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									             October 2010

Breast reconstruction may improve self-image
Few women can prepare        strives to rebuild the       procedure where we
themselves for the           breast so it is about the    replace the breast tis-
signigicant emotional        same size and shape as it    sue with a saline or
challenges that occur        was before the               silicone implant,” Dr.
after losing one or both     mastectomy or                Pitcher explained.
breasts due to breast        lumpectomy. The nipple
                                                          He notes that while
cancer. Fortunately,         and the darker area
                                                          implants fell out of
studies show that breast     surrounding the nipple
                                                          favor several years
reconstruction after         (areola) can also be
                                                          ago, they were re-
cancer surgery can go a      surgically reconstructed.
                                                          approved by the
long way toward
                             “Reconstruction can          FDA in 2006 and
improving self-image.
                             happen at the time of        have since had an
Dr. Jeffrey Pitcher          mastectomy or at a later     excellent track
recently joined Trinity      date,” Dr. Pitcher stated.   record.
Health as a plastic and      “It used to be that
                                                          “We emphasize that            because their first          chief resident from
reconstructive surgeon.      patients would have a
                                                          a reconstructed breast        concern naturally is their   2007-2008. His residen-
Although he provides         mastectomy, let things
                                                          can never be the same as      long-term health. But as     cy in Plastic Surgery was
the full range of cosmetic   settle down and then
                                                          a natural breast, but our     we’ve come to better         conducted at Washington
and reconstructive           return for breast
                                                          goal is to achieve a result   understand the               University School of
procedures, he lists         reconstruction at a later
                                                          that feels similar to the     emotional aspects of         Medicine, where he also
among his specialties        date. Now we can do
                                                          way it did before and         dealing with breast          served as chief resident.
breast reconstruction        an immediate reconstruc-
                                                          enables a woman to look       cancer we’ve found that      His clinical interests, in
after cancer surgery.        tion while the patient is
                                                          like she wants to in          breast reconstruction can    addition to breast recon-
                             still asleep.”
“We did a lot of breast                                   clothes,” he said.            play an important role in    struction, also include
reconstruction at the        Approaches generally fall                                  restoring emotional well-    body contouring surgery
center where I trained,”     into the following           Dr. Pitcher describes
                                                          breast reconstruction as      being,” Dr. Pitcher added.   and nerve repair.
he said. “You develop a      categories: Autologous
passion for helping          (the patient’s own tis-      an important decision                                      His office is located at
survivors restore what       sues), implant-based or a    that should be made by a      About Dr. Pitcher            Health Center-South
has been taken away by       combination of the two.      woman with accurate                                        Ridge, 1500 24th Avenue
                                                          information as early in       A graduate of MCP
the disease.”                                                                                                        SW. For more informa-
                             “With autologous             her treatment process as      Hahnemann University
                                                                                                                     tion or appointments,
Breast reconstruction        reconstruction we take a     possible in consultation      School of Medicine in
                                                                                                                     call 857-5662.
surgery seeks to restore     section of a woman’s         with her surgeon,             Philadelphia, Dr. Pitcher
breast appearance for        own tissue from her          oncologist and plastic        completed his General
women who have had all       abdomen, back or other       surgeon.                      Surgery residency at the
or part of their breast(s)   area and move it to the                                    Indiana University
removed to treat breast      chest area. Or we can do     “Too often women aren’t       School of Medicine,
cancer. A plastic surgeon    an implant-based             aware of their options        where he served as

Report to the community: Why the Foundation
raises philanthropic funds
The Trinity Health Foundation       through disbursements to the         • Trinity Homes – new audio         • Kidney Dialysis Unit – com-
received nearly $700,000 in         many healthcare programs and           and video system for residents      fortable recliners for patients
gifts during fiscal year 2010,      services at Trinity Hospitals,         through a gift from the Trinity     in treatment
which ended June 30.                Trinity Homes and other Trinity        Health Auxiliary
                                                                                                             • Lobby Furniture Fund –
This was achieved through the                                            • Trauma Center – equipment           remodeled lobby at Trinity
generosity of individuals giving    These disbursements include            to help treat victims of sexual     Hospital – St. Joseph’s, a gen-
memorials, contributions, grant     the following:                         assualt                             erous gift of Trinity Health
funding, and awards from other                                                                                 Auxiliary
                                    • Nursing Education
                                      Scholarships – 63                                                      • Staff Development – nursing
“There are no words that can          scholarships awarded to                                                  leadership education event
say how appreciative Trinity          university students
                                                                                                             • Kenmare Community
Health is of the giving people in     enrolled as juniors or
                                                                                                               Hospital – exercise equipment
the region. Every dollar received     seniors in the nursing
                                                                                                               for patients
makes a difference in the             program
healthcare programs and                                                                                      • Kenmare Community
                                    • Hospice & Home
services at Trinity Health,”                                                                                   Hospital – telepharmacy
                                      Health Fund –
stated Amy Moen, Director of                                                                                   equipment to better serve the
                                      informational patient
Trinity Health Foundation.                                                                                     community
                                      brochures & staff
This money is wisely invested         education development                                                                continued on page 2

                                                                     Vital Role in
                                                                                                    6        Complete
                                 Cancer                              Patient Safety                           Health

                       2              3                       4                                              7
               Group                                Physical                             Partnership                             Healthy
              Personal                              Therapy                               with the                              Halloween
              Training                               Month           5                     Schools                               Habits
2 • OCTOBER 2010                                              TRINITY HEALTH                                                    HEALTHTALK

Group Personal Training: A good fit for you?
Do you feel like you are        “The vast majority of        increased motivation         receive individual             you to reach your goal.”
just going through the          health club members are      provided by exercise         attention from a Trinity
                                                                                                                         Judd added that by
motions with your               in need of an exercise       companions also makes        Exercise Physiologist and
                                                                                                                         having camaraderie
exercise routine? Are           designed program and/or      this form of training an     walk away with a fitness
                                                                                                                         among the group, the
you interested in                                                                         routine to do on your
                                                                                                                         exercise physiology team
personal training, but                                                                    own.
                                                                                                                         hopes to keep more
don't have the time or
                                                                                          Some advantages/bene-          people in the gym than
the money?
                                                                                          fits of group personal         just having people work-
Then Trinity Exercise                                                                     training include:              ing out on their own.
Physiology’s Group
                                                                                          - Low costs shared             “People may feel uncom-
Personal Training is
                                                                                            among your group             fortable working out on
for you.
                                                                                                                         their own, but by having
                                                                                          - Flexibility to participate
It is our goal to                                                                                                        a friend or two, they can
                                                                                            in a group session
maximize your time at                                                                                                    hopefully feel more at
                                                                                            (either Mondays,
the gym with a                                                                                                           ease and achieve their
                                                                                            Wednesdays and
professionally designed                                                                                                  fitness goals together,”
                                                                                            Fridays or Tuesdays and
and individualized                                                                                                       Judd said.
training program.
                                                                                                                         Individual rates for the
                                                                                          - Accountability &
“Group training gives us                                                                                                 group sessions are $13
the opportunity to offer                                                                                                 per hour with a Minot
an effective program                                                                      - Just some plain              Family Y membership.
toward your goals with                                                                      camaraderie & fun!
                                                                                                                         For more information,
motivation and account-                                                                   “In terms of motivation,       call Norm Judd,
ability, yet cost effective,”                                                             knowing there are three        857-3030 or Russell
said Norm Judd, MS,             guidance as well as the      attractive alternative to
                                                                                          other people there work-       Gust, 857-5626.
CSCS, Trinity Exercise          accountability offered by    the “one-on-one” option      ing out hard with you,
Physiologist.                   having a personal            that is also available.”     will motivate you to
Judd said that most             trainer,” Judd said. “The    The classes, limited to      work harder,” said Judd
people are great candi-         opportunity for most         four to six people, allow    “Also having a support
dates for group training.       people to have the           each participant to          group in place will help

