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Things to do list


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									WMU John Seita Scholarship and Foster Youth in Higher Education Initiative How Can I Contribute?

Volunteer your time:  We need college-savvy community members to mentor individual students and help guide them through the hoops.  We need community members who are willing to do some transporting, especially at the beginning of school, when there are lots of things to run to. For example, some scholars might benefit from the Salvation Army food pantry and/or their Goodwill clothing vouchers. Others might need help getting to the mall to purchase appropriate clothing for school or a work study placement. Students may also need to keep appointments with DHS, get to the grocery store, etc. Students may benefit from having a "family" who has little or nothing to do with campus; people who could be positive role models and who would encourage and guide. Students may need academic tutors, particularly in math and science.

 

Adopt a Welcome Pack(s) (new material donations) Many students will arrive without basic household items. We are seeking groups and individuals who are interested in “adopting” one Welcome Pack and filling it for an incoming Seita Scholar. Items to be included in each welcome pack are as follows:              Laundry basket, rectangular Twin mattress pad Twin jersey sheet set Twin blanket Twin comforter Hypoallergenic pillow Bar soap x2 Toothbrush and paste (Crest, Aim, Colgate) Two bath towels, one hand towel, five washcloths Clock radio with alarm Shower caddy Shower shoes Deodorant

Additional New Items Needed: The following items are included as a wish list, compiled by the Foster Youth in Higher Education Student Advisory Group, for both individuals and for a student recreation and study room:

For Students:
school supplies WMU clothing mini-recorder (lectures) flash drives dorm refrigerators gas cards computer desk desk lamps sports tickets school bags rugs clothing radio alarm clock current Microsoft software gift cards graphing calculators personal care items Ethernet cords phone cards phone with answering machine

movie passes televisions broom, dustpan mop, bucket air freshener power strips small furniture (chair, nightstand)

hangars floor cleaner (e.g. Pine Sol) bulletin boards

Designated for drop-in room on campus: TV w/DVD games computer games board games

computers books (for entertainment) video games just-for-fun reading

DVDs cards furniture

Other small items that would help add a feeling of permanence and "ownership" to the room.

Financial donations: Financial donations may be made to the WMU Foundation, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5403, USA, or by calling (269) 387-8700. Please specify that your donation is for either the Seita Scholarship or for the Foster Youth in Higher Education Initiative. Financial donations are taxdeductible. We would like to have funds available for the following:  To provide for students’ material needs, including Welcome Packs, Freshman 101 (book)  Laptop computers  Bronco bucks  Medical insurance and co-pays

Miscellaneous:  We need storage space for donated textbooks and other items

For more information, please contact the following: Ms. Shawn L. Tenney Graduate Assistant Foster Youth in Higher Education Initiative Western Michigan University School of Social Work Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5354 (269) 387-8362 Email: shawn.l.tenney@wmich.edu

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