/Home Secretary MICHAEL SPICER
                                   MP/Con Worcestershire South Voice over Castlemorton
                                   near Malvern five months ago . Twenty thousand people
                                   camped out on common land for a music festival .
    bncdoc.id K22 David Lee's          Ultra Electronics will continue with Dowty 's existing
classification W_news_script       projects , working on aircraft such as the European Fighter
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Aircraft &hellip; Dowty electrics manufactures componets
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         and illuminted panels for the project . The latest sell-offs
television news scripts]           are in line the promises made by TI when it took the group
bncdoc.info [Central television    over last year . The Abingdon based company said it
news scripts]. Sample containing   wanted Dowty to concentrate on aerospace . Dowty Fuel
about 43169 words of material      systems has already been sold , as has Dowty 's
written to be spoken (domain:      Information technology division . The news has been
leisure) Text availability         welcomed by union leaders as the new company is
Ownership has not been claimed     promising that all two hundred and thirty jobs at Dowty
Publication date 1985-1993         Weapons and Dowty Electrics will be safe . Male speaker It
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     takes a load off their mind they know who the new owners
                                   are going to be . We do n't think there will be a problem
                                   with jobs . Certainly Dowty Electrics is a profitable
                                   company and I believe , our members have a reasonably
                                   secure future .
    bncdoc.id K24 David Lee's          I need to be with him and I ca n't be . Voice over Most
classification W_news_script       of the relevant services for patients and families do exist in
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Swindon . But no one has responsibility for seeing they get
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         them Female speaker We do n't get a coordinated service
television news scripts]           because no consultant is there to take charge of a multi-
bncdoc.info [Central television    disciplinary approach . That 's vital for patients and their
news scripts]. Sample containing   families Voice over Health managers accept there 's a
about 44589 words of material      problem , and despite the perennial lack of cash they 're
written to be spoken (domain:      promising action Male speaker We 've had a report from
leisure) Text availability         Headway which we agreed to take up to see if one of the
Ownership has not been claimed     consultants can oversee head injury services Voice over If
Publication date 1985-1993         such a change does take place for Amanda and her family

                                        - 46 -
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     it 'll be seven years after time . Read in studio Police are
                                   claiming success for a new campaign to tackle crime in the
                                   countryside . In one area some offences have fallen by
                                   thirty per cent since the start of the year .
    bncdoc.id K4T David Lee's           The Doc was not one of his favourites . At 30 , Hankin
classification                     walked out of Molineux with a year left on his contract .
W_newsp_other_sports               Hankin helped Guisborough Town and then had his first
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          taste of management with Northallerton Town . ` Getting
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:        the best out of players is one of my strong points , ' he said
Leisure pages. bncdoc.info         . ` If I did not believe I could lift Darlington I would not
Northern Echo: Leisure pages.      have taken the job . ` There must be mutual respect ,
Sample containing about 211901     because without that you have no chance . I am not
words from a periodical (domain:   promising miracles but one thing is certain . ` We will all
leisure) Text availability         do our our best to get Darlington away from the bottom of
Ownership has not been claimed     the table . ' DARLINGTON striker David Cork has been
Publication date 1985-1993         transfer-listed at his own request . YOU might think there 's
Text type Written books and        enough railway heritage in the North-East to satisfy
periodicals                        anybody . But you 'd be wrong if you met six men who live
                                   and work on Teesside .
    bncdoc.id K55 David Lee's           THREE people were injured when a number of vehicles
classification                     crashed on the Rushyford-Woodham back road at Eldon
W_newsp_other_report               junction last night . A man and woman were taken to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Darlington Memorial and a man to Bishop Auckland General
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:        after being freed by firemen . NO doubt David Mellor ,
Foreign news pages.                Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Conservative
bncdoc.info Northern Echo:         parliamentary candidate for somewhere in England , is
Foreign news pages. Sample         promising the earth to all he meets . Pity he did n't fulfil a
containing about 175048 words      promise he made to Darlington Business Venture when he
from a periodical (domain: world   came up last November . He said he would look into a
affairs) Text availability         dispute which was holding up the release of Brussels cash
Ownership has not been claimed     to help build some factories on the site of the old
Publication date 1985-1993         Darlington forge . The deal which DBV and Darlington
Text type Written books and        council struck went like this : each agreed to put in
periodicals                        £150,000 .
    bncdoc.id K55 David Lee's           We are now being told by this arrogant and
classification                     incompetent lot that having given us record unemployment
W_newsp_other_report               , bankruptcies , house repossession , liquidations , factory
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          closures etc , that they are the only ones fit to govern
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:        when surely that record should make them hang their
Foreign news pages.                heads in shame . They are now indulging in distortion and
bncdoc.info Northern Echo:         scaremongering , but they are unable to hide the record of
Foreign news pages. Sample         the last 13 years that has caused so much misery to so
containing about 175048 words      many people . The Liberal Democrats are promising what
from a periodical (domain: world   they would do , but people should not be fooled into voting
affairs) Text availability         for them . The only way to remove this Government is to
Ownership has not been claimed     give a decisive vote for the Labour Party to ensure they
Publication date 1985-1993         form the next government and undo as soon as possible
Text type Written books and        the damage caused in the past years . E. Smith , . World
periodicals                        slump : Mr Kinnock and Mr Smith insist that the
                                   Government alone caused the recession .
   bncdoc.id K97 David Lee's            ` Detailed analysis over the past months has indicated
classification                     that the Brunner Mond cost structures could be improved .
W_newsp_other_report               ` The new operating structure will involve an overall
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          reduction in the workforce at every level of the
1993 bncdoc.title Liverpool Echo   organisation . ' Brunner Mond says it will help those
& Daily Post. bncdoc.info          affected find alternative employment , and has set up a
Liverpool Echo & Daily Post.       team specially to help people relocate . The bulk of the

                                        - 47 -
Sample containing about 337863      jobs will go next year , and the company is promising
words from a periodical (domain:    there will be no compulsory redundancies . BACK TO
world affairs) Text availability    SCHOOL FOR GRANDPARENTS Pupils ' warm welcome
Worldwide rights cleared            GRANDPARENTS welcomed a rare opportunity in Wirral
Publication date 1985-1993          yesterday to see how school life had changed since their
Text type Written books and         own childhood . They were invited to spend the afternoon
periodicals                         with their grandchildren in the classrooms and playground
                                    at Barnston County Primary School . Two hundred of them
                                    accepted the invitation , ending their visit with tea and
                                    scones in the school hall .
   bncdoc.id AD9 David Lee's            ` Let's face it , I 'm fucked . I have no future . Mammy
classification W_fict_prose         Crystal was right . ' Tammuz had still not cracked . Zambia
bncdoc.author Constantine,          stood up . ` I 'm sorry . I 'm really sorry . That was way
Storm bncdoc.date 1991              out &hellip; you know . I 'll go . OK ? ' Tammuz made hir
bncdoc.title Hermetech.             wait until SHe 'd wriggled through all the tables to the door
bncdoc.info Hermetech. Sample       . Then he said , in a carrying voice . ` I 'll speak to Roirbak
containing about 42247 words        about this . I 'm not promising anything . Sit . Sit and
from a book (domain:                wait . Sindy 'll bring you a coffee . ' Tammuz managed to
imaginative) Text availability      catch Roirbak just as he was making the finishing touches
Worldwide rights cleared            to his evening regalia : black , matt silk suit with thread-
Publication date 1985-1993          wide yellow pinstripe , understated gold adornments , I-
Text type Written books and         Ching earrings . Tammuz suspected the man may have
periodicals                         eavesdropped on what had occurred in the canteen , but
                                    behaved as if he had n't . ` I have a problem with
                                    Crevecoeur , ' he began . ` Oh ? Therapy decay ? '
    bncdoc.id AHF David Lee's           Let us hope that the Danes will vote ` No ' in their
classification                      referendum on June 2 , thus forcing all members to
W_newsp_brdsht_nat_misc             renegotiate the treaty , as many of them are now said to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           be having second thoughts of their own . STEPHEN BLAND
1992-19-19 bncdoc.title Daily       Pant , Salop Letter to the Editor : Fish vote threat SIR -- Is
Telegraph, electronic edition of    Labour 's manifesto really promising a free vote on a
1992-04-04: Foreign news pages.     proposal to ` ban the hunting of live quarry ' ( report , April
bncdoc.info Daily Telegraph,        1 ) ? No wonder , it will be a free vote . By any standards ,
electronic edition of 1992-04-04:   fish are a ` live quarry ' who fight in terror against the pull
Foreign news pages. Sample          of the hook through the side of their mouths . So are the
containing about 27457 words        worms that fishermen hunt , in order to impale them , live
from a periodical (domain: world    and wriggling , on their hooks . How many Labour
affairs) Text availability          supporters would vote for a ban on fishing ?
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id ALJ David Lee's           Farrar was back with the rest , holding a handkerchief
classification W_fict_prose         to his eye . He had been converted . Anne did not like Clive
bncdoc.author Newman, Kim           , did not care what happened to him . If he had had
bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title       anything to do with the way Judi died , then she wanted
Bad dreams. bncdoc.info Bad         him to suffer as much as possible . Did that make her the
dreams. Sample containing about     same as Amelia as the others ? ` What 's wrong ? ' ` I told
29438 words from a book             you , Clive . I 'm disappointed . You are promising . But
(domain: imaginative) Text          you do n't have a philosophy . You do n't have purity . '
availability Worldwide rights       Skinner put a hand on Clive 's shoulder . Anne knew he
cleared Publication date 1985-      was not disappointed or annoyed or anything . He was just
1993 Text type Written books        playing . He was just hurting people for his own
and periodicals                     amusement . Or maybe there was more to it ? ` What do
                                    you want from me ? ' Skinner asked everyone . ` What do
                                    you want from your Games Master ? ' There was quiet .
   bncdoc.id B0U David Lee's            One of the couples walking round the camp was

                                         - 48 -
classification W_biography         approaching . ` Hullo , old chap , you just arrived ? ' ` Yes
bncdoc.author Kee, Robert          ' ` Good show , well I 'm the clothing officer . If you 're
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title      short of any clothes just come and see me , and I 'll try
A crowd is not company.            and fix you up . ' ` Thanks . I have n't got any clothes at
bncdoc.info A crowd is not         all except what I 've got on . ' The little eyes sharpened at
company. Sample containing         the top of the thin nose . ` Of course I 'm not promising
about 41954 words from a book      anything , old chap . There are a lot of people here in your
(domain: world affairs) Text       position and we 've got to try and please everybody , which
availability Worldwide rights      is n't an easy job in this place I can tell you . ' He smiled at
cleared Publication date 1960-     his companion who said rather sadly : ` It certainly is n't . '
1974 Text type Written books       ` I should very much like a change of underclothes at least
and periodicals                    , ' I said . ` Yes , all right , old chap , ' said the clothing
                                   officer rather testily . ` Well , just come and see me . '
   bncdoc.id B0U David Lee's            Of course I 'm not promising anything , old chap . There
classification W_biography         are a lot of people here in your position and we 've got to
bncdoc.author Kee, Robert          try and please everybody , which is n't an easy job in this
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title      place I can tell you . ' He smiled at his companion who said
A crowd is not company.            rather sadly : ` It certainly is n't . ' ` I should very much
bncdoc.info A crowd is not         like a change of underclothes at least , ' I said . ` Yes , all
company. Sample containing         right , old chap , ' said the clothing officer rather testily . `
about 41954 words from a book      Well , just come and see me . ' ` Thanks very much . ' `
(domain: world affairs) Text       Not that I 'm promising anything , mind you . ' They
availability Worldwide rights      walked on . There was no-one else in sight . A German
cleared Publication date 1960-     came out of one of the huts . He was unarmed and I hoped
1974 Text type Written books       that he might be one of the interpreters . ` Can you tell me
and periodicals                    where I can see about getting a bed ? ' I asked him . ` You
                                   are new , yes ? ' ` Yes . ' He led me into the hut he had
                                   just come out of ` I will take you to Flight-Lieutenant
                                   Sutton , the accommodation officer . ' We walked up the
                                   wooden passage . There were doors on either side and
                                   pinned to some of these were pieces of paper on which the
                                   occupants of the rooms had written their names .
    bncdoc.id BM5 David Lee's           Lease firms aim to cut company car servicing costs
classification W_pop_lore          TRENDS Nearly a quarter of UK motorists now do a
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          significant proportion of their own servicing . An RAC
bncdoc.title Autocar and Motor.    survey also found that over 60 per cent of motorists are
bncdoc.info Autocar and Motor.     thinking of buying a used car , instead of a new one , in
Sample containing about 33641      order to save money . One in 10 motorists would actually
words from a periodical (domain:   consider selling their car to save money . And not
leisure) Text availability         surprisingly , the motorists hardest hit by recession are
Worldwide rights cleared           those living in London and the south-east . Peugeot is
Publication date 1985-1993         promising overnight delivery of parts or the customer
Text type Written books and        gets them free of charge . The scheme applies to Peugeots
periodicals                        up to five years old and there is no limit on cost , ` as long
                                   as it is a part that keeps the vehicle off the road ' . Peugeot
                                   claims it has always provided quick turnaround on repair
                                   parts : ` We feel that it is appropriate to put our money
                                   where our mouth is . '
   bncdoc.id BNT David Lee's            ` I 'm fed up with you Tories , ' she said , ` this time I
classification W_pop_lore          'm going to vote for that nice Mrs Williams . ` Why ? ' I
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          asked . ` She 'll bring back hanging and do something to
1992-19-19 bncdoc.title Punch.     get rid of all those blacks , ' said the lady . I responded
bncdoc.info Punch. Sample          with a patient and well-informed explanation of how and
containing about 21241 words       why the SDP had no such plans and it was the last thing
from a periodical (domain:         Mrs Williams would do . ` Well I do n't like blacks and I do
imaginative) Text availability     believe in hanging and you 're not promising me anything
Worldwide rights cleared           with either , are you ? ' ` No , ' I said . ` I 'm voting for her

                                        - 49 -
Publication date 1985-1993       anyway , then , ' smiled the old lady , closing the door . I
Text type Written books and      had learned something about the protest vote . The loss of
periodicals                      this old lady 's vote was cancelled out a few streets further
                                 on , by a young chap who came to the door and told me he
                                 was a soldier . ` Personally , ' he said , ` I support the
                                 Labour party but the armed forces are sworn to uphold the
                                 government of the day , so I 'll vote Conservative , of
                                 course . ' ` Of course , ' I said , ` thank you , ' and moved
                                 quickly on .
    bncdoc.id CBG David Lee's        Hospital Early last season , Limpar was sent off for
classification                   hitting Pembridge , then at Luton , and the pair clashed
W_newsp_other_sports             again at Kenilworth Road when Pembridge put him in
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        hospital after a clash which went unpunished . Pembridge
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.      said last night : ` I do n't know what the background is --
bncdoc.info Today. Sample        all I know is he elbowed me for no reason at Highbury . `
containing about 237472 words    He was sent off for thumping me , then I broke his jaw . '
from a periodical (domain:       Like Graham , Derby manager Arthur Cox is promising a
leisure) Text availability       shake-up . His side have stumbled recently at home but
Worldwide rights cleared         have won their last seven away games . Coventry are
Publication date 1985-1993       ready to put skipper Stewart Robson up for sale at
Text type Written books and      £750,000 . They need to keep their bankers happy by
periodicals                      reducing a £3 million-plus debt in the next few months --
                                 and Robson , in who Leeds are already showing an interest
                                 , will become their most disposable asset .
   bncdoc.id GUD David Lee's         Why not try the old pals ' act , just the two of us
classification W_fict_prose      together , it 'll be off the record ? Why not ? I 'll tell you
bncdoc.author Hill, Reginald     why not , you half-wit . Because he knows it would n't
bncdoc.date 1987 bncdoc.title    work , that 's why not . These two are about as near to
A clubbable woman. bncdoc.info   being old pals as Judas Iscariot and the Pope . Just look at
A clubbable woman. Sample        them . Perhaps Bruiser joined the queue knocking at Gwen
containing about 43820 words     Evans 's back door at some time . He 's not promising
from a book (domain:             poor old Arthur silence if he co-operates . He 's threatening
imaginative) Text availability   him with lots of noise if he does n't ! ` If it was n't
Worldwide rights cleared         Sergeant Pascoe here , Arthur , ' Dalziel continued , ` it
Publication date 1960-1974       would have to be someone else . In fact technically I ought
Text type Written books and      to have someone else here as well , but I thought that as
periodicals                      the sergeant knew the facts of the enquiry ( in fact he was
                                 instrumental in getting the information we 'd like to
                                 question you about ) , it would keep it in the family so to
                                 speak if he acted as my amanuensis , that 's the word , is
                                 n't it , Sergeant Pascoe ?
   bncdoc.id GVT David Lee's         And Father Kipling mentioned that he 'd like to help you
classification W_fict_prose      . So I 'll hold him to his word . ' Would you really ? Oh ,
bncdoc.author Lodge, David       that would be wonderful ! ' exclaimed Bridget . ` It 's
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title    nothing wonderful , I assure you . It 's old and dirty , and I
The picturegoers. bncdoc.info    think it 's due to be condemned in ten years ' time . ' `
The picturegoers. Sample         That does n't matter -- it would be somewhere to live , on
containing about 40131 words     our own . ' Well , I 'm not promising anything . But I 'll do
from a book (domain:             my best . ' She paused . ` There 's one snag . ' ` What ? '
imaginative) Text availability   said Bridget anxiously . Well &hellip; you realize that it
Worldwide rights cleared         does n't matter to me whether you go to church or not .
Publication date 1960-1974       But it would probably matter to Father Kipling . ' ` Oh that
Text type Written books and      's all right , ' said Bridget with relief . ` I do n't mind going
periodicals                      to church again if it means we get a house . I 'd quite like
                                 to go , really . '
   bncdoc.id H8Y David Lee's         I 'll tell you what I 'll do , though . Old Crumwallis said I
classification W_fict_prose      could have a glass of sherry . Think of that ! A &hellip;

                                      - 50 -
bncdoc.author Barnard, Robert        glass &hellip; of &hellip; sherry ! From the headmaster 's
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title        own cellar ! What princely munificence ! Well , I 'll go and
Little victims. bncdoc.info Little   get myself a glass , and we 'll drink together . ' ` I do n't
victims. Sample containing about     see how that benefits me . I 've still got to drink that ukky
43491 words from a book              medicine . ' ` Ungrateful little swine , ' said Hilary . ` I 'm
(domain: imaginative) Text           promising you a gracious occasion , so try to behave with
availability Worldwide rights        a bit of savoir faire . If you 're good I 'll let you have a sip
cleared Publication date 1975-       or two of the head 's genuine Cyprus Amontillado , to wash
1984 Text type Written books         down Dr MacLaren 's bowel mixture . We have n't had a
and periodicals                      chance of drinking together , have we , Malcolm ? Due to
                                     the lunacy of the English licensing laws . Perhaps next
                                     summer we could go to the Continent -- drink at a
                                     pavement cafe . I 'll go get me that sherry . '
   bncdoc.id HTX David Lee's              ' Owen wanted to say it could n't be done . Wisely , he
classification W_fict_prose          did n't . ` OK ? ' ` How much longer ? ' ` It 's hard to say .
bncdoc.author Pearce, Michael        A month ? ' ` The Moulid 's in two weeks ' time . ' ` Ah yes
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title        , ' said Garvin . ` I was forgetting . ' He frowned and
The Mamur Zapt and the night of      fidgeted with his pencil . ` I 'll talk to the CG , ' he said . `
the dog. bncdoc.info The Mamur       Mind you , I 'm not promising anything . There 's a
Zapt and the night of the dog.       complete log-jam at the moment . ' ` The levy business ? '
Sample containing about 46295        ` Yes . The Khedive wo n't agree to anything until he 's got
words from a book (domain:           that . ' ` Why is he insisting on that ? ' ` Because he wants
imaginative) Text availability       the money . ' ` Yes , but why does it have to be raised by
Ownership has not been claimed       means of a levy ? '
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written books and
   bncdoc.id JXU David Lee's             He noticed the flattering knee-length skirt and the black
classification W_fict_prose          stockings and gave a smile . ` How about starting dinner
bncdoc.author Heywood, Sally         early ? ' And when she hesitated he went on , ` I 've got
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title        an uncut film version of Hamlet you might like to run .
Castle of desire. bncdoc.info        Researching your part ? We could watch it after we 've
Castle of desire. Sample             eaten , but if you 'd like to see it we 'll need to make an
containing about 58490 words         early start . ' Sarella did n't hesitate . ` You must be
from a book (domain:                 hungry if you 're promising to sit through Shakespeare
imaginative) Text availability       afterwards ! ' ` It 's the Russian version . Subtitled . ' ` You
Worldwide rights cleared             're famished ! ' She glanced back into the room . There
Publication date 1985-1993           was no need to take anything with her . She was n't going
Text type Written books and          far . Switching off the light , she followed Marc downstairs .
periodicals                          Even during their teasing exchange his eyes had seemed to
                                     be giving another message , trailing over her lips and ,
                                     briefly , to the V of her blouse .
   bncdoc.id F7J David Lee's             Ca n't imagine somebody on a hundred and ten that will
classification S_meeting             be paying more than a hundred and twenty one pence . I
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            mean I can understand the point of will , will , will Mhm .
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             you know etce but you erm you , you , you ca n't use the
[COHSE/NALGO/NUPE/meeting].          word now , now , now . It 's , it 's the same in the majority
Sample containing about 11154        er of , of major issues in life like er erm like when you get
words speech recorded in public      married you 're promising I will always love drop the
context Text availability            honour er and it 's , it 's the same at a general election or
Ownership has not been claimed       local election , you know , when we get into power we will
Publication date 1985-1993           . So you , you , you I , I know what you 're saying but I
Text type Spoken context-            mean it 's , it 's plain I mean is it Ian ? Is it Ian ? Ian , yeah
governed                             .
   bncdoc.id GY4 David Lee's             No . Erm , yeah . You think Newark 's bad , you ought
classification S_meeting             to see some of the police stations in Nottingham . Carlton
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            police station , which is my police station , you can wait

                                           - 51 -
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info                twenty minutes for the phone to be answered . yeah . Now
         Neighbourhood Watch talk: crime         we , we do know that 's a problem , the police service
         prevention. Sample containing           know it 's a problem , and the Chief Constable 's come up
         about 13048 words speech                with these er these performance targets , where he 's try
         recorded in public context Text         he 's promising to the public that he 's going to
         availability Ownership has not          endeavour to make sure that all police telephone calls are
         been claimed Publication date           answered within certain time periods . And we 've got a
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken              very big computerized telephone system , so that if it does
         context-governed                        n't answer sit there with a stopwatch timing each phone I
                                                 presume , it 's all automatically done and they get a print
                                                 out at the end of every month giving the average time of
                                                 the , the phone the , the , the phone takes to be answered
            bncdoc.id KBM David Lee's                If you were paying for it I could n't stop you now you
         classification S_conv                   're sixteen You 'd just give us dirty looks probably would n't
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date               go Mm , go and get yourself a job and go So you would n't
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 13             mind ? You got I ca n't stop you now you 're sixteen you
         conversations recorded by               've got ta be eighteen before you you stop me doing other
         `Chris2' (PS1BL) on 2 April 1992        things Such as ? Oh do n't start that one again , I 'm bored
         with 7 interlocutors, totalling 2837    with that Can , can I stay with I 'll see , but I 'm not
         s-units, 19723 words, and 2 hours       promising Chris , it also depends what your dad says He
         22 minutes 47 seconds of                's never here anyway , it do n't matter No we 've got a
         recordings. Text availability           separate , spare room When 's dad coming back ? I do n't
         Worldwide rights cleared                know yet , I should think it 'll be by the end of the month
         Publication date 1985-1993              Why he ask you ? He has n't , got to wait for the things to
         Text type Spoken demographic            come the , the bed and the car and er they have n't
                                                 ordered a carpet yet She , got to wait till they order a
                                                 carpet ?
        bncdoc.id KRT David Lee's                    We know that er sixteen schools at least are taking part
     classification S_brdcast_news               at the Cotswold Wildlife Park , er we know of at least ten at
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                   the walk at Broughton Park , er we 've got er students from
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Fox                polytechnics , Brownies , Guides , Headington Slimmers
     FM News: radio programme.                   Magazine Club have registered a team , the advisory centre
     Sample containing about 155729              for multicultural education , Oxford City courier newspaper
     words speech recorded in                    are promising to send teams . Banbury Guardian and
     educational context Text                    Citizen , the Banbury Town Liberals , the Campaign for
     availability Ownership has not              Oxford even have registered a team . The list goes on , I
     been claimed Publication date               mean can you , can you make any sort of judgement about
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken                  the sort of money you 're going to raise , if , if all these
     context-governed                            people are going to be taking part ?

Coercion in sentence

            bncdoc.id A64 David Lee's               The party 's myopic concentration on the kind of
         classification                         agricultural organizations it wished to nurture for the future
         W_ac_polit_law_edu                     is also shown in the frequent reports for 1922 on the fragile
         bncdoc.author Pethybridge,             co-operative network . These efforts proved to be in vain
         Roger bncdoc.date 1990                 for the most part . By the middle of 1924(a) the Agitprop
         bncdoc.title One step                  section of the Smolgubkom was openly declaring that both
         backwards, two steps forward.          shefstvo and smychka were a farce in actuality because
         bncdoc.info One step                   they had deteriorated into mass weekend outings to the
         backwards, two steps forward.          countryside in search of illicit stills . This led to the usual `
         Sample containing about 42467          drinking bout &hellip; This kind of smychka produces

         words from a book (domain:             nothing but harm . ' Three documents dealing with political
         world affairs) Text availability       culture at the Smolensk and Roslavl' levels convey several
         Worldwide rights cleared               general impressions . Party officials full of earnest

                                                       - 52 -
Publication date 1985-1993         endeavour were passing down all-Russian directives from
Text type Written books and        Moscow in rather a wooden manner .
   bncdoc.id ACP David Lee's           There 's no reason why this should n't become as big ,
classification W_pop_lore          or last as long . ' Richard Benson Once the exclusive domain
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          of self-confessed ` headers ' , Leeds United 's terraces have
1990-19-19 bncdoc.title The        been invaded by a new breed of hedonistic supporter .
Face. bncdoc.info The Face.        When United fans were kicking more than just sand castles
Sample containing about 43726      down in Bournemouth , they wore T-shirts bearing the
words from a periodical            sinister motto ` Nobody Likes Us And We Do n't Care ' .
(domain: arts) Text                This season (a), evidently feeling the side-effects of a third
availability Worldwide rights      Summer of Love , the Elland Road faithful are declaring `
cleared Publication date           Peace , Love and United ' . The old yellow smiley badge of
1985-1993 Text type Written        the Seventies has been resurrected and a message of
books and periodicals              harmony , sincere or otherwise , prevails . ` People may
                                   think there 's something sardonic about Leeds United fans
                                   walking round with words like ` peace ' and ` love ' on their
                                   backs , ' says T-shirt designer Moose , ` It might not solve
                                   football 's hooligan problem , but at least they look a lot
                                   better than wax-coats and ski-hats . And maybe people
                                   might just get the message . '
    bncdoc.id G3R David Lee's          " Within twenty-four hours Washington told Sullivan that
classification W_biography         the Shah would be welcome to come to the United States .
bncdoc.author Shawcross,           He could stay at the Palm Springs home of Walter
William bncdoc.date 1989           Annenberg , newspaper publisher , millionaire , friend of the
bncdoc.title The Shah's last       Shah 's friend Richard Nixon , former ambassador tot he
ride: the story of the exile,      court of St James , Sullivan was told to convey the invitation
misadventures, and death of the    in the name of the president and to ask how many people
Emperor. bncdoc.info The           would be travelling with the Shah . At this time(a) Ayatollah
Shah's last ride. Sample           Khomeini was declaring that any country which took the
containing about 43903 words       Shah out of Iran would be doing the revolution a favour .
from a book (domain: world         So Sullivan actually thought that by taking the Shah , the
affairs) Text availability         US might gain points with the opposition , whose triumph
Ownership has not been claimed     he now regarded as inevitable . On 12 January Sullivan
Publication date 1985-1993         went to see the Shah again . According to the Shahs
Text type Written books and        subsequent account , " The atmosphere was grim .
    bncdoc.id HRB David Lee's          They visited the stream called Catamaran River in the
classification W_biography         Fort au Nord . ' The following day Gould visited the
bncdoc.author Tree, Isabella       Catamaran River area again , but by now he was running
bncdoc.date 1991                   short of fresh collecting sites and desperate to get back to
bncdoc.title The ruling passion    work in earnest . By Thursday he was considering aborting
of John Gould. bncdoc.info         the venture altogether and returning to Hobart . Thursday ,
The ruling passion of John         December 20th . ` Mr Gould was worn out by our reverses ,
Gould. Sample containing about     regretted the loss of time , and this very afternoon (a) had
41634 words from a book            been declaring with many apologies that he must go back
(domain: world affairs) Text       in the Vansittart . His good humour under his prolonged
availability Worldwide rights      disappointment had never failed , but his time was precious
cleared Publication date           to him . When he came to V. D. L. he intended to stop only
1985-1993 Text type Written        a month . How should he get through his work if he went
books and periodicals              on in this way ?
    bncdoc.id CCL David Lee's          This translation principle is called the ` dynamic
classification W_religion          equivalence , as distinct from the ` formal correspondence '
bncdoc.author Gibbs, Eddie         method . Dr Eugene Nida has a fund of examples to
bncdoc.date 1992                   illustrate the need for ` dynamic equivalent ' translations . `
bncdoc.title I believe in church   One can not say to the Zanaki people along the shores of
growth. bncdoc.info I believe      the sprawling Lake Victoria , ` Behold I stand at the door

                                          - 53 -
in church growth. Sample           and knock ' ( Rev. 3:20 ) . This would mean that Christ
containing about 38609 words       was(tense) declaring himself to be a thief , for in Zanaki
from a book (domain: belief and    land thieves generally make it a practice to knock on the
thought) Text availability         door of a hut which they hope to burglarise , and if they
Worldwide rights cleared           hear any movement inside , they dash off into the dark . An
Publication date 1975-1984         honest man will come to the house and call the name of the
Text type Written books and        person inside , and in this way identify himself by his voice .
    bncdoc.id CDX David Lee's          It was covered with the white crocheted cap demanded
classification W_biography         of his tradition . This was topped by the long white scarf
bncdoc.author Holton, Patricia     and plain black , double twist crown . The simplicity and
bncdoc.date 1991                   white purity of this costume were gradually being adopted
bncdoc.title Mother without a      by all Arab men working on the peninsula whether they
mask. bncdoc.info Mother           were Egyptian , Palestinian or Lebanese . It seemed that by
without a mask. Sample             donning the white kandora , they were(tense) declaring
containing about 41083 words       allegiance to the country of their patron Sheikhs . It was a
from a book (domain: belief and    loose patronage and a loose allegiance , but it was there ,
thought) Text availability         nevertheless . We drove on toward the city . It had
Worldwide rights cleared           continued to expand and change . Everything was taller ;
Publication date 1985-1993         the trees , the bushes , the flowers and the buildings . `
Text type Written books and        You will find change , ' said my young driver . ` Yes , there
periodicals                        are many new buildings . ' ` Of course , but not Abu Dhabi .
                                   You will find changes in the desert . '
    bncdoc.id CEE David Lee's          Rather , it encompasses the traditional passivity and the
classification W_biography         traditional secondary role , whether of helpmeet within
bncdoc.author MacLeod,             marriage , or devotion to duty and to ` those worse off than
Sheila bncdoc.date 1989            oneself ' outside it . I felt that I was more in need of charity
bncdoc.title The art of            myself than capable of dispensing it . In becoming anorexic
starvation. bncdoc.info The art    , I was saying to those who were in effect my social
of starvation. Sample containing   superiors , ` I can contribute nothing to the community ;
about 36360 words from a book      look how little I have/am . ' In both instances I was(tense)
(domain: social science) Text      declaring my unwillingness to compete and my fear of
availability Worldwide rights      competition . This was not only because I would rather
cleared Publication date           have won than lost anything , but also because , winning
1975-1984 Text type Written        being unlikely , I would rather have opted out altogether
books and periodicals              than lost . I was running the wrong race ; I should never
                                   have been entered for it in the first place .
   bncdoc.id H83 David Lee's           The rest of this chapter relies extensively upon the
classification                     research the writer undertook in 1986 and 87 . The purpose
W_non_ac_soc_science               of the writer 's research ( Tweddell , 1988 ) was to examine
bncdoc.author Ross, Malcolm        practices in arts INSET for serving teachers at a time when
bncdoc.date 1989                   the government 's intention to develop a coherent
bncdoc.title Claims of feeling.    programme of INSET through GRIST was being initiated ( at
bncdoc.info Claims of feeling.     Easter ) 1987 and to find out how the arts were faring in an
Sample containing about 45091      educational climate which many observers were(tense)
words from a book (domain:         declaring inimical to the arts . It sought to explore the
social science) Text               provision of professional development to serving arts
availability Ownership has not     teachers offered by a group of educators carrying out
been claimed Publication date      varying staff development activities within one region of
1985-1993 Text type Written        England and Wales . Although employed by various
books and periodicals              institutions , these staff were linked through the
                                   collaboration which recent national developments in INSET
                                   have begun to enforce . The research was predominantly
                                   concerned with the opinions and actions of LEA central staff
                                   , administrators , advisers and what have been called `
                                   professional development teachers ' .
   bncdoc.id H9X David Lee's           Indeed , I saw that he was not convinced . Possibly this

                                          - 54 -
classification W_biography         was because he distrusted the enthusiasm , sometimes
bncdoc.author Tomlin,              pushed to excessive lengths , which some agnostics felt for
Frederick bncdoc.date 1988         the church ( for example their defence of Cranmer 's Prayer
bncdoc.title T S Eliot: a          Book ) , and Hardy 's enthusiasm amounted almost to love .
friendship. bncdoc.info T S        It was almost , I ventured to suggest as if the agnostic
Eliot: a friendship. Sample        were(tense) declaring ` Lord , I want to believe , but
containing about 37705 words       please cosset my unbelief , because the resulting tension is
from a book (domain: world         so delicious ' . The real point of this story is that , so far as I
affairs) Text availability         know , Eliot never read the Hardy Preface , because when I
Worldwide rights cleared           referred to it again about twenty-five years later , he gave
Publication date 1985-1993         the impression of not knowing about it . It was for that
Text type Written books and        reason that I never showed him my poem ` To Thomas
periodicals                        Hardy in 1940 ' .
    bncdoc.id HKP David Lee's          The main disagreements had centred on the question as
classification                     to whether banking and securities firms should be allowed
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu             to include risk investments ( ie shares in other companies )
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          , rather than merely cash deposits , when they were(tense)
1990 bncdoc.title Keesings         declaring the capital on which their financial integrity was
Contemporary Archives.             assessed for authorization purposes . Whereas this practice
bncdoc.info Keesings               was widespread in the UK , it was banned in most other EC
Contemporary Archives. Sample      member states ; UK observers noted that its abolition in the
containing about 81733 words       UK would force UK institutions to double their cash holdings
from a periodical (domain: world   , a factor which they said would raise costs and which could
affairs) Text availability         thus jeopardize the dominant position of the London market
Ownership has not been claimed     in European equity trading ( see also p. 36494 ) . The
Publication date 1985-1993         European Commission had already given ground to the UK
Text type Written books and        in November 1989 , by modifying its insistence that
periodicals                        securities businesses should hold capital equivalent to 20
                                   per cent of outstanding exposure , demanding instead a
                                   level of 8 per cent .
    bncdoc.id HL4 David Lee's          UN Security Council rejection of Iraqi ceasefire appeal
classification                     The UN Security Council , meeting in closed session on Feb.
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu             26 , agreed not to call for a ceasefire until Iraq had agreed
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          to comply with all 12 relevant resolutions . It rejected a
1991 bncdoc.title Keesings         letter from Aziz announcing compliance with some , but not
Contemporary Archives.             all , of the resolutions , although Iraq was(tense) reportedly
bncdoc.info Keesings               declaring willingness to comply with Resolution 660 on
Contemporary Archives. Sample      unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait . The UN Security
containing about 118145 words      Council had reconvened on Feb. 13 for the first time since
from a periodical (domain: world   the outbreak of hostilities to review the progress of the
affairs) Text availability         conflict . ( On Feb. 4 the permanent representative of
Ownership has not been claimed     Zimbabwe , the holder of the Security Council presidency
Publication date 1985-1993         for February , had held talks with the 14 other members to
Text type Written books and        explore their views on the Gulf war . )
    bncdoc.id HLS David Lee's         British Rail redundancies Following the spate of job
classification                     losses suffered by the manufacturing sector in October [
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu             see p. 39159 ] , British Rail ( which was one of the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          government 's key candidates for privatization but which
1992 bncdoc.title Keesings         was suffering a massive decline in revenue as a result of the
Contemporary Archives.             continuing recession ) announced on Nov. 19 that it
bncdoc.info Keesings               was(tense) declaring 5,000 voluntary or compulsory
Contemporary Archives. Sample      redundancies over the next four months . EUROPE
containing about 54163 words       NORTHERN IRELAND Failure of talks on future status Talks
from a periodical (domain: world   on the future of Northern Ireland involving the leaders of
affairs) Text availability         the four constitutional parties in Northern Ireland and
Ownership has not been claimed     representatives of the Irish and United Kingdom

                                          - 55 -
Publication date 1985-1993         governments [ the so-called " Brooke initiative " -- see p.
Text type Written books and        39022 ] ended in failure in Belfast on Nov. 10 .
   bncdoc.id J17 David Lee's           ` Yes , ' you replied at once , ` I 'm happy with the
classification W_fict_prose        arrangement . ' SUMMERCHILD : No , well , I suppose I
bncdoc.author Frayn, Michael       &hellip; SERAFIN : ` &hellip; was not conducting any
bncdoc.date 1992                   internal examination at all , ' you tell me . ` I was not
bncdoc.title A landing on the      identifying a feeling -- not reporting upon the occurrence of
sun. bncdoc.info A landing on      an event -- I was simply signalling my acceptance of a
the sun. Sample containing         proposed course of action . I was (tense) declaring my
about 44767 words from a book      agreement . I was committing myself to a policy . ' You
(domain: imaginative) Text         might have felt nothing at all . Might even have felt
availability Worldwide rights      displeasure at the prospect . Imagine that somehow I knew
cleared Publication date           you regarded the proposed arrangement with distaste . All
1985-1993 Text type Written        the same , you tell me you 're happy with the arrangement
books and periodicals              . I think you would be just a little surprised if I shouted `
                                   Liar ! '
    bncdoc.id J78 David Lee's          Its two most recent decisions on the Government 's
classification                     power to restrain publications by former Crown servants --
W_ac_polit_law_edu                 Spycatcher and the Cavendish Memoirs -- were marked by
bncdoc.author Robertson,           references to the Convention and by an obvious desire
Geoffrey bncdoc.date 1990          manifested by most of the judges to ensure that both the
bncdoc.title Media law.            law they were(tense) declaring and the decision they were
bncdoc.info Media law. Sample      taking in accordance with it would be seen to comply with
containing about 44653 words       Article 10 . Complaints to Strasbourg under the Convention
from a book (domain: social        can be used to force the Government to change
science) Text availability         administrative practices which shut out the media , and
Ownership has not been claimed     even to oblige it to legislate to give the media specific legal
Publication date 1985-1993         rights necessary to obtain access to information .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id K1N David Lee's          Under the Drugs Trafficking Act , the Judge now has to
classification W_news_script       find out how much money Richman has made from drug
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          dealing before passing sentence . That investigation is
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         expected to last about 4 weeks . Read in studio New Age
television news scripts]           travellers are being escorted by police from a farm they 've
bncdoc.info [Central television    occupied since the weekend . As they moved on , the Home
news scripts]. Sample containing   Secretary was (tense) declaring a five mile exclusion zone
about 41718 words of material      around last summer 's biggest campsite . Video-Taped
written to be spoken (domain:      report follows TIM HURST/Hillersland SID RAWLE/Festival
leisure) Text availability         Organiser KERRY/Traveller Library Pictures Voice over New
Ownership has not been claimed     Age travellers were warned by police to leave a farm at
Publication date 1985-1993         Hillersland in Gloucestershire , site of a weekend festival ,
Text type Written-to-be-spoken     after the festival organiser was granted eviction orders .
    bncdoc.id K1P David Lee's          Read in studio Video-Taped report follows CLARE
classification W_news_script       LAFFERTY/Malvern/Worcestershire DAVID BLAKEY/Chief
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Constable Voice over As police from the West Mercia force
1993 bncdoc.title [Central         watched the last hippies leave the Common , their Chief
television news scripts]           Constable was (tense) declaring the whole operation a
bncdoc.info [Central television    success . He denied that his force could have turned the
news scripts]. Sample containing   hippies away before they got onto the common . Plans for a
about 41985 words of material      new intelligence network are now being worked out
written to be spoken (domain:      between nine police forces concerned with the problem of
leisure) Text availability         travellers . And Mr Blakey promised the people of
Ownership has not been claimed     Castlemorton that hippies would never invade their
Publication date 1985-1993         Common again .
Text type Written-to-be-spoken

                                          - 56 -
               bncdoc.id J17 David Lee's           SUMMERCHILD : Oh &hellip; SERAFIN : And you pause .
           classification W_fict_prose        Are you examining the state of your emotions ? I think not .
           bncdoc.author Frayn, Michael       You are examining the progress of the investigation . ` Yes
           bncdoc.date 1992                   , I 'm happy about it , ' you tell me . SUMMERCHILD : Well ,
           bncdoc.title A landing on the      I 'm not sure that I am all that happy about it &hellip;
           sun. bncdoc.info A landing on      SERAFIN : Or ` No , I 'm not happy about it . ' But in either
           the sun. Sample containing         case , are n't you still(t) declaring something rather than
           about 44767 words from a book      reporting on anything ? Are n't you once again in some
           (domain: imaginative) Text         sense signalling your acceptance of events -- or your non-

           availability Worldwide rights      acceptance of them ? Is n't it -- look , I know -- is n't it like
           cleared Publication date           your signing or not signing the minutes of the last meeting
           1985-1993 Text type Written        ? In fact you tell me you 're not happy with it .
           books and periodicals
               bncdoc.id J9N David Lee's          To ensure that everybody 's kept informed of our
           classification S_meeting           performance at regular intervals throughout the year we will
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          in future announce our interim results in December , make
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info MFI       a statement in February on the Winter sale performance
           interim figures presentation:      announce final results in early July and give another trading
           press announcement. Sample         statement at our A G M in September . Today today (a) we
           containing about 5002 words        're declaring an interim dividend of one point three three
           speech recorded in business        per share er compared with the same period this year er
           context Text availability          sorry let me start that again . Today we 're declaring an
           Ownership has not been claimed     interim dividend of one point three three per share
           Publication date 1985-1993         compared with one point two five for the same period last
           Text type Spoken context-          year .
               bncdoc.id KB0 David Lee's          And this proposal is seen , lastly , as developing local
           classification S_conv              leadership . The proposal is that presiding elders and
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          whether proposal is the right word , but the suggestion that
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 19        presiding elders be appointed following our conviction that
           conversations recorded by          every local church should have regular sacramental worship
           `Margaret' (PS002) between 13      with presiding with people presiding being allowed . Can I
           and 16 March 1992 with 9           close by saying that every time(r) Christians share the Lord
           interlocutors, totalling 3901 s-   's supper they are publicly declaring their needs to be fed
           units, 42462 words, and 6 hours    with the living bread and wine . What does the holy
           28 minutes 0 seconds of            communion , what the Lord 's supper mean to you ? and
           recordings. Text availability      our visitors from other churches are also welcome to join in

           Worldwide rights cleared           in any discussion or comments . And any more , for those
           Publication date 1985-1993         who feel like it , there 's provision for Sorry ? Anyone who 's
           Text type Spoken demographic       visiting from other churches .
               bncdoc.id KLE David Lee's          He can ask all the questions he wants to ask , he can
           classification S_sermon            find out the answers , not from a third party , but from
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Jesus Christ himself ! Is it true what folk are saying ? Is it
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info           true the things that you 've been (tense) declaring about
           Albert Gunter: sermon. Sample      yourself ? The miracles you 've done , are they true , or are
           containing about 4266 words        they just tricks ? Tell me about yourself . All the
           speech recorded in public          opportunities that Pilate had and in front of , and despite all
           context Text availability          of those opportunities he still rejects the Lord Jesus . There
           Ownership has not been claimed     are few people who are , who have had a more unique
           Publication date 1985-1993         opportunity of welcoming Christ into their life , than Pilate
           Text type Spoken context-          had . Over these , over those few hours many times Pilate
           governed                           was faced with the Lord Jesus , and he recognized who he
                                              was .
change of meaning

              bncdoc.id AD2 David Lee's           If Protestants could not parade wherever they liked in

           classification W_biography          Ulster , then the day was not far away when they would

                                                     - 57 -
bncdoc.author Bruce, S              be sold into a united Ireland . As George Graham put it : `
bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title       The day has come when we see that the country has gone
God save Ulster! bncdoc.info        to the dogs . We have lost everything that we cherish and
God save Ulster!. Sample            hold dear . Our backs are to the wall and we must fight . '
containing about 36359 words        Ivan Foster added : ` We are declaring war . If we did
from a book (domain: world          n't do what was done at Castlewellan we would have had
affairs) Text availability          a complete sell out . ' DUP Assemblyman Jim Wells was
Worldwide rights cleared            also present but apart from the DUP politicians , the only
Publication date 1985-1993          other leader who was present was George Seawright ( of
Text type Written books and         whom more later ) . The following night there was a
periodicals                         similar confrontation between loyalist marchers and RUC
                                    in Cookstown and again the DUP was prominent , this
                                    time in the figure of William McCrea , the local
                                    Westminster MP .
    bncdoc.id G27 David Lee's           Coming out of the 4th lap the Russian and Hungarian
classification W_pop_lore           dropped him and that is how it remained to the final
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           straight , Bohacs eventually taking the win but Andy with
1991-10 bncdoc.title Canoeist.      an unprecedented second bronze , within a minute of the
bncdoc.info Canoeist. Sample        winner and nearly two minutes clear of Bartunek in 4th
containing about 25369 words        place . A final significance here is that Klementiev 's silver
from a periodical (domain:          medal could possibly be the last ever to be won by the
leisure) Text availability          USSR . At the time of writing , the Soviet republics are
Worldwide rights cleared            declaring independence at the rate of about one a day
Publication date 1985-1993          and it must be open to question whether the entries will
Text type Written books and         come from the separate states rather than the USSR next
periodicals                         time . Graham Burns seems to be making a habit of trying
                                    to follow British triumphs . He paddled to 14th place in a
                                    race won by Greg Barton of the USA .
    bncdoc.id HLG David Lee's           Meanwhile , there were mounting allegations that some
classification                      of the money paid to him had found its way into the
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu              Miyazawa faction 's own campaign funds . Opposition
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           demands for a full parliamentary investigation into the
1992 bncdoc.title Keesings          corruption issue led to a prolonged boycott of the Diet 's
Contemporary Archives.              deliberation for the 1992-93 budget . The Social
bncdoc.info Keesings                Democratic Party of Japan ( SDPJ -- formerly the Japan
Contemporary Archives. Sample       Socialist Party ) announced on Feb. 4 that it was
containing about 63859 words        declaring a total parliamentary boycott of the discussion
from a periodical (domain: world    of the budget , in support of its demands that former
affairs) Text availability          Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki ( in 1980-82 ) should be
Ownership has not been claimed      called to testify before the Diet on the question of his
Publication date 1985-1993          involvement with the Kyowa scandal .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id K4V David Lee's           ` And it 's going to be one of the biggest problems in
classification                      the 21st century as well unless something is done very
W_newsp_other_social                rapidly , ' warns Bob Brady . BRADY , Middlesbrough
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           council 's housing chairman , says the town is now in the
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:         throes of its biggest homes crisis with the council virtually
News and features. bncdoc.info      powerless to act . ` It is almost unbelievable , ' Brady says
Northern Echo: News and             . ` We are declaring people homeless and then they are
features. Sample containing about   having to join a queue because we ca n't do anything for
62560 words from a periodical       them , there is such a backlog . ' There are now 100
(domain: social science) Text       families in the town living in bed and breakfast hotels and
availability Ownership has not      more than 60 placed in hostels the situation is so bad that
been claimed Publication date       the council has been unable to move anyone off its
1985-1993 Text type Written         waiting list for almost two months .
books and periodicals

                                         - 58 -
         bncdoc.id K5D David Lee's                An aide to President Cesar Gaviria , speaking on
     classification                            condition of anonymity , confirmed to Reuters the
     W_newsp_other_report                      government was treating the existence of the new
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                 paramilitary group as genuine . Escobar announced last
     bncdoc.title The Scotsman:                month that he was declaring war on the state and the
     Foreign news pages.                       government has since blamed him for a series of bomb
     bncdoc.info The Scotsman:                 blasts in Bogota and other cities which have killed more
     Foreign news pages. Sample                than 40 people . The formation of Free Colombia comes
     containing about 286598 words             only 15 days after that of another anti-Escobar group ,
     from a periodical (domain: world          Pepes ( People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar ) , which has
     affairs) Text availability                vowed to kill the drug baron and his family .
     Ownership has not been claimed
     Publication date 1985-1993
     Text type Written books and
         bncdoc.id FNX David Lee's                 Atra in turn would supply sleeves and labels , and
     classification W_biography                receive 65 per cent of the wholesale price ; Virgin would
     bncdoc.author Brown, M                    get 35 per cent . Two problems quickly surfaced with the
     bncdoc.date 1989 bncdoc.title             contract . One was that the principal Atra artist , Keith
     Richard Branson: the inside story.        Hudson , began to express a wish privately to sign to
     bncdoc.info Richard Branson:              Virgin direct , thereby increasing his own percentage . The
     the inside story. Sample                  second , and more fundamental one , was a suspicion of
     containing about 42225 words              the Clarkes that Virgin were selling more records than
     from a book (domain: applied              they were declaring to Atra on their sales figures . Virgin
     science) Text availability                invited the Clarkes to carry out an independent audit ,
     Worldwide rights cleared                  with the assurance that any money found to be owing
     Publication date 1985-1993                would be paid . But Atra declined to provide an
     Text type Written books and               independent auditor . Sebastian Clarke arrived to conduct
     periodicals                               the audit himself .
         bncdoc.id K8R David Lee's                 Mrs Marshall had opened her own personal account .
     classification W_fict_prose               She was feeding it but not drawing on it . Did that help to
     bncdoc.author Gill, B.M.                  clarify the situation ? It did . Zoe was bleeding the joint
     bncdoc.date 1989 bncdoc.title             account dry . Lowell felt like a soldier on a battlefield ,
     Dying to meet you. bncdoc.info            stripped of ammunition . This was Zoe 's way of
     Dying to meet you. Sample                 declaring war . He could n't blame her . He was a selfish
     containing about 30555 words              slob . An unrepentant selfish slob . He had no intention of
     from a book (domain:                      changing his way of life , but how it was to be sustained
     imaginative) Text availability            now he had no idea . He could , of course , join a few

     Ownership has not been claimed            million others and draw the dole . Eventually it might
     Publication date 1985-1993                come to that .
     Text type Written books and
No change of meaning or coercion

               bncdoc.id A87 David Lee's           Each imploring applicant wants to draw the line behind
           classification                      them : the Hungarians to exclude the Orthodox countries
           W_newsp_brdsht_nat_report           from a recreated Western Christendom , the Serbs to
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           exclude Muslim Albania , the Turks to include all secular
           1989-19-19 bncdoc.title The         and modernising countries within the region . The further
           Guardian, electronic edition of     east the boundaries are drawn , the more Britain will find
           1989-11-11: Foreign news pages.     itself on the Western periphery of a Germany-centred
           bncdoc.info The Guardian,           Europe . But what do British politicians want to see ? It 's
           electronic edition of 1989-11-11:   sadly typical of the unreality of the British debate on
           Foreign news pages. Sample          foreign policy that Labour frontbenchers are declaring

           containing about 11395 words        their continued commitment to high defence spending as
           from a periodical (domain: world    the Vienna negotiations move towards major cuts , while
           affairs) Text availability          Conservative ministers still use the language of an Atlantic

                                                    - 59 -
Worldwide rights cleared            world . Where is Labour 's vision of Europe in the year
Publication date 1985-1993          2000 , weaving together political , security , economic and
Text type Written books and         industrial issues ? William Wallace is deputy director of the
periodicals                         Royal Institute of International Affairs . Parties join
                                    Thatcher in welcoming change .
   bncdoc.id ABV David Lee's            In Galatians 2 Paul tackles the theme of the Law and
classification W_religion           explores the nature of salvation . He tells us that God 's
bncdoc.author Carey, George         salvation is not dependent on our good acts , or obedience
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title       to any man-made or even God-given law . ` We &hellip;
I believe. bncdoc.info I believe.   know ' , says Paul , ` that a man is not justified by works
Sample containing about 39020       of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ &hellip;
words from a book (domain:          because by works of the law shall no one be justified ' (
belief and thought) Text            Galatians 2.16 ) . Paul is declaring that none of the
availability Worldwide rights       things we boast about , or trust in -- intellect , upbringing
cleared Publication date 1985-      , orthodoxy , good life , and so on -- are vehicles of
1993 Text type Written books        salvation . Each is tarnished by sin and , clothed in these
and periodicals                     acts of righteousness , I am clothed in rags before
                                    Almighty God .
    bncdoc.id AN0 David Lee's           Not for them the worries of an investigative Panorama
classification                      or Insight team of reporters . No question of civil rights or
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu              legal experts poking amongst the debris of the fiasco . `
bncdoc.author Rusbridger,           Who will rid me of this turbulent priest ? ' asked Henry II .
James bncdoc.date 1991              His knights took him at his word . The problem for any
bncdoc.title The intelligence       intelligence agency , East or West , is whether to take a
game. bncdoc.info The               politician at his word when he is publicly declaring a
intelligence game. Sample           desire for greater friendship and understanding with the
containing about 36678 words        very same people against whom the covert operation is
from a book (domain: world          intended . Politicians have to be all things to all people .
affairs) Text availability          On the home front they need to seek domestic popularity
Worldwide rights cleared            as election time comes round and talk the way the nation
Publication date 1985-1993          expects to hear them . Abroad they must be seen as great
Text type Written books and         statesmen anxious to build peacemaking bridges between
periodicals                         East and West .
    bncdoc.id C8L David Lee's           Many of the new churches being planted have this aim
classification W_religion           to be intimate with God . From this intimacy flowed the
bncdoc.author Cleverly, Charlie     missionary movement of the church which began in an
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title       Acts 13 worship meeting . But the goal of worship is not
Church planting: our future hope.   its effects in mission , but simply to know God personally .
bncdoc.info Church planting: our    This may be hard for western activists to take , but it is
future hope. Sample containing      our highest purpose : to know God and to enjoy him
about 40952 words from a book       forever . As a congregation comes before God and gives
(domain: belief and thought)        time to him in praise , they are declaring their
Text availability Worldwide         understanding that this is their highest purpose and
rights cleared Publication date     pleasure in life : to know God . This is the long lost `
1985-1993 Text type Written         missing jewel of the evangelical church ' ( to use A W
books and periodicals               Tozer 's words ) which has now been found . This
                                    emphasis on worship is at the heart of the gospel itself . It
                                    springs from an understanding of the fact that Jesus came
                                    to bring men and women in revolt and in slavery back into
                                    intimate loving friendship with God .
   bncdoc.id CB1 David Lee's            One might avoid the objection , following R. M. Hare ,
classification                      by interpreting ` You do n't want to be sick ' as itself
W_non_ac_humanities_arts            prescriptive , a logical imperative equivalent to ` Do n't
bncdoc.author Graham, A C           get sick ' disguised by the grammatically indicative form .
bncdoc.date 1985 bncdoc.title       This would involve claiming that whenever one rejects
Reason and spontaneity.             practical advice by repudiating the presumed end , in the
bncdoc.info Reason and              words ` But I do n't want that ! ' , one is declaring ` I do

                                         - 60 -
           spontaneity. Sample containing      n't recognize any imperative to do that ' . Yet the end
           about 37276 words from a book       would be repudiated even more strongly by a ` But I do
           (domain: belief and thought)        n't feel the slightest inclination to do that ! ' , which is
           Text availability Worldwide         unmistakably expressive of a spontaneous revulsion . On
           rights cleared Publication date     closer inspection one sees that this interpretation of `
           1985-1993 Text type Written         want ' misplaces the centre of imperative force in the child
           books and periodicals               's situation .
               bncdoc.id EWX David Lee's           POST INFARCT ANGINA About a third of patients suffer
           classification W_ac_medicine        from post-infarct angina . The prevalence of this
           bncdoc.author Carne, S              diminishes with time after the event , which you might
           J;Harten-Ash, V J bncdoc.date       think peculiar , but there are fewer patients who have
           1990 bncdoc.title Myocardial        been followed up for five years . For such patients we
           infarction: acute care and          have adopted a policy of exercise testing on the one hand
           rehabilitation. bncdoc.info         to convince them that they can often do a lot more than
           Myocardial infarction: acute care   they feel like doing , and on the other hand to pick up the
           and rehabilitation. Sample          occasional patient who has severe residual ischaemia but
           containing about 17808 words        is not declaring it . REINFARCTION AND PROGNOSIS
           from a book (domain: natural        The problem of reinfarction after thrombolytic therapy is
           sciences) Text availability         less than was anticipated .
           Ownership has not been claimed
           Publication date 1985-1993
           Text type Written books and
               bncdoc.id K97 David Lee's          ` Whatever the Synod 's decision , it is not a
           classification                      comfortable moment to be in leadership . ' In the Chester
           W_newsp_other_report                Diocese , opinion is split on women priests , though a vote
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           held by clergymen came out 40 to 33 in favour of the
           1993 bncdoc.title Liverpool Echo    ordination of women . Lay members voted by 47 to 29 for
           & Daily Post. bncdoc.info           women priests , and though the Bishop of Chester is not
           Liverpool Echo & Daily Post.        declaring openly which way he will vote , he has
           Sample containing about 337863      declared which way he favours . He said : ` My vote in
           words from a periodical (domain:    Synod will be cast after careful consideration , but it is
           world affairs) Text availability    public knowledge that I 'm inclined to support the
           Worldwide rights cleared            ordination of women to the priesthood . ' There are 27
           Publication date 1985-1993          women deacons in the Chester Diocese at the moment
           Text type Written books and         and diocesan spokesman , Rev Tim Barker , said he
           periodicals                         anticipated that many of them would want to be ordained
              bncdoc.id HA5 David Lee's           She glared at him with icy indignation . ` I can assure
           classification W_fict_prose         you I 've never had the misfortune to meet your criminally
           bncdoc.author Wells, Angela         motivated friend , but might I suggest that if you 're going
           bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       to be paranoid about your picture you put it in a bank
           Viking magic. bncdoc.info Viking    vault for safety ? ' ` Certainly not . I bought it to enjoy it .
           magic. Sample containing about      ' He frowned reprovingly . ` However , in view of recent
           55373 words from a book             events I do intend to get it electronically protected . ' `
           (domain: imaginative) Text          Which means , since you 're declaring your intentions ,
           availability Worldwide rights       you 've finally decided I 'm not a thief ? ' Gina raised
           cleared Publication date 1985-      eloquent winged eyebrows , inviting an apology . ` Either
           1993 Text type Written books        that , or I 'm pointing out that you 've failed on this
           and periodicals                     occasion and will have even less opportunity for success

                                               on another . ' ` This is the most absurd conversation I 've
                                               ever had ! ' Frustration had brought her almost to
                                               screaming-point . ` Look , all I want to know is if you
                                               have a friend called Svend . '

                                                    - 61 -
              bncdoc.id KCP David Lee's              Well he , he 's on himself hanging over his car because
           classification S_conv                 he said it 's , it 's , that it was an inconvenience cos they
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             were late for work , he suppose to be getting a taxi into
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 26           work every day and back , but where 's his proof that he
           conversations recorded by `Joy'       did ? He declared He 's declaring that he 's using a taxi
           (PS0GM) between 13 and 19             and it costs him a hundred and sixty pound a month ,
           March 1992 with 9 interlocutors,      every day back and forwards to work , well everyone
           totalling 10914 s-units, 77331        knows that 's a lie cos she takes him to work You ought to
           words, and 7 hours 4 minutes 13       shop him for the income tax then I 'm gon na As I say he
           seconds of recordings. Text           's getting away Last word will be I said oh well , what I
           availability Worldwide rights         said to him well where the receipts to prove this paying

           cleared Publication date 1985-        this taxi ,
           1993 Text type Spoken

1.b.i Suppose, Presuppose


Coercion in sentence

               bncdoc.id J17 David Lee's              I 've interrupted your train of thought . SERAFIN : I was
           classification W_fict_prose           just thinking how often philosophy begins with the promise
           bncdoc.author Frayn, Michael          that if we can manage to get our thinking right about some
           bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title         basic concept we can then go on to restructure our
           A landing on the sun.                 thinking about everything else -- and how rarely this later
           bncdoc.info A landing on the          part of the programme is ever reached &hellip; Why -- how
           sun. Sample containing about          long was it since I spoke ? SUMMERCHILD : Oh , about
           44767 words from a book               fifteen or twenty minutes . SERAFIN : I think I was also
           (domain: imaginative) Text            thinking about the tape-recorder . I think I was(tense)
           availability Worldwide rights         supposing it would be on your list and wondering why . It
           cleared Publication date 1985-        's not entertaining us or making us feel comfortable . It 's

           1993 Text type Written books          not saving our time or labour . SUMMERCHILD : I suppose
           and periodicals                       it 's saving Mrs Padmore 's time and labour . SERAFIN :
                                                 You mean that if we did n't have the machine she would
                                                 have to be in here taking a shorthand note ? Good . Good .