South Ridge: Old facility gets facelift
A facility that                                                                                    providers,” he        surgery suites the facility
Trinity shut                                                                                       said. “We’ll          had its limitations. In
the doors on a                                                                                     redesign the two      2008, after Trinity com-
couple of years                                                                                    surgery suites in     pleted a four-suite Same
ago is back in                                                                                     the center sec-       Day Surgery Center at
service – a                                                                                        tion for more         Trinity Hospital – St.
result of                                                                                          providers.”           Joseph’s, procedures
increased                                                                                                                held at Centennial were
physician                                                                                          Centennial            moved. Until now,
recruitment                                                                                        Medical Center        that is.
success and a                                                                                      was founded in
                                                                                                   the 1980s by a        “Around 60 providers
committment                                                                                                              have joined us in the last
to increase                                                                                        group of Minot
                                By mid-month he was          President Thomas                                            two years,” Warsocki
access for patients.                                                                      physicians as a clinic and
                                joined by the Pain           Warsocki said.                                              noted. “They are excited
Health Center-South                                                                       outpatient surgery center.
                                Management Center’s                                                                      to share in our vision;
Ridge, formerly Health                                       Facilities Management        It was renamed Health
                                Manual Colón, MD, and                                                                    they like where we’re
Center-Centennial, has                                       Director Dave Kohlman        Center-Centennial after
                                Jerane Forsberg, PA-C.                                                                   headed and want to be
been reopened with a                                         said the west side of the    Trinity acquired the facil-
                                “With our strategy to        building’s interior was      ity in the 1990s. For sev-     partners in that vision.”
new name and a new
look.                           strengthen our provider      remodeled to accommo-        eral years the building        For help in selecting a
                                network, we needed to        date Plastic Surgery and     was Trinity Regional           physician, patients may
Dr. Jeffrey Pitcher,            expand our clinic space      the Pain Center. “We’re      Eyecare’s chief site for       call Trinity Health’s
Trinity’s new plastic           and determined a remod-      now in the process of        outpatient cataract and        physician referral line at
surgeon, was the first to       eled South Ridge would       renovating the east side     Lasik surgery procedures.      857-DR4U, (857-3748).
move in early August.           be a great facility,” Vice   for several primary care     But with only two

                                       Trinity Health’s Speaker’s Bureau
   Call Trinity Health Community Education at 857-5099 to check for available dates and topics.

Foundation                           continued from page 1
• PRIDE (employee giving                                                     – Portable ultrasound machine       • Physical Therapy – mobile
  program)                                                                     for the Anesthesia                  PCs for therapists
  – 36 employee hardship                                                       Department
                                                                                                                 • Neonatal Intensive Care
                                                                             – Enhancement modules for             Unit – neonatal heart probe
  – CancerCare Center wall                                                     the Patient Communication
                                                                                                                 • Equipment – Facilities
    decorations                                                                System – Trinity Hospital
                                                                                                                   Management and
  – Kenmare Community                                                      • Cancer Treatment Assistance –         Housekeeping equipment
    Hospital and Trinity                                                     55 patients received grants for
                                                                                                                 • Laboratory Fund – education
    Homes staff development                                                  travel assistance while under-
                                                                                                                   for lab staff
    and training                                                             going treatment
                                                                                                                 • Vision of Hope – patient
  – Patient education                                                      • Cancer Exercise Rehab –
                                                                                                                   low-vision equipment
    software at Trinity Regional                                             56 cancer patients participat-
    Eyecare                                                                  ed in exercise rehab program        • Keller Radiology Fund –
                                                                                                                   student recognition program
  – Wii console & games for              – Medication cart for             • CancerCare Center – chemo
    CDU & Mental Health                    Kenmare Community                 patient recliners                   If you are interested in
    patients                               Hospital                                                              contributing to the healthcare
                                                                           • Compassionate Friends –
                                                                                                                 programs and services at Trinity
  – Endoscope for Surgery                – Two wheelchairs for               support program expenses
                                                                                                                 Health, please contact the
    Department                             RehabCare
                                                                           • FAST Program – items for            Foundation office at 857-5432.
  – Fluid warmer for Surgery             – Patient dialysis pillows for      Families And Schools Together
    Department                             Kidney Dialysis Unit              program

                                                                           Marketing Department
                                                                           Trinity Hospital – St. Joseph’s      Visit Our Website:
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                                                                           Toll free in ND: 1-800-247-1316
HEALTHTALK                                                 TRINITY HEALTH                                                  3 • OCTOBER 2010

Up front & personal about breast cancer
Breast cancer is the most       is at high risk and        Q: How much do diet                tomized approach to             to their health care
common cancer among             should start getting          and exercise affect             each patient. Surgical          providers. Breast self-
women in the United             mammograms at age             my chance of getting            options include a               exam (BSE) is an
States, other than skin         30, or perhaps even           breast cancer?                  “lumpectomy” (breast            option for women
cancer. It is the second        younger depending on                                          conserving surgery),            starting in their 20s.
                                                           A: A diet low in fat
leading cause of cancer         individual circum-                                            modified (limited or
                                                              (about 20 percent of                                            Women at very high
death in women, after           stances. However the                                          partial) mastectomy or
                                                              total calories, with min-                                       risk (greater than 20
lung cancer.                    majority of patients                                          complete mastectomy.
                                                              imal saturated fat),                                            percent lifetime risk
                                with newly diagnosed                                          Frequently radiation
The American Cancer                                           high in vegetables                                              calculated in our mam-
                                breast cancer do not                                          therapy is recommend-
Society states that about                                     (especially cruciferous,                                        mography department)
                                have a strong family                                          ed. Chemotherapy
207,900 women in the                                          such as broccoli,                                               should get an MRI and
                                history. If you’re not                                        alone or in combina-
United States will be                                         cauliflower, brussels                                           a mammogram every
                                at increased risk, begin                                      tion with hormonal
found to have invasive                                        sprouts and other leafy                                         year. Women at moder-
                                at 40.                                                        therapy or radiation
breast cancer in 2010                                         green vegetables), and                                          ately increased risk (15
                                                                                              therapy may be offered
and that about 39,840        Q: What are other risk           whole grains, with some                                         to 20 percent lifetime
                                                                                              as well. Almost
women will die from             factors for developing        fruit has been found to                                         risk) should talk with
                                                                                              always, any given
their disease this year.        breast cancer?                help protect against                                            their doctors about the
                                                                                              treatment plan will be
Right now there are                                           cancer. Regular moder-                                          benefits and limitations
                             A: Age. The risk of breast                                       comprised of a combi-
about 2.5 million breast                                      ate exercise has also                                           of adding MRI screen-
                                cancer increases as a                                         nation of any of the
cancer survivors in the                                       been shown to help pre-                                         ing to their yearly
                                woman gets older.                                             above options and will
United States.                                                vent cancer and reduce                                          mammogram. Yearly
                                About 77 percent of                                           be tailored to each
                                                              the incidence of cancer                                         MRI screening is not
There isn’t a sure way to       breast cancers occur in                                       patient’s needs.
                                                              recurrence.                                                     recommended for
prevent breast cancer,          women age 50 and
                                                                                                                              women whose lifetime
but there are things all        older.                     Q: What is the three-          Q: What are the
                                                                                                                              risk of breast cancer is
women can do that                                             step approach for              American Cancer
                                                                                                                              less than 15 percent.
might reduce their risk        Personal History.              early detection?               Society Guidelines
and help increase the          Women who have had                                            for optimal breast           Q. Where can I go for
                                                           A: There is a 97 percent,
odds that if cancer does       breast cancer may                                             health in normal risk           my Mammogram?
                                                              five-year survival rate
occur, it can be found at      develop it again.                                             women?
                                                              when breast cancer is                                       A. Either the Breast
an early, more treatable       Women with a history                                       A: Yearly mammograms
                                                              detected in its earliest                                       Imaging Center at
stage.                         of breast disease (not                                        are recommended
                                                              stages. The three-step                                         Health Center –
The following are some         cancer but a condition         approach—self-exami-           starting at age 40 and          Medical Arts
questions and answers to       that may predispose            nation, yearly physi-          continuing for as long          (857-2640) or our con-
help you navigate              them to cancer) and            cian’s examination and         as a woman is in good           venient Digital Mobile
through the aspects of         women having more              regular mammography            health.                         Mammography Service
breast cancer.                 dense breast tissue on a       screening—has proven                                           (surrounding communi-
                               previous mammogram                                            Clinical breast exam
                                                              to be the most effective                                       ties) offer digital
Q: How do I know if I’m        (making interpretation                                        (CBE) should be part
                                                              way to find breast                                             mammography. Toll
   at high risk for devel-     more difficult), are also                                     of a periodic health
                                                              cancer early.                                                  Free 1-800-862-0005.
   oping breast cancer?        at risk.                                                      exam, about every 3
                                                           Q: What are some                  years for women in           We are here to help in
A: Anyone with an imme-
                               Other Risk Factors.            treatments for breast          their 20s and 30s and        your fight against breast
   diate family member
                               Other risk factors             cancer?                        every year for women         cancer.
   who was diagnosed
                               include having your                                           40 and over.
   with breast cancer                                      A: Treatment is individu-
   before the age of           first child after age 30       alized since every             Women should know
   menopause or with           or never having                patient is unique and          how their breasts nor-
   multiple relatives suf-     children, obesity or           Trinity’s CancerCare           mally feel and report
   fering from the disease     regular alcohol use.           Team develops a cus-           any changes promptly

