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					                           Worthing Homes, Davison House, North Street, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1ER
                      T: 01903 703 100 E:

Antonia Jeffers Customer
Profiling Co-ordinator
                                                                                                            Spring 2012

with Mr Baker of
Clarendon Road

                                                                                2    Walkabouts in 2012

                                                                                3    Walkabout update
                                                                                4    Digital switchover
                                                                                5    Development news
                                                                                5    RedAssure customer information
                                                                                6    Greenspace news
  I am pleased to announce that Mr Baker of Clarendon Road
                                                                                7    Handyman service
  won the luxury Christmas hamper. I have had a great response                  7    Out of hours repair service
  from residents returning the forms to me and I would like to                  8    Spotlight on the Resource Centre
  personally thank you all.                                                     9    Residents Panel
                                                                                9    Tendering Panel – seeks members
  I would encourage those of you who haven’t returned the form to do so         9    Resident representative
  before 27 April for the next prize draw to win £25 of High Street vouchers,   10   Community section
  as you can see it’s definitely worth returning your form and entering this    11   Supported housing news
  draw, you never know, you could be a winner like Mr Baker. After all, you     11   Wordsearch
  have to be in it to win it!                                                   12   Dealing with debt
  If you have any queries or need support filling in the form or need           12   Money matters prize draw
  another form please either go to the Community House at 25 Dominion           13   Walking into history
  Road, Davison House, North Street or ring Antonia on 01903 703 194 or         14   Community House update
  email her                                      14   Staff news
                                                                                                        ISSUE OUT
                                                                                                          END OF
                                                                                                         JUNE 2012
  HOMENEWS                                                                                                              1
Walk and Talk in 2012
As a resident, you know the area you live in                                    AUGUST
better than anyone. The neighbourhood walk                2nd Ringmer Rd, Radnor Rd/Cls, Harefield Ave,
and talk is an ideal opportunity to talk to                    Chippers Cl/Rd, Castle Rd, Upton Gardens.
other people who are interested in the area                    Meet at: Chippers Close car park
and share ideas for improvements.                         16th Cavendish Close, the Quadrant, St Richard’s
Worthing Homes staff walk the area with residents              Close, Keystone Close, Lavinia Crt.
and others including the police community support              Meet at: Maybridge Community Church
officer, local councillors and council officers to take   30th Mendip Road, Cotswold Road, Chiltern Cr,
a good look at what is happening.                              Cheviot Rd. Meet at: Chiltern Crescent play area
Walk and Talk for the rest of 2012 are:                                       SEPTEMBER
                         APRIL                            6th  Dominion Road, Ruskin Rd, Thackeray Road,
5th  Dominion Road, Ruskin Rd, Thackeray Road,                 Kingsley Cl, Meredith Road.
     Kingsley Cl, Meredith Road.                               Meet at: Community House
     Meet at: Community House                             20th Westbrook Way, Southwick.
19th Westbrook Way, Southwick.                                 Meet at: Parking area next to 15 Westbrook Way
     Meet at: Parking area next to 15 Westbrook Way
                          MAY                             4th  Maybridge Sq/Cr, Limbrick Lane/Cl, Alexandra
3rd  Maybridge Sq/Cr, Limbrick Lane/Cl, Alexandra              Crt, Bridge Cl, May Cl, Melville Way, The Avenue,
     Crt, Bridge Cl, May Cl, Melville Way, The Avenue,         Anson Crt. Meet at: Grassed area in middle of
     Anson Court. Meet at: Grassed area in middle of           Maybridge Square bungalows
     Maybridge Square bungalows                           18th The Tynes & Hildon Cl/Park.
17th The Tynes and Hildon Cl/Park. Meet at: Grassed            Meet at: Grassed area in front of 1-4 Alston Way
     area in front of 1-4 Alston Way
31st Queen Street, Cortis Ave, Carnegie Rd/Cl, South                          NOVEMBER
     Farm Rd, Loder Gdns. Meet at: Grassed area by        1st  Queen Street, Cortis Ave, Carnegie Rd/Cl,
     90 Queen Street                                           South Farm Rd, Loder Gdns.
                                                               Meet at: Grassed area by 90 Queen Street
                                                          15th Meadow Rd/Cr, Strudwick House.
14th Meadow Rd/Cr, Strudwick House.
                                                               Meet at: East corner of Meadow Road/Crs
       Meet at: East corner of Meadow Road/Crs
21st   Collingwood Rd/Cl, Raleigh Way, Anson Road,        29th Collingwood Rd/Cl, Raleigh Way, Anson Road,
       Grenville Ave/Cl, Nelson Rd.                            Grenville Ave/Cl, Nelson Rd. Meet at: Keystone
       Meet at: Keystone Club                                  Club

