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2013 June Newsletter


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									                                                                                            CLASSES HELD AT:
                                                                                         4 Carlisle Street, Ethelton.
                                                                              For Bookings: Ph. (08) 8449 4014
                                                                                                  0430 099 198
     Find me on facebook - Made by Mandy Scrapbooking                                www.madebymandy.weebly.com
Hello Winter bunnies :-)

Thank you for your patience while I was finishing my photography course and musicals. Big sigh of relief, ahhhh… I have
managed to get June’s newsletter and layouts all finished, albeit without any photos!

Just a quick note about notifying me when you can't make workshops, specialty workshops and scrap'n'roasts. Please,
please, let me know, you can either email me - madebymandy@hotmail.com, ring or text me on 0430 099 198 to cancel
your spot. I need to know numbers for set up and especially for scrap'n'roasts, where I buy food based on the numbers
who have booked in. Too often I get last minute phone calls cancelling and I have already bought the required food or
scrap supplies. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy Scrapping,
Mandy 

  What’s all               Dig out those craft knives or fine tip scissors - we are going to be fussy
   the fuss                cutting! I roamed the web for vintage rose images and printed them onto card
                           for you to fussy cut out. Now don't worry, they are not too intricate! Fussy
    about?                 cutting is so much fun and you will love the way once they are on your page,
                           they look like they are just part of the paper :-)
          $22              You will need your basic tool kit, inks, craft knife - with a new blade and don't
                           forget your reading glasses... if you wear them!!! You will also need two photos,
                           1 portrait orientation @ 4"x6" and 1 portrait orientation @ 5"x7".
    Punchy                 They are there...hiding in the back of your scrap space...punches!!! Go through
   goodness                all your punches and find one shape, not too small, that you would like
                           repeating all over the background of a layout!! I used a paisley punch that I
                           found right at the bottom my one of my punch baskets, I’d even forgotten I had
          $20              it! The overall effect is just awesome, fiddly but fun :-) You will need your basic
                           tool kit, inks, foam mounting tape, a shape punch, one border punch (not too
                           deep) and another border punch that you can cut the border apart into just
                           under 1” pieces...start looking!! You will also need 4 portrait orientation photos
                           @ 4”x6”.
   Take note               This fun page map reminded me of note pages, the photos mounted of the
   page map                pages from a book, very cool! I traced the tabs from the page map in Sure Cuts
                           A Lot - I just loved the shape and didn’t have anything like that in my library,
                           another very cool thing!! Love it when experiments are successful :-)
          $23              You will need your basic tool kit, inks, paper piercer, a border punch that
                           reminds you of note paper, your title and something to colour the included
                           diecut tabs and title block with - I used glimmermist, you could also use,
                           smooch sprays, inks or paint.

              Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com
   Art                  This month we will be decorating our covers, yay!! So bring back your
journaling              serviettes from the last workshop, your tripletac, brush for tripletac, heat gun,
                        and some flourishy type stamps - I used flourishes and butterflies.
                        We will also do a quick page in our journals. You will need to bring three or four
        $13             colours of glimmermist/smooch sprays and a stipple paint brush - if you don’t
                        have one, a normal flat paint brush will be fine :-)

  Tattered              I found this lovely picture tutorial on the web and for the life of me I can’t
   frame                remember where - that’s the problem with blog readers, sometimes you don’t
                        remember the site your looking at! Anyway, this layout has a totally scrumptious
                        tattered frame framing the one landscape 4”x6” photo. We will be making a
        $22             gorgeous rose from our patterned paper and decorating with bling! You will
                        need your basic tool kit, inks, paper piercer, journal pen, craft knife, edge
                        distressor and if you have a circle template, that would be handy too, but not
                        essential - I used bottles and the like for my circles ;-)

     Scrap              Come along on a Saturday afternoon & evening for 8 hours of scrapping
                        fun! Bring your photos & tools then crop the night away. A roast hot from the
        'n'             Weber & salad will be served for dinner. Softies are in the fridge and the kettle
                        is always handy for a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate! There are always
     Roast              nibbles on the table … and yes ... you might even get some scrapping done!!!

        $20             Payment in full is required to secure your booking.
    4 PM–               Cancellations made 48 hours before and no-shows are liable to pay the
  MIDNIGHT              balance of the evening.

                        Cost includes dinner, drink & nibbles – a great deal!

                        **Workshop loyalty card is not signed & no free classes valid for Saturday
                        Scrap Nights.**

                                      JUNE SPECIALS
                                          Buy 4 sheets of Cardstock
                                                Get 1 FREE!

                                 Buy 1 Sheet of Single Sided Patterned Paper
                                                Get 1 FREE!

                                            25% off All Alphabets

Basic Tool Kit - Trimmer, Spare Trimmer Blades, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser, Adhesive, Scissors, Craft Knife,
Metal Ruler, Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape & Notebook.
Other tools that are very handy - Paper Piercer, Stylus, Mini Stapler, Corner Rounder, Journal
Pens, Edge Distressor, Sandpaper, Tweezers, Bone Folder, Inks and Decorative Scissors.

           Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com
             June 2013
     Mon              Tue             Wed            Thu             Fri             Sat              Sun

                                                                                1                2

3                4               5              6            7                  8                9
What’s All                                      What’s All
the Fuss                                        the Fuss
About?                                          About?
$22                                             $22
7-9pm                                           9.30-11.30am

10               11              12             13           14                 15               16
QUEEN’S BD                                      Punchy
HOLIDAY                                         Goodness
Punchy                                          9.30-11.30am

17               18              19             20              21           22                  23
Take Note                                       Take Note       Art Journal
$23                                             $23             $
7-9pm                                           9.30-11.30am    12.30-2.30pm

24               25              26             27           28                 29            30
Tattered                                        Tattered                        Scrap’n’Roast
Frame                                           Frame                           $20
$22                                             $22                             4pm-midnight
7-9pm                                           9.30-11.30am

            Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com

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