No change of meaning or coercion

              bncdoc.id CS2 David Lee's              In neither case , does the activity of a postman emerge
           classification                        as something which could be good if it existed in isolation .
           W_ac_humanities_arts                  Try now the activity of nursing . You have to think of a
           bncdoc.author Sprigge, T L S          nurse tending a sick person in a bed , though there is no
           bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title         real world outside the hospital ward . I am supposing we
           The rational foundations of ethics.   can include the patient as a real conscious person as ` part
           bncdoc.info The rational              ' of the nursing activity . If one can not , one gets a
           foundations of ethics. Sample         deluded loner nursing a dummy . But even as it is , you get
           containing about 38443 words          something rather odd . The patient has no destiny beyond
           from a book (domain: belief and       whatever duration is required to get an episode of nursing ,
           thought) Text availability            and she has no real past , nor does the nurse .
           Worldwide rights cleared
           Publication date 1985-1993

           Text type Written books and
              bncdoc.id J12 David Lee's             The former requires so that the concentration is

                                                      - 62 -
           classification W_ac_nat_science    advected into the salt fingers little changed by diffusion . In
           bncdoc.author Tritton, D J         order of magnitude where W is a typical vertical velocity in
           bncdoc.date 1988 bncdoc.title      the fingers , L is the depth over which the convection is
           Physical fluid dynamics.           occurring ( its exact definition depending on just how the
           bncdoc.info Physical fluid         system is set up ) and ta ; is the width of the fingers ( Fig.
           dynamics. Sample containing        23.1 ) . Thus On the other hand , thermal diffusivity is
           about 41422 words from a book      changing the temperature as fluid moves up and down the
           (domain: natural sciences) Text    fingers . Hence , i.e. where &Dgr;T V is a typical
           availability Worldwide rights      temperature difference between top and bottom and
           cleared Publication date 1985-     &Dgr;T H that between downgoing and upgoing fluid .
           1993 Text type Written books       Moreover , we are supposing that heat conduction makes
           and periodicals                    so we require In order to use ( 23.10 ) and ( 23.14 ) to
                                              constrain ta ; , we require an estimate of W from the
                                              dynamical balance between the buoyancy force and one (
                                              or both ) of the inertia force and the viscous force . The
                                              buoyancy force is provided by &dgr;&rgr; c ( which is , in
                                              the first place , the difference between upgoing and
                                              downgoing fingers , but , in view of the above discussion ,
                                              may be taken as the difference between top and bottom ) .
              bncdoc.id HA2 David Lee's            Laura was amused . ` It 's nice to find the Church
           classification W_fict_prose        hoisted by its own petard for once . Time they had a
           bncdoc.author Greenwood, D M       General Medical Council keeping tabs on them , like the
           bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title      rest of us . So , they 've hired you for thirty pence a mile to
           Unholy ghosts. bncdoc.info         do their roadwork for them . I like thirty , it has a history ,
           Unholy ghosts. Sample containing   I seem to remember . Are you supposed to find out who
           about 43843 words from a book      killed Hereward or where Amy is ? ' ` I think the Church
           (domain: imaginative) Text         are supposing it would be one and the same . ' ` You
           availability Worldwide rights      sound as though you do n't make the same inference . '
           cleared Publication date 1985-     Theodora recounted to Laura the phone call she had had
           1993 Text type Written books       from Gilbert Racy and her own finding of the wedding ring
           and periodicals                    in the Dersingham chapel of St Benet Oldfield . ` That
                                              seems to me rather to reinforce suspicion that Amy killed
                                              Hereward , ' Laura said . ` Oh I admit she had a motive .
                                              The marriage stank . ' It was Laura 's turn to raise an
                                              eyebrow .
              bncdoc.id HTX David Lee's            ` Like what ? Christ , there 's no other way of taking her
           classification W_fict_prose        . ' ` Without telling me . ' ` Look . I do n't tell you
           bncdoc.author Pearce, Michael      everything I do . ' ` No , ' said Zeinab , ` you do n't . ' ` I
           bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title      tell you the things I think will interest you . ' ` If you go
           The Mamur Zapt and the night of    out with another woman that interests me . ' ` I 'm not
           the dog. bncdoc.info The Mamur     going out with another woman . Not like that . ' ` Not like
           Zapt and the night of the dog.     what ? ' ` Not like you 're supposing . ' ` What am I
           Sample containing about 46295      supposing ? ' ` For Christ 's sake ! ' Zeinab started on
           words from a book (domain:         another tack . ` She is cunning , that girl . ' ` Nonsense . '
           imaginative) Text availability     ` Why is she here ? Tell me that . ' ` She is here to
           Ownership has not been claimed     accompany her uncle . And besides , Egypt is an interesting
           Publication date 1985-1993         place to visit . ' ` She is here to get a husband . Like the
           Text type Written books and        others . '
              bncdoc.id J10 David Lee's           Like the Commandant and Deputy Commandant of the
           classification W_fict_prose        Cairo Police . Like the Mamur Zapt . ` That 's what the
           bncdoc.author Pearce, Michael      Consul-General thought too , ' said the Prince . ` I spoke to
           bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title      him this morning . ' ` We are to give whatever help we can

           The Mamur Zapt and the girl in     , ' McPhee told Owen . ` How far does the help extend ? '
           the Nile. bncdoc.info The Mamur    asked Owen . The Prince smiled . ` Not as 6r as you are
           Zapt and the girl in the Nile.     evidently supposing , ' he said . ` I appreciate that
           Sample containing about 47412      someone has died . The matter must be investigated and

                                                   - 63 -
     words from a book (domain:            will be most ably , I am sure , by Mr el Zaki , here . If a
     imaginative) Text availability        crime has been committed -- oh , negligence , say -- those
     Worldwide rights cleared              responsible must be punished . It 's all straight and
     Publication date 1985-1993            aboveboard , Captain Owen , and Mr el Zaki 's involvement
     Text type Written books and           should be a guarantee of that . ' ` I have complete
     periodicals                           confidence in Mr el Zaki . '
        bncdoc.id J10 David Lee's               Owen was silent . Mahmoud was not , however . `
     classification W_fict_prose           Marks on the body , ' he said . ` How she died . ' ` I see . '
     bncdoc.author Pearce, Michael         The Prince considered the matter thoughtfully . `
     bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title         Important as that is , ' he said , ` I am not sure that it is
     The Mamur Zapt and the girl in        worth five thousand pounds . Certainly not to me . After all
     the Nile. bncdoc.info The Mamur       , if what I think you are supposing is true , it would
     Zapt and the girl in the Nile.        hardly be in my interest for such information to emerge . I
     Sample containing about 47412         speak hypothetically , of course . ' ` But look at it another
     words from a book (domain:            way , ' said Owen . ` If the information did not support
     imaginative) Text availability        what you think is Mr el Zaki 's view , would it not be helpful
     Worldwide rights cleared              to know this ? Would it not , as it were , clear the matter
     Publication date 1985-1993            up ? And might not that be worth five thousand pounds ? '
     Text type Written books and           ` I do see your point .

Coercion in sentence

            bncdoc.id C8V David Lee's           First he looks for the one that he likes or that
         classification W_religion         matches his needs , then he sees if it fits . Last of all he
         bncdoc.author Guinness, Os        pays for it . In the same way Christianity is
         bncdoc.date 1976 bncdoc.title     presupposed by a searcher before it is proved . In fact
         Doubt. bncdoc.info Doubt.         it is presupposed to see if it is worth proving . The
         Sample containing about 37912     searcher says to himself , ` If Christianity is true , what
         words from a book (domain:        difference would it make ? ' And when he asks that
         belief and thought) Text          question (a) he is presupposing it provisionally . Not
         availability Worldwide rights     until the third level of understanding is reached are
         cleared Publication date 1975-    Christian presuppositions seen as certain ( the suit ` fits
         1984 Text type Written books      ' ) ; and not until the fourth level are they accepted as
         and periodicals                   final and chosen as personal ( the suit is paid for ; it
                                           belongs ) . Christian presuppositions are simply
                                           Christian-truths. presupposed .
             bncdoc.id CB1 David Lee's          However , in abstract thinking it has always been
         classification                    our habit to assume the role of Ego perfectly isolated
         W_non_ac_humanities_arts          from spontaneity ; and even when in theory we have
         bncdoc.author Graham, A C         learned to distinguish the play-acting from real life , we
         bncdoc.date 1985 bncdoc.title     are still liable to slip back into thinking as though the
         Reason and spontaneity.           agent applying ` Be aware ' were indeed an Ego
         bncdoc.info Reason and            unaffected by inclination veering with awareness . As
         spontaneity. Sample containing    long as the habit clings , to derive evaluations directly
         about 37276 words from a book     from ` Be aware ' will feel like making an indefensible
         (domain: belief and thought)      leap to value from fact . However , let us assume that
         Text availability Worldwide       the habit is broken . So far (a) we have been
         rights cleared Publication date   presupposing a single agent responding to a present
         1985-1993 Text type Written       situation and trying to guide his spontaneity by reason .
         books and periodicals             Submitting to ` Be aware ' , he attends closely to his
                                           situation and to his own reactions , and instead of
                                           trying to infer from principles how he ought to respond

                                           , discovers how when most aware he does respond ,
                                           and perhaps surprises himself by an impulse contrary to
                                           social convention or to his own self-image .

                                                - 64 -
No change of meaning or coercion

             bncdoc.id HXH David Lee's             This presupposes that " Renaissance dramatists did
         classification                        know Seneca . " * Finally , another place for
         W_ac_humanities_arts                  presuppositions to hide is in a clause which sets the scene
         bncdoc.author Fabb,                   in a sentence ; an example is the TEMPORAL CLAUSE , as
         Nigel;Durant, Alan bncdoc.date        in the following example : When Blake saw his first angels
         1993 bncdoc.title How to write        he was sitting in his garden . This presupposes that Blake
         essays, dissertations & theses in     saw angels . It is worth checking your essay to make sure
         literary studies. bncdoc.info How     that you are not presupposing things which you do n't
         to write essays, dissertations &      believe are true , and that you are n't hiding anything in a
         theses in literary studies. Sample    presupposition which needs to be made explicit and
         containing about 46432 words          justified . But presuppositions are essentially a tool rather
         from a book (domain: arts) Text       than a nuisance -- a way of expanding the power of your
         availability Ownership has not        writing by enabling you to say a lot in a short space . They

         been claimed Publication date         allow you to imply things without saying them directly , and
         1985-1993 Text type Written           so to develop complex arguments in relatively short
         books and periodicals                 passages of writing .

1.b.ii Imagine

Coercion in sentence

             bncdoc.id EVA David Lee's            When awake , we normally reflect on the stream of
         classification                       consciousness as it goes on . In addition , we can be aware
         W_non_ac_soc_science                 that we are in one place , perhaps seated at a desk , and at
         bncdoc.author Empson, Jacob          the same time imagine something else . Rechtschaffen
         bncdoc.date 1989                     claims that during dreaming this is not possible . He says , "
         bncdoc.title Sleep and               I can not remember a dream report which took the form , "
         dreaming. bncdoc.info Sleep          Well , I was dreaming of such and such , but as I was
         and dreaming. Sample                 dreaming this (a) I was imagining a different scene which
         containing about 41017 words         was completely unrelated . " " The imagery of the dream
         from a book (domain: social          totally dominates consciousness . Paradoxically , while
         science) Text availability           dreaming we are without imagination and we are not aware
         Ownership has not been claimed       that we are dreaming . Instances of " lucid " dreaming ,

         Publication date 1985-1993           when the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming , are
         Text type Written books and          rare , even among those who claim to experience it
         periodicals                          frequently .
             bncdoc.id GVA David Lee's            ` God knows ! But I actually know that I , I , I; li , line ,
         classification                       thinking er er myself . I would think of ` tiger ' or what not ,
         W_ac_soc_science                     that it might mean , and this thing has no trans &hellip; has
         bncdoc.author Coltheart,             no relation to , to , to , to , to , the , the , the sounds that I
         Max;Harris, Margaret                 was looking &hellip; ' MC ` To the word you are looking at ?
         bncdoc.date 1986                     ' KC ` Yes , yes . I was(tense) imagining a totally different
         bncdoc.title Language                one . And this was , for a time , for about er three , three ,
         processing in children and           three or four &hellip; weeks was still quite strong . ' KC 's
         adults. bncdoc.info Language         conversational speech may not be entirely normal -- but it is
         processing in children and           remarkable in comparison to his extremely impaired ability
         adults. Sample containing about      to repeat back single words . You might be curious as to
         42693 words from a book              why this disorder of repetition is called conduction aphasia .
         (domain: social science) Text
         availability Worldwide rights
         cleared Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Written books
         and periodicals

                                                     - 65 -
              bncdoc.id AJ2 David Lee's            City : Diploma deal DIPLOMA , the electronics and
           classification                      building components group , is buying 90 p.c. of Anachem ,
           W_newsp_brdsht_nat_commerce         a Luton-based distributor of liquid chromatography systems
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           to the pharmaceutical and research sectors , for £10.4m in
           1992-19-19 bncdoc.title Daily       cash . Anachem made a £2.2m pre-tax profit on turnover of
           Telegraph, electronic edition of    £11.8m in the year to end-September , and had £2.5m of
           1992-04-07: Business section.       net cash at the end of March . City : Entry of the escudo
           bncdoc.info Daily Telegraph,        depresses the pound By Mary Brasier FOREIGN exchange
           electronic edition of 1992-04-07:   dealers who were(tense) imagining what John Smith as
           Business section. Sample            Chancellor might do to the value of the pound if Labour wins
           containing about 14606 words        the election , were yesterday ambushed instead by one
           from a periodical (domain:          Antonio Cavaco Silva , prime minister of Portugal . The
           commerce) Text availability         Portuguese escudo joined the European exchange rate
           Worldwide rights cleared            mechanism on Friday and yesterday shot to pole position ,
           Publication date 1985-1993          hitting the top of its 6 p.c. band , and heaping pressure on
           Text type Written books and         the pound which remains the weak man of Euro currencies .
              bncdoc.id ABW David Lee's             She shivered through her whole being . They then
           classification W_fict_prose         cruised at seventy mph to the cottage , thirty miles along
           bncdoc.author Bow, Jean             the coast . The scenery was full and free , though not as
           bncdoc.date 1991                    grand as the west coast . Cottages , however , were hard to
           bncdoc.title Jane's journey.        find on that side . Christopher had enquired . It was squat
           bncdoc.info Jane's journey.         and solid , in a cove , with outbuildings , some land and its
           Sample containing about 35460       own sandy bay . Jane noticed that it was fairly sheltered --
           words from a book (domain:          she was already (a) imagining the winter . It had been left
           imaginative) Text availability      in beautiful order -- carpets , central heating , furniture ,
           Worldwide rights cleared            thick curtains . ` They had all the appurtenances , ' said
           Publication date 1985-1993          Christopher . ` It just remained for them to find happiness --
           Text type Written books and         and in that they failed . ' ` No dinner parties or near
           periodicals                         neighbours to keep them going , ' smiled Jane . ` No -- that
                                               's it . It 's a severe test , for two people to be just on their
                                               own . Very few can stand it . '
              bncdoc.id FS8 David Lee's             He had arrived at this place , this vantage point on the
           classification W_fict_prose         hill , in order to become anyone , not knowing who ; not
           bncdoc.author Curtis, J             knowing what . The purpose had fulfilled him , allowed him
           bncdoc.date 1992                    to find himself . Man-bird ; dark an-el . Eric Ross took the
           bncdoc.title Sons of the            scope from the window-sill and looked down at his killing-
           morning. bncdoc.info Sons of        ground . He rolled the disc over segments of the city , the
           the morning. Sample containing      cross-hairs neatly quartering his domain . ` Bustle , bustle , '
           about 44097 words from a book       he said ; and laughed . He was imagining them as they
           (domain: imaginative) Text          scurried to and fro like rats(a) , like rabbits , when farmers
           availability Ownership has not      burnt the stubble off their fields . He saw the daft circles

           been claimed Publication date       they made as a wind lifted the flames and turned them ; he
           1985-1993 Text type Written         saw their hysterical galloping back and forth , and saw the
           books and periodicals               cherry-red line crackling across the stumps of corn , towing
                                               its apron of smoke . A field of fire . Yes .

                                                      - 66 -
    bncdoc.id AS3 David Lee's        But of course there was still the Devil 's Ridge to come .
classification W_misc            Would I or would I not welcome the security of a rope ?
bncdoc.author Gray, Muriel       Would I perhaps welcome the security of a helicopter , or
bncdoc.date 1991                 welcome the security of waking up in bed to find that it was
bncdoc.title The first fifty:    all a dream and I had n't actually gone hill-walking at all
munro-bagging without a beard.   because I had a date with Gerard Depardieu ? Who could
bncdoc.info The first fifty.     say ? There was no sign of this Devil 's Ridge and by the
Sample containing about 38659    time we reached the summit of Sgor an Iubhair(a) I was
words from a book (domain:       imagining a knife edge of rock , hanging above an abyss
leisure) Text availability       full of red scaly demons , holding pitch forks and hissing to
Worldwide rights cleared         one another , ` She has n't got the security of a rope . ' At
Publication date 1985-1993       the summit , however , the ridge reveals all . Rather
Text type Written books and      disappointingly there is not too much to be scared of in
periodicals                      summer .
    bncdoc.id FU5 David Lee's        There is no turning back : when the blossom has fallen
classification W_fict_poetry     the fruit fallen or harvested there is still the stars '
bncdoc.author Evans, Christine   brightness through the empty branches and when the tree
bncdoc.date 1989                 itself is done and leaves a clearness the dreams , the
bncdoc.title Cometary phases.    molecules will be moving together to make something other
bncdoc.info Cometary phases.     as you shrug your self between almost daily-different selves
Sample containing about 11053    . Sometimes a shadow falls or an itchiness of unhealed
words from a book (domain:       scabs new accusations , griefs to come fills the room and
imaginative) Text availability   makes us coldfaced strangers , wanting to fight free . Just
Ownership has not been claimed   now (a) though you are worrying that I 'll burn in hell for
Publication date 1985-1993       disbelief , and I 'm imagining even with the hundred
Text type Written books and      thousand million galaxies you 've told me of how light must
periodicals                      be lonely rare in that vastness where even the suns are
                                 pinpoints of brightness rushing apart and how some night in
                                 2062 ( if you have made it that far and there are still
                                 calendars to follow ) you , an old man with a headful of your
                                 own black howls and golden windows having taken on the
                                 legacy of all the accumulated tiny cries that are the history
                                 of our species having heard the whimper of truth under your
                                 own accelerating wheels old man , you will kindle my
                                 ghostlight and though I am spun away transparent as a leaf
                                 the grey echo of the warmth we shared will stir at your
                                 breath flare like a campfire in frost and touch you with its
                                 colours still .
   bncdoc.id G07 David Lee's         Anyone I see , even just some boy in the Tube , some
classification W_fict_prose      man , I think what would he be like in bed . I look at their
bncdoc.author Fowles, John       mouths and their hands , put on a prim expression and think
bncdoc.date 1989                 about them having me in bed . Even Toinette , getting into
bncdoc.title The collector.      bed with anyone . I used to think it was messy . But love is
bncdoc.info The collector.       beautiful , any love . Even just sex . The only thing that is
Sample containing about 41714    ugly is this frozen lifeless utter lack-love between Caliban
words from a book (domain:       and me . This morning (a) I was imagining I 'd escaped
imaginative) Text availability   and that Caliban was in court . I was speaking for him . I
Worldwide rights cleared         said his case was tragic , he needed sympathy and
Publication date 1960-1974       psychiatry . Forgiveness . I was n't being noble . I despise
Text type Written books and      him too much to hate him . It 's funny . I probably should
periodicals                      speak for him . I know we should n't be able to meet again .
                                 I could never cure him . Because I 'm his disease .
                                 December 3rd I shall go and have an affaire with G.P. I 'll
                                 marry him if he wants .

                                       - 67 -
   bncdoc.id G0N David Lee's           ` If you have something to tell me , Natasha , I 'd be
classification W_fict_prose       grateful if -- ' ` I am telling you . This is part of it . There
bncdoc.author Goddard,            are letters even here . ' She pointed to one of the paintings
Robert bncdoc.date 1993           on the south wall , in which the maiden sat on a plinth
bncdoc.title Hand in glove.       beneath bowering trees , reading a billet-doux whilst its
bncdoc.info Hand in glove.        author wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his
Sample containing about 41378     head against her neck . ` Is he really there ? I sometimes
words from a book (domain:        wonder . Or is she imagining him as she reads (a) ? Is he
imaginative) Text availability    already somewhere else , betraying her love , preparing to
Worldwide rights cleared          desert her ? Hers is every woman 's fallacy and every
Publication date 1985-1993        woman 's fate . She 'd do better to throw the letter away
Text type Written books and       unread , would n't she ? ' ` Perhaps . ' ` As Beatrix should
periodicals                       have done with Tristram 's letters from Spain . ' ` But she
                                  did n't . ' ` No . And now others must suffer for it . ' She
                                  looked intently at Charlotte .
   bncdoc.id G1A David Lee's           At first he is just an unspecified ours , a bear ( 1841 ) .
classification W_fict_prose       He 's still unspecified -- though owner of a den -- in 1843 ,
bncdoc.author Barnes, J           in January 1845 , and in May 1845 ( by now he boasts a
bncdoc.date 1985                  triple layer of fur ) . In June 1845 he wants to buy a
bncdoc.title Flaubert's parrot.   painting of a bear for his room and entitle it ` Portrait of
bncdoc.info Flaubert's parrot.    Gustave Flaubert ' -- ` to indicate my moral disposition and
Sample containing about 40562     my social temperament ' . So far we(a) ( and he too ,
words from a book (domain:        perhaps ) have been imagining a dark animal : an
imaginative) Text availability    American brown bear , a Russian black bear , a reddish bear
Worldwide rights cleared          from Savoy . But in September 1845 Gustave firmly
Publication date 1985-1993        announces himself to be ` a white bear ' . Why ? Is it
Text type Written books and       because he 's a bear who is also a white European ? Is it
periodicals                       perhaps an identity taken from the white bearskin rug on his
                                  study floor ( which he first mentions in a letter to Louise
                                  Colet of August 1846 , telling her that he likes to stretch out
                                  on it during the day
   bncdoc.id G1W David Lee's           Blanche explained however that since her sergeant had
classification W_fict_prose       rifled through all the available files and drawers at TV
bncdoc.author Barnes, Trevor      London there was nothing more to be done . Better , she
bncdoc.date 1993                  believed , to while away the leaden hours until evening by
bncdoc.title Taped.               talking again to three people . Two -- Parkin 's wife and Jim
bncdoc.info Taped. Sample         Lancaster -- had both opportunity and motive to murder
containing about 41736 words      Nicola while the third , Jane Pargeter , had at least a
from a book (domain:              conceivable motive . All three on the other hand , and
imaginative) Text availability    here(a) Blanche was imagining what Parkin might say in
Ownership has not been claimed    his defence once in the interview room , had a good reason
Publication date 1985-1993        to want to see the blame for the murder transferred to
Text type Written books and       Parkin should they have killed Nicola themselves . All three
periodicals                       might have planted the pair of scissors in the reporter 's
                                  desk . The superintendent sipped her coffee . ` You told me
                                  the other day that you could n't remember the farewell party
                                  very clearly , ' she began . ` Have you remembered
                                  anything important since ? Anything that 's come back to
                                  mind ? '

                                         - 68 -
   bncdoc.id HA5 David Lee's          She really had made an effort to accept Rune 's invitation
classification W_fict_prose       for the three of them to attend the firm 's party on the eve
bncdoc.author Wells, Angela       of their campaign presentation , but at the last moment her
bncdoc.date 1993                  nerve had failed her . Tomorrow would be a business
bncdoc.title Viking magic.        presentation , no different from the many she had already
bncdoc.info Viking magic.         attended for other campaigns . She was word-perfect in the
Sample containing about 55373     part she had to play ; knew she could perform without
words from a book (domain:        betraying her nervousness . But tonight would have been
imaginative) Text availability    different . All through the short plane journey(a) she 'd been
Worldwide rights cleared          imagining what it would be like to meet Rune again
Publication date 1985-1993        socially . How would he greet her -- as a friend or a near
Text type Written books and       stranger ? Seven weeks and five days since that cataclysmic
periodicals                       day when Svend had interrupted their lovemaking , and she
                                  had heard nothing from him . Not that she 'd expected to .
                                  She shivered , her right hand moving restlessly towards the
                                  gold chain with its rectangular pendant which lay on the
                                  exposed skin of her neck above the scooped-out neckline of
                                  her dress :
   bncdoc.id JXU David Lee's          It was the sort of place that had formica tables and
classification W_fict_prose       ketchup in tomato-shaped containers . Neither of them
bncdoc.author Heywood, Sally      commented on their surroundings . Marc wore a non-
bncdoc.date 1991                  commital expression , and as soon as they were seated he
bncdoc.title Castle of desire.    reached inside an inner pocket and drew forth an envelope .
bncdoc.info Castle of desire.     ` Peter would have brought it himself , but I 'm over here a
Sample containing about 58490     lot these days . ' ` You are ? ' She felt a flicker of pain . All
words from a book (domain:        this time (a) she had been imagining him pacing the
imaginative) Text availability    terrace at Rocamar . Alone . ` Are n't you going to read it ? '
Worldwide rights cleared          She scanned the wedding invitation , then slipped it into her
Publication date 1985-1993        bag . ` He 's happy -- I 'm so glad . I 'll look at it properly
Text type Written books and       later . ' She meant when she could concentrate without Marc
periodicals                       's dark eyes boring into her skull . ` I 'm spending less time
                                  at Rocamar and more time in London , ' he informed her
   bncdoc.id K8R David Lee's          She was the first to notice the yellow van as they drove
classification W_fict_prose       up the adjoining drive -- and felt a surge of very real
bncdoc.author Gill, B.M.          pleasure . The prodigal , if he could be called that , had
bncdoc.date 1989                  returned . Zoe would n't be going into a lonely house after
bncdoc.title Dying to meet you.   the razzmatazz and bother and warmth of a normal family .
bncdoc.info Dying to meet you.    ` Look , ' she said . Zoe stiffened . She had been
Sample containing about 30555     imagining this meeting for some time (a). Always
words from a book (domain:        differently . Sometimes he was contrite . Sometimes aloof .
imaginative) Text availability    Always a little frightening . Their last confrontation in the
Ownership has not been claimed    cottage was unforgettable . She sounded calmer than she
Publication date 1985-1993        felt . ` It seems Lowell 's come back . ' ` Not before time , '
Text type Written books and       Louise said , ` but welcome . ' Ben drew up the car and
periodicals                       then glanced at Zoe . His wife was assuming rather too
                                  much . He asked Zoe if she wanted him to go in with her .

                                         - 69 -
   bncdoc.id FNU David Lee's         Meredith would be particularly impressed . It was a
classification W_fict_prose      windy morning , and mild . She could see clear across the
bncdoc.author Bainbridge, B      water to the smashed dome of the Pleasure Gardens at New
bncdoc.date 1990                 Brighton . When the ferry ploughed in from Seacombe the
bncdoc.title An awfully big      passengers clung to the rail of the landing-stage as it
adventure. bncdoc.info An        bucked under the swell of the river . Centuries before ,
awfully big adventure. Sample    according to Uncle Vernon , the water came right up into the
containing about 41136 words     town , and in rough weather people had to be carried
from a book (domain:             ashore . She was just(a) imagining Meredith dressed up as
imaginative) Text availability   a sailor and herself with her arms round his neck , clinging
Worldwide rights cleared         to him as the wind tried to tear them apart , when a man
Publication date 1985-1993       with a tray hung from his neck asked her to buy bootlaces .
Text type Written books and      He had a patch over one eye and wore a row of medals
periodicals                      sewn lopsidedly to the lapels of his ragged jacket . She said
                                 she was in the same boat as himself and kept her fist closed
                                 tight in the pocket of her overall on the one and ninepence
                                 Uncle Vernon had given her earlier .
   bncdoc.id H8S David Lee's         About my ` harem '' He did n't sound angry . And , as
classification W_fict_prose      she steeled herself to look up into his face , Folly realised
bncdoc.author Rees, Eleanor      with shock that Luke Hunter was actually laughing . ` So
bncdoc.date 1992                 you see , Bert , I think you gave this young lady the wrong
bncdoc.title Hunter's harem.     idea about my visitors here (. You forgot to mention that
bncdoc.info Hunter's harem.      they are guests of the company , not mine personally . And
Sample containing about 55933    that they stay here alone -- or with their own partners . I
words from a book (domain:       rather suspect she has been (tense) imagining nameless
imaginative) Text availability   orgies . ' ` No &hellip; ' Folly by this time was as red as the
Worldwide rights cleared         porter 's uniform , and her voice almost inaudible . And she
Publication date 1985-1993       could feel the little man 's shocked reproach when he replied
Text type Written books and      . Or was it a little too obvious ? Even through her own
periodicals                      embarrassment she was cynically aware with one part of her
                                 mind that Bert Harris 's interests would certainly not be
                                 served by going against a man as powerful as Luke . And
                                 that both of them would be well aware of it .
   bncdoc.id GUE David Lee's         ` No man is allowed to enter the building , except the
classification W_fict_prose      doctor . And , years ago , the white-washer . ' ` The white-
bncdoc.author Ash, Rosalie       washer ? ' Only half her mind was on their conversation ;
bncdoc.date 1993                 the other half was reacting wildly to his touch . ` To white-
bncdoc.title Calypso's Island.   wash the walls , in times of plague &hellip; Caroline , if you
bncdoc.info Calypso's Island.    want to sleep alone in your bed tonight , do n't look at me
Sample containing about 48151    like that &hellip; ' ` I was just(a) imagining spending an
words from a book (domain:       entire life closeted with only the company of your own sex
imaginative) Text availability   &hellip; ' The hoarse words were intended to come out as a
Worldwide rights cleared         joke , but instead they held a raw note of emotion which
Publication date 1985-1993       seemed to hang in the air between them . ` Quite .
Text type Written books and      Sublimation is the technique , I believe &hellip; ' Roman had
periodicals                      dropped his hand from her throat , and his voice held a
                                 slightly ragged note of humour . ` I 've been practising it
                                 myself recently .

                                       - 70 -
   bncdoc.id A0R David Lee's           No , let me guess . ' He tilted his head to one side , then
classification W_fict_prose        straightened it again . ` Libra , ' he said firmly . ` Artistically
bncdoc.author Scott, Mary          inclined , outgoing , a lover of beautiful things . ' `
bncdoc.date 1991                   Sagittarius , ' Gillian corrected . ` Of course . The Archer .
bncdoc.title Nudists may be        Friendly . Easygoing . ' He smiled . ` You like animals .
encountered. bncdoc.info           Enjoy the outdoor life . And sports . ' He launched into
Nudists may be encountered.        details of the sporting activities in which he thought she
Sample containing about 34443      took part . She understood that he was(tense) imagining
words from a book (domain:         her in a swimsuit with sleek hair at the local pool or in a
imaginative) Text availability     short , white dress on a tennis court . ` I should be going , '
Worldwide rights cleared           she said , hoping that the time was a convincing one by now
Publication date 1985-1993         . ` You said you lived near Vauxhall , did n't you ? Victoria
Text type Written books and        line . I 'm on the Northern . ' Her trick was to establish
periodicals                        during the early part of the evening roughly where the man
                                   lived ;
   bncdoc.id C86 David Lee's           ` Kind of an interesting Christmas present . When Jed did
classification W_fict_prose        n't say anything , Mitch went on . ` And here 's the really
bncdoc.author Thomson,             interesting part . Seems the box was delivered by none
Rupert bncdoc.date 1991            other than Mr Neville Creed . In person . ' Jed could see it .
bncdoc.title The five gates of     A ring on the doorbell and Maria 's tights hiss their way
hell. bncdoc.info The five gates   across the hall . A postman 's standing on the doorstep . `
of hell. Sample containing about   Special delivery , ma'am . ' Maria 's never seen this postman
43408 words from a book            before , but it 's not so strange , they always take new
(domain: imaginative) Text         people on at Christmas . She signs for the parcel . ` Happy
availability Worldwide rights      Christmas , ma'am , ' the postman says and , as he steps
cleared Publication date 1985-     back into the darkness , she notices he 's wearing gloves . If
1993 Text type Written books       anything 's strange , that is . Because it is n't cold . Not cold
and periodicals                    at all . Jed shivered . He was (tense) imagining what
                                   happened next . Christmas morning . The tree 's all lit up . It
                                   's the moment everyone 's been waiting for . It 's time to
                                   open the presents -- A sudden explosion of glass made him
                                   jump . One of the power-station boys had knocked a table
                                   over on his way to the bathroom . Drinks everywhere .
   bncdoc.id H8S David Lee's           ` Male and female , ' he emphasised . ` They find it
classification W_fict_prose        useful , especially those that live out of town . They can
bncdoc.author Rees, Eleanor        come in for a meal or a show and not have to worry about
bncdoc.date 1992                   last trains , or driving back . But I can assure you that I do
bncdoc.title Hunter's harem.       n't exercise some kind of twentieth-century droit de seigneur
bncdoc.info Hunter's harem.        over them for the privilege . Nor will I over you . ' His words
Sample containing about 55933      carried the ring of truth , and Folly felt a flush of shame at
words from a book (domain:         what she had been (tense) imagining . After all he was
imaginative) Text availability     doing for her , she had virtually accused him of trying to
Worldwide rights cleared           seduce her . But with part of her mind -- the part that had
Publication date 1985-1993         stood back from their embrace -- she was dimly aware that
Text type Written books and        she had almost wanted to believe the worst . Because if
periodicals                        Luke Hunter was really the man he seemed to be , she was
                                   in far greater danger &hellip; ` No , of course not . I 'm
                                   sorry &hellip; ' She had to force the words out , and she was
                                   aware they sounded painfully stiff .

                                          - 71 -
   bncdoc.id HTU David Lee's          ` Through forces beyond your wildest imaginings . ' I
classification W_fict_prose      give the kid the kind of wink you could make a movie out of
bncdoc.author Rankin, Robert     . ` My imaginings are pretty wild , ' I told him . ` Oh , I do
bncdoc.date 1993                 n't know . Making jungle love to a lady wrestler across your
bncdoc.title The suburban        office desk , while her twin sister rubs halibut oil into the
book of the dead. bncdoc.info    epaulets of your trenchcoat is n't all that wild . Weird , but
The suburban book of the dead.   not wild . ' ` How did you know I was(tense) imagining
Sample containing about 48045    that ? If I was . Which I was n't . ' ` He was , ' said Chico . `
words from a book (domain:       I 'll bet he was , ' said Rex . ` Do you want a straw with that
imaginative) Text availability   Pernod ? ' ` No , I can manage thank you . You 'd make a
Ownership has not been claimed   good father , Rex . You were very protective back there in
Publication date 1985-1993       the cab . I appreciate that . ' ` And I appreciate you saving
Text type Written books and      my life . Thank you very much indeed . ' ` Now see here . '
   bncdoc.id JY4 David Lee's         She had hurt him , therefore he must have cared &hellip;
classification W_fict_prose      Ruth 's heart lifted but plummeted when his voice
bncdoc.author Fox, Natalie       dangerously threatened , ` You tell your lover and business
bncdoc.date 1993                 partner when he returns that I will ruin him if he ever lays a
bncdoc.title Love or nothing.    finger on Maria Luisa again . Do you understand that ? '
bncdoc.info Love or nothing.     Ruth wanted to die . In that moment of truth she wanted to
Sample containing about 57596    be struck by lightning and reduced to smouldering ashes .
words from a book (domain:       No , Fernando did n't like those sort of games he was(tense)
imaginative) Text availability   imagining , but not for himself -- his emotions were
Worldwide rights cleared         untouchable . He felt for his precious Maria Luisa . He was
Publication date 1985-1993       truly concerned for her , and that was something Ruth did
Text type Written books and      n't want to think about . ` I &hellip; I 'll tell him nothing of
periodicals                      the sort , Fernando Serra , because your problems are your
                                 own , ' she husked pityingly . ` But remember one thing
                                 before you go all ` Mafia ' on Steve Cannock .
   bncdoc.id EDJ David Lee's         Stuart is n't much use , to be honest , not because he
classification W_fict_prose      does n't enjoy shopping , but because he likes everything I
bncdoc.author Barnes, J          try on . He says I look terrific in all colours and all styles . If
bncdoc.date 1992                 I came out of the changing-room with a bin-liner round my
bncdoc.title Talking it over.    waist and a lampshade on my head he 'd say that they
bncdoc.info Talking it over.     suited me . Which is sweet and touching , as you can
Sample containing about 36994    imagine , but not really much practical help . Oliver I 'm not
words from a book (domain:       being fanciful . For once . No doubt you were (tense)
imaginative) Text availability   imagining what you take to be my imaginings about Gillian
Worldwide rights cleared         's vestments : a sable swirl out of Boris Godounov , colours
Publication date 1985-1993       by Rimsky , light summer prints by the infant Rossini , gay
Text type Written books and      accessories by Poulenc &hellip; No , sorry . I 'm neither a
periodicals                      salivating cheque-signer ( how could I be ? ) , nor an
                                 orchidectomised walker ; I just happen to know that my eye
                                 , my sense of colour , my nous about fabric are all superior
                                 to those of both Stuart and Gillian combined . Squared ,
                                 cubed .

                                        - 72 -
            bncdoc.id BMR David Lee's             The questions our friends were dying to ask were those
         classification W_fict_prose          which the tabloids have trumpeted ever since the case came
         bncdoc.author Dibdin, Michael        into the public domain . Since they could n't talk about that ,
         bncdoc.date 1991                     they preferred not to talk at all . Having a baby would have
         bncdoc.title Dirty tricks.           taken us off the front pages , making us safe and dull again
         bncdoc.info Dirty tricks.            . Other people 's sexuality is always threatening , a hot dark
         Sample containing about 39105        secret from which we 're excluded . Birth brings it out in the
         words from a book (domain:           open . Look , the proud parents exclaim , here 's her
         imaginative) Text availability       sexuality ! Come and tickle its tiny toes and admire its baby-
         Worldwide rights cleared             blue eyes ! And everyone heaves a massive sigh of relief .
         Publication date 1985-1993           There they were(tense) imagining satyrs and succubae
         Text type Written books and          and God knows what manner of obscene delights , and all
         periodicals                          the time it was just a baby ! The only problem with this
                                              pleasing scenario was that there was n't going to be any
                                              baby . This was n't for want of trying . If effort had counted
                                              for anything , we would have had a family of Catholic
                                              proportions . We were even using the papally approved
                                              contraceptive method , only in reverse .
            bncdoc.id FNT David Lee's             They were sitting opposite each other in their usual
         classification W_fict_prose          places at the rectangular dinner table Katherine always set
         bncdoc.author Appignanesi, L         with tablecloth and candles and fresh flowers . ` Pappy , '
         bncdoc.date 1992                     Katherine began , ` Pappy , I think we should have the
         bncdoc.title Memory and              apartment done over . Look , I 've planned it all . ' Her
         desire. bncdoc.info Memory           excitement shone in her eyes as she showed him her
         and desire. Sample containing        sketches . ` These are wonderful , Kat . ' He turned the
         about 44039 words from a book        pages slowly as she evoked her dreamscapes for him . He
         (domain: imaginative) Text           saw that through them she was(tense) imagining a new
         availability Worldwide rights        life . A new life filled with friends and dinners and parties . A
         cleared Publication date 1985-       new life with him , before the old had been properly buried .
         1993 Text type Written books         Displacing Sylvie before she had come to terms with her .
         and periodicals                      He did n't want to destroy her pleasure , but its implications
                                              worried him . She needed to understand what she was
                                              doing . ` Wonderful , ' Jacob murmured . ` You 've worked
                                              very hard . ' He looked at her .
            bncdoc.id KM7 David Lee's             A number of erm elephants coming into view is fewer .
         classification S_pub_debate          There are fewer elephants about up here erm and er the
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            issue that obviously concerns me from the development
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info EIP         point of view is the is the time scale , is the process rather ,
         meeting at Strensall Village Hall,   that that the planning policy would im would imply . And
         day 7, afternoon session: public     sorry , while I 'm speaking I 'm I 'm left a little confused .
         county council planning meeting.     When you heard me (a) I was imagining a process
         Sample containing about 16930        whereby you 'd have a strategic sites policy in the structure
         words speech recorded in public      plan which would enable a local authority in preparing its
         context Text availability            local plan if it wished to identify a strategic site and that
         Ownership has not been claimed       would then become in the local plan , you know subject to
         Publication date 1985-1993           all those consultation processes , and then it 's part of the

         Text type Spoken context-            portfolio that is available in the published arena with a
         governed                             statutory framework behind it . Erm David Allenby did n't
                                              talk like that .

                                                     - 73 -
            bncdoc.id HDU David Lee's            , but nevertheless they 're not bad lads anyway and as
         classification                      John said we must be careful that we are not the ones that
         S_speech_scripted                   are gon na be taken over , because I remember that old
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           song of the fifties , never smile at a crocodile do n't be taken
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info            in by his welcome grin , he 's imagining how well you 'll fit
         Trade Union Annual Congress:        beneath his skin . Brothers , sisters , President , we 've still
         trade union congress. Sample        got a long way to go . General Secretary , you may be ready
         containing about 13178 words        to dive in now , but we but we want to wait till the time is
         speech recorded in business         right . I second . Goodness me , keep taking the tablets .
         context Text availability           Motion two two eight Midland Region to move . Ca n't follow
         Ownership has not been claimed      that . President , Congress Bob Midlands and East Coast
         Publication date 1985-1993          Region moving motion two two eight . Changing
         Text type Spoken context-           employment patterns .
            bncdoc.id JSU David Lee's             He 's written you a poem in which you might well think
         classification S_classroom          he was describing a fox outside his window but just at the
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           point when the fox seems most real , it might be coming
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info St         through the window or it might be going into its hole , he
         Dominic's: training session.        says that the hole that this fox lives in is his head . It 's an
         Sample containing about 4696        imaginary fox and he suddenly says , I 've finished
         words speech recorded in            describing now , here 's your poem . The poem is what he
         educational context Text            was(tense) imagining . So it 's this idea of capturing
         availability Ownership has not      animals , a poem is like a wild animal and if you really
         been claimed Publication date       conjure it up carefully . cos he 's coming down Are you
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken          doing it as well . Yeah . You other people and you 've
         context-governed                    obviously got time to start preparing your thoughts . Yes .
                                             Alright . take . Well know it 's it 's there all the time . We
                                             were just carrying on . . . Right . .
            bncdoc.id KP9 David Lee's             You 've already been told once . He 's gon na come over
         classification S_conv               in a minute and get him ! He goes Oh ! you know , telling
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           him , he was stubbing all the cigarettes out , drinking all the
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 10         drinks on the table . He was a right yobbo ! Sorry . Beg your
         conversations recorded by           pardon . You could have said that a bit louder . I think I
         `Craig' (PS532) [dates unknown]     might . Do you mind jumping in the back ? No it 's alright . I
         with 9 interlocutors, totalling     was(tense) imagining you sitting in the back anyway . In
         1211 s-units, 6496 words            the back . I had a wicked boogie last night ! Where d' ya go
         (duration not recorded). Text       ? Ha . I went to this some of the football er A G M of Phil 's
         availability Worldwide rights       It was , they had a disco up this at the Down Town Diner in
         cleared Publication date 1985-      Ashford . Oh I know . We went with this that banger . No it
         1993 Text type Spoken               's dropped . It looks a bit black out there I think . Looks like
         demographic                         it 's going to rain . It is .

Coercion in context

             bncdoc.id CM8 David           What can we say of this ? Now this question will be
         Lee's classification          answered in the wrong way if we forget the qualifications ,
         W_ac_humanities_arts          forced upon us by the adoption of Wittgenstein 's notion of
         bncdoc.author Leahy,          language-games , which permeate the implications of such talk
         Michael P T bncdoc.date       about dumb animals . Frey would solve the problem in the
         1991 bncdoc.title             following manner : Recognition (t) involves certain beliefs ;
         Against liberation: putting   specifically , that the object has been previously encountered ,
         animals in perspective.       that we are not imagining it , and so on . But only a self-
         bncdoc.info Against           conscious user of language could be capable of this . So

         liberation. Sample            animals are incapable of recognition . Now Regan 's response
         containing about 41345        to this , exemplified in the imbecile 's fear , would be to insist
         words from a book             that since ordinary usage almost seems to demand that we

                                                    - 74 -
(domain: belief and         describe that unfortunate as recognising a snake , and because
thought) Text               this is only possible of someone who holds the necessary
availability Worldwide      beliefs , then he must hold them somehow and somewhere .
rights cleared              This , as we saw , will not do .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id ECJ David         Now(a) let's imagine you are the noisy neighbour : you
Lee's classification        could turn the TV or radio volume down ; you could stop
W_instructional             slamming doors ; and you could stop the children chasing
bncdoc.author               around the house and shouting to each other : but that 's
bncdoc.date 1992-19-19      asking you to change your life-style completely , and it 's not
bncdoc.title Do It          really feasible . You could be expected to do some of these
Yourself. bncdoc.info Do    things , but not all . Since we 're imagining that you 're a co-
It Yourself. Sample         operative noisy neighbour , here are some of the steps you can
containing about 30759      take to reduce the noise nuisance . Apart from teaching the
words from a periodical     children to be quiet , and to wear slippers and not heavy shoes
(domain: applied science)   in the house , you could lay carpet and thick underlay over the
Text availability           floors and up the stairs . this will reduce the impact noise , and
Ownership has not been      also help absorb airborne loud conversation . Thick curtains and
claimed Publication         other soft furnishings will also help absorb airborne noises .
date 1985-1993 Text
type Written books and
    bncdoc.id B3J David         By then , anything could happen . At least it gave him time
Lee's classification        to try and talk some sense into her . But deep down he had the
W_fict_prose                feeling that sooner or later , he would have to face the big
bncdoc.author               wave with her . Then she jumped up . ` Come on , ' she
Pickernell, Ray             chirped , ` give me a lift home on the famous motorbike . I
bncdoc.date 1988            must see how Mummy is . ' She chatted into his ear all the way
bncdoc.title Yanto's        back to the big house(a) , but he stayed silent . He was
summer. bncdoc.info         imagining himself sitting in a tiny Kayak in the middle of the
Yanto's summer. Sample      Severn looking up at a wall of water , anything from six to nine
containing about 46508      feet high depending on conditions , bearing down on him at
words from a book           twelve miles an hour and making more noise than a fast
(domain: imaginative)       approaching train . ` I must be bloody mad , ' he groaned to
Text availability           himself . He dropped Julie off at the house , then continued on
Worldwide rights cleared    to Stone to change the accumulator . Selwyn would be ready
Publication date 1985-      by the time he returned .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id GWH               ` Oh , he 's dead , Heathcliff ! He 's dead ! ' Heathcliff and I
David Lee's                 started crying loudly and bitterly too . Joseph told me to fetch
classification              the doctor , so I ran to the village , although I knew it was too
W_fict_prose                late . When I came back(a) , I went to the children 's room , to
bncdoc.author West,         see if they needed me , and I listened for a moment at their
Clare bncdoc.date 1992      door . They were imagining the dead man in a beautiful
bncdoc.title Wuthering      distant place , far from the troubles of this world . And as I
Heights: Oxford             listened , crying silently , I could not help wishing we were all
Bookworms edition.          there safe together . Catherine Earnshaw gets to know the
bncdoc.info Wuthering       Lintons 1775 HINDLEY CAME HOME for his father 's burial .
Heights: Oxford             What was more surprising was that he brought a wife with him
Bookworms edition.          . She was called Frances , a thin pale woman with a frequent
Sample containing about     cough .
19839 words from a book
(domain: imaginative)
Text availability

                                          - 75 -
         Worldwide rights cleared
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
            bncdoc.id H94 David         ` I can . You once let out the fact that you wished you were
         Lee's classification       free of the burdens your family placed on you . Well , I 'm
         W_fict_prose               relieving you of one . ' She wriggled out of his astonished grasp
         bncdoc.author Wood,        and headed for the door . ` What are you doing ? ' he
         Sara bncdoc.date 1993      whispered , his face chalk-white . ` Leaving you , ' she said
         bncdoc.title Mask of       haughtily . ` You ca n't ! ' he whispered . ` They 're expecting
         deception. bncdoc.info     us to return .(t) They 're imagining we 're making love -- ' `
         Mask of deception.         Well , they could n't be more wrong , could they ? ' she said
         Sample containing about    coldly . ` Goodbye , Lucenzo . ' ` Meredith ! ' he said sharply .
         58450 words from a book    ` I do want to marry you -- ' ` Just because the whole of
         (domain: imaginative)      Venice is in a headlong flight from reality , it does n't mean that
         Text availability          you have to act stupidly . Oh , you 'll find someone else . You
         Worldwide rights cleared   've already perfected the tests . '
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals

Change of the meaning

            bncdoc.id CSM David               In what seems like a big complement on our powers of
         Lee's classification             imagination , Unix System Laboratories chief Roel Pieper and
         W_non_ac_tech_engin              Chuck Reilly , vice president of operations at the Open
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        Software Foundation have been re-writing history , claiming
         bncdoc.title Unigram x.          at Utrecht a few weeks back that the press made up the
         bncdoc.info Unigram x.           entire Unix Wars all by themselves : ` they never happened '
         Sample containing about 10993    pleaded Rielly , who did n't join OSF until 1989 , after some
         words from a periodical          of the worst was over . Anyway , Unix now faces a much
         (domain: applied science) Text   tougher fight for survival against Microsoft Corp -- or are we
         availability Worldwide rights    imagining things ? A determined outbreak of agreement
         cleared Publication date         between Pieper and Reilly during their combined keynote led
         1985-1993 Text type Written      Hans Strach-Zimmerman of Grassbrun , Munich-based iXos
         books and periodicals            GmbH to ask if plans for a merger were back on again : `
                                          The reasons for a merger three or four years ago are now
                                          history , ' they said : ` we both have our own programmes
                                          working in parallel . '
            bncdoc.id G33 David               It got incredibly painful , and in bed at night I could hear
         Lee's classification             a munching sound , definitely coming from me , which
         W_pop_lore bncdoc.author         stopped for a bit if I touched the swelling . ` I went to a third
         bncdoc.date 1991-19-19           doctor and said , ` I 've got a parasite , probably a botfly
         bncdoc.title BBC Wildlife.       larva , whose life-cycle is &hellip; ' and the doctor said : `
         bncdoc.info BBC Wildlife.        Botfly ? Never heard of it . It 's an infected sebaceous cyst .
         Sample containing about 48198    You 're imagining the noise . But I can see you are worried
         words from a periodical          so I 'll get you a hospital appointment . ' ` At the hospital ,
         (domain: leisure) Text           the registrar said , ` No , it 's a sebaceous cyst , and we
         availability Worldwide rights    would n't normally operate , but since you are worried we 'll
         cleared Publication date         cut it out , ' and gave me local anaesthetic . As she was
         1985-1993 Text type Written      cutting away she said , ` Goodness me , you 're absolutely
         books and periodicals            right , there 's something wriggling about &hellip; ' and pulled
                                          out this horrible , fat , bristly grub three quarters of an inch

                                          long . ' It could have been a Texas screw-worm , another
                                          cattle pest which occasionally gets people by mistake -- the
                                          battered remains were hard to identify .