                          JULY                                                 DECEMBER
5th  Winterbourne Way/Cl/Crt, Summerdown Cl/              13th Winterbourne Way/Cl/Crt, Summerdown Cl/
     Crt, Jevington Cl/Crt, Ashburnum Cl, Penhurst               Crt, Jevington Cl/Crt, Ashburnum Cl, Penhurst
     Crt, Larch & Laburnum Lodge, Walnut Tree Way,               Crt, Larch & Laburnum Lodge, Walnut Tree
     Orkney/Lewis/Shetland/Eriskay Crt. Meet at:                 Way, Orkney/Lewis/Shetland/Eriskay Crt.
     Garage site/car park at rear of Orkney Court                Meet at: Garage site/car park at rear of Orkney
12th Angola Road, William Morris Court, Sackville                Court
     Close/Cres, King Edward Ave, Warner Road.
     Meet at: Community House                                  If you have any questions or would like
26th Barrington Rd/Cl, Montrose Cl/Crt, Frampton                to know more about the walk and talk
     Crt, Littlemead, Melbourne Ave/Rd/Way,                   in your area, please contact the resident
     Mulberry Lane, Palmerston Ave, The Terrace,            involvement team on 01903 703 177 or email
     Marlborough Rd. Meet at: Grassed area in middle
     of Palmerston Avenue bungalows
2                                                                                                   HOMENEWS
Please see below some of the findings, which we have addressed, from the recent walk and talks:

              8 DECEMBER 2011                                        12 JANUARY 2012
     covered the Winterbourne Way area:                  covered Angola Road, William Morris Court,
                                                           Sackville Close/Cres, King Edward Ave,
 General:                                                               Warner Road
 Eriskay Court – weeds covering car park, drain cover
 has sunk and is collecting water                        General:
 Lewis Court – Damaged pavement and fencing fly          Warner Road – bike parts in communal garden, bikes
 tipped, graffiti on door                                under stairs, rubbish dumped in bin area

 Shetland Court – small drain loose and needs re-        Angola Road – Overflow pipe dripping badly,
 securing                                                rubbish on balcony, bikes and buggy under stairs

 Orkney Court – fence panels missing to garden,          William Morris Court – hinges on fire doors need
 damage to drain pipe, old cooker left by front door,    replacing, bin store door does not close
 tent in front garden, sunken drain cover, damaged       Sackville Road – untaxed vehicle
                                                         King Edward Avenue – bikes and buggy under stairs
 Winterbourne Close – sign missing, untaxed van
 parked outside garage
 Various locations – 3 untaxed cars
 Laburnham Lodge – bikes under stairs, high chair
                                                                     26 JANUARY 2012
 and mattress to be removed, rubbish in bushes           covered Barrington Rd/Cl, Montrose Cl/Crt,
 Larch Lodge – bikes under stairs, communal door
                                                          Frampton Crt, Littlemead, Melbourne Ave/
 squeaking, mop and sponge outside door                    Rd/Way, Mulberry Lane, Palmerston Ave,
                                                                The Terrace, Marlborough Rd
 Jevington Close – front garden needs tidying,
 balcony door wedged open                                General:
                                                         Montrose Close/Court garages – tarmac needs
 Summerdown Court – gutters need cleaning, litter
                                                         resurfacing and hedges cutting back, ivy obscuring
 pick needed, flickering light, ladder tied to outside
                                                         car park, parking problems – too many cars, not
 of block, rubbish outside front door
                                                         enough spaces
 Penhurst, Larch, Laburnum and Summerdown –
                                                         Frampton Court garden – leaves need clearing,
 poor cleaning of communal areas
                                                         items left in bin store area

NEXT WALK AND TALK: will be at 2pm on                    Footpath leading to Littlemead was uneven
Thursday 5 April and will cover Dominion                 Palmerston Avenue – footbaths need renewing and
Road, Ruskin Rd, Thackeray Road, Kingsley                communal gate oiling
Cl, Meredith Road. We will meet at the                   It was nice to see pride being taken in block
Community House.                                         1-4 Jevington Court recently. A special thank you
Walk and talk dates and areas covered                    goes to the resident who cleans the communal
                                                         areas which we noticed were very clean.
feature on our Facebook page                             Thank you.
HOMENEWS                                                                                                      3
Switchover Help Scheme provides practical                • Easy-to-use-equipment.
support for those who need it most until                 • All installers are approved and no one
27 July 2012                                               will call without an appointment.
Older and disabled people struggling with switchover     • A free 12 month aftercare line is
in the Meridian area are being reminded this week that     provided which offers help with retuning.
they can still get help with switching to digital TV.
By the time switchover is complete, the BBC-run           People are eligible for help if:
Switchover Help Scheme will have written to one           • Aged 75 or over, or
million eligible people in the Meridian TV region to
                                                          • Have lived in a care home for six months or more, or
offer everything needed to switch one TV set to
digital.                                                  • Get (or could get):
The Switchover Help Scheme is open for applications         – Disability Living Allowance (DLA), or
until 27 July. Tens of thousands of older and disabled      – Attendance or Constant Attendance Allowance, or
people in the Meridian area have already benefitted         – Mobility supplement, or
from the Help Scheme.                                     • Are registered blind or partially sighted
The Switchover Help Scheme has been especially
designed around the needs of older and disabled          Most people will be asked to pay £40 towards the
people and can make switching to digital TV easier for   standard option of help. For eligible people who are
them. If someone is eligible for help, the Help Scheme   also on pension credit, income support, income-based
will have already written to them at their home          jobseeker’s allowance or income-related employment
address. But did you know:                               and support allowance, it’s FREE.
• People can still take up the offer of help now even    All eligible people in the Meridian region can also
  if they contacted the Help Scheme to opt out           choose from other digital options, including freesat,
  earlier this year.                                     some of which cost extra.
• The Help Scheme can convert a second TV set in
  your home even if you already have digital on your       Eligible people need to respond to get the help.
  main TV set.                                                To make it easier to get help by switchover
                                                            we are urging people to call the Help Scheme
• The Help Scheme will set up and install everything
  you need to make the switch to digital.                        FREE on   0800 4087 654
4                                                                                                       HOMENEWS

