; Exercising Away the Pain
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Exercising Away the Pain


If you're experiencing joint pain it may be a good idea to start exercising. This article explains the benefits of exercising as well as which exercises will help you the most with the least amount of joint pain.

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									Exercising Away the Pain
Many individuals in Salt Lake struggle with joint pain, and especially with knee and hip pain. The knees
and the hip joints of people are two of the largest joints in the human body, and furthermore they are
responsible for supporting the full weight of the body as the body is in motion on the legs.

This means that when a person walks, with every step throughout their life, they are putting strain and
pressure against these valuable and large joints in the legs which, over time, can lead some to have pain
and discomfort in these joints. While some may simply chalk such pain and discomfort in their knees
and hips to growing old, there are ways that even those ageing individuals can help their bodies recover
from joint pain and free themselves from unnecessary pain.

Choosing the Right Exercises
One of the best ways to do so is to begin to implement an exercise regimen that will allow the body to
become stronger and healthier. While great positive effects have been shown in relieving joint pain for
those who exercise regularly it is still vitally important that a person speaks with their knee doctor in Salt
Lake before attempting to undergo any exercise regimen designed to alleviate joint pain.

                              This is because not all exercises can be beneficial to joint pain and some,
                              depending on the causation of the joint pain, may even be detrimental to
                              the patients overall joint health. After having a conversation with their
                              knee doctor in Salt Lake, a person can begin to help themselves recover
                              from joint pain by implementing their new exercise regimen.

                              Regular exercise can help to alleviate joint pain in a number of ways, but
                              the two main friendly side effects to working out on one’s joints is that
                              first, ironically, exercise reduces stress on the joints after they grow
                              accustomed to the frequent use and second that the weight loss from
                              exercise can have a wonderfully positive effect on joint health.

When a person loses weight through exercises, the result is less stress and weight on the pivotal and
large joints in the legs. One study has shown that losing only eleven pounds of body weight reduced the
likely hood of developing osteoarthritis in the knees by up to fifty percent in women.

Water Exercises
The decrease in stress in leg joints due to renewed joint use and less body weight combines to alleviate
knee and hip pain in most individuals who suffer from mild yet
consistent joint pain. One of the best joint friendly workouts that
many people with joint pain enjoy is water aerobics and swimming.

Because of the neutrality of weight in water, a person with joint pain
can receive a quality aerobic exercise, working both the joints and
cardio health, by regularly performing water aerobics and swimming
exercises. Another effective workout for joint pain is yoga.

Yoga classes, conducted by trained professionals, have been chosen by many who suffer from joint pain
as the stretches and holds of yoga provide joint friendly exercises while increasing functionality and
flexibility in the joints. Whatever the exercise, those with chronic joint pain should first consult their
knee doctor in Salt Lake, and then consider establishing a regular workout schedule filled with joint
friendly exercises that will help to alleviate joint pain.

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