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					          The Geraldine News
established 1992                                                    thursday 22 september 2011                                                      3050 copies delivered on thursdays

                                          Music and drama performed
                                          at Festival of the Arts
 Jocelyn Jones’ special breakfast P3

 What to do with chocolate? P4

 Official ball carrier in Timaru P5

                                             members of the massed choir raised their voices to the rafters of      it alternate years, so that primary-aged children get the opportunity
                                          the Geraldine primary Community hall. Children from Geraldine             to participate in singing and dramatic arts.
                                          primary School, Carew peel Forest School, Woodbury School and                 “There is a good array of items depending on the size of the school.
                                          Geraldine high School performed music and drama at the Geraldine          It’s a great opportunity for them as it’s the only time children get to
                                          & District Schools’ Festival of the Arts 2011 event last week.            group together and sing in a mass choir. It’s great for children to get
                                             Organising committee chairperson, Lindsay Robertson, explained         that experience.”
                                          that the event is run in a two-year cycle, with the high school running                                                        Fiona Carmichael
  wine club night
   Tuesday 4 October
                                          Geraldine Riding for the Disabled
      bespoke                             receives vital donations
       wines                                 The Geraldine branch of Riding for the        to develop increased ability and self-esteem
                                          Disabled (RDA) recently received two             for children and adults with physical and
        $10 per person                    donations amounting to $5,100.                   intellectual difficulties.
       light food provided                   Tussock Journeys, a Geraldine-based              “The kids get confidence and it’s a form of
       bookings 693 1004                  organisation that runs high-country horse        physiotherapy as they use different muscles
                                          treks, donated $1,100, and a $4,000 grant        and learn how to balance.”
                                          was awarded to RDA by the Geraldine                 Riding develops, improves and promotes:
       sports bar:
                                          benevolent Fund.                                 balance and co-ordination, posture and
    open from 11am daily                                                                   muscle tone; concentration, self-discipline
                                             Geraldine RDA president Jenny hall was
 dining lounge and bar:                   delighted with the donations as finding a        and self-esteem; perception and spatial
        Open 7 days                       regular source of income to look after the       awareness; communication and social skills;
    LUNCH 11am - 2.30pm                   horses is a continual problem.                   and independence and decision making.
                                                                                                                                             From left, Chris bloor, mick hogg, Karen
     DINNER from 5pm                         “They are not machines – they are animals        Jenny is always looking for more volunteer     hansford, Sheila madder. The rider is Rory
          41 Talbot Street                and need food, their teeth and feet looked       helpers to walk beside the horse and assist       Abraham and the horse is called Lacey.
            Ph 693 1003                   after and the occasional vet bill paid.”         the rider. The next riding sessions start on 25   photo: Supplied.
                                             The Geraldine branch of RDA is grateful       October and they take place every Tuesday
                                                                                           during term time from 10.30am to 1pm.
   Best quality & variety                 to receive regular donations of hay and some
  At a price you can afford               hard feed from pGG Wrightson and RD1.            Around 15 children attend.
                                          however, it costs a minimum of $1,000 to            The children spend half an hour on the
                                          look after one horse for a year, and with five   horse doing warm-up exercises and then play
                                          horses to care for the extra money has come      games involving numbers, words or colours
                                          not a moment too soon. Some of the money         where they have to reach across or behind
                                          will be spent on buying new riding helmets       the horse to get something.
   Delicious FREE-RANGE                   to comply with new rules about upgrading            “The kids go back exhausted and the side
                                          safety equipment. The balance will be spent      walkers are pretty tired too.”
            CHICKENS                      on the upkeep of the horses.                        If you would like to help out at an RDA
   Whole birds and breast fillets.           Jenny explains that RDA provides              session please phone Jenny on 693 8814.
 6 Wilson St, Geraldine. Ph 693 8538.     therapeutic interaction with horses in order                                            Jo bates
The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011                                                                                                                                            1
                                                                         Young footballer to attend
    Bring this ad with you for
     a 10% DiSCoUnt
      on labour and parts
                                                                         National talent Centre
      until 30 November                                                     Twelve-year-old Kate
          * conditions apply                                             brown, who has been playing
                                                                         football for six years, has had
                                                                         her football talents recognised
                                     •	   Batteries                      by the NZ Football National
                                     •	   Tractor	repairs                Talent Centre (NZFNTC).
                                                                            Kate is very excited to
                                     •	   AA	breakdown	agents            have been selected to attend
                                     •	   Full	workshop	facilities       the NZFNTC programme,
                                                                         the first being held in late
                                     •	   Tyres	-	new	from	$45           October.
                                                                            “It’s pretty cool.”
                    Suppliers to CRT and ATS                                Kate started playing
                                                                         football in Temuka, but a
                                                                         family shift to Geraldine has
                                                                         seen her playing for the local
                                                                         club for the last two years.
                                                                         She has been picked for the
                                                                         twelfth grade reps for the last
                                                                         three years.
                                                                            The NZFNTC’s goal is to
                   Ross Vincent                                          produce world-class players
                                                                         in preparation for FIFA U17
                  BRicklaying                                            World Cups. They aim to
                                                                         bring together New Zealand’s
                                                                                                         Kate brown has been chosen for the NZ Football National Talent Centre programme.
                                                                         most talented youth players, photo: Lindsay Nelson.
                                 For all your                            between the ages of 11 and
                   BriCk and BloCklaying                                 16, coupled with the country’s most talented youth coaches are: technical and tactical, physical, mental and social/
                                                                         to create an accelerated learning experience across the emotional.
                         Stonework                                                                                                                                                   Lindsay Nelson
                                                                         “four corners” of player development. These “four corners”
                   Ph 693 8567 a/h, 027 406 6677
                                                                         Five awards at Science and technology Fair
                                                                             Geraldine high School
                                                                         students have once again
                                                                         featured in the prize list at the
                                                                         Central South Island Sanford
                                                                         Science and Technology Fair
                                                                         held recently in Timaru.
                                                                             Four teams and one
                                                                         individual were awarded
                                                                         prizes, and Geraldine
                                                                         high School Science Fair
                                                                         co-ordinator Adele Quinn
                                                                         said it was great to see the
                                                                         number of high-quality and
                                                                         different science projects
                                                                         that Geraldine students put
                                                                         together this year.
                                                                             “This was recognised in
                                                                         the number of awards that
     Wouldn’t it be better to have a                                     they received at high levels.
     painting team do the job for you?                                   It was also encouraging to see
                                                                         the technology projects being
                                                                         awarded prizes, especially
     Call Steve JoneS painting                                           Jordan [van der Wielen] in
                                                                                                           Science and technology fair winners: From left (back) Abigail plows, Jack Guerin, Jack mcLeay,
     •	 interior / exterior        •	 pre-paint repairs undertaken       the open category. We need Jordan van der Wielen, (front) Annabelle mulligan, Caitlin Trubshaw, emily Ireland, Annabelle
     •	 new / old                  •	 gib-stopping                       more of this forward thinking Gualter, Susannah harper. Annabelle and Susannah are in their costumes for 7mo’s medieval
     •	 town / country             •	 wallpapering                       and ‘inventive’ approach in banquet which featured spit-roasted pig. photo: Lindsay Nelson.
                                                                         New Zealand and what better
     Quality and professionalism assured.
                                                                         place to start than our young scientists.”
     All work carries my personal guarantee
                                                                             In the Open Technology section, Year 7 student Jordan van awarded a silver award for their project which involved firing
     ph 693 8403 or 027 651 4140                                         der Wielen was awarded a gold award for his environmentally a 1.5-litre water bottle out of a compressed-air cannon to find
     Find a better quote and I’ll beat it by 10%                         friendly wood-gas stove. The stove was made from readily out which weight of water would travel the furthest. The boys
                                                                         available Nestlé cans and was tested against a gas camping tried different amounts of water, firing three shots for each
                                                                         stove. Jordan tried a variety of fuels such as wood chunks, and keeping the air pressure consistent at 100psi.
                                                                         twigs and animal droppings.                                         The conclusion: The full bottle went the furthest. So, if you