Bognor Regis
This development is a scheme
of approximately 700 properties
being built by Barratts David Wilson
just outside Felpham village. By July
2012 Worthing Homes will be the proud                            The affordable rent* properties will be let through
owners of 139 of these new homes which                           the Homemove Choice Based Lettings Scheme. If
                                                                 you would like to apply please ring Arun District
include a mix of houses and flats at affordable
                                                                 Council on 01903 737 500 and not Worthing Homes.
and intermediate rents.
                                                                 If you are interested in an **intermediate rented
These homes are being handed over in phases and
                                                                 property please ring Jo Calder, Sales and Leasehold
we’re now nearing the half-way stage, having taken
                                                                 Adviser on 01903 703 130.
possession of 87 properties as at the end of January.
The scheme will include a small amount of retail units,          *Open to those in need of social housing.
sports and play areas.                                           **Open to all applicants at 20% below market rent.


It is important that you regularly test

your red button. This prolongs the                                                                       Red Assure gives me
life of your pendant and also keeps                                                                                          “
                                                                                                         confidence and my son peace
you familiar with what happens when                                                                      of mind as he worries about
you press the button. You should be                                                                      me living alone.
testing your button every 2-3 weeks
to keep it in optimum condition.
All you need to do is press your red button
and wait for the call to be answered. When                                                         P
                                                                                                   Peace of mind at
the call centre answer, just tell them you are
making a test call and they will confirm your                                                      the touch of a button...
name and address then close the call for you.             RedAssure is a complete local support    Other services include:
                                                          service which gives you and your         •   Smoke detectors
                               It’s as simple             family peace of mind, a simple press     •   Fall detectors
                                                          on the red button connects to your
                                      as that!            phone line for direct access to help,
                                                                                                       Epilepsy sensors
                                                                                                       Bed Sensor
                                                          24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                                                          For more information about all our services call now to
                                                          speak to one of our friendly team:

                                                          Tel: 01903 703 103

HOMENEWS                                                                                                                               5
                    GREENSPACE NEWS
Greenspace is the name given to the
grounds maintenance service operated
by Worthing Homes. We carry out the
gardening to the communal gardens around
blocks of flats and maintain the open
spaces owned by Worthing Homes.
We employ trained and qualified staff, wearing
readily identifiable uniforms, to carry out work in
a safe and professional manner. What we do is
affected by the weather and its effects on plant
growth, but we aim to:                                       Left to right: Stefan Morley, Zoe Spicer, Rob Irons, Glen Mitchell,
Cut the grass 16 times a year between March and              Max Gorringe and Taran May
November. This usually means that the grass will be
cut twice a month during the summer, but only once a           ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
month during Spring and Autumn. On smaller sites the          The following information details some of the
grass clippings will be removed and sent for recycling        preventative and enforcement action that has been
into compost.                                                 taken place between October and December 2012.
Maintain the borders, through regular removal of litter       99 cases were dealt with in the last three months;
and weeds during the summer months. Followed by an            49 were ‘new’ cases reported.
annual winter tidy-up and pruning regime during the           The new cases fell into the following categories:
winter months.
                                                              3 domestic violence and abuse
Cut the hedges in communal areas once a year during           4 drugs                    4 harassment
July and August except where it is necessary to cut the       2 intimidation             7 multiple causes
hedges more frequently to maintain access routes. The
                                                              24 noise                   3 nuisance from vehicles
sides of hedges on adjacent properties will be trimmed
                                                              2 pets and animals
to prevent encroachment onto open spaces and
alleyways owned by Worthing Homes.                            8 cases were given advice only. 3 cases were served
                                                              with a notice of seeking possession. 7 cases were
Maintain and inspect children’s playgrounds on a
                                                              closed during this period as they were resolved or
regular basis, carrying out repairs when necessary.
                                                              inactive. 1 case resulted in other legal action. 2 cases
Maintain trees in communal areas. Trees will be               were referred to another support service and 28
inspected at least every five years and works are             cases are under investigation.
carried out to keep the trees in a safe and healthy
condition. Any requests to have trees pruned are              5 feedback forms were returned following case
assessed so that a balance is struck between the              closure. 4 felt the level of service received was
environment, planning restrictions and the needs of           good and 1 felt it was fair; 2 reported the action
individual residents. Priority will be given to health and    taken stopped the problem completely and 3
safety considerations or potential damage to property.        reported the action taken reduced the problem.
Inspect trees in individual properties. Trees within          For more information about anti-social behaviour
individual properties are the responsibility of the           go to our website:
resident to maintain. However Greenspace will offer           or contact your neighbourhood housing officer or
a free safety inspection service and where there              support coordinator, alternatively you can pick
are dangerous trees may be able to assist with any            up a leaflet from our office.
subsequent work.
Hard surfaces –We will control weeds on hard
surfaces at least once a year through the use of
‘environmentally safe’ herbicides.