Combating breast cancer with the latest
technologies                     ancers Biopsied
                     New Breast Ca
Trinity Health continues     cer by as much as 35                             at Trinit Health*
                                                                                      ty     h                                          cancer is
to combat breast cancer      percent in women                                                                                           present; if a
using the latest technolo-   over the age of 50                                                                                         cystic lesion
gy and equipment.            and in women                                                                                               is present
                             between 40 and 50,                                                                                         then usually
These various breast                                                                                                            0
                             by as much as 25–35                                                                                        there is no
imaging services include
                             percent.                                                                                         40 49     further
digital mammography,
                                                                                                                              50 59     evaluation.”
breast ultrasound, galac-    “Digital mammogra-
tography (ductogram)         phy is the gold stan-                                                                            60 69     Ultrasound
and breast MRI.              dard in detecting                                                                                  70 79   uses high-fre-
                             breast cancer, and it’s                                                                                    quency sound
                             the way of the                                                                                             waves that
Digital mammography          future,” Busch said.                                                                                       are transmit-
                             "We've been using                                                            *July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010   ted through
From July 1, 2008, to        digital mammography                                                                                        breast tissue
June 30, 2009, more          here at Trinity for                                                                                        from a
than 8,600 women             more than four and a          them,” Busch explained.        Since digital mammogra- hand-held probe called a
received mammograms          half years.”                  “Although breast               phy uses a computer              transducer. These sound
through breast imaging                                     calcifications are usually     system to record and             waves bounce off breast
services offered by          Digital mammography           noncancerous (benign),         store breast images in a         tissues creating "echoes"
Trinity Health. From         uses special equipment        certain patterns of            database, these images           which are then recorded
these screenings, approxi-   and computer technology       calcifications — such as       may be transmitted               by a computer generating
mately 10.8 percent          to capture and save                                          electronically between
                                                           tight clusters with                                             an image of the breast
were recalled for addi-      images of the breast(s)                                      appropriately linked
                                                           irregular shapes — may                                          tissue which is then
tional views to clarify      electronically. This gives                                   providers.
                                                           indicate breast cancer.”                                        displayed on a monitor.
questionable abnormali-      radiologists the ability to
                                                                                                                           No radiation is used, and
ties. From these 172         enhance these images in       Trinity’s digital system
                                                                                          Breast ultrasound                very little pressure is
biopsies were performed      order to look for tiny        also provides optimal use                                       required.
with 75 cases being posi-    abnormalities. Digital        of computer-assisted           If a patient has an
tive for newly diagnosed     mammography is                detection (CAD), or            abnormal screening               According to Busch,
breast cancer.               particularly well suited      what is known as               mammogram, then addi- patients question why
                             to reveal smaller,            “Second Look” capability.      tional imaging evaluation they just can’t just have
According to Connie          suspicious abnormalities                                                                      an ultrasound as it’s
                                                           With this feature, the         with detailed diagnostic
Busch, coordinator of        due to the detailed                                                                           easier to tolerate without
                                                           computer detects any           mammograms or ultra-
Trinity Health’s breast      images it provides.                                                                           compression to the
                                                           “areas of concern” and         sound may be necessary.
imaging services, mam-                                                                                                     breast instead of having
mograms don't prevent        “Digital technology is        marks them on the              "Breast ultrasound is            an annual mammogram.
breast cancer, but they      excellent at seeing tiny      mammogram for the              useful to determine if a
can save lives by finding    calcifications (calcium       radiologist to review.         mass is solid or cystic          “An ultrasound is not as
breast cancer as early as    deposits within breast        This capability is already     (filled with fluid),” she        good at seeing very small
possible. Studies have       tissue). They appear as       built into the system,         explained. “If a solid           lesions or microcalcifica-
shown that mammo-            white spots or flecks on a    thus eliminating the need      lesion is present then a         tions, which can only be
grams may lower the          mammogram and are so          to scan the mammogram          biopsy may be per-
death rate of breast can-    small that you can't feel     images into a computer.        formed to determine if                      continued on page 4
4 • OCTOBER 2010                                            TRINITY HEALTH                                                      HEALTHTALK

