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					THE STORY OF CHILD LABOUR (This story is based on the works of my friend in viswabharti regarding child labour) By P.P.Chhetri
It’s a wonderful winter of 2006; my college is closed for 15 days so I will go for vacation for some fun before the 2nd years examination. Sudeep my friend from schooldays called me to visit viswabharti the world famous university established by Rabindranath tagore. Next day I went to NJP railway station to book tickets for viswabharti and my good luck I got a ticket for same day, at 8pm I had a train called Darjeeling mail which travels from NJP to SEALDAH.I came back to my room and start packing my clothes and other important thing required during the journey. At 6pm I had dinner in my room and left siliguri at 6:30 pm and reached NJP at nearly 7:15 pm. At 7:50 pm train reached the platform no.1 ,it is blue color train, my coach no.6 and seat no 34.My journey started at 8 pm; train start moving after a long powerful horn. It travels from bright places to dark places, town to villages. After nearly 4 Hours train stops at malda famous town for mangoes in India. I came down from the train. It’s nearly midnight at watch and the temperature is almost less than 10°. I had my boiled egg and three cups of hot platform tea which is really horrible in India. Anyways I m happy because only three hours left to reach my holiday destination. All right again train starts and I m really feeling very sleepy but I can’t sleep what a condition. At 3:15 am of Thursday i reached viswabharti , few people are in platform; no one is there to receive me I came out of platform and I saw sudeep is sitting in a tea stale along with cup of tea and cigarette. Till 4pm we are sitting in the tea stale and then we went to his room. Next day we wake up at 2pm and went to one dhaba to have food and there we meet the main character of this story Bhola a very small guy of nearly 11 years of age who used to work in that dhaba from the adjoining village of that place. He was very funny and very energetic a work. After food we had a puff of smoke and we came back to our room. On the back to room sudeep told me the story related to that small kid who used

to work at a small age for few rupees. Sudeep told me; his name is bhola from the nearby village, and he did the inquiry regarding the cause of his child labour and he found that it’s a very interesting story of child mental distress. Few month back sudeep asked bhola why he is working instead of going to school at this very age; then little guy told him that his family is unable to send him to school because of some financial problem but as far viswabharti is concerned it is very cheap place for food and education, the yearly fees for primary school comes near about Rs. 80 which affordable to every parents for the betterment of the future of their kids. We reached our place again we went to bed and wake up at 6pm. Now we are going to kalaniketan to meet our rest of the friends we had party tonight with all nepali guy and girls in that place. Music, dance, food and many more goes till 11pm in the night and after full filled stomach we came back to our room. So first day is gone but whole night the smile and the words of the little kids disturbed me a lot. Next morning I told sudeep to do some field work related with this kid, he said ok but first let’s had some food; after food we went to his place to find out bhola’s family and to say them to send their kid to school not to dhaba for work it is crime according to constitution of the country. But as we reach his place we are taken away by surprise his family was one of the best families in that village with three stored house with almost 100’s cattle in his father name; sudeep and me looking at each other like anything and both of us are thinking why that little kid told us lie regarding his child labour. We decided to meet his parent regarding this problem; we asked his father why his kid is working is the dhaba though they are financial good to send their kid to school, at this question gentleman said he used to go to school but all of sudden he left the school and start working in that dhaba they called him back home but he reject the call and stay with his work, his mother was very sad and dishearten by his decision to work in dhaba as daily waged worker which was suddenly not a dream of their parents for the kid. We came back with heavy heart after meeting them quiet and very curious to know the actually cause. We are so tried after long journey and again we went to same dhaba at nearly 4:30 pm we had tea and food but didn’t say anything to little kid. Whole evening we are thing about a kid and his family we are not sure whose

statement is true but I looks kid is lying. All right we are waiting for next day to meet that little boy and share his feelings we went to bed at 11pm after making a small note on that guy. Good morning today at evening I have return back to my home town Kalimpong and I have a train at 6pm but most important we have that kid to know his problem so here we go to dhaba. As usual kid offer us tea at first and then chappati and dal as food, silently we had food and after food sudeep told him that we went his place and talk with his parents and found that he said all lies to him as soon as he heard this he turn red then sudeep said I give you my walkman if you tell me the truth. Poor guy starts saying the truth of his life; According to him he used to go to school till 2pm and after that his parents sends him to the jungle along with the cattle’s he face lots of problem in jungle because there is no one with him. Everyday same routine for him he was tried of this kind of life so he decided to leave the home and go for work, he said if he will remain in that house how much he study and learn but ultimately he has to go along with cattle in the boring jungle. So one mind setup was established in his mind relating with his life in future so he left home and join work for the better future. What a condition? Who is wrong? Is there any method to solve these problems? With these all unanswered question in mind I returned back home but the image of that little kid remain in my mind till this time.  PLEASE STOP CHILD LABOUR THESE SMALL KIDS HAVE RIGHT TO STUDY AND BECAME SOME VALUE THING IN THE FUTURE.

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