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					FUN @ WORK


FUN means…
- A source of pleasure - Enjoyment, amusement - Playful, often noisy activity

AT WORK -activities that produce pleasure to all involved

Why FUN @ WORK ???

 60 % of our waking hours are spent at work  We are productive when we start enjoying our jobs  Helps boost morale  Internal motivation  Reduces stress  Increases team building & creativity

Why FUN @ WORK ???
Fun fulfills the basic human need to be social Fun usually improves communication Fun breaks up boredom that comes from doing repetitive work Fun can dissolve conflict and tension Fun can foster a positive company culture Fun creates an opportunity for networking

Benefits of having FUN @ WORK

Relieves tension: Fun & laughter boost the body’s production of endorphins, natural chemicals that combat fatigue and promote health and fitness

People who “felt good” after Seeing a humorous film solved problems more creatively

Employees who found fun or created fun @ work reported That they were less stressed.

Less anxious, less depressed, more satisfied with their jobs…. … and with their families and lives in general

Rules for fun @ work
Fun is not making fun of coworkers or management Fun is not telling unhealthy jokes Fun is not practical jokes or pranks

Fun is not deceptive
Fun is not gambling

Fun is not sarcastic

Recipe for FUN

Civility Lighten up Laughter Ownership Commitment

What one should do to built in FUN @ WORK
Plan for big show (cultural programmes/ Celebrations / get together / Audit / Meeting etc..) Tea time gathering / conversations Finding ways to ease the task Sharing and solving the problems by new ideas Cracking healthy pun Handling difficult situations with cheer Birthday celebrations Team outings / parties Mentor – Protégé meet Online jokes / puzzles Thoughts for the day board

+ VEs
Good salary Social recognition Family well-being Skill Development

Bias in workplace Lack of Support from HOD Lack of Recognition

Check : Self-Efficacy

What we could do?
Culture Improvement: Team building activities Team outings Birthday parties Team building games Bonding Family outing with colleagues Special Events Bridging generation gap Mentoring programmes Outing with mentors

Culture Improvement: Laughter Laughter clubs “Joke for the day” email Talent showcasing Talent competitions Dance clubs Hobby clubs

Culture Improvement: De – stressing activities TV room open in the lunch time Energy nap for 15 minutes after lunch Meditation camps Music at workstation Contests Quizzes

Vibrant Environment: Vibrant ambience Vibrant wall colors Saturdays : Dress down day Infrastructure for sports Hobby Fitness Gym Aerobics Joggers park Swimming pool

Vibrant Environment: Communication channels Bulletin boards Graffiti boards

Sports & Fitness: Games and Sports Friendly matches

Social Development:
Community Service Road rallies

Thank You !!! Have a rocking time @ work
- J Sathish (CHUM)