Physical therapy brings motion to life
October is                                                               “I think
National                                                                 some of the      “Smart Moves” for families
Physical Therapy                                                         growth can       • Plan weekend family activities involving physical
Month, and this                                                          be attributed      activity, such as hiking, swimming, bicycling,
year’s theme of                                                          to the influx      mini-golf, tennis, or bowling.
“Move Forward”                                                           of people to
                                                                                          • Have your kids brainstorm a “rainy day” game plan
has been                                                                 the region,        of indoor activities such as fitness games like Wii
designed to pro-                                                         but we also        Fit or Dance Dance Revolution.
mote healthier                                                           continue to
living habits and                                                        have an          • Remember that your family does not need to join a
promotion of                                                             aging              health club or buy fancy equipment to be active.
being more                                                               population         Weights can be made from soda or detergent
active and                                                               that tends to      bottles filled with sand or water!
mobile.                                                                  more             • Provide positive feedback about your child's
                                                                         frequently         lifestyle changes. Remember not to focus on the
Physical thera-
                                                                         need our           scale (for you or your child).
pists are a pri-
                                                                         services to
mary resource for New to Trinity’s physical therapy staff are top:                        • Be your child's "exercise buddy." Plan daily walks or
promotion of        Joshua Dinius, PT, DPT, and Aundrea Riehl, PT, help them                bike rides and set goals together for increasing
                    DPT; bottom (left to right): Laura Mann, PTA,      with their           physical activity rather than for losing weight. It’s
healthier living
                    and Christina Sorenson, PTA.                       mobility             also great “bonding” time!
habits that
specifically deal            therapists and seven                                         • Encourage children to try individualized sports
with increasing mobility. physical therapy                Rexin said that it is not         such as tennis and swimming. Studies show such
                             assistants to provide        uncommon for their                activities are the basis of lifelong fitness habits.
Whether it is getting
more mobility in a           physical therapy services department to see                  • Parents and children can do exercises while watch-
                             to patients/clients in       patients 65 and older             ing television (or at least during commercials), such
shoulder after surgery,
                             settings that include the    that are still farming that       as sit-ups, push-ups or running in place. Discourage
improving safety of
                             acute care hospital,         need help with shoulder           snacking or eating meals while watching.
movement at work or
                             rehabilitation hospital,     mobility, neck or back
improving ease of                                                                                        Source: American Physical Therapy Association
                                                          pain, so they can contin-
movement when dealing outpatient therapy, home
                             health agencies, area        ue doing what they want         work duties on the job        “We attribute a lot of our
with arthritis or other
                             schools, work settings,      to be doing.                    and new employees must        growth to the growing
conditions, a physical
therapist is your            aquatic therapy at the       “Whatever the patient’s         pass a screening              population and changing
healthcare professional of Minot Family Y and             goals are, whether it is        assessment performed by       demographics and
choice.                      nursing homes.               running the tractor or          a physical therapist prior    attitudes in our region.
                                                          swinging a golf club, it is     to starting work. This        “We work to improve
Physical therapists can
                             Increased needs of the       important to us to help         helps the employer and        our services through
help patients move
                             region                       them achieve that goal,”        the employee to avoid         continuing education of
forward by providing
                                                          added Rexin.                    putting people in             our staff, measurement of
care to patients of all      You may see a physical
                                                                                          situations where they or      patient satisfaction,
ages (from newborns to       therapist helping a          The oil construction, and
                                                                                          others could get hurt.        partnering with our
elderly) to help improve     patient learn to walk in     other business activity in
                                                                                          Testing is based on the       physicians and doing
mobility, reduce pain,       the hospital after a major the region has resulted
                                                                                          essential functions of the    everything we can to
decrease risk factors and    surgery or the physical      in a need for physical
                                                                                          job with some tests           maintain access and
prevent injury. Because      therapist may be             therapists to not only                                        provide optimal
physical therapists          assessing a new employee treat work injuries but             requiring employees to
                                                                                                                        customer service.”
receive specialized          for the ability to work on also to perform pre-              lift 100-200 pounds.
education in a variety of    a drilling rig within the    employment/post-offer                                         Physical Therapy services
                                                                                          Rexin said that the
sciences – physics,          oil field.                   screenings for new                                            may be covered by your
                                                                                          demand for Trinity’s
human anatomy, kinesiol-                                                                                                insurance depending
                             “We have actually seen a employees. In fact,                 physical therapy services
ogy (human movement),                                                                                                   upon your plan.
                             high volume of growth in Trinity has seen 10 times           has steadily increased
to name a few– they                                       the volume of post-offer                                      For more information
                             the hospital and in the                                      over the past several
understand how the                                        screenings in the past                                        about the services Trinity
                             outpatient department,”                                      years, as people realize
body works and how to                                                                                                   Physical Therapy offers,
                             stated Mike Rexin, PT,       five years. Many                how physical therapy
get you moving again.                                                                                                   call 857-5286.
                             DPT, Coordinator of          companies want to make          would benefit them in
Trinity Health currently     Trinity’s Physical           sure their new hires are        returning to an active
employs 17 physical          Therapy Department.          capable to safely perform       lifestyle.

Breast imaging technologies                                                               continued from page 3
seen with a mammo-             ize the duct, now high-      changes that may              through the patient’s
gram,” she explained.          lighted with contrast to     indicate breast cancer.       physician office since,
                               demonstrate these small,                                   unlike screening yearly
                                                            Breast MRI helps
                               but problematic tumors.                                    mammograms, a doctor’s
                                                            radiologists better identi-
Galactography                  This test can lead a                                       order is required before a
                                                            fy and characterize breast
(Ductogram)                    surgeon to the correct                                     breast MRI can be
                                                            diseases – particularly
This mammographic              area to remove the lesion                                  performed.
                                                            cancer – in women with
examination is common-         in question.
                                                            certain risk factors.
ly called a ductogram
since it is done only for                                   “This includes women
                               Breast MRI                   with a genetic predispo-
further evaluation of a
nipple discharge. Tumors       Breast MRI is the most       sition to developing
usually begin in the           recent addition to           breast cancer, or those
ducts, and may cause a         Trinity’s diagnostic         with a strong family
nipple discharge as these      arsenal in the fight         history such as multiple
ducts lead down to the         against breast cancer, and   primary relatives with
nipple. These tumors are       women at high risk of        breast cancer,” explained
usually not seen well          developing breast cancer     Dr. Kenneth Keller a
with regular mammogra-         and others already           radiologist and Medical
phy or ultrasound.             diagnosed with the dis-      Co-Director of Trinity’s
                               ease particularly benefit    Radiology Department.
After appropriate cleans-
                               from this new service.       “It also includes women
ing, a radiologist inserts a
                                                            with a newly diagnosed
small blunt tipped needle      Magnetic resonance
                                                            breast cancer, where a
into the nipple, directly      imaging (MRI) technolo-
                                                            breast MRI would be
into the discharging duct.     gy is a noninvasive test
                                                            used to determine
Although this sounds like      that uses a powerful
                                                            whether there are multi-               Imaging services at Trinity Health
it would hurt, almost all      magnetic field, radio
                                                            ple areas of cancer in the           are performed by an excellent team of
women feel little or no        waves and a computer to
                                                            same breast or whether              radiologists with expertise training and
pain at all, since the duct    produce images of inter-
                                                            there is any sign of                       specialization experience.
is usually dilated slightly    nal body structures. It is
                                                            cancer in the other
by the discharge and eas-      similar to a CT (comput-                                           For more information about Trinity’s
                                                            breast. The presence of
ily accepts the needle         ed tomography) scan but                                          breast imaging or other imaging services,
                                                            either would drastically
without difficulty. A          uses no radiation. MRI                                                       call 857-5220.
                                                            affect how the patient
small amount of x-ray          of the breast provides a
                                                            would be treated.”
contrast (dye) is then         detailed depiction of
injected followed by           breast tissue, including     Scheduling of breast MRI
mammograms to visual-          evaluation of blood flow     examinations is done
HEALTHTALK                                                  TRINITY HEALTH                                               5 • OCTOBER 2010