                                                  - 76 -
               bncdoc.id AMK David               It is difficult not to notice that the ` bundle of sticks ' is
           Lee's classification              reminiscent of the Roman fasces , the bundle of rods with a
           W_non_ac_polit_law_edu            protruding axe-head , carried before Roman consuls as a sign
           bncdoc.author Cash, William       of the state authority of Rome , and adopted by Mussolini as
           bncdoc.date 1991                  a symbol of the movement he led to power in 1922 , whence
           bncdoc.title Against a federal    the word ` fascist ' . Those who died while protecting the
           Europe. bncdoc.info Against a     Lithuanian parliament from Soviet tanks and the ` black beret
           federal Europe. Sample            ' crack troops were hardly imagining a great role for
           containing about 41864 words      Lithuania in world councils : they just wanted their country to
           from a book (domain: world        run its own affairs without foreign domination , which they
           affairs) Text availability        have now achieved . The fact that Estonia and the Ukraine
           Worldwide rights cleared          have proposed the issue of their own currencies illustrates
           Publication date 1985-1993        how the control of tax and expenditure lie at the heart of
           Text type Written books and       independent government . The Ukraine determined in
           periodicals                       October 1991 to have its own 400,000-strong army .
               bncdoc.id G3C David               A late archaic bronze athlete is kept at Selinunte ; the
           Lee's classification              architectural sculptures are at Palermo , and there one may
           W_non_ac_humanities_arts          study the development from a plump and smiling archaic to a
           bncdoc.author Burn, A R           gracious early classical . The draperies are delicate , the faces
           bncdoc.date bncdoc.title          begin to show expression , as in the Marriage of Zeus and
           The Penguin history of Greece.    Hera , or the Amazon falling before Herakles , with a look of
           bncdoc.info The Penguin           despair that sets one wondering if it is really there , or if one
           history of Greece. Sample         is imagining it . It is really there ; the parted lips ( as in
           containing about 42791 words      some of the struggling Lapiths at Olympia ) , still with a trace
           from a book (domain: world        of their original colour , actually show the teeth , though this
           affairs) Text availability        detail would have been invisible to any viewer who could only
           Worldwide rights cleared          see the metope set high on the building . In major sculpture ,
           Publication date 1960-1974        Selinous seems to have stood alone ; but the coins of Sicily
           Text type Written books and       are almost everywhere splendid , and much sought after by
           periodicals                       collectors .
               bncdoc.id H9M David               4.6 A FORMAL STATEMENT OF THE RATIONAL
           Lee's classification              EXPECTATIONS MODEL In this section we present a formal
           W_commerce bncdoc.author          statement of the simplified rational expectations aggregate
           Attfield, C L F;Demery, D;Duck,   supply and demand model discussed above . We thereby
           N W bncdoc.date 1991              demonstrate rigorously the results we have obtained more
           bncdoc.title Rational             intuitively above , and also illustrate a mathematical
           expectations in                   technique which is often used in rational expectations models
           macroeconomics. bncdoc.info       . The mathematics in this section may appear difficult , but in
           Rational expectations in          fact is only straightforward algebra . As we have explained
           macroeconomics. Sample            above , we are imagining that the economy consists of a
           containing about 43910 words      large number of geographically separate markets or islands .
           from a book (domain:              We shall index these markets or islands by the subscript ,
           commerce) Text availability       where z can be any number between 1 and the number of
           Worldwide rights cleared          islands in the economy , N. We begin the model by writing
           Publication date 1985-1993        down the supply of output in the th market as where
           Text type Written books and       &formula; is the quantity of output supplied in market in
           periodicals                       period;
               bncdoc.id CKE David               Joe took a look at the front page of the paper . There was
           Lee's classification              a headline about the murder in Houndsditch , together with a
           W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        photograph of the victim . He was wearing a flat cap , a suit
           Staples, Mary Jane                and a choker , and there were dock gates in the background .
           bncdoc.date 1992                  He looked a tough and burly man , and Joe thought he was
           bncdoc.title Sergeant Joe.        vaguely familiar . It made him think about last night 's events

           bncdoc.info Sergeant Joe.         . No , he was imagining things , he had n't seen the man all
           Sample containing about 43975     that clearly in the fog . ` What 's up ? ' asked Dolly . ` Take a
           words from a book (domain:        look , ' said Joe , and handed her the paper . The photograph
           imaginative) Text availability    sprang to her eyes and startled her . ` Oh , Lord , ' she

                                                     - 77 -
Worldwide rights cleared         breathed . She knew she had seen this man not just in the
Publication date 1985-1993       fog , but in the Rockingham public house . She had seen him
Text type Written books and      hand a letter to the man with a black beard .
   bncdoc.id FPK David               He cocked his head to one side as if he had just realised
Lee's classification             something awful . ` You want me put away , so you can take
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       everything ! ' His back stiffened and he swept the money
Cox, J bncdoc.date 1992          towards his chest . ` You and that wife o ' yourn &hellip; you
bncdoc.title Don't cry alone.    want me put away . You want to finish me off . That 's why
bncdoc.info Don't cry alone.     you took the boy away from me &hellip; sent him away to
Sample containing about 41337    sea . ' ` Now you 're imagining things . ' David 's anger was
words from a book (domain:       returning . ` Matthew went to sea of his own accord . As for
imaginative) Text availability   putting you away , nothing could be further from my mind ,
Worldwide rights cleared         Father . Even if I did n't love you as I do , I know my duty .
Publication date 1985-1993       As long as I live , I 'll take care of you , you can be sure of
Text type Written books and      that . ' ` Fine words , easy said . I 've no doubt you 'll ` take
periodicals                      care of me ' &hellip; and I know why , you canny bastard ! '
   bncdoc.id B3J David Lee's         Yanto ignored he remark . ` I got the bike , Bill , ' he
classification W_fict_prose      shouted , and slapped Billy between the shoulder blades ,
bncdoc.author Pickernell, Ray    almost knocking him to his knees . ` You 're joking , ' Billy
bncdoc.date 1988                 gasped . ` No I bloody ent , ' Yanto laughed , ` it cost me a
bncdoc.title Yanto's summer.     hundred and fifty , and my next salmon . Old Bert is one of
bncdoc.info Yanto's summer.      the best . ' Billy 's eyes shone as Yanto told him about the
Sample containing about 46508    bike . He was already imagining a widening of their
words from a book (domain:       nocturnal activities . ` When 're we goin' out then , ' Billy
imaginative) Text availability   demanded . ` Well I thought we might give her a spin on
Worldwide rights cleared         Friday night , ' Yanto answered with a grin . ` Do a tour of
Publication date 1985-1993       the river pubs , . K. ? ' Billy whooped again . ` I think I will
Text type Written books and      ride pillion on the way out , but I reckon it 'll be the sidecar
periodicals                      for me on the way back . ' Yanto grabbed the bean pole
                                 handle of Billy 's elver net .
    bncdoc.id ASN David              Although quite young she was rather abrupt in her
Lee's classification             manner . ` Yes ? ' she asked . She can see right through me ,
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       he thought . Even the bloody maid can see through me . All
Mackenzie, David S               this damn preparation for nothing . ` I wish to see Mrs
bncdoc.date 1991                 Wilson , ' he said calmly . ` I 'm expected . ' ` I see . What
bncdoc.title The truth of        name , sir ? ' The ` sir ' was just a little too grudging . Or was
stone. bncdoc.info The truth     it ? Perhaps he was imagining the whole thing . Maybe she
of stone. Sample containing      treated everyone like this . ` Albert McKillop , ' he said . He
about 38828 words from a book    was admitted to the most lavishly decorated and furnished
(domain: imaginative) Text       room he had ever been in . At first he was shocked into
availability Worldwide rights    admiration but as he waited he looked more carefully at the
cleared Publication date         dark wood of the large , ugly pieces of furniture , the thick
1985-1993 Text type Written      embossing on the pale yellow wallpaper and the heaviness of
books and periodicals            the dark brown velvet curtains . He began to find the room
                                 too oppressive .
   bncdoc.id APM David               All this too Ludens was aware of , anxiously , as an aspect
Lee's classification             of his , Ludens 's , presence , and of a frustrated desire to
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       communicate with him . Ludens himself had never felt more
Murdoch, Iris bncdoc.date        alert , more finely tuned . Perhaps in their very silences
1989 bncdoc.title The            Marcus had been preparing him , feeding him somehow with
message to the planet.           his thoughts , with the quality of his deepest reflections . Or
bncdoc.info The message to       am I just imagining all this , Ludens sometimes wondered .
the planet. Sample containing    When he wondered this he felt a deep sadness . Ludens was
about 39520 words from a book    by now , in an ordinary sense , more used to being with
(domain: imaginative) Text       Marcus , less afraid of ` saying the wrong thing ' , and had
availability Worldwide rights    resolved today to ask a crude question which had been

                                         - 78 -
cleared Publication date         troubling him for some time . He said , ` Marcus , do you
1985-1993 Text type Written      mind if I ask , what really happened about Patrick , I mean ,
books and periodicals            how do you yourself think about it ? '
   bncdoc.id H9L David               ` Destroy me . ' It emerged bleakly . In the end , he had
Lee's classification             done just that . ` Yes . ' A shadow seemed to pass over Luke
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       's face . ` As I say , it was something I was handling . Then
Bauling, Jane bncdoc.date        the two of you pitched up together in Zimbabwe , and it
1993 bncdoc.title Ransacked      shocked me into facing realities . To me it meant that your
heart. bncdoc.info Ransacked     involvement with Jones went deeper than the superficial
heart. Sample containing about   thing I 'd been imagining . Working from my assumption
55575 words from a book          that there was something between the two of you anyway , it
(domain: imaginative) Text       seemed obvious that you 'd decided to take it much further . '
availability Worldwide rights    ` So you got me fired from my job , ' Maria supplied dully . `
cleared Publication date         I 've never been proud of the way I did that , ' Luke said
1985-1993 Text type Written      simply .
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id EDG David               We leave Fionnphort and no-one looks back . The island
Lee's classification             looms larger until we sight its famous landmark , the Abbey --
W_pop_lore bncdoc.author         grey , formidable , not at all picturesque . We disembark ,
bncdoc.date 1991-19-19           walking down the rusting ramp over white cockleshell sand
bncdoc.title Ideal Home.         and water so clear it could have come from a tap . We are
bncdoc.info Ideal Home.          hushed , reverent ; even the children are subdued . I register
Sample containing about 39125    at once that this place is different somehow then I tell myself
words from a periodical          I am imagining it . The devout and those with a full
(domain: leisure) Text           itinerary hurry off to the Abbey as the bell tolls for
availability Worldwide rights    communion . Instead , we amble uphill , over rocks covered
cleared Publication date         thinly with turf and heather , along ancient car-less roads ,
1985-1993 Text type Written      through the bedraggled ruins of a nunnery . The grass is long
books and periodicals            and wet , yellow irises huddle at the foot of a grey Celtic
                                 cross . I gaze up at the cross and listen . There is nothing to
                                 hear , not even a bird . I am bathed in silence and tranquillity
    bncdoc.id FS1 David Lee's        There was something about the way he looked at her .
classification W_fict_prose      That would be a turn up for the books , would n't it , if my
bncdoc.author Lorrimer, C        uncle married your foster sister ? ' Harry grimaced . ` You ca
bncdoc.date 1993                 n't be serious , old chap . Your uncle must be years and years
bncdoc.title The spinning        older than she is , and anyway , I rather gathered she 'd got
wheel. bncdoc.info The           her sights set on some fellow whose name she would n't tell
spinning wheel. Sample           me . You must have been imagining things . Too much
containing about 43094 words     champagne , I suspect . ' ` Honest to God , Harry , I 'm not
from a book (domain:             joking . I know it was a funeral and I 'm certainly not
imaginative) Text availability   suggesting Uncle Félix behaved improperly in any way , but
Ownership has not been           you could n't help noticing how his eyes kept following her . I
claimed Publication date         'm not surprised . She really did look fearfully glamorous and
1985-1993 Text type Written      so &hellip; well , I suppose the word is sophisticated .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id FU8 David              " Normally he ignores me . But today he has looked at me
Lee's classification             two or three times in a certain way . " Loc stared hard at her
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       for a moment then glanced out across the clearing again ,
Grey, Anthony bncdoc.date        remembering suddenly the expression he 'd seen a few
1983 bncdoc.title Saigon.        minutes before on the Frenchman 's face . " I think the
bncdoc.info Saigon. Sample       American woman has upset him in some way , " she
containing about 53157 words     continued in a quiet voice . He never talks to her at the table
from a book (domain:             -- but she stares at him strangely sometimes . " You 're
imaginative) Text availability   probably imagining it , " he said quickly . " I 'm sure there 's
Ownership has not been           nothing to worry about . " From the corner of his eye Loc
claimed Publication date         noticed Flavia Sherman rise from the table and begin

                                         - 79 -
1975-1984 Text type Written       sauntering back towards her hut . Although she walked
books and periodicals             slowly , he saw there was a noticeable agitation in her
                                  manner ; she tossed her head frequently , as if finding the
                                  heat oppressive , and ran her fingers repeatedly through her
                                  long black hair .
    bncdoc.id G0S David               Sixteen THE LIDs OVER the cannons ' eyes slid open as
Lee's classification              the pirogues approached ; the watch would have thought
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        that he was only imagining the narrow prows breaking the
Warner, Marina bncdoc.date        black water , but the order had been given , ` Full alert ' ,
1992 bncdoc.title Indigo.         and so the English sailor trusted his eyes and raised the
bncdoc.info Indigo. Sample        alarm . When the guns exploded from the Rebecca 's beam ,
containing about 43127 words      three of the boats capsized in the heave of the sea under the
from a book (domain:              impact of the cannonballs ; in spite of their horror of the
imaginative) Text availability    lightless waves , some of these warriors swam on , thinking
Worldwide rights cleared          to scale the vessel . Others struck back for the beach .
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id GUD David               ` Take it easy , ' he said . ` We have her description out .
Lee's classification              Every policeman in town 's on the look out for her . I 'm sure
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        she 'll have come to no harm . ' ` Thanks , ' said Connon . `
Hill, Reginald bncdoc.date        You realize there was no envelope with this thing . And there
1987 bncdoc.title A clubbable     's only one post on Saturday and this had arrived well before
woman. bncdoc.info A              I left ? ' ` Yes , sir . We realize that . So now you 're
clubbable woman. Sample           imagining that he , whoever he is , popped this through the
containing about 43820 words      letterbox , waited till she had had time to read it , then rang
from a book (domain:              the bell and invited her to take a stroll with him . Now is that
imaginative) Text availability    likely ? ' ` Only if , ' said Connon slowly , ` only if it was
Worldwide rights cleared          someone she knew well . ' The same thought had crossed
Publication date 1960-1974        Dalziel 's mind much earlier , but he still found it hard to
Text type Written books and       believe .
    bncdoc.id G0X David               ` What ? ' said Finn . ` What do you mean ` What ' ? '
Lee's classification              said Lydia . ` I do n't know what you 're talking about , ' said
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        Finn . ` You 're stupid , ' said Lydia . ` She 's in love with that
Ellis, Alice T bncdoc.date 1985   creepy doctor and he 's flashing that dreary April around to
bncdoc.title Unexplained          upset her . Ca n't you see ? ' ` Nonsense , ' said Finn , who
laughter. bncdoc.info             was , like most heterosexual men , disarmingly simple-
Unexplained laughter. Sample      minded in these matters . ` You 're imagining things . '
containing about 46159 words      Lydia was so annoyed at this that she could n't think where
from a book (domain:              to begin but promised herself that Finn should suffer for his
imaginative) Text availability    insolence . They had reached a stretch of mountain where
Worldwide rights cleared          the ground was comparatively parallel with the sky . ` This
Publication date 1985-1993        will do , ' she said . ` I ca n't bear picnicking on a slope . All
Text type Written books and       the buns go rolling away . ' Beuno was sitting by a deep pool
periodicals                       which the flatness of the ground had permitted the stream to
                                  form .
   bncdoc.id G1M David                The Doctor was n't going for the bait . ` Rumour Control
Lee's classification              has it , ' she added , ` that he 's either an undiscovered
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        victim or your accomplice . Craig Richards is running a
Mortimore, J;Lane, A              sweepstake on it . ' ` What are the odds on me ? ' `
bncdoc.date 1993                  Favourite for a short trial and a quick death , ' Bernice said ,
bncdoc.title Lucifer rising.      and immediately wished she had n't . ` There 's something
bncdoc.info Lucifer rising.       else , is n't there ? ' She sighed . ` I could be imagining it ,
Sample containing about 41423     but &hellip; . Well , people seem to be turning against us .
words from a book (domain:        Nobody 's saying anything , not to my face anyway , but
imaginative) Text availability    there 's something about the way they move , and the way

                                          - 80 -
Worldwide rights cleared          conversations change tack when I walk into rooms . It 's very
Publication date 1985-1993        subtle , but there 's an undercurrent of distrust that was n't
Text type Written books and       there yesterday . ' He gazed up at her with eyes much , much
periodicals                       older than his face . ` It 's you , is n't it ? ' she said , with
                                  sudden realization .
   bncdoc.id GUX David                Presentiments of parting locked her tongue . She , in
Lee's classification              whom a natural clear spring of charm flowed vigorously , who
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        expostulated , articulated and knew her own mind with
Warner, Marina bncdoc.date        commanding grace -- in private , not in public of course (
1989 bncdoc.title The lost        before others who were not family , such confidence in a girl
father. bncdoc.info The lost      would seem an outrage ) -- could not speak up now and tell
father. Sample containing about   Rosa what she felt . She was assailed by contrary , half-
38783 words from a book           formed forebodings : Rosa was making an error of judgement
(domain: imaginative) Text        , she was imagining things , or , even if she were n't ,
availability Worldwide rights     Tommaso was like a dustdevil , twisting this way and that .
cleared Publication date          But setting her misgivings about Tommaso himself aside ,
1985-1993 Text type Written       Caterina decided that she had been quite wrong to think that
books and periodicals             it was she who had caught his attention . Her assumption
                                  was shameful , and it had misled her too . Taking her sister 's
                                  hand , she found there was nothing else for it , but she must
                                  press to the point . ` Could you marry him ? ' she asked .
   bncdoc.id APU David                With his bare feet he strained against the side of the
Lee's classification              container , and heard a few cracks . It was an old basket ,
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        maybe he could make a hole in it . Although slight , he was
Brayfield, Celia bncdoc.date      well made and capable of explosive strength when he had to
1990 bncdoc.title The prince.     be . He rocked to and fro , feeling the basket creak and trying
bncdoc.info The prince.           to get a sense of its condition . There seemed to be a
Sample containing about 38559     weakness in the wicker wall at his feet . Perhaps not ,
words from a book (domain:        perhaps he was wishfully imagining it -- but what else did
imaginative) Text availability    he have to go on ? He kicked repeatedly with all his strength
Worldwide rights cleared          and heard splintering . Encouraged now he kicked again with
Publication date 1985-1993        greater force and application , ignoring the cuts from the
Text type Written books and       sharp ends of broken wicker which clawed at his feet and
periodicals                       legs . Soon the whole side of the basket was smashed and he
                                  was able to wriggle out and away to the side of the shower
                                  room , out of the icy water , gasping with relief through
                                  streams of mucus .
   bncdoc.id APW David                But it would change &hellip; She went over to help lift the
Lee's classification              beams , and then hand new turfs and heather up to Luch ,
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        who was light enough to clamber over the roof to mend it
Hendry, Frances Mary              without breaking it . Once Marion nearly stood on the doll
bncdoc.date 1990                  baby , set carefully in a soft , sheltered hollow . She was
bncdoc.title Quest for a babe.    about to kick it aside , but luckily glanced up to see Luch 's
bncdoc.info Quest for a babe.     watchful eye on her . There was something dark and
Sample containing about 39142     threatening in the look -- Ach , she was imagining it ! But
words from a book (domain:        she smiled and stepped round the doll . At last Ranald wiped
imaginative) Text availability    his forehead with a peaty hand , leaving another long dark
Worldwide rights cleared          trail across his forehead . ` There , then , that 'll be better
Publication date 1985-1993        &hellip; ' He stopped , mouth agape , gazing down across the
Text type Written books and       Sound where Luch up on the roof was pointing . Marion
periodicals                       turned to look herself . Galleys were rowing in . Three , when
                                  six had set out . Only half manned ; oars missing unevenly ;
                                  like crippled beetles crawling painfully against the current .
   bncdoc.id GWF David                He was soon helped by Madra and Isay , and the trio
Lee's classification              worked with a will in the growing twilight as the snow came
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        down more thickly and visibility worsened . When they
Kearney, Paul bncdoc.date         returned with one last load Bicker stopped them -from going

                                          - 81 -
1992 bncdoc.title The way to     out for more . He was sniffing the air worriedly , wondering
Babylon. bncdoc.info The way     where their scouts had gone . The fire was built up higher
to Babylon. Sample containing    than usual to guide them back to the camp , but also , Riven
about 42333 words from a book    thought , because they were imagining the packs of
(domain: imaginative) Text       grypesh coming after them out of the heights of the hills .
availability Worldwide rights    Tagan and the other two Hearthwares reappeared some time
cleared Publication date         later with snow covering them . They shook themselves
1985-1993 Text type Written      before the fire and stood in the lee of the shelter . ` There
books and periodicals            were some tracks quartering the ground to the south , '
                                 Tagan said , rubbing his hands . ` But we could not follow
                                 them far because of the snow . It was a small pack , maybe
                                 eight beasts .
    bncdoc.id H85 David              here was a small mirror hanging on the door in which she
Lee's classification             combed her hair ; a woman liked to look her best even at
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       work . She was troubled and anxious . ` As though one death
Butler, Gwendoline               was n't enough , ' she said to herself . ` There 's got to be
bncdoc.date 1991                 others , by the look of it . And they say there 's nothing
bncdoc.title Coffin              wrong with this house and I 'm imagining things . ' She had
underground. bncdoc.info         been a childhood friend of William Egan and though no one
Coffin underground. Sample       could truly mourn such a man of violence , still she had her
containing about 43705 words     loyalties , and he was a man who had known how to trade on
from a book (domain:             them . Later that day she would pop in , her words , to see
imaginative) Text availability   Roxie Farmer in Abinger Road ; she knew her too . ` Roxie , '
Worldwide rights cleared         she would say , ` every one of us has to look after their own
Publication date 1985-1993       .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id H85 David              He took some of his drink as if it was bitter in his mouth .
Lee's classification             ` Of course , you can never tell with people like that . ' Coffin
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       said nothing . Ca n't you indeed , he thought . If Edward Pitt
Butler, Gwendoline               picked up that in you , no wonder he was angry . ` He was
bncdoc.date 1991                 n't going to let go easily . I do n't think he was going to let
bncdoc.title Coffin              Irene come to me . ' ` Was anything said ? ' ` No , Irene said
underground. bncdoc.info         I was imagining things . I do n't think so . I did n't like his
Coffin underground. Sample       mood . I told her so , but she just laughed . Said she could
containing about 43705 words     handle him . ' ` Is that all ? ' ` She admitted he was
from a book (domain:             quarrelling with her . Nastily , she said , and he had never
imaginative) Text availability   been that before . And then of course all this business with
Worldwide rights cleared         the girl complicated things . ' ` Are you telling me that you
Publication date 1985-1993       think Edward Pitt killed his family ? ' ` I 'm saying that I think
Text type Written books and      he could have done .
    bncdoc.id CEB David              ` What did you think of Green 's gesture ? ' Markby asked
Lee's classification             her . ` To tell you the truth , it gave me the creeps . It made
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       me think of that voodoo thing which hangs round graveyards
Granger, Ann bncdoc.date         and wears a top hat . ' An image of Green 's bared head as
1991 bncdoc.title A season for   he looked down at Harriet 's body came into her mind and of
murder. bncdoc.info A season     his face and expression . Shocked ? No , she thought , he
for murder. Sample containing    looked relieved , that 's it ! But now she was imagining
about 37282 words from a book    things , she decided immediately and kept this impression to
(domain: imaginative) Text       herself . ` What did you think ? ' she temporised . ` Me ?
availability Worldwide rights    Strictly between us I thought his action grotesque . Although
cleared Publication date         it was correct , I dare say , and he no doubt intended it as a
1985-1993 Text type Written      mark of respect . I do n't think Tom Fearon liked it much . ' `
books and periodicals            No , I noticed he looked angry . Perhaps it 's Green himself
                                 he does n't much like . ' ` What makes you say that ? '
  bncdoc.id CKD David                ` Chware teg , mam 's not that bad . ' The sound of her

                                         - 82 -
Lee's classification             own voice in the shimmering candle-light startled Hari and
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       she rose to her feet , conscious of the silence around her .
Gower, Iris bncdoc.date 1992     Then she heard the noise , a creaking of wood , it was
bncdoc.title The shoemaker's     repeated and Hari looked round nervously . But she was
daughter. bncdoc.info The        being absurd , she was over tired and imagining things . But
shoemaker's daughter. Sample     she was not imagining things , the latch on the door from
containing about 40309 words     the street was being lifted and Hari waited , holding her
from a book (domain:             breath . So far , none of the ruffians from World 's End had
imaginative) Text availability   bothered her even though she was a young woman alone .
Worldwide rights cleared         Villains they might be , but they had a certain code of
Publication date 1985-1993       practice and the rule was that you looked after your own kind
Text type Written books and      . ` Who is it ? ' Hari said with a boldness she was far from
periodicals                      feeling .
   bncdoc.id H8H David               ` Where exactly were you ? ' Piers asked , sitting back in
Lee's classification             the sofa , and clasping his hands behind his head . ` Out , '
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       Alyssia said , with no attempt to elaborate , and gave a wide
Williams, Cathy bncdoc.date      smile that encompassed the whole room . ` Ah , ' Nicole
1992 bncdoc.title A French       nodded sympathetically , ` is sometimes better to keep the
encounter. bncdoc.info A         big spending to oneself , non ? The men , they do n't
French encounter. Sample         understand . ' She looked warmly at Piers and he laughed
containing about 52484 words     softly under his breath . Was she imagining it , or were his
from a book (domain:             eyes gazing back at Nicole 's like a lingering caress ? Any
imaginative) Text availability   moment now , Alyssia thought sourly , and this scenario will
Worldwide rights cleared         turn into an X-rated movie . She smiled frozenly as if to
Publication date 1985-1993       remind Nicole that she was a guest in her house . ` Oh ,
Text type Written books and      Alyssia is n't the sort to keep her spending a secret , ' Piers
periodicals                      mocked . ` No , ' she agreed , with the same smile plastered
                                 to her face , ` I 'm just your average free-spending ,
                                 thoughtless little rich girl .
   bncdoc.id H8L David               As he had certainly not been , it seemed ; not until now .
Lee's classification             But what could her name mean to him ? It was n't Morris , it
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       was n't identifiable , even to a keen archaeologist -- not
Peters, Ellis bncdoc.date 1989   unless he happened to be all too well informed about the
bncdoc.title City of gold and    experts who had interested themselves in Aurae Phiala , and
shadows. bncdoc.info City of     even in their heirs and heiresses , down to herself . But why ?
gold and shadows. Sample         What could he be after , where could he fit in , if this was
containing about 40254 words     true ? No , she was imagining things . He had simply
from a book (domain:             hesitated to take the plunge and stake on a worthwhile
imaginative) Text availability   weekend with her , and it was pure chance that he had made
Worldwide rights cleared         up his mind just after he had learned her name . Logic
Publication date 1960-1974       argued the case for this theory , but instinct rejected it .
Text type Written books and      Unless she was much mistaken in that young man , pure
periodicals                      chance played very little part in his proceedings . His
                                 manipulation of impudence and deference was too assured
                                 for that . Whatever he was about , there was method in his
                                 madness .
   bncdoc.id H8L David               If he has n't , someone else has . In my back shed . Not
Lee's classification             the tool-shed where I keep the mower and all that -- the one
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       down behind the orchard . I got a little work-bench in there ,
Peters, Ellis bncdoc.date 1989   and me stores of sprays and weed-killers and potting
bncdoc.title City of gold and    compost . And I can tell when somebody 's bin moving me
shadows. bncdoc.info City of     stuff around . ' There were interesting implications here , if
gold and shadows. Sample         Orrie was n't imagining the prying fingers ; as why should
containing about 40254 words     he ? He was n't the imaginative kind , and a man does know
from a book (domain:             how he puts down his own tools . The orchard lay well back
imaginative) Text availability   from the riverside , and the wealth of old and well-grown
Worldwide rights cleared         trees between isolated it from the house

                                        - 83 -
Publication date 1960-1974
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id H9D David              ` Well , I do know Gerald did n't disappear out of our lives
Lee's classification             until ` forty-three , because Des told me so . The whole thing
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       split apart when he went to Grimsby . ' ` That does n't prove
Barnard, Robert bncdoc.date      anything , ' said Rose . ` Especially if your mother was as you
1992 bncdoc.title Posthumous     say . ' ` What do you mean ? ' ` Blatant . ' They walked on in
papers. bncdoc.info              silence for a time , and then Hilary said : ` I still think your
Posthumous papers. Sample        mum 's playing a dirty game , or she 's imagining things . I
containing about 45301 words     expect everything that went on then 's churning round in her
from a book (domain:             mind because of this new wave of interest in those awful
imaginative) Text availability   books . ' ` Did n't you like them ? ' ` I only read the first one
Ownership has not been           . I thought it was pretty synthetic . But the point is all the old
claimed Publication date         grudges churn round in her mind , and she looks at me and
1975-1984 Text type Written      fancies all sorts of things . But the fact is , she ca n't possibly
books and periodicals            know . ' ` True , ' admitted Rose .
    bncdoc.id H9H David              They were n't designed to last this long , and I changed
Lee's classification             so quickly into these clothes , just pulled the blouse over my
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       head &hellip; I must be a sight ! ' she decided , suddenly
Darcy, Lilian bncdoc.date        horrified . ` Are you sure you want to take me to -- ? ' `
1993 bncdoc.title A private      Actually , love , as I more than hinted earlier , I prefer you
arrangement. bncdoc.info A       like this &hellip; ' She had to be imagining the caressing
private arrangement. Sample      note in his tone . Was he teasing her again ? ` You could n't !
containing about 56115 words     ' she insisted . ` Well , your hair could use a brush , perhaps
from a book (domain:             , although that mussy halo is rather delightful . But the
imaginative) Text availability   clothes &hellip; It 's how I 'm used to seeing you . ' He
Ownership has not been           glanced sideways at her , and as his eyes lingered for a
claimed Publication date         moment on her form , she realised with horror that she was
1985-1993 Text type Written      n't wearing a bra .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id H9H David              ` Is it ? Yes &hellip; ' Belinda remembered how last night
Lee's classification             Tom had called her Lindie , making the word a caress . Linda
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       sounded similar , though not exactly the same in tone . `
Darcy, Lilian bncdoc.date        Linda &hellip; ' she echoed . ` May I ? ' asked Faye . ` If you
1993 bncdoc.title A private      like . ' ` If I think it will help ? I do ! ' Feeling a little dizzy at
arrangement. bncdoc.info A       being caught in the whirlwind of Faye 's enthusiasm , and
private arrangement. Sample      wondering if she was just imagining a slightly brittle ,
containing about 56115 words     overwrought quality to it this morning , Belinda listened to
from a book (domain:             several more of Faye 's ideas for ` Getting Tom to notice you
imaginative) Text availability   as a woman ' . I 'm sure what she 's saying is all hopeless ,
Ownership has not been           she decided to herself .
claimed Publication date
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id H9L David              ` If you do n't want to make love and you do n't want to
Lee's classification             talk , why do n't we go out somewhere ? ' she suggested
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       defiantly , facing him with her hands on her hips , a bitter
Bauling, Jane bncdoc.date        mockery glinting in her eyes . ` After all , it ca n't matter if
1993 bncdoc.title Ransacked      someone who knows us sees us together at this late stage ,
heart. bncdoc.info Ransacked     Luke . Any speculation would soon be forgotten or dismissed
heart. Sample containing about   , because they 'll never again see us together , will they ? If
55575 words from a book          they remember , they 'll think they were imagining things ,
(domain: imaginative) Text       jumping to conclusions . ' Luke looked as if he would like to
availability Worldwide rights    throw something at her . ` That really bothers you , does n't
cleared Publication date         it ? ' he derided . ` Do you blame me ? ' Maria countered ,
1985-1993 Text type Written      quietly intense . ` No , I do n't , ' he admitted , surprising her

                                          - 84 -
books and periodicals              , but then he lifted a negligent shoulder , dismissing the
                                   question . ` So where would you like to go ? '
   bncdoc.id FNX David                 And he and his man would take a black bin-liner and carry
Lee's classification               it upstairs and stuff it full of cash from the safe , and then
W_biography bncdoc.author          carry it downstairs again on his shoulders , like Father
Brown, M bncdoc.date 1989          Christmas . Six weeks this went on ! Six weeks ! ! And
bncdoc.title Richard Branson:      forever afterwards , Richard Branson would blink and smile
the inside story. bncdoc.info      and say that , actually , he could not remember the incident
Richard Branson: the inside        personally and perhaps Malcolm was imagining it . And no
story. Sample containing about     one at Virgin could ever be found to confirm it . But it was a
42225 words from a book            good yarn , just the same . Throughout his trials with the Sex
(domain: applied science) Text     Pistols , Richard Branson had been engaged in another , even
availability Worldwide rights      more delicate negotiation , one which promised , at last , to
cleared Publication date           provide the antidote to the enduring unhappiness over his
1985-1993 Text type Written        broken marriage . It was a coincidence that , once again ,
books and periodicals              Branson should have met the object of his romantic
                                   attentions at the Manor , early in 1976 .
    bncdoc.id CK0 David                ` He 's no boy now ! I can imagine what he 'll think if you
Lee's classification               ring him up and say you 've found me weeping over my
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author         special patient ! What excuse could you give ? ' ` Jo , I told
Andrews, Lucilla bncdoc.date       you , he 's an old friend . I do n't need any excuse . Nor will
1986 bncdoc.title Hospital         he think it odd if you are a little het-up . Everyone gets het-
circles. bncdoc.info Hospital      up over their special patients . Or are you rather more than
circles. Sample containing         just het-up ? ' I did not answer . ` Darling , you are not
about 41076 words from a book      imagining yourself in love with this young man ? ' ` Do n't
(domain: imaginative) Text         ask me what I 'm imagining ! ' ` Jo , be careful ! Remember ,
availability Worldwide rights      he 's a patient . ' ` Like to bet ? ' I replied savagely . She
cleared Publication date           touched my hand . ` Let's face things one by one . Where are
1960-1974 Text type Written        the nearest outside phone-boxes ? Still in Cas. ? ' She jumped
books and periodicals              out of the car . ` You wait here . If authority wants to know
                                   why , blame me .
    bncdoc.id CE9 David                Peering through the filthy window , they saw an empty
Lee's classification W_misc        room littered with small rubble , several pieces of broken
bncdoc.author Herbert, W B         dust-covered chairs and an old table , but no sign of life .
bncdoc.date 1992                   Jack looked at the children . ` But this is the place , Dad , '
bncdoc.title Railway ghosts        said Melissa . ` There was a light like an old oil lamp giving a
and phantoms. bncdoc.info          yellow glow , and we heard voices , too. , Jack believed that
Railway ghosts and phantoms.       they could not be imagining it . ` I know , ' he said . ` Let's
Sample containing about 40511      see if we can get in from the inside as this door is either
words from a book (domain:         seized up or securely locked . ' Jack fetched his torch and
world affairs) Text availability   screw-driver , then climbed through the window , struggling
Worldwide rights cleared           to avoid the broken glass . Marking his way carefully to the
Publication date 1985-1993         door that would give entry to the parcels office , he shone his
Text type Written books and        torch around him . Only dust and rubble showed the years of
periodicals                        disuse .
    bncdoc.id CEY David                As she lay , tense and isolated in her room , Constance
Lee's classification               longed for her mother to push open the door and come and
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author         talk to her , and tell her that her imaginings were all wrong .
McDowell, Colin bncdoc.date        She could n't bring herself to believe what she had overheard
1991 bncdoc.title A woman of       . Surely her mother and Aunt Louise would never betray her -
style. bncdoc.info A woman of      - and her father 's memory -- so coldly ? Mr Stacey was
style. Sample containing about     nobody important , she tried to convince herself . He was
42794 words from a book            only Mr Laker 's friend . She was imagining things . Even as
(domain: imaginative) Text         the thoughts entered her head , they were dismissed ,
availability Worldwide rights      because she knew that they were false comfort . So ,
cleared Publication date           Constance decided , her friend had banished her because of
1985-1993 Text type Written        her mother 's behaviour . The letter must have said that she

                                           - 85 -
books and periodicals             could not go to the Mansion again . Overwhelmed by the
                                  injustice of it all , she sat up . Why should she be the victim
                                  when she had done nothing wrong ? Indignation gave her
                                  courage .
    bncdoc.id AD9 David                ` Hmmm . ' Leila was alerted by the quick downswivel of
Lee's classification              Roirbak 's eyes . ` Quincx ? What did I ask ? Did I hit a nerve
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        or something ? ' He stroked her back , wincing at the
Constantine, Storm                sharpness of her spine , the ripple of ribs too close to the skin
bncdoc.date 1991                  . ` I want you to meet him , ' he said . ` That 's all I 'll say .
bncdoc.title Hermetech.           It may be my brain is getting fuddled despite my attempts at
bncdoc.info Hermetech.            rejuvenation and I 'm imagining things . ' ` What are you
Sample containing about 42247     talking about ? ' ` Crazy suspicions . ' ` What ? ' ` Either I 'm
words from a book (domain:        mad or people reincarnate , or there 's such a thing as
imaginative) Text availability    possession , or &hellip; ' He paused . ` Quincx ? ' Leila looked
Worldwide rights cleared          worried . He shook his head . ` I said more than I meant to ,
Publication date 1985-1993        ' he said . ` Forget it . You 'll meet him later , I expect
Text type Written books and       &hellip; So , tell me , why have you brought Nathan Junior
periodicals                       here ? '
    bncdoc.id HA9 David                ` I believe a reservation has been made for me . ' The
Lee's classification              woman looked at her , an unmistakably speculative gleam in
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        her hazel eyes , and Shannon frowned , wondering at the
bncdoc.date 1993                  look . ` Ah , yes , Miss Lea . A room has indeed been booked
bncdoc.title Winter challenge.    for you . It 's on the second floor , number twenty-seven . '
bncdoc.info Winter challenge.     Shannon signed the register and took the key , still puzzled
Sample containing about 53623     by the receptionist 's knowing look . Then she shrugged . She
words from a book (domain:        was imagining things . Or else the poor woman could n't
imaginative) Text availability    help the way she looked ; perhaps it had something to do
Ownership has not been            with those finely arched eyebrows of hers . She made her
claimed Publication date          way to the second floor , her frown deepening as she looked
1985-1993 Text type Written       about her , properly taking in her surroundings for the first
books and periodicals             time . The hotel was a good one , not luxurious , but
                                  considerably better than she was accustomed to staying in
                                  while working .
   bncdoc.id HGT David                 And then she felt him move away and she lifted her head
Lee's classification              and saw that he was going towards the door . ` W &hellip;
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        where are you going ? ' Robyn 's voice quivered . ` It 's OK ,
Martin, Laura bncdoc.date         I 'll be back . ' She watched him through the open door , saw
1993 bncdoc.title Garden of       him click on the gallery light -- tall , virile , handsome , strong
desire. bncdoc.info Garden of     &hellip; She closed her eyes . And he could be kind ; she was
desire. Sample containing about   n't imagining it , was she ? He had held her and comforted
67546 words from a book           her , wiped away her tears without any trace of scorn or
(domain: imaginative) Text        mockery , had n't he ? She glanced around the room , laying
availability Worldwide rights     her hot flushed face against the cool pillow , listening to the
cleared Publication date          bang of a cupboard door below , the chinks of crockery . The
1985-1993 Text type Written       room seemed empty without him , strange and unfriendly
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id HH1 David                ` No , but you 're &hellip; Stop shaking , damn it ! It 's
Lee's classification              tearing me apart . ' ` 'T IS &hellip; 't is the cold , ' she
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        stammered . Had her mind gone , or had she really heard
Byrne, Julia bncdoc.date 1993     that tormented note in his voice ? ` I know . I know ,
bncdoc.title My enemy, my         sweetheart . ' He folded her closer , his voice a deep , gentle
love. bncdoc.info My enemy,       murmur again . She must be imagining things , Isabel
my love. Sample containing        decided . His kindness must have gone to her head , but she
about 87955 words from a book     would not read too much into it . Now that the nightmare of
(domain: imaginative) Text        her captivity had receded somewhat in the safety of his arms
availability Worldwide rights     , she suddenly remembered , with painful clarity , the way
cleared Publication date          they had parted , the truth still unspoken between them . He

                                          - 86 -
1985-1993 Text type Written      still thought her a traitor . He still thought her his enemy . ` I
books and periodicals            really am all right now , ' Isabel insisted quietly , keeping her
                                 face lowered .
    bncdoc.id HTR David               Convinced she was on to something , she felt emboldened
Lee's classification             . ` How did you get on with him ? ' she asked , taking a sip
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       from her glass to avoid looking directly at his face . She did
Smith, Joan bncdoc.date 1988     n't want to give anything away . Jamie paused . ` Gosh , ' he
bncdoc.title A masculine         said at last , ` that 's a difficult one . To be absolutely honest
ending. bncdoc.info A            , I was in a rather awkward position . ' He stopped , and
masculine ending. Sample         Loretta looked up . Was she imagining it , or had a look of
containing about 45051 words     caution entered his eyes ? He glanced towards the two
from a book (domain:             students at the table , and lowered his voice . ` I do n't know
imaginative) Text availability   how much you know about Hugh 's private life , but the fact
Ownership has not been           is he had rather a crush on me . It really got very difficult . It
claimed Publication date         took me a while to take in what was going on , of course .
1985-1993 Text type Written      When I first arrived , and he seemed interested in me , I was
books and periodicals            rather flattered .
    bncdoc.id HTR David               When I first arrived , and he seemed interested in me , I
Lee's classification             was rather flattered . I mean , I was just an obscure first-
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       year , and he went out of his way to encourage me . But
Smith, Joan bncdoc.date 1988     after a while I began to think there was more to it than that ,
bncdoc.title A masculine         and I did n't know how to handle it . He was always inviting
ending. bncdoc.info A            me to little supper parties and so on , and it became so
masculine ending. Sample         noticeable that other people began to make snide comments
containing about 45051 words     . I was n't imagining it , honestly . I do n't have any
from a book (domain:             delusions about myself . But I did n't know what to do . He
imaginative) Text availability   was my tutor , after all . I could n't risk falling out with him
Ownership has not been           completely . So , although I 'm sorry he 's dead , I 'm rather
claimed Publication date         relieved to have Bridget this year . ' ` I 'm sure you are , '
1985-1993 Text type Written      Loretta said warmly , congratulating herself on her powers of
books and periodicals            deduction .
    bncdoc.id HWE David               ` Oh , God in heaven ! woman , shut up ! ' Peggy stepped
Lee's classification             back from the old woman . ` Shut up ! You know nothing
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       about it . Turning my back on my husband , you say ; and
Cookson, Catherine               yes , I did , because I could still smell the whores of Bog 's
bncdoc.date 1993                 End on him . Is that news to you ? His evening jaunts to this
bncdoc.title The house of        meeting or that are all phoney . ' ` You 're imagining things
women. bncdoc.info The           , girl . It 's right what he says : it 's impossible to talk to you .
house of women. Sample           ' ` Oh , does he ? So he says that ? Well , he does n't find it
containing about 33001 words     impossible to talk to you , does he ? He 's given you a new
from a book (domain:             lease of life , has n't he , with his flattery , his sucking-up . ' `
imaginative) Text availability   You 'd better leave me before I lose my temper with you , girl
Ownership has not been           , and say something I 'll be sorry for . '
claimed Publication date
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HWP David               ` What had he planned ? ' ` How he could cause the
Lee's classification             maximum unpleasantness to those he left behind -- mainly to
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       me . Nobody , of course , will believe it : ` He was such a
Burley, W J bncdoc.date 1989     nice man -- a bit sarcastic at times but only in a playful sort
bncdoc.title Wycliffe and the    of way . ' That 's what people said about him . Even my
Windsor Blue. bncdoc.info        friend , Celia Bond , says I 'm imagining things , that I 'm
Wycliffe and the Windsor Blue.   suffering from delayed shock or some such nonsense . We
Sample containing about 43883    had words about it and I told her to go ! Of course Celia was
words from a book (domain:       an only child -- and spolit ; she ca n't believe that a father
imaginative) Text availability   would get pleasure by humiliating his children . She 's no idea
Ownership has not been           ! ' It was astonishing . Beryl was perfectly composed ; she

                                         - 87 -
claimed Publication date         was no longer flushed and her hair was tidy ; she even had a
1985-1993 Text type Written      small smile on her lips .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id JY0 David Lee's         Juliet wondered why he was willing to do it all again .
classification W_fict_prose      Perhaps he 'd fallen in love with the girl . Perhaps it had n't
bncdoc.author Grey, Alice        turned out well , and he 'd been blamed . But he 'd traced the
bncdoc.date 1993                 mother , he 'd said so , so it could n't be that . Perhaps ,
bncdoc.title Hearts in hiding.   thought Juliet , her heart thudding against her ribs , perhaps
bncdoc.info Hearts in hiding.    if he helps me he thinks he might fall in love with me too .
Sample containing about 64220    Perhaps he 's regretting his impulsive offer . Yet I was n't
words from a book (domain:       imagining it , I did see something in his expression -- Her
imaginative) Text availability   shoulders slumped . I suppose he 's still in love with the other
Worldwide rights cleared         girl . Her vivid imagination created someone tall and slim ,
Publication date 1985-1993       blonde and attractive . Someone like Sara Calvert . ` You 're
Text type Written books and      not listening . ' David tugged a lock of black hair . She
periodicals                      jumped up . ` Sorry , I was -- miles away . ' For a moment a
                                 guarded expression crossed his face . Then he smiled , a
                                 professional smile that did n't reach his eyes .
   bncdoc.id JY2 David Lee's          She faltered to a halt . His fingers tightened , while
classification W_fict_prose      silvery-green eyes looked deep into gold . ` Perhaps we could
bncdoc.author Wilkinson, Lee     ignore what is past and start again ? ' he suggested . She
bncdoc.date 1992                 nodded , all her doubts dispelled as night 's shadows were
bncdoc.title Joy bringer.        dispelled by the light of day . Gladness filled her , irradiating
bncdoc.info Joy bringer.         her whole face , making her eyes glow . ` You 're quite lovely
Sample containing about 55442    , ' he said softly . ` I can see how easily you 'd bewitch any
words from a book (domain:       man . ' Was she just imagining an underlying bitterness in
imaginative) Text availability   his remark ? Before she could be sure his mouth covered hers
Worldwide rights cleared         , banishing thought , leaving nothing but feeling . Her whole
Publication date 1985-1993       being was centred on him , wrapped up in him . His kiss was
Text type Written books and      pure joy , winging happiness , as if her spirit was soaring into
periodicals                      a clear sky . She floated down to earth slowly , to find him
                                 studying her dazed face with an unmistakable gleam of
                                 triumph in his eyes .
    bncdoc.id JY3 David Lee's         Even more disturbing , though she shrank from admitting
classification W_fict_prose      it , was this subtle sexual threat . It lurked tormentingly just
bncdoc.author Ash, Rosalie       below the surface . And it alarmed her , to say the least . She
bncdoc.date bncdoc.title         liked to be in control , and this feeling gave the impression it
Love by design. bncdoc.info      could get out of control &hellip; She thrust her hands into her
Love by design. Sample           pockets , and gritted her teeth . This was crazy . She must be
containing about 51729 words     imagining it . There was no way Guy Sterne could be
from a book (domain:             remotely interested in her , and as for the other way around
imaginative) Text availability   &hellip; She shivered . After what happened with Mortimer ,
Ownership has not been           she 'd voted herself off men for life . And as for this particular
claimed Publication date         man ? She 'd rather throw herself to the lions &hellip; ` Yes .
1985-1993 Text type Written      I like it &hellip; ' She dropped her head back to relieve the
books and periodicals            tension in her neck , and gazed up at the rigging . The snowy
                                 white mainsail was stretched on a taut closehauled setting in
                                 the wind .
   bncdoc.id JY5 David Lee's          ` And maybe pigs can fly . Look , I know something 's
classification W_fict_prose      going on here -- and I want to get to the bottom of it . ' Rory
bncdoc.author Elliot, Rachel     flinched . This was exactly what she had been afraid of --
bncdoc.date 1992                 flibbertigibbet though she was in most things , Candy could
bncdoc.title Lover's charade.    be positively terrier-like if she got her teeth into a mystery ,
bncdoc.info Lover's charade.     refusing to let go until she 'd solved everything to her
Sample containing about 53825    satisfaction . Persuading her that nothing was going on could
words from a book (domain:       turn out to be a Herculean task . ` You 're imagining things
imaginative) Text availability   , ' she said now with a nonchalant shrug . ` Sure . ' Candy 's

                                         - 88 -
Worldwide rights cleared         returning glance was worryingly unconvinced . ` OK . You
Publication date 1985-1993       want to work -- let's work . What exactly is the plan for this
Text type Written books and      promotions night ? ' Rory felt a faint but definite niggle of
periodicals                      alarm in the pit of her stomach . This was a new tactic , one
                                 she was n't familiar with .
   bncdoc.id JYC David Lee's         After all , I 've seen myself in the mirror . You 'd have to
classification W_fict_prose      be pretty desperate to want -- anything like that with
bncdoc.author George,            someone who looks like me . ' ` I would n't say that , exactly
Catherine bncdoc.date 1991       . ' There was an unsettling gleam in his eye as he got up . `
bncdoc.title Out of the storm.   You 're very appealing , Leonora , black eye or not . Which
bncdoc.info Out of the storm.    does n't mean I intend to leap into bed with you just because
Sample containing about 54713    fate washed you up on my beach . And if you 're imagining
words from a book (domain:       I pine for the delights of the conjugal bed now my wife 's left
imaginative) Text availability   me , you 're a bit off-beam there , too . I was accustomed to
Worldwide rights cleared         a lonely bed long before she left me for someone else . ' He
Publication date 1985-1993       checked himself , his face suddenly harsh . ` And why the
Text type Written books and      hell I told you that I do n't know . It 's not something I want
periodicals                      broadcast to the world . ' Indignation cancelled out any stray
                                 pang of compassion . Leonora eyed him angrily .
    bncdoc.id JYC David Lee's        ` I was against it from the first . I could n't put my finger
classification W_fict_prose      on what it was I disliked about him , yet now it seems plain
bncdoc.author George,            as the nose on your face . What a ghastly thing to happen to
Catherine bncdoc.date 1991       you . I could kill him ! ' ` Penry felt like that , too . ' Elise
bncdoc.title Out of the storm.   looked across at her searchingly . ` Ah , yes . The impressive
bncdoc.info Out of the storm.    Dr Vaughan . Full marks to him , anyway . ' Her eyes
Sample containing about 54713    narrowed . ` Was I imagining things , or was there a
words from a book (domain:       definite hint of electricity in the air between you and the
imaginative) Text availability   dashing doctor ? ' ` Certainly not . ' ` Liar ! ' Leonora shook
Worldwide rights cleared         back her hair , looking fierce . ` If you do n't mind I 'd like to
Publication date 1985-1993       drop the subject now . As far as I 'm concerned I 'd like to
Text type Written books and      forget that the last couple of weeks ever happened . ' Elise
periodicals                      jumped up , looking contrite .
    bncdoc.id CK0 David              ` Jo , darling ! What on earth are you doing here and up ?
Lee's classification             I was just about to go round and ask Night Home Sister if
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       there was a chance of your being called early . ' I gaped at
Andrews, Lucilla bncdoc.date     the speaker as if she were a mirage . She was a youngish
1986 bncdoc.title Hospital       woman of my own height , build , and colouring . She wore a
circles. bncdoc.info Hospital    cream linen suit , a black straw boater , and black gloves .
circles. Sample containing       The fact that I had never seen my aunt looking so elegant
about 41076 words from a book    added to my impression that I was imagining this . She
(domain: imaginative) Text       never visited Benedict 's . She said she did n't hold with
availability Worldwide rights    looking back . ` Jo , what 's up ? ' In answer I did something
cleared Publication date         I had not done in years . I flung my arms round my
1960-1974 Text type Written      astonished aunt 's nick and burst into tears on her shoulder .
books and periodicals            She asked no more questions . She swept me away from the
                                 door , along a line of cars , into her aged scarlet mini , gave
                                 me a handkerchief , and let me cry it out .
    bncdoc.id AD1 David              And it is not , she thought , sliding the mottled skin deftly
Lee's classification             off her fish , it is not as though we are starving . No , we are
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       lucky , we live comparatively well . There are so many others
Hill, Susan bncdoc.date 1969     who do not have a portion of the things we have , in our
bncdoc.title Gentleman and       state . Isabel coughed . Her grey hair had a dusty look , as
ladies. bncdoc.info Gentleman    though it had been powdered like a flunkey 's wig . She
and ladies. Sample containing    coughed again and looked reproachfully at Kathleen . Bones ,
about 43055 words from a book    the look said . ` They were fillets , ' Kathleen countered . `
(domain: imaginative) Text       So I am imagining a bone ? ' ` I did n't say that , Isabel . '
availability Worldwide rights    ` You implied it . ' After a short silence , Kathleen took

                                         - 89 -
         cleared Publication date             courage , feeling sorry for her sister . ` If you are still
         1960-1974 Text type Written          anxious about the will &hellip; ' she began . Isabel stiffened .
         books and periodicals                ` They do need money , you know . For &hellip; well , I
                                              suppose for research and so on . It is a worthy cause . '
            bncdoc.id B20 David                   ` She 's a more determined person than you might think .
         Lee's classification                 ' ` Yes , ' agreed the Hungarian . ` And hot-headed , too ,
         W_fict_prose bncdoc.author           just like &hellip; ' A shadow crossed his face ; evidently ,
         Butters, Roger bncdoc.date           thought Karelius , what there had been between him and
         1991 bncdoc.title Look about         Louise Müller was not yet dead , and perhaps never would be
         and die. bncdoc.info Look            . Some things survived the grave . ` By the way , ' Aranyos
         about and die. Sample                was continuing , so completely in his usual languid manner
         containing about 41196 words         that Karelius could have been imagining things , ` I
         from a book (domain:                 suppose I owe you an explanation about Louise Müller . It 's
         imaginative) Text availability       true we were acquainted , with the result that I discovered
         Worldwide rights cleared             the imposture as soon as her doppelgänger arrived . I was
         Publication date 1985-1993           engaged in enquiry into the matter when I learnt of the
         Text type Written books and          attack upon her sister . Of course , the deception was bound
         periodicals                          to come to light sooner or later . It strikes me as a decidedly
                                              short-term scheme . ' ` With what object ? '
         bncdoc.id KDS David                      He walked out I walked out of here in a huff Did he ?
     Lee's classification S_conv              Yeah See er John 's a bit too , well he 's a bit oldish or old in
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                his ways to to have the responsibility of youngsters . Mm . He
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 14              , he ca n't let them go . He 's worried about them the whole
     conversations recorded by                time . I think that Ryan was saying something that John fell
     `Rosemary' (PS0NR) between               out with him because of his motorbike . Yeah . He says John
     14 and 16 April 1991 with 6              's wo n't speak to me now because of the motorbike and er I
     interlocutors, totalling 2252 s-         says oh Ryan you must be imagining things , he says no he
     units, 14407 words (duration             says he just wo n't talk to me because I 've got the motorbike
     not recorded). Text                      . Well I said maybe maybe he 's worried about you falling off
     availability Worldwide rights            it or Well he is worried about them having an accident with it
     cleared Publication date                 but , but he 's not er worried about him having the motorbike
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken               , no he cos he would have done the same as a er child
     demographic                              anyway well things like that ,
         bncdoc.id KP6 David                      Yeah . Whereabouts ? Oh I do n't know for God 's sake
     Lee's classification S_conv              how do I know ? Erm and yeah two birds I met in Portugal
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                and , and then Kathy just like stormed out . It was a really
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 10              insensitive thing to say . Do n't you think ? Yeah . Really
     conversations recorded by                pissed off , oh I have n't done any prep at all . Thing is I , I
     `Catriona' (PS52C) on ?? ??              do n't know if I 'm just imagining that I have n't got any ,
     1993 with 9 interlocutors,               this this does n't really work . Or if I really have n't . Fridays .
     totalling 3658 s-units, 33704            I ca n't work on Fridays . I felt really erm did you get , by the
     words, and over 1 hour 20                way , th that letter I put on your desk Yeah . you 've got to
     minutes 19 seconds of                    ask your parents to wear those badges to come to erm the
     recordings. Text availability            meeting with the badges on . What 's the letter about ? Some
     Worldwide rights cleared                 cookery book I think I heard .

     Publication date 1985-1993
     Text type Spoken
No coercion or change of meaning

            bncdoc.id A3E David Lee's               It may not be the part nearest the house , though this
         classification                         is where sitting out areas always tend to be made . You
         W_newsp_brdsht_nat_misc                may , even as a novice , care so passionately about plants
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date              that all you want is the maximum space to grow them in .

         1989-19-19 bncdoc.title                Raised beds built down an unpromising alley could provide
         Independent, electronic edition of     extra gardening space . Privacy is an important
         1989-10-07: Gardening pages.           consideration . A first time garden is usually small and

                                                      - 90 -
bncdoc.info Independent,            certainly the typical one I am imagining for this series is
electronic edition of 1989-10-07:   no more than 40ft x 20ft and surrounded on all sides by
Gardening pages. Sample             other houses . Privacy is a ticklish business where close
containing about 1858 words from    neighbours are concerned . To throw up an impenetrable
a periodical (domain: leisure)      Berlin Wall between you and them could be tactless . Trellis
Text availability Worldwide         is a useful compromise and you can always pretend it was
rights cleared Publication date     forced on you by the speed of growth of your climbing rose
1985-1993 Text type Written         .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id JYE David Lee's            He brought me down here to work for him under false
classification W_fict_prose         pretences . We were on the verge of an affair , but the
bncdoc.author Bowring, Mary         moment he met you everything came to a dead stop . And
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       , knowing him so well , I could see his little game . He
Vets in opposition. bncdoc.info     covets your practice , and in order to get it he 'll play the
Vets in opposition. Sample          same trick on you that he played on me . ' Sophie pulled
containing about 55425 words        the door open . ` I do n't want to hear any more . You 're
from a book (domain:                obviously imagining a situation that does n't exist . '
imaginative) Text availability      Dawn got up slowly . Pale and calmer now , she looked at
Worldwide rights cleared            Sophie searchingly . ` Well , on your own head be it . I 've
Publication date 1985-1993          done my best . Of course , if you tell him what I 've said he
Text type Written books and         'll deny it , but I assure you he only wants one thing and
periodicals                         that 's your practice . ' Sophie shut the door behind her
                                    and found herself trembling . Sinking into a chair , she
                                    stared ahead unseeingly .
   bncdoc.id FAP David Lee's             I interjected . She was impatient with that . ` Not with
classification W_fict_prose         me as a person . But with me as Connie Fraser . Why had
bncdoc.author Chester, P            Connie gone missing ? Maybe because she saw the killing
bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title       and could identify the man who did it . Maybe if he killed
Murder forestalled. bncdoc.info     me , he 'd be satisfied . Or get caught doing it . Then
Murder forestalled. Sample          Connie could come out of her hole . ' I shook my head
containing about 44565 words        decisively . ` Too complicated . Bonanza would n't have
from a book (domain:                gone to all that trouble to set up a deal like you 're
imaginative) Text availability      imagining . ' , ` It 's all very fine sitting around on a
Worldwide rights cleared            sunny morning sounding confident . It was n't so easy in
Publication date 1960-1974          that awful room after about four hours without a word
Text type Written books and         from anybody . ' She was choked up remembering it . Then
periodicals                         she said : ` Try it another way . Bonanza said he did n't
                                    want the police looking for Connie , because he was afraid
                                    of interference with his business . Suppose he really meant
                                    to find her first , because he wanted her out of the way .
   bncdoc.id HGD David Lee's             ` Even so , she is my responsibility and I could not have
classification W_fict_prose         left her here alone . ' ` I know . ' Jenna nodded , her eyes
bncdoc.author Wilson, Patricia      on the field , trying to imagine it full of poppies and trying
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       to keep her mind off Alain . It was the first time she had
A healing fire. bncdoc.info A       been alone with him since last night and the thought of it
healing fire. Sample containing     made her fluttery inside . ` Are there poppies in this field ?
about 60801 words from a book       ' she asked shakily . ` Yes . Each year . You are
(domain: imaginative) Text          imagining them ? ' ` Did he paint them ? ' ` Yes . Twice ,
availability Worldwide rights       as far as I can remember . One of the paintings is in the
cleared Publication date 1985-      studio . He never did get around to framing it . ' He made
1993 Text type Written books        an impatient movement and faced her , looking at her pure
and periodicals                     profile . ` You are changing the subject very purposefully .
                                    Are you afraid I will thank you for your generous gesture
                                    towards my mother ? ' ` It 's not so generous , ' Jenna lied
   ncdoc.id K73 David Lee's              well erm there , there are very few cases in which the
classification S_courtroom          European commission or the court talk about fairness erm ,

                                         - 91 -
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           when but , but , but no , no , well , well well let's use your
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Royal      language erm a non arbitr , well let's use their language ,
Courts: hearing. Sample             objective criteria on which it 's judge application to the
containing about 14018 words        membership , erm , and I 'm only , I 'm only imagining
speech recorded in public context   this , but I 'm , but as a matter of common sense one
Text availability Ownership has     would of thought that one would n't like subjective or
not been claimed Publication        arbitrary and er indeed unknown criteria to apply erm , as ,
date 1985-1993 Text type            as in my point of view , as a matter of fairness , but er my
Spoken context-governed             question is and it was before and I , I 'm not sure I hoist in
                                    your answer , where , where does that fit in to article
                                    eighty five ?
   bncdoc.id JSU David Lee's            So it 's in fact in those eighteen lines that he describes
classification S_classroom          the fox and brings it to life in the poem . In the images of
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           the poem and he describes the fox as moving does n't he .
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info St         Stanza three , the fox 's nose touch twig leaf and its
Dominic's: training session.        footprints are set into the snow . It 's actually walking . So
Sample containing about 4696        although he ca n't see this fox . Although it 's perhaps a
words speech recorded in            totally imaginary fox , he 's imagining the fox walking
educational context Text            through the wood and coming towards his window .
availability Ownership has not      Coming towards his house and he describes it in stages ,
been claimed Publication date       bringing it to life all the time . So it 's a sense of continuous
1985-1993 Text type Spoken          development , evolution of the animal which is , he wants
context-governed                    continuity and that 's why he has n't put a full stop in . Also
                                    if you look at the way that the fox is described . What is
                                    the first thing we 're told about it in the third stanza ? Its
                                    nose . Its nose ?
    bncdoc.id KRH David Lee's           When we see a distant galaxy we 're not seeing it as it
classification                      is today , we 're seeing it as it was a long time ago . So
S_brdcast_discussn                  when we say we want the laws of physics perhaps to stay
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           constant in time , when we observe these objects a long
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Ideas      way away we 're observing the laws of physics as they
in Action programmes (04): radio    were a long time ago . But not close to several billion years
broadcast. Sample containing        ago ? Almost , but erm one could certainly arrive at a
about 135254 words speech           situation of the sort you 're imagining that we want to be
recorded in educational context     sure that when we look at some very exotic phenomena in
Text availability Ownership has     the past of the universe , which has no parallel on earth ,
not been claimed Publication        erm or in our vicinity , how can we be sure that the laws of
date 1985-1993 Text type            physics that we 've deduced on earth really apply ? How do
Spoken context-governed             we know that the laws of nature are not really like laws of
                                    a game of chess , but played on a chess board where the
                                    laws change as you go from place to place on the chess
                                    board ,
   bncdoc.id JSU David Lee's            So if the forest is not something that he can see , if you
classification S_classroom          go back to question two , how do you interpret this
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           midnight moment 's forest ? What do you think he means
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info St         by that in the first line ? Could it be like just he has his
Dominic's: training session.        eyes shut , he wants to going on in his head . imagines a
Sample containing about 4696        forest you think and of course there are real forests out
words speech recorded in            there somewhere are n't there ? Is n't it I imagine this
educational context Text            midnight moment 's forest ? Yes , so . that says it all does
availability Ownership has not      n't it ? that 's what ? That says it all . He imagined the
been claimed Publication date       forest , Yes . yes . So there 's a real forest out there
1985-1993 Text type Spoken          somewhere but perhaps , perhaps not just outside his
context-governed                    window , perhaps ten miles away , you know . Erm and he
                                    's imagining what 's going on in it . In fact it could be
                                    very significant that the first words of the poem are , I
                                    imagine , because what does the poet , what do any of us

                                         - 92 -
                                               do , we sit down to write something . We imagine , do n't
                                               we ? You write an essay , you imagine in your head what
                                               you might be going to put in your essay . Means you
                                               conjure up in your head . So that 's the starting point .
            bncdoc.id JSU David Lee's          What do you think he means by that in the first line ?
         classification S_classroom            Could it be like just he has his eyes shut , he wants to
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             going on in his head . imagines a forest you think and of
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info St           course there are real forests out there somewhere are n't
         Dominic's: training session.          there ? Is n't it I imagine this midnight moment 's forest ?
         Sample containing about 4696          Yes , so . that says it all does n't it ? that 's what ? That
         words speech recorded in              says it all . He imagined the forest , Yes . yes . So there 's
         educational context Text              a real forest out there somewhere but perhaps , perhaps
         availability Ownership has not        not just outside his window , perhaps ten miles away , you
         been claimed Publication date         know . Erm and he 's imagining what 's going on in it . In
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken            fact it could be very significant that the first words of the
         context-governed                      poem are , I imagine , because what does the poet , what
                                               do any of us do , we sit down to write something . We
                                               imagine , do n't we ? You write an essay , you imagine in
                                               your head what you might be going to put in your essay .
                                               Means you conjure up in your head . So that 's the starting
                                               point .