    CONtACt US
                                                                             “my aim was to make a highly efficient wood-gas stove give these lads any cheek when they’re loading a full 1.5-litre
                                                                         and reduce the workload of women in third-world countries water bottle into their cannon, make sure you’re more than
                                                                         while preventing deforestation by utilising twigs and animal 80 metres away!
                                                                         dung close to the dwelling.”                                        Year 8 students Annabelle mulligan and Abigail plows’
    Ph 0800 693 800
                                                                             Year 7 students Annabelle Gualter and Susannah topic was “What farming soil is better for earth worms?” The
    fax 03 525 8699
                                                                         harper chose to find out “Which soap-scum remover is girls received a gold award for their project which involved                                             most effective?”. They used a batch of purpose-made scum digging 20x20cm soil samples and counting worms in a
    Requests for submitted articles: phone The Geraldine News at         consisting of oil, grease, soap and dirt and smeared it on a number of different farming scenarios (cropping, light soils,
    least two weeks prior to event. Usual deadline for all items: Noon
    mondays. Agents: hammer hardware. Advertising costs: Classifieds:
                                                                         white tile. The tile was then wiped with a variety of cleaning heavy soils, organically farmed, non-organically farmed, etc.).
    50c/word. Display ads: contact us for details. While every effort    products readily available in the supermarket. The wiping was Just for the record, the soil the worms seemed to prefer was
    is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication,   done on a set of scales to ensure exactly three kilograms of non-organically farmed heavy soil.
    The Geraldine News does not accept any responsibility for errors     downward pressure was used for each product.                        emily Ireland and Caitlin Trubshaw also achieved a gold
    or omissions or for any consequences arising from reliance on            The results were (from most to least effective): Ajax, mr award in the Year 8 section with their fresh-water dispenser
    information published. The content of submitted material is not
                                                                         muscle, Dettol, pams, bam and Duck. The girls achieved a for chickens. The pair designed a 200-litre system with water
    necessarily endorsed by the owners. The editor reserves the right
    to make final decisions on layout of submitted ads. Copies can be    silver award for their project.                                  nipples which can keep about 20 chooks in fresh water for
    bought and we have a subscription service.                               Jack Guerin and Jack mcLeay are Year 8 students and were a fortnight.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Lindsay Nelson
2                                                                                                                                                   The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011
Geraldine woman has breakfast                                                                                                          Weed of the month