6                                                                                                                HOMENEWS
Did you know we have a
Have you got some odd jobs that need doing?                 Handyman work can be carried out for a fixed price,
Try our accredited handyman service. It’s                   agreed before the works start or for a charge of £20
excellent value for money and carried out                   for up to an hour (including VAT).
by a trustworthy, skilled and local team of                 Much can be achieved in one hour! You could
contractors.                                                have two curtain poles put up, plus fixing all those
                                                            bathroom accessories such as cabinet, toilet roll
Although Worthing Homes is responsible for
                                                            holder, mirror and towel rail!
maintaining the structure of your home, there will
be odd jobs that you need done which aren’t our
                                                               For more information please call P H Beck on
responsibility and this is where our handyman service
                                                              01273 262 720. Remember to tell them you are
can help.
                                                                      a Worthing Homes’ customer.
Typical handyman jobs could be assembling furniture,         The handyman work should be agreed between you
putting up shelves, cleaning a patio or clearing up           and PH Beck, and payment made direct to them.
garden rubbish.

                                                            our on-line repairs reporting facility available on the

                                                            Worthing Homes website
                                                            uk or you can e-mail us at Maintenance@worthing-


                                                            The need for an emergency repair won’t always

                                                            happen when our offices are open so Worthing

                                                            Homes provide a repair service 365 days a year, 24

                                                            hours a day. The out of hours service is only for
                                                            emergencies that may affect your health and safety
                                                            or cause serious damage to your home such as major
                                                            leaks, blocked main drains and serious electrical faults.
                                                            You can access this service by calling us on 01903 703
Worthing Homes aim to carry out repairs to
                                                            101 or 01903 703 100 at any time between 5pm and
your home quickly and efficiently. It is your               8:30am Monday to Friday, or at weekends and on bank
responsibility to report any repair that we                 holidays.
are responsible for as quickly as possible, and             It is important to note that Worthing Homes is not
to provide us with as much information as                   responsible for changing the lock on the door to
possible when you report a repair. You can                  your home, unless the lock is faulty. So if you lose
find information about what repairs you are                 your keys or lock yourself out you would need to
responsible for in your residents’ handbook or              make your own arrangements to gain access to your
                                                            home by employing your own locksmith. Details of
on our website
                                                            local locksmiths can be found in directories such as
your-home/                                                  Thomson Local and Yellow Pages, both of which are
You can report repairs to us by various means including     also accessible on line.
calling us on our dedicated general repairs helpline
number 01903 703 101 or by visiting our offices at          Should you have any questions relating to repairs,
Davison House Monday to Friday between 9-5pm.                which may include communal or shared areas for
                                                            which Worthing Homes are responsible, please call
You may also report non-emergency repairs by writing
                                                            our general repairs helpline on 01903 703 101 where
to us at our Davison House address (full address on
                                                                   the team will be happy to help you.
page 16). If you have access to the internet, you can use
HOMENEWS                                                                                                              7

    Davison Hous         g
    North Street, Worthin
                own Hall
    (opposite the
    in Chapel Road, Wo
The Resource Centre is located in the
Worthing town and is a hub of activity,
providing a place where people can meet,
learn new skills, socialise and gain information.
The Resource Centre is all on ground level and             Success stories
is accessible for wheel chair users.                       A           h              d            h
                                                           At present there are 45 students using this service.
The resource centre is available for hire and is           Two of the drop-in students have found paid
                                                           employment and one of the volunteers who helps out
used by organisations and community groups.
                                                           has also found employment*.
There are a number of different classes which
take place at the centre:                                  One student now keeps in contact with her friends in
                                                           Canada and has booked her flights to Canada over the
                                                           internet for her holiday this year and another student
                                                           wrote her first newsletter to friends and family last
                                                           * You will receive certificates for all learning undertaken.

                                                           Other groups hiring
                                                           the Resource Centre
                                                           Adult and Community Learning – various times during
                                                           the week. Providing English, Maths and ESOL classes
                                                           (English for speakers of other languages). If you are
                                                           interested in any classes please contact Adult and
IT drop-in, every Wednesday 10-3pm                         Community Learning directly on 01903 703 565.
So much is being achieved at the popular drop-ins.
A booking system is in place for training and help.        Do you need a meeting space
Worthing Homes residents and the wider community           to hire at reasonable rates?
can come and learn in small groups with Amber the          There are two separate rooms for hire at the Resource
tutor, or receive help from two volunteer tutors. If you   Centre. For more information please ring resident
just want to come in and use the internet then that’s      involvement on 01903 703 177, look at our website
fine too. If you are interested in learning in the first
instance please come along and speak to Amber or           in-the-community/training-and-resource-centre/
Guy between 10-3pm any Wednesday.                          or e-mail:
8                                                                                                       HOMENEWS
                                                             Tendering Panel – seeks members
                                                             Do you have some spare time? Would you
                                                             like to have a say in who Worthing Homes
                                                             awards contracts to? For example the
                                                             gas contract, the bathroom and kitchen
                                                             refurbishment contract or the electrical
RESIDENTS PANEL                                              contract? If so then the Tendering Panel
                                                             is an excellent opportunity for you to
The Residents’ Panel is a voluntary group of                 influence the services received by residents.
residents, leaseholders, licensees and other                 Support throughout the meetings will be offered
Worthing Homes customers who meet every                      by the resident involvement co-ordinator and
three months. The work of the group focuses                  asset team. Training will also be given. Reasonable
on regular consultation and their contribution               expenses for transport, carer costs and childcare will
is sought on Worthing Homes’ policy                          be reimbursed as we do not want any resident to be
development and community development                        out of pocket for volunteering.
and is the springboard onto the Board as a                   For more information ring resident involvement
tenant director.                                             on 01903 703 177 or e-mail residentinvolvement@
The Residents’ Panel is a key feature of Worthing Homes
Resident Involvement Strategy. It’s aims are:

