Youth Ideas - Father’s Day Humor by sappken


A little humor related to Fathers

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         Youth Ideas -
         Father’s Day

         A little humor
       related to Fathers

     I figured out why they
     call our language the
     “Mother Tongue.”
     Fathers never get a
     chance to use much of

    Say what you will about
    healthy eating and all,
    but I’ve always found it
    awfully difficult to
    explain to my son (who’s
    6’4″ to my 6′ in height),
    why junk food is bad for

   One time my kids wanted
   to surprise me with a good
   breakfast in bed on
   Father’s Day. They put a
   cot in the kitchen.

   If you think about it,
   Adam had more trouble
   than any of the rest of us
   buying his Father a gift for
   Father’s Day. I mean,
   what do you get
   somebody who’s

    I started early teaching my
    kids the value of a dollar.
    From then on, they
    demanded their
    allowances in gold.


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