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									Stendahl Exteriors In Westben WI Provides Exterior Construction And Remodeling Services

Westbend WI, 03-June-2013 - Stendahl Exteriors, Westben roofing contractor, is pleased to announce a
top quality regional business that is known by its reputation in the area. The employees of the firm are
those that were present when the company began operation in January of 2005. Reputation is built on
quality workmanship and courteous service. It is also built on knowledge of the unique aspects of
Wisconsin weather and climate conditions.

The Westbend roofing contractor firm serves a significant area in and around the cities of West Bend,
Milwaukee and others. When clients are offered style options and materials suggestions, it is because
the professionals at the firm know what works with the weather here. They also understand that it is the
client who must be happy initially and years in the future when the climate conditions have taken their
toll on the products.

Stendahl Exteriors is certified for Elk/GAF. As a recognized installer, a warranty can be offered that is
longer than that of the competitors. The warranty is extended at no charge to the client. Additional
certifications and memberships include the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) and
West Bend Chamber of Commerce. These connections represent the importance placed on the links to
the community.

Because the firm generally deals with exterior elements, it is knowledgeable and experienced in
selecting and recommending roofing and siding for clients. It also can be instrumental in windows,
custom trims and seamless guttering. The company can help in providing snow removal from roofs. In
all of these projects, the firm offers a choice of materials, designs and patterns that will beautify and
and extend the life span of the home. The major purposes of the work is to extend the life of the
structure and to provide an attractive image to neighbors and visitors to the location.

Learn additional details about the services and products included in the Westbend roofing contractor
reputation at today. Members of the press and others who have
questions concerning the information in this press notice are invited to go to the contact descriptions

Company Name: Stendahl Exteriors LLC
Address: 2131 W Washington Avenue, West Bend WI 53095
Contact Telephone Number: (262) 334-9110
Toll Free Contact Telephone Number: (800) 275-2776

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