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									Checklist for Professional Research Assistant, Research Associate, Professional Exempt, or Classified Position Appointments
(to be completed and submitted for hiring authorization)

The Checklist below is designed to enable the hiring unit to determine the appropriate job title or classification for a new or vacant position, and to determine which procedures to follow in seeking authorization to conduct a search or in seeking authorization to make a job offer. Follow the checklist step-by-step. Your primary unit's authorized signature on this checklist represents your certification that the job description is accurate. 1. Is this position within an academic unit with faculty appointments that conducts research or creative work as part of its mission? (circle one) YES, go to Step 2. NO, go to Step 12. Will the individual filling this position perform duties such as secretarial, clerical, student advising, student services, routine computer services, or accounting functions at least 50% of the time? (circle one) YES, go to Step 9. NO, go to Step 3. Will the individual filling this position perform significant program administration? (circle one) YES, go to Step 8. NO, go to Step 4. Will the individual filling this position have classroom teaching responsibilities? (circle one) YES, go to Step 10. NO, go to Step 5. Will this position be funded from a general fund account? (circle one). YES, go to Step 11. NO, go to Step 6. Will the individual filling this position hold a Ph.D. degree? (circle one) NO, this position may be a Professional Research Assistant, go to Step 7. YES; this position may be a Research Associate, go to Step 7. Submit a signed copy of this form and a draft job advertisement or job description to the Graduate School, CB 26, Regent Hall 306 to obtain a BUDGET POSITION NUMBER (BPN) and instructions for conducting a search and/or making an offer to a candidate. The BPN will allow payroll to process a PAF once a candidate has been identified and a draft offer letter has been approved by the Graduate School (Payroll will no longer process PAFs without an authorized BPN). However, if the answer to Step 2 was "YES", then the descriptive materials must first be reviewed by Human Resources to certify that the description is not a State Classified System position. This position may be a Professional Exempt position. Please contact Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Bernadette Langbein (492-6933) to explore the best job description and process to follow. This is probably neither a Professional Exempt nor a Professional Research Assistant/Research Associate position. A draft job description must first be submitted to Human Resources for their best estimate of whether or not this position may be a State Classified System position. Positions that have regular classroom instruction as all or part of their assigned duties may be lecturer or instructor positions. Combination research/teaching positions should be divided into two separate appointments. Teaching titles are described in the Desk Reference for Chairs and Directors, Section 3.1 and 3.4. Please contact your Dean's Office or the Office of Faculty Affairs, CB 49, Regent Hall 205, 492-5491 to discuss this position further. General Fund accounts are normally not an appropriate account from which to support a PRA or RA appointment. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Include information on the source of general fund account revenue in your position description submitted to the Graduate School. Go to Step 6.







8. 9.



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This is probably not a Professional Research Assistant or a Research Associate position. These titles are faculty rank titles and are limited as described in the Desk Reference for Chairs and Directors, Section 3.1. Appointments to PRA and RA titles within these types of units will only be considered by the Graduate School after Human Resources has certified that the position description is neither a Classified nor a Professional Exempt category position. Proceed to Step 2.

I certify that the above answers are an accurate reflection of the position description and duties,

signed: name (print or type)


Points of Contact: Classified Staff series Human Resources Barbara Martin CB 475 phone 492-6475 fax 492-4693 Research Faculty series (RA, PRA, research prof.) Graduate School Sheryl Jenson CB 26 phone:492-7099 fax: 492-5777

Professional Exempt series Office of the VC for Academic Affairs Bernadette Langbein CB 40 phone: 492-6933 fax: 492-8861 Faculty appointment process Office of Faculty Affairs Karla Wrapp CB 49 phone: 492-6407 fax: 492-6402

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