1.b.iii Need

Coercion in sentence

             bncdoc.id C9S David           Porn can teach us about the simple mechanics of lesbian
         Lee's classification          and gay sex . It allows us to explore our fantasies and to accept
         W_non_ac_soc_science          our sex as natural . It enables us to produce images of sex that
         bncdoc.author                 would otherwise be absent . In the end , porn matters to us
         bncdoc.date 1991              because sex matters to us so much . As Preston says : ` One of
         bncdoc.title High risk        the reasons we constantly return to sex is -- I think -- that we
         lives: lesbian and gay        are always(r) needing to know if this is enough to justify what
         politics afcter the Clause.   we go through because of It . Often that 's an emotional issue ;
         bncdoc.info High risk         are these emotions worth it ? But because the repercussions
         lives. Sample containing      are so enormous it becomes a political and social issue as well .
         about 39150 words from        ' Now , in the age of AIDS , porn means more to us than ever
         a book (domain: world         before . Pornographic imagery has been crucial to the success
         affairs) Text availability    of safer-sex campaigns .
         Worldwide rights cleared
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
             bncdoc.id CES David           However , I 'm sure that it will be only a short time before
         Lee's classification          the imaginative gentleman of this funeral business ( or after-
         W_biography                   care service , as it apparently now likes to be called ) will
         bncdoc.author                 overcome these problems that in any case may be outweighed
         Spottiswoode, Jane            by one great advantage to which he points with pride : namely
         bncdoc.date 1991              , that it is above all discreet , in that the girlfriend of the
         bncdoc.title Undertaken       departed may view at any time , giving any name , and the wife
         with love. bncdoc.info        and family will be none the wiser ! The BBC telephoned . Could
         Undertaken with love.         I let them have the exact name of the coffin-manufacturers
         Sample containing about       who had supplied me , as they had been inundated with calls

         39407 words from a book       asking for it and , having no success with the number supplied
         (domain: belief and           by Directory Enquiries , were(tense) needing further
         thought) Text                 information . Odd , I thought , as I confirmed the number

                                                    - 93 -
availability Worldwide     which they had been given . I suggested they try again and this
rights cleared             time ask for the man who had signed my receipt , and please --
Publication date 1985-     come back to me and tell me what they say . Perhaps it will
1993 Text type Written     come as no surprise to my readers to hear not only that all
books and periodicals      knowledge of selling me a coffin was denied but even that they
                           were now , or ever had been , coffin-manufacturers .
    bncdoc.id CH3 David        Clongeel Rebel , an even-money flop last time out at
Lee's classification       Crayford , gets a quick chance to atone in the Kent track 's
W_newsp_tabloid            charity meeting . Pennys Sweetness and Clashganiff Hero hold
bncdoc.author              bright chances at Hackney tomorrow and in the evening Oyster
bncdoc.date                Duke , Our Muriel and Deepwell Minx could be worth supporting
bncdoc.title The Daily     at Walthamstow . PAT PECKHAM pointing the way for Champ 's
Mirror. bncdoc.info The    celebrity appearance at Mildenhall . DEVIOUS DELIGHT HARLES
Daily Mirror. Sample       FAWCUS DR DEVIOUS dished out the medicine at
containing about 124251    Leopardstown yesterday , but the Epsom Derby winner will be
words from a periodical    needing treatment when he runs into User Friendly in the Arc
(domain: leisure) Text     (a). That 's the confident view of Clive Brittain , carrying all
availability Worldwide     before him after User Friendly 's demolition job in the St Leger .
rights cleared             The Doctor took his revenge on St Jovite in a dramatic finish to
Publication date 1985-     the Kerry Group Champion Stakes , but Clive has no doubt that
1993 Text type Written     he can beat both of them . Nostril ` My horse Alflora was third
books and periodicals      today and he would n't be in the same street as User Friendly .
    bncdoc.id G28 David        The information necessary to spot such an event as this is
Lee's classification       not difficult for a well organised customer level database to
W_commerce                 recognise . In another example , two customers with a joint
bncdoc.author              account notify their bank of change of address . They have
bncdoc.date 1992-19-19     been building up balances in their current account for some
bncdoc.title Credit        four months . The number of their monthly transactions and the
Management.                average value of these transactions has also been growing as
bncdoc.info Credit         they transfer monies from their savings accounts to pay for
Management. Sample         surveys , place a deposit with estate agents and so forth .
containing about 27711     Soon(d) they will be needing a personal loan , perhaps for the
words from a periodical    first time ever , to pay for the carpets , the curtains and the
(domain: commerce)         new kitchen . It is too ambitious for a financial organisation to
Text availability          hope to recognise such situations and respond accordingly ? To
Worldwide rights cleared   marketing departments the technological challenge associated
Publication date 1985-     with such an approach may appear at first quite daunting . Yet
1993 Text type Written     with the development of improved risk management techniques
books and periodicals      , they find that much of the technological infrastructure is
                           already in place .
   bncdoc.id K51 David         SOLICITORS are joining forces in a bid to improve links with
Lee's classification       their European counterparts . Latimer Hinks , of Priestgate ,
W_newsp_other_commer       Darlington , is to become a member of LawNet Europe , which
ce bncdoc.author           is to be launched on Monday . The aim is to provide a two-way
bncdoc.date                referral service with legal firms abroad when clients need
bncdoc.title Northern      specific advice , whether they are seeking a business partner ,
Echo: Business section.    investing capital abroad , buying property , hiring staff or are
bncdoc.info Northern       involved in a dispute . Tim Haggie , of Latimer Hinks 's
Echo: Business section.    commercial department , said more clients were now (a)
Sample containing about    needing specialist advice on European matters . Among the
44278 words from a         services offered are access to database information and details
periodical (domain:        of all member firms , their work specialities and language skills .
commerce) Text             About 2,000 lawyers throughout Europe and Scandinavia are
availability Ownership     involved in the scheme and future contacts are being planned
has not been claimed       in Spain , Portugal and Greece . AFTER nearly ten years work a
Publication date 1985-     £400m Indian power station , built by NEI Power Projects of
1993 Text type Written     Newcastle , will be handed over to the country 's power

                                         - 94 -
books and periodicals        authorities tomorrow .
    bncdoc.id CTB David          Our sister publication , Computergram International , the
Lee's classification         daily hi-tech newsletter , is now available as Computergram
W_non_ac_tech_engin          Newsline in the UK only . Updated daily , the service is split into
bncdoc.author                four sections -- front page , finance , IBM and Unix . Call 0839
bncdoc.date                  300 300 for the latest news on the industry . Calls charged at
bncdoc.title Unigram x.      36p a minute cheap rate , 48p at all other times . Snakes !
bncdoc.info Unigram x.       Hewlett-Packard Co recently sent out pairs of natty sunglasses
Sample containing about      to the UK computer press bearing the message ` you 'll be
8169 words from a            needing these on May 5th (a), ' ( well some of the poor loves
periodical (domain:          must have thought things rather fetching as they were wearing
applied science) Text        them on Olivetti 's jaunt to Paris a couple of days later ) . So ,
availability Worldwide       expecting to be whisked off to some faraway hot spot for a mild
rights cleared               spell of brainwashing , we duly prepared to bring you next
Publication date 1985-       week 's Unigram from under the shade of a palm tree on a
1993 Text type Written       secluded sandy beach -- or at least somewhere nicer than four
books and periodicals        storeys above the Charing Cross Road in rainy central London .
    bncdoc.id EVH David          Look at the little brown shrivelled sheath where the flower
Lee's classification         grows from the stalk . Now the texture of the petals and the
W_biography                  shape , the edges of the petals . This might take three or four
bncdoc.author                minutes of careful observation . Subject : " Daffodils in a vase "
Devonald, Rosemary           . Imagine the background . Let us suppose we had an art
bncdoc.date 1989             lesson this morning , when it was cold and frosty but fine . Let
bncdoc.title Basil Rocke:    us go out of doors , put on our coats of course . Let us go and
artist and teacher.          look at that tree . We are always(r) needing to draw trees .
bncdoc.info Basil Rocke:     Let us examine it carefully . Starting perhaps at the bottom
artist and teacher. Sample   where the trunk comes out of the earth or grass . Are there any
containing about 31278       roots showing ? Does the trunk come straight out of the ground
words from a book            with parallel or straight sides , larger at the bottom ? Now let
(domain: arts) Text          your eyes climb up the trunk to the branches , slowly ,
availability Ownership       watching all the time . Does the trunk go straight up , the same
has not been claimed         width or is it tapering ?
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id C9E David          You ca n't almost die and remain the same person you were
Lee's classification         before . I used to get upset and annoyed about things but now
W_pop_lore                   I just sit back . ' His aim is to be 95 per cent of the player he
bncdoc.author                was before the accident . He reckoned he was back to 75 per
bncdoc.date                  cent fitness at the Forte PGA Seniors ' in August and allowed for
bncdoc.title Golf            that in his game . ` My swing has not really had to alter , but I
Monthly. bncdoc.info         am probably hitting my drives 20 yards shorter and I 'm
Golf Monthly. Sample         needing two or three irons longer than I needed before the
containing about 30402       accident (a). ' Senior golf is about adapting your game to suit
words from a periodical      advancing years . You body wo n't turn as much as it did before
(domain: leisure) Text       , you get tired more quickly , you 're less able to concentrate
availability Worldwide       for long periods and have to allow for more errors . Waites has
rights cleared               had to contend with all these signs in one year with no chance
Publication date 1985-       to adapt slowly to their effects . He will tell you he has been left
1993 Text type Written       a better player and a better person .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CER David          But during the week immediately following the meeting two
Lee's classification         fortuitous things happened to the chemists that at the time
W_non_ac_nat_science         looked too good opportunities to miss . Fleischmann 's hope of
bncdoc.author Close,         1 March that he would fly out his cells to Harwell had not
Frank bncdoc.date 1992       worked . What he had not bargained for was that the ` fusion '
bncdoc.title Too hot to      cell would be deemed a radioactive hazard and so be prevented

                                           - 95 -
           handle. bncdoc.info Too     from getting the urgent clearance for transport across
           hot to handle. Sample       international borders . They were therefore still (d) needing
           containing about 41137      the measurements of the energies of the neutrons , which were
           words from a book           necessary as a proof that they were indeed neutrons produced
           (domain: natural            by dd fusion and not somehow spurious . Their first piece of
           sciences) Text              fortune in mid-March was apparently finding a way to do this .
           availability Worldwide      Any neutrons produced within the palladium will shoot out of
           rights cleared              the cell into a surrounding water bath .
           Publication date 1985-
           1993 Text type Written
           books and periodicals
               bncdoc.id K5D David         As a result , the bank has refused to extend an overdraft to
           Lee's classification        allow the farm to grow the fish on , and the salmon are now
           W_newsp_other_report        starving . Chris Young , SSFA chairman , speaking at the
           bncdoc.author               Scottish Fish Farming Conference in Glasgow , said : `
           bncdoc.date                 Hopefully there will be some money flowing shortly . So far ,
           bncdoc.title The            the bridging fund has not been applicable to many of the
           Scotsman: Foreign news      circumstances farmers have been (tense) needing to apply for
           pages. bncdoc.info The      . ' Mans Jacobssen , director of the IOPCF in London , insisted
           Scotsman: Foreign news      yesterday that there was no row with the Shetland salmon
           pages. Sample containing    farmers , and no intentional delay . He confirmed that the
           about 286598 words from     Scottish Office money could cover only cash flow difficulties
           a periodical (domain:       from the oil funds -- not the producers . But there was enough
           world affairs) Text         money to compensate farmers , and claims were being worked
           availability Ownership      on as fast as possible .
           has not been claimed
           Publication date 1985-
           1993 Text type Written
           books and periodicals

               bncdoc.id ARB David         Doctor Rawlings from Bradford , having warned me long and
           Lee's classification        loud on the flight about the perils of raw food , cold food and
           W_misc bncdoc.author        ice , passes beaming , with a mountainous plate from the buffet
           bncdoc.date 1988            . ` Iris is having terrible trouble remembering the name of this
           bncdoc.title The best of    ship ! ' ` Tell her to try thinking of a hat and a cheap suit ! ' I
           Sunday Times travel.        suggest , pleased with my ingenuity , and blissfully ignorant of
           bncdoc.info The best of     how much I shall shortly(d) be needing it . During the night I
           Sunday Times travel.        wake to dash the two yards from bunk to bathroom . Taking
           Sample containing about     one of every sort of pill I 've brought with me , I convince
           40046 words from a book     myself I 'm just overtired . TUESDAY Trouble strikes . I 'm
           (domain: leisure) Text      sneaking a moment on deck before breakfast , feeling limp and
           availability Worldwide      watching a heron gliding around like a poker with a crick in its
           rights cleared              neck , when there 's a North country whisper behind me . ` Iris
           Publication date 1985-      is very poorly this morning . I 'm afraid she wo n't manage the
           1993 Text type Written      temple . '
           books and periodicals
               bncdoc.id AS7 David         When news was brought to the hotel that the general had ,
           Lee's classification        ` passed on to that great trout loch in the sky ' , people were
           W_fict_prose                genuinely saddened because the general had been a much-
           bncdoc.author               respected member of the community . However , on the
           Sandison, Bruce             morning of his funeral , two senior guests , reading their papers
           bncdoc.date 1990            after breakfast , raised quizzical eyebrows : ` Well , the General
           bncdoc.title Tales of the   will not be needing his loch this morning (a), ' said the one to

           loch. bncdoc.info Tales     the other . Newspapers were quietly folded and they headed for
           of the loch. Sample         the hills . But the old soldier had the last laugh . In spite of
           containing about 38218      their best efforts , the miscreants returned fishless . Another
           words from a book           retired military gentleman , a colonel , was a regular visitor to

                                                     - 96 -
(domain: imaginative)       Scourie . He arrived one year with his third wife , and the ashes
Text availability           of his late-lamented second wife tucked away in the boot of his
Worldwide rights cleared    car .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id ASV David         Ted was down as eighth alternate in the heats . TED AND
Lee's classification        Callahan and I had agreed to meet at Jocko 's at 8.30 in the
W_misc bncdoc.author        morning . When I got there they were already out on the beach
Martin, Andy                sizing up the surf . ` Killer board , dude ' , said Callahan . I was
bncdoc.date 1991            carrying my brand new Willis Phazer under my arm . It was an
bncdoc.title Walking on     eight-foot rocket spraygunned in swirling blue and yellow and
Water. bncdoc.info          stamped with the sign of the atom . Ted admired it too . ` I
Walking on Water.           guess you wo n't be needing the old Excalibur any more (d)' ,
Sample containing about     he said sadly . I anointed its curves with wax . ` Race you to
37761 words from a book     the line-up ' , I said . On that immaculate morning , I felt as if I
(domain: leisure) Text      could do no wrong . This would be the day that I finally cracked
availability Worldwide      the North Shore . Sure enough , the channel was as smooth as
rights cleared              silk . I cut effortlessly through the water with Ted and Callahan
Publication date 1985-      tagging along at my heels .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id BMS David         And I saw my bag in his hand . Did n't I ? Or was that a
Lee's classification        dream ? I 'd got my 10 pences , but if I stopped to use a phone
W_fict_prose                box I 'd lose him . There were trees along here , and the leaves
bncdoc.author Leonard,      rustled . I was shivering . I 'd tied my jacket round my waist
Alison bncdoc.date 1990     first thing in the morning : now I untied it and put it on . I 'd
bncdoc.title Gate-          sworn at my thick sweater when I packed my bag in the Laura
crashing the dream party.   Ashley room , but I 'd be needing it soon(a) . Where in hell 's
bncdoc.info Gate-           name was my sweater now ? We 'd arrived at the zoo . He
crashing the dream party.   stopped a little way away , and so did I. He 'd obviously got
Sample containing about     some plan . There was a white lodge with a man in a booth and
41548 words from a book     a turnstile , and above it a notice saying Bristol Zoo and a row
(domain: imaginative)       of black silhouetted animals in wrought iron walking along in a
Text availability           line .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id FPM David         So that 's all on again , is it ? I never could understand what
Lee's classification        she saw in him -- a bit thin and weedy , to my way of thinking .
W_fict_prose                What a waste . A pretty little thing like her , with her picture in
bncdoc.author Ling, P       the papers -- she could have had her pick of men . Still , there
bncdoc.date 1993            's no accounting for tastes . ' When Ruth 's hair had been
bncdoc.title Flood          washed , she noticed Gloria getting out the curling-tongs and
water. bncdoc.info Flood    stopped her . ` You wo n't be needing those -- I do n't want
water. Sample containing    curls today(a) . ' ` Why ever not ? The last time you said you
about 39917 words from      liked them . ' ` Yes , I know , but Con 's not very keen so we
a book (domain:             wo n't bother . ' ` Well , it 's up to you , of course , but I think
imaginative) Text           curls give you a bit of sparkle . You 're looking rather washed-
availability Worldwide      out today , if you do n't mind me saying so . Perhaps it 's 'cos
rights cleared              you 're in black black -- does n't suit some people . '
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id FRK David       ` Then I 'll hit you when I get in , ' said the voice . Oliver
Lee's classification        was experienced enough to know that the promise was

                                          - 97 -
W_fict_prose               probably true . He opened the door with a shaking hand , then
bncdoc.author Rogers,      looked up and down the street . All he could see was a large
R;Dickens, C               boy wearing the uniform of one of the charity schools , where
bncdoc.date 1992           the children of the very poor used to go . ` Did you want a
bncdoc.title Oliver        coffin ? ' asked Oliver , innocently . The charity-boy looked at
Twist: Oxford Bookworms    him fiercely . ` You 'll be needing a coffin soon(d) ,
edition. bncdoc.info       Workhouse , if you make jokes like that ! I 'm Mister Noah
Oliver Twist: Oxford       Claypole , and you 're working under me . Now , hurry up and
Bookworms edition.         open the curtains ! ' As he said this , he kicked Oliver and
Sample containing about    entered the shop . He was a big , clumsy boy of about fourteen
28284 words from a book    , with a large head and very small eyes . Added to these
(domain: imaginative)      attractions were a red nose and dirty yellow trousers . The boys
Text availability          went down to breakfast , which the girl Charlotte had made for
Worldwide rights cleared   them .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id G1M               She stalked off , leaving Bernice shaken and alone . As Miles
David Lee's                opened the door to his office , Piper could see Adjudicator
classification             Bishop sitting at Miles 's desk . A simularity of the Doctor sat
W_fict_prose               above Miles 's desk , strobing slowly in extreme close-up .
bncdoc.author              Bishop 's hand flicked the surface of the desk , blanking the
Mortimore, J;Lane, A       picture . ` Can I help you ? ' ` I was hoping to be able to use
bncdoc.date 1993           my office , ' Miles said slowly . ` That wo n't be possible . I 'll
bncdoc.title Lucifer       be needing it for the rest of the day(a) , ' Bishop said . ` Guild
rising. bncdoc.info        of Adjudicators business . Perhaps another office ? ' ` Use mine
Lucifer rising. Sample     , ' Piper said , pulling Miles away before he said something she
containing about 41423     might regret . Miles was silent as he followed Piper to the
words from a book          Technical Support area . He walked so slowly that Piper had to
(domain: imaginative)      stop every few seconds and wait for him to catch up . When
Text availability          they arrived , he hesitated on the threshold , waiting for her to
Worldwide rights cleared   lead the way . ` Tea ? ' she said .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id GWF              It is Mullach and Lionan -- our own lords ! They lead the
David Lee's                attackers . ` How many are they ? ' Dunan asked sharply . The
classification             Hearthware gulped for breath . ` Luib tried to count . At least a
W_fict_prose               score of ` Wares , and half a dozen Myrcans ; maybe a
bncdoc.author Kearney,     hundred others , unarmoured like our trainees . Some of them
Paul bncdoc.date 1992      are Suardale men -- and Drynoch men ! ' Dunan cursed softly .
bncdoc.title The way to    ` All right , Fimir ; that was well done . Get your breath back .
Babylon. bncdoc.info       You 'll be needing it soon(d) . ' Fimir nodded and tottered
The way to Babylon.        away . ` We have a fight on our hands , ' Dunan said . He
Sample containing about    sucked his teeth . ` Our own Dales . And Myrcan fighting
42333 words from a book    Myrcan . I 'd like to know how the fox persuaded them to that .
(domain: imaginative)      ' ` Why would your people fight each other ? ' Riven asked Isay
Text availability          . ` I know not . But they will have had a good reason . ' Doubt
Worldwide rights cleared   clouded his face , and he was troubled .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id H8X David        ` I 'll speak to her . We have talked it over , you know . I
Lee's classification       think she 'll abide by what I tell her . ' He put out a hand with
W_fict_prose               uncharacteristic demonstrativeness and touched her cheek . `
bncdoc.author Harvey,      You just had to find the right path , did n't you , my lass . And
Caroline bncdoc.date       once that was done , you 've stepped out bravely . Never be

                                         - 98 -
1992 bncdoc.title          afraid to step out , if it harms no other and gets you your heart
Legacy of love.            's desire . Now then , ' he swung round and contemplated the
bncdoc.info Legacy of      pig styes behind them . ` You 'll be needing more space in
love. Sample containing    there when she has her litter (a), or she 'll lie on them and
about 46650 words from     crush the lot . ' Between Iskandara and Alexandra that fortnight
a book (domain:            , there reigned an uneasy truce . It could not be said that a
imaginative) Text          peace had been finally made because old habits in Alexandra
availability Worldwide     would not die a final death and made her still reserved , a little
rights cleared             wary .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HA7 David         Merrill 's forebodings about working for Luke were fulfilled
Lee's classification       during the first morning . ` My previous assistant was very
W_fict_prose               methodical , ' he remarked , with the ghost of a lifted eyebrow
bncdoc.author Kingston,    as if to query Merrill 's understanding of his subtlety . As she
Kate bncdoc.date 1993      nodded he went on , ` Alison was a great one for desk diaries
bncdoc.title A warning     and pending files . You 'll have no trouble in finding details of
of magic. bncdoc.info A    my engagements and future movements , including the papers
warning of magic. Sample   I 'll be needing for a trip to Bruges next month (a). Of course ,
containing about 56850     you 'll keep my desk diary strictly up-to-the-minute . And you 'll
words from a book          note that I prefer the somewhat old-fashioned personal touch
(domain: imaginative)      to high-tech methods . After all , we 're an old established
Text availability          company . ' Merrill smiled . ` Perhaps you 'd like me to develop
Worldwide rights cleared   a copperplate style of handwriting ? ' she murmured , then
Publication date 1985-     could have bitten off her tongue . What a puerile thing to say !
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HA7 David        And I 'll meet you tomorrow at the Victoria Jetfoil terminal .
Lee's classification       You 've got our tickets , hotel reservations in Bruges , and so
W_fict_prose               on ? Good . And you can bring along the schedules we 'll need
bncdoc.author Kingston,    while we 're there . I 'm confident I can leave everything in
Kate bncdoc.date 1993      your capable hands &hellip; ' Merrill could see that he was
bncdoc.title A warning     totally engrossed in his forthcoming meeting with Mr Charlton ;
of magic. bncdoc.info A    one of the things she admired about him was his utter single-
warning of magic. Sample   mindedness . But a moment later he called from his office , ` I
containing about 56850     wo n't be needing you all the time(d) in Bruges , so pack some
words from a book          comfortable shoes ; you 'll be free to explore a little on your
(domain: imaginative)      own . ' He glanced up to where Merrill had come to stand in the
Text availability          doorway , an amused smile flickering across his sensual mouth
Worldwide rights cleared   , his eyes slightly mocking . ` As an artist , you 'll enjoy the
Publication date 1985-     many museums , I 'm sure . You can even see a Michelangelo
1993 Text type Written     sculpture . I shall look forward to hearing your considered
books and periodicals      opinion of such treasures . '
    bncdoc.id HA7 David        Eight-thirty , he 'd said , and it was already a few minutes
Lee's classification       past that ! No doubt he was waiting for her in the foyer ,
W_fict_prose               champing at her non-appearance . When she went down she
bncdoc.author Kingston,    was surprised to see that Luke was still in the dining-room ,
Kate bncdoc.date 1993      finishing his breakfast . He frowned as she approached . ` I
bncdoc.title A warning     was just about to leave , ' he said brusquely . ` I wo n't be
of magic. bncdoc.info A    needing you this morning (a) after all . ' ` Oh ? ' Was this his
warning of magic. Sample   way of cutting her down to size ? Merrill wondered . A reprisal
containing about 56850     for her unwillingness to co-operate last night ? She sat down
words from a book          and poured a glass of orange juice . ` I 've had a message from
(domain: imaginative)      one of the members of the consortium that he 's providing a
Text availability          multi-lingual stenographer . He telephoned me first thing . '
Worldwide rights cleared   Merrill nodded . ` I see . ' ` Did you sleep well ? ' he asked

                                        - 99 -
Publication date 1985-       politely .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CEH David           Shrugging , she walked slowly down the ladder . Accept ? Of
Lee's classification         course not . How could she have ? He 'd called her Jenny , had
W_fict_prose                 n't he , and no one did that . She blinked as she stepped back
bncdoc.author Elgin,         into the office , closing her eyes against the sudden change of
Elizabeth bncdoc.date        light . Jock looked up briefly , then motioned for her to hurry . `
1991 bncdoc.title All the    Come on now , lassie . There 's a rush-immediate to be seen to
sweet promises.              . K-tables we 'll be (tense) needing . You call , I 'll subtract .
bncdoc.info All the          Chop chop ! ' The war had started again , but would n't it be
sweet promises. Sample       wonderful , Jane thought , if during those brief moments of
containing about 41405       stillness , no one had been wounded or blinded or burned . And
words from a book            no aircrews reported missing . The launch headed for Ardneavie
(domain: imaginative)        jetty and Lucinda sighed contentment .
Text availability
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals

   bncdoc.id HHC David            ` It 's a pity you ca n't find work away from that place , Tom
Lee's classification         , ' said Dolly , shaking her head in concern . ` I 'd be much
W_fict_prose                 happier knowing you and I were n't at the beck and call of such
bncdoc.author                a man . ' ` Ah well , you never know , ' said Tom , winking
Thompson, E V                affectionately at his daughter . ` If young Seb can add to the
bncdoc.date 1992             three horses he 's got now he 'll soon(d) be needing someone
bncdoc.title Wychwood.       to help him out . He might find it useful having an old man like
bncdoc.info Wychwood.        me around to give him a few tips on how to manage horses . '
Sample containing about      ` I 'm working on it , Tom , ' declared Seb . ` If things go well I
40942 words from a book      hope within a twelve-month to double the number of horses I
(domain: imaginative)        own . ' ` There 's ambition for you ! ' exclaimed Dolly , proudly
Text availability            . ` But you 're not old , Tom ! '
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id CDM                 ` I wish more would do the same . ' Then Mum changed her
David Lee's                  tone , as she always did when she wanted to wheedle
classification               something out of somebody . ` I 've come ter ask yer , if we
W_biography                  car n't 'ave the 'all , would yer be kind enough ter lend us some
bncdoc.author Dayus,         crocks an' chairs ? Yer see , we 're gooin' ter 'ave the party in
Kathleen bncdoc.date         the yard after the weddin' . ' ` I 'm very sorry , ' he answered
1991 bncdoc.title Where      sharply . ` I shall be needing them all for the meeting (d). ' `
there's life. bncdoc.info    But what am we gooin' ter do ? ' she wailed tearfully . After
Where there's life. Sample   pausing for a second he must have relented , because he told
containing about 42878       her that if it was any help she could borrow benches and trestle
words from a book            tables . ` That 'll do . ' She brightened up visibly . ` I 'll send
(domain: world affairs)      somebody to fetch 'em in the mornin' . Yer see it 's tomorra the
Text availability            weddin' . An' yow come yerself if yer like . ' But the Captain did
Worldwide rights cleared     n't reply .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id HTN David           ( ` Whatever happens , son , do n't say a word more than I
Lee's classification         told you . I 'm relying on you . ' The words hatched out of
W_fict_prose                 Gabriel 's memory and teemed through his head , overrunning

                                          - 100 -
bncdoc.author                every other thought . ) With the other hand , Garvey was
McCaughrean, Geraldine       scratching his head in puzzlement . ` To be sure , the lad 's
bncdoc.date 1987             name is Gabriel , and he came to me the very day (d) I was
bncdoc.title A little        needing an angel . But what are you telling me , Christian ?
lower than the angels.       Let's be very clear . Are you saying that the words of this boy
bncdoc.info A little lower   healed your blindness ? ' The milky-eyed man was back on his
than the angels. Sample      feet , the zeal of his speech fetching him off the ground in little
containing about 37691       hops and leaps . ` Not his words only , but the image of his
words from a book            golden head burned itself through the scales on my eyes ! A
(domain: imaginative)        shrine ! We must raise a shrine to this little angel and bring him
Text availability            tributes .
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication
date 1985-1993 Text
type Written books and
    bncdoc.id HWL                Lewis said he had n't got five cups . Lloyd looked at him ,
David Lee's                  then at the ceiling , sighing as he did so , and Lewis got the
classification               message . Lloyd shut the door after him and pulled up one of
W_fict_prose                 the chairs , straddling it . ` Is the boy in trouble ? ' I shook my
bncdoc.author Ripley,        head . ` He 's no idea what 's going on , ' I said . ` But he 'll
Mike bncdoc.date 1991        probably be needing a new job soon(d) . ' Lloyd scratched the
bncdoc.title Angel           underside of his chin . ` What have we got ? ' Patterson asked
touch. bncdoc.info Angel     me . ` A very sensitive operation . I think they 're targeting one
touch. Sample containing     or two City firms and getting the inside track by reading their
about 44592 words from       mail . Airborne gets a reputation for quick service from the
a book (domain:              companies they 're interested in because the bikes are cruising
imaginative) Text            round outside just waiting for a call .
availability Ownership
has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CDN David          Peter Dawson had , however , asked who his father was ,
Lee's classification         and had then inquired if the family was any relation to Mr
W_fict_prose                 Heinrich Stych , who used to teach in Tollemarche Public School
bncdoc.author                . ` Yeah -- sure , ' replied Hank . ` He was my grandfather . '
Forrester, Helen             Captain Dawson was immediately more friendly . ` Well , that 's
bncdoc.date 1990             great ! He taught me when I was a boy . Of course you can
bncdoc.title The             have the garage . I do n't think we will be needing it for a
latchkey kid. bncdoc.info    while(d) . ' He asked what kind of a car Hank had and was very
The latchkey kid. Sample     encouraging when Hank told him that he and his friend Ian
containing about 41246       were going to rebuild one . Hank paid five dollars from his
words from a book            paper money as the first month 's rent , and , later that day ,
(domain: imaginative)        he and several of his friends pushed a dowager of a car round
Text availability            from his back lane , where it had been dumped by a tow truck ,
Worldwide rights cleared     into the Dawsons ' garage .
Publication date 1960-
1974 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id APW                ` Hector ! Do you still want this marriage ? Now we know it
David Lee's                  was n't John Campbell was at the reiving ? ' Hector was at his
classification               breakfast , sharing a cold leg of mutton with the hounds . `
W_fict_prose                 Why not , grandfather ? They 'll keep us in good standing with
bncdoc.author Hendry,        the king still . And more especially now that we 've started
Frances Mary                 raiding back against the MacIans and their friends . You will be
bncdoc.date 1990             going after the MacRuaris and the rest , I suppose ? Well then ,

                                          - 101 -
bncdoc.title Quest for a   you 'll maybe be (tense) needing the Campbells ' good word . '
babe. bncdoc.info Quest    ` Hah , good lad . I was afraid you might want out . It would
for a babe. Sample         be a right insult to them to back off , and as you say , their
containing about 39142     goodwill could be handy . She 's not a bad lass , is she ? '
words from a book          Hector shrugged . ` I could n't understand half what she was
(domain: imaginative)      on about , but either I 'll be learning or she 'll be giving up on
Text availability          me . Or I 'll go deaf . Her brothers had a grand idea , though .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HA7 David        ` I 'd thought we might safely have dinner here tonight .
Lee's classification       The streets of a city as atmospheric and romantic as Bruges do
W_fict_prose               strange things to a man . If not to a woman , ' he added ,
bncdoc.author Kingston,    apparently as an afterthought . Merrill felt her face grow warm
Kate bncdoc.date 1993      at this indirect reference to her rebuff of the previous evening .
bncdoc.title A warning     She paused uncertainly . ` Is it a working dinner ? ' she asked .
of magic. bncdoc.info A    ` I mean , should I -- ' ` No , you wo n't (tense) be needing
warning of magic. Sample   your notebook , ' he said with a grin . ` Do n't you think we 've
containing about 56850     done enough today ? ' She bit her lip , nodding . ` Do I detect
words from a book          a note of reluctance ? ' he said wryly . ` Do n't worry . When
(domain: imaginative)      the meal is over you 'll be perfectly free to return to that
Text availability          absorbing book of yours . ' When she did n't immediately react ,
Worldwide rights cleared   he went on drily , ` I assume you are intending to eat tonight ?
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HHB David        ` I 'll rejoin them as soon as the horse trekking is finished . '
Lee's classification       ` And tomorrow ? ' Matt pursued . ` Have n't we another
W_fict_prose               rafting party ? ' ` We have -- plus barbecue , ' Silas replied . `
bncdoc.author              It sounds exciting , ' Doreen exclaimed . ` May I join the party
Macgregor, Miriam          ? ' ` If you mean in the raft , you may not , ' Silas drawled . `
bncdoc.date 1993           But you may come to the barbecue . ' Lucy turned to Silas . `
bncdoc.title Wilder's      Does that mean you 'll not be (tense) needing me ? ' Then her
wilderness. bncdoc.info    heart sank as he grinned at Doreen . ` How are you on
Wilder's wilderness.       barbecues ? ' he queried in a casual tone . ` I 've eaten at
Sample containing about    many , of course -- ' ` I mean on the cooking side of the job , '
61703 words from a book    he explained patiently . She laughed . ` Do n't tell me you 're
(domain: imaginative)      expecting me to handle food for -- for how many ? ' ` For about
Text availability          twenty or so . ' The reply came nonchalantly . Doreen laughed
Worldwide rights cleared   again .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id C85 David        It 's no protection now . The lad will stay with me . Hands
Lee's classification       are not so easy come by for a slaver . He shall slake his sea
W_fict_prose               fever to the full . You still hesitate ? A conscience for his rights ,
bncdoc.author Darke,       I see . Let me put your mind at rest . Here is a shilling . My
Marjorie bncdoc.date       shilling is as good as the King 's . No more and no less than any
1989 bncdoc.title The      man takes for service with the fleet . You may take it on his
first of midnight.         behalf . He wo n't be(tense) needing it . Buy a few tankards of
bncdoc.info The first of   ale &hellip; or better still , buy yourself a place at the card table
midnight. Sample           . ' The sneer was so obvious , Jess wondered Mr Lambert did
containing about 42053     n't hit out . But he was too fearful , she could see that and
words from a book          despised him just a little . The Captain had taken a small
(domain: imaginative)      leather pouch from an inner pocket , pulled open the drawstring
Text availability          , extracted a shilling and was holding it out . The coin went

                                        - 102 -
Worldwide rights cleared    from hand to reluctant hand . Jess could have wept .
Publication date 1975-
1984 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id H8X David          She told him she wanted to buy more cows . He leant on the
Lee's classification        wall and surveyed the little Jersey chewing thoughtfully in her
W_fict_prose                field . ` You get her to calf , ' he said . ` If you want to learn all
bncdoc.author Harvey,       about it , you must breed your own . There 's no other way . ' `
Caroline bncdoc.date        I had rather do that , ' she said . ` I simply did not think of it . '
1992 bncdoc.title           ` You 'll be (tense) needing another hand , ' he said , ` if you
Legacy of love.             're to have more stock . ' ` Yes , ' she said , listening hard . `
bncdoc.info Legacy of       Do n't overgraze these acres . You 've not the space we have at
love. Sample containing     Bewick . Do n't walk before you can run . ' ` No , ' she said , ` I
about 46650 words from      wo n't . ' He took his pipe out and lit it slowly , squinting at her
a book (domain:             through the puffs of blue smoke . ` Abbotts make good farmers
imaginative) Text           , ' he said .
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id H9X David        Despite chest trouble and the serious illness of his mother ,
Lee's classification        he was , as the letter provided a small piece of evidence , much
W_biography                 happier about his own work . The Family Reunion , which we
bncdoc.author Tomlin,       went to see and much enjoyed , had that autumn been put on
Frederick bncdoc.date       again , and its success greatly heartened him . We had also
1988 bncdoc.title T S       been in touch with him indirectly through learning early in the
Eliot: a friendship.        year that he and John Hayward were(tense) needing a
bncdoc.info T S Eliot: a    housekeeper . Through family connections , Margaret knew a
friendship. Sample          handsome Greek lady , who seemed suitable . She had not
containing about 37705      merely been a housekeeper but her qualities of efficiency ,
words from a book           cheerfulness and gastronomic expertise seemed to fit her for
(domain: world affairs)     the task of looking after this unusual pair . I was several times
Text availability           on the phone to John Hayward , who supervised such domestic
Worldwide rights cleared    matters , and I was struck by his almost fierce , perhaps too
Publication date 1985-      possessive , loyalty to Eliot .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id FP0 David         So even without intending to the nurse could not help but
Lee's classification        give out signals Chesarynth could read : the heavier exhalation
W_fict_prose                , the pale tightness round the lips . Hastily ( so she did n't
bncdoc.author Gay, A        annoy the nurse more and drive the box of infinity quickly out
bncdoc.date 1993            of reach ) , Chesarynth stuttered , ` Will I -- will you be sending
bncdoc.title The brooch     the black machine with me ? ' The nurse raised her eyebrows in
of azure midnight.          adult surprise at such a childish worry . ` Of course not . We 'll
bncdoc.info The brooch      be (tense) needing it here . Now hurry up , will you ? We 've
of azure midnight. Sample   got a lot to do if you 're going to make the shuttle . ' The royal
containing about 42383      ` we ' of the medical profession . Chesarynth did n't miss the
words from a book           impersonal attentions of the technician and the nurse , but the
(domain: imaginative)       magic box stayed firmly where it was in the suite in the house
Text availability           on the ` dark ' side of the moon .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    David Lee's                Now it was lunch time and she rushed out before anyone
classification              could ask her to join them . A very straight military-type man

                                         - 103 -
W_fict_prose               was waiting for her when she reached her own pigeon-hole ,
bncdoc.author Bow,         which she shared with her assistant ( off sick ) . She almost
Jean bncdoc.date 1991      expected him to salute . ` Evelyn 's often off sick , ' he
bncdoc.title Jane's        announced , ` high-strung girl . ' He took a deep breath before
journey. bncdoc.info       he spoke as if to keep himself calm . ` I 'm Jim , supplies
Jane's journey. Sample     manager . Office supplies . What 'll you be (tense) needing ? '
containing about 35460     Jane mentioned a typewriter , paper , carbon -- when asked for
words from a book          anything , Jim had a habit of drawing in his breath even more
(domain: imaginative)      sharply , as if he 'd been wounded . He never said ` yes ' , but
Text availability          ` I 'll see what can be done ' -- and went off bravely , as if to
Worldwide rights cleared   battle . At three o'clock she heard the banging of car doors .
Publication date 1985-     Looking out , she saw men in suits getting into the medium-
1993 Text type Written     sized cars . The large car was already gone .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id ACK David        Mrs Grindlewood-Gryke says we can do a Roman banquet so
Lee's classification       we got a book from the library about what sort of food they ate
W_fict_prose               . You 'd never believe it ! Minced dormice , sautéed snails , calf
bncdoc.author Howell,      's brain custard and pig 's testicles in coriander sauce . But to
Bette bncdoc.date 1991     be fair that was just the gourmets . The legions lived on
bncdoc.title Dandelion     cabbage and polenta and wine that turned to vinegar with the
days. bncdoc.info          shaking up it got . Anyway , we 'll do what we can without
Dandelion days. Sample     going too far . ` You 'll be (tense) needing some more wine , '
containing about 42304     Elinor said handing me another flagon . I took it and refilled the
words from a book          iodine bottle for my handbag . ` Did you lot say you were going
(domain: imaginative)      up to Appleby ? ' asked Bedelia . ` On Monday , that 'll be the
Text availability          sixth of June , ' Otley said , ` and there 'll be another two days
Worldwide rights cleared   of the horse fair left to go . ' ` It 'll give me a chance to get on
Publication date 1985-     with my baking an' that then for the WI stall , '
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id ALH David        Gilly dragged a heavy stuffed chair backward to the shelf
Lee's classification       and climbed up on the very top of its back . On tiptoe , leaning
W_non_ac_soc_science       against the rickety lower shelves to keep from toppling , she
bncdoc.author Hoy,         could barely reach the book . She pulled at it with the tip of her
Mike;Hoy, Linda            fingers , catching it as it fell . Something fluttered to the floor
bncdoc.date 1991           as she did so . Money . She half-fell , half-jumped off the chair ,
bncdoc.title An            and snatched it up . Two five-dollar bills had fallen out from
alternative assembly       behind the encyclopedia just when she was(tense) needing
book. bncdoc.info An       money so badly . Here they 'd come floating down . Like magic
alternative assembly       . Ten dollars would n't get her very far , but there might be
book. Sample containing    more where these came from . She climbed up again ,
about 36013 words from     stretching almost to the point of falling . Although she could
a book (domain: social     just about reach the top shelf with her fingertips , she was very
science) Text              unsteady . Heavy footsteps thudded across the front porch .
availability Worldwide     The front door opened . ` You all right , Gilly , honey ? '
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id BNC David        It was , for what it 's worth , how they had first met , Rab in
Lee's classification       a leather jacket , with his milk bottles , his resemblance to Elvis
W_fict_prose               -- in Jailhouse Rock -- what had made her wild about him . The
bncdoc.author Healy,       cop looked at Rab . Rab still scowled . Phillis said , ` Ye 'll be
Thomas bncdoc.date         looking for fingerprints ? ' ` We 've left it how we found it , '
1991 bncdoc.title It       Rab said , ` in case ye want fingerprints . ' ` We wo n't be
might have been            (tense) needing fingerprints , ' the cop said . There were two
Jerusalem. bncdoc.info     of them but one stayed silent . Not a word . Rab figured him

                                        - 104 -
It might have been         the one to watch . He certainly watched Rab . The hint of a
Jerusalem. Sample          sneer . Do n't think that I swallow this , it said . But his mate ,
containing about 30831     a long tall one in a trilby hat , no doubt at all about the robbery
words from a book          . ` Ye see , ' he said , ` we 've already caught the villain . ' `
(domain: imaginative)      Yous hiv ? ' Rab was astonished .
Text availability
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id C85 David       Someone had to go round with the coals , wash up , sweep ,
Lee's classification       scrub , polish , fetch and carry . The longcase clock in the hall
W_fict_prose               began its silver chiming and Sally with Hawkins came back with
bncdoc.author Darke,       several dusty port bottles . ` Lord-a-mercy it 's six already ! '
Marjorie bncdoc.date       Salt said , attacking a saddle of mutton with a terrible knife and
1989 bncdoc.title The      sculpturing the meat with precision . ` We 'll be (tense)
first of midnight.         needing more brandy from the cellar but it can wait awhile .
bncdoc.info The first of   Baste them pheasants , Sally , and Mr Hawkins can tap the keg
midnight. Sample           of porter . ' Jess had noticed that she never spoke directly to
containing about 42053     the old man . He was here on sufferance as coach driver and
words from a book          odd jobber . Men , it seemed , were scarcely tolerated in the
(domain: imaginative)      Jarman household and Mr Hawkins was nothing but a leftover
Text availability          from the days when old Mr Jarman was alive . As she slopped
Worldwide rights cleared   about in the cooling water , Jess pondered over this peculiarity
Publication date 1975-     .
1984 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CAD David        ( They try ` West End Girls ' but as they get to the line
Lee's classification       about The Finland Station , Wayne somersaults over the
W_pop_lore                 keyboard , does that crap dance that vaudevillians do where
bncdoc.author              they move their hands across their knees , makes a shadow
bncdoc.date                puppet of a seagull in the beam of one of the lasers , does the
bncdoc.title New           hitch-hike from Saturday Night Fever , and gobs on Derek
Musical Express.           Jarman . Derek wipes his face and claps his hands impatiently .
bncdoc.info New Musical    Derek : Well , I 'm afraid we wo n't be (tense) needing you ,
Express. Sample            lovey , thank you . ( looks at clipboard ) Could we have the
containing about 59510     next candidate , please ? ( Enter Keith from The Farm wearing
words from a periodical    deely boppers and a Father Christmas suit . He farts and puts
(domain: arts) Text        his thumbs up . Neil turns to the camera and hits his forehead
availability Worldwide     with the palm of his hand . Fade ) ` Ere , Neil , can we do `
rights cleared             Lovepump ' now ? ' ` BIG MOUTH ' ` We met Derek Smalls of
Publication date 1985-     Spinal Tap ! He was a very nice man .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CK0 David       ` Paddy 's an old salt . Knew directly I saw him put her in a
Lee's classification       wheel-chair that we 'd a cardiac on our hands . Paddy does n't
W_fict_prose               put a patient in a chair at sight for nothing . He 's far too good
bncdoc.author Andrews,     a diagnostician . Old Cas. porters get that way . You can always
Lucilla bncdoc.date 1986   trust 'em , gal . And what 's he want now ? ' The old porter was
bncdoc.title Hospital      returning , shaking his head gloomily . ` Well , Paddy ? ' ` A
circles. bncdoc.info       bag , Sister . You 'll be (tense) needing a paper bag . ' Sister
Hospital circles. Sample   disappeared to talk to one of her staff nurses . Later she
containing about 41076     explained the reason for the paper bag . ` One of these . ' She
words from a book          showed me a large bag made of toughened brown paper with a
(domain: imaginative)      sealing device at the mouth . ` These take the clothes of any
Text availability          vermin-infested patient . ' My expression amused her . ` Did
Worldwide rights cleared   you think we no longer get 'em in alive ? '

                                        - 105 -
Publication date 1960-
1974 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CKD David        She was taking a gamble , already Hari had spent precious
Lee's classification       time and materials making footwear that might never be
W_fict_prose               bought and paid for . And yet she must seek new outlets for
bncdoc.author Gower,       her work ; she greatly wanted to expand her range of
Iris bncdoc.date 1992      shoemaking outside the humdrum jobs of soling and heeling
bncdoc.title The           heavy working boots . It was true that she had gained a few
shoemaker's daughter.      customers lately , Dai Jones , Cleg the Coal 's brother being one
bncdoc.info The            of them . Dai and his sons were always(r) needing boots
shoemaker's daughter.      tapped for they were big men all of them and heavy on their
Sample containing about    feet . Once Edward Morris had been set free , he had
40309 words from a book    recommended her to some of his friends and so trade was
(domain: imaginative)      looking up . But Hari had ambition , she wanted to raise her
Text availability          business to great heights ; to one day own an emporium where
Worldwide rights cleared   there would be shoes of all descriptions , serving the best
Publication date 1985-     customers in the country.
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id FYV David       Next thing you know they switch jobs or cities . All of a
Lee's classification       sudden they have kids to put through college or they 're
W_fict_prose               shacked up with some old wreck of a husband . Rounding it off
bncdoc.author Amis,        with a cocktail , we finish our meal and sit there doggedly
Martin bncdoc.date         describing it to the waiter , with the menus there to jog our
1991 bncdoc.title Time's   memory . Silence in the car on the way back to his place and
arrow. bncdoc.info         the act of love in the hour of dusk . Preceded , as I said , by
Time's arrow. Sample       the moment of horror . And it is n't without its pathetic aspects
containing about 45646     anyway , this evening scene with the two mature parties , their
words from a book          spectacles , their hair , their heavy old shoes , and the extra
(domain: imaginative)      trust that she in particular will be (tense) needing to feel , and
Text availability          may not feel . Here it comes , like a chime . A naked female
Worldwide rights cleared   stare . Her body is probably naked by now but there is nothing
Publication date 1985-     as naked as human eyes : they have n't even got skin over
1993 Text type Written     them . Like a chime , the moment of intense focus .
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HA6 David        ` See ? We 'll tie up on the island and stretch our legs a bit .
Lee's classification       You 'll feel better then . ' She sent him a dark scowl . The island
W_fict_prose               , a small green tree-covered expanse in the middle of a smooth
bncdoc.author Neil,        , glassy lake , came into closer view , and edgily she cast a
Joanna bncdoc.date         glance around the boat for some kind of weapon . He
1993 bncdoc.title The      intercepted the look . ` All the hardware 's locked away , ' he
waters of Eden.            informed her . ` But you wo n't be (tense) needing it . ' ` I 'm
bncdoc.info The waters     so glad you think so , ' she remarked with caustic restraint , `
of Eden. Sample            but if I were you I would n't turn my back . ' ` Is violence a
containing about 50291     trait of yours ? ' ` I 'm not used to being abducted , ' she said ,
words from a book          tight-lipped . ` I 'd like to know why you 've brought me here . '
(domain: imaginative)      ` Of course , ' he agreed . ` You 'll find out soon enough .
Text availability
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HGE David         She was already feeling faint , as much from the stale heat
Lee's classification       of the attic room as for any other reason . Dr Neil wiped his
W_fict_prose               hand on one of the pieces of towelling . Effie was lying quite
bncdoc.author Marshall,    still , her eyes shut , her swollen stomach seeming too large for

                                        - 106 -
Paula bncdoc.date 1993     her otherwise immature body . ` What 's wrong ? ' whispered
bncdoc.title An            McAllister bluntly . ` I did n't think childbirth was normally as
American princess.         difficult as this . ' Dr Neil discarded the towel , throwing it into a
bncdoc.info An             packing-case , checked that his patient was not (tense)
American princess.         needing immediate attention , and drew McAllister into the far
Sample containing about    corner of the room where their conversation could not be
78843 words from a book    overheard . ` I suppose , McAllister , if you 're going to be of
(domain: imaginative)      any real use to me -- ' He was interrupted by Rose bursting in ,
Text availability          a Greek chorus of depressed-looking women following her . `
Worldwide rights cleared   Ow , McAllister , yer got ` ere safely , then . Can I ` elp , Dr
Publication date 1985-     Neil ? '
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HGV David        A miserable night ! Appropriate . A night on which witches
Lee's classification       roamed , and the gods were angry . A night to bring any man
W_fict_prose               to contemplate the dogged scourge of Lady Fortune 's whip
bncdoc.author Bailey,      with a jaundiced eye . Lady Fortune ? Lady Ill -fortune more
Elizabeth bncdoc.date      like ! Had she got him marked out for her vicious games for life
1993 bncdoc.title          ? The landlord came back into the room just then , interrupting
Hidden flame.              his gloomy thoughts . ` Now , sir . The lad 'll bed down your
bncdoc.info Hidden         cattle . I take it you 'll be (tense) needing the same yourself ? '
flame. Sample containing   ` Certainly . Though I trust you may have something slightly
about 77874 words from     better than a stall , ' suggested the gentleman wryly . Mr
a book (domain:            Pigdon bristled . ` True it is that we ai n't in the habit of
imaginative) Text          entertaining the likes of you , sir , most of the gentry as stops
availability Worldwide     here in Newark preferring to bait down Saracen 's Head with
rights cleared             that there Mr Thompson , but -- '
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HGY David         ` Give an inch and that one will take a mile . ' Sliding a
Lee's classification       registration card towards her , she offered a pen . ` Dining-
W_fict_prose               room to your right , bar to the left , lift behind the columns , '
bncdoc.author              she continued helpfully . ` Dinner finished early this evening
Richmond, Emma             because of the convention , but there 'll be snacks in the bar if
bncdoc.date 1993           you 're hungry . Now , what else ? Breakfast from seven till ten
bncdoc.title Love of my    -- and anything else you 'll be(tense) needing , no doubt you
heart. bncdoc.info Love    'll be asking , ' she concluded warmly . ` Yes , thank you . '
of my heart. Sample        Enormously impressed by this friendly , helpful girl , who did n't
containing about 51646     seem in the least like most receptionists she encountered , Ellie
words from a book          slid back the registration card , accepted her plastic key , gave
(domain: imaginative)      one of her funny little smiles , and decided that before going up
Text availability          to her room she 'd better try and find Donal . Turning too fast ,
Worldwide rights cleared   she knocked someone 's black-clad arm , and the drink he was
Publication date 1985-     holding spilled .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HTL David        ` Just my bloody money ! ' At last , emotion . I was getting
Lee's classification       to him . ` OK then , Sunil can relax . ' ` He 's coming home .
W_fict_prose               Mind that paintwork , you ! ' ` What ? ' ` I rang him last night
bncdoc.author Ripley,      and he 's flying back today or tomorrow . I think it a good
Mike bncdoc.date 1991      excuse to get away from his family . I do n't blame him . I do
bncdoc.title Angel hunt.   n't like them either . ' ` I thought you were related . ' He looked
bncdoc.info Angel hunt.    at me as if I 'd crawled out from under the Axminster . ` We
Sample containing about    are . Hey ! That toilet seat just will not take your weight ! ' I
43606 words from a book    shook my head and wondered if there was any room spare on
(domain: imaginative)      the next space shuttle . ` Well , you wo n't be(tense) needing

                                        - 107 -
Text availability            me here then , will you ? ' ` Correct . ' ` I 'll get my gear
Ownership has not been       together , then . ' That would n't take long . I was wearing
claimed Publication          most of it . ` I suppose the rent amnesty 's off as well ? ' `
date 1985-1993 Text          Double correct . ' Merry Christmas . ` Anyway , tell Sunil it was
type Written books and       n't my fault . ' He looked daggers at me , so I pressed on
periodicals                  before they drew blood .
    bncdoc.id HTN David          ` Are n't you going to come out and greet an old friend ? '
Lee's classification         called the Mason 's voice . CHAPTER SEVEN BLACKMAIL WHEN
W_fict_prose                 GABRIEL emerged , Garvey was just paying the Mason his fee
bncdoc.author                for being ` cured ' miraculously . He also handed him his bag of
McCaughrean, Geraldine       tools and said , ` You 'll be wanting these , before you go . '
bncdoc.date 1987             But the Mason pressed them back into Garvey 's arms , grinning
bncdoc.title A little        . ` Nay . I 'll not be (tense) needing them . I made a gift of
lower than the angels.       them to the lad , did n't I ? I 've changed my profession , after
bncdoc.info A little lower   all . ` You have ? '` I 'm a Mystery actor now , friend Garvey --
than the angels. Sample      like my curly little apprentice &hellip; should I say , my little ,
containing about 37691       one-time apprentice . Is n't that right , Gabriel ? ' Garvey
words from a book            showed no surprise . He clearly did not expect to escape so
(domain: imaginative)        easily .
Text availability
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication
date 1985-1993 Text
type Written books and
    bncdoc.id HTN David          You do n't know it , I suppose ? ' ` I do n't ? ' said Lucie . `
Lee's classification         You do ? ' Alan quickly suppressed the glimmer of excitement in
W_fict_prose                 his eye , but he could not conceal the quickening of his step as
bncdoc.author                he walked back to his end of the village . Next day he came
McCaughrean, Geraldine       along carrying a huge , man-sized wooden cross , and propped
bncdoc.date 1987             it up against the pageant . ` You 'll maybe be (tense) needing
bncdoc.title A little        one if you remember the Jesus play , ' he said flatly , out of his
lower than the angels.       blank face , keeping his distance all the while . On the first day
bncdoc.info A little lower   of spring , the weather-vane fell off the church . Gabriel
than the angels. Sample      thought it was a sign . He ran with it , stumbling under the
containing about 37691       weight , to show Lucie . Lucie was squatting on his bed-roll ,
words from a book            sweating profusely , with one hand spread on his chest as
(domain: imaginative)        though making a vow . The shadows of his face were green .
Text availability
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication
date 1985-1993 Text
type Written books and
    bncdoc.id J10 David         More readily , for the former was n't censored . ` That 's
Lee's classification         why I spoke of &hellip; management . ' ` I see . ' ` Good ! '
W_fict_prose                 said the Prince briskly . ` Then that 's all sorted out . ' He
bncdoc.author Pearce,        looked down at the river bed below him . ` Well , ' he said , ` I
Michael bncdoc.date          suppose we ought to go down . You 'll be(tense) needing an
1992 bncdoc.title The        identification . ' ` There 's just one thing , ' said Owen . ` Not
Mamur Zapt and the girl      there ? ' said the Prince incredulously . ` Not there ? ' echoed
in the Nile. bncdoc.info     McPhee . Mahmoud did not say anything but started
The Mamur Zapt and the       immediately down the slope . By the time they got there he
girl in the Nile. Sample     was already talking to the watchman . ` I do n't understand , '
containing about 47412       said the Prince . ` Are you saying that this is all a mistake ? ' `
words from a book            A body was reported , ' said Owen . ` A false report ? '
(domain: imaginative)

                                          - 108 -
         Text availability
         Worldwide rights cleared
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
             bncdoc.id JY5 David         ` A break ? ' He raised a querying eyebrow . ` From turning
         Lee's classification        this old wreck into a palace fit for a queen , ' Candy put in
         W_fict_prose                helpfully , oblivious to the glare Rory sent in her direction . `
         bncdoc.author Elliot,       And I 'm just off to buy more wallpaper paste for her . ' ` I
         Rachel bncdoc.date          asked you to get that three days ago , ' Rory said icily as Candy
         1992 bncdoc.title           got to her feet . ` I gave up on you in the end and bought
         Lover's charade.            some myself . ' ` Then you 'll doubtless be(tense) needing
         bncdoc.info Lover's         some more , ' the redhead returned heartlessly , ignoring the
         charade. Sample             frantic eye signals Rory was sending , commanding her to stay .
         containing about 53825      She turned to Adam with a friendly grin . ` You probably wo n't
         words from a book           recognise me , Mr Burns , ' she said . ` I 'm &hellip; ' ` Candice
         (domain: imaginative)       Anne Levine , ' he finished for her . ` You 've been with Aurora
         Text availability           for several years as her Girl Friday , and now you work at the
         Worldwide rights cleared    club as her assistant . ' Candy 's mouth pursed in an
         Publication date 1985-      appreciative silent whistle .
         1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
             bncdoc.id F8D David         That 's what I mean , because if , I guarantee if someone
         Lee's classification        was put in a situation with blood everywhere and that , with
         S_demonstratn               being the first aider they 've got to stay calm , but I , I 'd say
         bncdoc.author               fifty per cent of all people would pick that kid up and run like
         bncdoc.date                 hell Right , they probably would especially if you could it 's just
         bncdoc.title                a natural reaction , you know but I mean how about little Mel ,
         bncdoc.info [British Red    would n't pick him up It 'd break him Start digging You 'll be
         Cross first aid course].    (tense) needing a burial wo n't you ? Seeing as you did n't buy
         Sample containing about     me a pint today Yeah , you might just do that , as I say all we
         11556 words speech          can do is tell you what is possible , okay , there are going to be
         recorded in educational     in your own instinct about what is the sensible thing to do and
         context Text availability   the right thing to do in that incident and take charge , and you
         Ownership has not been      will just get on and do the very , very best that you can , you
         claimed Publication         know what you need to do
         date 1985-1993 Text
         type Spoken context-

            bncdoc.id G5E David          I got dressed up in the minister 's cassock , and I got in
         Lee's classification        revised the books of Genesis , like through and I get genned up
         S_consult                   to be a minister and I took in a bible and er well anyway I killed
         bncdoc.author               five men and they got out alive.But when I was seeing him he
         bncdoc.date                 offered to write me a check for five million pound , I said , I
         bncdoc.title                could n't take a check for five million pound because I was a to
         bncdoc.info Medical         me . If ever (d) you 're needing a million or anything like that ,
         consultation. Sample        write to me and I 'll give you it . So with this going on we found
         containing about 1667       our company would get on better if I had collateral so I wrote
         words speech recorded in    to this boy and asked him for a million and put it in a trust fund
         public context Text         that I would get after his death , and we that way so okay .
         availability Ownership      Right ? So I came back er with a trust fund so what I 'd done ,
         has not been claimed        Golf Course were having troubles , right , Golf Course .
         Publication date 1985-

         1993 Text type Spoken
            bncdoc.id K6M David         You see ? And that 's when I felt that I wished I had of went

                                                  - 109 -
Lee's classification         for a career in the trade union or I felt that had I done that , I
S_interview_oral_history     would have been satisfying something that was there . That 's
bncdoc.author                always been there . However it was too late then . I had made
bncdoc.date                  my decision and I 'd taken the first step . Now the first step
bncdoc.title                 was from as I said earlier , I had stayed too long at I thought .
bncdoc.info Oral history     With my family growing up(d) I was needing more money and
project: interview. Sample   er that 's when I decided I would apply for a foreman 's job at .
containing about 10636       Well to cut a long story short , and bear in mind the fact that
words speech recorded in     seniority and everything took precedence over e everything else
leisure context Text         , all things being equal . Er I got the job at . I was quite
availability Ownership       interested in that actually because you you did imply at an
has not been claimed         earlier stage that er although seniority was the the important
Publication date 1985-       principle in ge in gaining promotion , er there was no harm
1993 Text type Spoken        done if in your favour you know .
    bncdoc.id KS1 David          We 've got a whole erm , a whole erm organisation that in
Lee's classification         fact the Council for Voluntary Service only this week made an
S_meeting                    appointment with a very , very , very , very small amount of
bncdoc.author                money that 's been made available on a very , very part-time
bncdoc.date                  basis , to actually assist with that , with the planning that 's
bncdoc.title                 going on in the voluntary sector . And I think that we 're
bncdoc.info Oxford City      constantly hearing about new people , new systems of working
Council Health and           . erm New people who are being put in posts to liaise and to do
Environmental Protection     this , that and the other , with a shrinking voluntary sector .
Committee meeting (02).      With a voluntary sector that is erm constantly (r) needing
Sample containing about      small amounts of resource in order to deliver an enormous
21373 words speech           amount of service to vulnerable people . And I think that the
recorded in public context   time will come some point , when the voluntary sector will say ,
Text availability            ` Well , we actually do n't have time to talk erm to carry on
Ownership has not been       talking about what we 're doing and how we 're doing it . We
claimed Publication          actually much prefer to get on with what we 're there to do ,
date 1985-1993 Text          and to , to offer services , to find , to find ways of supporting
type Spoken context-         vulnerable people .
    bncdoc.id KSV David          I mean Yes , I suppose so it 's not that much of a bother ,
Lee's classification         the pain is having to dig them all in that 's the trouble Has he
S_conv bncdoc.author         done loads this year ? Well at least they have n't done as many
bncdoc.date                  as they did , they did last year but they , it looks a lot to me Oh
bncdoc.title                 , why have n't they done as many as last year ? Probably
bncdoc.info 25               because they had quite a lot left over and did n't They did n't ,
conversations recorded by    we used them all I know but we 'll certainly be needing them
`Richard2' (PS1BY)           this year (a), cos the garden 's bare . Yes , we went round up
between 21 and 27            to the manor house God it 's expensive there I know , they 've
February 1992 with 8         got some lovely things aquarium are Oh we did n't bother going
interlocutors, totalling     in the aquarium Oh erm it 's nice there was some really nice
6013 s-units, 38297          things , there was erm , some of those lovely erm variegated
words (duration not          erm , what do you call them things ?
recorded). Text
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Spoken
    bncdoc.id KE2 David         Alright ? Yep ! It 's mild today in n it ? Is n't it mild ?
Lee's classification         Incredible ! I mean it 's just it 's just a different life is n't it ?
S_conv bncdoc.author         Turn the heating up one night thinking it 's gon na be cold in
bncdoc.date                  the morning , ha I know . and it 's er boiling hot . Oh I see , so

