Blog Offers Advice For Family-Owned Enterprises

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					Blog Offers Advice For Family-Owned Enterprises

Digit Lab Digital Strategy (Pty) Limited is proud to announce that KPMG's family business blog is
now offering advice and information for family-owned enterprises. This blog provides great tips and
suggestions on how to manage businesses run by families. The blog recognizes the challenges and
obstacles that family-owned companies face and is providing helpful insight on how to overcome those

KPMG is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences in furthering the
growth of other companies. Most economic markets are fueled by family owned business enterprises.
Although they are contributing largely to economic development, these companies do not last long

The company's blog tackles the issues that beset these family-owned businesses. They point out the
most common issues that families are facing such as succession, risk management, and governance.
They then provide practical and experience-based solutions for overcoming those issues.

The blog strongly advocates the need for competence-based management. Positions and tasks should be
based on competence and qualifications, not on familial ties. This will ensure growth and efficiency in
the company while inspiring excellence and competence in its members and employees.

KPMG is a large international company that has offices in most parts of the world. They provide
professional services for large companies. Their field of specialization lies with tax, audit, and
advisory. Their advisory services encompass transactions and restructuring, risk consulting, as well as
management consulting. The company is a product of a mega merger between family-owned
accounting firms. Their combined corporate experience spans more than a hundred years. This gives
the company credibility and edge in providing business advice.

To learn more about this blog, people can visit it at To learn more
about small family-owned businesses and their impact on the South African economy, one can read
travers-les-generations/. Members of the press and other interested individuals can also contact the
person below for more details.

Name: Susan Smith
Title: Public Relations
Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing
Address: P. O Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945
Phone: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Description: Digit Lab Digital Strategy (Pty) Limited launched the updated blog for KPMG Family Business which provides advice for family owned enterprises.