; Connecticut Industrial Heritage - Visitable Attractions 2013
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Connecticut Industrial Heritage - Visitable Attractions 2013


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									   Connecticut Industrial Heritage Sites
           Visitable Attractions
Most of our local historical orgs cited below - are cited below - because they have
SUBSTANTIAL content on display related to this subject. Most local historicals
have some things. A few have quite a few - those listed below are
SUBSTANTIAL in what they have to show and tell.

I am sure there is more that we've overlooked - so PLEASE - suggest things you
see missing - though its best if they're visitable attractions and not just
industrial buildings or historic districts that aren't interpreted.

East Haddam has a wonderful industrial history agenda in progress - not sure if
its accessible yet. New Haven Museum sure has the potential as does the
Barnum Museum in Bridgeport. A good trail is about stuff the public can see
NOW - and can be refined as it goes along - indeed, will inspire folks to develop
their content!

The way these things work - I having a legislator champion - from one of OUR
sites - gung ho about making this Trail concept a project - might be all it takes.

It would be invaluable to the marketing of this history AND to the continuing
visibility and prestige of the industrial technology sector.

DRAFT List of CT Industrial Heritage Attractions

New Britain Industrial Museum

Museum of CT History, Hartford

Torrington Historical Society (machine tools)

Talcottville Historic District

Winchester Historical Society (clocks, pins, and products from various local

Up & Down Sawmill. Ledyard

Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury

Deep River Historical Society (ivory)

Coltsville National Historic, Hartford

New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks
Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden

American Clock Museum, Bristol

Enfield Historical Society (carpet industry and gun powder)

Timeexpo / Timex Museum. Waterbury

Connecticut Historical Society’s “Making Connecticut” exhibit

Windham Textile Museum, Willimantic

Connecticut Antique Machinery Museum, Kent

Lock Museum, Terryville

William Hosley
Terra Firma Northeast
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