Pharmacists highlight vital role in improving
patient safety
National pharmacist          every day. This                                                    technologies, many      million doses of
organizations have           fact                                                               of which have been      medication every year.
adopted (the month of        highlights the                                                     incorporated to
                                                                                                                        The Trinity CancerCare
October as National          importance of                                                      enhance the
                                                                                                                        Center also has a satellite
Pharmacy Week), which        having a                                                           medication
                                                                                                                        pharmacy on site. The
runs October 17-23.          pharmacist                                                         management
                                                                                                                        pharmacists and
                             intimately                                                         process.
Pharmacists at Trinity                                                                                                  pharmacy technicians at
                             involved in
Health will use National                                                                        “As technology          Trinity CancerCare are
                             patient care.
Hospital & Health                                                                               continues to            dedicated to serving
System Pharmacy Week         Pharmacists are                                                                                      patients and
to underscore the many       experts on the                                                                                       families
new and vital roles they     thousands of                                                                                         receiving can-
now play in patient care.    medications                                                                                          cer treatments.
                                                Trinity Health’s dedication to imple-
The evolution of                                ment technology and utilize                                                            The pharmacy
pharmacy has been                               pharmacy technicians has allowed                                                       department
                             each one works
especially dramatic in                          pharmacists, such as Michael                                                           provides many
                             in the body
recent years as pharma-                         Peterson, PharmD, to move to                                                           more services
                             and the ways
cists have moved beyond                         patient-care areas to assist physi-                                                    than just
                             to use each
compounding and dis-                            cians, nurses, patients and families                                                   dispensing
                             one safely and
pensing medications to                          regarding medications.                                                                 medications.
become vital members of                                                                                                                Trinity
multidisciplinary patient-                                 pharmacists included the                                                    Health’s
                             “Many consumers are not       choice of two entry-level
care teams.                  aware that pharmacists                                                                                    dedication to
                                                           degrees: a five-year                                                        implement
“National Pharmacy           play a critical role in       Bachelor of Science in
                             preventing medication                                                                                     technology
Week is not new,”                                          pharmacy (RPh, BS in            Pharmacy technicians including
                             errors, advising                                                                                         and optimize
explained Jerry Hansen,                                    Pharmacy) or a six-year         Karlee Langley, play a vital role in
                             prescribers on the best                                                                                  pharmacy
RPh. “The American                                         Doctor of Pharmacy              hospital pharmacy services and
                             drug choices, and                                                                                        technicians has
Pharmacists Association                                    (PharmD). As of 2000,           greatly augment the pharmacist’s
                             working directly with                                                                                    allowed
first created the obser-                                   most schools began              ability to focus on direct patient care. pharmacists to
vance in 1925 as a way       patients to ensure they       offering only the
                             understand how to use                                                                                    move to
to promote the value of                                    PharmD degree. This            evolve, patients will
                             their medications safely                                                                     patient-care areas to
pharmacy services.”                                        extensive training places      continue to have greater
                             and effectively,” added                                                                      assist physicians, nurses,
The American Society of                                    the pharmacist among           opportunities to have a
                             Carolyn Reynolds,                                                                            patients and families
Health-System                                              the most knowledgeable         pharmacist involved in
                             PharmD; Pharmacy                                                                             regarding medications.
Pharmacists endorses                                       health care professionals      their care,” stated Laura
                             Services Director.                                                                           Some of the many
National Pharmacy Week                                     when it comes to               Olson-Sinn, RPh;
                             “Pharmacy Week is a                                                                          services pharmacists
as an opportunity to                                       medicines and their use.       Informatics Pharmacist.
                             great way to educate the                                                                     provide include making
highlight the vital role                                   Many pharma-                                                         sure the medica-
                             public about how phar-        cists practicing
pharmacists play in                                                                                                             tions prescribed are
                             macists can help them         in hospitals and
everyday health care                                                                                                            dosed correctly,
                             get the most benefit          health systems
noting that more than                                                                                                           ensuringpatients are
                             from their medicine.”         also complete
50 percent of adults in                                                                                                         educated about
the United States take       Historically, educational     post-graduate                                                        their medications,
two or more medications      requirements for              residency                                                            “rounding” with
                                                           programs.                                                            physicians to assist
                                                           Pharmacists                                                          them in making
  Director of Pharmacy Services                            advise doctors                                                       medication
  named                                                    and nurses on                                                        decisions, perform-
                                                           the best                                                             ing highly complex
                                     Trinity Health
                                                           medications,                                                         medication
                                     announced that
                                                           monitor every                                                        calculations and
                                     Carolyn Reynolds
                                                           patient’s medi-                                                      converting patients
                                     has been chosen to
                                                           cation therapy                                                        from medications
                                     lead its Pharmacy
                                                           and provide         Jerry Hansen, RPh, processes a prescrip-          given by vein to
                                     Department.           quality checks      tion for a patient at Trinity Hospital. The       medications that
                                     Reynolds had          to detect and       inpatient pharmacy processes more than            can be taken by
                                     served as the         prevent             one million doses of medication every year. mouth. All of these
                                     Interim Director      harmful drug                                                          activities, and many
                                     since April, and      interactions,                                                         others, optimize the
                                     was actively          reactions, or mistakes.                                        safe, effective and quality
                                                                                          The Trinity Health
                                     engaged in a                                                                         care provided to each
                                                           Hospital and health sys-       Inpatient Pharmacy
                                     recent Pharmacy                                                                      patient.
                                                           tem pharmacists have           Department is located on
                                     Operations            been able to take on           the second floor of             In conjunction with
                                     Assessment con-                                      Trinity Hospital near the administration, the
                                                           enhanced patient-care
                                     ducted by VHA.                                       cafeteria. The pharmacy medical and nursing staff
                                                           roles due to deployment
                                     The VHA consul-                                      is open 24 hours, seven         and all other depart-
                                                           of highly trained, certi-
                                     tants were very
                                                           fied technicians and new days a week, 365 days                 ments at Trinity Health,
                                                           technologies that allow        per year and provides           the Pharmacy’s goal is to
                                     about her partici-
          Carolyn Reynolds
                                   pation and leader-      for safe and efficient dis- services primarily to              provide the best service
                                                           pensing of medications.        inpatients of Trinity           possible to every
                                   ship during that
                                                           In return, pharmacy            Hospitals but also local        customer. Because of
  review. According to Reynolds, she is excited to
  participate in “reinventing” Trinity and Pharmacy        technicians play a vital       and regional clinics,           you, the dedicated staff
  Services. Mr. John M. Kutch, Trinity Health CEO,         role in hospital pharmacy Trinity Dialysis Unit, and works hard every day to
  noted, “Carolyn Reynolds has provided leadership         services and greatly aug-      outpatients of the Trinity “reinvent” pharmacy
  in that department and its many activities within        ment the pharmacist’s          Emergency Department            services at Trinity Health.
  the organization. We are pleased when we have the        ability to focus on direct after hours when retail
  ability to promote from within!”                         patient care. Trinity          stores are closed. The
                                                           Health has committed to inpatient pharmacy pro-
                                                           integrate cutting-edge         cesses more than one

 Pilots Receive Safety Awards
 Trinity Health‘s NorthStar Criticair, the region’s emergency helicopter service, and Executive
 Air Taxi Corporation in Bismarck announced a special milestone achieved by long-time
 NorthStar Criticair pilots Greg Kurtz and Dennis Simenson. Both men were recently cited
 by the Helicopter Association International (HAI) with their prestigious Pilot Safety Award
 for eclipsing more than 5,000 hours of accident-free helicopter flight time.
 NorthStar Criticair is an extension of Trinity Health’s mission to improve the health of the
 communities within its service area. Collaborating with Executive Air Taxi Corp., NorthStar         Dennis Simenson         Greg Kurtz
 Criticair provides emergency air response and extends critical care throughout the region
 24/7 with a flight crew, paramedics and other specialists depending on the mission requirements. NorthStar Criticair boasts a
 response time of less than 15 minutes from call to flight, and covers an area reaching from Devils Lake to eastern Montana utilizing a
 Bell 407 aircraft for swift and safe patient transport. Trinity has offered a helicopter ambulance service in the region since 1992.
6 • OCTOBER 2010                                            TRINITY HEALTH                                                   HEALTHTALK

