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									                    Speakers                                     All Aquarium Hobbyists
                                                                        Welcome!                                     The Raleigh Aquarium Society
Mike Hellweg has been breeding fish since he was 9
years old, and has published two books and more               The Raleigh Aquarium Society invites you to              The Carolina Aquarium
than 200 articles in aquarium magazines around the        attend our Twenty-eighth Annual Carolina Aquarium
world so far. He has spawned and raised nearly 400        Workshop, one of the best and oldest regional                  Workshop XXVIII
fish species from 30 different families (only about 50    aquarium conventions in the Southeast. We have an           February 15, 16 & 17, 2013
of which are cichlids), and has documented many of        excellent line up of speakers with many years of                         At the
these spawns in his articles. Over the past 40 years      experience representing many different aspects of
he has specialized in miniature fishes, and has bred      the aquarium hobby. Our Workshop offers you the                 North Carolina State
numerous “oddballs” including licorice and chocolate      opportunity to get information, ask questions, and to               Fairgrounds’
gouramis, almost half of the known wild Betta             share ideas or problems with other hobbyists. Past         Gov. James G. Martin Building
species, two species of “Kuhli” loaches, hillstream       Workshops have had attendees from several other
loaches, wasp catfish, bumblebee catfish, banjo           states, including Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland            (access via)Trinity Road
catfish, seahorses, pipefish, all six species of dwarf    and Virginia.                                                    Raleigh NC 27607
Rasboras (Boraras), and the smallest known fish of           The Workshop registration fee covers the Friday
                                                          field trip and Saturday daytime programs and
                                                                                                                           Friday Afternoon:
all, Paedocypris.
                                                          exhibits. There is an extra charge for Saturday’s             Native Fish Collecting Trip
Bob Goldstein began keeping fish in NYC in the            dinner and speaker. There is no charge for Sunday’s                   Saturday
1940s, when pet shops “bagged” your fish to carry         open auction. Anyone may bring items to be sold.          Catfish – An Unscientific Approach
home in waxed-paper Chinese food containers. He               Many aquarium shops and manufacturers serving
                                                          this region donated the aquarium equipment and
                                                                                                                    Chuck Davis
earned degrees in biology and parasitology, taught at
Emory University for several years, then became an        supplies offered in the raffles and auction. We greatly
environmental consulting biologist in the 1970s,          appreciate the support the Workshop receives from         Breeding Tips & Tricks for Oddball
which he is still doing today. Over the past 50 years     these businesses.                                         Fish – Mike Hellwig
Bob has authored dozens of aquarium books and
hundreds of magazine articles on a diverse array of                                                                 Killifish Keeping and Breeding
subjects including fish diseases, American fishes,
Bettas and gouramis, cichlids, angelfish, reef                                                                      Bob Goldstein
aquariums, killifish, catfish, dottybacks, clownfish,
and other topics, and served as editor of national                                                                  Today in the Fishroom: Segrest
aquarium magazines and many local club                                                                              Farms – Mo Devlin
publications. Bob is currently editor of the Journal of
the American Killifish Association, and is one of the
founders of the Raleigh Aquarium Society.                                                                           Lake Tanganyika: Shellies and
                                                                                                                    Julies – Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson began in the aquarium hobby while
in grade school in the mid ‘60’s. He quickly became
                                                                                                                    TBA Topic -Speaker TBA
infatuated with cichlids, of which the New World
varieties were the only ones available. After a hiatus                                                              See RAS website for updates!!!
from the hobby while attending university, he
resumed fish keeping and was delighted to discover                                                                  Dinner Speaker – Chuck Davis
that the African cichlid revolution had occurred. That                                                              Gizmos, Gadgets and Good Ideas
did it -- a lifelong passion was ignited! Even while
working in Florida as a commercial diver collecting                                                                              Sunday
his own marine specimens, his enthusiasm for                                                                          All day Giant Auction of Fish,
African cichlids never waned. Today, Tom and his                                                                      Plants, Accessories and much
wife Kay operate KT Aquatics, specializing in select                                                                              more!
