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					Rocket City Math League Round Two Administering Letter

Virgil I. Grissom High School Huntsville, Alabama

Math Coaches and Sponsors, Thank you for participating in the 2008-2009 RCML competition. We hope that you find the information below useful as you get ready to administer Round Two of the contest. Please make as many copies of the tests and solutions as needed. The sections entitled “Test Information” and “Appeals” must be read aloud to the participating students before they begin testing. Each student should confirm that they are taking the appropriate level of their test, outlined in “Divisions” below. RCML Round Two Schedule January 21 Information packets and Round 1 Tests and Solutions E-mailed Jan. 26 – Feb. 6 ROUND TWO CONTEST WINDOW Feb. 8, 12:00 AM CST Appeals deadline Feb. 13 Last day to enter Round 1 Scores (No exceptions will be made) Divisions Depending on the level of math a student has taken or is currently taking, he/she should be given one of the following tests:  Explorer is for students enrolled in Pre-Algebra. No student who has completed coursework above Pre-Algebra should compete in this level.  Mercury is for students enrolled in Algebra. No student who has completed coursework above Algebra I should compete in this level.  Gemini is for students enrolled in Geometry. No student who has completed coursework above Geometry should compete in this level.  Apollo is for students enrolled in Algebra II. No student who has completed coursework above Algebra II should compete in this level.  Discovery is for students enrolled in Pre-Calculus or a higher math course, including Calculus. This level is open to all students not participating in a lower level. Test Information Each test will last 45 minutes and contains 12 questions. Please note that all questions are not worth the same number of points, and that the point values are designated at the end of each question. Warnings may be issued when 15, 5, and 1 minutes remain. When your proctor says to begin the test, you should turn over your paper and write your name at the top of your test. The only materials that may be used in the contest are a pencil and plain, unlined scratch paper. Calculators or other aids may NOT be used in this competition. All answers must be marked in the answer boxes. Fractions and radical expressions must be written in simplest form. Decimals and mixed numbers should be converted to improper fractions unless instructed to do otherwise. Denominators must be rationalized. (Ex: 1 should be written as 2 , and

1.5 or

1 1 2

should be written

as 3 .). 2

All money answers must be written in dollars and cents, unless

otherwise specified. (Ex: $23.50 must be written as 23.50; 23.5 will not be accepted). Dollar signs or units are not required in your answer. All answers must be exact and answers containing fundamental constants such as “pi” or “e” must be left in terms of that constant, unless otherwise specified.

Rocket City Math League

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Results from the contest will be E-mailed to your math team sponsor and posted on our website about three weeks after the completion of the round. Practice tests and RCML updates can also be found on our website. GRADING The tests should be collected at the end of the 45 minutes and graded by a teacher or math team coach. The number of points to be awarded to each problem is specified at the end of each question (either 1, 2, 3, or 4 points). An incorrect answer should receive zero points (there is no penalty for an incorrect answer), and no partial credit is to be awarded. The maximum number of points attainable on each test is 25. APPEALS Any appeals of wording, answers, or solutions must be submitted to RCML (via by the appeals deadline. Appeals must include a full explanation and the proposed answer change. RCML staff will review the appeals and take appropriate actions. Decisions are made at the discretion of the RCML staff and are final. AWARDS Twenty individual awards will be given in each of the five math levels to the students with the highest cumulative score at the conclusion of the three rounds. Ten team awards will be given in each of the five math levels. These will be based on the sum of the top five individual scores from the school in each division. Individual and team awards will be mailed to the schools during May 2008. Similar to last year, TI graphing calculators or T-shirts may also be awarded. SUBMITTING RESULTS Results should be submitted online at our webpage by using the RCML Control Panel, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Login/Register” button. The sponsor’s username and password will be required to submit the results, and further instructions about submitting results are included in the help section of the RCML online scoring system. CHEATING Cheating in any form or fashion will result in an instant disqualification from RCML. Also, please do not post RCML questions on websites or send tests via any electronic or non-electronic source until after the results deadline on October 17. The link containing the links to download the tests must be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL, and should not be shared with anyone. Solutions to each round should not be given to the students until the end of the two-week testing window for each round. However, students and teachers are free to discuss the questions from each test after that period. RCML AND WEBSITE The RCML website address is The website contains all contest information distributed to the registered schools (except for the tests, which will be posted shortly after each round) as well as the latest contest updates. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our competition or procedures, please visit our website or contact us at Sincerely, RCML Staff

Rocket City Math League

Mu Alpha Theta

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