Serving the community beyond the walls
Trinity Health takes great     activity at                                                   reality of drugs.         almost every school
pride in serving the           each station,”                                                                          within 24 miles of the
                                                                                             Dr. Sather and
whole community – not          explained                                                                               Minot area as well as
                                                                                             Zimmerman show
only those who come            Kathleen                                                                                university and amateur
                                                                                             the students the
through our doors.             White,                                                                                  athletics. The team even
                                                                                             kinds of horrific
                               Community                                                                               provides medical care
To be specific, Trinity                                                                      injuries that can
                               Education                                                                               coverage for sporting
and its employees are                                                                        occur in not in some
                               Coordinator                                                                             events including
involved in numerous                                                                         far-off urban jungle
                               at Trinity “It                                                                          district/regional tourna-
outreach programs in the                                                                     but right here in our
                               also increases                                                                          ments, state tourna-
Minot Public Schools                                                                         local area.
                               their comfort                                                                           ments, Legion Baseball,
and surrounding area                             Pictured is one of the four LED signs
                               level if they                                                  The team hopes the       the Prairie Rose Games,
schools.                                         Trinity Health donated to Minot High
                               ever need to                                                   students take away a     and other events that
We focus on just a few         visit Trinity     School-Magic City Campus, Minot High         message that life-       take place within the
of the school programs         Health for        School-Central Campus and Jim Hill and       altering, drug-related   Magic City.
employees are involved         medical care,     Erik Ramstad Middle schools.                 injuries aren’t acci-
                                                                                                                       “We take care of every
in below. This is the first    like a broken                                                  dental but the result
                                                                                                                       school in Minot,
in a series of articles in     bone.”                       health care delivery         of choices that people
                                                                                                                       including the three high
future editions where we                                    systems as well as patient   make every day.
                               Students enter the health    care skills. Medical                                       schools and Minot State
highlight those outreach
                               care classroom setting                                    “We really want the stu-      University,” Gust said.
activities and partner-                                     Careers is a class
                               and are able to experi-                                   dents to understand and       “We also take care of
ships in education.                                         specifically designed to
                               ence various stations                                     show them the real-life       those athletes at Des
                                                            help students build a
                               such as Finger Casting,                                   impact consequences           Lacs-Burlinton, Berthold,
                                                            solid foundation for
                               EKG, Laboratory,                                          from drinking and driv-       Surrey, Velva and
Character Counts                                            success in the world of
                               Radiology, Surgery,                                       ing,” Zimmerman added.        Glenburn.”
Character Counts is a                                       work regardless of
                               Nutrition, Bones and         whether the student          For more than 12 years,
local, grass roots effort of                                                                                           Gust said the staff
                               Calcium and the              plans to work in the field   Art Haskins, Program
concerned citizens in                                                                                                  doesn’t have a set rou-
                               Nursery. The stations are    of health and medicine.      Coordinator for
Minot and many                                                                                                         tine, as they’re faced
                               usually run by Trinity                                    NorthStar Criticair, has
communities nationwide                                      The first semester is                                      with new and different
                               staff and students from                                   also been opening the
which embrace the “Six                                      devoted to basic health-                                   challenges each day.
                               the Magic City Campus                                     eyes of students at
Pillars of Character” as       Health Careers Class.        care concepts as well as                                    The most recent pro-
                                                                                         Central Campus enrolled
the basis for understand-                                   providing the students                                     gram additions to Trinity
                               “Some of the Hands on                                     in drivers’ education
ing and evaluating all                                      with their first clinical                                  Sports Medicine’s plan of
                               Health stations have                                      about the impact of
ethical behavior.                                           rotation experience.                                       care for athletes have
                               been part of the event                                    making bad choices
Monica Peterson,                                            During the second                                          been the development of
                               since it started,” said                                   while driving.
Employment Specialist,                                      semester, students con-                                    the FASTER injury
                               White. “Additions or         tinue building upon their    Haskins’ presentation
represents Trinity on the                                                                                              prevention program and
                               changes have been made       healthcare knowledge         “Tough Talk About
Minot Character Counts                                                                                                 Heat Illness Prevention
                               at the suggestion of         foundation as well as        Trauma” illustrates the
Coalition.                                                                                                             program.
                               teachers or Trinity          participate in clinical      consequences of risk—
“I serve as a liaison          Health staff members                                                                    FASTER stands for
                                                            rotations based on their     taking behaviors from a
between Trinity Health         over the years.”                                                                        Flexibility, Agility and
                                                            individual career inter-     medical perspective.
and the Character                                                                                                      Strength Together Equals
                               White also added that        ests. This includes doing    Some of these behaviors
Counts Program — find-                                                                                                 Ready and is offered to
                               the event helps students     job shadowing around         include speeding,
ing ways that we can use                                                                                               area schools during the
                               to calm their fears when     Trinity Health from the      improper use or lack of
our resources to partner                                                                                               summer for the past
                               entering a hospital and      OR to the physicians’        seatbelt use and drinking
with the coalition in                                                                                                  three years. It is
                               find a career in health      offices to the daily rou-    and driving. Haskins
furthering their mission,”                                                                                             designed to prevent
                               care to be positive.         tine of a social worker.     speaks to these students
Peterson explained. “We                                                                                                specific common injuries
                                                                                         about his real life
meet monthly to plan           “I hope the students         “Some of our students                                      the athletic trainers are
                                                                                         experiences of having to
the Character Counts           attending Hands on           even take jobs at Trinity                                  seeing within the sec-
                                                                                         respond to these
events for the area such       Health realize that not      such as in the dietary                                     ondary school athletes
                                                                                         accidents and also shares
as the Youth Character         everything about a           department, as CNAs or                                     such as throwing overuse
                                                                                         photos from these harsh
Awards in January,             hospital is scary and that   other entry jobs to gain                                   syndromes, ACL injuries,
Celebrate Character Day        a career in the medical      experience and gain                                        posterior shoulder
in April and Character         field can be fun and         exposure to a health care                                  weakness and muscle
Ethics Day in May.”            interesting,” she added.     system,” added Mary          Sports Medicine               imbalances that may
                                                            Keller, Medical Careers                                    cause knee, shin or low
                                                                                         They are the “Hidden
                                                            instructor.                                                back pain.
                               Medical Careers                                           Heroes,” those people
Hands on Health                                             In addition to job           behind the scenes at           The Heat Illness
For more than 10 years,        Open to 11th and 12th        shadowing and Hands on       local sporting events that    Prevention program was
Hands on Health has            graders at Minot High        Health, some of the          take place all year in our    provided by the Sports
been a community out-          School Magic City            students have been a part    region. Their primary job     Medicine team to the
reach event offered            Campus, Medical              of Community Health          is to help athletes before,   area schools in which
annually to more than          Careers is a career and      Fairs that Trinity co-       during, and after compe-      they provide services.
200 area third and fourth      technical elective class     sponsors. Some of these      tition, especially when       This program helps
grade students giving          that introduces students     activities they have         minor injuries occur, or      coaches to be aware of
them an interactive,           to the various health        helped with include fin-     they are asked to evalu-      heat illness high risk
learning experience in a       career opportunities         ger casting and other        ate an ailing player.         situations and modify
fun way                                                                activities.                                     practices or events
                                                                                         Established in 1985,
to edu-                                                              The ultimate                                      appropriately. It also
                                                                                         Trinity’s Sports Medicine
cate                                                                 goal of the                                       helps coaches identify
                                                                                         staff provides high-quali-
them                                                                 Medical Careers                                   individuals that may be
                                                                                         ty care to athletes of all
about                                                                Class to provide                                  suffering from a heat
                                                                                         ages and abilities. Since
health.                                                              each student                                      illness and how to
                                                                                         its inception, the depart-
                                                                     with the neces-                                   immediately provide
Hands                                                                                    ment has continued to
                                                                     sary tools in                                     appropriate care for the
on                                                                                       grow, adding personnel,
                                                                     order to choose                                   athlete. Any school
Health                                                                                   equipment, and services.
                                                                     a career for                                      interested in information
also gives                                                                               The Sports Medicine
                                                                     which they are                                    on these programs, can
students                                                                                 team provides athletic
                                                                     best suited for,                                  contact Sports Medicine
a glimpse                                                                                training coverage to
                                                                     and Trinity                                       at 857-5286.
of poten-
tial                                                                 Health is proud
           Hands on Health is a community outreach event                                                                          The primary
health                                                               to be a partner.
           opened to more than 200 area third and fourth grade                                                                    job of Trinity
careers    students giving them an interactive, learning experience.                                                              Health’s Sports
they may                                                                                                                          Medicine
want to                      available in the medical       Speaking Engagements                                                  Department is
pursue.                      field.                         For more than three                                                   to help athletes
“Hands on Health gives                                      years, Dr. Jeffrey Sather,                                            before, during,
                               The Medical Careers                                                                                and after
area third and fourth                                       ETC Medical Director,
                               Curriculum is approved                                                                             competition,
graders exposure to dif-                                    and Karen Zimmerman,
                               by the North Dakota                                                                                especially when
ferent services available                                   Assistant ETC Manager,
                               Career and Technical                                                                               minor injuries
at Trinity Health, while                                    have been opening the
                               Education Department.                                                                              occur or they
adding a fun aspect to                                      eyes of Minot High
                                                                                                                                  are asked to
the various departments        Students learn about         Central Campus stu-
                                                                                                                                  evaluate an
by providing a hand-on         basic principles of the      dents’ eyes to the harsh
                                                                                                                                  ailing player.
HEALTHTALK                                                TRINITY HEALTH                                             7 • OCTOBER 2010