with UN Secretary-General
                                                                                                                                       Himalayan balsam
                                                                                                                                       Impatiens glandulifera
                                                                                                                                       •	Annual	that	can	grow	to	2.5	m	tall
   Local lady Jocelyn Jones had breakfast with ban Ki-moon,                                                                            •	Hollow	succulent	stem,	usually	tinged	red
Secretary-General of the United Nations, in Auckland                                                                                   •	Leaves	about	15	cm	long	with	serrated	edges	and	
recently.                                                                                                                              usually	in	pairs,	may	be	tinged	with	red
   Jocelyn has been friends with Ki-moon (as she knows him)                                                                            •	Distinctive	hooded	flowers	that	are	pale	pink	to	purple	
for 49 years. They first met at a Red Cross convention in the                                                                          and scented
USA in 1962 and have corresponded regularly since then.                                                                                •	Seed	pods	explode	to	spread	the	seeds
   When Jocelyn heard Ki-moon was visiting New Zealand                                                                                 Where is it found?
to attend the pacific Islands Forum she could not resist the                                                                           Himalayan	balsam	thrives	in	damp	conditions	and	can	
opportunity to see her old friend again.                                                                                               tolerate shade. It has been planted in gardens and has
   “I emailed him (knowing his schedule would be accounted                                                                             been found growing wild along streams and in wetland
for every minute of the day) asking if there was any way                                                                               areas.	 Overseas	 Himalayan	 balsam	 is	 a	 serious	
we could meet up. his reply was he’d been thinking about                                                                               problem along water margins; in New Zealand we have
meeting me and his secretary would arrange something in                                                                                the chance to stop it before it spreads further.
Auckland.”                                                                                                                             Why is it a problem?
   Over the bacon and eggs they did not discuss his work                                                                               Because	it	grows	quickly,	can	form	dense	stands,	can	
commitments but stuck to catching up on what they had                                                                                  displace low-growing vegetation and change the habitat
done and where they had been. They both had photos of                                                                                  of	native	species.	The	seeds	can	spread	in	water,	which	
their families with them to show each other.                                                                                           makes waterway margins vulnerable.
   “It was all about us. he has not changed really, he was just                                                                        What can you do?
the same – it was amazing. he is just a very quiet, natural                                                                            If	you	have	Himalayan	balsam	in	your	garden,	consider	
person.”                                                                                                                               removing	it,	particularly	if	it	is	near	a	pond	or	creek.	If	it	
   Jocelyn, who moved to Geraldine ten years ago, was                                                                                  is	found	growing	wild,	pass	the	information	on	to	your	
chosen to represent New Zealand at the 1962 American Red                                                                               local	DOC	office.
Cross convention.                                                                                                                      Control
   “I was the president of the Waimate high School group                                                                               Himalayan	balsam	is	easy	to	pull	out;	ideally	this	work	
and, after returning to New Zealand, I travelled to many New                                                                           should	be	carried	out	before	it	flowers.	Extreme	care	
Zealand places telling young people about Red Cross and its                                                                            is needed to ensure all seed pods are disposed of in
activities in other countries.”                                                                                                        your domestic rubbish and not composted. Because
   The convention, called Operation VISTA (Visit of               Jocelyn Jones will always treasure the gift of two porcelain bowls   Himalayan	balsam	is	often	found	near	water,	herbicide	
International Students to America), was a vehicle for bringing    given to her by ban Ki-moon. On the base of the bowls is Ki-         control	can	be	difficult.
young people from different Red Cross and Red Lion                moon’s signature and his office, Secretary-General of the United
countries together to break down barriers and understand          Nations. photo: Jo bates.
their differences. It was attended by 130 delegates who were
officially welcomed by the president John F Kennedy. Jocelyn         “It was just fantastic. We were allowed to go into the room
vividly remembers meeting him.                                    where they pushed the button to make the rockets go into
   “he shook my hand and said, “Welcome to the United             space. We were so lucky.”
States, we don’t get enough New Zealanders here.” The                During this visit both Jocelyn and Ki-moon struck up
next year, on 22 November 1963, John F Kennedy was                what would become a lifelong friendship with Florence
assassinated in Dallas.                                           Tupper, their group leader. The three of them corresponded
   The delegates were split into groups of ten and Jocelyn        regularly and, when miss Tupper told Jocelyn about Ki-
was placed in the same group as ban Ki-moon.                      moon’s achievements, Jocelyn would write to him and so
   “Ki-moon was a quiet guy, quite reserved, but every time       their friendship flourished.
he was interviewed he said he wanted to be a diplomat. he            “Over the years I have got to know him as a person. he is
was interested in government and how countries were run.          very concerned about humanitarianism and has strong views
he said attending this convention changed his life.”              about climate change.”
   In later years ban Ki-moon has often said Operation VISTA         Although Jocelyn carried on fundraising for the Red Cross
was the inspiration for his diplomatic career.                    for many years, eventually her interests turned towards music.          Himalayan	balsam	flowers	Photo:	J.	Sullivan
   Staying with an American host family, Jocelyn remembers        For 15 years she worked as a director and musical director
being impressed by their huge car.                                for the North Canterbury musical Society and more recently
   “They had a Cadillac and, oh boy, that was really              in Timaru.
something; automatic windows and an automatic garage-door            “I just loved it and I do miss it now.”
opener. We had never seen those in New Zealand.”                     ban Ki-moon has continued his contact with the Red
   Jocelyn and the other delegates were taken on many bus         Cross over the years, visiting its National headquarters
tours to famous places and monuments in San Francisco             in Washington, and he is keen to celebrate VISTA’s 50th
and Washington DC, including the Goddard Space Flight             anniversary next year in the USA.
Center, now known as NASA (National Aeronautics and                                                                      Jo bates
Space Administration).

                                                                       Electrolysis, Facials, Skincare, Manicures,                        himalayan balsam. photo m. hutchison
            division of h mackenzie contracting ltd
                                                                               Waxing, Tints & Make-ups
                  Call now for all                                                          11 Cascade Place, Geraldine
                                                                                                 Phone 693 9396
                   LIVESTOCK &
                GENERAL CARTAGE
             “ CARTAGE YOU CAN COUNT ON”

                For all ENQUIrIES
        Call Hayden Mackenzie 021 365 511

                                                                                                                                          Himalayan	balsam	Photo:T.	Belton

The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011                                                                                                                                                           3
                                                         iN GOOD tAStE: Choc a block
                                                            Some clever anonymous
                                                         soul once said, “Chocolate
                                                         is cheaper than therapy,
                                                         and you don’t need an
                                                            It contains a chemical
                                                         called phenylethylamine,
                                                         which brings on a sense of
                                                         wellbeing and happiness, and
                                                         good-quality chocolate (the
                                                         darker the better) is also rich
                                                         in potassium, magnesium,
                                                         phosphorous and iron. No
                                                         wonder chocolate was once
                                                         given as a medicine!
                                                            When chocolate was first
                                                         brought to europe, doctors
                                                         prescribed it as an effective
                                                         treatment for a broad range
                                                         of illnesses, including
                                                         consumption, gout, kidney
                                                         stones, mental and physical
                                                         fatigue, shortness of breath
                                                         and tuberculosis. A 19th
                                                         century German chemist, baron Justus Von Liebig, is recorded              I think these look good as irregular shapes as opposed to
                                                         as saying: “Chocolate is the perfect food, as wholesome as it             perfectly formed balls, but it’s up to you.
                                                         is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhaustive power, it is               If you are very clever you can scoop out balls and
                                                         the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”                   refrigerate them again before dipping them into melted
                                                            Although chocolate isn’t regarded as a seasonal food, I still          chocolate for a crunchy exterior to bite into.
                                                         feel that it suits the colder months best.                                   either way, chill till serving time.

