Fax To Email Benefits Now Enjoyable Through Mustang Fax

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					Fax To Email Benefits Now Enjoyable Through Mustang Fax

Mendham, NJ, 1-June-2013 - Mustang Fax is pleased to announce that fax 2 email connections are now
available through the company's services. Various fax to email benefits can be now enjoyed by clients
through these services. Faxing is made easier and more convenient, making it beneficial to
professionals and businesses.

This service allows facsimile messages to be received via electronic mail. Instead of finding a facsimile
machine to print out the message or documents, the clients would just need any device that can access
electronic mail. This includes computers, laptops, and smart phones. A specific number is assigned to
an email address. The sender will use that specific number in sending their document to the clients.

This is a practical solution that many people can make use of. This is particularly useful for clients who
are traveling frequently. When a person travels, a facsimile machine cannot be easily found anywhere.
Receiving documents can be quite tricky when a person is traveling. This service is a great solution
then. The documents can be accessed anywhere. As long as internet connectivity is present, the
document can be retrieved.

Fax 2 email allows clients to control printing precisely too. Documents does not have to be printed in
its entirety since clients can choose which pages they print. Printing is also done just when the
document is needed. This provides significant savings on paper, ink, and toner, which is one of its fax
to email benefits.

This service is also very economical. Clients does not have to pay for anything as the service is entirely
free. Only the sender of the documents are charged for a fee. Clients can also save money through
capital savings as they will not need facsimile machines already in receiving documents.

To learn more about this service and Mustang Fax, clients can visit the company's web page at More information on the service's perks can be also read at Members of the press and those with other questions can contact
the person identified below for details.

Name: Susan Smith
Title: Public Relations
Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing
Address: P. O Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945
Phone: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Description: Mustang Fax now offers fax 2 email services. Clients can enjoy many fax to email benefits with this. This includes convenience, time savings, and cost efficiency.