AIR-12-22 Open House Working Group Report - City of Oshawa by yaofenjin



March 20 2012 1830pm

Oshawa Airport Lounge

Oshawa Airport Open House 2012 First Working group meeting

In attendance: Andy Armstrong Manny Rosario, Stephen Wilcox Lanny
Joseph, Warren Hurren, Nancy Bolton, Chris Pierce

Regrets- Sylvia Rhodes

   1. 	 Status of Event as determined by working group
      • 	 Date June 102012
      • 	 9am-3pm
      • 	 One Day only
      • 	 No Rain date
      • 	 Free admission

     Budget= $2500

   2. 	Publicity
       • 	 Event details to be advertised in the following
       • 	 COPA websites/newspaper-Stephen to speak with COPA
           members from last year's event.
       • 	 City facilities
     • 	 Airport
     • 	 .Local Newspapers
     • 	 City website
     • 	 Invite the Mayor
     • 	 Invite councillors

   3. 	Logistics
       • 	 The following items were discussed and found to be required
       • 	 Porta potties

  •	   Rope and stanchions
  •	   Garbage Bins and bags
  •	   Advise Police, Fire, and Paramedic of event as an FYI
  •	   Suggested that City may have a special fuel price for the day
  •	   Parking for public will be street, and grass parking on groundside
       of Airport
4. Event participants and details
   • 	 No Airshow or flight demonstrations
   • 	 Event is to showcase the airport and its services and tenants
   • 	 Possible fly in component during the day for private owners COPA
       to be contacted for assistance with this component
   • 	 The following items were suggested as to participants of the event
   • 	 DRPS Helicopter
   • 	 Falcon Jets based at Enterprise Airlines
   • 	 Durham Flight Centre
   • 	 Canadian Flight Academy
   • 	 COPA flight 70
  • 	 Harvard
  •	   DC3
  •	   R22 Helicopter
  •	   Citation Mustang-Ross Mathews
  •	   Canada Customs
  •	   GM
  •	   Radio stations with possible live to air segments
  •	   Fire dept. display
  •	   Flight school booths and sightseeing flights
  •	   Air Cadets
  •	   RAA displays
  •	   Model aircraft displays
  •	   UOIT-solar car


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