                                                            This recipe is very rich, and I’m sure the accompanying                   purchasing a good-quality cocoa is just as important as
                                                         doctor’s prescription would say “Consume in small quantities,             buying the best chocolate you can afford. You could stock
                                                         as often as required.”                                                    up on some Valrhona cocoa powder (considered by many
                                                         Bay delight                                                               as the best in the world). A 250g bag retails for around $15,
                                                            250g milk chocolate                                                    but a little goes a long way and you will never regard that
                                                            250g white chocolate                                                   pale, tan-coloured stuff as cocoa again. Valrhona is dark and
                                                            250g dark chocolate                                                    rich and has a nutty, chocolatey noise.
                                                            1 packet of Super Wine biscuits, crushed                                  For this classic recipe for Self-saucing Chocolate pudding,
                                                            125g melted butter                                                     you will see just what a difference a quality cocoa can make.
                                                            1½ cups of mixed unsalted nuts                                         This is an oldie but a goody, and kids love it. must be served
                                                            1 tin of condensed milk                                                with lashings of ice cream.
                                                            1½ cups of shredded coconut                                            Self-saucing chocolate pudding
                                                            Preheat the oven to 150˚C.                                                Sift together:
                                                            mix together the melted butter and the crushed wine                       1 cup of flour
                                                         biscuits and press into a sponge roll tin. break the chocolate               2 teaspoons of baking powder
                                                         into chunks and mix with the nuts and cover the base with                    2 tablespoons of cocoa
                                                         this. Now drizzle on the condensed milk and top with the                     A pinch of salt
                                                         coconut. bake for about 30 minutes. Allow to cool, and (here                 ¾ cup of sugar
                                                         comes the hard part) refrigerate overnight before cutting.                   Stir in ½ a cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of melted
                                                                                                                                   butter. Use a spatula to place the mixture into a lightly
                                                            A chocolate truffle recipe I used to make often when                   buttered baking dish. Sprinkle with 1 cup of brown sugar,
                                                         catering is sophisticated and for a mature audience only. It’s            2 tablespoons of cocoa and carefully pour over 1¾ cups of

    t urnbull EarthmovEr s
       & shinglE suppliEs
                                                         fatal to have a pile of these in the fridge and just yourself at
                                                         home. These make perfect gifts and can be flavoured with
                                                         whatever liquour you fancy or have on hand.
                                                                                                                                   boiling water.
                                                                                                                                      Bake at 180˚C for about 35 minutes. Allow to sit for a few
                                                                                                                                   minutes before serving. Very hot! make sure each serving has
                                                         truffles au chocolate                                                     some of the sponge from on top, and some of the sauce which
                    opErating                                                                                                      will be lurking at the bottom. It’s perfect winter food.
                                                            melt 400g of dark chocolate in a bowl over hot water.
             Excavators - track and wheeled              heat ¾ cup of cream in a saucepan and stir into the chocolate
            Bobcat - Chain trencher - Graders            carefully, along with 60g of softened butter.                                And with the therapist still in mind, here are some words
     Tip trucks and trailers - Loaders - Cherry picker      Stir until the mixture is blended and add 2 tablespoons of             from Dave barry:
           Shingle, landscaping rock, bark chip          Grand marnier (or brandy etc), stir and chill.                               “my therapist told me that the way to achieve true inner
           Laser level available on all machines            When the mixture is totally firm, use a teaspoon to scoop              peace is to finish what I start. So far today I have finished two
                                                         out small balls and roll them in some quality sifted cocoa.               bags of m&ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       Fiona Feasey

    nopEra, 10 geraldine-Fairlie highway geraldine
        ph 0274 340 570 or a/h ph/fax 693 7985

                                                           Who are you?
                                                           When the time comes for your teenagers to start making
                                                           the	 choices	 that	 will	 shape	 their	 lives,	 what	 criteria	 will	
                                                           they be using as a basis for those decisions?
                                                           A big part of being able to recognise the best choice comes
                                                           down	to	knowing	who	you	are,	which	includes	your	values,	
                                                           your	beliefs,	your	strengths,	and	your	weaknesses.	
                                                           So	ask	them	often	–	"What	do	you	think?",	"What	do	you	
                                                           believe?",	 and	 "How	 would	 you	 solve	 this	 problem?".	
                                                           Encourage	 your	 teens	 to	 know	 themselves	 and	 they	
                                                           will	 become	 confident	 decision	 makers	 when	 it	 really	

