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					                                                Aston Bodyworks I
                                   Introduction to the Aston Spiraling Technique I
The goal of the Aston Paradigm is to assist the individual in reclaiming his or her own natural structure. It combines bodywork, movement
education, ergonomic and fitness training. The bodywork aspect of Aston-Patterning includes three forms: Aston massage, myo-kinetics and
arthro-kinetics. Aston massage, or Aston Spiraling Technique, is designed around a three-dimensional, non-compressive touch that helps to
quickly release functional holding patterns (i.e., patterns of tension that are maintained by the nervous system) and begins to address the
structural holding patterns that have created physiological change in fascia.

The Spiraling Technique is a painless hands-on approach, which respects and matches the layer, shape and grain of soft tissue. It allows you
to work from the surface layers through to include the bone with ease. Attention is placed on keeping the whole body in balance as localized
tension is released.

In this course, you will:
      1. Increase your ability to read the alignment/stress patterns in your clients’ bodies.
      2. Improve the quality of your touch.
      3. Learn the basics of Aston Spiraling Technique for unwinding unnecessary holding.
      4. Learn how to be “easier” in your body while you do bodywork through improved body mechanics.
      5. Practice skills with student and client sessions.

This course is open to all health professionals or enrolled students in a body-touch field (i.e. massage therapist, physical therapist,
chiropractor, etc.) according to the professional's own State's Practice Acts & Laws. This class is a prerequisite for the Aston-Patterning and
Aston Kinetics Certification Programs. See the website for more details about the Certification program.

Class Dates and Times: Aug 29 - Sep 1, 2009; Sat-Mon 10:00 am - 6:00 pm each day; Tues 9:00 am – 4:0pm: 1.25 hour lunch each day
Maximum Class Size: 40 students Day 1 and 34 students Days 2-4
Student to Teacher Ratio: Day 1 Movement Lab - 15:1 Day 2-4 Lecture - 34:1 and hands on practice – 14:1 (7 on tables, 7 practicing)
Location: Museum of Flight, NW Aero Club Room; 9404 E Marginal Way S; Seattle, WA 98108
Cost: $610 if registered by 8/7/09; $670 if registered after 8/7/09; the class fee contains a $60 registration fee
Cost/Hour: $23.46/hr if registered by 8/7/09; $25.77/hr if registered after 8/7/09
Hours: 26 hours

Instructor Biography: As a young dancer, Judith Aston was intrigued by the potential of the human body in motion. From 1963-1971, she
created movement education programs for a community college, theater groups, dancers and athletes. In 1968, Dr. Ida Rolf asked Judith
Aston to create the very first movement education program for the Rolfing foundation, where she taught her movement education curriculum
until 1977. One of Judith’s first contributions to the Rolf organization, was seeing the need and creating the first course in 1971 to train
professionals “to see” body patterns. In fact, it is Judith Aston's acute ability to "see" the body in stillness and motion and to train others to see,
that enabled her to establish her own discipline of bodywork, movement coaching, ergonomics and fitness called Aston-Patterning in 1977.
Judith Aston divides her time between presenting and teaching bodywork, fitness, performance, and movement workshops. She leads many
Aston Kinetics training and certification courses as well as speaking at professional conferences. Judith has designed a series of ergonomic
products and has written several books.

Assistant Instructor Biography: Laura Servid started working with Judith Aston in 1988. With 30 years experience in Occupational Therapy,
Laura brings a broad spectrum of knowledge including neurological, biomechanical, structural, energetic and spiritual studies to her teaching.
She has been a member of the Aston faculty since 1999, has published a number of articles about Aston-Patterning® and presented a
session on Aston Movement at the 2nd Annual IASI conference in 2007. Laura has had a private practice in Seattle for the past ten years.

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                                   REGISTRATION FORM
Name:______________________________________________                                 Date:________________________________
City:___________________________________________                          State:___________            Zip:____________________
Phone:_________________________________________                           Email:______________________________________
Profession Licensed in:_______________________________(if you are a student, indicate the name of your school)

         Class #                              Name of Class                               Class Dates                    Class Fee
         0111305                             Aston Bodyworks I                         Aug 29 – Sep 1, 2009

Registering and Payment for Class
    Online: Go to “Courses” on the website and register--an email will be sent upon registration
        confirming payment. Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card. Print out the Registration Form from
        the class detail page and mail or fax in the completed contract.
    Phone: Call 206.853.6875 to register to pay with Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card. Go to the website and open the class detail page for the class and print out the Registration Form and mail or fax the
        completed contract. A confirmation of payment and terms will be mailed or emailed.
    Mail: Go to the website and open the class detail page. Fill out the Registration Form and mail it
        with a check. Please make the check out to “Therapeutic Training Center”. A confirmation of payment and terms will be

Completed registration forms and checks can be mailed to: Therapeutic Training Center, PO Box 66864, Seattle, WA 98166; or,
completed registration forms may be faxed to: 206.243.5185. Registration is not complete until the contract is received.

Should registration and payment be received after a class is filled, the participant will be notified of the filled class and will be sent a
100% refund within 14 days of the class being filled.

