Proposal for Computerized Management System to Pediatric Center 2000

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					Proposal for Computerized Management System to Pediatric Center 2000

Proposed by: Martha Padilla

March 22, 2005

Executive summary Opportunity of the business Bargain Books Inc. inquires about upgrading the paper-based system at the Pediatric Center 2000. The Computerized Management System (CMS) would be easy to handle needs and function better than the paper-based system. With the increasing use of computers to store patient data and to use this data as an electronic patient record, we need data to play an essential role in the care process. The CMS provides office operations, patient appointment, billing, insurance processing, laboratory work, and account management. These incorporated functions will help to increase the physical space that is used to store patient files at Pediatric Center 2000. Background Bargain Books Inc. is a solid global company that is very trustworthy. Since 1999, services have been provided to customers throughout the United States. It was created by students who demanded cheap books and Information Technology Solutions. We work with prestigious clients like Columbus Hospital, Saint Michael’s Pediatric Center, University Hospital,, and so on. Bargain Books Inc. keeps great accuracy and consistency of information. Statement of goals Pediatric Center 2000 office is currently maintained by hand in an antiquated paper-based management system. It consumes a great deal of time, effort and generates a tremendous amount of paperwork. Also, the system that Pediatric Center 2000 is using is stressful for employees. The only way to improve the functionality and relieve the workload is to have more employees, but this is an inefficient solution because it will increase Pediatric Center’s expenses. But with the proposal of the new system, Pediatric Center 2000 would be better to handle the workload, save space and money. As a result, using this proven structure will increase Pediatric Center 2000 revenues. Qualifications Bargain Books Inc. recommends to Pediatric Center 2000 to take advantage of this opportunity to replace the current system. The Computerized Management System that we propose will include patient tracking capabilities, appointment management, billing, and insurance processing and account management. This company has a great deal of experience providing these type of services to different companies. The ranking of Bargain Books Inc. reputation is very high compared with similar companies. Also this company works with graduate students from prestigious Universities, with a broad background about Information Technologies Solutions. All employees are specialists in this field. We are recommending an in-house software development strategy that focuses on database applications including a network commercial package at the lowest price that can be found in the market.

Business Organization Plan The benefits of implementing a system such as the one being proposed would yield immediate and invaluable benefits to Pediatric Center 2000. All the related processing of patient records and appointment management would be fully automated. The system would be able to handle these operations while freeing up office employees. Replacing a manual system with an automated one will improve accuracy greatly. In a manual system, clerical errors are common especially considering the tight deadlines and huge workload placed on the office staff. A computerized system would not only expedite operations, but would also virtually eliminate any clerical errors. With the Computerized Management System in place capable of handling the majority of office capacity will be sufficient enough to allow Pediatric Center 2000 to save money. It will be able to handle future expansions in the Pediatric Center as well. The system implementation can be installed according to the health clinic schedule and will not disturb office hours. Therefore, the center can operate regularly missing only a few patient appointments. In addition to these benefits the system will also create a sense of confidence in the center by handling the operations without any impediment or mistake. The decreased workload will contribute to the center in various ways. The estimated timeline of the system benefiting the organization is ten years, excluding the year in which the system becomes operational.

Time estimate We can perform a study during a two-week period. We will use our time as proposed, the first two weeks of fact finding through research, and the last week to observe office operations, to document our findings and recommendations on a preliminary investigation report. The following is a rough time estimate.

Preliminary Analysis System Design System Implementation Staff Training

2 weeks 2 weeks 1 week 1 week ________ 6 weeks

Time estimate

Bargain Book Inc. is also a supplier of Computerized Management System for the healthcare industry. We are committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and production methodologies to create cost effective solutions that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our customers. Our Computerized Management System during the phase of system analysis, we check cautiously how the system is going to be developed. We observe carefully the cost of the process, materials design and production processes to economize money. Network commercial packages consist of special programs that will help to store data on the computer instead of having paper files in cabinets. The cabinets are occupying too much space, that space could be use by patients, enlarging their waiting room. The network commercial package can be used by the secretary, nurses, assistants, and etc to economize time on finding patient information. Privacy Policy The Management of Bargain Book Inc. is dedicated to continuous improvement in order to provide our employees with the tools and resources necessary for delivering quality products and services that meet the expectation of our customers. We respect individual customer privacy. That is why we have adopted this privacy policy which embodies our commitment to the protection of customer privacy through adherence to fair electronic information practices. You have our promise that we will not electronically process your personal information in any way that is incompatible with this privacy policy. All credit card transactions are processed by a secure server, and credit card details are only used to prove any pay transactions specially requested by the patient. Credit card information is not stored beyond the time necessary to verify the transaction requested. Additionally, our information management systems are configured in such a way as to block or inhibit employees from accessing information that they have no authority to access. Recommendations We recommend our Computerized Management System to your Pediatric Center 2000. It is the recommendation of Bargain Books Inc. We are suggesting to your pediatric health clinic to implement our Computerized Management System to replace your current management system. The computerized system that we proposed will include patient tracking capabilities, appointment management, billing, and insurance processing. Our estimate cost is reasonable cost compared with our competitors. As Bargain Books Inc. show our estimate budget at the next page. The money that Pediatric Center 2000 will invest, it can be reimbursed in about one month.

Estimate Budget
Quantity System Analysis System designing System implementation
2 weeks 2 weeks 1 week

$ 1,000.00 per week $ 1,200.00 per week $10,000.00 per week $2,600.00 per package $ 600.00 unit price

$2,000.00 $2,400.00 $10,000.00 $2,600.00 $2,400.00 $6,000.00

Network Commercial package 1 package Dell Optiplex GX240 IBM E-Server I 5520 LaserJet 8150N printer 1 printer
4 computers

$360.00 per unit

$360.00 $800.00

Miscellaneous (cables, computer desks)
Users Training Fee Network Administrator salary Productivity losses 2 weeks 3 months 7 days $1,800.00 per week $300.00 per month $500.00 per day

$3,600.00 $900.00 $3,500.00 $2,350.00 $36,910.00

Variable Cost(Printer papers, supplies, ISP charges TOTAL Revenue Estimate 1 to 10 Years

Increasing the handling of patients from 80 to 200 per week within the first period. 80 patients per week at $80.00 $6,400.00 $16,000.00

Before CMS being installed After CMS installed

200 patients per week at $80.00

Estimated profit per week after the Computerized Management System has been installed.


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