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					What are computer and computer systems?
A computer= is an electronic device that receives data (input), processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output)  Computer system= includes hardware, software, data and people.



Software=Instructions, or programs used to control the computer. Hardware= Peripheral, device, such as printers, and monitors. Data= Text, numbers, sounds, images and videos.


Are Computers Intelligent?
They are not!!! But the advantages of having them are as follow.  Speed: Can perform billions of calculation per second.  Reliable: Components dependable.  Accuracy: If data is entered correctly, computers generally error free results.  Storage= Computer can store and retrieve of data and information.  Communication= Computers communicate and share resource with other computer.

Computer Software



Application Software: Set of program that perform specific task for user, such as word processing, spread sheet, and database. System software: is a set of programs that controls the operations of computer and device. EX: Windows XP, and MAC, and know Windows Vista.

Information processing cycle
1. Inputs data  2. Process Data  3. Stores data and information  4. Output and information How fast can these processing cycles go?  Abbreviation for megahertz. One MHz represents one million cycles per second. The speed of microprocessors, called the clock speed, is measured in megahertz. For example, a microprocessor that runs at 200 MHz executes 200 million cycles per second.  One GHz represents 1 billion cycles per

Network is a group of two or more computers systems linked together via communication device.  The advantage to this is that it enables the computer to share resources such as printers, data information, and programs.  Computers on a network are called nodes or clients.  Servers are computers that allocate resources on a network.

The Internet

The internet, is the world’s largest network, evolves from the ARPANET. Internet service that we have are e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, mailing list, blogging, and newsgroup.

Computer Software
Most software has graphical interface (GUI) .If you are using a PC, almost everything within the GUI environment requires working with Windows Icon.  Icon= Is a small image that represents a file, command, or another computer function.

Is the Icon really all that useful?
If you did not have the icon button embedded with the GUI you would have to type all of these sequences just to get to your folder, where your pictures are found C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures  But with the ICON all you have to do is double click your photo folder and, it will automatically take you to your photos.

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