Midwifery goes beyond the delivery room
National Midwifery            obstetricians when a        and the CNMs would be         High School and the          reported a substantially
Week, October 3-9,            woman requires care         happy to assist you in        Headstart Program. As        lower maternal and
celebrates midwifery and      beyond their area of        scheduling a mammo-           for Brooking, the newest     infant mortality rate than
midwives' commitment          expertise. In many cases,   gram and follow up as         team member, she also        for the rest of the
to being "With Women,         these professions work      needed.                       holds a master’s degree      country. The report
for a Lifetime."              together to provide care                                  in nursing from the          concluded that if this
                              to women.                                                 Frontier School of           type of care was available
In the United States,
                                                          Qualifications of             Midwifery and Family         to other women in the
women's choices once          Berg said that the
                                                          Midwives                      Nursing. Like Berg and       USA thousands of lives
were limited to an            Midwifery team
                                                                                        Flansberg, she is also       would be saved, and
obstetrician or a knowl-      including Wendy             According to the
                                                                                        involved in the Minot        suggested nurse-midwife
edgeable family doctor.       Flansburg, CNM, and         American College of
                                                                                        community such as giv-       training should be done
But in recent years mid-      Shawn Brooking, CNM,        Nurse-Midwives
                                                                                         ing a presentation last     in the USA.
wives became another
                                                                                         month, A Midwife’s
alternative for women                                                                                                Mrs. Breckinridge opened
                                                                                         guide to Women’s
with low-risk, uncompli-                                                                                             the Frontier Graduate
                                                                                         Health, part of Trinity’s
cated pregnancies.                                                                                                   School of Midwifery in
                                                                                         Health Healthy U series.
                                                                                                                     1939 the first nurse-mid-
Midwives-attended births
                                                                                                                     wifery and was education
have been reported on
                                                                                                                     program in the USA that
birth certificate data                                                                  History of Midwives
                                                                                                                     is still educating
since 1975, and the
                                                                                        It is unknown exactly        nurse-midwives today.
American College of
                                                                                        when midwifery               Furthermore, the
Nurse-Midwives cited
                                                                                        emerged as a profession      Midwifery Program of
that certified nurse
                                                                                        but it can be assumed        Philadelphia University
midwives (CNM) and
                                                                                        that since women have        established the first
certified midwives (CM)
                                                                                        been birthing children       Masters in Midwifery
attended 316,811 births
                              Shawn Brooking, certified nurse midwife from Trinity      since the emergence of       degree in the United
in 2007.
                              Health, gave a presentation last month on “Midwifery:     the human race, then the     States beginning with the
However, most                 Providing Complete Women's Health Care” as part of        need for aid during this     first class in May 1997.
Americans aren't sure         Trinity’s Health Community Outreach series Healthy U.     challenging life event has
                                                                                                                     Today, according to the
what midwives do, how                                                                   been present just as long.
                                                                                                                     American College of
they're trained or if         have clinic schedules       (ACNM), a certified           “The ‘lay midwife’ was       Nurse-Midwives
they're even available in     everyday and help with      nurse-midwife (CNM) is        your neighbor without        (ACNM) there are
the local healthcare          approximately 30 births     an individual educated in     any formal education,        approximately 11,546
system.                       each month between the      two disciplines of nursing    who was just there to        CNMs/CMs. CNMs are
                              three of them.              and midwifery, who            help you with your           licensed and have
                              While midwives are well-    possesses evidence of         birth,” Berg explained.      prescriptive authority in
What is a Midwife?                                        certification according to
                              known for attending                                       “This may have been a        nearly every state. In
Midwife, literally, means     births, in 2008, the        the requirement of the        woman whose experi-          North Dakota, there are
with woman.                   American College of         ACNM.                         ence or expertise            seven certified nurse
Midwives are practition-      Nurse-Midwives report-      “The requirements for         stemmed from having          midwives (CNMs).
ers who specialize in         ed that 53.3 percent of     certification ensure that     given birth herself.”
                                                                                                                     Berg’s, Flansburg’s and
normal pregnancy,             CNMs/CMs identified         nurse-midwifery is            According to the             Brooking’s offices are
childbirth and the            reproductive care and       standardized, and that        Midwifery Institute of       located on the 5th Floor
postpartum and strive to      33.1 percent indentified    candidates meet these         Philadelphia University,     of Trinity Health
help women have a             primary care as main        requirements,” Berg           nurse-midwives were          Center – Medical Arts at
health pregnancy. While       responsibilities in their   explained.                    introduced in the United     400 Burdick Expy E. For
the majority of nurse-        full-time positions.                                      States in 1925 by Mary
                                                          All three midwives have                                    more information or to
midwives workin               “We take care of women                                    Breckinridge for use in      make an appointment,
hospitals, some nurse-                                    a certificate in Nurse
                              from puberty to                                           the Frontier Nursing         call 857-7385.
midwives in other areas                                   Midwifery from Frontier
                              menopause dealing with                                    Service (FNS). Mrs.
of the country work                                       School of Midwifery and
                              almost everything includ-                                 Breckinridge chose the
within the community or                                   Family Nursing located
                              ing adolescence, STIs                                     nurse-midwifery model
home.                                                     in Hyden, Kentucky. Berg
                              (sexually transmitted                                     used in England and
                                                          and Flansburg also hold a
“We are there for our         infections), menstrual                                    Scotland because she
                                                          master’s degree in nurs-
patients throughout their     irregularities, annual                                    expected these
                                                          ing from Case Western
pregnancy, and we want        exams and much more,”                                     nurse-midwives on
                                                          Reserve University and
them to have a good           said Flansburg. “We try                                   horseback to serve the
                                                          belong to many profes-
birthing experience,”         to look at the ‘whole                                     health care needs of the
                                                          sional organizations with-
explained Gloria Berg, a      person’ and help in any                                   families living in the
                                                          in the community and
CNM at Trinity Health.        way we can.”                                              remote hills of eastern
                                                          state of North Dakota. In
                                                                                        Kentucky. This
According to Berg,            In fact, October is also    fact, Berg sits on the
                                                                                        combination of nurse and
midwives are trained to       National Breast Cancer      North Dakota Healthy
                                                                                        midwife was very
recognize certain             Awareness month. The        Pregnancy Taskforce and
situations that are           CNMs encourage you to       the March of Dimes
considered abnormal.          have your breast exam       Steering Committee, and       The Metropolitan Life
Some situations are           and mammogram if indi-      they both give various        Insurance Company
handled by the midwives       cated. A breast exam is     presentations at Minot        studied the first seven
and other are referred to     part of an annual exam      State University, Minot       years of the FNS, and

    Visit our website at
Coordinator joins cardiopulmonary team
Doug Reinertson, RT,                                        take the department         Cardiopulmonary              Among his goals is the
joined Trinity’s Therapy                                    to new heights.”            Services Department at       development of thera-
Services staff in July as                                                               Steele Memorial Medical      pist-driven protocols to
                                                            Originally from
Coordinator of                                                                          Center in Salmon, ID.        expedite patient care at
                                                            Missoula, MT,
Cardiopulmonary                                                                                                      the bedside, something
                                                            Reinertson graduated         “I am excited to be at
Services. As coordinator                                                                                             that’s likely to be months
                                                            from University of          Trinity in this time of
he leads a team of                                                                                                   in the making. In the
                                                            Montana in 2002 with        change and new leader-
around 20 respiratory                                                                                                meantime he’s pleased to
                                                            a degree in respiratory     ship,” Reinertson said.
therapists and other staff                                                                                           be part of great team.
                                                            care. He worked five        “After spending time
within the department’s
                                                            years with LifeFlight       with Mark and folks in       Reinertson is joined in
Respiratory Care and
                                                            in Pocatello, ID, and       the department I could       Minot by his wife, Kathy,
EKG divisions.
                                                            then served as lead         tell that our ideas are in   and their 15-year-old
“Doug brings to Trinity                                      respiratory therapist at   sync. The staff is very      son.
an impressive set of skills       Doug Reinertson, RT        a long-term acute care     skilled, and I look for-
and credentials,” said                                       facility in Post Falls,    ward to advancing our
Therapy Services              “He’s the kind of top       ID. For the past three        capabilities even further
Director Mark Waldera.        flight person who can       years he has managed the      to improve patient care.”
8 • OCTOBER 2010                                                         TRINITY HEALTH                                                                  HEALTHTALK