• to explore and challenge issues that cut across the
  neighbourhoods in which we work;
• to represent the diversity of Worthing Homes
  community by encouraging participation from socially
  excluded groups;
                                                             Do you have an interest in the area where you
• to explore and advise on examples of best practice         live? Would you like to work more closely with
  in service delivery and social issues where housing        Worthing Homes? Then why not become a
  impacts on residents’ communities;                         resident representative for your area? As a resident
• to develop a pool of trained resident experts, who         representative you will act as a link between the
  are willing and capable to be consulted on Worthing        residents and leaseholders in your area and Worthing
  Homes policies, and who may later seek a directorship      Homes. You can help us to ensure we are delivering
  on Worthing Homes board.                                   excellent standards to our customers by:
Resident Panel Members will be invited to attend             • Identifying any problems or issues and letting us
workshops, seminars, training, events and visits as well       know about them
as participating in other opportunities. This will provide   • Monitoring and providing feedback on the
members with an understanding of issues in housing             performance of our contractors
management and community development and also                • Helping us to consult with residents on any
experience of what works best for customers.                   proposed changes or improvements to your area
The hours are irregular and may involve occasional           • Keeping communal notice boards up to date
daytime, evening and weekend sessions.                         (where applicable)
All members of the panel are given support by the            We will reimburse you for any reasonable out of
resident involvement team and training is given. We          pocket expenses and we will provide you with training
would not want you to be out of pocket for getting           opportunities and our full support.
involved so we reimburse all reasonable travel, childcare    If you would like to become
and carer’s costs.                                           a resident representative for
                                                             your area or you would like
    If you would like to see what we get up to at
                                                             to find out more please
  these meetings any resident is welcome. The next
                                                             contact Nikki Dunford
   meeting is on 24 April at 6pm at Davison House.
                                                             on 01903 703 132 or
     If you would like to come along please ring
                                                             email ndunford@
             Ruth Crack on 01903 703 177.
HOMENEWS                                                                                                              9
                                                              What’s going on at the
                                                             PHOENIX YOUTH CLUB
                                                             10am-12pm BABY AND TODDLER STAY AND PLAY
                                                             £2 first child and £1 for additional children,
                                                             adults free and tea and coffee free, we also
                                                             provide a snack of toast and fruit for the children.
Have you ever                                                6pm-7pm PHOENIX FOOTBALL TRAINING
wanted to learn                                              WITH BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION COACH
face painting?                                               £2 each or 50p if attending 12-16 club after.
                                                             7-9pm 12-16YRS DROP IN YOUTH CLUB
Are you between                                              £2 each and £5 yearly membership fee.
18-25 years old and a                                        WEDNESDAYS
Worthing Homes Resident?                                     5.30-6.30pm PHOENIX DRAGONFLIES DANCE
                                                             FOR 4-8s £2.50 each
Do you have a child/children                                 6.45-8.14pm DANCE FOR 9-16s £2 each.
that you could bring along?                                  THURSDAYS
                                                             4.30-5.40pm DROP IN YOUTH CLUB FOR 4-7s
            Well now is your chance to learn the
                                                             £1.50 each and £5 yearly membership.
            basics of face painting at a FREE 2 hour
            workshop in the Resource Centre on               6-8pm DROP IN YOUTH GROUP FOR 7-12s
            Saturday 28 April from 2-4pm. You will           £1.50 each and £5 yearly membership.
             learn 4 basic faces and good working              Off site trips, activities and residentials provided
             practices. It’s all very easy and rewarding.       during the holidays at heavily subsidised prices.
For more i f
          information please ring                             For more information ring Laura Scott on 0788 9855
Ruth in Resident Involvement on 01903 703 177 or                573 or e-mail her at
e-mail – If you are              Phoenix Project, Roman Road, Worthing, West Sussex,
interested please let me know by Wednesday 18 April.                                BN13 3ED

                                VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
 Do you have some spare time on your hands?                 the variety of activities on offer from circus skills to
 Would you like the opportunity to work with                zumba dancing and to visit the numerous stalls set up
                                                            in the park.
 a group of people to help set up this year’s
                                                            This year they are also planning a Dog Show to take
 Picnic in the Park event in Tarring. The event
                                                            place on a different day so if you would like to help
 is organised by Worthing Councillor Nora                   shape this year’s events in Tarring and help out on
 Fisher and a team of volunteers.                           the day, then please contact Nikki Dunford, Resident
 The event attracted hundreds of people last year and       Involvement Coordinator on 01903 703 132 or email
 was a huge success. Those who came along enjoyed 

10                                                                                                      HOMENEWS
Articles should be sent to Ruth Crack at the address on page 16 or e-mail Please let Ruth have your articles for the
summer magazine by 14th May 2012. The community pages are for you to tell
other residents about any gardening, money, or energy saving tips, share a
favourite recipe, advertise a community or fundraising event.