                      ph 693 9616

4                                                                                                                                           The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011
Club presidents pay tribute to officials’
vital role in all sports
   They have different titles and different roles in different
sports, but whether officials are called umpires, referees,
scorekeepers, timekeepers, linesmen, or judges, our club
presidents say they are all heroes.
   According to local club presidents in rugby, netball,
swimming and cricket, our umpires are often parents or
retirees of the game and are generally quiet, unassuming and
self-assured. They often get little recognition for their crucial
contribution and can usually be found sitting quietly at the
back of the clubroom after the game.
   Umpires have a difficult but important role to play in
sport. Rugby referee and Geraldine Cricket Club president,
peter mcKnight, says that without an official, the game would
dissolve into chaos.
   “everyone has an opinion. I often say that if you had a
bucket of whistles and handed one out to everyone on the
sideline before a match and told them to blow it for every
infringement they saw, you’d never get started. It would be
a complete shambles.
   “It is important to maintain the flow of the game, and rule
consistently. You have to remember that it’s the players’ game,
not yours, so you have to work with them,” says peter, who
has refereed rugby for about 20 years.
   According to Geraldine Rugby Club president, Grant
Norton, the role requires a huge time commitment, a thorough
knowledge of the rules and an ability to communicate
                                                                    Geraldine high School playing at this year’s senior netball closing day tournament under the watchful eye of an official. Without
                                                                    officials there would be no game. photo: Fiona Carmichael.
   Geraldine Netball Centre president and umpire, Sonia
higgins, points out that umpires also need good time                role of referee, and has taken it to a higher level. Sam was                “Umpiring isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. For much of
management skills as well as an ability to concentrate, self-       appointed as a referee in the recent South Island Under 16               the game nothing much can happen and you’re a just a
confidence and a thick skin to take charge against opposing         rugby tournament held in Greymouth.                                      clotheshorse and counter, and then all of a sudden in the
views.                                                                  “Rugby refereeing has a very strong progressional pathway.           last half an hour your decisions can dictate who wins and
   “players, coaches and spectators need to remember that           It’s very structured, so anyone who wants to pursue the role             loses.
umpires are only people. We train and endeavour to give             further is able to get that recognition,” peter says.                       “You’re still part of it. It’s the next best thing to playing.
our best, unbiased ruling the entire game, but we can’t be              Netball also has regional and national training pathways             It would be nice to think some past players who can’t play
everywhere at once.                                                 and support for those wanting to take it further.                        would put their hand up, but nobody seems to have the time
   “We all want the best from our umpires but they need our             Cricket is a little unusual in that due to lack of officials, the    today.”
support, not our criticism. They need recognition for the vital     teams umpire their own games. With some games lasting four                  Justine paulin has been an official timekeeper and Inspector
role they perform. You can’t change the results, but your word      or even five days it requires a huge time commitment, which              of Turns for the Geraldine Swimming Club for the past three
of thanks and encouragement may ensure that you have an             is beyond most people, says peter, adding that anyone who                years. A swimmer herself, she says she got into the official
umpire for the next game.”                                          put their name forward to umpire cricket would be received               poolside role because there was an expectation as a parent
   most clubs provide special training and support for              with “open arms”.                                                        to help out. She has found that it provides an opportunity to
keen umpires and referees because many of the skills and                “The South Canterbury Cricket Umpires Association only               get a “great view of the action”, and feels it is an ideal way to
knowledge required for effectiveness in the role must be            consists of about four members, so anyone who was keen                   give something back to the swimming community.
learned.                                                            to do it could very quickly be officiating at mid and South                 Justine completed 18 months of poolside work to get the
   peter has refereed rugby since he was 28 and took it             Canterbury matches.”                                                     technical knowledge necessary to be regionally qualified,
up because as a farmer he couldn’t afford to get injured                bevan Guthrie has played and umpired cricket for about 40            and says her next goal is to get qualifications on a national
while playing. “I just love the game. It’s just a way to stay       years, and says that he enjoys both roles, but would far sooner          level.
involved.”                                                          play. he made the South Canterbury Cricket Association                      “It’s something I can continue with.”
   peter’s son Sam (19) hasn’t played rugby since he was            honours board twice last season with an amazing 103 and                                                                 Fiona Carmichael
14, but he has also found new challenges in the game in the         85 runs.

  team player nominee selected                                                                                                              what a catch!!!
     for honour in timaru

                                                                                                               Robert Morrison jnr. II and Earnest Blackmore with kahawai, herrings
                                                                                                                      and mullet caught at the Rangitata River mouth - 1910.
                                                                                                                      “Way We Were” cards available for sale at Geraldine Historical Museum

Taylor Gallagher with umpires Angela Armstrong-Lush and Anna Sheen after the Canterbury vs
Southland netball game on Saturday. The Year 9 student was selected for the honour of being the
official ball carrier for the game after being nominated for the Team player award at the Geraldine
Netball Centre. Taylor was awestruck by the talented players out on court but was quickly put at
ease by the friendly umpires. When asked afterwards how she felt, her big grin said it all.
photo: Fiona Carmichael.

The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011                                                                                                                                                              5
Rugby World Cup’s supporters make their mark

                                                                                                   Rugby World Cup fever hits Geraldine. This chap was found on Sh 79. photo: Lindsay Nelson.
enthusiastic supporters of the Rugby World Cup, Janette O’Neill and Debra Allen at the Geraldine
i-SITe. Staff have decorated the inside and outside of the local information centre with Rugby
World Cup paraphernalia, including poems. photo: Fiona Carmicael.

