Appliance Repair Dyer IN Firm Owner Has Honest Advice for Repair or Replace Question

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					Appliance Repair Dyer IN Firm Owner Has Honest Advice for Repair or Replace Question

Dyer Indiana Appliance Repair technicians at DBH Appliance Repair work to maintain customer relationships when customers
request a repair, when the appliance should be replaced.

Dyer, Indiana - With today's economy, people are asking appliance repair servicemen for advice about repair verses replacement.
Technicians are often put in the awkward spot of being asked to repair an appliance, when it would be best to replace the appliance.

Here are the guidelines of the "Repair or Replace it" game. DBH Appliance Repair has had to walk away from several service calls.
But, before the technician leaves, he educates the customer with the following:

     If warranty still valid.
     If the appliance is high-end product and has a good operating record.

     If appliance is more than eight years old and has a history of break downs.
     If the repair cost is more than 50% of new appliance cost.
     If past warranty, but not considered old, yet new technology may make the replace factor economically sound in the long-
     If repair parts are hard to get or have a long waiting period.

Nationally, the appliance repair industry has grown is fifty percent. "Because the economy is in such sad shape, we know that people
must cut back on expenses, save their money wherever they can, and if a product can be repaired instead of replaced, then we will
do everything possible for a feasible repair" stated David Hinton, owner of DBH Appliance Repair.

When someone calls DBH, they are greeted with a friendly service customer representative. Each purchase, each installation, each
repair is backed by their factory trained technicians. DBH service technicians are certified in multiple categories of appliances.

To learn more about this Dyer Indiana based appliance repair firm, visit:

About DBH Appliance Repair:
David B Hinton owns and operates DBH Appliance Repair. Since 1990, the factory trained technicians have provided residential
appliance repair. Types of repair include: refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, ovens, ranges, stoves, built-in microwave ovens, vent
hoods, trash compactors, clothes washers, dryers, and dryer vents. DBH Appliance Repair is factory authorized for manufacturer
Fisher and Paykel and serves Dyer Indiana and surrounding cites in Indiana and Illinois.

Contact Information:
David B Hinton
DBH Appliance Repair
250 Henry Street
Dyer, Indiana 46311
Phone: (219) 865-1517 – Indiana; (708) 895-4350 – Illinois

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