 My involvement with
by Carol Gatford, Resident of Anson Court                   I had done for years. I
                                                            went on from mystery
I was on a train going to see Loose Women                   shopping to do surveys
being recorded in London, with the local                    with residents, firstly
multiple sclerosis group when my mobile                     in the foyer of Davison House,
rang. When I answered it I found it was                     catching poor unsuspecting callers at reception with
                                                            a cheery “Hello I’m Carol, would you mind spending
someone from Worthing Homes. My first
                                                            a few minutes with me to do a survey” and then in
thought was that I had done something wrong                 the offices ringing tenants up with the same cheery
as I had only been a resident for a short time.             words, and I really enjoyed talking to people who
I was soon reassured that nothing was wrong,                would take time out of their day.
in fact quite the opposite as the person at the             By this point in time my confidence had improved so
other end informed me I had won £250 in a                   much and I also enjoyed meeting the other residents
draw! What draw I though? I couldn’t recall                 at various functions put on by Worthing Homes so
entering anything?                                          when I received a letter about a Residents’ Scrutiny
                                                            Committee and training, I decided to give it a go,
I was told that I had won the money because I had
                                                            and to my surprise found I was very interested in this
paid my rent and hadn’t any arrears (this is an incentive   new venture and decided to join the shadow scrutiny
Worthing Homes offer every year to encourage                committee. The first thing we looked at was the
tenants to keep their rent account in credit – see          welcome pack that Worthing Homes gives to new
article on page 13). I shrieked with delight and said it    residents. I’m not going to lie, as when we looked at
would come in very handy as I needed to buy a new           other housing associations welcome packs, I felt that
four wheeled walker with a seat, as I am disabled and       ours needed a lot more attention to it!
need to rest when walking.
                                                            Some of us went to London for a meeting with other
Sue Brown from resident involvement contacted               Council’s and housing associations to learn about
me to arrange a date to give me the cheque and              empowerment, and how other resident scrutiny
take a photograph for the newsletter. So after the          panels were shaping up. We all realised it may take
photographs had been taken Sue just happened to             a while to achieve, the knowledge to change things
remark about resident involvement and how she               for the better but in the meantime, certainly for
thought I would be just the person to get involved          myself, I am going to enjoy all the courses and training
with mystery shopping at Worthing Homes. I actually         that are offered to me and I thank all the residents
thought to myself, someone believes in me, as a few         involvement team for that.
years before after having a stroke I had lost all my
confidence.                                                  If like Carol you would like to know more about
                                                             ways to get involved please ring Nikki or Ruth in
I agreed to get involved with the mystery shopping
                                                             resident involvement on 01903 703 177 or e-mail
and what fun that was. I then realised that getting
involved with Worthing Homes was the best thing

HOMENEWS                                                                                                           11
Silver Surfers’ Week 23-27 April 2012
Silver Surfers’ Week is the biggest national campaign                If we have bad weather…
to promote the use of digital technology by older people             During really bad weather
and was launched by Digital Unite in 2002.                                                       (snow) Supported
                                                                    Services will do its utmo
                                                                                              st to visit you, if
Why not pop down to the Resource Centre at Worthing                 the weather is such that
                                                                                              we cannot get to
Homes offices in North Street on Wednesday 25 April any             a scheme please rememb
                                                                                               er to use your
time between 10-3pm and                                             emergency alarm in emer
                                                                                              gencies to contact
‘surf’ away to your heart’s content or speak to the tutors         us, the 24 hour response
                                                                                              service will be
Amber or Guy about learning how to use a computer or               staffed and emergency se
                                                                                               rvices will be able
brushing up on your computer skills.                               to access your property.
For more information please ring Ruth on 01903 703 118.

The Garden                                       V     E     G      E     T     A     B     L      E     S     W
Have a go at finding all the words.              L     E     V      O     H     S     B     E      N     C     H
Words can go horizontally, vertically,
or diagonally. Words may overlap and
                                                 A     G     R      E     E     N     H     O      U     S     E
share one or more letters.                       J     S     W      D     R     A     I     N      A     G     E
BEETLES                    BENCH
                                                 Q     E     D      Q     I     U     L     W      Q     Q     L
DRAINAGE                   FLOWERS               S     E     I      L     F     R     E     T      T     U     B
GLOVES                     GRASS                 E     D     G      S     R     E     W     O      L     F     A
GREENHOUSE                 HOE
                                                 V     L     G      H     D     H     O     L      E     O     R
HOLE                       SEEDLING
SHOVEL                     TROWEL                O     I     I      I     O     G     R     A      S     S     R
VEGETABLES                 WEEDING               L     N     N      B     E     E     T     L      E     S     O
                                                 G     G     G      E     F     I     L     D      L     I     W
                 Please fill in your details and send to the address at the top of page 16 by 23 April. The first
                 correct entry drawn will win £20 of high street vouchers. The competition is open to all ages.


                   Telephone number:



12                                                                                                     HOMENEWS
                                         TYPE OF DEBT
Dealing with                                                                WHAT COULD

                                        Rent, mortgage                     IF YOU DON’T
                                                        or service char                    PAY?
                                                                       ges Could lose
                                       Electricity and                                your home
                                                                           Could be cut o
                                       TV licence                                        ff
If you struggle to pay your
bills the most important thing Council Tax
                             g                                           Could have mo
                                                                                           ney taken from
is to not ignore the problem   Maintenance fo
                                               r others                  benefits, bailiff                 wages or
                               (eg child suppo                                             could be called
– it will only get worse.                     rt paym                    belongings, fine                  to take
                                                            ents)                          d or even go to
The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)                                                                           prison
publishes a sheet of top tips for                                       You cannot go
dealing with debt, which you can     Credit cards                                         to prison for no
                                                                        these bills but                    t paying
download from their website.                                                            you can be take
                                     Store cards                        county court fo                  n to
They advise that you focus on the                                                         r a judgement.
                                    Personal loans                     Not paying may
important debt such as electricity,                                                       affect your ‘cre
                                                                       rating’ or your                    dit
gas or your rent. Use the table     Bank overdraft                                     chances of gett
                                                                       or mortgage in                   ing a loan
opposite as a guide:                                                                    the future.

