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Electricity Bill


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									4/21/13                                                                            Electricity Bill

                             Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.
                           4174:ULHASNAGAR V                               APR­          Bill Date:                                     17­APR­13
          Billing Unit                       Bill For:
                                  S/DN.                                     13
                                                                                         Bill Period:                           05­MAR­13 to 05­APR­13
          Consumer                                   Old Consumer
          No:                                        No:                                                                                               Rs. Ps.
          Name:           SHRI JEETENDER M TALREJA                                       Due Date:                            02­MAY­13                  250.00
                          PRABHU DARSHAN TOWER                                           If Paid by this Date:                26­APR­13                  250.00
          Address:        SHOP NO 5 ULH­5 
                          ULHASNAGAR 421005                                              If Paid After this Date:             02­MAY­13                  320.00
                                                                                                            *The above amount is being rounded up

                      * For any queries on this bill please contact
                            sdo4174@ho.mahadiscom.in                                                                                                   Rs. Ps.
                                                                                         Fixed Charges                                                   190.00

                              1/ 03­                                                     Energy Charges                                                   23.40
          PC/MR/Route                                             LT II Comm
                              5003­      Tariff   04 Category                            Electricity Duty                                                 36.53
           Sequence                                               1Ph <20 KW
                                                                                         F.A.C.                                                            1.51
                                         Conn. .5
               DTC:          4174028                     Duty             07             Additional Supply Charges                                         0.00
                                         Load KW
                                         Sanct. .5      Supply                           Tax on Sale                                                       0.32
             Pole No:         000000                              10­May­99
                                         Load KW         Date                            Previous Bill Credit                                              0.00
                                                                                         Current Interest                                                  0.00
                                                                                         Capacitor Penalty                                                 0.00
           Meter          Current        Previous                 Adj.                   Other Charges                                                    ­1.90
                                                        MF Unit            Total
            No.           Reading        Reading                  Unit
                                                                                         Total                                                           249.86
          04747055          293             293         01   4        0        4
                                                                                         Net Arrears                                                 ­3,116.28
                                                                                         Adjustments                                                  3,117.84
                                     Security Deposit                                    Interest Arrears                                                  0.00
          Arrears: 0.00           Held: 500.00       Demanded: 0.00                      Total Arrears                                                     1.56
                                    Bill for 1 Month(s)                                  Net Bill Amount                                                 251.42
                          Receipts considered up­to 15­APR­13 
                                 Meter status: LOCKED                                    Rounded Bill                                                    250.00
                                  RLC REFUND:­1.90/                                      Last Receipt Date                                          17­DEC­12
                                                                                         Last Receipt Amount                                               0.00

                                                                                                                   After this date: 02­MAY­13
                                                                                                                          Pay Rs. 320


                                                                                         Prompt Payment Discount: Rs. 2.15, if bill is on or before 26­APR­

                           * For queries related to your online payment transactions, please contact helpdesk_pg@mahadiscom.in 
                                         Any unauthorised changes made in this bill will lead to non­acceptance of the bill.

          Billing            Consumer                                                                                                                  Rs. Ps.
                      4174                  021514483571 PC: 1 Tariff: 04
          Unit:              No:
                                                                                         Due Date:                                      02­MAY­13        250.00
          Instructions for Cheque payment:                                               If Paid by this Date:                          26­APR­13        250.00
             Cheque should be a/c payee only.                                            If Paid After this Date:                       02­MAY­13        320.00
             Cheque should be payable in name of 'MSEDCL', and issued
             by local bank.
             Please attach bill with the Cheque and do not staple them.
             Post dated cheque will be not accepted

          Billing            Consumer                                                                                                                  Rs. Ps.
                      4174                  021514483571 PC: 1 Tariff: 04

rapdrp.mahadiscom.in/wss/wss                                                                                                                                      1/2
4/21/13                                                              Electricity Bill
          Billing        Consumer                                                                                       Rs. Ps.
                    4174            021514483571 PC: 1 Tariff: 04
          Unit:          No:
                                                                           Due Date:                        02­MAY­13   250.00
                                                                           If Paid by this Date:            26­APR­13   250.00
                                                                           If Paid After this Date:         02­MAY­13   320.00

                                      © 2013, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited.

rapdrp.mahadiscom.in/wss/wss                                                                                                      2/2

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