Cancellation and Refund Policy (for classes longer than three days or serial in nature)
    Cancellation of Class: If the Center cancels a class for any reason, participants will be sent a 100% refund within 14 days
        of the class being cancelled.
    Cancellation Within Five Day of Registration: In the event that a participant cancels within five days of registering, the
        participant will be sent a 100% refund within 14 days of receipt of written notice.
    Cancellation after Five Business Days of Application but Prior to the First Day of Class: The school will retain the
        established registration fee for that class and the applicant will be sent a refund for the balance within 14 days of receipt of
        written notice of the cancellation.
    Participant No Show or Expulsion:
             -    In the event that a participant does not show to the first day of class, the Center will retain the registration fee
                  and refund the balance of any class fee monies paid.
             -    In the event that a participant attends the first day of class, but does not return to class, the Center will retain the
                  registration fee and 50% of the class fee.
             -    In the event that a participant attends the first two days or more of class, but does not complete the class, the
                  Center will retain the registration fee and 100% of the class fee.

Any expenses incurred by the participant from charges that involve travel, accommodations or other expenses related to attending
a class sponsored by the Center are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Satisfactory Progress
Students are required to maintain satisfactory progress in order to remain enrolled in the class. Students who do not maintain
satisfactory progress may be expelled and the cancellation and refund policies listed will apply. Satisfactory Progress Standards

        Attendance: due to the compactness of class, students may only be absent from class with permission in advance from
         the instructor.
        Participation: actively participating in class activities.

Re-enrollment Policy
Students who wish to re-enroll, must completely retake the class.

    Therapeutic Training Center, Inc. I PO Box 66864 I Seattle, WA 98166 I 206-853-6875 I I 2 of 4
General Classroom Rules
    Students are expected to behave and work in a safe and non-disruptive manner while in class. Students who act
        disruptively or appear to be behaving unsafely may be expelled from class and the cancellation and refund policies listed
        in the contract will apply.
    Beverages must be in a sealable plastic container.
    Children may not be brought to class.
    Audio and/or video taping is not permitted without prior approval by the instructor.

Limitations on Liability
The Therapeutic Training Center (TTCI) is not responsible for any loss or damage to participant personal property. While
participants are on TTCI premises or at any contracted facility of TTCI, TTCI is not responsible for any personal injury, loss or
damage to property suffered by participants. Participants are responsible for maintaining their own professional liability insurance.

Inclement Weather
Should weather conditions be severe or an unforeseen emergency exist, the Center may cancel or delay the start of class. Please
call 206.853.6875 for a recorded message in the event of severe weather conditions.

First Day of Class
Please show up 10-15 minutes early to sign in and get acclimated with the classroom and facilities. Participants who are 20
minutes or more late, may not be admitted to class. Sign up confirmations will indicate items that need to be brought to class.
Please double check these items before leaving for class.

Verification of Continuing Education Credit
The Center will maintain class records for five years and transcripts for 50 years. Upon completion of a class, each student is
provided with a certificate of completion. If this becomes lost and proof of credit is required, a written request for verification is
needed--there is a $10 processing fee. A written request may be made by mail, fax or email. Please provide: student name
(current and name at the time the class was taken), course title, name of instructor, date of class and address the verification is to
be sent to.

Agreement is Binding and Changes in the Agreement
This agreement will be binding only when it has been fully completed, signed, and dated by the student and an authorized
representative of the school prior to the time instruction begins. Any changes in the agreement will not be binding on either the
student or the school unless such changes are acknowledged in writing by an authorized representative of the school and by the

Effective Date of Acceptance
I certify that I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy and the complaint procedure; I have received a copy of
the class brochure; and I am entitled to an exact copy of this Enrollment Agreement, class brochure, and any other papers I sign. I
hereby agree to abide by the conditions set forth herein.

I accept these terms and conditions and have fully read the class description:

__________________________________________                              ___________________________________________
Student Signature                                                       Date

As the authorized representative of the school, I hereby agree to the conditions set forth herein:

Authorized School Printed Name

__________________________________________                              ___________________________________________
Authorized School Signature                                             Date

The Therapeutic Training Center’s sole shareholder is Robbin Blake.

The Therapeutic Training Center is licensed under Chapter 28C.10. Inquiries or complaints regarding this or any other private
career school may be made to the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, 128 10th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98504-
3105, (360)-753-5662.

    Therapeutic Training Center, Inc. I PO Box 66864 I Seattle, WA 98166 I 206-853-6875 I I 3 of 4
                                   Therapeutic Training Center, Inc.

Washington law requires the following information to be supplied to each student enrolling in a private vocational
school licensed under RCW 28C.10. One copy of this notice bearing original signatures must be attached by the
school as an addenda to that individual’s enrollment agreement and a copy must be provided to the enrollee by the


1.     I understand and accept that any contract for              Prior to being enrolled in this school, the applicant
training I enter into with the above named school                 whose name and signature appears below has been
contains      legally  binding    obligations   and               made aware of the legal obligations he/she takes on
responsibilities.                                                 by entering into a contract for training.        Those
                                                                  discussions included cautions by the school about
2.    I understand and accept that repayment                      acquiring an excessive debt burden that might become
obligations will be placed upon me by any loans or                difficult to repay given employment opportunities and
other financing arrangements I enter into as a means              average starting salaries in his/her chosen occupation.
to pay for my training.

3.    I understand that any enrollment contract I enter           Signed:
into will not be binding or take effect for at least five         ___________________________________________
days, excluding Sundays and holidays, following the
last date such a contract is signed by the school and             Title:
myself, provided that I have not entered classes                  ___________________________________________
                                                                  Dated this ____ day of __________________, 19____

Name (Please print)


Signed: ____________________________________

Dated this ____ day of __________________, 19____

    Therapeutic Training Center, Inc. I PO Box 66864 I Seattle, WA 98166 I 206-853-6875 I I 4 of 4

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