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					Agenda: SAY WHAT? have evidence, bring to the table; no evidence no work done - defenseless at best

Developing a Research Agenda for Bodles Research Station
A. Things to agree on as important: The review - not needed already done or done routinely 1. Impact assessment – self assessment, IS THERE A BETTER WAY????? 2. Analysis of programmes, projects and project components a. Schedules: milestones: Targets , actual, outstanding, lag time b. Personnel c. Location d. Constraints e. Platform for data gathering and knowledge generation and sharing 3. Structure and approach 4. Quality control a. Benchmarking b. Standards B. Getting it right, have we been wrong??? NEVER 1. Setting Goals : Make a statement, question or vision of what it is like a. Means : how do I get there b. Tools : Logistical Framework 2. Human resources, Physical resources 3. Role and function 4. Distinction among technicians, approvals, certifiers, discoverers, inventors and innovators 5. Skills and competences 6. Quality control –bench marking, standards 7. Feedback, monitoring, reporting and Evaluation: are there differences 8. Personal portfolios C. Examples of Research Agenda EU Agricultural Agenda Nederlands approach to Horticulture Strategic Agenda for parts of Africa - Bridging food needs. CARDI Jamaica Research Agenda- Commodities and Themes a. Cereals and legumes e. Sweet Potatoes b. Fruits and vegetables f. Natural Resource Management c. Hot Peppers g. New Agriculture d. Small ruminants D. Bodles Agriculture Agenda: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Regulatory functions – income generation opportunities/ Grant attractions Technology transfer – Public relations Innovations - Making things better with low or no investment Discoveries - new opportunities roles and functions, a better way to….. Inventions – any patent opportunities, publications, registrations - Truly Jamaican 1. 2. 3. 4.

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