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					July - August 2011

   Board of Directors
President - Loren Schmitz
                                Donor Spotlight - The Knights of Columbus
Vice President - Dan Martinek                         Discovery Living has been blessed by the efforts of many
Treasurer - Bob Mowry                                 guardian angels during our 30 year history and much of this
Secretary - Leigh Enneking                            behind the scenes support has come from the Knights of
                                                      Columbus. As most of you know, four local Knights of
Tom Auterman                                          Columbus Councils founded Discovery Living in 1977. What
Kelly Baier                                           is remarkable is that local KC councils continue to support
Craig Clark                                           our organization to this day. For many years these dedicated
Anne Cunningham                                       individuals have donated a portion of the proceeds from the
Denis Duppong                                         Intellectual Disability (tootsie roll) Fund Drive to Discovery
Bart Gibney                     Living. Last year alone the Knights donated over $41,000 to our organization.
Mark Gronemeyer                 The Knights have donated over $739,000 to Discovery Living since the annual
Andy Hasley                     fund drive began in the 1980’s. If you include Capital Campaign contributions, in
Tom King                        kind gifts and donated service hours, the KC’s have contributed over $1,000,000
William Knapp                   to Discovery Living over the last 25 years!
Father Neil Manternach
Terry Moran                     Funding restrictions prohibit organizations like Discovery Living from receiving
John Negro                      reimbursement for certain costs associated with vehicles, adaptive equipment
Scott Olson                     and home modifications. The ongoing support from the Knights has allowed us to
Ralph Savoy                     ensure that the people we serve receive the specialized supports and services
Larry Sharp                     they need. Gifts from the Knights have allowed us to purchase and adapt
Mike Stallman                   vehicles, homes and equipment in order to improve the quality of life for countless
Lynne Strabala                  people with disabilities. It is fair to say that the Knights have had a positive
Frank Varvaris                  impact on each and every person served and employed by Discovery Living.
Karen Volz
                                Eight members of the Knights of Columbus currently serve on the Discovery Living
                                Board of Directors and play a very active role in the governance of our
Inside this issue:
                                organization. The Knights volunteer their time, energy and talents – and never
                                ask for recognition. When you are out and about this fall and see someone selling
2011-12 Travel &
Adventure Film Series    2      tootsie rolls to support the Intellectual Disabilities Fund Drive, please remember
Schedule                        that you are really seeing a guardian angel in the flesh.
Leaving a Legacy         3
                                Our heartfelt thanks go out to the following Knights of Columbus Councils for their
The Long Road Back       3      ongoing support!
Senate File 525          4
Hawaii Bound             4            Council 12136 - North Linn - Central City, Coggon, Prairieburg area
                                    Council 5677 - Cedar Rapids ● Council 11942 - Fairfax & Walford area
Athlete of the Year      5                Council 5544 - Cedar Rapids ● Council 909 - Cedar Rapids
Days of Caring           5       Council 5390 - Marion ● Council 12131 - Center Point, Walker & Urbana area
Special Olympics         6          Council 13426 - Mechanicsville area ● Council 14952 - Cedar Rapids
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 2011-2012 Travel and Adventure Film Series Schedule
              The upcoming season includes the following shows:
                               Colorful Mexico - September 18, 2011
                     One Man’s Journey around the World - October 9, 2011.
           Pakistan and Afghanistan - On the Border, On the Edge - November 6, 2011
                    Burma & Cambodia - Lands of Conflict - February 12, 2012

                                    Ticket prices are as follows:
                                    Individual season pass - $24
                                      Family season pass - $48

Tickets may be purchased at the Discovery Living administrative offices at: 1015 Old Marion Road NE
                                         in Cedar Rapids.

                Single admission tickets purchased on the day of the event are: $7.00

 As in years past, all shows will be presented at 2:00 pm in Ballantyne Auditorium. The auditorium is
located in Iowa Hall at Kirkwood Community College. Each show will be hosted by the filmmaker and
                    includes an intermission during which refreshments are for sale.

 Corporate and Individual Sponsors are the reason we are able to present these fine films. These
        sponsors help Discovery Living cover some of the costs associated with the films.

     Corporate and individual sponsorship levels are $300, $500, $750 & $1000 and are tax
   deductable. Sponsors are recognized on our travel and adventure brochures, acknowledged
           in our newsletter and are publically thanked during at least one live show

The proceeds from these shows helps support the work we do at Discovery Living. If you are interested
    in learning more about sponsorships - or want to purchase show tickets - please contact Lynette
Vozenilek, Susan Hollrah or Bob Hebl at (319) 378 7470. You can also access detailed information at:

                                  Did You Know?
    Discovery Living currently serves 137 people with intellectual disabilities in Linn County
    We employ a staff of over 140 - 80% of whom are full-time employees
    We serve people who range in age from 18 to 86
    The average age of the people we serve is 43
    Virtually all of our services are funded by Medicaid through the Home and
  Community Based (HCBS) Waiver
    HCBS Medicaid funding is a combination of federal, state and county dollars
    Discovery Living has over 50 people on our waiting list
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               Leaving A Legacy ~by Bob Hebl
                 June 30, 2011 marked               years. We both found Craig to be some-
                 the end of an era in               one who always kept the person receiving
                 Linn County. Craig                 services in mind when making often diffi-
                 Wood, the long time                cult service funding decisions. In many in-
                 Director of the Linn               stances, Craig and his staff at Linn County
                 County Mental Health               MH/DD went above and beyond what was
                 and Developmental Dis-             required of them to ensure that people
                 abilities department,              were taken care of.
                 retired. Craig has been
                 in the disability field            Under Craig’s leadership Linn County has
                 over 35 years, with                developed a reputation as a place where
                 most of that time spent            people with disabilities are valued mem-
at Linn County MH/DD.                               bers of the community. We wish Craig all
                                                    the best in his retirement and hope he
I have been fortunate enough to have                recognizes how many lives he has posi-
worked with Craig for the last 20 years -           tively impacted along the way.
and my predecessor at Discovery Living,
John Morris, worked with Craig for 30

