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Victoria Place Student Residence "Project Objectives"/

The objectives of this project is to upgrade the current facilities to better accommodate the needs of current and future students residing at Victoria Place Student Residence. The project objectives include:  Installation of new energy efficient windows. The existing windows are ten years old and provide no outside ventilation whatsoever as they were installed as a single pane. The plastic framework is deteriorating. Renovating the currrent 2nd and 3rd floor rooms into bachelor suites. My feedback from existing and potential students has been such that they are requesting more privacy in regards to washroom and cooking facilities. We intend to make these upgrades to satisfy these requests because, once fulfilled, will make the residence more attractive to off-campus students. Furthermore, we are providing the students with the privacy they seek and desire. Renovating existing main floor area into three additional bachelor suites. The existing main floor area of approximately 6,000 square feet provides an excellent area for three additional self-contained bachelor suites. This will satisfy the current demand for the residence, as well as, providing the students with the privacy they seek and desire. Upgrading the current main floor kitchen facilities. The current kitchen facilties are in dire need of new appliances, countertops and cupboards. The upgrades are necessary to satisfy the demand for student requests for meals for those students who currently do not have the time to prepare meals for themselves. Furnishings for nine (9) bachelor suites. New furnishings would include a drawer bed, workdesk/chair, table/chairs, bar fridge and microwave. Hiring of additional staff on a 24/7 basis. With the upgrades to the existing facility there will be a requirement for part-time cleaning and maintanence staff; full-time kitchen staff, as well as, additional part-time front office staff.




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We are seeking project costs of $122,000.00 as outlined in the SODP application. The project startup date is expected to be on December 15, 2009 with a completion date no later than March 15, 2010. All contractual work will be done by local Brantford businesses and qualified trades people.

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