                                           - 110 -
bncdoc.title                you 're making a the most of his absence are you ? That 's right
bncdoc.info 153             , yeah . Thought I 'd get it cleaned up now cos he wo n't be
conversations recorded by   needing it (tense). Till we start racing again . When d' you
`Terence' (PS0W2)           start racing again ? March the eighth . March the , oh ! . Oh !
between 20 and 27           Yeah , it 's not a bad way to start . Yeah ! I suppose he 'll be
February 1992 with 10       sort of Yeah I should think so . on his way to Germany now I
interlocutors, totalling    Yeah . suppose ? I think so , yeah . They were gon na breakfast
10080 s-units, 77961        in Germany so , I do n't know whether they stop overnight or
words, and over 12 hours    what , I No they do n't , they travel .
49 minutes 22 seconds of
recordings. Text
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Spoken
    bncdoc.id KBE David         Well yeah pick you up at twenty past nine Yeah , yeah .
Lee's classification        Meet us in the club . Cos we only go in for one drink to cel ,
S_conv bncdoc.author        celebrate Penny 's birthday with her . Yeah . No worries . The
bncdoc.date                 kids are allowed in the club . Yeah . Oh yeah . Did you see ?
bncdoc.title                Yeah I seen him last night but not to talk to . Oh . I 'd better go
bncdoc.info 27              . I know , I 'd better go , she 'll be (tense) needing money .
conversations recorded by   Goodbye then . Goodbye . Let me carry that up to the gates . It
`Betty' (PS04B) between     's too heavy for you my love . No it 's alright . Are you gon na
28 November and ??          put a coat on ? What ? Are you going to put a coat on ? I ca n't
December 1991 with 9        sneak off no more look . Where is it . You 've hid it . Oh there it
interlocutors, totalling    is . It 's where you put it . I thought you hid it .
10543 s-units, 62321
words, and over 5 hours
40 minutes 22 seconds of
recordings. Text
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Spoken
    bncdoc.id KD8 David          You 've lost me completely and that does n't take much I 'm
Lee's classification        sure . Mm , this little worm Graham will you show me your ,
S_conv bncdoc.author        your chinese worm please ? Hello there , hey I 've come to see
bncdoc.date                 Mr Trevor , is it alright to pop in and see him ? Yes , yes Mm I
bncdoc.title                'll have to wake him now anyway for his supper so Are you sure
bncdoc.info 31              ? Yeah , Trev Mm Hello Hello you 've got a visitor Guess who 's
conversations recorded by   come to see you ? Who ? I think he 'll be (tense) needing his
`Martine' (PS0LK)           glasses I think he will , he wo n't remember me I do n't think
between 12 and 20 March     either Ten past five Yes How are you Trevor ? Oh it 's Martine ,
1992 with 10                hello darling Who , he said , mm Ah How are you ? Alright Good
interlocutors, totalling    I 've only found out today about you No I 've had me spies out
10787 s-units, 76445        you see Nicky Nicky was here yesterday Well that 's who 's told
words, and over 7 hours     me , I did n't know anything about it Yeah not a thing
15 minutes 1 second of
recordings. Text
availability Worldwide
rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Spoken
    bncdoc.id KS0 David        Now the response , what they have done is they 've had a

                                         - 111 -
      Lee's classification          look , we have looked briefly at some of the aspects , overall
      S_meeting                     aspects and you 'll find that in a number of these things ,
      bncdoc.author                 Oxford City Council is already quite heavily involved . And that
      bncdoc.date                   's good , and that 's to be encouraged . But other things will
      bncdoc.title                  have to be worked through . We will be (tense) needing , we
      bncdoc.info Oxford City       've been to the rest of the committees , I think , perhaps you
      Council Health and            can carry on Yes , it 's been to all the committees now , bar the
      Environmental Protection      Public Affairs Committee . erm If you look at page 14 of the
      Committee meeting.            agenda , it tells you what the committees , up until the
      Sample containing about       Highways and Traffic Committee 'd agreed . Since then the
      11314 words speech            personnel committee have considered the report , and they
      recorded in public context    agreed to the recommendations in paragraph 7(a) , 1,3 and 4 ,
      Text availability             but the third paragraph , 7(a) ( 2 ) to .
      Ownership has not been
      claimed Publication
      date 1985-1993 Text
      type Spoken context-
          bncdoc.id H8X David            She told him she wanted to buy more cows . He leant on the
      Lee's classification          wall and surveyed the little Jersey chewing thoughtfully in her
      W_fict_prose                  field . ` You get her to calf , ' he said . ` If you want to learn all
      bncdoc.author Harvey,         about it , you must breed your own . There 's no other way . ' `
      Caroline bncdoc.date          I had rather do that , ' she said . ` I simply did not think of it . '
      1992 bncdoc.title             ` You 'll be (tense) needing another hand , ' he said , ` if you
      Legacy of love.               're to have more stock . ' ` Yes , ' she said , listening hard . `
      bncdoc.info Legacy of         Do n't overgraze these acres . You 've not the space we have at
      love. Sample containing       Bewick . Do n't walk before you can run . ' ` No , ' she said , ` I
      about 46650 words from        wo n't . ' He took his pipe out and lit it slowly , squinting at her
      a book (domain:               through the puffs of blue smoke . ` Abbotts make good farmers
      imaginative) Text             , ' he said .
      availability Worldwide
      rights cleared
      Publication date 1985-
      1993 Text type Written
      books and periodicals
 Coercion in context

            bncdoc.id ADE David Lee's           So strange behaviour is an indication of stress . If you like
         classification W_religion         , it is the same as the body producing the symptom of a
         bncdoc.author Pardoe, Jenifer     cough when the lungs have become congested and need to
         bncdoc.date 1991                  get rid of the secretions in them . The cough is there to
         bncdoc.title How many times       signal that something is going awry and needs attention
         can you say goodbye?              after which it will be all right . When we find ourselves
         bncdoc.info How many times        unable to think straight the pattern (a) is the same . Our
         can you say goodbye?. Sample      emotions are saying they are under a lot of stress and are
         containing about 28174 words      needing some help . The help that is needed is essentially
         from a book (domain: belief and   for someone to listen , maybe repeatedly and sometimes , it
         thought) Text availability        seems , endlessly . It is for someone to support the person
         Worldwide rights cleared          whilst they try to unravel their thoughts in such a way that it

         Publication date 1985-1993        becomes clear that they can say anything , no matter how
         Text type Written books and       bizarre or odd it sounds , because that will be the way they
         periodicals                       sort out their feelings in order to cope with them . It is not
                                           that people need to change or be ` cured ' ;
           bncdoc.id APW David                  She looked at Ranald , who grinned , toothy and
         Lee's classification              encouraging . ` That 's grand , sure ! You can come down
         W_fict_prose bncdoc.author        and see us whiles , lass ! ' She looked at Mairi , who
         Hendry, Frances Mary              happened to glance over and catch her eye ; and the woman

                                                 - 112 -
     bncdoc.date 1990                        howled and started to moan at the very sight of the wee lass
     bncdoc.title Quest for a babe.          . She looked at Ruari . ` He 'll be fine in a few days(t) , my
     bncdoc.info Quest for a babe.           dear , with an infusion of clover and foxglove to steady his
     Sample containing about 39142           heart . Rest is all he 's needing . And will he get that while
     words from a book (domain:              you 're here , and Mairi Ban shouting ? ' At last she nodded
     imaginative) Text availability          again , almost reluctantly . And so it was that Luch was
     Worldwide rights cleared                taken up to the castle for the second time . Ranald walked
     Publication date 1985-1993              up with her , but at the gate he halted , shy , ready to turn
     Text type Written books and             and run back to his grandfather . David Beaton stopped him
     periodicals                             .
 Change of the meaning

               bncdoc.id GXH David               8 Women 's Committee Unit . News release 9 University of
           Lee's classification              Strathclyde Survey of Scottish Environmental Groups . 10 The
           W_non_ac_soc_science              Edinburgh Federation of Community Centre Management
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         Committee Minute of A.G.M. on 24.2.92 . Other Business 1
           bncdoc.title [Juniper Green       Retirals Messrs. G. W. Davidson and R. A. Hamilton intimated
           village association minutes]      their retirals from the committee . 2 Donkey Lane It was
           bncdoc.info [Juniper Green        intimated that a considerable number of horses were
           village association minutes].     galloping along this road which was bound to lead to
           Sample containing about 12093     deterioration of the surface . The chairman will write to
           words of unpublished              Whitelow Farm . 3 Exit from By Pass Action is needing to be
           miscellanea (domain: social       taken regarding greenery which is obscuring the exit from the
           science) Text availability        City By Pass . The next meeting will be held on Wednesday ,
           Ownership has not been            22nd April at 7.30pm . 3.4.92 Minutes of a meeting of the

           claimed Publication date          Juniper Green Village Association held in the village hall on
           1985-1993 Text type Written       Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30 pm .
               bncdoc.id CJF David Lee's         It had never worked and it would n't now . She did n't pick
           classification W_fict_prose       up the name Berowne although he knew that it was safely
           bncdoc.author James, P D          stowed in her mind . Sitting across from her , he saw the
           bncdoc.date 1989                  triumph in her cunning little eyes , heard in her voice the
           bncdoc.title A taste for death.   note of ghoulish relish . ` Bloody murder , is it then ? That 's
           bncdoc.info A taste for death.    a nice thing for the parish . You 'll be needing to get the
           Sample containing about 39848     church fumigated , Father . ' ` Fumigated ? ' ` Well ,
           words from a book (domain:        sprinkled with holy water , that sort of thing . Maybe my Tom
           imaginative) Text availability    had better speak to Father Donovan . He could let us have

           Worldwide rights cleared          some from St Anthony 's . ' ` We have our own holy water ,
           Publication date 1985-1993        Mrs McBride . ' ` In a case like this , you ca n't take chances .
           Text type Written books and       Better get some from Father Donovan . Be on the safe side .
           periodicals                       My Tom can bring it along after Mass on Sunday .
               bncdoc.id K6M David               So I put in for that and I got that . And er well the
           Lee's classification              carriage cleaning well A carriage cleaning inspector you just ,
           S_interview_oral_history          looked after the carriage cleaners and seen that the coaches
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         were right you know and walk along the and examine the
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Oral     coaches after they 'd been cleaned you see . And if they were
           history project: interview.       n't properly done , you 'd tell the forewoman that that was n't
           Sample containing about 10636     in such and such a coach in compartment was needing
           words speech recorded in          under the seats were needing cleaning . She would tear into
           leisure context Text              her staff you see and get it and then er an along the
           availability Ownership has not    corridors you know , there 's ledges up above the doors as
           been claimed Publication          they slide into each compartment . And I used to go along

           date 1985-1993 Text type          with a well a finger you see and , That 's not been dusted
           Spoken context-governed           you see . And er just tell the forewoman . That was it . But
                                             you were responsible .

                                                    - 113 -
          bncdoc.id KC0 David                 It smoked like the devil ! Oh ! Come through here . Ah !
      Lee's classification S_conv         Oh oh , that 's better ! That 's nice ! So you 're sitting in here
      bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           at the moment are you Stanley ? Yes . Yes , why not ? Why
      bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 14         not ? Why not , indeed ! It is the bitterest morning that I 've
      conversations recorded by           Oh it is bitter ! Thanks , it 's lovely ! It is bitter . Oh that 's a
      `Enid' (PS08Y) between 21 and       beauty ! Is n't it ? And what is the fi , is the kitchen erm
      27 February 1992 with 10            chimney needing to be swept or something then ? Er , no
      interlocutors, totalling 8028 s-    the dining room . Er , I mean the dining room , sorry ! Yes ,
      units, 45900 words, and 4           yes , oh yes I 've well you know the fires on that I had in all
      hours 0 minutes 12 seconds of       the winter I 'm going to get on that today . I know it wants er
      recordings. Text availability       , sweeping . Yes . Yes . It 's smoking . Yes . I da , I I I tried
      Worldwide rights cleared            to but I 'd smoke the place out ! Aha .
      Publication date 1985-1993
      Text type Spoken
 No coercion or change of meaning

            bncdoc.id CCH David Lee's             Here 's a warm welcome THE Wellspring soup kitchen
         classification W_misc                at the back of St Joseph 's Church in the centre of
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            Stockport is doing great service . It is now open five days
         1992-11 bncdoc.title Shrewsbury      a week , including Saturday and Sunday . Twenty-five to
         Diocesan Catholic Voice.             30 people are able to have a midday meal there each day
         bncdoc.info Shrewsbury Diocesan      . The kitchen opened on Christmas Day and Boxing Day ,
         Catholic Voice. Sample containing    and had a full Christmas dinner on December 20 . While
         about 8676 words from a periodical   there is a steady stream of visitors looking to be fed , the
         (domain: belief and thought) Text    volunteers are also needing a steady stream of food ,
         availability Worldwide rights        especially soup . And help in the form of money and
         cleared Publication date 1985-       labour is also welcome ! County plans for a new future
         1993 Text type Written books and     THE inaugural service of the Churches Together in

         periodicals                          Shropshire in Shrewsbury Cathedral on Sunday , January
                                              17 , will be truly representative of the Churches of
                                              Shropshire .
            bncdoc.id CC9 David Lee's             On one side of the hill are typical favela wooden
         classification W_misc                construction type houses , the other side of the hill where
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            the church is situated are stone built constructions
         bncdoc.title [Queen's Park Baptist   interspersed with all other types of construction material
         church magazines] bncdoc.info        they can get their hands on . There is also a large car
         [Queen's Park Baptist church         factory nearby where some of the people work , so I will
         magazines]. Sample containing        be asked to take services there also . The family news is
         about 7851 words of unpublished      that we are all well , the girls are settled at school which
         miscellanea (domain: belief and      we hope will continue when we move . Their English
         thought) Text availability           language is needing some work even though Cath does
         Ownership has not been claimed       a lot of work with them on their English , so please pray
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text      for this . Robert says he is more settled at school but is
         type Written miscellaneous           having to work very hard this year . Another plus for him
                                              is that he is no longer surrounded by girls and the
                                              English , as he now has Kyle MacDougall at the hostel ,
                                              so along with Andrew they are beginning to affirm
                                              themselves .
            bncdoc.id G0T David Lee's             Their customers often come to them under
         classification                       considerable stress , dependent , short of money ,
         W_non_ac_soc_science                 embarrassed and afraid of rejection . They have waited
         bncdoc.author Carmichael, K          in an unattractive waiting room for long periods and by
         bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title        the time they reach a counter are at breaking-point . The
         Ceremony of innocence.               official may be equally under stress , overworked ,
         bncdoc.info Ceremony of              resentful and conscious that the administrative back-up
         innocence. Sample containing about   of the office is not very efficient . In this kind of situation

                                                 - 114 -
38643 words from a book (domain:     neither can say what their real feelings are . A true
social science) Text availability    conversation might be , ` I am needing help . Are you
Worldwide rights cleared             willing to help me ? ' ` I ca n't bear anyone asking me for
Publication date 1985-1993 Text      help . Who is willing to help me ? ` But these words are
type Written books and periodicals   never said . Two needy people in competition for caring
                                     are more likely to end up bitter , hostile and dissatisfied ,
                                     when what they most need to do is weep on each other
                                     's shoulders .
   bncdoc.id HP4 David Lee's              In addition we were forced to reduce the total
classification W_misc                workforce by almost a third during the course of the year
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            due to market conditions . Other changes in the year
bncdoc.title [Wimpey newsletter]     were the creation of a new division -- Wimpey Building
bncdoc.info [Wimpey newsletter].     Products -- from the previous activities based at Darlton
Sample containing about 34668        and all the concrete products business within Wimpey
words of unpublished miscellanea     Asphalt and including our mastic asphalt activity -- Pure
(domain: applied science) Text       Asphalt at Bolton . It is also becoming increasingly
availability Worldwide rights        obvious that the company is needing to meet onerous
cleared Publication date 1985-       legal requirements and indeed , our own commitment to
1993 Text type Written               better standards in areas such as Health & Safety ,
miscellaneous                        Quality Management , environmental matters , transport
                                     and training . It is felt that these require the full-time
                                     attention of a senior director to ensure complete
                                     compliance , that our company is at the forefront in this
                                     area and is proactive in improving our standards .
   bncdoc.id HRP David Lee's              How We Want To Get There -- Changing Roles Making
classification W_misc                fundamental changes to the way the arts are structured
bncdoc.author Townsend, S            demands fundamental change to the roles of those
bncdoc.date 1992-19-19               people participating . This is true for disabled people as
bncdoc.title Women's Art.            well as non-Disabled people . The therapeutic approach
bncdoc.info Women's Art. Sample      has tended to cast Disabled people in very passive roles ,
containing about 23735 words from    initiated and controlled by non-Disabled professionals .
a periodical (domain: arts) Text     We are needing to learn active roles , to choose what
availability Worldwide rights        we want and how to achieve it . Whilst making choices
cleared Publication date 1985-       sounds simple , constant discrimination or extreme
1993 Text type Written books and     segregation have removed from many Disabled people
periodicals                          the skills needed to make even basic decisions . Disabled
                                     people meet substantial resistance to many choices , and
                                     so a range of communication , assertiveness and
                                     negotiation skills is needed .
   bncdoc.id APW David Lee's              The watchers caught a glimpse of a huddle of torn ,
classification W_fict_prose          stained pink cloth before the door was locked , and the
bncdoc.author Hendry, Frances        key thrust into the chief 's pouch . He stared grimly
Mary bncdoc.date 1990                round at the crowd of silent watchers . ` Let no man nor
bncdoc.title Quest for a babe.       woman enter this door . My daughter dares defy me . My
bncdoc.info Quest for a babe.        own flesh and blood stands against my will . Well , she 'll
Sample containing about 39142        repent of it and agree to all I say before one crumb , or
words from a book (domain:           one drop of water , crosses her lips . You hear me ? ' As
imaginative) Text availability       no-one spoke , his voice fell to a harsh whisper . ` Are
Worldwide rights cleared             you hearing me ? ' Among a general nodding and
Publication date 1985-1993 Text      murmur of assent only Morag , their eldest daughter
type Written books and periodicals   there , dared object . ` But father -- mother -- she 's
                                     needing care . ' ` Care ? When she cares for me , then I
                                     'll care for her . ' His hand touched the scratches on his
                                     face . Morag nerved herself to go on . ` But she may die
                                     , father . ' ` Then let her ! ' At her expression , his face
                                     hardened even further . Suddenly the whip that his wife
                                     held slashed across Morag 's cheek . ` Will you also defy

                                        - 115 -
                                      your father ? By God , you 'll join her ! Well ? '
    bncdoc.id H89 David Lee's             ` You must understand , ' explained Mrs Puri , ` that
classification W_misc                 we are not having your Marks and Spencer lingerie in
bncdoc.author Dalrymple, William      India . ' ` No , ' we replied , embarrassed . ` Of course
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title         not . ' ` Our Indian lingerie is most unsatisfactory . ' `
City of djinns. bncdoc.info City of   Why is that ? ' Olivia asked . ` In India we are having no
djinns. Sample containing about       good viscose . Here we are having only cotton and silks .
42700 words from a book (domain:      For quality modern undergarments you are needing
leisure) Text availability            viscose . ' Mrs Puri tapped her stick triumphantly on the
Worldwide rights cleared              ground . ` Actually , Mr William , I think you have no
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       head for business , ' she said with unexpected frankness
type Written books and periodicals    as we shook hands on the deal . ` Really this
                                      arrangement is most satisfactory for me . ' Although the
                                      early mornings and evenings remained grey and foggy ,
                                      the afternoons at the beginning of January became
                                      increasingly warm and bright . In the gardens there
                                      appeared the first signs of spring : leaf-buds reappeared
                                      on the bougainvillaea and the poinsettias burst into
                                      flower .
    bncdoc.id JXS David Lee's             ' She had caught him unawares . He seemed to shift
classification W_fict_prose           slightly , and his gaze became shuttered as he answered
bncdoc.author Howard, Stephanie       quickly , ` Absolutely not . I was merely posing a
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title         hypothesis . ' He reached for the Caithness paperweight
Battle for love. bncdoc.info Battle   on his desk and fiddled with it absently for a moment .
for love. Sample containing about     Then , as the office door opened , he seized the diversion
49239 words from a book (domain:      . ` Ah , here you are with our coffee already . ' He smiled
imaginative) Text availability        at the secretary . ` Just what I 'm needing . ' From
Worldwide rights cleared              beneath lowered lashes Shiona watched him in silence ,
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       as the secretary set out their cups of coffee before them
type Written books and periodicals    . What on earth , she was wondering , had caused that
                                      un-Jake-like reaction ? She could tell that his remark
                                      about ` some irate girlfriend ' had been spoken quite
                                      spontaneously , without thinking , as a joke .
   bncdoc.id FL4 David Lee's              Aha . And what does the gossip say ? Every , for
classification S_brdcast_discussn     everything er from it 's all in your mind to it 's dreadful !
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             Right , front line . Yes . I think actually I would like to get
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info              some , some more information and men should get some
Menopause: television discussion.     more information because they are the ones who are
Sample containing about 4700          dismissing and er not sort of going along with it . Mm .
words speech recorded in leisure      Well out there , they 're they 're watching so who else
context Text availability             said yes ? I 'd feel the local doctors , your local G P's are
Ownership has not been claimed        needing to be brought more into to line with it . I 've
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       personally had problems with one doctor cos he was out
type Spoken context-governed          of date , he was n't you know , was n't aware of some of
                                      the treatments and I had to actually enlighten him to
                                      some of the the treatments that was available for people
                                      ! Really ? Aha . Yes . Ho and how did you know he was
                                      out of date ? Because ee er , some of the subjects I
                                      brought to him but he did n't know nothing about them !
    bncdoc.id FXE David Lee's             Get her up and going , . get her going . Right , Many
classification S_consult              thinks , cheerio . right cheerio now . Hello what can I do
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             for you today ? Er me birth pill and insurance Your
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info General      insurance as well . There 's that . Eh still the twenty five
practitioner's surgery: medical       strength is n't it ? Excuse me.I should n't have laid that
consultation. Sample containing       carpet last night.It 's loose catching the back of my
about 109 words speech recorded       throat ? Now then which birth pis pills is Femulen .
in public context Text availability   Femulen . No problems with it at all ? No . What about

                                         - 116 -
Ownership has not been claimed        your Betnovate , are you needing any ? No , no . It
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       comes and goes that does n't it ? Aye . Aye , that 's true ,
type Spoken context-governed          I mean it just Aye . just some days I 'll see you and then
                                      two or three Aye and it 's disappeared again . days and it
                                      's disappeared , yeah . Well now what can do for this
                                      man ? Oh I went to the , funny . Yes . I meant to I mean
                                      she 's making an appointment for about two weeks after
    bncdoc.id H51 David Lee's              Mm . Do n't bother sending a . I want you to look
classification S_consult              after yourself . Okay thanks doctor . Right ? Se right .
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             Cheerio now . Hello . Hello . Well , what can I do for this
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      day ? See if you could give me some Doctor . to it . No it
consultations. Sample containing      's the tablets and that I 'm . Were you still waiting for
about 495 words speech recorded       that now ? Right ? Mm . That 's healed really bad . and
in public context Text availability   weeping . I ca n't walk . right . Well that 's needing
Ownership has not been claimed        healed up again . Aye . right . But I admit matter . You
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       still on ? . Mhm . Okay . Alright . Now , I 've given you
type Spoken context-governed          some cream to put on as well Anne . Right . Now , put
                                      that on three times a day and you put the tablets , you
                                      take the tablets four times a day . What the tablets for ?
                                      It 's an antibiotic stuff to clean it from the inside . Ah
                                      right .
    bncdoc.id H51 David Lee's              But er if you have n't heard , how long have the pins
classification S_consult              been in now , Anne ? two year . A year and a half . If you
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             have n't heard within the next two or three months ,
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      come in and see Mhm . again and we 'll get onto the Mm
consultations. Sample containing      . hospital because that 's I know , I mean I 've skin , Aye
about 495 words speech recorded       . but er twice so I did n't get . Right . And then I , I was
in public context Text availability   at Doctor 's but he er he has n't sent me a letter . Right .
Ownership has not been claimed        Because he ca n't doing it . . I it seems it seems quite a
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       long time And er at times , at spells , I 've got to put on
type Spoken context-governed          the pink bandage , at times , you know , to get the
                                      swelling back down . Right . Aye . Sounds as though the
                                      pins are needing to come out . Oh aye . definitely need
                                      to . Even the nurse said she could see it . Oh , well .
                                      Hmm hmm . Aye . Right . Er that 's the strength or
                                      possibly three or . Right well . We 'll get Right . that , we
                                      'll get that organized for you . Thanks Okay ? very much .
                                      Right ?
   bncdoc.id H52 David Lee's               Dear Mr . You may have already saying that Mrs
classification S_consult              attended recently . She has a black and she asking about
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             . turned septic . She 's quite worried crusting and
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      discharge but she 's having . In fact been treatment with
consultations. Sample containing      antibiotics and cream . However , she . I feel that she
about 89 words speech recorded in     would Come in . Good morning . Morning . You 're a
public context Text availability      stranger . Aye . What can we do for you this morning ? It
Ownership has not been claimed        's my pills . I need pills You need some poison . . I 'm
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       only needing the Lazarite and er aspirin , Lazarite What
type Spoken context-governed          about your spray , Walter ? No ? No I 'm alright for that .
                                      I 'm okay for . You 're alright for your spray . so that 's I
                                      am due my line too . fine . Is that ? Aye . Are you still
                                      Gardens , yeah ? Yes . There you are young Walter , and
                                      that 'll keep you for a week . Doctor . Right . Cheerio now
   bncdoc.id H5P David Lee's               She that er that cream , and I could n't doing it any
classification S_consult              good . Is it not ? No . No . Right . Oh I 'll get that sorted
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             out for you . No problem . Mm . And what about yourself

                                         - 117 -
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      Thomas , how are you doing ? Och . Up and down . Good
consultation. Sample containing       days and bad days . Aye . Up and down . Er I wanted
about 788 words speech recorded       some tablets Doctor . Some tablets ? Aye . Chest trouble
in public context Text availability   , you know . Right . And your your stomach . Bottle , are
Ownership has not been claimed        you needing some more of that Tom ? Aye aye aye aye
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       er . And your Paraven Parav plenty of Paraven Plenty of
type Spoken context-governed          them Tom ? Aye . What about the Cimetidine Aye , I
                                      need them . You need some of them ? Aye . . Now what
                                      about Alice , is she needing ? Aye er er Lus Lustril Need
                                      some of the Lustorol Lustorol Bolterol er And Bolterol Er
                                      Ni Nikram , Ni Nikram tablets . Nikram Nikram Nikram
                                      tablets . What 's she taking that for Tom ? Inflammation .
    bncdoc.id H5P David Lee's              Up and down . Good days and bad days . Aye . Up
classification S_consult              and down . Er I wanted some tablets Doctor . Some
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             tablets ? Aye . Chest trouble , you know . Right . And
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      your your stomach . Bottle , are you needing some more
consultation. Sample containing       of that Tom ? Aye aye aye aye er . And your Paraven
about 788 words speech recorded       Parav plenty of Paraven Plenty of them Tom ? Aye . What
in public context Text availability   about the Cimetidine Aye , I need them . You need some
Ownership has not been claimed        of them ? Aye . . Now what about Alice , is she needing
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       ? Aye er er Lus Lustril Need some of the Lustorol Lustorol
type Spoken context-governed          Bolterol er And Bolterol Er Ni Nikram , Ni Nikram tablets .
                                      Nikram Nikram Nikram tablets . What 's she taking that
                                      for Tom ? Inflammation . She 's only supposed to take
                                      that for a week at a time Tom . Er is she ? Aye . That 's
                                      dangerous stuff that . Is it ? Aye . If she takes that for
                                      more than seven days it can poison her system .
    bncdoc.id H5T David Lee's              A hundred and sixty . That 's good . A hundred and
classification S_consult              sixty over ninety . Doing fine . You said it . Aye . You said
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             it . that place out there . Aye . That 'll be better next
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      week when you as well . But his back is alright now ? Aye
consultation. Sample containing       . But er no , I would just keep on exactly the way you 're
about 321 words speech recorded       doing , I would n't change anything at all . Do n't change
in public context Text availability   anything at all . Er what about your , your stomach bottle
Ownership has not been claimed        , now , are you needing ? Oh , that Gaviscone aye I
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       take that sometimes cos Aye . there 's a wee bairn been
type Spoken context-governed          in the , in the , in the , my daughter was staying in , and
                                      I had the other two . Aha . That 's all you need . Aye .
                                      That 's all you need when you 've got high blood , high
                                      blood pressure , is two youngsters . Two youngsters in
                                      the house is Two battling , two battling youngsters . Aye
                                      . I do n't think two youngsters ever get together without
                                      a battle .
    bncdoc.id H5V David Lee's              Yeah , that 's probably what it is . It it 's no really er
classification S_consult              giving me any No . Just , no . much trouble or anything ,
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             but it was just the fact of it being there . It 's there . It 's
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      there . And it 's always a worry when you do n't know
consultation. Sample containing       what 's going on . And the trouble is it can turn septic
about 1150 words speech recorded      again , and put the whole thing sky high again . But s
in public context Text availability   what about your Dixevit Are you needing any more of
Ownership has not been claimed        them ? I have n't got them . I 've no I have n't Nothing ?
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       been taking them Oh well . for ages and ages . Keep
type Spoken context-governed          some in the house in case you do get a bad spell .
                                      Because they 're s they 're safe . Would it no be similar
                                      to kept taking Dixevit instead of the other ones Doctor ?
                                      No . No ? No , they would n't affect your Would n't do
                                      anything would n't affect your pressure . No . They would

                                         - 118 -
                                      n't affect your pressure .
    bncdoc.id H5W David Lee's              Yeah . But I mean i it 's not . And that bit there 's
classification S_consult              completely bald . To there . Right . And this bit here at
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             the top is kind of starting to go . Right . Get you over to
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical      the specialist and see what 's And I 'm beginning to get a
consultation. Sample containing       wee bit worried about it , you know ? Er now . But sh er
about 393 words speech recorded       well distalgesics Are you ne are you ne are you need are
in public context Text availability   you al you alright ? Aye . my voice . Excuse me . You 're
Ownership has not been claimed        not needing the pink ones ? What ? The wee pink The
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       wee pink ones No I 've still got cos I 've only taken
type Spoken context-governed          diamond shaped ones . Still got some of them ? Is it two
                                      a day ? Two a day . That 's right . Aye . Still got some of
                                      them . Still got some of them . Right , and the dist the
                                      distalgesic ? Getting restless ? Are you ? So where is that
                                      I 'll go Doctor for my hair ?
   bncdoc.id J8B David Lee's               I would n't you 'd be delighted to go for mm , well it
classification S_meeting              depends on the touring pattern as well because I mean
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             something like Communicado can sort of kind of do a
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Audio        week here , or a fortnight somewhere Mhm another
Description Action Group: meeting.    group shown can literally doing one night stands Yes
Sample containing about 13750         around the country , then you know , did sort of think
words speech recorded in business     about that , I suppose Communicado can as well is there
context Text availability             is there a pulling o off people 's schedules just now ,
Ownership has not been claimed        people sort of central sort of information point There is
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       n't No That 's something that we 're needing That 's the
type Spoken context-governed          problem that 's one of the things we 're , we 're trying to
                                      identify of That 's what we do need , yes a way of doing
                                      that Right but I mean certainly I think it 'll be worth erm
                                      Yeah looking at the Communicado the touring idea Erm ,
                                      I , I did the same thing the tag as I said earlier erm I
                                      suggested to them that perhaps as they went out so
                                      much perhaps one the company would do it , they
                                      sounded quite enthusiastic
    bncdoc.id J9X David Lee's              And of course golf clubs . Well golf clubs erm I mean
classification S_interview            it 's a bit limited advertising in a in a market er on this
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             particular thing to look at . You 've got five you 've got
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Job          probably somewhere in the region of four thousand
interview. Sample containing about    pounds worth of advertising there . What in this ? Mhm .
11886 words speech recorded in        Okay so they 're paying approximately what Nine
business context Text availability    hundred pound for a nine hundred pound for a full page .
Ownership has not been claimed        Per annum . Per annum for two years . Okay . Er and you
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       're only needing approximately two or three , you only
type Spoken context-governed          need two or three Well the fact that we 've got three
                                      there , there there that 's how many we got on that card
                                      and we were quite happy about that . But the card and
                                      the planner 's sold together . Right can I ask you then .
   bncdoc.id JA9 David Lee's               Yeah . transition , erm clearly , er it would be a
classification S_meeting              nonsense if we were making people redundant here ing if
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             er either London or Coventry were struggling to cope
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Local        with their Quite . er present work , and so I mean , you ,
Government Ombudsman office:          you , could say we 'll take it , er two or three hundred
planning meeting. Sample              complaints from London , and buy time I suppose , erm
containing about 14128 words          to see if if if er work up here had picked up or natural
speech recorded in business context   wastage went or what ever , erm , if it did n't go up then
Text availability Ownership has       , I mean in the long term , erm one could n't envisage
not been claimed Publication          keeping on with more staff than what 's thought to be a
date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken       fairly generously assessed formula anyway , says we

                                        - 119 -
    context-governed                         need . Mm . I mean the the formula , er , is not likely to
                                             be underestimating the number of staff we 're needing ,
                                             if anything it overestimates it , we think . Right . There 's
                                             about five unpredictable variables in all of this , which is
                                             essentially The immediate problem is we 're going to be
                                             three members of staff down fairly shortly . Well For You
                                             're not , well by comparison with Two of , two of them
                                             departed for a period of six months . Yes exactly , for at
                                             least six months .
        bncdoc.id KC4 David Lee's                it was n't a proper jelly bowl . jelly bowl or my jelly
    classification S_conv                    bowl . That 's another thing you ca n't get now is very
    bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                much is chocolate blancmange . We 've got some . Well
    bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 25              you ca n't in Sainsbury 's . Yes we have . Not chocolate
    conversations recorded by `Fred2'        one we 've not . Yes we have we 've got some chocolate
    (PS1E4) between 31 May and 5             ones . Have we ? Yes . How do you make then ? That 's
    June 1991 with 9 interlocutors,          chocolate and erm , you melt the chocolate and an
    totalling 3050 s-units, 23715 words,     orange jelly . Some blinking thing they 're , they 're
    and 3 hours 15 minutes 48 seconds        needing for a er accents you know School custard 's
    of recordings. Text availability         really weird . But we have n't You know . Some research
    Worldwide rights cleared                 project . Some sort of weird gross lumpy custard , very
    Publication date 1985-1993 Text          nice . Are you , I mean the erm We , we have n't got
    type Spoken demographic                  accents as such have we ? No . Oh , well we have but it
                                             's a London I do n't think you well a month now , I mean
                                             cotton is a natural .
        bncdoc.id KDA David Lee's                I du n no , he knows it 's fucking . That 's what we 're
    classification S_conv                    up against though Cherub . Ca n't get the staff boys can
    bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                we ? Well it 's fucking cup of tea . Eh ? Time for a brew ?
    bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 132             Yeah . There is a house in New Orleans they call the
    conversations recorded by `Mark3'        rising sun . Been the downfall of many young men . I
    (PS1GE) between 29 November and          know because I 'm one . . Did you see that last night ?
    ?? December 1991 with 11                 No I missed it . I 'm a skilled fucking man . That 's why
    interlocutors, totalling 8807 s-units,   you 're needing me cos you er two ai n't got the fucking
    71717 words, and over 11 hours 8         skill between you . You cheeky cunt . I 'd piss all over
    minutes 38 seconds of recordings.        you tramp . Wh co when it comes down to craftsmanship
    Text availability Worldwide rights       You ai n't got a fucking hope have you ? I 'd piss all over
    cleared Publication date 1985-           you . than me if it 's er fucking craftsmanship you 're on
    1993 Text type Spoken                    about . He reckons I ai n't got the could n't handle that
    demographic                              one over there he reckons . Eh ? Could n't handle that
                                             one . Fucking hell !
        bncdoc.id KDN David Lee's                You buff your shoes and the finishing touches with a
    classification S_conv                    very soft cloth and that 's not soft . But Raymond , I 'm
    bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                not finished yet ! Oh I see . Take those shoes off . What
    bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 90              's that Jean . Where do you wan na go ? I 'd like you to
    conversations recorded by                change your name . Mm ? Right ! Oh , wait till I get sa I
    `Raymond2' (PS1HH) between 15            saw them . They 're very good Jean ! Oh they 'll be very
    and 17 April 1992 with 10                good ! Oh yes ! Saying , that we 're needing new , you
    interlocutors, totalling 7019 s-units,   can only get a good shoe , and I got a wee good shoe .
    43638 words, and over 41 minutes         You know what you should do ? No love . see in and you
    46 seconds of recordings. Text           get leather dye and dye them black . Mm . You see
    availability Worldwide rights            brown , that brown will go with grey or a , or a dark
    cleared Publication date 1985-           colour . Pure black goes with everything then . You
    1993 Text type Spoken                    bloody tread down and What are you going on about
    demographic                              Steven ? another , or that colour . Looks a lot like grey in
                                             colour .


                                                - 120 -
Change of meaning

             bncdoc.id CPD David Lee's            External equipment costs are also reduced , since the
         classification                       new interface also includes integrated Data Service Unit
         W_non_ac_tech_engin                  functionality . Carriers are expected to be the first users
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            of the interface since it will significantly reduce the cost of
         bncdoc.title Computergram            building a new Frame Relay network or of extending an
         international. bncdoc.info           existing Frame Relay network . Tulsa , Oklahoma-based
         Computergram international.          Williams Co 's WilTel fibre optic carrier , which runs its
         Sample containing about 6503         WilPAK Frame Relay service on a network of IPX switches
         words from a periodical (domain:     , is finding that users are increasingly requiring low
         applied science) Text availability   speed Frame Relay connections into the service as they
         Ownership has not been claimed       upgrade their low-speed point-to-point and multidrop
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text      lines . ONSITE COMPUTER OF MUNICH OFFERS ONSITE
         type Written books and periodicals   SVR4.2 UNIX FOR iAPX-86 IN GERMANY Unix software
                                              developer Onsite Computer International GmbH , Munich
                                              , Germany , has introduced Onsite SVR4.2 , an
                                              implementation of Unix Systems Laboratories Inc 's Unix
                                              System V.4.2 Destiny desktop operating system for Intel
                                              Corp iAPX-86 architectures .
            bncdoc.id HTK David Lee's             It had 300 residential places ( and had had those for
         classification                       only a year ) . It was building on its strengths in
         W_non_ac_soc_science                 aeronautical engineering and other areas , and had
         bncdoc.author Silver, Harold         developed one of the country 's first degree courses in
         bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title A      computer science . It saw itself as primarily a teaching
         higher education. bncdoc.info A      institution and Lindop underlined that ` we are at pains
         higher education. Sample             to ensure that we recruit staff who share our view of the
         containing about 45316 words from    primacy of teaching ' , and the Polytechnic was
         a book (domain: social science)      requiring new and inexperienced staff to attend an in-
         Text availability Worldwide rights   service training programme of about 250 hours in their
         cleared Publication date 1985-       first year . Although there would be pressures and
         1993 Text type Written books and     prospects for independence ahead , Lindop emphasized
         periodicals                          that the CNAA had been ` one of the most significant
                                              features in our development ' . It had ` provided the
                                              opportunity for colleges like Hatfield to serve their
                                              apprenticeship and come of age in the academic sense ' .
            bncdoc.id K5D David Lee's             One thing is for sure : Every day he grows a little
         classification                       older , wiser and stronger . Strength to strength : once
         W_newsp_other_report                 the Ribena Kid , Portillo is fast becoming flavour of the
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            month Frustrated UN halts all relief operations in Bosnia
         bncdoc.title The Scotsman:           THE United Nations suspended humanitarian aid
         Foreign news pages. bncdoc.info      operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina yesterday because of
         The Scotsman: Foreign news           obstruction and interference by all three civil war factions
         pages. Sample containing about       . Sadako Ogata , the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
         286598 words from a periodical       ( UNHCR ) , had announced earlier that all operations
         (domain: world affairs) Text         were off except those in central Bosnia . But hours later ,
         availability Ownership has not       her special envoy based in former Yugoslavia , Jose Maria
         been claimed Publication date        Mendiluce , suspended those as well . ` The high
         1985-1993 Text type Written          commissioner and the special envoy are requiring from
         books and periodicals                the factions new guarantees and firm assurances that aid
                                              will reach the victims of the war in Bosnia , ' the UNHCR
                                              spokesman in Zagreb , Peter Kessler , said . ` The
                                              Bosnian Serbs are using humanitarian aid as a military
                                              weapon and the Bosnian government and Croatian

                                              groups are using it as a political weapon . '
            bncdoc.id CB1 David Lee's             This might not stop him reacting still more strongly in
         classification                       favour of theft , from the viewpoints of all who as an

                                                 - 121 -
W_non_ac_humanities_arts              anarchist he believes to suffer from the institution of
bncdoc.author Graham, A C             private property ; but otherwise he has to put the danger
bncdoc.date 1985 bncdoc.title         on the same side of the scales as the slight loss to the old
Reason and spontaneity.               relative , against the great gain to himself . Treated as an
bncdoc.info Reason and                instance of the Utilitarian calculus , the whole increasingly
spontaneity. Sample containing        complicated operation would no doubt be quite unreal .
about 37276 words from a book         But all that we are requiring of him is that , widening his
(domain: belief and thought) Text     viewpoint from himself to the community , he has taken
availability Worldwide rights         account of the communal effects of theft , before , as
cleared Publication date 1985-        himself not the weigher but the balance , he allows
1993 Text type Written books and      himself finally to settle against or in favour of taking the
periodicals                           money . In that final settlement he can be influenced by ,
                                      without necessarily even remembering , every relevant
                                      experience throughout the whole of his life .
   bncdoc.id JXH David Lee's              An alternative procedure which appears to be
classification                        acceptable to HM Land Registry is to apply for office
W_ac_polit_law_edu                    copies of the registered title ( Form 109 ) ; this incurs the
bncdoc.author Hartley, William M      same fee ( £8 ) as an index map search , and following
bncdoc.date bncdoc.title              the Land Registration ( Open Register ) Rules 1991 it is
Matrimonial conveyancing: a           not necessary to specify the name of the proprietor ; if
draftsman's handbook.                 the land is not registered the application will be rejected ,
bncdoc.info Matrimonial               but if it is registered the receipt of office copies gives the
conveyancing: a draftsman's           opportunity to check the charges register for mortgages .
handbook. Sample containing about     Strictly one should specify if one is requiring the
28968 words from a book (domain:      freehold or leasehold title , but in practice to tick both
social science) Text availability     boxes seems to work ( unless the position is obvious ,
Ownership has not been claimed        such as with a flat ) . As far as registered title is
Publication date 1975-1984 Text       concerned , the land certificate need not be produced (
type Written books and periodicals    Land Registration Act 1925 , s64(5) added by Matrimonial
                                      Homes and Property Act 1981 , s4(1) ) . There is no fee
                                      payable for the registration of a notice under the
                                      Matrimonial Homes Act 1983 ( Land Registration Fees
                                      Order 1992 ( SI No 2089 ) , Sched 4 , exemption 4 ) .
   bncdoc.id CB4 David Lee's              So keep your eyes peeled ! Age old row Further to the
classification W_pop_lore             letter from T. Jenkins in the February issue , I would like
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             to point out that the AAA has had minimum ages for road
bncdoc.title Running.                 races for at least 30 years . In the last few years , the
bncdoc.info Running. Sample           AAA has made strenuous efforts to see that the age for
containing about 30535 words from     distance rules are observed , not only for official races
a periodical (domain: leisure) Text   but also for fun runs , which are not subject to their
availability Worldwide rights         control . In addition , the police to their control . In
cleared Publication date 1985-        addition , the police are requiring promoters to observe
1993 Text type Written books and      the appropriate minimum age and failure to do so often
periodicals                           results in permission being refused . T Jenkins can now
                                      enter 10K races , as the minimum age for that distance is
                                      15 , but the number of road races open to runners in
                                      their early teens is very few . Towering lack of success I
                                      was most interested in Mark Blythe 's article on racing up
                                      towers and high buildings around the world . I 'm sure
                                      several readers will wonder why we do have many similar
                                      races in Britain .
   bncdoc.id CEN David Lee's              Private schools to snub tests PRIVATE schools may
classification                        abandon new Government tests for 14-year-olds . The
W_newsp_other_report                  mini-exams in English , science and maths were a ` blunt
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             instrument ' which will reveal little about abilities and
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.           waste teaching time , said Joan Jefferson , Girls ' Schools
bncdoc.info Today. Sample             Association president-elect . President Elizabeth Diggory

                                         - 122 -
           containing about 123035 words        told the GSA 's annual conference in Bristol : ` Some
           from a periodical (domain: world     schools are seriously thinking about using their own tests
           affairs) Text availability           instead . ' Education minster Baroness Blatch said next
           Worldwide rights cleared             summer 's exams would be straightforward to administer
           Publication date 1985-1993 Text      and mark . ` We are only requiring children to be tested
           type Written books and periodicals   four times in their educational life , ' she added . Ski
                                                holiday prices take a tumble SKIING holidays will be
                                                cheaper than ever this year with some prices tumbling as
                                                low as £99 for a week . Holiday giant Thomson yesterday
                                                unveiled thousands of special deals which will slash up to
                                                £70 off the price of ski holidays from Thursday . The cuts
                                                were sparked by a fall in bookings because skiers are
                                                worried about high prices in European resorts .
              bncdoc.id GVU David Lee's              This provision is a percentage of the authority 's
           classification W_commerce            overall outstanding debt and is prescribed by the
           bncdoc.author Pendlebury,            Government ( Part IV of the Local Government and
           Maurice;Jones, Rowan                 Housing Act 1989 ) . As a consequence , whereas before
           bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title        the government used to control the amount of loan
           Public sector accounting.            redemption by setting a maximum redemption period for
           bncdoc.info Public sector            each category of asset , now it has a global control . By
           accounting. Sample containing        setting the percentage at 4 per cent ( as it did ) , it is
           about 43303 words from a book        requiring local authorities to spread loan redemption for
           (domain: commerce) Text              its aggregate borrowing over approximately 50 years at
           availability Worldwide rights        maximum ( which equates to 4 per cent on a reducing
           cleared Publication date 1985-       balance basis ) . Among other things , this means that
           1993 Text type Written books and     the traditional connection between loan redemptions and
           periodicals                          the lives of associated assets has been broken . Now loan
                                                redemption is a matter for the Government to decide ( at
                                                least as to minima ) , and presumably comes down to a
                                                judgement about how much the Government thinks that
                                                local authorities as a whole can afford to redeem in any
                                                year .
              bncdoc.id HTK David Lee's              The technologists , in handling any new , slightly
           classification                       practically oriented subject , like quantity surveying and
           W_non_ac_soc_science                 estate management , tended to adopt a ` walk before
           bncdoc.author Silver, Harold         they can run approach ' in approving unclassified degrees
           bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title A      fairly extensively , until they found that arts and pure
           higher education. bncdoc.info A      sciences were , for whatever reason , not going down
           higher education. Sample             that road to any extent . We appeared to have students
           containing about 45316 words from    of the same native wit coming to courses in the arts and
           a book (domain: social science)      the sciences and the technologies , and the technologies
           Text availability Worldwide rights   were requiring quite a lot of these colleges to kick off
           cleared Publication date 1985-       with unclassified degrees , and finally began to weaken a
           1993 Text type Written books and     little , I think , when they found that business studies and
           periodicals                          art and design were doing no such thing . And this
                                                remained a very difficult area for a long time . There
                                                were conceivably differences in the quality of the
                                                students entering the courses , but there seemed to be `
                                                different appraisals of the market , and what an honours
                                                degree was all about ' .
              bncdoc.id CKD David Lee's              Emily did n't know why she was being so defensive
           classification W_fict_prose          with this girl from the lower order in her simple garments
           bncdoc.author Gower, Iris            and with her wild hair . Was it because the girl had

           bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title        something indomitable about her , a presence even ?
           The shoemaker's daughter.            Emily rang the bell and when Letty bobbed in the
           bncdoc.info The shoemaker's          doorway , she spoke coldly . ` See this woman out by the
           daughter. Sample containing about    tradesman 's entrance . Oh and before you go , Miss

                                                   - 123 -
40309 words from a book (domain:      Morgan , tell your father I shall no longer be requiring
imaginative) Text availability        shoes from him , I will purchase my goods elsewhere . '
Worldwide rights cleared              Angharad Morgan stared at her defiantly . ` That wo n't
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       be possible , ' she spoke with dignity . ` My father died
type Written books and periodicals    some months ago and , as for me , I can find work from
                                      far more rewarding customers . ' At the door she turned .
                                      ` I will bring the shoes I am making for you now , the
                                      ones with the amethysts as decoration and I will expect
                                      payment for the work I 've done , mind .
    bncdoc.id G1M David Lee's             There was a pause . Bernice heard Ace murmur
classification W_fict_prose           something beneath her breath . ` &hellip; hand , ' Legion
bncdoc.author Mortimore, J;Lane,      continued , ` to exploit all planets colonized , occupied or
A bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       claimed by Earth for their mineral wealth . This Project
Lucifer rising. bncdoc.info Lucifer   Eden of yours : five years and nothing to show for it . I
rising. Sample containing about       personally do not have time for delays in this operation ,
41423 words from a book (domain:      and my approach has been ratified at the highest levels .
imaginative) Text availability        You , Coordinator Engado , are a hopeless incompetent .
Worldwide rights cleared              I shall not be requiring your services any longer . Is
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       there somebody called Bannen here ? ' Alex Bannen 's
type Written books and periodicals    footsteps echoed hesitantly through the refectory . ` Yes
                                      , sir ? ' ` I am informed that you will be amenable to
                                      cooperation . ' Bannen 's voice positively glowed with
                                      anticipation . ` Oh yes , ' he said . ` Oh yes indeed ! '
                                      Outside , Adjudicator Bishop cleared his throat . Events
                                      seemed to have overtaken him .
    bncdoc.id JXS David Lee's             As the little girl clambered up , as agile as a monkey ,
classification W_fict_prose           Shiona started to pull her own pyjamas from the bag .
bncdoc.author Howard, Stephanie       But a moment later her heart stopped in her chest as a
bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title         sharp tap sounded on the door . Surely it could n't be
Battle for love. bncdoc.info Battle   Jake ? she thought in startled panic . Surely it was n't
for love. Sample containing about     possible that he had tracked them down ? She held her
49239 words from a book (domain:      breath and opened the door a crack -- then almost
imaginative) Text availability        fainted with relief as the steward enquired politely , ` Will
Worldwide rights cleared              you be requiring tea or coffee in the morning ? ' `
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       Coffee , please , ' she grinned , so relieved she could
type Written books and periodicals    have hugged him . He smiled in return . ` Sleep well , '
                                      he told her . Shiona closed the door just as the train
                                      began to move , leaving Glasgow and the threat of Jake
                                      behind them . She turned to smile at Kirsty . ` We 're on
                                      our way . When you wake up we 'll be in London . ' Kirsty
                                      smiled at her drowsily .
    bncdoc.id G1M David Lee's             A representation of the Adjudicator blinked into life on
classification W_fict_prose           one side of the room . ` I 've been monitoring the
bncdoc.author Mortimore, J;Lane,      transmission from Moloch . ' ` Ace is in trouble , ' the
A bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       Doctor said . ` I have to go down there . ' ` We 'll go
Lucifer rising. bncdoc.info Lucifer   together , Doctor . I think the case may be breaking at
rising. Sample containing about       last . ' ` I 'm coming too , ' a voice piped beside Bernice .
41423 words from a book (domain:      It was Cheryl . ` Sam 's down there . ' The Adjudicator 's
imaginative) Text availability        image hesitated momentarily , then nodded . ` Very well
Worldwide rights cleared              . Trau Engado , I will be requiring your presence as well
Publication date 1985-1993 Text       . We leave immediately . ' Bernice sealed her starsuit
type Written books and periodicals    helmet and stepped from the Adjudicator 's spaceship on
                                      to Moloch 's Bridge terminal . She found herself standing
                                      on top of a translucent bubble set in Moloch 's ice-bound
                                      landscape , close to one side of a bowl-shaped
                                      depression some fifty metres across . High above them ,
                                      the base of the Bridge passed through a cone of semi-

                                         - 124 -
                                              transparent cables , which were anchored all around the
                                              edge of the depression , before continuing downwards to
                                              merge smoothly with the bubble itself .
            bncdoc.id HGS David Lee's             I watched as he engaged a man who led him down to
         classification W_fict_prose          a boat ; they climbed in , and the man began to haul
         bncdoc.author Aldiss, Brian          away on his oars . The boat slipped through shadow and
         bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title        then could be seen heading across the lake , already
         Frankenstein unbound.                slightly obscured by the tenuous mist . Without thinking ,
         bncdoc.info Frankenstein             I went to the edge of the quay . At once a man came up
         unbound. Sample containing about     to me bearing a dim lantern and said , ` Are you
         44675 words from a book (domain:     requiring a ferry to the other side of the lake , good sir
         imaginative) Text availability       ? ' Why not ? The chase was on . In no time , we had
         Worldwide rights cleared             arranged terms . We climbed down to his fishing boat
         Publication date 1960-1974 Text      and were pushing off against the stonework . I told him
         type Written books and periodicals   to dowse his lantern and follow the other boat . ` I
                                              expect you are acquainted with the gentleman in the
                                              other vessel , sir , ' my oarsman said .
            bncdoc.id HTU David Lee's             Jonathan chewed upon a thumb nail . ` No , no , no .
         classification W_fict_prose          He does n't know I 'm here . No , no , no . ' ` Well there
         bncdoc.author Rankin, Robert         's one way to find out . Let's ask him . ' ` No . I do n't
         bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title        think that would be a good idea at all . A confrontation
         The suburban book of the dead.       now would ruin all my plans . I think I shall have to
         bncdoc.info The suburban book of     postpone our little chat about the job . In fact I do n't
         the dead. Sample containing about    think I will be requiring your services at all . ' Jonathan
         48045 words from a book (domain:     touched something on his wrist . A section of floor in the
         imaginative) Text availability       middle of the room slid aside and a nice bright-red Buick
         Ownership has not been claimed       aircar rose into view . Jonathan did another couple of
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text      touchings and the large men with the large guns merged
         type Written books and periodicals   into a single figure . This figure opened the car door for
                                              Mr Crawford . ` Clever that , is n't it ? A little innovation
                                              of my own . Sha n't tell you how it 's done of course .
                                              Would you care to ride with me , Laura ? '
            bncdoc.id JSF David Lee's             As I said , the draft regulations impose on union
         classification S_parliament          citizens a few minor procedural changes from those we
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            require of our own citizens . The main difference from our
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info House       normal arrangements is that union citizens will have to
         of Commons debate. Sample            apply to register to vote and will have to do so to their
         containing about 21868 words         local electoral registration officer by the twenty ninth of
         speech recorded in public context    March . We will not be placing a duty on electoral
         Text availability Ownership has      registration officers to seek out non-British or Irish
         not been claimed Publication         citizens for registration . A further small difference is that
         date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken      we will be requiring intending voters and candidates to
         context-governed                     supply information about their electoral rights in their
                                              home member state . Member states will be exchanging
                                              information on non-national electors and candidates on
                                              the basis of the information provided with the aim of
                                              preventing double voting or candidacy and to enforce
                                              concurrently disqualifications imposed by a home member
                                              state .
            bncdoc.id KRH David Lee's             I think erm there were essentially three reasons for
         classification S_brdcast_discussn    this . The first was to give some form , and to formalise ,
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            our collaboration , and our involvement with existing
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Ideas in    industrial colleagues . The second was a conviction that
         Action programmes (04): radio        many of us had , that we do indeed have a great deal to

         broadcast. Sample containing about   offer , by way of expertise and consulting , from the
         135254 words speech recorded in      campus . And thirdly , and certainly not erm least , we
         educational context Text             hoped ourselves to benefit at a time when the

                                                 - 125 -
     availability Ownership has not           Government cutbacks were just come into force , which
     been claimed Publication date            were requiring us to raise erm more income from non-
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken               government source . And what sort of facilities can the
     context-governed                         University offer ? Well I suppose most of those , but
                                              certainly not all , are on the Science side of the University
                                              . Let me just mention erm just a few . We organise
                                              ourselves in different schools of studies . If I mention
                                              them and then perhaps give you a few examples of the
                                              sort of facilities which erm which we have available .
        bncdoc.id J3R David Lee's                 Although the ex the special allowance was actually
     classification S_meeting                 withdrawn , but nevertheless , the responsibility for
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                generally dealing with it , was picked up by the local
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info                 authority . However the specialist provision , the specialist
     Shropshire County Council Social         palliative care remains the responsibility of the District
     Services Committee: committee            Health Authority , and they have received extra funding
     meeting. Sample containing about         for hospice work this year . A major piece of work is to
     13141 words speech recorded in           make sure that the assessment processes do allow us to
     public context Text availability         deal with er , people who are requiring specialist
     Ownership has not been claimed           palliative care , not only at the hospice , but in the form
     Publication date 1985-1993 Text          of out-reach work , and one project that is proposed is
     type Spoken context-governed             some use of joint finance to help dovetail the work on
                                              assessment , er , from the Health Authority front with
                                              that provided by Social Services . So that we do have a
                                              integrated assessment process .
        bncdoc.id JSF David Lee's                 But Madam Deputy Speaker , these order do n't pay
     classification S_parliament              any attention to a number of matters in what I would
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                regard as the public interest and whilst the minister as I
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info House           say , has quite rightly paid tribute to professional
     of Commons debate. Sample                organisations involved in this process , we must never
     containing about 21868 words             forget that we 're here to represent the public interest
     speech recorded in public context        and not just er er specific professional interests that may
     Text availability Ownership has          be relevant in each case and indeed in the light of what
     not been claimed Publication             has happened in this field of enforcement er over the last
     date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken          two years , the minister must be aware that the public
     context-governed                         are requiring higher standards of commercial probity . I
                                              believe the government should have conducted a proper
                                              and wide review into the role and duty of auditors , not
                                              just in the area covered by these orders , but also
                                              throughout the whole of industry .
         bncdoc.id KC3 David Lee's                I personally want to see the Grand Canyon and erm I
     classification S_conv                    'd like to see San Francisco so the package which is being
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                offered to the Boots Association with whom we 've been
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 15              away several times and we lo we like it as , as a , as a
     conversations recorded by                background because you 've got a rough idea , you know
     `Frederick' (PS0A8) between 10           , the people you 're going with Yes . there are , there are
     and 15 January 1992 with 10              very very few who are chasing women or men and there
     interlocutors, totalling 3930 s-units,   are very very few who are er requiring to be prised out
     36931 words (duration not                of the bar erm at two o'clock in the morning . There are
     recorded). Text availability             very very few who are er interested in finding a gambling
     Worldwide rights cleared                 haunt or a , you know , television or film theatre or
     Publication date 1985-1993 Text          whatever , you know , er er by and large there are a lot
     type Spoken demographic                  of people who chat to a waitress if they 're a bloke or , or
                                              chat to the , the whatever it is if they 're girls but er in ,
                                              in a , in a friendly way ,
No change of meaning or coercion

                                                 - 126 -
            bncdoc.id JXH David Lee's            One could attempt to limit the " period of difficulty " to
         classification                      the two years by having a declaration of solvency ( if
         W_ac_polit_law_edu                  applicable ) sworn by the husband at the same time as he
         bncdoc.author Hartley, William      makes the conveyance ( see Chapter 10 , Precedent 81 )
         M bncdoc.date bncdoc.title          and hope that that is acceptable to a prospective purchaser
         Matrimonial conveyancing: a         from the wife between the expiry of the two years and five
         draftsman's handbook.               year period . There is the further difficulty that mortgagees ,
         bncdoc.info Matrimonial             in circumstances where there might have been a
         conveyancing: a draftsman's         conveyance or transfer at less than full consideration (
         handbook. Sample containing         whatever that is in a matrimonial context ) , are requiring
         about 28968 words from a book       indemnity insurance to protect the mortgagee for an amount
         (domain: social science) Text       equal to the advance ( see Halifax Building Society practice
         availability Ownership has not      notes 1992 paras 22 and 25 ) . Insurers usually require a
         been claimed Publication date       Statutory Declaration as to the solvency of the transferor

         1975-1984 Text type Written         husband at the time of the conveyance so the practitioner
         books and periodicals               must consider whether or not it is practical to ask for this at
                                             the time of the conveyance ( see further Chapter 10 ) .
            bncdoc.id F87 David Lee's            What on earth has this got to do with my motion ?
         classification S_meeting            Simply this that any government of any colour , at any level
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           , central or local and any organization charged with the
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info            responsibility of meeting the needs of elderly people which
         [Church of Scotland: Report on      proceeds on the tacit assumption or makes the blatant
         Church funds]. Sample               assertion that there is no longer any poverty in Scotland is
         containing about 3638 words         requiring to be contradicted because it is not true . I have
         speech recorded in public           n't used the word poverty I 've used a phrase about lack of
         context Text availability           financial resources because it relates more obviously and
         Ownership has not been claimed      directly to many of the concerns of the Board for example
         Publication date 1985-1993          almost certainly the real reason why there was no room in
         Text type Spoken context-           the inn at Bethlehem is that the income of a village
         governed                            carpenter did n't go near the exorbitant prices being
                                             charged by mine host when , to use the good Scots phrase ,
                                             the cow calved and there was this boom over the crows for
                                             the census .
            bncdoc.id KRH David Lee's            And lastly , Dudley , is maths a good subject for a job ?
         classification                      Yes , yes , it still is . Even when there are n't seemingly
         S_brdcast_discussn                  many jobs for anybody I think a mathematician is probably
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           as well off as anybody to get a job , almost at every level .
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info            erm Indeed one of the sad things perhaps at the lowest
         Ideas in Action programmes          level is how many jobs are requiring mathematical skills
         (04): radio broadcast. Sample       that , that perhaps twenty years ago were n't assumed . It 's
         containing about 135254 words       very hard to find a job which does n't involve some
         speech recorded in educational      interaction with machinery , with computing or whatever .
         context Text availability           And all this requires a certain level of mathematical skill .
         Ownership has not been claimed      And at the more maths you know , I think , the easier it is

         Publication date 1985-1993          perhaps to get a job , and perhaps to be able to choose an
         Text type Spoken context-           interesting field . There are n't many people who are
         governed                            actually spending their life doing maths .