Healthy Halloween habits
As summer draws to a               issue, and make sure that            packaged raisins, pack-            parties associated with               becomes a major issue in
close and school bells             children are taught                  aged nuts, packaged sun-           the holiday, but do not               the family that causes
begin to ring again, we            sound nutrition the                  flower seeds, fruit                provide the opportunity               more arguments than
prepare for fall and all of        majority of the year.                leathers, and                          to overindulge by                 happiness – throw it
its offerings including                                                 whole                                        having bowls of             away in the beginning of
                                   One of the most benefi-
Halloween celebrations.                                                 grain                                           candy                    November. Just as
                                   cial things that you can
                                                                                                                           around for            Thanksgiving leftovers
With Halloween parties             teach your child in terms
                                                                                                                             the                 don’t last for weeks,
and trick-or-treating,             of nutrition is to eat reg-
                                                                                                                              weeks              neither must Halloween
comes lots and lots of             ular, balanced meals that
                                                                                                                               prior             candy.
candy! This candy can              include milk, fruits and
either become a point of           vegetables, whole grains                                                                                      Halloween should be a
contention between                 and lean proteins.                                                                                            joy-filled childhood
parents and their chil-            When kids leave                                                                                               occasion. Set your family
dren or a good teaching            for trick-or-                                                                                                 up for success by eating
point in healthy nutrition         treating, if                                                                        Also, enjoy               three well-balanced
habits formation.                  you have                                                                         getting out and              meals daily and instilling
                                   already                                                                        walking the neigh-             good nutrition habits in
Halloween is a day of              filled them                                                                 borhood for the exer-             your children throughout
celebration for children,          with nour-                                                              cise during trick-or-treat-           the year, so that
and much like                      ishing food,                                                            ing. Avoid bringing the               Halloween can be about
Thanksgiving when                  they are not                                                            “after Halloween sale                 the pumpkins, costumes,
adults tend to overeat, a                                                                     crackers
                                   going to                                                                candy” into the home.                 trick-or-treating and time
little overindulgence is                                                                    with
                                   want to                                                                 If you witness your                   with family and friends.
expected for kids on                                                                 string cheese.
                                   consume an                                                              children struggling to
                                                                                                                                                        -Article submitted by
Halloween. The day of              extraordi-                            “Everything in modera-            maintain moderation
                                                                                                                                                         Allison White, LRD,
Halloween will not make            nary amount of                       tion with exercise” is the         (two to four pieces daily)
                                                                                                                                                          Clinical Dietician,
a large impact on the              candy. You can also assist           most concise, accurate             with their candy, then
                                                                                                                                                             Trinity Hospitals
nutrition status of the            in developing their taste            nutrition advice that can          portion three candies
child. In other words,             and appreciation for a               be given. Practice moder-          into baggies and let them
relax and have fun on              variety of foods. This can           ation at Halloween time            choose a bag each day to
Halloween without mak-             include giving away                  by truly enjoying the day          enjoy continuing the
ing the candy a major              healthier snacks such as             of Halloween and the               celebration. If the candy

Quick nutrition tips for Halloween time
1. Eat a well-balanced supper meal and make sure everyone is fully hydrated with water before heading out for trick-or-treating
2. Consider throwing a fun Halloween dinner party for the neighborhood kids and send everyone out into the Halloween night with
   tummies full of a balanced meal
3. Do not keep extra Halloween candy from the store in the house in the days prior to and after Halloween
4. If steering clear of over-eating candy after Halloween night becomes difficult for any family member, portion three pieces into
   baggies and have everyone in the family choose one baggie each day
5. Consider giving out different types of treats with more nutrition to offer. Try the following which can be purchased packaged
   individually: sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, string cheese and whole wheat crackers, and fruit leathers
6. Remember the value of staying hydrated to make better nutrition decisions. Water, milk and unsweetened tea are the best choices
7. Capitalize on physical activity for the calorie burning and health benefits. Be sure to walk the neighborhood for trick-or-treating
8. If your child eats too much candy, ask him or her to describe how it makes them feel. Verbalizing that they don’t feel well after
   ingesting too much sugar can be a valuable nutrition teaching point

              C                  O                 M                  M                   U               N                 I                T                 Y

    C A L E N D A R                         For the latest updates, check online at

                     October 2010                                                                 October/November/December 2010
             Mobile Mammography Schedule                                                             Prepared Childbirth Classes
  1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Newburg, 272-6352    Learn about exercise and breathing techniques, labor/delivery,
  4 & 19 . . . . . .Towner County Medical Center – Cando, 968-2522                            newborn care, newborn feedings, etc. Enrollment is limited.
  5 & 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Devils Lake Community Clinic, 662-8662                    November 2-23 (Tuesdays)
  6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Johnson Clinic – Maddock, 438-2555             7-9 p.m. in the Prepared Childbirth Classroom, Health Center –
  7 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mountrail County Med Ctr – Stanley, 628-2505                     Riverside Education Center, 1900 8th Ave. SE.

  11 & 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .St. Luke’s Hospital – Crosby, 965-6349                 November 3-24 (Wednesdays)
  14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Riverdale, 654-7616   7-9 p.m. in the Airmen and Family Readiness Center, MAFB.
                                                                                              Please call 723-3950 to register.
  20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kenmare Community Hospital, 385-4296
  25 & 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tioga Clinic, 664-3368         October 9, October 23, November 6 & December 4 (Saturdays)
                                                                                              9 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Prepared Childbirth Classroom, Health
  27 . . . . . . . . . .Trinity Community Clinic – New Town, 627-2990
                                                                                              Center – Riverside Education Center, 1900 8th Ave. SE.

    Trinity Health Community Flu Shot Clinic
         Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 & Oct. 7 & 8                                                                     Family Birth Center Tour
                                                                                              Expectant mothers are invited to attend a formal group
                 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                                            tour/education/Q&A session at Trinity Hospital’s Family Birth
     JC Penney Court in Dakota Square Mall                                                    Center. This opportunity allows every expectant mother to hear
                                                                                              and see valuable information in a friendly environment. We will
      H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine is included in this year’s vaccine.                            also provide information including on self-care, infant safety and
       Cost per vaccination is $30 payable at the time of service.                            what to expect during your delivery. See
                                                                                              or call 857-5380 for detailed schedule.
                 Everyone is encouraged to get their flu shot.

                  Parenting Education Classes                                                                       Breastfeeding Basics
   Trinity Mental Health Services will be hosting Parenting                                   October 12, November 10 & December 7
   Education classes beginning on September 7 continuing through                              Offered by Laureen Klein, RN, BSN. Meets from 7-8 p.m. in the
   December 21, 2010. The program is geared toward families with                              Prepared Childbirth Classroom, Health Center – Riverside
   children 0-12 years of age and will be held Tuesday evenings at                            Education Center, 1900 8th Ave. SE.
   Trinity Health Center – Riverside. Each class begins at 5:30 pm
                                                                                               These classes are offered free of charge as part of Trinity’s community benefit
   with a light supper and will conclude at 8 pm. There are no                                  mission, but registration is typically required. For more information or to
   registration fees, to pre-register please call 857-3622.                                               register for classes, call 857-2310 or 1-800-862-0005.

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