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Ph: 4159-6242 Edition 35 Fax: 4159-6416 23 October 2008 Email:

along with several other past students. They are:
Yr 8 Silver Demi Gregory Kirsty Jones-Healy Billee-Lee McLaughlin Bronze Katie Beasley Carla Rolph Kristina Bannister Madison Strachan Home Economics Yr 9 Silver Bronze Demi Gregory Ashley Berry Dylan Fox Kristan Rolph Yr 10 Dance HPE RJ Young Award Yr 11 Yr 12 Bronze Bronze Gold Taryn Gollshewsky Taryn Gollshewsky Taryn Gollshewsky Taryn Gollshewsky Patrick Schweikert Mark Berry Emma Sinnott Mark Berry

Thought for the Week: When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer. WELCOME: Two new students have joined us
this week. Welcome to Alfie in Year 1 and his parents Janet and Nigel, who join us from England, although mum tells us Alfie has undertaken a cultural exchange in a Victorian school prior to joining us here at Elliott Heads! Alfie had a lovely time playing with Hayley and Max last week when he came to visit, which I think cemented Janet and Nigel’s opinion of the school. I’m sure the Riverview community will take the family under their wing! We also welcome back Sarah Davison who has rejoined us after a time at Woongarra SS. She has already settled back in very quickly.

Arts in Practice Modern History

“SUCCESS IS EARNED”: This is the school

motto for Kepnock State High School. Last night I was privileged to attend the Kepnock SHS Academic Presentation Night where some 400 students were recognised for their academic success and their service to both Kepnock SHS and the broader community through a variety of avenues. The evening began very pleasantly with drinks and nibblies prepared and served to invited guests, the P&C and school leaders, by the catering students, under the direction of their teachers. This event formed part of their assessment for the semester. Well done students! It was a lovely start to the evening. Following that, was the awards presentation, which was very ably run by the school captains. Various Arts groups in the school, provided excellent entertainment in between awards presentations. As the principal of a feeder primary school, I was very proud to note 50% of last years grade 7 students received an award

Sincere congratulations to all of these students and our best wishes for their continued academic success. Your success reflects well on your families and on Elliott Heads SS


Grade 6/7 Girls have been invited to attend the Girls and Maths, Science and Technology Conference, Focus on the Future, being run by District facilitators and Central Queensland University. Students will participate in exciting, hands-on, interactive activities that combine technology, innovation and creativity such as designing with industry standard software such as Photoshop CS3, digital animation with Adobe Flash, experimenting with aviation software, programming in a variety of software development environments, investigate data logging systems, assembling a computer’s internal hardware, and participating in real-time video conferencing with IT professionals.

Girls received permission notes yesterday. Travel will be by private car, leaving at 8.00 a.m. for an 8.30 a.m. start at the university.

car park, especially Jack’s grandma who I hear WAS very fond of lemon soft drink but has now gone off that flavour…………. Cans need to be washed and crushed before being put in the cage. Does anyone have a contact at the bowls club? If we approach them, they might put out a special bin for cans that we could collect. They’re sure to go through a few cans in a week!

Congratulations to Danielle Lehmann, Zoe Birt and Ariel McIntosh who all received credits in the University of NSW English Test recently. Well done girls! The school community is very proud of you.

FURNITURE SALE: At the end of last term,

the school purchased some new furniture to replace some that was no longer serviceable. However, we have a number of desks still in good condition, that we are unable to purchase the under trays. There are also some small chairs, suitable for preschoolers, and a teachers desk that needs a new top, but the frame work and drawers are still in good nick. If you are interested in purchasing any items at $5 each, please fill in the tear-off slip at the end of the newsletter. Items will be sold on a first come first served basis. Please bring your payment with your order. If goods are sold out before your order is received, your money will be returned to you.

PUPIL FREE DAY: Thanks to parents who again

supported staff by keeping children home on the pupil free day this week. I was at QCAT Moderation in the morning, to check that my marking of students’ tasks was in line with marking at other schools. During that time staff were busy preparing comments for the report comment bank, which has been made necessary by the introduction of OneSchool as a student tracking mechanism. In the afternoon, we all attempted to undertake OneSchool training, but I think every school in Queensland was doing the same thing, so the system went down. We undertook that training in Tuesday’s staff meeting instead.

SWIMMING: Thanks again to parents who

CORAL COVE RAFFLE: Our next Coral Cove

continue to keep up to date with swimming fees. Do we have a parent who could help with the Prep-2 children? Please let us know on the tearoff slip. No swimming instruction is involved. You would only have to enter the water in the event of an emergency. The bus leaves school at 12.45 p.m. every Wednesday.

Raffle is on Friday 7th November. See you there.


SHS will be holding a second Enrolment Evening NEXT WEDNESDAY 29th October from 3.30 to 6.30 p.m. at Kepnock State High School Library. If your child is attending Kepnock SHS, and you did not attend the first enrolment evening, you MUST attend this one, and bring all the relevant enrolment papers with you.

Assembly has changed to 1.50 p.m. on Friday afternoons. Parents are most welcome to attend.

2/3 4/5 CONNOR CHATHAM Always giving his best KOBY SLIWKA Working hard in all subjects BRAYDEN HAIGH Greatly improved attitude towards school

to those students who are starting to bring in aluminium cans to fill our cage in the teachers’


CHLOE MOODY Working well in class and trying hard in Maths

CONNOR CHATHAM Caring for our school JIMI WILSON JUSTIN SMITH Caring for our school following instructions immediately

ALICIA LEHMANN Caring for the environment

Mr Garland congratulates 4/5

Mr Cahill congratulates Grade 4/5

Ms Watanabe congratulates Zoe Birt!