Tanganyikan and Malawian species. His presentation
will be on Lake Tanganyika with a focus on                Further information, speaker updates and
shelldwelling and Julidochromis species flocks.           MYGROUPAUCTIONS.COM info available at
                 Schedule                                                 Speakers                                 Twenty-Eighth Annual Carolina
           Friday, February 15, 2013                                                                            Aquarium Workshop Registration Form
1:00 pm Native Fish Collecting trip – Meet at NC      Chuck Davis has been keeping tropical fish since
State Fairgrounds James G. Martin building (see       age nine, 57 years ago. Now approaching his               Name______________________________
map) and return by 5:30. Equipment provided, but be   Diamond Anniversary in fish keeping, he’s come to
sure to bring dry clothes, boots/waders, buckets, &   realize that he’ll never have enough time to learn all
dip nets if you have them. Please contact Gerald      of what he’d like know in this hobby. Chuck owned         Address____________________________
Pottern to sign up or to request further info         two retail pet stores and one wholesale operation,
( or 919-649-6506).              and now semi-retired, keeps active in the hobby for       City/State__________________________
                                                      fun, relaxation and meeting good people. He’s been
      Saturday, February 16, 2013                     active with organized aquarium clubs since 1971,
                                                      wrote the “Society News” column for Aquarium Fish         Zip________________________________
8:30 am    Registration Begins
9:00 am    Speaker TBA - Topic TBA                    Magazine from its beginning until 2000, and was
           See RAS website for updates                editor of the North Jersey Aquarium Society monthly       Phone      ___ ______________________
10:15am    Chuck Davis                                publication for over 25 years. Chuck served on the
           Catfish – An Unscientific Approach         boards of the American Cichlid Association, NJAS,
                                                      FAAS, GCAS and the Catfish Association. Perhaps           Email _____________________________
11:30pm    Lunch
12:30pm    Bob Goldstein                              his greatest accomplishment was leading the first
           Killifish Keeping and Breeding             aquarists group collecting trip to Peru in 1987. Chuck    If registering for more than one person please
1:45 pm    Tom Henderson                              specializes in catfish and cichlids, and currently        list all names or use additional forms.
           Lake Tanganyika: Shellies and Julies       maintains 27 large aquariums in his one bedroom
3:00 pm    Mike Hellweg                               condo in Florida, where he enjoys all sorts of tropical
                                                      fish, fish collecting, sleeping and eating.               No.   Description                Amount
           Breeding Tips & Tricks for Oddball Fish
4:15 pm    Mo Devlin
           Today in the Fishroom: Segrest Farms       Mo Devlin is the owner of Aquamojo.Com. He                      Native Fish Trip *         No Additional
5:30 pm    Break                                      currently maintains nearly 3,000 gallons of fresh                                          Charge*
6:00 pm    Dinner – Chuck Davis                       water tanks. Over the past 30 years he has                      Registration
           Gizmos, Gadgets and Good Ideas             successfully bred many of the Central and South                 Members - $20.00
                                                      American cichlid fishes. His passion for New World
                                                                                                                      Non-Members - $25.00
                                                      cichlids is only rivaled by his love of photography.
          Sunday, February 17, 2013                   Over the years, he has posted images of his                     Dinner - $20.00 each
9:00 am     Auction Setup and optional** on-site      collection frequently in his “Today in the Fishroom”            **
            auction registration                      series on line across many national and international           Dinner Children Under
11:00am Auction Begins                                fish forums. Mo spent two terms on the board of                 12 - $10.00 each**
** Auction registrations for buyers and sellers are   trustees for the American Cichlid Association and has           Auction
exclusively online at .           served as ACA’s publicity chairman for the past                 Members - Free
                                                      decade. Mo spent five days at Segrest Farms, one of             Non-Members - $5.00
  Registration & Contact Information                  Florida’s premier aquarium fish farms and importers,
                                                                                                                      Raleigh Aquarium
For information call Chris Smith 919-698-2828 or      photographing their high-quality livestock and
Linda Twaddle 919-639-8520 or email address           facilities for use in marketing. He took over 3,500             Society membership                     photos at Segrest Farms including nearly a thousand             $20 includes family
                                                      different fish species.                                         Total. Make check
                                                                                                                      payable to “Raleigh
       Nearby Accommodations                                                                                          Aquarium Society”
Ramada Inn, 1520 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh
                                                                                                                * Workshop registration required for the Native
  (800) 272-6232
Comfort Suites, 1200 Hurricane Alley Way, Raleigh                                                               Fish Collecting trip. See Schedule for more info.
  (919) 854-0502                                                                                                ** Banquet Dinner, early registration
Hampton Inn, 111 Hampton Woods Lane, Raleigh                                                                    encouraged for the dinner due to limited space.
  (919) 233-1798                                                                                                                      Send to:
Wyngate, 6115 Corporate Ridge Road, Raleigh                                                                               Raleigh Aquarium Society
  (919) 847-7383                                                                                                                P.O. Box 31564
                                                                                                                           Raleigh, NC 27612-1564

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