              The Long Road Back ~by Chad Miller
Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two. Just ask Becky McCrea, who lives at our J Street
house. In late 2009 Becky’s left knee joint was replaced. Despite the intense pain she experienced
before surgery and during the rehab process, Becky almost
always kept that familiar smile on her face. She spent hun-
dreds of hours rehabilitating her knee and has slowly been
able to bear weight and move around with a walker.

Becky found a way to incorporate her love of jigsaw puzzles
into her rehabilitation routine and now regularly stands while
working on puzzles - in order to further strengthen her knee.
Assisting Becky on her long road back has proven to be a re-
warding and inspiring experience for all of us lucky enough to
call her friend.

     Discovery’s mission is to provide supported community living services
    so adults with developmental disabilities can live successful, satisfying
                       lives in the mainstream of society.
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              Senate File 525 ~by Bob Hebl
In our last newsletter I    sibility for adult disability What this all means is
highlighted some major      services - with a determi-    that the state of Iowa is
changes that were being     nation based on residency. going to assume a much
considered for the disabil-                               greater role in the fund-
ity service system in Iowa. The Bill requires that the    ing and management of
Senate File 525 has now     Legislative Council author- the Iowa service delivery
passed and a few of the     ize several interim com-      system for people with
highlights are:             mittees to address                    disabilities in the
                            Mental Health and                     years ahead.
► SF 525 shifts funding     Disability Service                    There are many
responsibility for the non- re-design issues                      details to iron out
federal share of Medicaid   for the 2011 legis-                   and SF 525 con-
from the counties to the    lative interim. The                   tains language
State.                      committee is to                       that calls for peo-
                            make recommen-                        ple with disabili-
► It reorganizes the sys-   dations for core                      ties, county rep-
tem to be administered by disability services,                    resentatives, ser-
counties on a regional ba- address property                       vice providers,
sis in a manner that pro-   tax issues, exam-                     advocates and
vides multiple points of    ine funding commitments       others impacted by these
access in the region for    for the redesigned service changes to have a seat at
both Medicaid and non  ‐    system, and consider          the table when specifics
Medicaid funded services. other issues posed by the
          ‐                                               are ironed out. We will
                            July 1, 2013, repeal of the keep you posted as the
► Eliminates legal settle-  county disability services    future of service delivery
ment as the basis for de-   administration and funding in Iowa takes shape.
termining financial respon- provisions.

 Chris Bradley Hawaii Bound - Good Things Come To
          Those Who Wait! ~by Jenn Uthoff
                    It was difficult for Chris to wait for his trip to Maui, Hawaii, as he was originally sched-
                    uled to take this vacation in December through Camp Courageous. Unfortunately, it
                    was postponed due to an ice storm and blizzard conditions. While the delay was disap-
                    pointing, Chris handled it well and he was able to make his long awaited trip on March
                    27th. Chris stayed at an awesome resort, visited a monastery, played on the beaches
                    and enjoyed the ocean. Some of Chris’s favorite memories of the trip are watching the
                    hula dancers, visiting the outside shopping mall, sitting in the hot tub, swimming in the
                    pool and ocean, and - of course - eating out! He returned home on April 1st and was all
                    smiles. Chris enjoys taking regular trips and is currently signed up to attend a trip to
                    San Diego in the near future. In the end, Chris learned that good things do come to
                    those who wait.
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   Ashley Courtney Named Female Athlete of the Year
                               At a ceremony on June 12, Ashley Courtney was named
                               the East Central Iowa Female Special Olympian of the
                               Year. The ceremony was held at the Clarion Inn and Con-
                               vention Center with Iowa State Men’s Basketball Coach
                               Fred Hoiberg as the featured speaker. Ashley is one of
                               1,600 athletes who participate in Special Olympics in the
                               East Central Division. She has been involved in Special
                               Olympics for over 12 years and participates in bowling,
                               soccer, volleyball, team basketball, track and field, tennis
                               singles and doubles and team softball. Ashley not only
                               participates in these sports but is also a great help to her

    Days of Caring - The Millhiser-Smith Agency
Discovery Living would like to give a
big thank you to the Millhiser-Smith
employees who donated their time
and energy to trim bushes, clear
brush and complete other yard work
duties at our Douglas Court home in
Marion. We give special thanks to
Tom King for coordinating this event
as part of the May 12th Days of Car-
ing initiative. Tom works for Mill-
hiser-Smith and is also on the Dis-
covery Living Board of Directors.
Thanks to these generous folks, the
Douglas Court yard and landscaping
looks better than ever.
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Monetary Donations
  Any amount of
 financial support
 that you can give
 Discovery Living
  will enhance the
 lives of those we

 You can mail your
  gift to: 1015 Old
   Marion Rd NE,
  Cedar Rapids, IA

In-Kind Donations
  Please contact
    our office.

  Planned Giving
Discovery Living in
    your estate
planning is another
 way you can help.

      For more
  information you
  may contact our
      office at
  (319) 378-7470.

   We’re on the web!

“The only disability in
life is a bad attitude.”
   ~Scott Hamilton

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