1.b.iv Realise

Coercion in sentence

            bncdoc.id HBH David Lee's              The first two games proved conclusive 5-O
         classification W_misc                 victories for the pest controllers . Straight after that
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             they played the main Mill team , and again turned out
         bncdoc.title Environmental Issues     comfortable winners with a 3 . O win . Rank Hovis

                                                   - 127 -
         [company magazine]. bncdoc.info      were now(a) realising that the cup could be going
         Environmental Issues [Rentokil       out of their cabinet and straight into Rentokil 's , they
         company newsletter]. Sample          decided to keep us playing and on came the
         containing about 16193 words from    warehouse lads , and Rentokil promptly achieved a 6-
         a periodical (domain: commerce)      O victory . Then came the cleaning department and
         Text availability Ownership has      yet another sound performance a 4-1 victory . Finally
         not been claimed Publication         came Rank Hovis management team . Despite calls of
         date 1985-1993 Text type Written     if Rentokil won , Rank would terminate the contract ,
         books and periodicals                Rentokil went on to a 7-O victory .
            bncdoc.id HP2 David Lee's             Means testing was expensive , clumsy and time-
         classification W_ac_soc_science      wasting . With children constantly moving between
         bncdoc.author Smith, Harold L        evacuation and reception areas , endless
         bncdoc.date 1986 bncdoc.title        administrative problems arose . By February 1940 (a)
         War and social change: British       Board of Education officials were realising the futility
         society in the Second World War.     of trying to operate pre-war means tests : for
         bncdoc.info War and social           example , it might be difficult to trace the parents of
         change: British society in the       an evacuated child . The London County Council had
         Second World War. Sample             found that it simply was not worth trying to recover
         containing about 45904 words from    the cost of milk from the 25% of London parents
         a book (domain: social science)      whose income was high enough to make them liable
         Text availability Worldwide rights   for the full billeting contribution , since ` the few
         cleared Publication date 1985-       pounds they had succeeded in recovering over a
         1993 Text type Written books and     period of several months were far less than the cost
         periodicals                          of its collection ' .
            bncdoc.id B04 David Lee's             But Lillie 's theme in 1965 was conservation , so he
         classification                       was working on both topics simultaneously .
         W_non_ac_soc_science                 Apparently he got to hear about a particularly tricky
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            deal prepared by three Japanese whaling companies
         1992 bncdoc.title Animal welfare     to come with quota proposals , and he knew that one
         and the environment. bncdoc.info     of the companies was taking a very different view
         Animal welfare and the               from the other two , and he hoped that there could be
         environment. Sample containing       a divide-and-rule situation set up . He found , for
         about 38867 words from a book        example , that one company was (tense) realising
         (domain: world affairs) Text         that the whaling situation had been allowed to
         availability Worldwide rights        become a terrible indictment of all those involved in
         cleared Publication date 1985-       the industry , the Governments concerned and the
         1993 Text type Written books and     International Whaling Commission , but I am afraid to
         periodicals                          say that it was the attitudes of the other two
                                              companies that prevailed in Japan for the ensuing
                                              years . In 1972 the United Nations called for a ten-
                                              year moratorium on all commercial whaling to be
                                              enacted through the IWC .
Coercion in context

            bncdoc.id ABD David          Put together , argue those concerned with America 's
         Lee's classification       financial muscle , California 's Security Pacific , New York 's
         W_pop_lore                 Bankers Trust and a super-regional , NCNB ( formerly North
         bncdoc.author              Carolina National Bank ) . Presto : you have a bank with $250
         bncdoc.date 1991-19-19     billion in assets to outrank all but half-a-dozen of Japan 's
         bncdoc.title The           mightiest . For now(a) , such notions of bigness play well in
         Economist. bncdoc.info     political circles but thankfully not in all banking ones .
         The Economist. Sample      Commercial banks everywhere are realising that profitable
         containing about 57353     banks may become big , but not the other way round . Many
         words from a periodical    are pulling back from international markets . And most bankers

         (domain: commerce)         have come to understand that their trade is in fact a collection
         Text availability          of diverse lines of business , each with its own and quite
         Worldwide rights cleared   different economies of scale . Yet banks ' most compelling

                                                 - 128 -
           Publication date 1985-         concern is access to precious capital , and mergers could prove
           1993 Text type Written         one of the quickest ways to get it .
           books and periodicals
                bncdoc.id CEF David           They 'll justify their behaviour by saying that the interviewee
           Lee's classification           needs to perform well under pressure to do the job ( odd that
           W_non_ac_soc_science           most of Sir Robin 's victims were politicians , though &hellip; ) .
           bncdoc.author Davies,          They 'll ask two-part questions : ` What made you leave then ,
           Philippa bncdoc.date           and why did you choose to move to -- ? ' : leading questions :
           1991 bncdoc.title              ` The company was in a terrible mess then -- what part do you
           Status: what it is and how     think your department played ? ' ; and ` why ? ' questions
           to achieve it.                 which require justification and can be asked ad infinitum : `
           bncdoc.info Status: what       Why did (t) you change jobs then ? ' ` I wanted more of a
           it is and how to achieve it.   challenge . ' ` Why ? ' ` I was n't realising my potential . ' `
           Sample containing about        Why ? ' &hellip; and so on . If this type of interviewer senses a
           37485 words from a book        weak spot he or she will hang on in there -- mercilessly . The
           (domain: belief and            creep The insecurity that the interviewer experiences may
           thought) Text                  cause them to smile manically ; to talk too much , when he or
           availability Worldwide         she should be able to take responsibility for pauses ; to do a
           rights cleared                 really hard sell on behalf of the company ; to over-react with
           Publication date 1985-         approval to the interviewee , giving them , unfairly , the
           1993 Text type Written         impression that they 've got the job .
           books and periodicals
                bncdoc.id CHA David           Let's frock ! ` Any unusual ability in a woman instantly
           Lee's classification           raised a charge of witchcraft &hellip; Sometimes the accusation
           W_pop_lore                     of witchcraft was a form of punishment for women who were
           bncdoc.author                  too vocal about their disillusionment with men &hellip; Women
           bncdoc.date 1992-95            of outstanding reputation in any field were at risk , since almost
           bncdoc.title New Musical       any women 's accomplishment could be defined as witchcraft . '
           Express. bncdoc.info           The Women 's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets ` This thing
           New Musical Express.           has been smouldering for years and now (d) it 's finally broken
           Sample containing about        through . I think women are realising their own aggressive
           83385 words from a             side -- a side that has always been suppressed before . ' --
           periodical (domain: arts)      Lesley , Silverfish Incantrix &hellip; lamia &hellip; femina saga
           Text availability              &hellip; maga malefica &hellip; sortilega &hellip; venefica
           Worldwide rights cleared       &hellip; fascinatrix &hellip; screech-owl &hellip; pixidria &hellip;

           Publication date 1985-         There were hundreds of exotic handles used in the Middle Ages
           1993 Text type Written         to describe a witch . All you had to do to qualify for torture ,
           books and periodicals          persecution and death was to be a female who dared step out
                                          of line with patriarchal society .
Change of meaning

               bncdoc.id ART David            In 1982 it began to challenge the Haçienda as the alternative
           Lee's classification            modern performance hall . Strangely , The Ritz attracted a
           W_biography                     punkier , rowdier crowd altogether . Secondly , Blue Rondo
           bncdoc.author Middles,          represented everything that the newly constituted foursome had
           Mick bncdoc.date 1988           pledged to hate . Blue Rondo was the instant vision of a
           bncdoc.title The Smiths.        marketing campaign . Hip to the cocktail circuit , they had used
           bncdoc.info The Smiths.         their many contacts to construct a massive hype , especially in the
           Sample containing about         fashion press . Blue Rondo was fast realising that British youth
           41129 words from a book         could not be moulded from lentil burger gorged bodies in Covent
           (domain: arts) Text             Garden offices . That said , they did attract an audience decked
           availability Worldwide          out in all the cool of high fashion . One day , as Johnny Marr sat
           rights cleared Publication      patiently in Morrissey 's flat , Morrissey produced a large piece of
           date 1985-1993 Text             card with the words ` The Smiths ' scratched across . Morrissey
           type Written books and          did n't produce it necessarily as a potential name for the foursome
           periodicals                     but Marr 's reaction was ecstatic .
               bncdoc.id B3G David            Sleep on a firm mattress -- or , better still , a plank under the

                                                       - 129 -
Lee's classification         mattress . It may be that osteopathy or chiropractic could help ;
W_non_ac_soc_science         and both osteopaths and chiropractors have had a long training
bncdoc.author Donald,        which includes medical education and qualifies them to give
V;Orton, C;Dudley,           valuable help with backache . Although some doctors carry on the
C;Ward, S bncdoc.date        tradition of the medical profession in refusing to accept these `
1987 bncdoc.title What       outsiders ' , more are now realising that osteopaths and
every woman should know      chiropractors can relieve pain . So if you ask your doctor about
about retirement.            extra help , do n't accept a negative response , unless he/she is
bncdoc.info What every       able to explain why these alternative methods would not help you
woman should know about      . Your doctor may be able to recommend an osteopath or
retirement. Sample           chiropractor , or you may be able to find one through a friend or
containing about 33898       in the Yellow Pages .
words from a book
(domain: social science)
Text availability
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id C8L David          Do n't you feel the need to pray ? Are you feeding on the word
Lee's classification         of God At the start of every day ? Send your manna , Lord , Here
W_religion bncdoc.author     in the desert . Your living water in this barren land . Give us the
Cleverly, Charlie            words to say &hellip; Give us the love to share . There 's another
bncdoc.date 1991             kind of famine , But the Lord can lead his people by the hand . If
bncdoc.title Church          my people &hellip; Behind all these initiatives , the new church
planting: our future hope.   needs to pray . We are only just realising that this is the first
bncdoc.info Church           calling from which all else must flow . But we also discover that ,
planting: our future hope.   far from being a burden , prayer is a refreshment and a joy .
Sample containing about      Sometimes we have emerged after a four hour session praying for
40952 words from a book      revival to gulp down the night air with such joy and satisfaction as
(domain: belief and          can only come when we know we have been with God . There is a
thought) Text availability   growing desire in the churches for holiness , and that holiness will
Worldwide rights cleared     be marked by prayer .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CEP David          They 're cheap , skilful and speak better English than some
Lee's classification         natives . And , with Norway roaring away at the top of England 's
W_newsp_other_sports         World Cup group , everyone has been able to see their quality .
bncdoc.author                Liverpool have been putting hard-tackling left-back Stig Bjorbye
bncdoc.date 1992-12          through his paces at Anfield , while members of Norway 's Under-
bncdoc.title Today.          21 side who beat England last month have been on trial at Leeds ,
bncdoc.info Today: sports    Sheffield United , Oldham and Forest . Spurs keeper Erik
pages. Sample containing     Thorstvedt says English clubs are suddenly realising there are
about 202283 words from      bargains galore in Norway . ` It 's becoming a craze , ' he said . `
a periodical (domain:        I think being in England 's group has a lot to do with it . `
leisure) Text availability   Norwegian football is semi-professional by law , so English clubs
Worldwide rights cleared     do n't have to pay big wages and the fee for a top player is only
Publication date 1985-       about £400,000 . What 's more , every Norwegian international
1993 Text type Written       wants to play here . ` The guy who scored for us at Wembley ,
books and periodicals        Kjetil Rekdal , is mad about English football .
    bncdoc.id FRL David          What inspired that rebellious young poet called Rimbaud ?
Lee's classification         What drove him to reach into the innermost part of his soul in
W_ac_soc_science             search of the undiscovered ? It allowed him to take words that
bncdoc.author Baker, M       already existed and yet express himself in a completely new way .
bncdoc.date 1992             Some creators are brave enough to realise their dreams without
bncdoc.title In other        compromise . It is men like this who created the MX-5 in 1989 .

                                        - 130 -
words: a coursebook on       By ignoring the rules they are constantly reshaping the future .
translation. bncdoc.info     Even now they are realising a new dream . They work for Mazda
In other words: a            . The Mazda text has the same feel of awkwardness and lack of
coursebook on translation.   orientation about it as Halliday 's constructed example . To start
Sample containing about      with , none of the themes seem to link in with a previous theme
42612 words from a book      or rheme ; each sentence seems to stand on its own in a sort of
(domain: social science)     vacuum .
Text availability
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id GX9 David          Sixteen companies in the Grampian Region were visited by the
Lee's classification         fitness analysts as part of a programme to promote better health
W_misc bncdoc.author         in the workplace . ` The idea hasn ` t needed any hard selling , '
bncdoc.date                  said Senior Health Promotion Executive Fiona O ` Brien . ` An
bncdoc.title NewsLine --     increasing number of employers are realising that a healthy staff
Royal Bank of Scotland.      brings long-term benefits . ' Central Branch Chief Manager David
bncdoc.info NewsLine --      Hamilton is a member of the Business Advisory Committee of
Royal Bank of Scotland.      Grampian Heart Campaign . Central also have a close involvement
Sample containing about      with Aberdeen Royal Hospitals -- NHS Trust who have maintained
20283 words from a           their accounts at the Branch since April 1992 . Ruth sprints back
periodical (domain: social   AFTER a year long lay-off because of injury , sprinter Ruth Girvin
science) Text availability   is back in action -- and back among the medals .
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written books and
    bncdoc.id H06 David          ` By issuing these separate recommendations for complex
Lee's classification         carbohydrates and free sugars , the intention of the report is to
W_pop_lore                   stress the many specific advantages of a high intake of complex
bncdoc.author                carbohydrates . the report also looks at the health risks linked to
bncdoc.date 1991-19-19       eating excess sugar , notably sucrose and sugar-based
bncdoc.title BBC Good        sweeteners . ' Lean with greens Sugar and fat are also frowned
Food. bncdoc.info BBC        on in the report because they can more easily lead to obesity than
Good Food. Sample            some other foods . ` We are slowly realising that fat is a very
containing about 34803       effective means of making you put on weight . There seems to be
words from a periodical      a metabolic susceptibility to becoming fat on a high fat diet . But
(domain: leisure) Text       there is no such susceptibility on a high fruit and vegetable diet , '
availability Worldwide       says Professor James . ` Therefore if you switch to a diet high in
rights cleared Publication   fruit , vegetables and cereals , it will bring your weight down
date 1985-1993 Text          without the agony of constantly checking and restricting yourself .
type Written books and       ` In order to slim , people have to change their lifestyle
periodicals                  permanently .
    bncdoc.id K4P David          ` I do some cabinet-making and joinery which produces a
Lee's classification         small income but most of my work is for the centre . I mainly
W_newsp_other_arts           make shrine cabinets and meditation tables , ' he said . He is
bncdoc.author                among those who are also learning Tibetan because most of the
bncdoc.date                  teachings have n't been translated into English , he says . People
bncdoc.title Northern        from all walks of life are joining the Buddhist faith , which , says
Echo: Arts section.          Tabkay , is no longer seen as an eastern religion . ` And more
bncdoc.info Northern         and more people are realising you do n't have to put on Indian
Echo: Arts section. Sample   clothes to be a Buddhist . ' Tabkay , who is mid-way through a
containing about 61240       teacher-training programme lasting between seven and eight
words from a periodical      years , added : ` We do n't try to go out and preach . We do n't
(domain: arts) Text          force anything on any one . ` People are very welcome to come

                                         - 131 -
availability Ownership       and see what the teachings are about without any obligation . '
has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id K5H David          The magazine Campaign reckons that sales promotion
Lee's classification         agencies are outperforming every other marketing services sector
W_newsp_other_commerce       . The errant child of the mid 1980s , says Campaign , has now
bncdoc.author                ascended to near the top of the marketing class . While
bncdoc.date                  manufacturers were perceived as the traditional users of sales
bncdoc.title The             promotion , now retailers and financial institutions are realising
Scotsman: Business           that these techniques can help build business . As Steve Bevan ,
section. bncdoc.info The     editor of Sales Promotion magazine says : ` Companies are now
Scotsman: Business           using sales promotion on a more strategic basis , ensuring it ties
section. Sample containing   in with an overall brand strategy . Sales promotion used to be the
about 121751 words from      preserve of the junior brand manager but now companies are
a periodical (domain:        beginning to understand the importance of trade and consumer
commerce) Text               promotions .
availability Ownership
has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id K94 David           The importance of sales promotions has increased steadily
Lee's classification         since the 1960s , as has the sophistication of methods used . It is
W_commerce                   sometimes implied that sales promotion is a second rate or
bncdoc.author Lancaster,     peripheral marketing activity , but companies are increasingly
G;Jobber, D. bncdoc.date     realising the importance of a well-planned and coordinated
1992 bncdoc.title Sales      programme of sales promotion . Within the United Kingdom ,
technique and                sales promotional activities have matured since the late 1960s . At
management. bncdoc.info      that time few attempts were made to measure the effectiveness
Sales technique and          of such activity , and advertising agencies tended to branch out
management. Sample           into sales promotions with the aim of offering an all-inclusive
containing about 42882       package to their clients in an attempt to combat competition from
words from a book            the emerging sales promotion agencies .
(domain: commerce) Text
availability Ownership
has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id EF9 David           If you call an Englishman British he would reply , ` British if
Lee's classification         you must , but English first . ' Here in Ulster , we 've been so busy
W_misc bncdoc.author         saying that we are British that we have lost our true identity .
bncdoc.date 1991             Where does your loyalty lie ? With an imperialist regime that has
bncdoc.title Ulster Dawn.    no love for Ulster , or does your loyalty lie with Ulster and her
bncdoc.info Ulster Dawn.     people ? If you are truly loyal to Ulster then rally behind the cry
Sample containing about      for independence . More and more Ulsterfolk are having their eyes
4255 words of miscellanea    opened and are realising that independence is the only way
(domain: world affairs)      forward . Wake up Ulster , wise up Ulster , turn your back on the
Text availability            years of folly , of remaining in the UK and join the struggle for
Worldwide rights cleared     independence . Become an Ulster Movement supporter . For Ł12 a
Publication date 1985-       year you will receive five copies of each issue of Ulster Dawn ,
1993 Text type Written       which you can then sell or give to friends or family .
   bncdoc.id HSJ David          The world 's changing , ' says Zerrer . ' Its affecting everyone .
Lee's classification         People are becoming responsible for their own happiness and

                                         - 132 -
W_pop_lore                     health , and for what 's happening to the planet . ' ' It 's the age
bncdoc.author                  of enlightenment so people are getting enlightened . They 're
bncdoc.date                    becoming more aware . Some people are realising that there 's a
bncdoc.title Sky.              lot more to life than paying your rent and having your American
bncdoc.info Sky. Sample        Express card , ' says Margo , conveniently forgetting about the
containing about 24202         discreet stickers near the cash desk encouraging clients to pay by
words from a periodical        American Express and Mastercharge . New agers are a little vague
(domain: arts) Text            about how the Age of Aquarius actually happened , but a few
availability Ownership         years ago , at the end of the selfish age of Pisces , there was ,
has not been claimed           according to Margo , ' a lot of planetary alignment ' .
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id CFV David             Now we have over 103,000 sq m of space for the UK 's leading
Lee's classification           exhibitions and conferences right in the heart of London . Ring
W_advert bncdoc.author         Chris Vaughan on and find out how our investment could pay
bncdoc.date                    dividends for you . EARLS COURT OLYMPIA Rank Xerox WHY WE
bncdoc.title [Advertising      'D LIKE TO TAKE OVER PART OF YOUR COMPANY In business ,
Standards Authority]           you ca n't be expert at everything . That 's why many leading
bncdoc.info [Advertising       companies are now realising what Rank Xerox Facilities
Standards Authority].          Management can offer . Put simply , it means that your total
Sample containing about        reprographics facilities are taken over by the experts . You 've no
30438 words of                 worries about equipment , administration , staffing or supplies .
miscellanea (domain:           And the quality of service is actually guaranteed . Most important
commerce) Text                 , the service is tailored to meet your needs , on or off site . And
availability Ownership         your paperwork is reduced to just one invoice a month .
has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
   bncdoc.id CFV David             And one Chemical Sales Manager said he increased his
Lee's classification           company profit on his next deal by more than three times his own
W_advert bncdoc.author         salary ! ( For an independent opinion of the programme , a list of
bncdoc.date                    referees from a range of different industries is available on
bncdoc.title [Advertising      request . ) The whole company can benefit . At General Electric ,
Standards Authority]           renowned for it 's own in-house training seminars , 90 per cent of
bncdoc.info [Advertising       the employees called the Karrass seminar their most significant
Standards Authority].          career training ever . And now , European companies are
Sample containing about        realising that negotiating skills are essential to ALL aspects of
30438 words of                 executive decision making -- both within as well as outside the
miscellanea (domain:           company . When your sales , marketing , purchasing , finance and
commerce) Text                 production people are all speaking the same language , it pays
availability Ownership         real dividends . Not only can they support the ` lead ' negotiator
has not been claimed           to the hilt , they can also improve their personal skills on many
Publication date 1985-         levels , which means better co-operation within the organisation .
1993 Text type Written         A skill for life .
   bncdoc.id CGM David            Toothbrushes are becoming more technically advanced and
Lee's classification           the revolutionary Braun Oral B Plaque Remover gets top
W_pop_lore                     toothbrush marks . It has been developed in conjunction with
bncdoc.author                  leading dental experts and a two minute brush with the Oral B is
bncdoc.date 1992-19-19         equivalent to six minutes with an ordinary toothbrush . BE A BIG
bncdoc.title Hair Flair.       SOFTIE Thick Skinned ? It seems so . Men 's skin is thicker than
bncdoc.info Hair Flair.        woman 's and ages at a slower rate . In fact , men 's wrinkles only
Sample containing about        start to show from their mid-thirties . Even with this infuriating
10682 words from a             advantage , more and more men are realising the importance of
periodical (domain: leisure)   a good skin care routine and are insisting on quality skin care

                                          - 133 -
Text availability            products . Hollyhocks is a collection of cosmetics designed
Worldwide rights cleared     specifically for the man who does n't need a macho image -- the
Publication date 1985-       whole range is based on English country garden flowers . You 'll
1993 Text type Written       find delights such as Midsummer Night 's Dream , a fabulous
books and periodicals        foaming bubble bath and shower gel scented with strawberries
                             and roses plus Florabunda , softening hand and body lotion for
                             men . Call free on for a catalogue .
    bncdoc.id J1J David          Mon , 13 Dec 1993 08:58:49-0600 Subject : Canaries at home
Lee's classification         Fact : Norwich 's record at home thus far is 2 wins , 3 drawn , 2
W_email bncdoc.author        losses . They have only scored 3 and let in 4 at home . So can we
bncdoc.date                  do the job tonight ? Wo n't be easy but I predict a 3-2 win . Joo
bncdoc.title [Leeds          From : Date : Mon , 13 Dec 93 15:19:38 GMT Subject : Re :
United e-mail list]          Cantona emailinc Well , I 'm glad to see more & more people are
bncdoc.info [Leeds United    realising that Keegan is a complete twat ! Like he handles his
e-mail list]. Sample         team so well his top striker pisses off home the day of a cup
containing about 19787       match & they get knocked out -- that 's what I call top quality
words of unpublished         management ! ! ! Newcastle are a team that are pushing Scum
miscellanea (domain:         close as ` bastards I most hope get demoted to division 3 & loose
leisure) Text availability   a play off final to Scarborough ' .
Ownership has not been
claimed Publication date
1985-1993 Text type
Written miscellaneous
    bncdoc.id JXT David          ` While we 're waiting , ' he said , ` how about this ? ' Ronni
Lee's classification         felt something inside her switch on like a light bulb . It was as
W_fict_prose                 sudden and dramatic and undeniable as that . For the next
bncdoc.author Howard,        moment he was kissing her and she was instantly realising that
Stephanie bncdoc.date        nothing quite so exciting had ever happened to her before . The
1993 bncdoc.title            lips that covered hers were soft and warm and salty . She loved
Conspiracy of love.          the taste of them . She loved the way they felt . With a sigh ,
bncdoc.info Conspiracy of    Ronni pressed her own lips against them , feeling sparks of
love. Sample containing      electricity skitter down her spine . Or perhaps it was his fingers
about 49570 words from a     that were having that effect . As his hands caressed her back ,
book (domain: imaginative)   the long strong fingers kneaded and moulded every vertebra
Text availability            along the way .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id JY1 David          It was then , when she thought about it , that she decided that
Lee's classification         she was just a little fed up with the bossy brute . All she 'd done
W_fict_prose                 was to try and help Travis a little at a very bad time in his life ,
bncdoc.author Steele,        and just look at the aggravation she was getting for her trouble !
Jessica bncdoc.date 1991     ` Who says he wants to leave ? ' she hurled back , realising from
bncdoc.title His woman.      the way he had taken Travis 's jacket that he intended to take
bncdoc.info His woman.       Travis with him . His cousin , she was quickly realising , though ,
Sample containing about      was a man who had an aversion to answering any but selected
45851 words from a book      questions . His chin was jutting with yet more aggression , at any
(domain: imaginative)        rate , as , ignoring that question , he asked one of his own . ` Are
Text availability            you seriously interested in Travis ? ' he demanded . Pinned
Worldwide rights cleared     suddenly by the man 's dark gaze , Leith was all at once certain
Publication date 1985-       that Travis 's cousin had made up his mind in advance that she
1993 Text type Written       was more interested in Travis 's financial status than Travis
books and periodicals        himself .
    bncdoc.id JYF David          Quite clearly , though , he could hardly wait until they got back
Lee's classification         to their hotel before he dumped her . Fabia reached Ven 's suite
W_fict_prose                 and let herself in , walked across the sitting-room and into her

                                         - 134 -
bncdoc.author Steele,        bedroom where she sat down on the edge of the bed , and felt ,
Jessica bncdoc.date 1993     for the moment , defeated . Love , she was swiftly realising ,
bncdoc.title West of         was hell -- being in love was hell ! For , while her pride was up in
Bohemia. bncdoc.info         arms that plainly Ven would have preferred to take someone else
West of Bohemia. Sample      out to dinner -- had that ` someone else ' been free -- what was
containing about 60036       really getting to Fabia was nothing but common-or-garden , out-
words from a book            and-out jealousy . Well , good luck to him ! she fumed , as she
(domain: imaginative)        shot from the bed , collected her toilet-bag and night attire and
Text availability            went furiously to the bathroom to take a shower .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CFY David          As Carrie was pouring out the tea , Mr Carver came back into
Lee's classification         the room , followed by his wife , and he said to Mick , ` Stay out
W_fict_prose                 of that scullery from now on . D' you hear me ? ' ` Aye , Uncle . '
bncdoc.author Cookson,       Mr Carver gulped through his tea , then muttered , ` Well , I 'm
Catherine bncdoc.date        away . Are you ready , Carrie ? ' ` Yes , Uncle . ' As Joe watched
1992 bncdoc.title My         her put on her coat and hat he experienced a keen sense of
beloved son. bncdoc.info     disappointment , for he was realising it had been in his mind to
My beloved son. Sample       escort her to work . Whether Mick would have proposed this he
containing about 38926       did not know ; he only knew that the desire had been there ; but
words from a book            it seemed to be the pattern that she and her uncle left together at
(domain: imaginative)        dinnertime . She was standing in front of him and when ,
Text availability            conventionally , she held out her hand towards him , saying , `
Worldwide rights cleared     Goodbye , then , ' he hesitated for a moment ; then his arm
Publication date 1985-       jerked forward and he was holding her hand .
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id JY1 David          Though , ever a man to confuse her , he greeted her
Lee's classification         pleasantly , ` Good morning , darling , ' and , in case she had n't
W_fict_prose                 got the message that the endearment was only on account of
bncdoc.author Steele,        their audience , ` I 've just been telling my uncle that we 'll be
Jessica bncdoc.date 1991     leaving after breakfast . ' Conversely , when that was just what
bncdoc.title His woman.      she wanted , suddenly Leith felt alarm that her weekend with
bncdoc.info His woman.       Naylor would so soon be over . Being in love , she was realising
Sample containing about      , made a complete and utter nonsense of everything . ` Are you
45851 words from a book      sure you have to go so soon ? ' Cicely protested over breakfast . `
(domain: imaginative)        I wish we could stay , Aunt , ' Naylor replied charmingly , and
Text availability            took her mind away from him by asking , ` Did Travis come home
Worldwide rights cleared     last night ? '
Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id J9C David          There is no reduction from Central Government from last year
Lee's classification         to to to from this year , to next year , and you have been totally
S_meeting bncdoc.author      unrealistic , the two of you , the labour and the liberal parties
bncdoc.date                  after May , erm , we 've got ta this , we 've got ta that . As as if
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info     money would just come whenever you open your mouths . You
Lincolnshire County          are at last realising the folly of what you set out to do . and as
Council: board meeting.      Councillor said . Here we are , in a matter of what eight to nine
Sample containing about      months of inheriting , a well financed , a well run , an effective ,
3982 words speech            efficient organisation with a reasonable amount of na balances .
recorded in public context   With a capital investment fund , and yet here you are trying to
Text availability            have to borrow to be able to manage next year . I think it 's an
Ownership has not been       absolute disgrace .
claimed Publication date

                                         - 135 -
         1985-1993 Text type
         Spoken context-governed
            bncdoc.id JJD David          The practice of medicine is carrying on the same way as it has
         Lee's classification        done before but we 're addressing issues like quality and
         S_meeting bncdoc.author     standards and timing and waiting lists in a way we have n't done
         bncdoc.date                 before . I do n't expect you to know this because you do n't work
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info    there . I do . So perhaps you 'll take it from me The truth , the
         Bradford Metropolitan       truth is , the truth is that more and more people and
         Council: debate. Sample     organisations are realising the benefits of local control of N H S
         containing about 8346       hospitals , as in the Trust hospitals . The public and especially
         words speech recorded in    hospital consultants are rapidly realising and acknowledging that
         public context Text         Trust hospital status is a genuine attempt to address local health
         availability Ownership      needs which is providing increasingly successful health care . If
         has not been claimed        we look at cons sa take consultant 's views , I 'm afraid that
         Publication date 1985-      hospital consultants are not the quickest to grasp the advantages
         1993 Text type Spoken       of reform
            bncdoc.id JJD David          I do . So perhaps you 'll take it from me The truth , the truth is
         Lee's classification        , the truth is that more and more people and organisations are
         S_meeting bncdoc.author     realising the benefits of local control of N H S hospitals , as in the
         bncdoc.date                 Trust hospitals . The public and especially hospital consultants are
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info    rapidly realising and acknowledging that Trust hospital status is
         Bradford Metropolitan       a genuine attempt to address local health needs which is
         Council: debate. Sample     providing increasingly successful health care . If we look at cons
         containing about 8346       sa take consultant 's views , I 'm afraid that hospital consultants
         words speech recorded in    are not the quickest to grasp the advantages of reform . They did
         public context Text         n't want the Health Service in the first place but we rapidly came
         availability Ownership      round to it . We did n't want the reforms it seems but now sixty to
         has not been claimed        seventy percent of consultants are wanting the reforms .
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Spoken

 No coercion or change of meaning

            bncdoc.id ART David Lee's           Although the piece was a well balanced probe into the
         classification W_biography         Phoenix career ( and an immensely interesting career it is
         bncdoc.author Middles, Mick        too ) , one was left with the feeling that she would n't have
         bncdoc.date 1988 bncdoc.title      been there had it not been for the status of her interviewer
         The Smiths. bncdoc.info The        . Just how Morrissey will come to terms with this problem
         Smiths. Sample containing about    is a matter for some speculation . Maybe he is content just
         41129 words from a book            to pay tribute to his personal media icons . Maybe he is
         (domain: arts) Text availability   merely realising the ambitions of a fan . ` We are the
         Worldwide rights cleared           best band in the world . There is nobody better . ' ( Andy
         Publication date 1985-1993         Rourke . ) ` We are the only truly controversial band of the
         Text type Written books and        eighties . ' ( Johnny Marr . ) The Smiths have always laid
         periodicals                        great claims to their art . All four band members share the
                                            belief that nobody can match the measure of commitment
                                            and unity to be found within The Smiths . Possibly this is a
                                            direct result of the speed of their ascent .
            bncdoc.id B72 David Lee's           Considering that in Tamanrasset in the Sahara people
         classification                     are prepared to pay water sellers $1 a litre ( or $1000/m3 )
         W_non_ac_nat_science               , photovoltaics are already economically feasible . However

         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          , according to Peter Fraenkel of IT Power , existing systems
         1991-02-16 bncdoc.title New        need to be more reliable . Solar power introduces another
         Scientist. bncdoc.info New         step where breakdowns can occur , but the cost of

                                                 - 136 -
Scientist. Sample containing about   maintenance is far lower than with diesel pumps . Diesel
44553 words from a periodical        pumps need daily attention : starting up , checking oil
(domain: applied science) Text       levels , and so on . However , Fraenkel says engineers are
availability Worldwide rights        realising that wind power is more immediately cost-
cleared Publication date 1985-       effective for pumping groundwater . ` If wind speeds are
1993 Text type Written books         over 3m per second then it 's crazy to think of anything
and periodicals                      else . ' Inadequacies of design soon reveal themselves in
                                     even the simplest of hand-dug water wells . If the edges of
                                     the well are not protected , the well head becomes a pool
                                     of mud and a cycle of parasitic infections , such as guinea
                                     worm and hookworm , quickly develops between people
                                     and water .
    bncdoc.id EDT David Lee's            When the new shops open , they also have that all too
classification W_misc                rare mainland commodity -- customers -- and plenty of
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            them . In the last year , trade was up 30% in Belfast 's
1991-03 bncdoc.title                 main shops . Little wonder that large mainland retailers like
Management Today. bncdoc.info        Dixons or Marks & Spencer are queuing up to open in
Management Today. Sample             Norther Ireland . Blue chips such as British Telecom are
containing about 45969 words         realising that it makes sense to ` take work to the people
from a periodical (domain:           to overcome a permanent shortage of software engineers
commerce) Text availability          in the South East , says Malcolm Lees at BT 's software
Worldwide rights cleared             centre . Situated right in the heart of the city centre , the
Publication date 1985-1993           operation undertakes a host of software operations for BT
Text type Written books and          nationwide . ` We have a very good supply of graduates , '
periodicals                          Lees maintains .
    bncdoc.id EWX David Lee's            Adequate resuscitation facilities must be provided and
classification W_ac_medicine         taken to the patient ; in particular this applies to
bncdoc.author Carne, S               defibrillation . Many people worry about the imagined
J;Harten-Ash, V J bncdoc.date        complexity of defibrillators . There has been a fascinating
1990 bncdoc.title Myocardial         increase of interest over the last year by general
infarction: acute care and           practitioners in the use of defibrillators . There is no new
rehabilitation. bncdoc.info          data to encourage this , but it is due to the concern about
Myocardial infarction: acute care    the acute care of myocardial infarction being heightened by
and rehabilitation. Sample           thrombolytic therapy . People are realising what
containing about 17808 words         particularly the Belfast group has been preaching for years
from a book (domain: natural         , that early availability of resuscitation is tremendously
sciences) Text availability          important . Pain relief is important in myocardial infarction ,
Ownership has not been claimed       but let that not be an excuse for filling a patient with
Publication date 1985-1993           opiates and then forgetting about him for the next 2 hours
Text type Written books and          as he quietly rots his myocardium in some corner of the
periodicals                          accident and emergency department . Pain relief is
                                     essential , but I would like my thrombolytic therapy as well
   bncdoc.id G37 David Lee's             The pressure will really be turned on if her position as
classification W_pop_lore            the sole candidate for the two tonner slot in the British AC
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            team is contested by Don Wood , who , it is rumoured ,
1991-02 bncdoc.title Yachting        may charter Juno IV . Feminine forces Following the
World. bncdoc.info Yachting          success of Tracy Edwards and her Maiden crew in the
World. Sample containing about       Whitbread Round the World Race , women involved in
47052 words from a periodical        yachting are realising that they have a great chance to
(domain: leisure) Text               attain their sailing goals . Yachting World has long believed
availability Worldwide rights        sailing to be one of the principal sports in which women
cleared Publication date 1985-       can compete directly with men , particularly as , in sailing ,
1993 Text type Written books         brain and not just brawn is of the essence . Cathy Foster
and periodicals                      proved that in the Los Angeles Olympics and is out to
                                     prove it again in the Admiral 's Cup .
   bncdoc.id HBG David Lee's             However , it is far preferable for companies to utilise the

                                          - 137 -
classification W_misc              professional services of a company such as Rentokil
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Tropical Plants . When a company considers installing
bncdoc.title [Rentokil             plants , one of the Tropical Plant consultants will survey the
publications] bncdoc.info          area and make recommendations on colour , type of plant
[Rentokil publications]. Sample    or replica material which is most suitable for the working
containing about 8603 words of     environment . The plants are then supplied with an
unpublished miscellanea (domain:   incorporated maintenance programme . Clients are
commerce) Text availability        realising the benefits of having a service which relieves
Ownership has not been claimed     them of any direct involvement and staff will derive both
Publication date 1985-1993         psychological and health benefits from plants . A recent
Text type Written miscellaneous    NASA research document details the positive effect that
                                   plants have in cleaning the air . The range of plants
                                   available , which are taken from our own nurseries ,
                                   ensures that most premises can have living plants .
                                   However , when there is minimal or low light , replica
                                   material can be installed . As with any living or replica plant
                                   material , there is an average lifespan for plants .
   bncdoc.id HBJ David Lee's           Ted Brown in his article has touched upon the fact that
classification W_misc              our waste transfer stations and incinerators are fully
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          licensed to deal with clinical waste . Rentokil Medical
bncdoc.title Environmental         Services are approved handlers of clinical waste , and it is
Issues [company newsletter].       to a reputable established company such as Rentokil that
bncdoc.info Environmental          waste generators will turn . Clients are realising the
Issues [Rentokil company           benefits that we can offer and this has been reflected in
newsletter]. Sample containing     the substantial growth that we have seen recently in sales
about 14899 words from a           performance , backed up of course by a dedicated service
periodical (domain: commerce)      structure to ensure that customers stay with us . So thank
Text availability Ownership has    you for 1991 , and go for it in 1992 . Have a Merry
not been claimed Publication       Christmas and Happy New Year . a year OF CHANGE 1991
date 1985-1993 Text type           has been a year of change , adapting ourselves to what our
Written books and periodicals      customers want from us , and , of course how we make
                                   strong profit from that .
   bncdoc.id HHX David Lee's           Mr. David Nicholson Given the recent record of local
classification W_hansard           government in Manchester and Liverpool , constituents in
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Lancashire and Cheshire would be appalled at the prospect
1992 bncdoc.title [Hansard         of being governed from either of those places . Mr. Key I
extracts 1991-1992] bncdoc.info    spent much time in that area and I know that brighter
[Hansard extracts 1991-1992].      things are on the horizon for Manchester and Liverpool . I
Sample containing about 410370     give credit to the people of those regions who , as we have
words of miscellanea (domain:      seen , are realising some of the follies of the past . Even
world affairs) Text availability   some of their political masters in London have recognised
Worldwide rights cleared           the follies of some of the goings-on in those areas . Mr.
Publication date 1985-1993         Devlin Of course it is right for people in the north-east to
Text type Written miscellaneous    think of themselves as north-easterners . The Minister is
                                   right to say that people think of themselves as
                                   Yorkshiremen or Durhamers or Teessiders rather than
                                   Tynesiders . I
   bncdoc.id HRK David Lee's           Middle management might include the heads of the
classification W_ac_tech_engin     branches , branch accountants and warehouse managers .
bncdoc.author Avison, D E          Operations management might include department
bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title      managers , warehouse foremen and the head clerks . This
Information systems                structure is shown in Figure 2.4 . Top management is
development. bncdoc.info           clearly very important to the organisation , and managers
Information systems                are realising that management information systems can
development. Sample containing     help them make better decisions . Although the euphoria
about 43190 words from a book      associated with automatic decision-making has largely
(domain: applied science) Text     gone , the more realistic concepts of decision-support

                                        - 138 -
           availability Ownership has not     systems and executive support systems have certainly not
           been claimed Publication date      disappeared . Management need these systems in order to
           1985-1993 Text type Written        help them establish sustainable goals and to provide
           books and periodicals              information relating to the long-term decisions of the
                                              organisation .
               bncdoc.id K97 David Lee's          Asked how high upmarket it might go he said : ' Spam
           classification                     and champagne go well together but then spam goes with
           W_newsp_other_report               most things . ` I would be delighted if it was a fixture at
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          parties but I think it is stretching it too far to say Spam will
           1993 bncdoc.title Liverpool Echo   be on the end of cocktail sticks . ` But we all eat Spam
           & Daily Post. bncdoc.info          sandwiches during management meetings -- we are not
           Liverpool Echo & Daily Post.       forced to and everybody enjoys them . ` Sales are holding
           Sample containing about 337863     up extremely well and people are realising what good
           words from a periodical (domain:   value the product is , ' added Mr Sabini . Spam -- its name
           world affairs) Text availability   comes from SPiced hAM -- was invented in America in the
           Worldwide rights cleared           early years of the century . Newforge are the only Spam
           Publication date 1985-1993         makers in Britain . Their Spam recipes , built up since 1957
           Text type Written books and        , include Spam kebabs , Spamish omelette , Spam pizza ,
           periodicals                        Spam moussaka , Spam stirfry and Spam stroganoff .
               bncdoc.id CHW David Lee's          Handley added both conversations . The final match
           classification W_pop_lore          against the local Lozère Regional Select U21s was won
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          comfortably 54-3 . The North , led by Andy Morris ,
           1992-19-19 bncdoc.title Rugby      included fellow England U21s Dickon Edwards and Tony
           World and Post. bncdoc.info        Handley ; whilst Sleightholme , Northey , Bramley and
           Rugby World and Post. Sample       Bracken , the majority still eligible for U21 Divisional
           containing about 34487 words       competition , were away in Zimbabwe and Namibia . Clubs
           from a periodical (domain:         everywhere are realising the importance of U21 rugby in
           leisure) Text availability         retaining promising players as a natural extension of colts ,
           Ownership has not been claimed     midi and mini rugby ; and COLCHESTER are the latest in
           Publication date 1985-1993         this long line with a emphasis on university vacation
           Text type Written books and        periods with an U21 orientated 3rd XV in the interim . Local
           periodicals                        hero . England 's Jeremy Guscott takes centre stage at an
                                              awards ceremony at Thornbury RFC , held for the Bristol
                                              club 's thriving junior section .
              bncdoc.id G2J David Lee's           At least you know where you stand . A few days ago
           classification W_misc              when I was hooked up to a foetal monitor , a midwife
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          rushed in , not to ask how I was , but to see if I knew the
           bncdoc.title Marxism Today.        latest on the war . ` No , nothing much has happened ,
           bncdoc.info Marxism Today.         except they 've bombed Tel Aviv ' . Yet already the urgent
           Sample containing about 39021      need to know what is happening is fading . Because we are
           words from a periodical (domain:   realising what television can not admit ; that nothing
           world affairs) Text availability   much happens for long periods of time . How long before
           Ownership has not been claimed     we lose interest ? Who really understands the politics of
           Publication date 1985-1993         the Middle East anyway ? Is n't a game of Scuds versus
           Text type Written books and        Patriots a lot easier to play ? Tony Benn is right to be
           periodicals                        dismayed at the talk of ` firework displays bigger than the
                                              Fourth of July ' , but he 's wrong to deny that on some
                                              level this is what war has become .
              bncdoc.id JYF David Lee's           ` And why would n't I be bad-tempered ? ' he asked . `
           classification W_fict_prose        I 'd telephoned you purely because I had a need to hear
           bncdoc.author Steele, Jessica      the sound of your voice and what do I get for giving in to
           bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title      such weakness ? That voice I 've missed wasting no time in
           West of Bohemia. bncdoc.info       telling me its owner had dined with my secretary the

           West of Bohemia. Sample            previous evening . ' ` Oh , dear -- jealousy ? ' she queried
           containing about 60036 words       softly . ` Jealousy , ' he admitted . ` And , if that was n't
           from a book (domain:               enough , even while I 'm realising what an idiot I 'm
           imaginative) Text availability     being to grow so infuriated that you and Lubor Ondrus

                                                   - 139 -
         Worldwide rights cleared            appear to be in each other 's pockets , you , who have no
         Publication date 1985-1993          fear whatsoever of my dog -- indeed have that day taken
         Text type Written books and         him walking -- now seem to be taking him over too ! I
         periodicals                         decided it was time to return . ' ` You come back for some
                                             papers . ' ` I lied . ' ` Oh ! '
             bncdoc.id KGL David Lee's           Yes , O K then , right , because it 's more than a week
         classification S_unclassified       away , I 'll give you a bell close to the time , just to make
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           sure you , everything 's alright . O K , Peter , just send a
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Abbey      confirmation . Yes ? Do n't break that appointment , it 's to
         Life training session: employee     your benefit anyway that you do n't . By the way , are you
         training. Sample containing about   realising that this week is for setting up appointments for
         9572 words speech recorded in       next week . Try and get that going as soon as possible . Do
         business context Text               you understand this ? All this week is for is going on
         availability Ownership has not      appointments I 've made last week , and for setting up my
         been claimed Publication date       appointments for next week . It 's given me five clear
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken          working days to set up my appointments for next week .
         context-governed                    So I 'm working on what we call a rolling week .
             bncdoc.id JJH David Lee's           And people have got to be able to cope with the
         classification S_unclassified       challenges . It , it certainly stress has become , is being
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           taken more seriously , by some companies . Put it like that
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info            . Other companies prefer , you know , they 've got to be
         Tarmac Construction Ltd training    able to cope , but you , you , you know , you read various
         session. Sample containing about    things that are said , and some companies are taking it
         14851 words speech recorded in      much , much more seriously , and they 're realising the
         business context Text               problems right the way down , right through the whole
         availability Ownership has not      company that stress is causing , and trying to save money .
         been claimed Publication date       It 's the object at the end of the day , is n't it ? I mean

         1985-1993 Text type Spoken          they are concerned about their employees , they are . But
         context-governed                    at the end of the day , they 're more concerned about the
                                             money .

Coercion in sentence

             bncdoc.id B1Y David           I wonder if it is because the prevailing attitude to life in
         Lee's classification          the Eighties in Britain seems to be to look after number one ,
         W_biography                   to get on , to make money , and not to bother about anyone
         bncdoc.author Horne,          else ? I remember years ago , when I was teaching slow
         Molly bncdoc.date 1989        learners in a Child Guidance clinic , a little girl from a small
         bncdoc.title Life, love and   village was reading a story in which reference was made to
         laughter. bncdoc.info Life,   someone ` cheeking the dinner lady . ' To assess whether
         love and laughter. Sample     she was (tense) understanding what she read , I asked , `
         containing about 26711        Does that happen at your school ? ' She looked quite shocked
         words from a book             and replied , ` Oh no ! It 's Mrs Thomas . ' I thought that
         (domain: leisure) Text        was very significant : you may cheek a dinner lady , but you
         availability Worldwide        do n't do so to someone you know and respect . If we could
         rights cleared Publication    get to know one another better , we might have better
         date 1985-1993 Text type      relationships generally . I do think the artificial division of
         Written books and             people into age groups has a damaging effect on society .
             bncdoc.id ED4 David          She could n't have cared less . She 's really tough . Now
         Lee's classification          that school had broken up , Christine was able to devote six
         W_pop_lore                    whole weeks to Anna . This time spent together , and the
         bncdoc.author                 opportunity to give Anna her undivided attention , could well
         bncdoc.date 1992-02           have been decisive . Parents of young children , with so
         bncdoc.title Good             many other calls on their time and affections , might find it
         Housekeeping.                 harder to cope with a difficult infant , to integrate her or him

                                                  - 140 -
         bncdoc.info Good              into the family -- while resentful siblings could cause
         Housekeeping. Sample          additional strain . ` I took her to Anglesey , ' says Christine ,
         containing about 50315        ` where we have a house , and where I could concentrate on
         words from a periodical       her completely . Then I explained every single thing we did ,
         (domain: leisure) Text        or used , or saw , to her . I did n't know , until I began to get
         availability Worldwide        feedback , if she was (tense) understanding , but she was .
         rights cleared Publication    And her speech increased rapidly . Within about 10 days she
         date 1985-1993 Text type      knew that when the phone rang at night it would be Tony ,
         Written books and             despite never having seen a phone before . ` She still clung
         periodicals                   to me , but the social worker was thrilled about it , she said it
                                       meant she 'd bonded well . I did everything I could think of
                                       with Anna .
             bncdoc.id EV4 David           Is cloze procedure an appropriate measure of
         Lee's classification          comprehension ? In the 1960s , cloze procedure came to be
         W_ac_soc_science              seen by some researchers as the answer to many of the
         bncdoc.author                 problems of validly measuring text difficulty . Bormuth 's
         bncdoc.date 1986              landmark study ( 1969 ) seemed to offer the promise not
         bncdoc.title Literacy.        only of more valid formulae which would incorporate the
         bncdoc.info Literacy.         results of new insights in linguistics , but also a means of
         Sample containing about       readily assessing whether a person was(tense)
         40775 words from a book       understanding a text or not . The mean percentage correct
         (domain: social science)      cloze score ( i.e. , the percentage of deleted words correctly
         Text availability             replaced by the reader ) appeared to give an indication of
         Ownership has not been        how well a passage was understood . Thus , a cloze score of
         claimed Publication date      60 per cent would indicate fairly full comprehension , 45 per
         1985-1993 Text type           cent would suggest some problems , while 35 per cent would
         Written books and             suggest that a reader was at his or her frustration level .
         periodicals                   Recently , however , this view has been called into question .
             bncdoc.id FPF David           I 'm not . You have n't given me enough time . ' ` No . I
         Lee's classification          know . ' ` So . ' ` Do you want to know where I went ? ' `
         W_fict_prose                  To see friends ? ' He shook his head so I said , ` Well , it
         bncdoc.author Neil, B         does n't matter . Not my business . ' ` I went to find a
         bncdoc.date 1993              hooker , Mrs Sutherland . ' He watched my face while I
         bncdoc.title The              touched the top of my head , patted the arms of the chair ,
         possession of Delia           folded my hands away in my lap . ` Well , people do , do n't
         Sutherland. bncdoc.info       they ? Men . ` Men have needs , ' that 's what Francis used
         The possession of Delia       to say . ` Needs ' . ` So have I , ' I used to say . But I do n't
         Sutherland. Sample            think we were(tense) understanding each other . ' ` So I
         containing about 43530        checked into Park West , had dinner , got talking to the
         words from a book             barman , said what I was after . He asked what I liked , dark
         (domain: imaginative) Text    , fair , black , white . It was like ordering in ; which I guess it
         availability Worldwide        was . He was serving other people all the while and making
         rights cleared Publication    out we were talking about the Superbowl . Experience , I
         date 1985-1993 Text type      guess . ` I went back to my room and soon a girl came with
         Written books and             flat blonde hair , sickly-looking . Very young .

            bncdoc.id FUH David            There 's the half it 'd be the same as a half add a quarter
         Lee's classification          . What does a half add a quarter come to ? Erm Well we
         S_classroom                   usually change them into the same thing do n't we if we 're
         bncdoc.author                 going to add them . So if we change them all into quarters
         bncdoc.date bncdoc.title      how many quarters would there be in a half ? Two . Two .
         bncdoc.info Tutorial          Two quarters add one quarter how many quarters altogether

         lesson: junior-level maths.   ? So three . Three quarters three quarters . Okay I think you
         Sample containing about       're doing very very well on the fractions actually how do you
         11759 words speech            feel ? Do you think you know what they 're about do n't you .

                                                   - 141 -
         recorded in educational        Yes . You 're getting the hang of it . Now you need quite a
         context Text availability      bit of practice . You 're understanding them now(a) very
         Ownership has not been         well erm if you do n't practise them a bit well this is what
         claimed Publication date       happens . You next time you come to do it you 'll be doing
         1985-1993 Text type            you 'll remember nearly as much as we 're doing today but
         Spoken context-governed        perhaps some odd little bits you 'll think , ooh now how did
                                        we do that I ca n't quite work out . Cos we 've done a lot
                                        have n't we . We 've done a lot today . So some odd bits you
                                        might think , I 'm not quite sure how you work that out . Not
                                        quite sure how you do that . So you might have to try and a
                                        try and find out again . Play with the fractions .
         bncdoc.id FUH David                We 've done a lot today . So some odd bits you might
     Lee's classification               think , I 'm not quite sure how you work that out . Not quite
     S_classroom                        sure how you do that . So you might have to try and a try
     bncdoc.author                      and find out again . Play with the fractions . Last night mister
     bncdoc.date bncdoc.title           mister does those fractions Okay now some people you
     bncdoc.info Tutorial               mention fractions and they scream and run and , Ah no no
     lesson: junior-level maths.        hate fractions . and it 's cos they do n't understand them but
     Sample containing about            you 're understanding them I think very well now(a) so you
     11759 words speech                 're going to like them . You get someone with a sharp knife
     recorded in educational            Yeah . to cut that out . Mm . And then you can have your
     context Text availability          own fractions and you can just play with them and erm I 'll
     Ownership has not been             give you some sums to do with your own fractions . Now we
     claimed Publication date           we 'll have done some of them there and I do n't want you to
     1985-1993 Text type                look there okay I want you to just try it I 've got another
     Spoken context-governed            book in me in me room .
         bncdoc.id FUH David                Mhm . and then just generally play with it say , Oh I
     Lee's classification               wonder what would happen if you put two thirds together ,
     S_classroom                        how many twelfths would that be or what about if you had a
     bncdoc.author                      third and you wanted to take a quarter away , if you cut a
     bncdoc.date bncdoc.title           quarter off it . What would you have left ? A twelfth . Brilliant
     bncdoc.info Tutorial               yes really good . She 's really coming on well Mm . with the
     lesson: junior-level maths.        fractions . You you like them do n't you cos you 're
     Sample containing about            understanding them now(a) . It 's all about understanding
     11759 words speech                 if you understand something you can like it . Yeah . But if
     recorded in educational            you do n't understand it and you 're lost you just get to hate
     context Text availability          it you think , Oh no I ca n't stand that . So it 's it 's getting
     Ownership has not been             but you 're coming along very well are n't you . I did n't bring
     claimed Publication date           the erm multiplication table that I promised either so I was
     1985-1993 Text type                late and I did n't bring that .
     Spoken context-governed
Change of meaning

              bncdoc.id CEF David           They do this to make us feel that we are significant -- they
         Lee's classification           are recognising the customer as an individual . The customer is
         W_non_ac_soc_science           made to feel that her or his status is acknowledged . Gentle
         bncdoc.author Davies,          reader , here are some counter-tactics . Jargon is an effective
         Philippa bncdoc.date 1991      form of shorthand , provided everyone understands it . If you do
         bncdoc.title Status: what      n't understand what someone is describing , ask what they mean
         it is and how to achieve it.   . It does n't have to sound confrontational ; contrast ` I do n't
         bncdoc.info Status: what       understand what you 're talking about ' ( sub-text : ` you are
         it is and how to achieve it.   inept at talking ' ) with ` I 'm sorry I 'm so dim [ mock disclosure
         Sample containing about        -- and quite appropriate in my opinion , given the indirect nature
         37485 words from a book        of conversation ] , but could you explain that to me again in

         (domain: belief and            plain English ? ' ( sub-text : ` I 'm not understanding you , so
         thought) Text availability     can you say it differently ? ' ) When , gentle reader , someone
         Worldwide rights cleared       over-uses your name as a controlling tactic , a throwaway

                                                   - 142 -
         Publication date 1985-       comment disguising an analysis of what is going on can be most
         1993 Text type Written       effective : ` Gosh , it 's interesting how you call me by my
         books and periodicals        Christian name so much ' ( sub-text : ` I 've rumbled you -- stop
                                      it ' ) .
            ncdoc.id CK1 David             On second thoughts , it might be better to say that it goes
         Lee's classification         without saying that linguistic communication is a matter of
         W_ac_humanities_arts         conveying ide as or thoughts . For when what goes without
         bncdoc.author Vesey,         saying , especially the bit about translating thoughts into spoken
         Godfrey bncdoc.date          or written signs and then back again , is actually said , it begins
         1991 bncdoc.title Inner      to lose its air of obviousness . In fact , it begins to look very
         and outer: essays on a       much like a piece of a priori theorising about how language
         philosophical myth.          works . People may say that understanding something , as you
         bncdoc.info Inner and        are now understanding what I have written , involves
         outer. Sample containing     interpretation , that is , translating something linguistic , a
         about 42431 words from a     sentence , into something non-linguistic , a thought ; but they
         book (domain: belief and     do not say it because they have found they actually have to do
         thought) Text availability   any such translating . Rather , they say it because they think it
         Worldwide rights cleared     must be like that . It must be like that , they think , because
         Publication date 1985-       what is said , or written' is not intrinsically meaningful . It is
         1993 Text type Written       really just sounds in the air , or marks on paper .
         books and periodicals
            bncdoc.id J2G David           " And horses . We would have to get four , six horses . " " All
         Lee's classification         right , get them . " " But I could n't take responsibility for them ,
         W_fict_prose                 " Mr. Mendez said . " Now there are no change stations working
         bncdoc.author Leonard,       . The same horses would have to go all the way . " Mr. Mendez
         Elmore bncdoc.date 1989      shrugged . " If they do n't make it , who pays for them ? " " I
         bncdoc.title Hombre.         buy the horses , " Dr. Favor said . Mr. Mendez started to nod ,
         bncdoc.info Hombre.          very slowly , as if he was just understanding something . You
         Sample containing about      want to get there pretty bad , uh ? " " I have a feeling , " Dr.
         11192 words from a book      Favor said , " you 're going to find a driver . " He pushed up out
         (domain: imaginative) Text   of the chair , his eyes on Mr. Mendez . " If I went over to the
         availability Ownership has   hotel now and had supper , that would give you about an hour
         not been claimed             to find a man and get ready . Say six-thirty . " " Tonight ? " "
         Publication date 1960-       Why not ? " " I 'll see , " Mr. Mendez said . "

         1974 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
            bncdoc.id FM5 David          Okay . So erm Yeah it 's well well at the end of the month .
         Lee's classification         So have you got what 's what 's the best helps me to sort of see
         S_classroom                  how the lesson 's going . Right . So that 's maths is it . How do
         bncdoc.author                you feel about last week 's ? Erm it was good , I made a lot of
         bncdoc.date bncdoc.title     progress in it . . Compared to usual . Yeah . Yeah . That that 's
         bncdoc.info Tutorial         how I felt , that you were getting into it , you were
         lesson: GCSE chemistry       understanding how the bits tied together Yeah . and making
         tutoring session. Sample     sense of it . So you 're feeling happier with it ? Yeah a lot better
         containing about 12889       . Okay . Erm what you done since last time ? Erm I did that work
         words speech recorded in     you asked me to do . Great . Great . And did it make sense ?
         educational context Text     Sort of yeah . I was a bit Okay .
         availability Ownership has
         not been claimed
         Publication date 1985-
         1993 Text type Spoken
            bncdoc.id KCH David           There you are . Double add . Double add ? I 'm not used to
         Lee's classification         double add . Five plus plus equals Equals Equals , equals ? Well

         S_conv bncdoc.author         this is a bit of a nonsense . What 's that ? One hundred plus plus
         bncdoc.date bncdoc.title     Equals , equals . Equals , equals . Now it gets easier . Mhm .
         bncdoc.info 19               Now it gets really even harder . Well which way is it ? Does it get

                                                 - 143 -
     conversations recorded by       harder or easier ? Three hundred . Mm . Oh , three hundred and
     `Jane2' (PS1BS) between 4       four . I , I 'm not understanding when you 're doing plus plus
     and 10 April 1992 with 7        when you 're writing down yourself . What are you trying to
     interlocutors, totalling 6654   prove ? Divide Mm . Well that 's , that 's , that 's very good for
     s-units, 37385 words, and       divide , but that 's a square root sign . A square root . A square
     over 4 hours 46 minutes 52      root at three hundred and four ? Yes . Have n't a clue . Equals
     seconds of recordings.          Equals now what do you want me to do with all these ? Guess .
     Text availability               Oh I 'm guessing . Write your name at the top .
     Worldwide rights cleared
     Publication date 1985-
     1993 Text type Spoken
         bncdoc.id KLX David             The three wise monkeys . They sit in a long line in York ,
     Lee's classification            yeah ? We do n't have to mention names . The one thing that No
     S_meeting bncdoc.author         you do n't have to I 've seen them . does worry me and I do n't
     bncdoc.date bncdoc.title        think any provisions have been done for it and that is Isobel .
     bncdoc.info Careers             Right . And I think it would be very useful for her to have an
     service meeting. Sample         appraisal . Oh yeah . I mean having great Oh yeah . difficulty in
     containing about 10307          working out whether she 's understanding what we 've said
     words speech recorded in        now in the way of instructions until it comes back . But you 're
     business context Text           down S to do her . So what sort of provision do you mean Cath ?
     availability Ownership has      taught her how to do . Write it down we 're supposed to do .
     not been claimed                Does she sign or not ? I 'm not sure Cos we could have
     Publication date 1985-          somebody in to help that 's all I 'm thinking if she says yeah I 'm
     1993 Text type Spoken           sure you could get something from Mm mm mm .