                                       NEWS iN BRiEF                                                                                                 LEttERS
                                                                                                                                   Geraldine lacks banners
                Recommended books                                     talking about Suicide Saves Lives,                              We understand from the media that there is a Rugby
       The following is a list of books read and enjoyed by                 says Lifeline Aotearoa                                 World Cup taking place in New Zealand at the present
    members of the Geraldine Ladies’ probus Group.                                                                                 time. We see towns all over New Zealand joining in this
                                                                       “Unfortunately, everyone has a suicide story,” says
    fiction                                                                                                                        with enthusiasm.
                                                                   Lifeline Aotearoa CeO, Jo Denvir.
    • Gwen madoc - Mother’s and Daughters.                                                                                            Obviously Geraldine has not been notified of this
                                                                       The leading helplines organisation prepared for World
    • Rita bradshaw - Gilding the Lily.                                                                                            celebration of international rugby as at last count in the main
                                                                   Suicide prevention Day by issuing a call to all New
    • Sarah Donati - Into the Wilderness Book 1.                                                                                   street there were just two banners supporting the RWC plus
                                                                   Zealanders to talk more about suicide.
    • Sarah Donati - Dawn on the Distant Shore Book 2.                                                                             two rather tatty Geraldine banners on a couple of lamp posts
                                                                       “You don’t have to look very far to find someone
    • Sarah Donati - Lake in the Clouds Book 3.                                                                                    with the remainder of the lamp posts bare.
                                                                   who has been affected by suicide, but it’s not something
    • Sarah Donati - Fire in the Sky Book 4.                                                                                          As we all know we have hundreds of overseas visitors
                                                                   we’re comfortable talking about in New Zealand,” says
    • Sarah Donati - The Queen of Swords Book 5. Into the                                                                          passing through our town every day. especially at this time
                                                                   ms Denvir. “The ripple effects of suicide are enormous.
       wilderness series.                                                                                                          we should surely have our town decorated with banners so
                                                                   It’s not only the family who are affected, but friends and
    • Audrey Niffenegger - Her Fearful Symmetry.                                                                                   that people are encouraged to stop and enjoy what we have
                                                                   co-workers can also experience tremendous guilt. The
    • Lloyd Jones - Hand me Down World.                                                                                            to offer.
                                                                   legacy of suicide is definitely under-estimated.”
    • Ann Shorey - The Edge of Light.                                                                                                 On checking with the council as to why there were no
                                                                       Lifeline Aotearoa chose World Suicide prevention
    • philippa Gregory - The Constant Princess...Story of                                                                          banners we were told that it was the decision of the Geraldine
                                                                   Week to launch the 0508 TAUTOKO helpline, New
       Catherine of Aragon.                                                                                                        Community board. I realise they are probably busy at this
                                                                   Zealand’s first suicide prevention helpline where those
    • Dick Francis - Proof.                                                                                                        time trying to make priest’s hill into a one-way street but
                                                                   who may be considering suicide, or people affected by
    non-fiction                                                                                                                    surely they could have shown a bit of enthusiasm in putting
                                                                   suicide, can call for help and support.
    • marjorie Rieu - My music, My life - How it all began,                                                                        a welcoming face on our town.
                                                                       “We know those considering suicide often reach out.
       story of Andre Rieu.                                                                                                                             Lesley Fallon and Yvonne hohenberger
                                                                   The aim of 0508 TAUTOKO is to make that support
    • elizabeth Sheppard - Like Smoke in a Wheelbarrow -                                                                              Reply from Rosie morten, chair Geraldine Community
                                                                   readily available, where people can call without fear of
       memoir of a girl growing up in Dunedin.                                                                                     Board: Four world cup banners were ordered for Geraldine,
                                                                   being judged or rejected,” says Lifeline Aotearoa helplines
    • Jill Worrall - Two Wings of a Nightingale. persian soul,                                                                     two to be at each end of town. Unfortunately two have
                                                                   manager Dylan Norton.
       Islamic heart.                                                                                                              already gone missing but more have been ordered. They did
                                                                       The helpline runs alongside Lifeline Aoteaora’s
    • errol braithwaite - Pilot on the Run. epic escape from                                                                       not go up any earlier as they are not very robust and there
                                                                   community awareness campaign around suicide, recently
       occupied France.                                                                                                            was concern that they wouldn’t survive for the duration of
                                                                   launched at Orakei marae.
    • bill bryson - Neither here nor there. Travel in small                                                                        the world cup. The Geraldine Community board was not
                                                                        “The ‘start the conversation today’ campaign
       town America.                                                                                                               consulted over this matter. I agree with the writers that the few
                                                                   specifically targets our high rate of maori youth suicide,
    • marguerite Van Geldermalsen - I Married a Bedouin.                                                                           remaining Geraldine banners are tatty and need replacing.
                                                                   but the message is the same throughout the community,”
    • Cathy Woodman - Trust me, I’m a vet.                                                                                         They were budgeted to be replaced last financial year and
                                                                   says ms Denvir. “Just asking if someone is OK,
    • barbie probert-Wright - Little Girl Lost.                                                                                    the new ones are with the contractor and should be up in
                                                                   commenting that they don’t seem themselves, can make
                               Submitted by Noeline Cottam                                                                         the next two weeks.
                                                                   a huge difference and get someone talking.”
                                                                                                                                   The	 Geraldine	 News	 welcomes	 letters	 to	 the	 editor.	 Letters	 should	 be	
                                                                       For further information on the “start the conversation
                                                                                                                                   emailed	to	us,	or	printed/typed,	and	must	include	the	writer’s	full	name,	
                                                                   today” campaign please visit                home	address	and	daytime	phone	number.	Letters	will	be	printed	over	the	
                                                                                              Submitted by Lifeline Aotearoa       name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can
                                                                                                                                   be	established.	Letters	should	not	exceed	200	words.	All	correspondence	
                                                                                                                                   is	at	the	discretion	of	the	manager,	who	reserves	the	right	to	decline,	edit,	
                                                                                                                                   or abridge letters without explanation.

             Quality garments
             Superior service                                             For all your interior plastering needs

            Competitive prices                                           ph 027 313 8338              Hm 693 9013
        28 Talbot Street, Geraldine. Ph 693 7118.