Congratulations to Kelly Ferguson!

P/1/2 It has been great to welcome Mrs Lee back after her time away. It seems like so long since we worked together Denise! Thanks to Mrs R who filled in for her so well while she was away. After having a great time learning about celebrations in Canada (thanks Marla) we have now turned our attention to Israel. On Tuesday Tami Boas visited us and explained a little about the traditions around hanukah. We enjoyed seeing all the candles and are a little jealous of this celebration which lasts a whole 8 days! The children have been busy making ‘menoras’ (candelabras) out of collage and next week will create the ‘Star of David’ out of popsicle sticks which is the centre of Israel’s flag. Thank you to those families who have sent in $5 towards our themed cooking activities we are doing this term. Please send in your $5 as soon as possible. From this week on we will be recording those children who complete their homework regularly without fail. Those children will be rewarded with a special movie and popcorn lunch session at the end of the term, so it would be great if you could remind them to be consistent in completing the work AND returning it to school on Fridays Cheers, KATRINA and DENISE 2/3 This week Year 2 students have been studying regrouping in maths. Year 3 have been revising

previously learned concepts, including, addition and subtraction using trading. Students have been comparing the roles of men and women in traditional aboriginal homes to their own. Students have been looking at how physical energy can be used to assist objects to roll or slide. They have carried out experiments to determine whether the angle of a ramp, or the way and object is placed, affects the speed and/or the ability of an object to slide or roll. They will continue their look at the elements of writing a recount. They will begin writing a recount, which will be edited. In Art students have been using dot painting techniques to paint a boomerang. Congratulations to all students in 2/3 who tried out for the speaking parts in the musical. It was hard to decide who was to be awarded the roles. Jack and Ella won the parts. All the other children will be participating too. We started rehearsals on Tuesday. Congratulations 2/3, only two students did not return their homework. Hopefully this week all students will! If you child would like additional homework, please let me know. REBECCA 4/5 This week, we have been concentrating on maths and doing times tables practise against the stop watch, just trying to better our own times each day. We’ll do one times table for 12 days, before moving on to another one. Students are already bettering their times by more that 10 seconds a day in some cases. Great work. We have also spent quite a bit of time on Maths Mentals and problem solving, which are two of the major strands in the Maths Syllabus, and the strands most likely to be tested in next year’s Maths QCAT for Grades 4 and 6. Students are continuing to plan and implement their individual projects, with most students electing to work in pair. Students are enjoying the opportunity to chose their own topic. Behaviour has been excellent. Keep up the good work kids! Please remind your children that homework is due on Fridays. It will be marked on Mondays in class time. Several students did not return home readers this week. I did give out additional home readers on Wednesday to those students, but will not be doing so next week, if

both outstanding home readers are not returned on Monday. CHEERS, Teeny 6/7 Year 6/7 investigated the lives of important Australians in our unit on Australian Identity. Students participated in a human activity which had the names of famous Australians such as Don Bradman, Bert Hinkler, Gladys Moncrieff and the students had to match the names with why the person was famous. This term’s homework is a worksheet to fill in on a Famous Australian. Students are to research the life and comment on the contribution a famous Australian made to society. Rough comments are to be handed in on Monday 27 October. Students will then compose a neat report which can be printed on Word or handwritten in their choice of format. The final report is due on November 7. The girls will be need to organise their own transport for the day. 24 Oct DATES TO REMEMBER Mrs Kruger at Year 2 Net Key Teacher meeting 1-3pm. Mrs Patterson relieving Mrs Patterson at Executive Director’s meeting 1-3.30 p.m. Mrs Ferguson relieving. Focus on the Future Conference. Mrs Taske attending with 6/7 Girls Swimming Mrs Patterson meeting with OneSchool Facilitator 2.30pm during Music World Teachers Day Mrs Kruger meeting with Tom Hay Advisory Visiting Teacher. Mrs Patterson relieving Mrs Patterson at Coral Coast Cluster Meeting 3.30 pm Mrs Patterson at QASSP meeting 4.00 pm

27 Oct

28 Oct

29 Oct 30 Oct

31 Oct 31 Oct

MANY VOICES – ONE COMMUNITY: Join in our Community Walk, visit displays, talk to the people who keep us safe! TONIGHT a walk will commence at 6pm from Buss Park to celebrate of our safe community. Displays in the CBD will be held from 6pm to 8pm. Barolin Street to Targo Street. Everyone welcome TRIPLE P PARENTING PROGRAM: If want some ideas to help you relate to your child or handle behaviour issues, the Triple P Parenting Program can assist. The next session is on Monday 27 October at Thabeban State School from at 9.00am to 11.00am. Includes morning tea . Contact the school office to register. 5 Nov 6 Nov

TEAR OFF SLIP-SWIMMING I can help with supervising swimming for P-2 on a Wednesday afternoon. Name: ______________________________ Phone: ______________________________

TEAR OFF SLIP-FURNITURE SALE I am interested in purchasing the following items of used school furniture:

I TOOK MY NEWSLETTER HOME Name: ____________________ Signed:____________________

Name: ______________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Insert Number:

 Desks @ $5 each  Chairs @ $5 each  Teachers desk @ $5
I enclose $_________________ in payment.

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