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My objective would be to obtain a career in the computer programming/database field that would keep me constantly challenged in giving me the ability to expand my knowledge. I am ready to take on more responsibility in a career, such as a senior or lead role position.

Operating Systems Programming Languages DOS, Windows 9x, NT 4.0, 2K Server (Advanced, 9 Years) UNIX, Linux & VAX VMS (Intermediate, 3 Years) Visual Basic (Advanced, 6 Years) Web Development in HTML (Advanced, 6 Years) ASP/VBScript/php (Advanced, 5 Years) CGI/Perl (Intermediate, 1 Year) C/VC++/MFC (Intermediate, 4 Years) JavaScript (Advanced, 4 Years) ColdFusion (Advanced, 3 Years) InstallShield Professional (Advanced, 4 Years) COM/COM+ (Advanced, 3 Years) .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) (Intermediate, 1 Year) Microsoft Access Database (Advanced, 6 Years) Microsoft SQL Server (Advanced, 5 Years) MySQL Database (Advanced, 3 Years) Oracle Database (Intermediate, 2 Year) Paradox Database (Intermediate, 3 Years) Schematic/PCB layout in Protel (Intermediate, 2 Years) Embedded C programming for PIC microcontrollers (Intermediate, 2 Years) Crystal Reports (Advanced, 4 Years) E.piphany Marketing Software Management (Intermediate, 1 Year) Octane CRM Software Management (Intermediate, 1 Year)


Additional Skills

The Board Room, Inc (Romeoville, IL) Software Engineer Consultant (Oct 2000 – Jan 2005) - Started at The Board Room as a consultant through Maxim Group (now known as TekSystems). The Board Room, Inc hired me as a full time employee in May, 2001.  Ported large Digital VAX/VMS application to Windows 2000 operating system. Application is written in ANSI C, and controls "Automatic Guided Vehicles" and handles things such as collision detection, vehicle courses and scheduling.  Full life cycle development of large scale web-based application using ASP, COM, and SQL Server. This project allows electronic engineers to upload a Bill of Materials, and then searches the web for part/component matches at vendor websites. Calculates labor and fabrication costs as well and displays the end user with a quote in real time within minutes, instead of taking days to get a quote back from other companies. ASP code calls the COM portion of application to communicate with vendor web servers and retrieves component’s stock, price and availablilty. COM object stores this data into the SQL Server database, and ASP formats the data as a quote.  Newgroup reader COM object created to connect to Usenet/Newsgroup servers to allow reading and posting of messages through an ASP-based website. Read messages are stored in SQL Server database to allow for faster viewing, and file attachments are stored on the server.  Written many applications to aid in every day use here, for clients as consulting projects in VC++ and VB, and to improve the company's SQL and Paradox databases.  Used InstallShield Pro 6 extensively creating install scripts for other developers, and for the "LockView" project.  The ongoing "LockView" project purpose is to set up users, locks, and access rights for an electronic lock. This lock is capable of storing data that is sent via the serial port, USB, and/or a proximity device called an "iButton". The software has been written using Visual Basic 6.0. Mindbuilder Group, Inc. / (Chicago, IL) Technology Manager (May 2000 – Oct 2000) – Laid off with 2/3 of the company, which eventually closed their doors.  Oversee the implementation of Octane Custom Relationship Software for the CRM department, and the implementation of E.piphany Marketing and Campaign Management Software.  Have coordinated our in-house resources and the consultants that work for both Octane and E.piphany software companies in order to complete the installation and customization for both software products.  Have dealt directly with the company’s CEO, Customer Service Manager, Senior Vice President, CTO, DBA and Marketing Department in order to assess the needs of the individuals who will be using the software.  Octane software management duties involve user and message queue creation, and dynamic screen development using the Octane iBusiness Manager software.  E.piphany software management has involved creating custom extraction routines of data used by the E.piphany software from numerous data sources including the company’s SBT Accounting system, IIS 4.0 web logs, the company’s Oracle database, and the Octane database which runs on MS SQL Server.

The Country Peddlers and Company of America (Alsip, IL) Programmer/Analyst (May 1998 – May 2000)  Full-life cycle development of Warehouse Management System interface and database, which was stored in Microsoft Access. Created a new management system using Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition, which controls manual inventory adjustments, order scheduling, deduction of inventory at time of shipping, shipment and order tracking, and the receiving of purchase orders. All of this is done through use of bar codes and bar code scanners to make production faster and easier for the distribution warehouse employees.  Created numerous reports for the WMS, using Seagate Crystal Reports.  Migrated the WMS database to SQL Server, recompiled all the VB forms to use ADO rather than DAO for the faster data access, and recompiled all of the reports to use the new SQL Server database.  Other projects using VB have included an application that used the Sales Order database in UNIX (Jenkon Summit V, runs on UNIDATA) in order to import new sales orders, new purchase orders, and new skus into our WMS database.  Created an order lookup and tracking system for use of the distributors using ASP/VBScript. This system will look up the order, and show the distributor if the order has been received, gone through the data entry process, picked from the shelves, packed, or shipped.  Other tasks have included computer, network, and printer troubleshooting, user account management for the Windows NT 4.0 LAN and HP-UX Unix system, printer management for Windows NT and HP-UX, and basic helpdesk support for the employees.

T.F. South High School (Lansing, IL – 1994-1998) South Suburban College – Computer Science (South Holland, IL – 1998-2001) SQL Server 7.0 – Administration (Database Designs – Buffalo Grove, IL. 1 Week Course – March 2000) SQL Server 7.0 – Programming & Design (Database Designs – Buffalo Grove, IL. 1 Week Course – April 2000) E.piphany Administration (San Mateo, CA. 1 Week Course - June 2000) If you would like to view an example of my ASP/SQL programming, you could check out my personal website:

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