6                                                                                                                                             The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011
                                                                           totara Street, geralDine
    Geraldine	 District	 Golf	 Club. 13 September. Semi-final of           propoSeD CHangeS
Championships and Stableford Competition: J Oliver 100.31.69, 39; M
Blackmore 99.27.72, 36; R Harper 102.29.73, 36; J Gibbs 102.27.75,         We would like to hear your views on a project to change Totara Street
34; B Clarke 96.22.74, 34. Nearest the Pin: A Reid. Twos: J Lawson,        (Priest’s	Hill)	to	improve	the	safety	for	all	road	users.	
A Burrows, D Kelland.                                                      An information and discussion paper is available from the Geraldine
    Grande	Vue	Golf	Club. 18 September. Multi-sponsored Ambrose            Service	Centre,	or	for	downloading	from	our	website	at	www.timaru.
Tournament. Happy Hackers Net 41.8 by lot Team Patrick, Tight Five	–	under	‘Consulting	On’	in	the	‘Your	Council’	panel.
42.0, Where’s Wally 43.4, Mt Nessing 44.6,Team Cleveland 45.2, Ring        You	 may	 also	 wish	 to	 pop	 in	 to	 an	 Open	 Day	 to	 be	 held	 at	 the	
Inns 46.0,Sloggers 46.0, Weavers Wonders 46.6, Te Moana Terraways          Geraldine	 Service	 Centre	 meeting	 room,	 on	 Wednesday	 28	
47.2, Putz Plus 48.0, Carol’s Crew 48.6, TWL 49.8, Swords 52.4, Team       September between 11am and 6pm.
Tinwald 53, Sheep Shaggers 54.4. Nearest the Pin: Men: John Moses.
                                                                           Please	note	that	comments	and	feedback	for	the	project	must	be	
Straightest Drive: Ladies: Carol Seaton. Men: Tom Bell.
                                                                           received no later than Friday 14 October.
    Geraldine	 District	 Golf	 Club.	 9 hole group. 14 September.
Stableford. J Smith 19, A Cournane 18, G Bland 14, N Cottam 13, A          In the meantime should you have any queries or comments please
Bowan 13, J Chisholm 13.                                                   contact	Simon	Davenport,	transportation	engineer,	Timaru	District	
BRidGe                                                                     Council	(ph	03	687	7475/email	
    Geraldine	Pairs.	Thursday 15 September. North/South: 1st Audrey
Rusbridge and Viv Hill 65.87%, 2nd Marie Greenall and Mary Thatcher
63.89%, 3rd= Colin Coulter and Eleanor Reilly, and Mary Dungey and
Pat Giles 59.13%. East/West: 1st Jean O’Brien and Peter Sutcliffe                    grfC toUCH 2011-2012
53.47%, 2nd Helen and Stan Rinaldi 52.78%, 3rd Eileen Lyon and                                                                                      Geraldine
Alison Paterson 52.43%.
GeRALdine CRiBBAGe                                                          Touch Rugby is back!                                               Community Information
    Results after Round 9: Teams: Bowlers/RSA 232, Citizens 224,
                                                                                                                                               emeRGenCY (Fire - police - medical)                  111
Ladies/Oddfellows 220, Orari Bridge 219; Games: Bowlers/RSA 32 v
Ladies/Oddfellows 19: J Smith & R Bray 10 v E King & M Ellery 3, M              keep fit over SUmmer                                           dutY doCtoRS
Brook & R Harper 9 v J Scott & J Cooper 4, S Thompson & A Wilson 5 v                                                                           patients of doctors not offering the rostered after-hours
                                                                            while having loads of laughs and fun!                              service are asked to dial the After-hours Gp Line on 03
A Thompson & F Henderson 8, M Burridge & G Imms 8 v P Kippenberger
& R Brylkowski 4; Citizens 26 v Orari Bridge 18: H Holmes & B O’Keefe      rUnning friDay nigHtS                                               684 8209 for advice from a registered nurse who will then
7 v J Hands & J Oliver 5, R Lang & J Nichelsen 7 v K Inwood & R Hartley    from 14 October to 10 February                                      direct them to the appropriate care, including access to
5, L Holmes & G Ford 5 v J Ellery & C Coulter 8, C Flannery & M Oldfield   (Break over Xmas period for 3 weeks plus NO touch on                another Gp if necessary.
7 v F Kippenberger & H Bragg 0. Leading Pairs: M Burridge & G Imms         ChCh	Cup	Day	or	Geraldine	Xmas	Parade	Day)                          timARu diStRiCt CounCiL
63, S Thompson & A Wilson 62, J Ellery & C Coulter 62.                     SoCial: 6 a-side friendly competition                               After hours faults, Civil Defence
                                                                           minimum	2	females	on	the	field	at	any	given	time                    and TDC office        ph 0800 484 632
 Recent AGm
                                                                           menS: 6 a-side competition                                          GeRALdine LiBRARY / SeRViCe CentRe
oRGAniSAtionS may have their new committee members’                                                                                            monday-Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm
                                                                           eaCH team must have one member available for
names printed in this column for free only if emailed to                                                                                       Friday               8:30am - 6:00pm
                                                                           refereeing on rostered duty weeks                                                                                                                       Saturday             10:00am - 1:00pm ph 693 9336
                                                                           feeS:	$80	per	team	for	club	members	(minimum	6	
PuBLiC notiCeS                                                                                                                                 tRAnSfeR StAtion
                                                                           members	in	team)	
                                                                                                                                               Tuesday              2.00pm - 4.00pm
foR patients of Four peak health: If you are needing to                    $100	for	non-club	members
                                                                                                                                               Friday               2.00pm - 4.00pm
contact Kevin after surgery hours, please call the surgery.                entrieS MUST be in by 8 October                                     Saturday             10.00am - 4.00pm
The answer phone will give you the all the information to
                                                                           prizeS are bigger and better!                                       Bin CALendAR
contact Kevin.
                                                                           The mystery weekend for two is back!
An AuthentiC home ChuRCh meets every Sunday at                             (Drawn	at	prize	giving	10	February	–	winner		
10am at 194 main North Rd, Geraldine. Join us as we study                  must	be	there	to	claim	the	prize!)
God’s Word and fellowship in the joy of his presence.
                                                                           Bar	facilities	and	food	available,	
“In order that they may know the mystery of God, namely                    children and spectators welcome
Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and
knowledge.” Colossians 2:3. enquiries: 693 7572 or 03 688                  Register your team today!                                              compost            rubbish         recycle
8702 <>                                               For	more	information	please	contact	Lorraine	                         every week      19-23 September 26-30 September
AA Rewards on purchases from Geraldine hammer                              027	546	4223	or

                     DateS of feStival
            Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 November
  paint-a-pot:	Saturday	12	November,	12.30-2.30pm,	
  Guide/Scout	Den.	You	will	be	painting	a	terracotta	pot.	                                                                                                            Geraldine agents for
  Everything	provided.	                                                                                                                                               New Zealand-made
  Christmas Decorations:	 Sunday	 13	 November,	                                                                                                                      Morrifield	Tunnel	
  9.30am-12.30pm,	Guide/Scout	Den,	for	5	years	and	                                                                                                                   Houses
  older. Advisable to wear older clothes.
  Workshops	 limited	 to	 20.	 Cost	 $2.	 Rego	 form	 at	                                                                                                              Available in a range of
                                                                                                                                                                       sizes and prices for all
                     SCareCroW trail
  Geraldine	 Kindergarten	 Fundraisier.	 Saturday	 5	                                                                                                                  budgets
  November-Sunday	20th	November.	Local	businesses	
  and homes are getting creative and displaying rockstar                                                                                                                Easily	assembled	with	
  scarecrows in the shop windows and gardens. Get                                                                                                                       after-sales and parts
  your map and be in to win if you can correctly identify                                                                                                               readily available.
  all the personalities. Maps available from 3 November
  from i-SITE.
             pHotograpHy Competition
  Three categories with three classes in each. Get
  clicking	or	dig	out	those	fabulous	photos.	Entry	forms	
  now available from the i-SITE. Closing date for entries                                 Contact Don, Carol or Caroline further details
  15	October	2011.	                                                            geraldine Hammer Hardware, 27 talbot Street, geraldine
                      art Competition
  Same categories as last year. From Novices to
                                                                                                                      phone 693 7312
  Professionals.	Entry	forms	now	available	from	i-SITE.
  Closing	date	for	entries	22	October	2011.	