No change of meaning or coercion

        bncdoc.id EVX David Lee's               It follows from causalism and functionalism , seemingly
     classification                        absurdly , that our private visual experience is identical . (
     W_ac_humanities_arts                  iii ) Suppose I do not understand Chinese , but , solely on
     bncdoc.author Honderich, Ted          the basis of the shapes of the letters , and rules connecting
     bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title         them merely as shapes , do the right things . For example ,
     Mind and brain. bncdoc.info           I pass through a sequence of states identical to one passed
     Mind and brain. Sample                through by a native Chinese speaker in being presented
     containing about 36693 words          with a question in Chinese and giving the answer in
     from a book (domain: belief and       Chinese . It follows , on causalist and functionalist views ,
     thought) Text availability            that I am understanding Chinese , which again seems
     Ownership has not been claimed        absurd . ( iv ) Differently , it seems difficult to accept that
     Publication date 1985-1993            consciousness is tolerably conceived when it is so
     Text type Written books and           conceived that it follows that anything that can be
     periodicals                           regarded as passing through certain sequences of causal or
                                           logical states is conscious . As suggested by one formidable
                                           opponent of the views in question ( also the author of the
                                           objection having to do with understanding Chinese ) we do
                                           not so understand consciousness that we can believe that it
                                           must be possessed by a set of water pipes , paper clips ,
                                           and old beer cans , provided that they instantiate a certain
                                           programme .

                                                - 144 -
              bncdoc.id A0D David Lee's         Sven Hjerson 's lugubrious face lit up in a brief smile . `
           classification W_fict_prose      Then I am able to give you a reassurance , madam , ' he
           bncdoc.author Heald, Tim         said . ` This funicular is looked after by an Englishman .
           bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title    You can rely upon the observations of Sven Hjerson for this
           A classic English crime.         . I noted him working on the machinery while we were
           bncdoc.info A classic English    waiting to ascend . He was dropping one of his tools and
           crime. Sample containing about   let forth a number of obscenities . His voice was what is
           39287 words from a book          called , I am understanding , Cockney or perhaps
           (domain: imaginative) Text       Australian . ' ` Yes , ' said Arabella Buckley . ` Yes , well ,
           availability Worldwide rights    that is reassuring . Only &hellip; ' ` Yes ? ' ` Well , if he
           cleared Publication date 1985-   was repairing the machinery , it ca n't have been safe in
           1993 Text type Written books     the first place , can it ? ' Then Sven Hjerson took his

           and periodicals                  revenge for the past tiresome two hours . ` Madam , ' he
                                            said , ` you are right . We can not be certain . Definitely
                                            not safe . '

              bncdoc.id GUE David Lee's         Hence the cloak-and-dagger stuff , ' she went on ,
           classification W_fict_prose      slowly , her voice deceptively calm . ` Hence the need to
           bncdoc.author Ash, Rosalie       ship it in under maximum security , I presume ? And hence
           bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title    Stephanie 's shock-horror performance when I made my
           Calypso's Island. bncdoc.info    innocent enquiries ? ' ` Precisely . ' She stared at him , in
           Calypso's Island. Sample         growing disbelief . She 'd never really believed he was
           containing about 48151 words     importing undeclared goods , or in any way breaking the
           from a book (domain:             law . But this was altogether different &hellip; ` So , these
           imaginative) Text availability   crates contain your prize exhibits for the business fair ? Am
           Worldwide rights cleared         I understanding this correctly ? ' Her voice shook with
           Publication date 1985-1993       suppressed anger . ` At last , I think we can safely say that
           Text type Written books and      you are understanding the situation correctly . ' Roman 's
           periodicals                      voice was bitingly sarcastic . He was observing her anger
                                            with a wry gleam in his eyes . ` And when , exactly , were
                                            you going to tell me of their existence ? So that , as your
                                            specially commissioned public relations consultant , I could
                                            use their impact to full effect ? Maximise their importance
                                            to your company 's image ? ' she enquired sweetly .
               bncdoc.id H89 David Lee's        ` Jolly good , Murti , ' she would say . ` That 's enough
           classification W_misc            for today . ' This pantomime went on happily until the first
           bncdoc.author Dalrymple,         week of May , when Mrs Puri appeared one morning
           William bncdoc.date 1993         unannounced at our door , intent on doing a spot-check of
           bncdoc.title City of djinns.     her property . She took one look at the sand dunes drifting
           bncdoc.info City of djinns.      around our sitting-room and shook her head . ` What is
           Sample containing about 42700    this ? ' she said , drawing a circle in the sand with her stick
           words from a book (domain:       . Olivia began to explain about not wanting to upset Murti ,
           leisure) Text availability       but Mrs Puri raised her hand . ` Mrs William , ' she said
           Worldwide rights cleared         firmly . ` I am thinking you are not understanding the
           Publication date 1985-1993       management of these people . ' ` But &hellip; ' ` If Murti is
           Text type Written books and      not doing her duty properly then you must be telling her to
           periodicals                      do it again . ' ` But Murti hates sweeping , ' said Olivia . `
                                            Then , ' said Mrs Puri , rapping her stick on the floor . `
                                            Then she must be made to enjoy it . ' While all this was

                                            going on in our flat , something was clearly up at
                                            International Backside . Balvinder Singh was in high spirits

                                                 - 145 -
   bncdoc.id JSA David Lee's             Okay . What else then what other methods do we have
classification S_unclassified        besides having eye contact what else might we do to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            involve the audience to make them feel involved ?
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             Questions Yes , absolutely so questions er a very definite
Tarmac Construction: training        way of involving the audience and again it gives a measure
session. Sample containing about     of feedback does n't it because if you get the right answer
19412 words speech recorded in       you know that they are with you and you know they are
business context Text                understanding what you have to say . But obviously if
availability Ownership has not       there 's some hesitation over it then perhaps you just need
been claimed Publication date        to step back a stage in what you 're saying and er er go
1985-1993 Text type Spoken           over it again to for clarity , and Tony what 's another way
context-governed                     of involving the audience ? Well you 've got to get them to
                                     participate but I suppose you would do if you question
                                     them Well yes I guess you would . Jeff what 's another way
                                     that you might make the audience feel that they 're
                                     involved ?
   bncdoc.id JSA David Lee's             The arousal I 've always thought that er that you should
classification S_unclassified        n't be nervous but you always are but obviously as you 're
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            nervous when you do a whole host of things and nerves as
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             you become more skilled at it go away er and I 'd assume
Tarmac Construction: training        that like most things that the nerves will totally disappear
session. Sample containing about     and was somewhat surprised to find out that you 're
19412 words speech recorded in       always aroused that 's right when when you do that , and
business context Text                obviously the need to gauge the erm presentation against
availability Ownership has not       audience contact to see that they 're involved and they 're
been claimed Publication date        obviously understanding what you 're saying and pick
1985-1993 Text                       them up and grab them . So for me the three things were
                                     the structured thought patterns plus the arousal and the
                                     need for audience contact . What did you think Sarah ? I
                                     found the three most important things for me yesterday
                                     were the span of conception the clusters and the whole
                                     subject of nerves . The span of conception useful to gather
                                     that three is the best number and dividing it up into threes
                                     and threes again was simplest and effective way of setting
                                     it up .
   bncdoc.id K6J David Lee's             Good . Thanks very much . How how do you feel about
classification S_classroom           it ? I feel fine ploughing through it though yeah . Did you
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            you know , did you get it Mm . you 're not sort of
bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             ploughing through you 're you know , you 're picking it up
Tutorial lesson. Sample containing   and your bringing it I like the way you the way you 're
about 11915 words speech             assimilating it . Mhm . That you 're not sort of , Oh just I 'll
recorded in educational context      memorize this lot . But you 're understanding it and you
Text availability Ownership has      're fitting it in with what you already know . Which is the
not been claimed Publication         only way to do it . Mhm . You 're building up a knowledge
date 1985-1993 Text type             base , you 're not just building up lots of odd facts like you
Spoken context-governed              know , how many people live in China , or Mm . You try to
                                     memorize them you 're you 're making them mean
                                     something . So if we g let's say if I gave you something top
                                     integrate . Mhm . Right , if I gave you er something like
                                     that .

                                          - 146 -
            bncdoc.id FUH David Lee's              I 'll go and stand in the corner I think for being naughty
         classification S_classroom            . But erm I 'll get that to you in the next couple of days or
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             so . Now what did we say about the next lesson ? We
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info              wanted to g get one or two in during the holiday really I
         Tutorial lesson: junior-level         think Mm . what you see the idea is to get Kerry getting as
         maths. Sample containing about        much benefit from school as possible so you 're not having
         11759 words speech recorded in        to pay me No . to do the lessons that Kerry is
         educational context Text              understanding it so she can . Once she 's c more or less
         availability Ownership has not        caught up does n't have to exactly catch up just have some
         been claimed Publication date         idea of the basic stuff that they 're talking about Yeah . and
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken            then you can just when the teacher says that , you know
         context-governed                      what questions to ask at least . if you do n't if you 're just
                                               lost you feel daft do n't you .
            bncdoc.id F7F David Lee's              Oh if you think within Shoot that man ! Jesus Christ !
         classification S_meeting              Well in the sense that they 've been involved in it . No No
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             but the I do n't they need to be involved in it whatsoever !
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info              They 've read what you 've said and then say well I do n't
         [Teachers' conference: discussing     agree with that and you can write down that . Absolutely !
         assessment procedures]. Sample        A staff comment is But surely that is involvement , I 'm not
         containing about 15742 words          understanding what you 're putting forward ! No I think
         speech recorded in educational        No . it 's the way the words have been used that we 're
         context Text availability             interpreting wrong . If I 've got to write a comment for a
         Ownership has not been claimed        start What sort of weasel word then ? then I want to write
         Publication date 1985-1993            a comment , I will not necessarily involve the child with No
         Text type Spoken context-             . what I 'm writing he will Er then see that , or he will have
         governed                              Mm . already seen it because he will be involved in that bit
                                               . Aha . Yep . Mm .

1.b.v Mind

Coercion in sentence

             bncdoc.id KE1 David Lee's            And shapes her tits . But everybo , everybody could see !
         classification S_conv                Half seven , broad daylight and all , everybody stopping ! All
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            the shops , cos like , cos they heard all the noise !
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 26          Everybody ! It was unbelievable ! And they were all , all
         conversations recorded by            these people were going that 's a bloody disgrace ! But
         `Stephen' (PS0TU) between 10         nobody Ah ah . was (tense) minding on , cos everybody
         and 16 April 1992 with 9             the next thing was , the next one takes her top and takes it
         interlocutors, totalling 3949 s-     off her shoulder Oh lovely ! and get her bra strap down .
         units, 19903 words (duration not     And the next thing , why and she whips her boobs for
         recorded). Text availability         everybody to see , and they 're all , yeah ! Yo ! All these big

         Worldwide rights cleared             fellers about shouting , you know they was having a ball !
         Publication date 1985-1993
         Text type Spoken demographic

Change of meaning

            bncdoc.id A2J David Lee's           It is fanciful to assume that a tight-fisted state will
         classification                      produce open-handed citizens . Even if it did , personal
         W_newsp_brdsht_nat_editorial        generosity simply can not cure basic social injustices .
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           Strange , that a Prime Minister who so passionately believes

         1989-19-19 bncdoc.title             in military security rejects social security with such disdain .
         Independent, electronic edition     In challenging such assumptions the Archbishop is simply
         of 1989-10-05: Editorials           minding his own business . Whether or not that helps to fill

                                                    - 147 -
bncdoc.info Independent,           church pews is totally irrelevant . Letter : The rail and road
electronic edition of 1989-10-     links to the North From JACK THOMPSON , MP for Wansbeck
05: Editorials. Sample             ( Labour ) and others Sir : Although we are not necessarily
containing about 8653 words        personally supportive of the Channel tunnel , we accept that
from a periodical (domain:         it will be completed and become part of the transport
world affairs) Text availability   network of Europe .
Worldwide rights cleared
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written books and
   bncdoc.id CEP David                 Fashanu has the ability to charm FA disciplinarians and
Lee's classification               once at Lancaster Gate came up with the immortal line `
W_newsp_other_sports               Would a Bernado 's boy do something like that ' when
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          pleading his case after a tunnel clash with Viv Anderson .
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.        Fashanu will give Jones , who he believes is one of soccer 's
bncdoc.info Today: sports          most misunderstood men , a glowing character reference . He
pages. Sample containing about     said : ` I was with him when the call came in to do the video
202283 words from a periodical     so I was listening to the call , although I was minding my
(domain: leisure) Text             own business . I certainly wo n't be talking about his bad side
availability Worldwide rights      . ` The hearing has n't troubled him at all . He has been
cleared Publication date           through it , seen it and done it all before . ' Wimbledon 's
1985-1993 Text type Written        large delegation shows their determination for Jones to get
books and periodicals              off a playing ban . They correctly argue that the club should
                                   not suffer for his indiscretion while at Chelsea .
   bncdoc.id CR5 David                 If somebody is feeling decidedly brave , and can decode
Lee's classification               the rest of SeQueira 's ode to community care , they will get
W_non_ac_soc_science               an ` Antiques Roadshow ' approved Community Care mug .
bncdoc.author King, J;Bowry,       NOBODY 'S FOOL More frolics from the ADSW conference in
K bncdoc.date 1993-19-19           Inverness . It being 1 April , Grampian 's director Mary
bncdoc.title Community care.       Hartnoll and deputy Alex Hamilton decided to test the mettle
bncdoc.info Community care.        of Archie Robb , who was minding the fort . A press release
Sample containing about 20197      on Scottish Office notepaper was dispatched to the Woodhill
words from a periodical            House HQ saying the conference had heard community care
(domain: social science) Text      was to be postponed due to a miscalculation of infrastructure
availability Worldwide rights      costs , which authorities were required to pay back by 31
cleared Publication date           April . They received the following reply : ` Emergency social
1985-1993 Text type Written        work committee this morning agreed to sell Woodhill House
books and periodicals              to repay infrastructure cost while acknowledging pressure this
                                   would put on accommodation budgets .
    bncdoc.id EFF David Lee's          As a competitor for wild game , the mink is not resented
classification W_pop_lore          for fulfilling its natural role . But it does endure its share of
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          predation by man . The mink has had a chequered
1992-01 bncdoc.title BBC           relationship with us , but we must remember that the
Wildlife. bncdoc.info BBC          changes are of our own making . Whether we covet , confine
Wildlife. Sample containing        or curse it , the mink is only minding its own business . The
about 47518 words from a           separate sexes Evolutionary pressures have separated the
periodical (domain: leisure)       male and female mink , so that they appear to be ( and are
Text availability Worldwide        sometimes mistaken for ) two distinct species . This ` sexual
rights cleared Publication         dimorphism ' means that female mink normally weigh from
date 1985-1993 Text type           500 to 800 grams , and the male often twice as much . Size
Written books and periodicals      has considerable implications for the ecology and behaviour
                                   of an animal .
  bncdoc.id FSN David                  One hundred people said they would help Matilda ( insert
Lee's classification W_misc        bride 's mother 's name ) organize the wedding . Of these
bncdoc.author Lansbury, A          fifty-five were at work . Five were looking for work . Five
bncdoc.date 1992                   were away on business . One was minding the shop/on
bncdoc.title Wedding               night duty/taking exams . ( Continue as above . ) That left

                                          - 148 -
           speeches and toasts.               only Annabelle and me to help with the washing up . But we
           bncdoc.info Wedding                are going away on our honeymoon . Now you appreciate how
           speeches and toasts. Sample        much work and effort and thought Matilda ( bride 's mother 's
           containing about 19541 words       name ) has put into organizing this wonderful wedding .
           from a book (domain: arts)         Writers When Agatha Christie was asked where she got her
           Text availability Worldwide        plots she replied , ` Harrods ' .
           rights cleared Publication
           date 1985-1993 Text type
           Written books and periodicals
               bncdoc.id K27 David                Hereford made one bad mistake &hellip; and they paid for
           Lee's classification               it &hellip; Greg Downs missed his header but Paul Whitmarsh
           W_news_script bncdoc.author        did n't miss with the shot &hellip; No sulks from United they
           bncdoc.date 1993                   came back with a bounce &hellip; and this should have been
           bncdoc.title [Central television   2-1 &hellip; the run and shot was down to Chris Pike but the
           news scripts] bncdoc.info          referee gave off-side against Pickard who was minding his
           [Central television news           own business &hellip; bad decision Justice was done right on
           scripts]. Sample containing        half-time &hellip; Howard Clark 's free kick was faultless in
           about 44477 words of material      every way &hellip; Second half was slower and scrappier
           written to be spoken (domain:      &hellip; Hereford saw off the Doncaster attack but missed
           leisure) Text availability         good chances to get a few more goals &hellip; 2-1 top marks
           Ownership has not been             to Greg Downs and his men Read in studio there was only
           claimed Publication date           one rugby scoreline that made the news at the weekend
           1985-1993 Text type Written-       &hellip; which is fair enough &hellip;
               bncdoc.id K5M David               Roderick Newall , 27 , wearing the tie of his old regiment ,
           Lee's classification               the Royal Green Jackets , showed no emotion at the verdict
           W_newsp_other_report               but he smiled at his lawyer when the court ruled against
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          costs . Alpine reaches supercar heights Jim Dunn falls in a a
           bncdoc.title The Scotsman:         big way for the Renault A610 EARLY-morning commuters on
           Foreign news pages.                the A8 were simply minding their own business one day last
           bncdoc.info The Scotsman:          week when they were set upon and assaulted by a driver
           Foreign news pages. Sample         who used all the remaining power of his ageing Vauxhall
           containing about 270447 words      Senator to bludgeon his way in and out of traffic . Time after
           from a periodical (domain:         time he overtook in the face of oncoming traffic then braked
           world affairs) Text availability   heavily as he forced the car into a small gap causing
           Ownership has not been             everyone behind him to brake amidst the clouds of exhaust
           claimed Publication date           smoke from his obviously tired old engine .
           1985-1993 Text type Written
           books and periodicals
               bncdoc.id ASS David               ` No , ' said Ruthie , ` he took Luke to Beavers . ' Beavers
           Lee's classification               . That was a new one on Henry . What the hell was Beavers ?
           W_fict_prose bncdoc.author         Some neo-Fascist organization perhaps ? From what he could
           Williams, Nigel bncdoc.date        remember of Luke , the boy would have fitted well into the
           1990 bncdoc.title The              Waffen SS . Leaving Maisie on the street he went into the
           Wimbledon poisoner.                shop . ` I 'll leave a note for him ! ' he said . Ruthie folded
           bncdoc.info The Wimbledon          her arms , as if to emphasize her lack of responsibility for the
           poisoner. Sample containing        shop she was minding . Her eyes , or something very like
           about 41153 words from a book      her eyes , moved in the thick depths of the glass . ` Fine ! '
           (domain: imaginative) Text         she said . Henry went through to the back of the shop . On
           availability Worldwide rights      Gordon 's desk was a pile of headed notepaper . Henry
           cleared Publication date           picked up two sheets . Then he saw something better . In a
           1985-1993 Text type Written        square , steel tray at the back of the desk was a notepad ,
           books and periodicals              the kind of thing given away by small businesses in an

                                              attempt to register their names with the public .
              bncdoc.id B3J David Lee's           ` Terry never gets his hands on these buckets mate , '
           classification W_fict_prose        Yanto laughed ` Selwyn sees to his own buckets , buries it in
           bncdoc.author Pickernell, Ray      his own garden . Nothing gets wasted here . ' Yanto went on

                                                     - 149 -
bncdoc.date 1988                   to tell Billy about his experience the last time he had used
bncdoc.title Yanto's summer.       Selwyn 's lavatory . ` A couple of months ago it was , on a
bncdoc.info Yanto's summer.        Sunday afternoon . Must have had some bad cider on the
Sample containing about 46508      lunchtime . Anyway , I got took short Just managed to get
words from a book (domain:         into Selwyn 's crapper in time . I was sat there minding my
imaginative) Text availability     own business , when all of a sudden that side door opened
Worldwide rights cleared           and sunlight comes flooding in under my ass . ' Billy started
Publication date 1985-1993         to double up with laughter . ` Anyway , ' Yanto continued , `
Text type Written books and        Selwyn starts pulling out the bucket from under me . I had to
periodicals                        yell out for him to hang on a minute . ' Billy was still laughing
                                   when the lavatory door creaked open and Selwyn pushed
                                   aside the loganberry bush and stepped out ` What d' you two
                                   young buggers want ? '
    bncdoc.id BN6 David                It was just as well because the back boiler in the kitchen
Lee's classification               split in two about fifteen years ago and I have n't been able
W_biography bncdoc.author          to light a fire in the grate since . Until then I had done my
Hauxwell, Hannah;Cockcroft,        cooking , such as it was , on that fire . Things were not very
Barry bncdoc.date 1989             good in those days , and the financial situation was very
bncdoc.title Seasons of my         worrying . There was no great amount of money coming in
life. bncdoc.info Seasons of       and one was continually minding the pennies . The food bill
my life. Sample containing         had risen to five pounds a month and , with being so tired
about 35702 words from a book      with all the work , I suppose I neglected myself . I lost some
(domain: belief and thought)       weight and felt ill enough to go to the doctor who sent me to
Text availability Worldwide        hospital in Northallerton . Altogether I was away from Low
rights cleared Publication         Birk Hatt for two months and those kind neighbours of mine
date 1985-1993 Text type           came to the rescue once again and looked after the animals .
Written books and periodicals      I must say that I enjoyed my time in hospital .
    bncdoc.id C85 David                ' The man with the corkscrew curls had been hanging
Lee's classification               round , listening and staring at Thomas Clarkson . He moved
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author         closer now , saying : ` Th'want to keep clear of such as he .
Darke, Marjorie bncdoc.date        That 's the sort as 'll turn thee over to the Cap n as soon as
1989 bncdoc.title The first of     look at thee &hellip; never mind his soft words . ' He was
midnight. bncdoc.info The          looking Jess up and down . ` Hey , Midnight , tell us what th
first of midnight. Sample          've been at . Isaac said th'must 've drowned or got took by
containing about 42053 words       the press gang . ' ` I 've been minding my own business , '
from a book (domain:               Midnight said curtly , putting his hand on Jess 's shoulder . `
imaginative) Text availability     Right good business an'all . Not one of th'waterfront doxies . '
Worldwide rights cleared           ` Speak with care , Red . ' He was even more curt and the
Publication date 1975-1984         man took a step back . ` I came to pass the time of day ,
Text type Written books and        that 's all . ' Red seemed anxious to put things straight . ` At
periodicals                        Mike Mahoney 's down in Marsh Street they were laying odds
                                   on thee having been cut up for cats-meat . '
    bncdoc.id CK6 David                ` And maybe melancholy , ' adds singer/guitarist Carol
Lee's classification               Van Dijk , in a voice barely audible over the racket of the
W_pop_lore bncdoc.author           NME pub . ` The reason we do this , why we play music is
bncdoc.date 1992-19-19             because &hellip; we like doing it . It 's fun , ' she adds . `
bncdoc.title New Musical           You 're not supposed to say that , are you ? ' Formed from
Express. bncdoc.info New           the ashes of various small-time Amsterdam bands , BS had
Musical Express. Sample            been minding their own business playing local gigs until a
containing about 55981 words       friend sent a demo to Gerard Cosloy at Matador Records in
from a periodical (domain: arts)   America -- first home of Teenage Fanclub and currently
Text availability Worldwide        Superchunk . Cosloy , impressed , invited the band over to
rights cleared Publication         play at this summer 's New Music Seminar in New York ,
date 1985-1993 Text type           where they pulled apart the Knitting Factory with a glorious
Written books and periodicals      show that proved to be one of the most talked about of the
                                   week .
   bncdoc.id EWB David                 There was once in the olden days a giant who lived on

                                          - 150 -
Lee's classification W_misc      Penhill who had all below him in the dale in his thrall . He
bncdoc.author Harding, Mike      owned a savage wolfhound called Wolfhead and a herd of
bncdoc.date 1989                 swine who roamed the forest and fields below Penhill . He
bncdoc.title Walking the         was cruel and vicious and cared about nothing but his flock of
Dales. bncdoc.info Walking       swine . One day , as the giant and Wolf head were hunting in
the Dales. Sample containing     the dale , they came upon a shepherdess called Gunda who
about 24218 words from a book    was minding her flocks . The giant , for sport , set Wolfhead
(domain: leisure) Text           to worrying the sheep and when Gunda pleaded with him to
availability Ownership has not   call the dog off , the giant turned upon her and , struck by
been claimed Publication         her beauty , tried to ravish her there and then . However ,
date 1985-1993 Text type         Gunda struggled free and ran for her life ; but the giant set
Written books and periodicals    Wolfhead on her and the dog pulled her down and began
                                 mauling her .
   bncdoc.id CSP David               ` Why am I so stupid ? ' asks Lehman Brothers ' Don
Lee's classification             Young , adding when asked where he stands on the stock
W_non_ac_tech_engin              now , ` I am under water . ' The most consistently bearish --
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        well he is a Brit -- Stephen Smith of PaineWebber , says that
bncdoc.title Unigram x.          until recently , saying you did n't like IBM was ` like standing
bncdoc.info Unigram x.           up and saying I do n't like apple pie . ' When asked why it
Sample containing about 10728    had taken him so long to change his view of IBM , Joseph
words from a periodical          Payne at Alex Brown & Sons said abruptly that he had to take
(domain: applied science) Text   another call and promised to call back later . He did n't , nor
availability Worldwide rights    did he return a second Journal call . Is nobody minding the
cleared Publication date         shop at IBM Corp these days ? Last Wednesday 's heavy New
1985-1993 Text type Written      York papers , the Times and the Wall Street Journal , devoted
books and periodicals            acres of newsprint to the disastrous turn taken in the tide of
                                 IBM Corp 's affairs -- but alongside , IBM still ran a chirpy
                                 RS/6000 ad with a picture of computer-generated bubbles ,
                                 with a blurb entitled The Computer That Made This Picture is
                                 Also Making History .
   bncdoc.id FB9 David               That calls for heroic devotion . ' He smiled at her ,
Lee's classification             revealing strong , yellowish teeth . It did n't seem to her as
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       though he were joking . ` Gift of ubiquity , ' he went on ,
Mortimer, J bncdoc.date 1988     looking at the picture . ` All the saints had it . They could
bncdoc.title Summer's lease.     turn up wherever they liked . Several places at the same time
bncdoc.info Summer's lease.      . Only not everyone wants all that helping , do they ? It 's a
Sample containing about 41871    bit disconcerting to be minding your own business . Just
words from a book (domain:       getting on with things . Then having a blooming great saint
imaginative) Text availability   swooping down . Interfering with everything . People resent
Worldwide rights cleared         that . Why did n't Nancy ask old Fosdyke to that excellent
Publication date 1985-1993       party ? ' ` I do n't know . ' ` Not universally popular , Signor
Text type Written books and      Fixit . ' When they got back from Siena , the pool was three
periodicals                      quarters empty .
   bncdoc.id FRC David               Nailed to the wall was a large blackboard with a
Lee's classification             compartment for chalk attached to it . On the blackboard was
W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       written : ` Greetings to Melanie , Jonathon and Victoria , ' in
Carter, Angela bncdoc.date       white chalk , surrounded with decorative blue scrolls .
1993 bncdoc.title The magic      Melanie felt a lump in her throat ; it was a touching and
toyshop. bncdoc.info The         whole-hearted welcome . Aunt Margaret picked up chalk and
magic toyshop. Sample            wrote : ` Take off your coats and be comfortable . I am
containing about 43803 words     minding the shop so we must stay downstairs for a while . '
from a book (domain:             Melanie noticed the woman 's index finger was stiffly grained
imaginative) Text availability   with chalk dust . She would have been a talkative woman if
Worldwide rights cleared         she could . Then she settled Victoria in the big chair and set
Publication date 1960-1974       about making tea . There were also big cream buns from a
Text type Written books and      paper-bag , two each for the children . ` Our last meal was
periodicals                      breakfast , ' said Jonathon . ` Sausages and bacon .

                                        - 151 -
             bncdoc.id H9D David               ` Independent , of course , ' said Helen . ` But your being
         Lee's classification             pals with the local superintendent is n't going to do any harm
         W_fict_prose bncdoc.author       . ' ` On the contrary , ' said Greg . ` As far as I could judge ,
         Barnard, Robert bncdoc.date      he thought me an incompetent idiot who ought to be
         1992 bncdoc.title Posthumous     minding his own business . I do n't suppose policemen like
         papers. bncdoc.info              being taught their jobs any more than the rest of us do . The
         Posthumous papers. Sample        most I can hope for is that I might meet him over a pint and
         containing about 45301 words     get him to be indiscreet-tell me if there is any dirt on
         from a book (domain:             Desmond Seymour-Strachey , for example . ' ` Did you take
         imaginative) Text availability   against him ? He seems to be your prime candidate . I have
         Ownership has not been           n't met him . What 's he like ? ' ` Voracious . Greedy for more
         claimed Publication date         .
         1975-1984 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
             bncdoc.id HDB David              For example my mum looks after two little boys who are
         Lee's classification W_misc      both three . One of the little boys speaks almost perfectly and
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date        draws and mixes colours extremely well . The other boy
         bncdoc.title [Children's         speaks averagely but does not do the rest . He does however
         writing] bncdoc.info             ride a bike and is already able to throw and kick balls where
         [Children's writing]. Sample     he is aiming them . One boy , , really sticks out in my mind .
         containing about 17724 words     My mum has been minding him since he was seven months
         of unpublished miscellanea       old , he is now six . One day I had left a five pound note on
         (domain: imaginative) Text       the mantelpiece . I looked for it everywhere but I could not
         availability Ownership has not   find it . Suddenly ran up to my mum and burst out , ` I did
         been claimed Publication         n't take Rachel 's money and hide it , I did n't . ' ` Where did
         date 1985-1993 Text type         n't you hide it , ' said mum , ` you show me where you did
         Written miscellaneous            n't hide it . '


Coercion in sentence

            bncdoc.id A1V David Lee's              There , too , under China 's post-1997 regime ,
         classification                        Peking would be free to declare Martial Law ; and there
         W_newsp_brdsht_nat_report             , too , a garrison of the People 's Liberation Army would
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1989-       stand ready to suppress opposition or criticism by
         19-19 bncdoc.title Independent,       whatever means Deng and his successors deemed
         electronic edition of 1989-10-03:     appropriate . More grist has filled the pessimists ' mill in
         Foreign news pages. bncdoc.info       the years since the Joint Declaration , as Peking has
         Independent, electronic edition of    grown more assertive and London more timid . Within
         1989-10-03: Foreign news pages.       months of the signing ceremony (a), China was
         Sample containing about 23055         objecting vigorously to British proposals for
         words from a periodical (domain:      introducing a meaningful degree of democracy to Hong
         world affairs) Text availability      Kong 's political structure . Britain bowed limply to China
         Worldwide rights cleared              's demands -- even though this meant weaseling-out of
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text       previous pledges to put a representative elected
         type Written books and periodicals    government into Hong Kong before 1997 , and even
                                               though Peking itself had promised a ` Hong Kong run
                                               by Hong Kong people ' .
            bncdoc.id F9L David Lee's              By the end of August Winchelsey resolved to save
         classification                        his church and the kingdom by allying with the laity who
         W_non_ac_humanities_arts              were now on the edge of rebellion . Back in February
         bncdoc.author Heath, P                1297 the barons had objected to a summons to serve

         bncdoc.date 1988 bncdoc.title         away from the king . By July they were objecting to
         Church and realm: 1272-1461.          overseas service at all . Later that month an ambiguous
         bncdoc.info Church and realm:         assembly in the king 's chamber granted a subsidy of

                                                 - 152 -
1272-1461. Sample containing about      one eighth and a fifth and a wool prise of 8000 sacks in
39591 words from a book (domain:        return for a royal promise to confirm the charters . In
belief and thought) Text                August the earls Bigod and Bohun protested at the
availability Worldwide rights cleared   exchequer against the grant of an eighth , which was
Publication date 1985-1993 Text         already being collected .
type Written books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HLA David Lee's               Its Madrid representative said on Aug. 27 that
classification                          dozens of people had died , some in the bombing and
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu                  others of thirst , and that " hundreds " were missing .
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1991          Moroccan call for postponement of referendum On Aug.
bncdoc.title Keesings Contemporary      20(a) , King Hassan of Morocco called on the UN to
Archives. bncdoc.info Keesings          delay the referendum by four months ; Morocco was
Contemporary Archives. Sample           disputing the UN 's " consolidated list " of approximately
containing about 58408 words from a     74,000 Sahrawis deemed entitled to vote , and was
periodical (domain: world affairs)      objecting to Manz 's rejection of a Moroccan list of
Text availability Ownership has not     some 120,000 people it claimed were refugees from the
been claimed Publication date           territory entitled to vote . MIDDLE EAST
1985-1993 Text type Written books
and periodicals
    bncdoc.id A5W David Lee's               And as to dictatorships -- in which he says two
classification                          people in every 100 are interested in politics as opposed
W_newsp_brdsht_nat_misc                 to three in a hundred in a democracy -- you could argue
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1989-         that some dictatorships succeeded because they
19-19 bncdoc.title Independent,         appealed to primitive instincts in people who were not
electronic edition of 1989-10-14:       interested in politics . ` That was true of Mussolini and
Frontpages. bncdoc.info                 Hitler above all ; and to some extent of Reagan , you
Independent, electronic edition of      see . People would say in America , ` He 's given us
1989-10-14: Frontpages. Sample          back our self-respect . ' ' I was (tense) objecting that ,
containing about 5468 words from a      whatever you thought of Reagan , the United States
periodical (domain: world affairs)      was the archetypal democracy ; Mr Healey was
Text availability Worldwide rights      remarking how very few people bothered to vote there
cleared Publication date 1985-1993      at all , only one in five of the eligible voters having been
Text type Written books and             enough to elect Bush ; and then we arrived obliquely at
periodicals                             the part played in politics by exhaustion .
    bncdoc.id ART David Lee's               Now , Muze magazine may not have been a high
classification W_biography              profile organisation but it did provide a much needed
bncdoc.author Middles, Mick             platform for the flourishing Manchester rock scene . To
bncdoc.date 1988 bncdoc.title           see this platform threatened by a mere Smiths ' power
The Smiths. bncdoc.info The             game , hardly proved good PR for the band and a
Smiths. Sample containing about         degree of bad feeling began to boil away in their home
41129 words from a book (domain:        city . The irony was that The Smiths were (tense)
arts) Text availability Worldwide       objecting to an article which suggested that they had
rights cleared Publication date         become governed by power and finance with an action
1985-1993 Text type Written books       that was itself a display of power and finance . A report
and periodicals                         in this peculiar state of loggerheads in the high powered
                                        but ill-fated Hit magazine hardly eased The Smiths '
                                        credibility problem . But at least the rift with Rough
                                        Trade appeared to have been solved . A news snippet in
                                        Sounds seemed to put the situation succinctly into
                                        perspective :
   bncdoc.id CEK David Lee's                It was the launching pad for a media career that has
classification                          made her one of the highest paid people on British TV .
W_newsp_other_social                    What the author had to say THE Princess of Wales is
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1992-         understood to have been (tense) objecting to two
12 bncdoc.title Today.                  claims . The first was that the Queen had ordered her to
bncdoc.info Today. Sample               go to Korea . The second was an exchange of letters
containing about 124295 words from      mentioned in the rewritten final chapter of Andrew

                                         - 153 -
a periodical (domain: social science)   Morton 's book on Diana . The book went on sale in
Text availability Worldwide rights      New York yesterday and below is what Morton says
cleared Publication date 1985-1993      about the letters . In another extract Morton makes it
Text type Written books and             clear that the Queen has supported Diana .
   bncdoc.id EER David Lee's                Estimates had shown that an extra 5 billion would be
classification W_misc                   needed on top of the existing 25 billion to keep afloat
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1991-         the E.C . farm budget . If the pressure was on McSharry
10 bncdoc.title Smallholder.            from the accountants concerned about ever increasing
bncdoc.info Smallholder. Sample         costs , it was also coming from the environmentalists
containing about 25599 words from a     who were (tense) objecting to taxpayers funding
periodical (domain: leisure) Text       intensive farming which they believed was damaging
availability Worldwide rights cleared   the environment . Since 1973 the number of farmers in
Publication date 1985-1993 Text         the E.C . had dropped by 35% , increasing
type Written books and periodicals      unemployment and ending for many farmers a link with
                                        the land which stretched back many generations . This
                                        was something McSharry wanted to prevent yet
                                        production had to be brought into line with consumer
                                        demand and budget ceilings , the problem was how ?
   bncdoc.id EWG David Lee's                In particular he referred to the enormous growth of
classification                          the arms industry in America , which by 1960 directly
W_non_ac_humanities_arts                employed 3.5 million people . A combination of a large
bncdoc.author Lancaster, A B            military establishment and a massive arms industry --
bncdoc.date 1984 bncdoc.title           what Eisenhower called the " military-industrial complex
The Americas. bncdoc.info The           " -- could become over-powerful and start to dominate
Americas. Sample containing about       American policy . Eisenhower was not(tense) objecting
42453 words from a book (domain:        to the building of strong defence forces , but stressing
world affairs) Text availability        the need for civilian control over the whole area of
Ownership has not been claimed          defence and foreign policy . It was a warning all the
Publication date 1985-1993 Text         more impressive for being delivered by an old soldier .
type Written books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id HL4 David Lee's                UNITA 's spokesman , Norberto de Castro , insisted
classification                          that his organisation was ready to initial the documents
W_non_ac_polit_law_edu                  , which would have established the framework for a
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1991          ceasefire and the transition to a pluralist democracy . It
bncdoc.title Keesings Contemporary      then transpired that a date , April 15 , 1991 , had been
Archives. bncdoc.info Keesings          accepted by both sides , but that the MPLA delegation
Contemporary Archives. Sample           was(tense) objecting to UNITA 's insistence on adding
containing about 118145 words from      the condition that April 15 , 1992 , be accepted as a
a periodical (domain: world affairs)    firm date for multiparty general elections . In a news
Text availability Ownership has not     conference reported on Portuguese radio on April 9 ,
been claimed Publication date           UNITA vice-president Jeremias Chitunda said that
1985-1993 Text type Written books       resolution of the conflict was contingent on the signing
and periodicals                         of a ceasefire agreement and the holding of free , fair
                                        and internationally monitored elections which , he said ,
                                        " make up an indivisible component of the process that
                                        will lead to lasting peace and national reconciliation in
                                        Angola " .
   bncdoc.id K2F David Lee's                Caravan moved on A COUPLE were ordered to
classification                          remove their caravan from a travellers permanent
W_newsp_other_report                    encampment at St Christopher 's Park , Newry , at the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date               local Magistrate 's Court yesterday . Mr Rory McShane ,
bncdoc.title Belfast Telegraph:         prosecuting for Newry and Mourne Council , said Nora
Foreign news pages. bncdoc.info         and Patsy Ward had parked their caravan in
Belfast Telegraph: Foreign news         contravention of the council 's regulations . Defence
pages. Sample containing about          lawyer Mr Gerry Trainor pleaded that others living there
33077 words from a periodical           were (tense) not objecting and they did not intend any

                                         - 154 -
         (domain: world affairs) Text           trouble . I 'm not afraid , says brave Laura LITTLE Laura
         availability Ownership has not been    Davies said today she was not afraid of another major
         claimed Publication date 1985-         transplant . ` I 'm not worried , ' the five-year-old girl
         1993 Text type Written books and       from Eccles , Greater Manchester , told reporters at a
         periodicals                            news conference at the Children 's Hospital of
                                                Pittsburgh .
            bncdoc.id K4S David Lee's                But behind the headline numbers lurked the truth ,
         classification                         disguised in a veil of what the property market calls
         W_newsp_other_commerce                 confidentiality clauses and what others call secret deals
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date              . ` Property deals , unlike those in the stock market
         bncdoc.title Northern Echo:            have no transparency , if required . Not only are they
         Business section. bncdoc.info          not transparent , a property deal can be struck subject
         Northern Echo: Business section.       to just about anything , ' said UBS . More bluntly they ,
         Sample containing about 37751          and many in the market , were(tense) objecting to the
         words from a periodical (domain:       prices paid by tenants to landlords for their shop units
         commerce) Text availability            and offices being kept secret from the market . Secret
         Ownership has not been claimed         sales of property were also subject to the same
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text        lambasting . The objection is that secrecy makes it very
         type Written books and periodicals     difficult to assess the value of a deal and therefore to
                                                judge the true state of the market .
            bncdoc.id JYF David Lee's                ` I 've told you only the truth , my lovely one , ' he
         classification W_fict_prose            breathed , and this time Fabia raised her head and
         bncdoc.author Steele, Jessica          kissed him , then found that she was the one being
         bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title          kissed , so expertly too that when eventually Ven pulled
         West of Bohemia. bncdoc.info West      back she was feeling on a totally different plane . ` Er --
         of Bohemia. Sample containing about    you 've -- hm -- not told me any more lies , then ? ' she
         60036 words from a book (domain:       strove desperately hard to get herself back together ,
         imaginative) Text availability         although from what she could see of it Ven was n't
         Worldwide rights cleared               (tense) objecting that his kisses had the power to
         Publication date 1985-1993 Text        scatter all sensible thought . ` Other than -- um -- the
         type Written books and periodicals     one about my car ? ' she managed a coherent sentence
                                                or two . ` Ah ! ' Ven uttered , and to her delight
                                                confessed , ` Well , there was that occasion when ,
                                                after being disturbed by thoughts of you all night , I
                                                rang you at your hotel the next morning in the hope
                                                that I had n't disturbed you . '
             bncdoc.id KGP David Lee's               Well , I mean , is n't it , got it 's sexist overtones or
         classification S_unclassified          it is Erm , you mean to say sheep , as opposed to ewe ,
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date              or Oh , come off it . Someone was saying on television
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Black         one said , one of those , er petrol weekend things ,
         sheep of the family: seminar. Sample   about all the black things , and they they were saying ,
         containing about 9483 words speech     you know , the black a black mood . Somebody 's in a
         recorded in educational context Text   black mood , they ob were (tense) objecting to that .
         availability Ownership has not been    Yes , yes , yeah . Life 's a bit short for all that , is n't it .
         claimed Publication date 1985-         Is n't it about time this silly nonsense was laughed out
         1993 Text type Spoken context-         of court , and have done with it . Yes . Yes , quite . I
         governed                               think we should forget these Yes , yes , yes . I think it 's
                                                absolutely right . So erm , instead of black , and we
                                                shall , we shall continue to say Yes .
Coercion in context

           bncdoc.id CBK David              It was acquired by enthusiasts for preservation , but on
         Lee's classification            examination by an expert , was found to be rotten beyond
         W_non_ac_humanities_arts        repair and scrapped . Nos. 36-45 Built by George F. Milnes &

         bncdoc.author Baddeley, G E     Co. , at Hadley , in 1902(a) . Although numbered in the same
         bncdoc.date 1983                series as the original cars , this batch in fact belonged to the
         bncdoc.title The tramways of    B.E.T . and not to the Corporation . The bodies were similar

                                                 - 155 -
           Croydon. bncdoc.info The        to Nos. 1-35 , but contained a number of small improvements
           tramways of Croydon. Sample     . Because the Metropolitan Police were objecting to
           containing about 40776 words    reversed stairs which obstructed the driver 's vision to the left
           from a book (domain: leisure)   , 36-45 had Milnes ` Exhibition ' staircases , which took a
           Text availability Worldwide     wide sweep in what is now known as the ` Normal ' direction
           rights cleared Publication      , i.e. the bottom step just behind the controller and the top
           date 1975-1984 Text type        step close to and at right angles to the bulkhead . The sweep
           Written books and periodicals   was wider than that of most of their imitators . They had
                                           Tidswell lifeguards .
         bncdoc.id CG0 David                    Various isolated examples of unrest acted as reminders to
     Lee's classification                  the authorities . A few of these incidents can be cited in
     W_ac_humanities_arts                  support of this view . On 17 November(a) , for example ,
     bncdoc.author Cherrington,            about 200 chemistry department students held a sit-in
     Ruth bncdoc.date 1991                 outside the main administrative building at Beijing Normal (
     bncdoc.title China's students:        Teachers ' ) University . They were objecting to having to
     the vstruggle for democracy.          travel by bus everyday to their laboratories and classrooms
     bncdoc.info China's students.         located on another site . Those familiar with the bus
     Sample containing about               arrangements in Beijing could understand their annoyance .
     35836 words from a book               Despite year-long complaints nothing had been done about
     (domain: world affairs) Text          the problem . Tired of being ignored , they demanded some
     availability Worldwide rights         immediate response from the authorities .
     cleared Publication date
     1985-1993 Text type Written
     books and periodicals
         bncdoc.id HGK David                    ` Bravo ! ' Ana called gaily as she heard him . ` Amen ! '
     Lee's classification                  Mitch agreed with still a great deal of awe in his voice .
     W_fict_prose bncdoc.author            Maggie said nothing at all . She was trailing behind the other
     Wilson, Patricia bncdoc.date          two and trying to get a grip on her nerves . She only looked
     1993 bncdoc.title Dark                up as Felipe reined in beside her . ` I -- I 'm on your horse(t)
     sunlight. bncdoc.info Dark            , ' she murmured shakily , wiping her eyes with the back of
     sunlight. Sample containing           her hand and glancing up at him . ` He is not objecting and
     about 60715 words from a              neither am I , ' Felipe said quietly . He just rode beside her ,
     book (domain: imaginative)            saying nothing else , and Maggie had to speak or burst into

     Text availability Worldwide           stormy tears . ` I damned near killed you with my
     rights cleared Publication            carelessness ! ' she burst out suddenly , and she was glad
     date 1985-1993 Text type              that he did n't even look at her .
     Written books and periodicals
         bncdoc.id KBK David                   You ca n't , it 's difficult to believe why they do n't charge
     Lee's classification S_conv           full whack . I mean it was very interesting in the Crown last
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             night (a) because apparently they , they normally have some
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info              rhythm and blues and soul and things like that on a Thursday
     228 conversations recorded by         . And erm the youngsters were n't objecting to their music .
     `Chris' (PS05X) between 31            I mean there were no real teeny boppers . Erm but the the
     May and 1 June 1991 with 8            old grey hairs like me were leaping around and . Yes alright .
     interlocutors, totalling 7432 s-      Good morning Mr . Health food shop . And it 's Calming
     units, 53920 words, and over 5        nerves sort of tension yes . Yes . Well that , it speak the truth
     hours 39 minutes 52 seconds           they were given to me by June , who 's very into that sort of
     of recordings. Text                   thing and prescribed them for Simon and in fact has had to
     availability Worldwide rights         give him a few more now because he 's had his driving test

     cleared Publication date              cancelled .
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken
No change of meaning or coercion

              bncdoc.id BNE David Lee's           All in all , the technology could be said to be
           classification                     qualitatively transforming the threat to privacy which
           W_non_ac_soc_science               information systems , even manually sorted card indexes ,

                                                   - 156 -
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            have always posed . It prompts the question whether
1989 bncdoc.title Liberty and        there is not something inexorable about the mindless
legislation. bncdoc.info Liberty     march of technology ; are we doomed to be everlastingly
and legislation. Sample containing   in retreat before the insidious advances of electronic
about 33730 words from a book        information systems ? And just what is it that we are
(domain: social science) Text        objecting to ? What do we feel we are losing ?
availability Worldwide rights        Throughout the 1960s , as technology , especially
cleared Publication date 1985-       computer technology , developed , pressure built up in
1993 Text type Written books         Parliament for legislative controls . Eventually , in 1970 ,
and periodicals                      the Home Office took refuge in a Committee of Enquiry
                                     into whether legislation to protect people against
                                     intrusions into privacy was needed .
   bncdoc.id BNE David Lee's             If the individual can fence himself off from the prying
classification                       eyes or fingers of the state , can maintain his private
W_non_ac_soc_science                 domain in his own way without intervention by public
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            authorities , an important aspect of political liberty is
1989 bncdoc.title Liberty and        established . Here again there is a question of balance : if
legislation. bncdoc.info Liberty     society has democratically determined that taxes shall be
and legislation. Sample containing   collected and revenues so received spent in certain ways ,
about 33730 words from a book        non-payment of taxes is punishable even if the defaulter is
(domain: social science) Text        objecting on conscientious grounds to aspects of staff
availability Worldwide rights        spending -- on arms , for example . All this is
cleared Publication date 1985-       straightforward enough , and is at the heart of liberal
1993 Text type Written books         democracy , respecting dissent and minority opinion within
and periodicals                      the limits of the law . How far should it be taken in respect
                                     of information handling ?
    bncdoc.id CGH David Lee's            The glass thickness may be correct for say , a 24" tank
classification W_pop_lore            , but two 24" tanks become a 48" tank and the glass
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            thickness must be suitable for this size of aquarium . This
1992-19-19 bncdoc.title              is especially important at the moment , because the BBC 's
Practical fishkeeping.               Watchdog programme on TV is objecting to the lack of
bncdoc.info Practical                glass thickness standards for aquariums . The trade are
fishkeeping. Sample containing       preparing standards to be issued by the OFI . When
about 45902 words from a             issued , these standards must be applied to joined or
periodical (domain: leisure) Text    repaired aquariums . Apologies to any readers who may
availability Worldwide rights        have been misled by the original reply .
cleared Publication date 1985-
1993 Text type Written books
and periodicals
    bncdoc.id CPC David Lee's            TAIWAN 'S TELECOMMS INDUSTRY OBJECT TO
classification                       FOREIGN BIDS ONLY CLAUSE Taiwan 's
W_non_ac_tech_engin                  telecommunications industry is objecting to a plan by the
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            Directorate General of Telecommunications to invite only
bncdoc.title Computergram            foreign bidders for its Intelligent Network project :
international. bncdoc.info           domestic companies claim to have 80% of the necessary
Computergram international.          capabilities for the $285,000N project , and are arguing
Sample containing about 8998         that agreements with foreign partners would enable them
words from a periodical (domain:     to fulfil the conditions . DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST
applied science) Text                TELEKOM ORDERS 75,00 MOBILE PHONES
availability Ownership has not
been claimed Publication date
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id G2S David Lee's           FARMING AND CONSERVATION The Yorkshire Dales
classification W_pop_lore            National Park is opposing a MAFF-supported scheme to
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            regenerate pastureland and erect fencing on farmland
1991-08 bncdoc.title Outdoor         near Kilnsey . The Park is objecting because the land ,

                                         - 157 -
Action. bncdoc.info Outdoor          which is within the Malham Arncliffe SSSI , is unimproved
Action. Sample containing about      pasture with herb-rich flushes , including birds-eye
27862 words from a periodical        primrose , devils-bit scabious and Black bog-rush . The
(domain: leisure) Text               addition of lime , fertiliser , phosphates and herbicide to `
availability Ownership has not       improve ' the land would ultimately mean the loss of
been claimed Publication date        meadow species and plant communities . The proposed
1985-1993 Text type Written          fencing would impinge on a public bridleway which
books and periodicals                traverses the field .
    bncdoc.id GWK David Lee's           And it produced nothing like the furore that the almost
classification W_misc                contemporary list of ` Great British Novelists ' did . But
bncdoc.author Uden, Grant            then that managed to omit the names of Anthony Powell
bncdoc.date 1993-19-19               and Angus Wilson . Not enough young young As I
bncdoc.title Bookseller.             understand it , the Sunday Times is not objecting ,
bncdoc.info Bookseller. Sample       primarily , to the fact that people have been left out , but
containing about 21504 words         that there were not sufficient young ( meaning under 40 )
from a book (domain: leisure)        novelists to include and that there was too much emphasis
Text availability Worldwide          on the rather elderly young like Ben Okri , Kazuo Ishiguro
rights cleared Publication date      and Iain Banks , who are well enough established
1985-1993 Text type Written
books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id HHN David Lee's                            Recent Developments on the Cambrian
classification W_misc                Lines The 1991 summer has not been one of the best for
bncdoc.author et al;Lucas, Keith     tourism in mid Wales and this has been reflected in the
bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title        passenger loadings over the BR system and , once
Bishop's Castle Railway Society      September came in , things turned particularly quiet with
Journal. bncdoc.info Bishop's        the local line stated to be absolutely dead . It is on this
Castle Railway Society Journal.      line that the Class 153 single car units - made from the
Sample containing about 7055         Class 155 's - are due to arrive shortly . They are already
words of miscellanea (domain:        down in Cardiff but ASLEF apparently is objecting to the
commerce) Text availability          very small cabs which have been created for the driver at
Worldwide rights cleared             one end . However , overloading of certain services
Publication date 1985-1993           remains a major problem , and reports have been received
Text type Written miscellaneous      of passengers having to stand from Birmingham to
                                     Aberystwyth !
    bncdoc.id J30 David Lee's            Despite the viral epidemic which killed hundreds over
classification W_pop_lore            the past two years , the Greenpeace scientists counted
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            nearly 2,500 during a five week tour , suggesting that ,
bncdoc.title The Environment         despite fears to the contrary , there is still a sustainable
Digest September 1991.               population in the region . New Scientist 7 , 28 September
bncdoc.info The Environment          Conservation : Species Spain demands EC pay for
Digest September 1991. Sample        European conservation plan The Spanish government is
containing about 12054 words         objecting to an EC plan for a network of nature reserves
from a periodical (domain: applied   across the Europe , on the grounds that the Community 's
science) Text availability           richer countries should help it pay for conservation . Under
Ownership has not been claimed       the EC plan , member states would be compelled to
Publication date 1985-1993           establish protected reserves for their key habitats and
Text type Written books and          species , to be co-ordinated by a new body known as
periodicals                          Natura 2000 .
    bncdoc.id K1U David Lee's            Voice over Sharon Mace , from Chinnor in Oxfordshire ,
classification W_news_script         has spinal atrophy . It 's a genetic condition which means
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            she 's been physically disabled from birth . A staunch
1993 bncdoc.title [Central           fighter for the rights of disabled people ; she 's angry at
television news scripts]             the way ITV 's Telethon portrays them . Female speaker
bncdoc.info [Central television      We 're not objecting to the concept of fundraising . We
news scripts]. Sample containing     all know we need money . We 're objecting to the fact
about 42638 words of material        they have 28 hours of airspace that they 're devoting to
written to be spoken (domain:        people in need and yet they 're not allowing the people

                                         - 158 -
leisure) Text availability          who are in need to say what their needs are . Voice over
Ownership has not been claimed      The organisers of Telethon say they do consult disabled
Publication date 1985-1993          people about the event and feel such an opinion is a
Text type Written-to-be-spoken      minority one .
    bncdoc.id K1U David Lee's           She says ' I do n't object to the festival . I object to the
classification W_news_script        intrusion into my life . I have lived here for twenty years .
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           When we moved here I was surround by sheep now I find
1993 bncdoc.title [Central          I am surrounded by a sunday market , a bulldog bash ,
television news scripts]            drag racing and now a pop festival . ' He says ' I think that
bncdoc.info [Central television     for everyone who is objecting to the festival locally there
news scripts]. Sample containing    are a lot more who are happy to see it go on and see the
about 42638 words of material       space used properly and there are twenty five thousand
written to be spoken (domain:       people here from all over the country that are loving the
leisure) Text availability          three days . ' The festival will feature more than twenty
Ownership has not been claimed      bands and if it all does get too much for you .
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written-to-be-spoken
    bncdoc.id K3T David Lee's           The case continues . Carers step up campaign CARERS
classification                      meet at the Queen 's Hall , Widnes , tonight in the
W_newsp_other_report                campaign against Cheshire County Council 's £25-a-week
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           charges for mentally handicapped people attending day
bncdoc.title Liverpool Daily Post   centres . Spokesman Sylvia Rigby said : ` They seem to
and Echo: Foreign news pages.       think we are only objecting to the level of the charge but
bncdoc.info Liverpool Daily Post    we are against it all together . ' Kidnap may be linked to
and Echo: Foreign news pages.       IRA bombings A BIZARRE night-time kidnapping emerged
Sample containing about 23028       yesterday as a possible link with two successive nights of
words from a periodical (domain:    IRA explosions 100 miles away on Tyneside . A security
world affairs) Text availability    guard at a British Gas depot in Wakefield , West Yorkshire
Ownership has not been claimed      , was kidnapped by a gunman and made to drive him
Publication date 1985-1993          about 40 miles , it was disclosed .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id K4W David Lee's            Hostel plan : A new £250,000 refuge for Cleveland 's
classification                      Asian women fleeing from violent husbands is to open
W_newsp_other_report                without an official ceremony in order to safeguard its
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           residents . Pensioners protest : An old age pensioners '
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:         club in Whinney Banks , Middlesbrough , is objecting to a
Foreign news pages.                 £6.03 rates demand . But a council spokesman said the
bncdoc.info Northern Echo:          club was in receipt of an 80pc discount . DURHAM CITY :
Foreign news pages. Sample          Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates in Durham City
containing about 211369 words       have found themselves united in opposition to the
from a periodical (domain: world    proposed route for a western bypass . Both Gerry
affairs) Text availability          Steinberg and Nigel Martin , asked about the £13m
Ownership has not been claimed      scheme by the Western Bypass Action Group , said they
Publication date 1985-1993          backed the group 's alternative more westerly route which
Text type Written books and         it is claimed would be environmentally less damaging .
    bncdoc.id K4W David Lee's           At the last pre-inquiry meeting someone from the
classification                      Department of Transport jumped up and said it was the
W_newsp_other_report                first he had heard of the pylons , ' she said . ` There
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           should be an energy and transport policy to coordinate
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:         some of this . ' A spokesman for the National Grid
Foreign news pages.                 Company said : ` We have recently been made aware the
bncdoc.info Northern Echo:          Department of Transport is objecting . We are studying
Foreign news pages. Sample          the situation but have not formulated any response yet . '
containing about 211369 words       The pylons proposal , which the NGC says is necessary to
from a periodical (domain: world    cope with electricity from a new power station at Wilton ,

                                         - 159 -
         affairs) Text availability           has received a further setback . Langbaurgh planning
         Ownership has not been claimed       councillors refused permission for the upgrading of a
         Publication date 1985-1993           275,000-volt line to carry 400,000 volts .
         Text type Written books and
             bncdoc.id HVK David Lee's            Er , Mr Girt , can we have erm a Leeds view ? Yes , I 'd
         classification S_pub_debate          like to come back er to Mr Brighton on the question of
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            regeneration in West Yorkshire , and er settlement South
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info EIP         West of York , some people here today would not have
         meeting at Strensall Village Hall,   heard the views of Leeds and Bradford on the H one
         day 3, afternoon session: public     discussions yet , about er why we are objecting to the
         county council planning meeting.     restraints in three North Yorkshire districts , Harrogate ,
         Sample containing about 24102        Craven , and er to less extent perhaps , Hambledon , on
         words speech recorded in public      migration levels , erm we we argued there Sorry . we
         context Text availability            argued there that erm scale of migration was not
         Ownership has not been claimed       necessary to to be contained within Leeds and Bradford ,
         Publication date 1985-1993           to promote regeneration because we 're s we 're now ,
         Text type Spoken context-
             bncdoc.id J44 David Lee's            Okay , erm , do you want to say anything about this ?
         classification S_meeting             Er Road and Avenue ? I think only , no , I do n't think so ,
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            I 'm gon na , I 'm gon na pass . Right , oh , . Erm , er
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info West        Brigadier d Brigadier , sorry . A small point . Erm , I 'm not
         Sussex Council: Highways             in any way objecting to this at all . . Erm , it seems an
         Committee meeting. Sample            awful lot of money , eighty thousand pounds , er erm I
         containing about 9590 words          just wondered how much of that sort of money Absolutely
         speech recorded in public context    Right , okay , thank you . I 'll ask him to comment on that
         Text availability Ownership has      in a minute . Mrs . No , I do n't want Oh sorry , you were
         not been claimed Publication         waving at mis at Brigadier .
         date 1985-1993 Text type
         Spoken context-governed
             bncdoc.id J9D David Lee's            Councillor Yes , thank you , Chairman . I would , I
         classification S_meeting             would hope that as erm , as a committee we can support
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            all these objectives , er , it does give me some cause for
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             concern , that our own government is objecting to these
         Lincolnshire: Board meeting.         provisions . Erm , just to comment on , for example ,
         Sample containing about 15137        maximum average erm , hourly week , forty-eight hours .
         words speech recorded in public      Erm , only the other day in the Transportation Department
         context Text availability            we were talking about drivers hours and er , it 's obvious
         Ownership has not been claimed       implication there on road safety where the government
         Publication date 1985-1993           are trying to relax the provisions , for what 's the
         Text type Spoken context-            European committee are trying to tighten them up .
             bncdoc.id J9D David Lee's            er , the unemployment 's coming down a lot with the
         classification S_meeting             jobs , they 're just part-time jobs , and they 're very cheap
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            paid jobs , and very er bad conditions for a lot of people
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             as far as health and safety goes . Because we must n't
         Lincolnshire: Board meeting.         miss the point , it does say , it 's er , the government is
         Sample containing about 15137        objecting be on the grounds of health and safety . Now
         words speech recorded in public      this is leading towards that , to make people work too
         context Text availability            long , especially part-time jobs , come from one to
         Ownership has not been claimed       another . They could be very tired , we 've seen er , er the
         Publication date 1985-1993           consequences of that and er , a lot of er these accidents
         Text type Spoken context-            happening on er ,

             bncdoc.id JT2 David Lee's           The rain of heaven . Could you give me another
         classification S_classroom           version of that please , . The rain of heaven , in idiomatic

                                                   - 160 -
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            standard English . the weather forecast . No . Yes it does .
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info John        And it , just say the rain . The falling rain . Falling rain ,
     Ruskin Sixth Form College:           even the rain from the heaven , heav no you ca n't use
     lecture. Sample containing about     heaven 's rain in this case , can you . The rain from the
     8653 words speech recorded in        sky . Yeah , it 's not the heaven I 'm objecting to , it 's ,
     educational context Text             it 's saying the rain of heaven , we we do n't use that kind
     availability Ownership has not       of structure now . We would say the rain from heaven , or
     been claimed Publication date        erm , heaven 's rain . Heavenly rain . Heavenly rain , yes ,
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken           something like that . Rain which God sent . Erm , was
     context-governed                     forbidden , and quickly changed that , to was stopped , or
                                          was prevented , or was refus was not refused .
         bncdoc.id JTD David Lee's             We know . Yeah , we know . Well , well , I 'm just You
     classification S_meeting             just need some of the worst I 'm just referring to the to
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            the if you think that 's unreasonable , now , now , that
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info             that single storey is there Yes . Yes . move it that way .
     Edingley Parish Council meeting.     But , but you see , this is what er I think , er It 's too high
     Sample containing about 8859         . that , that , that , that , people are objecting to , it 's
     words speech recorded in public      the height . They 're objecting to the height . You see . Er
     context Text availability            , er , er I hate , hate to argue Now if you go for
     Ownership has not been claimed       something reasonable , say a bungalow and a house , you
     Publication date 1985-1993           'd have no problems . Is Mr Walker saying , Chairman ,
     Text type Spoken context-            that the District Council planning officers are asking for
     governed                             this higher roof , but Yes .
         bncdoc.id KE2 David Lee's             I have n't just let the Environmental Health wash over
     classification S_conv                me I 've actually written back to them again , er I 'll be
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            interested to see whether I get a letter back from them ,
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 153         but I phoned up the Council this morning and they 're
     conversations recorded by            rejecting on two grounds , one is to do with the highway
     `Terence' (PS0W2) between 20         and the sort of the traffic situation coming in there ,
     and 27 February 1992 with 10         although the , the authority , the Highway Department are
     interlocutors, totalling 10080 s-    n't objecting to it and the other one is erm , on local
     units, 77961 words, and over 12      environmental issues I think you know that is , is
     hours 49 minutes 22 seconds of       unsuitably , unsuitable environmentally to the area well I
     recordings. Text availability        can only say that I 'm grateful to the planning , to the
     Worldwide rights cleared             planning offices for they 're going out on a limb if you like
     Publication date 1985-1993           because I think they 're on thin ice erm and so long as the
     Text type Spoken demographic         committee will ,
         bncdoc.id KP1 David Lee's             Yeah privately Yes The Council wants to make out that
     classification S_conv                you 've got to let them have the first option Of buying it
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date            from you of buying it from you and then they sell it on ?
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 28          Yeah , they 've got to wait They 've got to make some
     conversations recorded by            money out of that have n't they ? Otherwise it 's costing
     `Arthur2' (PS50T) between 27         you lot over at Southwold a lot of money and people in
     February and 2 March 1992 with       Southwold are objecting because they say I do n't blame
     7 interlocutors, totalling 9863 s-   them I do n't blame them , that it is right that people
     units, 66500 words (duration not     should , should have the right to buy from the Council ,
     recorded). Text availability         but I do n't think you should Yeah there 's that side to it I
     Worldwide rights cleared             mean it 's You see some of them only live in a small
     Publication date 1985-1993           cottage with no garden and that 's an extension to their
     Text type Spoken demographic         home , you can go down there with the children Yeah .
                                          and enjoy they 've bought the hut to enjoy Mm .