2012 Money matters prize draw
                                                              WIN £250
We are offering you some extra help again
this year to manage your most important bill,
your rent account. So what are we doing?

 1     We offer you lots of different ways
                                                          For more advice on paying your rent, benefits, how to
                                                          save money and more please see our Your Finances
       to pay your rent.
                                                          section on our website –
  Talk to the Neighbourhood Housing Team                  or alternatively contact your neighbourhood housing
  (01903 703 102) who can advise you of the best          officer for advice.
  payment option for you.
                                                          Every account with a balance of £0.00 or in credit
                                                          on 31 March 2012 will qualify for entry into our prize
 2     We provide support and guidance
                                                          draw to win one prize of £250 and five prizes of £50.
                                                          To qualify for the draw you must have paid
       to those experiencing difficulties.                all rent due unto 31 March 2012.
  Again, talk to the neighbourhood housing team           Please make payments by
  if you are behind with your rent, or have money         26 March 2012 to ensure they
  management difficulties. They can offer advice or       reach your account in time.
  arrange for you to receive independent advice/
                                                          If you have any other
  money management guidance from an appropriate
                                                          outstanding debts to Worthing
                                                          Homes we will deduct this sum
                                                          from the prize money.

 3     Give you an incentive.
                                                          Many of you always pay on time
                                                          and this draw is for you too.
  Of course paying your rent on time means you do         Note: If you are receiving FULL housing
  not need to worry about it. You may also have           benefit you do not quality for entry
  access to all of our services, such as right to a       into the prize draw. Garage accounts,
  mutual exchange or to apply for a transfer, carry out   intermediate rents and homeowners are not
  minor improvements and have all your repairs done.      included in this incentive prize draw.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                          13
Walking into History!                                             The walks this year will
                                                               14 May        Peppering, Burpham.
                                                                            Lost village and moated sit
                                                                            (A special walk for con)

                                                              21 May        West Blatchington.
                                                                            Church, lost village and wi
                                                              28 May       Ditchling. Church and villag
                                                             4 June        Bank holiday. No meeting

                                                             11 June       Randolphs Farm, Hurstpie
                                                                           Roman villa, road and pest
                                                            18 June       South Malling. Monastic
                                                                                                  site and church
                                                            25 June       Stone Pound, Hassocks.
                                                                                                 Roman cemetery
Local archaeologist, Alex Vincent is arranging              2 July        Newbridge. Bridge and sit
another series of archaeological walks for                                                         e of chapel
this summer. Alex is the author of several                 9 July        Halnaker. Old stone age
                                                                                                 site, Roman road
books and has organised many walks to                                    and windmill
places of historic interest in the past.
                                                           16 July       Stanmer. Church and estat
Walkers meet in the car park at Worthing Homes,                                                   e village.
Davison House, North Street on Monday evenings at          23 July       Toddington. A small medie
6.45pm for 7pm start. A donation is payable to the                                                val hamlet
Resource Centre for the walks and all are welcome.        30 July       Kings Barn, Steyning. Me
                                                                                                dieval site.
After the walks, we go to a pub for refreshments.
                                                          6 August Applesham, Co
Summer solstice                                                    Lost village and old salterns
On 21 June we celebrate the Summer Solstice at the
Devil’s Jumps, Hooksway near Chilgrove. The sun           13 August Hill Barn/Wor
                                                                                  thing golf Course.
sets on the alignment of the Bronze Age barrows on                  Roman burial ground
this date. We do it each year as a memorial to Con
Ainsworth whatever the weather. We meet at the           20 August Heene. Lost vil
                                                                                  lage and remains of chapel
Resource Centre car park at 6.30pm.
                                                         27 August Bank holiday.
                                                                                 No meeting
Christmas meal
                                                         3 Sept        Field place, Goring. Old ma
We have a yearly get together for a meal before                                                   nor house
Christmas. This will be at The Swallows Return Inn,
Goring on Monday 26 November at 6.30pm. We also
celebrate the Winter Solstice at the Cricketers pub in              For more information please ring Alex
Broadwater on 21 December at 8pm.                                  on 07753282714 after 2pm on weekdays.