The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011                                                                                                                                                             7
BuSineSSeS                                                      foR SALe
ButCheR. michael Jones. ph 693 8538.                            nAtio. 50% clearance on selected products at the Geraldine
KeY cutting available at hammer hardware. ph 693 7312.          pharmacy.
mCAtAmneY Gallery. Upstairs Old post Office, Geraldine.         fiReWood. pine and willow mixed, dry, $150 cu m; $170
ph 693 7292. modern and contemporary art. www.                  3.5 cu m approximately. David 021 222 8619.                                          tunneL houses and shade houses. Check out the range
enteRtAinment. Village Inn. ph 693 1003.                        available from Geraldine hammer hardware.
BuiLdeR. Regan Tate. ph 021 298 6465 or 693 7426.               muLtiVeRSAL paint. Just $54 for 4 litres or $109 for 10 litres.
                                                                Attractive colours at hammer hardware. ph 693 7312.
eLeCtRiCiAn. ph Garth payne 027 200 9619.
                                                                ReVLon. 50% off on selected items at Geraldine
GeRALdine Computer Solutions: prompt, friendly,
affordable. ph 693 9496.
eLeCtRiCiAn. Laser electrical. ph 693 9399.                     GiVe AWAY (one-liners are free)
PeA straw. ph hayden mckenzie 693 8553.                         CARPet suitable for groundcover. ph Kay 693 7050.
PAneLBeAtinG and car painting see Stewarts panel & paint.
phone 693 8446.
LAndSCAPinG. ph hamish 027 693 7008.                            LoSt near Verde Cafe. Set of keys on 3 August. Text 027
                                                                282 6100.
ReAL estate. ph Audre Ramsay 027 622 9845.
mP Jacqui Dean 03 434 7325.                                     WAnted
moVieS. Geraldine Cinema ph 693 8118.                           miLitARiA wanted to buy by collector. Firearms, badges,
fiShinG licenses. New season. Available now at Geraldine        bayonets or any items of military interest. German items are
hammer hardware.                                                of particular interest. ph pete Young 693 8876 a/h.
LAndSCAPinG. Village Landscapes ph 693 7321.                    deAd batteries. Woodbury School is still collecting batteries
                                                                from cars, trucks, tractors etc. please phone peter 692 2725
PLumBeR. ph mark patterson 693 9625.
                                                                or Tom 692 2880 to arrange pickup.
totAL Computer Services: Geraldine’s professional computer
service. ph hamish 693 8456.                                    ACCommodAtion
GLAzinG. ph Geraldine Glass 693 9927.                           eX Geraldine 16-year-old polytechnic student needing board
StoRAGe available at Geraldine Storage. Large and small         in Geraldine. please phone Joshua 03 614 8381 or 027 824
lots. ph Sherri 027 460 6442, 693 8830.                         9725. have good references.
AGRiCuLtuRAL contractor. hayden mckenzie 693 8553.
BRooKSide boarding Kennels. Farmstay for dogs. 208
Woodbury Road. ph 693 9929.                                     18-year-old requires work in Geraldine. housework and
                                                                babysitting. Reliable honest, call Courtney 027 2680738.
don’t like the prospect of another long wait in front of your
computer? ph hamish Total Computer Services 693 8456.
ContRACtinG. blake Downie. ph 027 434 3551.
                                                                  JUnior farm aSSiStant
LAWnS. ph earthworks Aoraki Ltd 0800 693 000.                     We are seeking a self-motivated person to join our team
joineRY. ph paul Autridge 693 9598.                               1	December	at	our	dairy	farm	on	the	town	boundary	of	
                                                                  Geraldine.	We	are	milking	900	cows	through	a	54-bale	
LAndSCAPinG. ph Keith Nelson 692 2977.                            rotary shed.
BeAutY therapy. ph bella Salu 693 9960.                           Duties	will	include:
PLumBeR. Rates plumbing. ph 027 437 3158.                         · Milk harvesting
                                                                  ·	 Dairy	hygiene
                                                                  · Stock work
                                                                  · Weed control
                                                                  · Aspects of animal health
                    l oC all y Bui l t                            · Other general farm duties.
                    excellence guaranteed                         The successful applicant will have the opportunity to gain
                                                                  a great amount of knowledge and skill working with our
                                                                  current team and both on- and off-farm training is strongly
          Comprehensive range of building services
                 no job too big or too small
                Competitive / Pensioner rates                     Please	contact	Anita	or	Ad	Hendriks	by	28	September	on	
                                                                  693	9844	or	
                   regan tate - Builder
    M. 021 298 6465 P. 693 7426 e.

                                                                                  Picker / Packer
                                                                                      Geraldine based
                                                                   Lynn	River	is	recognised	as	the	market	leader	in	hand-
                                                                    protection products and services. We are looking for
                                                                    someone	with	the	ability,	knowledge	and	enthusiasm	
                      For all your                                               to join our operations team.
                ·   Livestock                                      To start immediately. We require someone who is well
                ·   Bulk                                             organised,	gives	attention	to	detail	and	is	willing	to	
                                                                    learn. Some manual lifting and emptying of shipping
                ·   General Cartage                                             containers will be required.
                ·   Fertiliser Spreading                                 Please	send	your	application	with	resumé
                                                                              by	email	to:
              Call Boof on 027 375 8025                                Applications	close:	Friday	23	September	2011
               or Ned on 027 602 2422
                  A/H (03) 693 8994                             LeARninG
      Proud to be locally owned and operated.                   hoRSe rider education. Any age standard. holiday camps.
                                                                Your horse or mine. Reasonable rates. experienced certified
                                                                coach. Nancy phone 693 7064 or 027 4904522.
foR SALe
fAShion jewellery. Necklaces and earrings. Reduced to           uPCominG eVentS
clear at Geraldine pharmacy.                                    GeRALdine hiGh SChooL netBALL, AGm, Wednesday 28
BmW 520i, 1989, 5-speed. All options, WOF licence. Great        September, 7.30pm, The Gallery, Crown heritage hotel.
all-round condition, $1100 ono. ph 693 7013.                    fAStWAY Couriers. Send a shoebox-sized parcel up to 2kg
houSehoLd items - piano, pool table, drawers, oak               anywhere in NZ for just $12. Satchels available at competitive
sideboard, lounge suite, desks and many more items. ph          pricing at hammer hardware. ph 693 7312.
693 9303.                                                       geraldine news deadline, noon on mondays at hammer
PAint. We can tint most other paint company colours at          hardware.
hammer hardware ph 693 7312.
8                                                                                                                                 The GeRALDINe NeWS, ThURSDAY 22 SepTembeR 2011

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