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Information Sheet for Higher Education - Vermont Campus Compact by yettfz


									                             A Major Force in Higher Education
“Before I started                                                                               “I know of no other
                             For two decades, Campus Compact has led a growing move-
 working in commu-           ment to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge            educational organization
 nity service-learn-         and experience to tackle society’s most pressing issues.            that has a track record
 ing, I was one of           Through a combination of national advocacy and on-the-                Campus
                             ground initiatives, we help more than 1,100 member colleges
 those people who
                             and universities achieve this goal by embedding community
                                                                                                 Compact’s over
 didn’t have much of         and civic learning into campus life.                                the past 20 years…
 a social conscience.
                             Why does this work matter? When campuses engage with                It is a phenomenal
 Now all of that has         their communities, everyone benefits. Communities get need-         success, not just in
 changed, and I say,         ed skills and resources. Campuses reap public visibility and
                                                                                                 terms of growth in
‘Put me in                   support. Students gain real-world experience that enriches
                                                                                                 numbers, but in terms
                             their academic learning while giving them the skills and inspi-
 the trenches                ration to work toward a better society.                             of  the impact
 to do the                                                                                       it’s had on com-
 real work                   Incredible Value for Campuses
                                                                                                 munities, on
 to make a                   and Communities
                             Campus Compact’s approach encompasses a broad range of              campuses, and
 difference.’”               initiatives designed to help campuses enhance student learn-        on individual
     —STUDENT   SERVICE-     ing while meeting community needs:                                  lives.”
UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO          • Ground-breaking print and online resources with
                                                                                                          – FRANK RHODES
                                   information on managing service programs, building                    FORMER PRESIDENT
                                   community work into the curriculum, developing                       CORNELL UNIVERSITY

                                   student leaders, and more.
                                 • Funding and awards for campus work to improve community life.
 Campus Compact is a
                                 • Research on effective programs and practices in campus-based service,
 national coalition of
                                   service-learning, and civic engagement.
 more than 1,100 college
 and university presidents       • Information sharing across our member network through our national and
 who are committed                 state offices.
 to fulfilling the civic
                                 • Training to help students, faculty, and staff connect with community partners,
 purposes of higher
 education. Campus
                                   organize and fund initiatives, and recruit support both on and off campus.
 Compact provides                • Leadership development opportunities for presidents and other campus
 leadership, resources,            leaders.
 and advocacy to
 support civic education,        • Capacity building for community work through VISTAs and infrastructure
 community building, and           support.
 campus engagement.              • Advocacy for campus engagement among legislators, the media, college rank-
                                   ing bodies, accreditation boards, foundations, and others.
      Campus Compact
       45 Temple Place           • Partnerships with academic, community, business, and government leaders.
     Boston, MA 02111
       (617) 357-1881        Campuses that want to apply their vast academic knowledge in ways that will make a         real difference turn to Campus Compact.
                                                                                                      continued on reverse
                          Our Numbers Tell a Compelling Story
                                                                                                “Campus Compact
                          W H AT W E ’ V E A C C O M P L I S H E D
                                                                                                 is inspiring a
                               • Over the past 20 years, Campus Compact has engaged              new era
                                 20 million students in service and civic engagement
                                 programs.                                                       of civic
“I have                                                                                          engagement
                               • Campus Compact’s publications, conferences, and
 always had                      workshops have helped tens of thousands of faculty,             within higher
 a drive to                      administrators, and community service staff establish           education, and
 serve others                    effective programs.
                                                                                                 more importantly,
 and work for                  • Campus Compact state offices around the country                 introducing
                                 offer more than $10 million a year in scholarships
 the common                      and postsecondary aid for students involved in                  a new
 good. But I never               service.                                                        dimension
 fully realized that I         • Campus Compact’s network encompasses 35 state                   of learning
 could go beyond                 offices offering local and regional support to                  into our students’
 volunteerism—                                                                                   lives.”
 that my opinion and           • Since its inception in 1985, Campus Compact has
                                 grown from 4 members to more than 1,100 colleges                   – EDUARDO PADRÓN
 hard work could                                                                                             PRESIDENT
                                 and universities that are committed to serving their               MIAMI DADE COLLEGE
 influence policy                students, their communities, and their society.
                          W H AT O U R M E M B E R C A M P U S E S H A V E
 My views changed         ACCOMPLISHED:

 when I sat in the             • Students at Campus Compact member schools
 office of one of my             contribute more than $5.7 billion and 282 million               To learn more
                                 hours in service each year through campus programs              about what
 legislators in
                                 addressing issues such as literacy, hunger, homeless-
 Washington, DC.”                                                                                we do and
                                 ness, health care, and the environment.
                                                                                                 how you
     —AMANDA     COFFIN        • More than 30% of students at member schools are
 UNIVERSITY OF MAINE AT          engaged in service through campus-organized initia-             can get
                                 tives—a threefold increase in the past eight years.             involved,
                               • Nearly all members—98%—have established partner-                go to
                                 ships with one or more community organizations.                 www.
                               • More than 90% of members incorporate community                  compact.
                                 work into the curriculum through service-learning.
                               • More than 85% have one or more staff members
                                 dedicated to coordinating community efforts.

                                 Numbers and figures cited in this report are from Campus Compact’s annual survey of
                                 its members on campus. The reports are available online at

                                                                                                     Campus Compact 9/09)

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