1.b.vi Detest

Coercion in sentence

                                               - 161 -
              bncdoc.id GUE David Lee's          Was he planning on putting her on a plane back to
           classification W_fict_prose       England ? Her heart , in spite of everything , lurched
           bncdoc.author Ash, Rosalie        painfully . She could n't bear this . All she wanted , as she
           bncdoc.date 1993                  sat motionless beside him in the luxurious interior of the
           bncdoc.title Calypso's Island.    Aston Martin , was to reach out and touch the muscular ,
           bncdoc.info Calypso's Island.     sun-bronzed knee so close to her own slender legs . How
           Sample containing about 48151     could she feel so physically drawn to him , when
           words from a book (domain:        intellectually she was (tense) detesting him for this
           imaginative) Text availability    arrogant charade ? For his insulting treatment of her over
           Worldwide rights cleared          that exclusive French agency ? ` Let me see , ' he mused ,
           Publication date 1985-1993        casting her a cool , heavy-lidded glance . ` Now that you

           Text type Written books and       've discovered my secret store of ` smuggled ' loot , there 's
           periodicals                       no alternative , is there ? I 'll have to spirit you away to my
                                             cave , and dispose of you on the white-slave market , just
                                             like wicked old Hasan . '


Coercion in sentence

              bncdoc.id CF4 David Lee's         I had left the technical college in February 1980 and
           classification                    within a few weeks had landed an audio typist 's job with a
           W_non_ac_soc_science              trendy voluntary housing organization . Within hours of
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date         being in the office(d) I was already hating the drudgery of
           1988 bncdoc.title Radical         being plugged into a machine . Words came into my ears
           records. bncdoc.info Radical      and my fingers made the appropriate movements . I had no
           records. Sample containing        idea what I was typing and would leave the office each day
           about 41812 words from a book     disorientated and dizzy with the effort .
           (domain: social science) Text

           availability Worldwide rights
           cleared Publication date
           1985-1993 Text type Written
           books and periodicals
              bncdoc.id FAP David Lee's          In fact , there was n't anything else at all I could do that
           classification W_fict_prose       night except go to bed . I set up the bottle on the bedside
           bncdoc.author Chester, P          table and a fresh pack of cigarettes . Both had taken quite a
           bncdoc.date 1990                  beating by the time the first grey flickers of dawn filtered in .
           bncdoc.title Murder               A few birds began to make with the auditions . It was five-
           forestalled. bncdoc.info Murder   thirty in the morning , and when I finally got to sleep (a) I
           forestalled. Sample containing    was hating those birds .
           about 44565 words from a book
           (domain: imaginative) Text

           availability Worldwide rights
           cleared Publication date
           1960-1974 Text type Written
           books and periodicals

                                                   - 162 -
        bncdoc.id JYD David Lee's        ` Enjoying our little journey ? ' he asked under his breath
     classification W_fict_prose      . Rachel looked into those powerful dark eyes . ` I 'm
     bncdoc.author Holland, Sarah     hating every minute(r) of it ! ' she said in a shaking voice ,
     bncdoc.date 1993                 and then the plane veered sharply to the right and Damian
     bncdoc.title Ungoverned          moved away from her .
     passion. bncdoc.info
     Ungoverned passion. Sample
     containing about 55849 words
     from a book (domain:
     imaginative) Text availability
     Worldwide rights cleared
     Publication date 1985-1993
     Text type Written books and
        bncdoc.id CKF David Lee's         He turned to face Neil , and their eyes met . Ewen 's were
     classification W_fict_prose      wide , injured , unbelieving ; Neil 's stony , but I could see
     bncdoc.author Stewart, Mary      the effort that kept them level . He was (tense) hating this .
     bncdoc.date 1992                 So , as a matter of fact , was I. I.took the woman 's way out
     bncdoc.title Stormy petrel.      . I retreated to the scullery to fill the kettle for a cup of tea .
     bncdoc.info Stormy petrel.
     Sample containing about 39935
     words from a book (domain:
     imaginative) Text availability
     Worldwide rights cleared
     Publication date 1985-1993
        bncdoc.id FRH David Lee's         He felt animated ; and then he remembered his
     classification W_fict_prose      obligation to be bedridden ; and then he wondered what
     bncdoc.author Gilliat, P         Henry was saying to the analyst , and whether his friend 's
     bncdoc.date 1990                 loyalty and humor were visible to the man , and what was to
     bncdoc.title Nobody's            happen next to them all . He turned over onto his side . `
     business. bncdoc.info            What is it ? ' Betty said . ` I was(tense) hating the analyst .
     Nobody's business. Sample        ' ` When you have n't met him ?
     containing about 43409 words
     from a book (domain:
     imaginative) Text availability
     Worldwide rights cleared
     Publication date 1960-1974
     Text type Written books and
        bncdoc.id JY0 David Lee's          Then , when I came out -- and I must have looked
     classification W_fict_prose      dreadful -- there she still was , the baby in one arm ,
     bncdoc.author Grey, Alice        scribbling madly on a sheet of paper with the other . I went
     bncdoc.date 1993                 to sit by her , I do n't know why , because seeing that baby
     bncdoc.title Hearts in hiding.   was twisting the knife tighter , but I did , and she put her
     bncdoc.info Hearts in hiding.    arm around me while I told her . ' ` I never knew it was like
     Sample containing about 64220    that , ' murmured Juliet . ` She was so very young , yet she
     words from a book (domain:       seemed to understand what it could be like , being denied
     imaginative) Text availability   the one thing you wanted . I was upset , so I held the baby
     Worldwide rights cleared         while she fetched me a cup of tea . She waited while I drank
     Publication date 1985-1993       it . And all I could think of was the way that baby had felt in
     Text type Written books and      my arms , and inside I was(tense) hating God for doing this
     periodicals                      to me . '

No change of meaning or coercion

                                            - 163 -
          bncdoc.id CM4 David Lee's              I do n't know whether he uses a slim feeler of the hydra
      classification W_fict_prose            -- I ca n't see if he does -- but I suppose he does . An
      bncdoc.author Watson, Ian              immaterium feeler , used as a probe &hellip; ` He reaches
      bncdoc.date 1993                       into my head , into my brain . He finds the pleasure centre
      bncdoc.title Inquisitor.               there . He stims it again and again . I am hating him , but I
      bncdoc.info Inquisitor. Sample         writhe in a betraying ecstasy , an agony of pleasure . Hating
      containing about 41798 words           him still , I burn with utter delight .
      from a book (domain:
      imaginative) Text availability
      Worldwide rights cleared
      Publication date 1985-1993
      Text type Written books and
          bncdoc.id KPV David Lee's             Yeah . Cos even when I , I 've been to see like , you
      classification S_conv                  know ones I just sit there and tend to go , yeah . Yeah .
      bncdoc.author bncdoc.date              Yeah . But you 've got ta either be really in them or sort of
      bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 13            out Sort of back seat ? Yeah . Yeah . Very different kind of
      conversations recorded by              humour where no , I , I , unfortunately I agree with you .
      `Rebecca' (PS586) between 15           Yeah . But I , I 'm hating , but I mean yeah I could see its
      and 19 October 1993 with 9             cleverness . And Yeah . real physical cleverness . Yeah . The
      interlocutors, totalling 7959 s-       staging was just brilliant ! Yeah , it 's really visual .
      units, 67920 words, and over 5
      hours 15 minutes 27 seconds of

      recordings. Text availability
      Worldwide rights cleared
      Publication date 1985-1993
      Text type Spoken demographic


Coercion in sentence

              bncdoc.id B7K David Lee's                Video conferencing has proved such a turn off
           classification W_non_ac_nat_science     that Satellite Business Systems , a company which
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1991-         operates a private satellite service in the US , has
           02-16 bncdoc.title New Scientist.       replaced circuits allocated to video with good old
           bncdoc.info New Scientist. Sample       telephone lines . Even the inventor , the multi-
           containing about 39394 words from a     national giant AT&T , has pulled out . Part of the
           periodical (domain: applied science)    problem is that Americans are so used to seeing
           Text availability Worldwide rights      slick TV presenters on the small screen that they
           cleared Publication date 1985-1993      take exception to watching badly-dressed
           Text type Written books and             businessmen who lack the skills of professional
           periodicals                             performers . ` We found that people just were n't

                                                   liking each other on meeting at a video
                                                   conference (a), ' said David Ledecky , of IRD .
                                                   What is lacking , says Ledecky , is a telepresence .
              bncdoc.id CAD David Lee's                I know I have -- Like a million times . Why is it
           classification W_pop_lore               that so many young bands want to write The
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date               Stone Roses ' second album ? There is a CND
           bncdoc.title New Musical Express.       symbol on the front of this record , therefore we
           bncdoc.info New Musical Express.        have been forced to ban it , in the interests of
           Sample containing about 59510 words     being Right Wing . P : Woooh ! I like it ! J : We 're

           from a periodical (domain: arts) Text   liking everything today(a) ! ( they giggle ,
           availability Worldwide rights cleared   theatrically , like the Philadelphia cheese girls )
           Publication date 1985-1993 Text         They 're from Hackney . Yes !
           type Written books and periodicals

                                                   - 164 -
   bncdoc.id JY6 David Lee's                ` Now , if you 'll excuse me , goodnight . ' She
classification W_fict_prose             looked at the clock when she got in . It was ten
bncdoc.author Wilder, Quinn             o'clock . She had been up for five hours . And she
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title One       was absolutely exhausted . She wondered if she
shining summer. bncdoc.info One         was getting sick . If this was what Mandy happily
shining summer. Sample containing       referred to as romance , she decided that being an
about 52001 words from a book           intern at a busy inner-city hospital was marginally
(domain: imaginative) Text              less stressful . It was n't romance , anyway . It
availability Worldwide rights cleared   was &hellip; confusion . It was liking someone
Publication date 1985-1993 Text         one minute and hating them the next (d). It was
type Written books and periodicals      feeling attracted , and humiliated by that attraction
                                        . It was feeling out of control .
   bncdoc.id JXY David Lee's                Then as David got up to order another drink
classification W_fict_prose             she found that her anger towards him was
bncdoc.author Keane, Lucy               dwindling ; after all , she could hardly accuse him
bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title           of being uncaring when she was only too aware of
False impressions. bncdoc.info False    the caring nature of his activities . She found
impressions. Sample containing about    herself watching him as he carried their drinks
46460 words from a book (domain:        back to the table , the easy way he moved , his
imaginative) Text availability          casual dress , his ready smile , and in spite of her
Worldwide rights cleared Publication    previous reservations she realised she was(tense)
date 1985-1993 Text type Written        liking what she saw . She had dismissed as
books and periodicals                   rubbish Nina 's allegations that the men thought he
                                        was interested in her , but she had to admit he
                                        was good company , and for the next half-hour he
                                        entertained her with stories of his work in Australia
                                        , of the people he 'd met and of his excursions into
                                        the bush and to the Great Barrier Reef .
   bncdoc.id CE5 David Lee's                And they supplied Latowa with expertise and
classification W_fict_prose             supplies : Charlie himself , the bomb maker ; guns
bncdoc.author Bulmer, Kenneth           ; ammunition &hellip; but in exchange for what ? '
bncdoc.date 1983 bncdoc.title The       Cowley said , ` The continuing revolution . Civil
professionals: volume 15.               unrest . The breakdown of social stability .
bncdoc.info The professionals:          Anywhere . Is n't that what they 're all after ? '
volume 15. Sample containing about      Cowley was(tense) liking the sound of this ; ideas
41534 words from a book (domain:        and facts were beginning to fit together . ` So we
imaginative) Text availability          have a connection closer to home : Doyle saw
Worldwide rights cleared Publication    something that threatened them . Or someone .
date 1975-1984 Text type Written
books and periodicals
   bncdoc.id BN1 David Lee's               ' Dear Anne , How is your course going ? I 'm
classification W_fict_prose             sure I know the answer to that anyway . I saw
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1989          your mum when I was visiting my parents in
bncdoc.title And thus will I freely     Greylaw a couple of months ago . She said you
sing. bncdoc.info And thus will I       were interning with a stockbroker and it was a
freely sing. Sample containing about    special summer programme , so all the best and all
36954 words from a book (domain:        the rest everyone else has already said to you .
imaginative) Text availability          Your mum said you were (tense) n't liking the
Worldwide rights cleared Publication    Smoke much better but that it was alright . So
date 1985-1993 Text type Written        here I am in Edinburgh , same old place , thinking
books and periodicals                   I might as well write and say hi.

                                        - 165 -
         bncdoc.id KSV David Lee's                      Yes ! Knowing Stuart she 's probably got a little
      classification S_conv                         hole down there and he can just flop it out ! Tights
      bncdoc.author bncdoc.date                     are on backwards to make sure ! Shall we do that
      bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 25                   ? What ? Ye , shall we have a pyjama party ? Oh
      conversations recorded by `Richard2'          yeah , that 'll be nice wo n't it ? That 'll be brilliant
      (PS1BY) between 21 and 27 February            ! Oh good ! with nighties ! Cor ! Wow ! No , but I
      1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling          can imagine that ! Yeah ! Oh ! Ooh ! Probably
      6013 s-units, 38297 words (duration           share the same actually . Ooh I co , ooh I 'm
      not recorded). Text availability              liking the idea of this more and more(d) ! Yes !

      Worldwide rights cleared Publication          Oh no ! Ooh ! Oh definitely ! Mm ! So Oh I shall
      date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken               look forward to this now !
 No change of meaning or coercion

               bncdoc.id C9M David Lee's          Even so , I 've been trying to get to this level for seven
           classification W_pop_lore          or eight years , even though I knew that people liked what I
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          did . I already had a mailing list of over 7000 people , which
           bncdoc.title Guitarist.            is healthy for someone who is n't a household name , and is
           bncdoc.info Guitarist. Sample      a good base for putting out a single , if those people then
           containing about 60473 words       go and buy it . As with the new ` Being There ' album , it 's
           from a periodical (domain: arts)   quite daunting to think of the number of people who are
           Text availability Worldwide        listening and liking it . Epic have been fabulous ; they 're
           rights cleared Publication date    much better known for the Michael Jacksons and George
           1985-1993 Text type Written        Michaels of this world , but they 've been really helpful to
           books and periodicals              me
               bncdoc.id FAS David Lee's          All very proud we now have a green Prime Minister .
           classification W_fict_poetry       What colour yours ? Binbags . You will be knowing of
           bncdoc.author Duffy, C A           Charles Dickens and Terry Wogan and Scotland . All this can
           bncdoc.date 1990                   be arranged for cash no questions . Ireland not on . Fish
           bncdoc.title The other country.    and chips and the Official Secrets Act second to none . Here
           bncdoc.info The other country.     we go . We are liking a smashing good time like estate
           Sample containing about 8341       agents and Neighbours , also Brookside for we are allowed
           words from a book (domain:         four Channels .
           imaginative) Text availability
           Worldwide rights cleared
           Publication date 1985-1993
           Text type Written books and
               bncdoc.id HA7 David Lee's          Do n't be alarmed . I 'm still me . ' He paused
           classification W_fict_prose        significantly . ` Or perhaps that 's what does alarm you . ' `
           bncdoc.author Kingston, Kate       Oh , so you 've noticed ? ' Merrill returned , wishing that she
           bncdoc.date 1993                   were n't quite so transparent . ` Well , I warned you at the
           bncdoc.title A warning of          interview that I was no easy option , did n't I ? ' he barked .
           magic. bncdoc.info A warning       Then his manner changed as he eyed her curiously . ` How
           of magic. Sample containing        are you liking the job ? It 's difficult to tell anything from
           about 56850 words from a book      that smooth Madonna face . ' Merrill glanced away ,
           (domain: imaginative) Text         shuffling letters into a neat pile . It was the first time that

           availability Worldwide rights      he 'd come anywhere near to making a personal remark ,
           cleared Publication date           and she had already concluded that she did n't register with
           1985-1993 Text type Written        him as a person , only as his assistant , sexless and
           books and periodicals              insignificant .
               bncdoc.id KC0 David Lee's          I 'd been per wo ah I I feel that all this doctrine res
           classification S_conv              religions are spoilt That 's what I said ! by doctrine . Exactly
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          ! Oh no ! Nobody believes That 's wrong ! any of it now ! I
           bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 14        mean I think No I know . I know . Yeah , it 's terribly sad !
           conversations recorded by          It 's terribly sad ! I think it 's . Even the Bishop of Durham ,
           `Enid' (PS08Y) between 21 and      I 've just recently bought one of his books and I rather wish

                                                    - 166 -
         27 February 1992 with 10           I had n't , I 'm not liking it much erm he 's still much too
         interlocutors, totalling 8028 s-   orthodox really . Is he ?
         units, 45900 words, and 4 hours
         0 minutes 12 seconds of
         recordings. Text availability
         Worldwide rights cleared
         Publication date 1985-1993
         Text type Spoken demographic
             bncdoc.id KCF David Lee's          I , I , I was , about , what I , I do , I bought an Elvis
         classification S_conv              Presley one er a Tom Jones one , that drinks one , you
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          know , that I like , it 's , it 's well I like singing it , what I
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 30        mean , I think what it is I 'm looking for the old , I 'm not
         conversations recorded by          being funny , I 'm looking for the old voice I do n't like me
         `Herbert' (PS1EM) between 13       voice , I 'm not liking it at all and I think that 's what
         and 19 March 1992 with 9           putting me off on taping it and listening to myself after , I
         interlocutors, totalling 3755 s-   do n't , I like , I like to I should n't do it , I 'm not gon na do
         units, 21898 words, and 3 hours    it any more , I 'm not gon na tape me own voice and listen
         51 minutes 57 seconds of           to it I just not listening to me own voice Left a good job in
         recordings. Text availability      the city , working for a man Yeah , quite smooth actually
         Worldwide rights cleared           Yeah , yeah ,
         Publication date 1985-1993
         Text type Spoken demographic
             bncdoc.id FXH David Lee's           See she 's enjoying that . That 's a better bit is n't it ?
         classification S_consult           Aye , oh he loves that does n't he ? Aye . That 's it . What
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          about as far round as that high , nothing as far round here ?
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info           No nothing no . Nothing up there ? No , and a wee bit there
         General practitioner's surgery:    . I 'm liking this , I 'm liking this . What about there ? And
         medical consultation. Sample       there ? Aye right there , aye . Right . We 've got it coming
         containing about 1264 words        up that bit there , right . Aye . Right up through there , and
         speech recorded in public          tell me if I do that oh ? Aye right there at to . She enjoyed
         context Text availability          that . Will I do it on the other side ? No , do n't bother . Aha
         Ownership has not been claimed     . I 'm feeling deprived this morning . I 'm feeling deprived .
         Publication date 1985-1993         What What er what brought that on Marie , any idea ? Erm I
         Text type Spoken context-          have n't been bothered with it for a couple of months now
         governed                           Doctor , and thought it was an ulcer , did n't you Marie ?
             bncdoc.id G5J David Lee's           Er taking data from whatever . Mhm . lot more the the
         classification S_interview         the job they have , it 's a a very long it runs from just off
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          the coast of er Norway right down Mhm . to Great Yarmouth
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info           and then across to . So and the foods good . Oh that 's
         Market research interview.         Tremendous . sticker . There there and there . He 's
         Sample containing about 11164      inherited I believe . Is he quite liking it ? It 's a job , that 's
         words speech recorded in           all . Mm . I think it 's too much of the from the you know
         business context Text              the contractors . They tell them what to do . Mhm . And
         availability Ownership has not     sometimes he does n't like it . Needles to say i if they want
         been claimed Publication date      them to do anything . Mhm . Mhm . . Mm . head office .
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken         Because there was no H P Sauce . All the condiments were
         context-governed                   unheard of brands .

Coercion in sentence

            bncdoc.id A8N David Lee's          It 's very hard to find a vet to fire a horse , they 're liable
         classification                     to get prosecuted by the RSPCA . Breakfast Car will
         W_newsp_brdsht_nat_sports          probably have to go up a grade and go to slightly posher

         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          places . ' Wizzard Artist , who ran on Lingfield 's all-weather
         1989-19-19 bncdoc.title The        Flat course a fortnight ago , completed a great day for
         Guardian, electronic edition of    Davies with a slick , 12 lengths win in the Jevington Novices

                                                   - 167 -
          1989-11-23: Sport section.          ' Hurdle . Davies , who will be 33 next month , enthused : `
          bncdoc.info The Guardian,           I 'm still(t) loving the game . The Captain ( Tim Forster ) is
          electronic edition of 1989-11-23:   very good to me and there 's no pressure on either of us
          Sport section. Sample containing    now that I 'm no longer stable jockey . That 's my first
          about 12014 words from a            treble this season , but I once had a four-timer and a
          periodical (domain: leisure)        second from five rides at Newbury . '
          Text availability Worldwide
          rights cleared Publication date
          1985-1993 Text type Written
          books and periodicals
              bncdoc.id ABV David Lee's           Peter Abelard rejected these crude and often absurd
          classification W_religion           ideas which seemed to lower the dignity of God . In their
          bncdoc.author Carey, George         place he substituted a psychological theory which is almost
          bncdoc.date 1991                    modern in its understanding and penetration . He saw the
          bncdoc.title I believe.             power of love to inspire and transform . In his opinion , the
          bncdoc.info I believe. Sample       cross of Christ did not change God , or our relationship with
          containing about 39020 words        God at all , but it changes us . The cross does not affect
          from a book (domain: belief and     God because he has always(t) been loving and desiring our
          thought) Text availability          repentance ; it affects us by presenting us with an example
          Worldwide rights cleared            of love and sacrifice which overwhelms us because of its
          Publication date 1985-1993          outrageous generosity . Let us now dig a little deeper into
          Text type Written books and         this theory and try to appreciate Abelard 's thought from
          periodicals                         within . For him the power of love is paramount .
              bncdoc.id K35 David Lee's           Joan said : ` I want people to know that Brian has never
          classification                      been forgotten and that we will never give up hope that his
          W_newsp_other_report                murderer will be found . ' Joan and Ted McDermott --
          bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           suffering still shows in their eyes . Picture by FRED HOARE
          bncdoc.title Belfast Telegraph:     Police put out an urgent call to public for more four-legged
          Foreign news pages.                 volunteers &hellip; IT 'S a dog 's life in the RUC -- and the
          bncdoc.info Belfast Telegraph:      100 Alsatians , Labradors and Spaniels in the Force are
          Foreign news pages. Sample          loving every minute of it(r) ! But the boys in bottle green
          containing about 39397 words        are urgently looking for more four legged recruits to swell
          from a periodical (domain: world    their depleted ranks , and have appealed to the Ulster
          affairs) Text availability          public for new volunteers . Nearly all the canine members of
          Ownership has not been claimed      the police dog section are former unwanted pets donated
          Publication date 1985-1993          by families who for a variety of reasons found the could no
          Text type Written books and         longer offer a home to man 's best friend .
              bncdoc.id K3A David Lee's           ` I love meeting people that 's why it 's so special ' Mum
          classification                      in a million &hellip; Frances Bradburn , with one of her
          W_newsp_other_social                foster pets Interview by JANET TANSLEY WONDER WOMAN
          bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           ! ` COME in , would you like a cup of tea ? You must see
          bncdoc.title Liverpool Daily        the kittens &hellip; ' Frances Bradburn is loving every bit
          Post and Echo: Leisure pages.       (r) of the attention bestowed on her after winning the
          bncdoc.info Liverpool Daily         region 's Mum of the Year Award . Not because of the new-
          Post and Echo: Leisure pages.       found fame , the cash she 's pocketed or the car she stands
          Sample containing about 26774       to win in the national finals . Says Frances , 53 , of
          words from a periodical             Delamere Road , Ainsdale : ` I love meeting people and
          (domain: leisure) Text              that is what has made it all so special .
          availability Ownership has not
          been claimed Publication date
          1985-1993 Text type Written
          books and periodicals
              bncdoc.id CA3 David Lee's          ` Well , you may not . You do n't know anything . All of
          classification W_fict_prose         Gabriel 's people think that they know everything . But you

          bncdoc.author Pulsford,             do n't know anything really . ' ` I 'm not Gabriel 's people . '

          Petronella bncdoc.date 1990         ` All right . But honestly . ' ` He 's not right for you . ' `

                                                    - 168 -
bncdoc.title Lee's ghost.          Philippa , when have you ever , ever , known anyone fall in
bncdoc.info Lee's ghost.           love with someone who was ` right ' for them ? ' ` If you
Sample containing about 34766      love somebody so much that it hurts(a) then you are
words from a book (domain:         loving too much . That 's a quote , I think . From a book
imaginative) Text availability     about women and loving . ' ` Maybe if you love someone so
Worldwide rights cleared           little that it does n't hurt then it 's not love . You 're
Publication date 1985-1993         preaching individuality , intactness , but people let go of
Text type Written books and        these things when they love . Do n't ask me to do a
periodicals                        liberated woman . I 'm not like that . ' ` You can love and
                                   stay intact . You 're too soft . '
    bncdoc.id CBE David Lee's           Their happiness was to be destroyed by the heart-
classification                     rending realisation that Kimberly was not his child . She had
W_newsp_other_report               been swopped with another baby 13 years before in a tragic
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          hospital blunder . Bob Mays had to confront the fact that for
1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.        years(a) he had been loving someone else 's daughter .
bncdoc.info Today. Sample          The story of Bob and Kimberly captures the emotional
containing about 46974 words       torture of families across America whose lives have been
from a periodical (domain: world   blighted by baby swops . It began in the Hardee Memorial
affairs) Text availability         Hospital , Wauchula , Florida with Kimberly 's birth .
Worldwide rights cleared           Whether on purpose or by mistake , Kimberly was
Publication date 1985-1993         exchanged for the baby who came to be known as Arlena
Text type Written books and        Twigg . The swop did not come to light until Arlena , who
periodicals                        suffered from a congenital heart defect , had to undergo
                                   surgery .
    bncdoc.id CC9 David Lee's           Craig was able to say his thanks in church while I was
classification W_misc              languishing in bed with tonsillitis . So let me add mine --
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          thank you very very much . Being in the creche was a lot of
bncdoc.title [Queen's Park         fun for all our family . We had difficulty persuading our kids
Baptist church magazines]          out of the creche and into their different groups , they liked
bncdoc.info [Queen's Park          the wee ones so much ! However we are loving being back
Baptist church magazines].         in the service now (a). Finally , many thanks to the parents
Sample containing about 7851       and all the other folk who helped us by being part of the
words of unpublished               duty rota . Particular thanks to Pauline Carruthers and
miscellanea (domain: belief and    Isobel and Colin Barber . Much love to all you Mums , Dads
thought) Text availability         and kids . CHOCOLATE LOGS
Ownership has not been claimed
Publication date 1985-1993
Text type Written
    bncdoc.id HGE David Lee's           As she cuddled him , seeing his tiny face , his perfect
classification W_fict_prose        little hands , a great surge of emotion swept through her .
bncdoc.author Marshall, Paula      Never mind the narrow life that he had been born into ; his
bncdoc.date 1993                   tiny presence seemed to make all the suffering and pain his
bncdoc.title An American           birth had caused worthwhile . Except that while(d) she was
princess. bncdoc.info An           loving him , gazing wonderingly at his blind eyes , Dr Neil
American princess. Sample          said suddenly and hoarsely , ` Quick , McAllister ; put the
containing about 78843 words       baby in the drawer over there and bring me as much
from a book (domain:               towelling as you can . ' For earlier , the grandma , who had
imaginative) Text availability     left them some time ago , had pulled out a drawer from a
Worldwide rights cleared           deal tallboy , and put a noxious blanket in it , ready for the
Publication date 1985-1993         baby 's birth .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id ED7 David Lee's         The guy relays how he 's been fantasising about you
classification W_pop_lore          while with his new girlfriend , so you invite him over to do
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          the wild thing . It 's sung slowly and sweetly , just like a
1991-11 bncdoc.title Hot           ballad . ` I 'll suck your dick and I wo n't stop/Till

                                         - 169 -
      Press. bncdoc.info Hot Press.       everything inside rises to the top I 'll swallow every ounce
      Sample containing about 64637       of that sticky cum/Cause that 's how a dick-suck should be
      words from a periodical             done/Then your cum goes down my throat/And I 'm loving
      (domain: arts) Text                 every bit (r) and refuse to choke/No other girls will do the
      availability Worldwide rights       things I do/Now tell me/Is the pussy still good to you ? '
      cleared Publication date            That 's just a taste of the song .
      1985-1993 Text type Written
      books and periodicals
         bncdoc.id GW8 David                  ` I know that . ' ` I thought , Angel , that you loved me
      Lee's classification                -- me , my very self ! If you do love me , how can you treat
      W_fict_prose bncdoc.author          me like this ? It frightens me ! Having begun to love you , I
      Hardy, Thomas;West, Clare           will love you for ever , in all changes , in all troubles ,
      bncdoc.date 1989                    because you are yourself . I ask no more . Then how can
      bncdoc.title Tess of the            you , my husband , stop loving me ? ' ` I repeat , the
      d'Urbervilles: Oxford Bookworms     woman I have been (tense) loving is not you . ' ` But who
      edition. bncdoc.info Tess of        is she ? ' ` Another woman in your shape . ' Suddenly she
      the d'Urbervilles: Oxford           realized how he saw her . For him she was a guilty woman
      Bookworms edition. Sample           pretending to be an innocent one . There was terror in her
      containing about 34886 words        white face as she saw this . She could not stand , and he
      from a book (domain:                stepped forward , thinking she might fall . ` Sit down , ' he
      imaginative) Text availability      said gently .
      Worldwide rights cleared
      Publication date 1985-1993
      Text type Written books and
Coercion in context

            bncdoc.id CBF David              Both were born on Tuesday , November 24 (a), at the
         Lee's classification            Princess Anne Maternity hospital in Southampton . The alarm
         W_newsp_other_report            was not raised until last Friday when one arrived home with
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date       the wrong surname on an identity bracelet . As soon as the
         1992-12 bncdoc.title Today.     parents of the first baby contacted health service bosses the
         bncdoc.info Today. Sample       parents of the second were told . Blood samples were taken
         containing about 238754         from the mothers and babies . If tests confirm there was a
         words from a periodical         mix-up , the parents will have to live with the fact they have
         (domain: world affairs) Text    been loving someone else 's child . Midwifery manager Ann
         availability Worldwide rights   Wilson said : ` One set of parents were very understanding
         cleared Publication date        but the others were more angry about it , although they are
         1985-1993 Text type Written     calmer now . '
         books and periodicals
            bncdoc.id K2A David              And now in early autumn the Emerald band is making
         Lee's classification            mellow music . ` Accordion music travels well , ' says Doherty
         W_newsp_other_arts              . ` I was in Florida a few weeks(a) ago and heard an album
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date       cut at my studios a few years ago by the Diamond Accordion
         bncdoc.title Belfast            Band being played on a pub juke box . ` The Yanks were
         Telegraph: Arts section.        loving it . ' The Diamond band is still around and is also
         bncdoc.info Belfast             producing more records with Emerald . In the meantime it 's
         Telegraph: Arts section.        Emerald and Bradley who are the flavour of the autumn .
         Sample containing about 8047
         words from a periodical
         (domain: arts) Text
         availability Ownership has

         not been claimed Publication
         date 1985-1993 Text type
         Written books and periodicals

                                                 - 170 -
         bncdoc.id KBL David                   The bit where he like jumping on the lake they 've cut
     Lee's classification S_conv           away a bit of the platform so the only way you can do it is
     bncdoc.author bncdoc.date             jump onto this bit of wood then fly , and literally he was like
     bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 40           that , just going in mid air and landed right in the water ! He
     conversations recorded by             's nuts ! Blinking ! Bit cold for that in n it ? No , it was
     `Cherrilyn' (PS06A) between           gorgeous yesterday(a) was n't it ? Yeah . And it 's very You
     21 and 26 February 1992 with          and Brian were loving it ! Brian said not too much today
     9 interlocutors, totalling 5508       Matt , I thought bloody hell what do you think I am ! Telling
     s-units, 27294 words (duration        me to walk across ! Is that what he said ? Yeah . He 's worse
     not recorded). Text                   that I am ! Both of you , you 're both saps ! Do n't let him go
     availability Worldwide rights         in the water it 's too cold ! That 's rubbish ! Dogs do n't feel

     cleared Publication date              that !
     1985-1993 Text type Spoken
Change of meaning

               bncdoc.id A0L David Lee's           Jay 's mind blew . Lucy was used to men , right ? What
           classification W_fict_prose         to do , oh , what to do &hellip; her longing fingers moved
           bncdoc.author Cooper, Fiona         deep inside Lucy , right to the hard bud of flesh , the
           bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title       flowing cervix . ` Jay , what are you doing ? ' murmured
           Jay loves Lucy. bncdoc.info Jay     Lucy , the words broken by hauling breaths inside her . ` I
           loves Lucy. Sample containing       'm loving you , ' said Jay to Lucy 's breast , ` Is it OK ? '
           about 43101 words from a book       ` Mm , ' said Lucy , writhing against her . Jay rode that
           (domain: imaginative) Text          secret muscle for a while , her ears scanning every sigh .
           availability Worldwide rights       Her hand spiralled against Lucy 's clitoris , goddamn the
           cleared Publication date 1985-      useless WORD for the centre of desire . Gentle and
           1993 Text type Written books        insistent , tender and rhythmic until Lucy came .
           and periodicals
               bncdoc.id HGE David Lee's           He said huskily , ` Let me , McAllister , ' and began to
           classification W_fict_prose         unbutton her blouse , ` I want to stroke you , McAllister ,
           bncdoc.author Marshall, Paula       and not your clothes , ' and she made no effort to stop
           bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       him , and when he bent his head to kiss the breasts he
           An American princess.               had fondled with his hands the cry which she gave was
           bncdoc.info An American             one of pleasure , not fear , for now it was Dr Neil loving
           princess. Sample containing about   her so carefully that the flood of pleasure was almost on
           78843 words from a book             her from that alone . No , he would not hurt her , and now
           (domain: imaginative) Text          she wanted to be him , to be part of him . Her hands
           availability Worldwide rights       moved to unbutton his shirt , and , that done , she not
           cleared Publication date 1985-      only wanted to stroke the golden down on his body , but
           1993 Text type Written books        to see that body , to see him .
           and periodicals
               bncdoc.id JY4 David Lee's           ` Like your goat and your mule ? ' she teased . ` And
           classification W_fict_prose         in that order too , ' he whispered heatedly . ` You will
           bncdoc.author Fox, Natalie          marry me , wo n't you , my only love ? ' ` Oh , Fernando ,
           bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       yes , I 'll marry you . ' She clung to him , passionately
           Love or nothing. bncdoc.info        rained kisses down his face , easing the anguish ,
           Love or nothing. Sample             careering her hands down his back as he moved restlessly
           containing about 57596 words        against her . Minutes later he was loving her completely ,
           from a book (domain:                his thrusts deep inside her , his penetration so absolute ,
           imaginative) Text availability      so wonderfully possessive that she closed around him

           Worldwide rights cleared            instinctively , holding him where he belonged , within her
           Publication date 1985-1993          for evermore . She grasped his hips into hers , never to let
           Text type Written books and         him go , and he responded with the rhythm of love she
           periodicals                         craved so strongly .

                                                   - 171 -
             bncdoc.id K61 David Lee's          . I remember going down to the bridge in Walsall and a
         classification                     sailor climbed the old clock and tied his collar around it
         S_interview_oral_history           and a soldier got up and put his hat on and an airman got
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          up and put his tie with a red , white and blue rosette on it
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info           , around the arms of the old clock and people were
         Walsall Local Studies Centre:      loving and kissing everywhere , and oh it was really you
         interview. Sample containing       had to be alive to appreciate it . After , after the years of
         about 11127 words speech           hardship and loss and then ev everything came as a relief
         recorded in leisure context Text   , course we were still at war with the Japanese and people
         availability Ownership has not     were still in Burma , our soldiers were still in Burma
         been claimed Publication date      fighting the Japanese , but having said that the main issue
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken         was over and it was n't long after the Americans dropped
         context-governed                   the atomic bomb and of course ,

No change of meaning or coercion

            bncdoc.id A18 David Lee's           Both he and Sonya Marmeladov , in their separate
         classification                     areas of the novel , impress the need to accept suffering .
         W_ac_humanities_arts               Now suffering is a vast and many-sided fact of Crime and
         bncdoc.author Jones, John          Punishment , as of all mature Dostoevsky -- larger than
         bncdoc.date 1983 bncdoc.title      the ` loose end ' idea of The Drunks which produced
         Dostoevsky. bncdoc.info            Marmeladov the marmeladey wallower in abasement and
         Dostoevsky. Sample containing      humiliation , the man who seeks suffering and finds it (
         about 35938 words from a book      and so finds satisfaction too ) at the bottom of his vodka
         (domain: arts) Text availability   jug , who screams ` I 'm loving this ! ' when his wife
         Worldwide rights cleared           pulls him across the room by his hair ; and larger than the
         Publication date 1975-1984         ` out of the practical swim ' idea of ` A Confession ' from
         Text type Written books and        which emerges the murderer , the man with something to
         periodicals                        confess , who does n't seek suffering but learns , though
                                            only in the Epilogue , to accept it .
            bncdoc.id BMB David Lee's           How does a female boss handle striking workers ? As
         classification W_commerce          confidently as a man , show psychometric tests conducted
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          among top managers by the Vocational Guidance
         1991-07 bncdoc.title Business.     Association . John Lawless reports on the rise of execs
         bncdoc.info Business. Sample       equality . LIZ RAYNER Head of senior remuneration and
         containing about 44464 words       benefits at Shell International . Aged 44 , married , one
         from a periodical (domain:         son VGA 's verdict Is in the top 5 per cent of UK managers
         commerce) Text availability        , but has n't the faintest idea how good she is . Shell is
         Worldwide rights cleared           stretching her executive capabilities , and she 's loving it .
         Publication date 1985-1993         Her pleasant manner wins her commitment and loyalty
         Text type Written books and        from friends and colleagues . She has a calmness which
         periodicals                        makes others bring their work and personal troubles to
                                            her . But she never uses her personality to gain a career
                                            advantage .
            bncdoc.id C8B David Lee's           Wash hands thoroughly afterwards . You can achieve
         classification W_pop_lore          more intensive colour with further applications . SPECIAL
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          REPORT Why we 're loving our countryside to death
         bncdoc.title Best. bncdoc.info     From the Highlands of Scotland to Land 's End in Cornwall
         Best. Sample containing about      , Britain has some beautiful and varied landscapes and
         34882 words from a periodical      coastlines . Yet , in our enthusiasm to enjoy our great
         (domain: leisure) Text             outdoors , we are destroying it through over-use Visitors
         availability Ownership has not     to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales could hardly believe their
         been claimed Publication date      eyes last Autumn . There , amid the rugged crags and
         1985-1993 Text type Written        splendid views of six people from the National Park

         books and periodicals              plastering an odd concoction over the footpaths . Gooey ,
                                            brown and revolting is the best way to describe what was
                                            , in fact , hydraulic seeding mixture .

                                                 - 172 -
    bncdoc.id HY6 David Lee's           This leads naturally to the splendid definitions of love
classification                      in chapter ten as Rolle anticipates the disciple bringing
W_ac_humanities_arts                him down to earth with a question : " You talk a great
bncdoc.author Glasscoe, Marion      deal about love but what is it ? Where is it ? How do I
bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title       best practise it and know that I am loving God ? " The
English medieval mystics: games     systematic answers reveal that love is essentially in the
of faith. bncdoc.info English       inner heart of man not in works , which are merely a sign
medieval mystics: games of faith.   of love , though it is true that " luf wil noght be ydel : it es
Sample containing about 46423       wirkand som gude evermare " ( 111.96--7 ) . By re-
words from a book (domain: arts)    examining the three degrees in ways which are closer to
Text availability Ownership has     those of Emendatio Vitae Rolle now expands
not been claimed Publication        understanding of the implications of his earlier definitions
date 1985-1993 Text type            in chapter eight of The Form .
Written books and periodicals
    bncdoc.id K1U David Lee's           When we moved here I was surround by sheep now I
classification W_news_script        find I am surrounded by a sunday market , a bulldog bash
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           , drag racing and now a pop festival . ' He says ' I think
1993 bncdoc.title [Central          that for everyone who is objecting to the festival locally
television news scripts]            there are a lot more who are happy to see it go on and
bncdoc.info [Central television     see the space used properly and there are twenty five
news scripts]. Sample containing    thousand people here from all over the country that are
about 42638 words of material       loving the three days . ' The festival will feature more
written to be spoken (domain:       than twenty bands and if it all does get too much for you .
leisure) Text availability          There 's always the Bungy jump . She screams Read in
Ownership has not been claimed      studio Dozens of street musicians have been competing
Publication date 1985-1993          for the title of Britain 's best busker .
Text type Written-to-be-spoken
    bncdoc.id K52 David Lee's           I do n't intend to play him . But he can sample the
classification                      first-team atmosphere . ` I am planning for next season ,
W_newsp_other_sports                even though I am not sure what the future holds . I am
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           manager until the end of the season when my position will
bncdoc.title Northern Echo:         be reviewed . ` Football is a game of chance and I am
Leisure pages. bncdoc.info          loving every minute of it . I can see signs of improvement
Northern Echo: Leisure pages.       throughout the club . ' HARTLEPOOL chairman Garry
Sample containing about 172180      Gibson rates winger Paul Dalton as First Division material .
words from a periodical (domain:    Gibson said : ` Dalton is especially good against better
leisure) Text availability          quality opposition . He was outstanding in our Cup games
Ownership has not been claimed      , because players are allowed more space against higher-
Publication date 1985-1993          division teams .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id K5D David Lee's           John may be set to move on PRESENTING the top
classification                      children 's show on BBC TV is still a thrill for Edinburgh-
W_newsp_other_report                born John Leslie . But after four years on Blue Peter , it
bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           could be time for a move . The 28-year-old has made his
bncdoc.title The Scotsman:          first shift from children 's telly with the Friday evening
Foreign news pages.                 showbiz slot ` Entertainment Express ' where he works
bncdoc.info The Scotsman:           alongside Selina Scott -- and he is loving it . ` We 're
Foreign news pages. Sample          more than half way through the first series and I 've
containing about 286598 words       managed to keep both jobs going . ` It is great working
from a periodical (domain: world    with Selina Scott and the programme is a change from
affairs) Text availability          anything else I have done . I was brought up with music ,
Ownership has not been claimed      I love films and I love showbusiness -- it 's great to be
Publication date 1985-1993          involved in it .
Text type Written books and
    bncdoc.id K97 David Lee's          Worshipped He is also fan worshipped by one woman

                                         - 173 -
           classification                      in particular sporting a Buddy sweatshirt . She even
           W_newsp_other_report                dances in the aisles during shows . ` Yeah , that 's my
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           mum , ' laughs Alex . ` She 's a fanatic and she 'll
           1993 bncdoc.title Liverpool Echo    probably bring Dad and a whole coachload of relatives to
           & Daily Post. bncdoc.info           Liverpool , too . ' ` I 'm loving it just as much even down
           Liverpool Echo & Daily Post.        to the research . I read up on everything I can about him .
           Sample containing about 337863      ` It 's coincidental , but I used to be in a band at school
           words from a periodical (domain:    called The Frogmen now I 'm in The Crickets , ' says Alex .
           world affairs) Text availability    Star He is also unique in the stable of up and coming
           Worldwide rights cleared            actors who have portrayed the much-missed star . ` I am
           Publication date 1985-1993          proud to have been the first British actor to play the
           Text type Written books and         American rock hero in his own homeland .
              bncdoc.id CGC David Lee's            Later , she 'll be in Edinburgh for the festival then
           classification W_pop_lore           across the UK , performing her new one-woman show to
           bncdoc.author bncdoc.date           sell-out audiences . Her film , Without You I 'm Nothing ,
           1992-19-19 bncdoc.title The         will be playing at the ICA and arthouses across the
           Face. bncdoc.info The Face.         country , and she 's on the cover of Playboy and THE
           Sample containing about 40108       FACE . This is glamour . This is Sandra 's life . And she 's
           words from a periodical (domain:    loving it . ` They used to call me ` nigger lips ' in high
           arts) Text availability             school : ` Oh , you 're so ugly , you 're so skinny and you
           Worldwide rights cleared            got nigger lips ! ' It really took the late-Eighties and
           Publication date 1985-1993          Nineties before I had people I could relate to ' SANDRA
           Text type Written books and         BERNHARD GREW UP in Michigan , Arizona , the youngest
           periodicals                         child ( there were three older brothers ) of a doctor and
                                               an artist .
               bncdoc.id H89 David Lee's           This is very inconvenient for Mrs Puri , as a great
           classification W_misc               number of her close relations have emigrated . She seems
           bncdoc.author Dalrymple,            resigned to her brother , Teg Bahadur , becoming a
           William bncdoc.date 1993            Mountie in Canada , but is very worried by her daughter
           bncdoc.title City of djinns.        Rupinder , who emigrated to America while still unmarried
           bncdoc.info City of djinns.         . ` Rupinder may be working in America , ' Mrs Puri would
           Sample containing about 42700       tell her friends at their monthly kitty parties , ` but she is
           words from a book (domain:          loving only our Punjab . When she comes back , we will
           leisure) Text availability          find her a wealthy Sikh husband from a good family . ' ` I

           Worldwide rights cleared            'm sure there are lots of nice Sikh boys out there , ' I once
           Publication date 1985-1993          remarked . This went down very badly .
           Text type Written books and

1.b.viii Know

Coercion in sentence

              bncdoc.id ABW David Lee's            I went to the school in Edinburgh where Miss Jean
           classification W_fict_prose         Brodie had her prime! It's the job that dictates where we
           bncdoc.author Bow, Jean             live now, I'm afraid. Alastair is based in London, but goes
           bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title       abroad now and again. He speaks Arabic." Jane, as the
           Jane's journey. bncdoc.info         nearest thing to a next-door neighbour, asked them to
           Jane's journey. Sample containing   drinks that weekend. She didn't dislike Flora, who wasn't as
           about 35460 words from a book       brittle as she seemed, and was (tense) knowing enough
           (domain: imaginative) Text          to play down her fashionable side to Jane. She realised
           availability Worldwide rights       that this was not a woman to whom one chatted about
           cleared Publication date 1985-      shops or clothes. Jane had not visited her on impulse, nor
           1993 Text type Written books        yet as a premeditated plan.
           and periodicals

                                                    - 174 -
             bncdoc.id FAS David Lee's          Do n't eat the eggs . Wheel-clamp . Dogs . Vagrants . A
         classification W_fict_poetry       tour of our wonderful capital city is not to be missed . The
         bncdoc.author Duffy, C A           Fergie , The Princess Di and the football hooligan , truly
         bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title      you will like it here , Squire . Also we can be talking crack ,
         The other country. bncdoc.info     smack and Carling Black Label if we are so inclined . Do n't
         The other country. Sample          drink the H 2 O. All very proud we now have a green Prime
         containing about 8341 words from   Minister . What colour yours ? Binbags . You will be (tense)
         a book (domain: imaginative)       knowing of Charles Dickens and Terry Wogan and
         Text availability Worldwide        Scotland . All this can be arranged for cash no questions .
         rights cleared Publication date    Ireland not on . Fish and chips and the Official Secrets Act
         1985-1993 Text type Written        second to none . Here we go .
         books and periodicals

No change of meaning or coercion

             bncdoc.id EDU David Lee's          Its pictures of a divided society , licensed beggars and
         classification W_misc              so on , telegraphed McEwan 's concerns a little brashly .
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          Scientists who read it found his speculations on the nature
         bncdoc.title Marxism Today.        of time embarrassing . Anyone who had read Beckett , or
         bncdoc.info Marxism Today.         Shakespeare , found the unclouded assumption that birth
         Sample containing about 38426      was an unadulterated blessing disturbing . It does not take
         words from a periodical (domain:   too much distortion to see it as an anti-abortion tract . But
         world affairs) Text availability   it was ambitious , and people fell over themselves trying to
         Ownership has not been claimed     praise it . The Innocent is knowing about love , guilt , and

         Publication date 1985-1993         ( yes ) innocence ; but its brief does not appear to extend
         Text type Written books and        much beyond that .
             bncdoc.id G24 David Lee's          And every year the little creeper remembers the words
         classification W_pop_lore          of the angel and blushes again as she thinks of them . And
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          that is why the virginia creeper plant turns a lovely red
         bncdoc.title Brownie.              colour in the autumn . Action Rhymes Here are some
         bncdoc.info Brownie. Sample        rhymes to move to . Make up your own movements .
         containing about 10340 words       Shadow Shadow , shadow curled up small , I can make you
         from a periodical (domain:         grow up tall . Now I 'm jumping stretched and wide ,
         leisure) Text availability         Shadow , shadow at my side . Tiptoe slowly , shadow go ! I
         Worldwide rights cleared           ca n't lose my shadow though . ( Act this rhyme with a
         Publication date 1985-1993         partner . ) Stretching Up we stretch on tiptoe Then down
         Text type Written books and        to touch the floor . Stretch our arms up high again , Then
         periodicals                        do it all once more . ( Repeat the actions . Get faster each
                                            time . ) A Secret There 's something about me That I 'm
                                            knowing . There 's something about me That is n't
                                            showing . I 'm growing !
1.b.ix Favour

Coercion in sentence

                                                 - 175 -
             bncdoc.id CLS David Lee's            What they suggest is that the roots of these activities lay
         classification                       deep in popular or folk culture but that ultimately the new
         W_ac_soc_science                     urban manifestation of these activities revealed more about
         bncdoc.author Stead, Peter           the values of the business classes than they did about the
         bncdoc.date 1989                     masses themselves . What left-wing historians regret in
         bncdoc.title Film and the            particular is that the emergence of this new ` popular
         working class: the feature film in   culture ' came at precisely the moment when conditions
         British and American society.        were(t) favouring the development of a radical working-
         bncdoc.info Film and the             class political consciousness . Just as education , literacy
         working class. Sample                and communications were beginning to prepare the workers
         containing about 34205 words         for new radical organizations their attention and savings
         from a book (domain: arts)           were captured by opportunistic entrepreneurs with a very
         Text availability Worldwide          different set of values .

         rights cleared Publication date
         1985-1993 Text type Written
         books and periodicals
             bncdoc.id AMM David                  It can not be coincidence that the folding of the septal
         Lee's classification                 walls occurs at the point where they meet the body shell of
         W_ac_nat_science                     the animal ; this is a point of relative weakness , and all
         bncdoc.author Fortey, Richard        good joinery benefits from strengthening the joint . The
         bncdoc.date 1991                     earlier ammonoids had gently wavy sutures , and many of
         bncdoc.title Fossils: the key to     the Mesozoic ones had sutures almost incredibly folded and
         the past. bncdoc.info Fossils:       contorted , so it looks as if natural selection were (tense)
         the key to the past. Sample          generally favouring increase in the elaboration of the folds
         containing about 39563 words         . One simple explanation , which is attractive and plausible ,
         from a book (domain: natural         is that the strengthening enabled the ammonoid shell to
         sciences) Text availability          withstand the hydrostatic pressure at relatively great depths
         Worldwide rights cleared             in the ocean -- they need not be confined to the surface
         Publication date 1975-1984           waters or to relatively shallow depths .
         Text type Written books and
             bncdoc.id CD9 David Lee's            At Hockenheim , the roles were reversed and for all
         classification W_biography           Lauda 's efforts , he finished just behind Prost . It was at
         bncdoc.author Botsford, Keith        the Österreichring that Ron Dennis chose to put his foot in
         bncdoc.date bncdoc.title The         his mouth with Niki . He said that unless Niki gave in and
         champions of Formula 1 from          raced on the terms offered , he was going to go with Keke
         Fangio to Piquet. bncdoc.info        the following year . At the same time , it was becoming
         The champions of Formula 1           obvious that between his two drivers , Dennis was (tense)
         from Fangio to Piquet. Sample        favouring Prost . The differences were tiny , nonetheless
         containing about 39727 words         significant . It 's the sort of thing it is easy to observe if you
         from a book (domain: leisure)        stand around in the garage during practice or generally stick
         Text availability Ownership          around a team , watching who gets the first briefing , who
         has not been claimed                 is paying more attention to whom .
         Publication date 1985-1993
         Text type Written books and

                                                    - 176 -
             bncdoc.id HR4 David Lee's          ` What other evidence ? That mythical policeman whom
         classification W_fict_prose        your Major saw for just one second , as he admitted ? Amen
         bncdoc.author Lyall, Gavin         ' he added , in perfect time with the congregation . ` No ,
         bncdoc.date 1993                   the lone psychopath all quite within the compass of one
         bncdoc.title The crocus list.      warped brain . ' ` And now a right-wing , brain which must
         bncdoc.info The crocus list.       sit nicely with our Mastas . ' ` You know me better than
         Sample containing about 39165      that George , ' Sprague reproved from the corner of his
         words from a book (domain:         mouth . ` And what conspirators were (tense) you
         imaginative) Text availability     favouring ? Charlie 's Indians ? I wo n't deny that might
         Worldwide rights cleared           find favour with our Masters . ' Sprague rose bright-eyed
         Publication date 1985-1993         and smiling pleasantly , to sing the hymn . ` Of course ' he
         Text type Written books and        said sitting down again ` it would have been so much easier
         periodicals                        if we had the assassin alive and on trial .
             bncdoc.id GYV David Lee's          he was satisfied that he had made the target bonus , or
         classification                     near enough , or if he was satisfied that , given a little extra
         S_interview_oral_history           opportunity to go back onto that job should it come back
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          again in the near future , then he would , he would see
         bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Oral      clearly that he could make at least fifty percent er which
         history project, Scotland:         was the target bonus , and probably more . And so after a
         interview. Sample containing       while erm we found that , apart from one or two minor
         about 12196 words speech           anomalies , er that our members were able to achieve
         recorded in leisure context Text   round about forty seven , forty eight , forty nine percent .
         availability Ownership has not     One or two instances that were (tense) favouring the fifty
         been claimed Publication date      percent . Erm but , but the stewards were told that er er
         1985-1993 Text type Spoken         with all the changes that had been implemented , that our
         context-governed                   members were n't satisfied . And so erm we went up , I
                                            think it was about six months after it was introduced , and
                                            negotiated an increase on the bonus element .
Coercion in context

            bncdoc.id G20 David Lee's           However , institutions will be tempted to try to undercut
         classification                     one another in bids to attract funding and this may very well
         W_non_ac_soc_science               result in reductions in the unit of resource . The early
         bncdoc.author Johnson, N           experience of the polytechnics and colleges (d) has not been
         bncdoc.date 1990                   encouraging , with complaints from the Directors of
         bncdoc.title Reconstructing the    Polytechnics that fierce competition was leading to the
         welfare state. bncdoc.info         under-funding of courses and falling standards ; they also
         Reconstructing the welfare         claimed that the Polytechnic and Colleges Funding Council
         state. Sample containing about     was favouring diploma courses over degree work . In the
         42766 words from a book            first year of its operation only 5 per cent of polytechnic and
         (domain: social science) Text      college funding was allocated on the basis of competitive
         availability Worldwide rights      bidding , but the proportion is expected to be increased to
         cleared Publication date           10 per cent in 1991 and further increases in subsequent
         1985-1993 Text type Written        years can be anticipated .
         books and periodicals
            bncdoc.id ATA David Lee's          I did n't want the election dealt with ` electorally ' in
         classification                     terms of party advantage and opportunism . When a number
         W_non_ac_soc_science               of us here did a study of the 1984 Chesterfield by-election
         bncdoc.author bncdoc.date          (a), where Tony Benn was standing for the first time , and
         1991-19-19 bncdoc.title            asked constituents themselves what they felt about the
         Women: a cultural review.          broadcast coverage , they repeatedly used the word ` bias '
         bncdoc.info Women: a cultural      to describe it . But what they were getting at was n't so
         review. Sample containing about    much that the coverage was favouring one party over

         36406 words from a periodical      another but that it simply did n't relate to them , the actual
         (domain: social science) Text      voters in the constituency . They saw the election coverage
         availability Worldwide rights      being presented predominantly in competitive terms , like a
         cleared Publication date           horse race , with predictions about likely winners and losers .

                                                  - 177 -
           1985-1993 Text type Written       KJ In a programme last year about the selection of
           books and periodicals             candidates for the Staffordshire by-election it was again like
                                             what we found in our Chesterfield study .
        bncdoc.id AEB David Lee's                ` Afterwards I moved in with this neighbour (a). Mrs
     classification W_fict_prose             Grace , her name was . She had six children of her own . My
     bncdoc.author Scobie, Pamela            father was away , looking for work . He must have heard
     bncdoc.date 1990                        what happened because he never came back . I asked her i