                                New contact details for the
                      WORTHING DOG WARDEN
                    Should you need to contact Russ Akehurst the dog warden for Worthing
                     Borough Council please use his new phone number and e-mail Russell.
             01273 263 157 mobile 0773 479 1162.
14                                                                                                         HOMENEWS
               STAFF NEWS                                        Learning all the time
We would like to say thank you and good bye to the         COMMUNITY HOUSE
following people:
Bob Mitchell. Bob worked as a Deputy Scheme
Manager and was a valuable member of the team for       Things don’t stand still for very long at the
over 6 years.                                           Community House. We are always on the
Jo McIntyre. Jo was the Neighbourhood Manager           lookout for new ways to provide services for
from the housing team for over 7 years. She will be     local people.
                                                                                  ter school and
greatly missed by her team and Worthing Homes.
                                                        As well as our regular af
                                                                                   w also have:
Kath McLennan. Kath worked as an accountants            holiday activities, we no
assistant in the finance team. Kath had been with
Worthing Homes for 6 years and has moved to a
                                                        ✓ Computer class
company that can provide promotion for her.
                                                        ✓ Job club youth club
                                                        ✓ Friday nightyoung people who are lesbian, gay,
Debby Holden. Debby worked as the RedAssure             ✓ Group for nsgender or unsure of their sexuality
                                                                ual, tra
Manager. We would like to wish her all the best for                                    up
the future.                                              ✓   Young mums and baby gro
                                                         ✓   Tea and chat social group
We would also like to welcome some new
members of staff.                                       In January we did a wide consultation, involving
Antonia Jeffers. Antonia has joined the Resident        surveys for local residents, businesses, volunteers,
Involvement team as the Customer Profiling              parents, schools and other council and government
Co-ordinator. We wish her all the best in this role.    departments. We wanted to know what is good and
                                                        bad about the Community House and what people
                   Margaret Osborne has joined          would like to see going on.
                   the Corporate Services team as       Thank you to everybody who took part – we really
                   the Corporate Administration         enjoyed getting out and meeting new people – we
                   Assistant. Margaret will be with     discovered quite a lot of hidden talent in the area and
                   us on a fixed term contract for      hope that these lovely people will be joining us as
                   6 months.                            volunteers!
Margaret Osborne
Other staff news:                                           We will be looking at the survey results and
                                                            may be introducing new activities soon – so
Nikki Dunford. Nikki has joined the Resident
                                                          watch this space. You can see what we are up to
Involvement team on a six month secondment as a
                                                         on our Facebook page
Resident Involvement Co-ordinator so you will see
                                                           CommunityHouseWorthing or call in to see us
her out and about.
                                                             at 25 Dominion Road, Worthing, BN14 89JZ.
                                                                         Tel 01903 215 799.
 Tony Bilotti gets
 recognition for his good work                                Drop-in and see your
 - Staff at Worthing Homes                               neighbourhood housing officer
 are delighted to inform you                                 Steve Martin will be in room 3 at Durrington
 that Tony Bilotti, concierge at                                Community Centre from 11-12 noon on:
 Norfolk, Suffolk and Phoenix
                                                                     28 MARCH            25 APRIL
 House was nominated “Officer
                                                          If you have any housing related matters you wish
 of the Year” by his employer, Allied security. I
                                                          to discuss why not pop down and speak to Steve.
 am sure that all residents of Norfolk, Suffolk and
                                                                For more information on the service
 Phoenix House, will agree that this is well deserved
                                                                please ring housing on 01903 703 102.
 recognition of Tony’s hard work and commitment.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                      15
     HOME NEWS                                                       WHAT’S GOING ON IN
                                                                     THE RESOURCE CENTRE
                                                                              (opposite the Town Hall)

                    RMAT ON
     Davison House, North Street, Worthing, BN11 1ER
Repairs/day to day maintenance/emergency repair
line outside office hours:            01903 703 101
You can report your repairs online at ‘your home’ under useful
links box.
Supported services/RedAssure:               01903 703 103         COMPUTER DROP-IN
                                                                  Every Wednesday from 10.30-3.00pm. Open to the
Housing services:                              01903 703 102      community and for all abilities and ages just pop in and
Greenspace/Homespace:            01903 243 847                    have a chat with Amber or Guy or ring 01903 703 177 for
                        more information.
Planned maintenance:               01903 703 104                  ENGLISH AND MATHS CLASSES THROUGH                  ADULT AND COMMUNITY LEARNING
Finance:                                        01903 703 105     Various classes in the week. For more information ring
                                                                  01903 703 565.
Resident involvement/Resource Centre: 01903 703 177                ADVICE ON LOCAL HEALTHCARE SERVICES
                                                                  AND WASTE PREVENTION
Community House:                                01903 215 799
                                                                  Alcira Ferrari is a qualified community health champion,
Customer Profiling:                             01903 703 194
                                                                  health trainer and community worker. Alcira holds a surgery
Tenant Directors:                                                 listening to people’s health concerns and gives advice,
Mark Richardson:                               0754 5930 213      information and promotes the NHS health programmes.
Hille Cook:                                    07968 574 910
                                                                  Alcira is also a qualified Waste Prevention Adviser for
CHIEF EXECUTIVES OFFICE:                                          West Sussex County Council and gives advice on home
Ann Watkins PA to The Directors                 01903 703 110     composting, food waste, cotton nappies, smart shopping
EDITOR:                                                           and recycling. Advice is free so why not come down to the
Ruth Crack                                      01903 703 118     Resource Centre at Worthing Homes from 1-3pm on the
Fax:                                            01903 703 111     first Wednesday of the month and talk to Alcira.
                                                                  The rooms at the Resource Centre are available to rent.
Email:                        For more information please ring Resident Involvement
Typetalk exchange: dial 18001 (followed by the full number                 on 01903 703 177 or look at our website
                       including the code you wish to call).
HOME NEWS is published by Worthing Homes and
is distributed free to all customers.
Please contact us if you would like HOMENEWS in:                  EASTER CLOSURE
Braille, large print, on CD or in another language.               Worthing Homes will be closed from 5pm
                                                                  on Thursday 5 April until 9am on Tuesday
      If you have any comments on the newsletter                  10 April. In an emergency during
       please contact Ruth Crack on 01903 703 118                 this time please ring the out of
         or email                    hours service on 01903 703 101.
16        Printed on chlorine free paper certified by The Forest Stewardship Council using vegetable inks.     HOMENEWS

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