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Introducind The New Employee Monitoring Software From


OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software records Internet and computer activity, monitors and restricts computer usage to increase efficiency and ensure the security. It will help you to find out what employees are doing like visiting some websites, chat with friends, send email and the applications used when they are assumed to work. OsMonitor monitoring software is good at helping you control over your employees during the office hours. Easily track their activity, so they will use network for work only. With today's businesses constantly attempting to increase employee efficiency, employers are becoming more concerned with improving their employees' hourly productivity and are using the most current technology to achieve these goals Employee Monitoring Software is a common software used by many business companies for the goal to monitor their employees' use or misuse of the Internet during working hours. This allows employers to find out the truth about what their employees are doing during the office hours. Employers often benefit from records in case they discover that company confidential information is being leaked or other inappropriate conduct is occurring on company's computers. OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software Option - Monitor and record all windows your employees opened, programs they ran, websites they visited. - Monitor and record users copying, pasting, deleting files and plugging and pulling out flash memory disk. - Monitor and record network card flow of every employee's computer in real time. - Screenshot capture. You can view employee's screen (motive picture) on Server at any time. - Monitor application installation. - Monitor process. - Monitor chatting conversation. - Backup files. - Monitor emails. Monitor and record all emails (and attachment) sent through Outlook Express or Outlook, whatever they said and the attachment will all be recorded by OsMonitor. You can check whether they said something that is related with company secret

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