; Higher Education Institutions 9-12 - Aurora Economic Development
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Higher Education Institutions 9-12 - Aurora Economic Development


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									                            Higher Education Institutions in the City of Aurora
                         Institutions                                      Web site Address
Anthem College – Aurora                                                  www.anthemcollege.edu
Colorado Community College System’s Lowry Campus                             www.cccs.edu
Colorado Technical University                                            www.coloradotech.edu
Columbia College – Aurora                                                    www.ccis.edu
Community College of Aurora                                                www.ccaurora.edu
Echotech Institute                                                      www.ecotechinstitute.com
Everest College                                                             www.everest.edu
Pickens Technical College                                                 www.pickenstech.org
Platt College                                                            www.plattcolorado.edu
Regis University – Aurora Campus                                             www.regis.edu
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus                             www.ucdenver.edu
University of Phoenix - Southlands Learning Center                         www.phoenix.edu

                       Selected Higher Education Institutions along the Front Range
                         Institution                                      Web site Address
Colorado Christian University                                               www.ccu.edu
Colorado College                                                       www.coloradocollege.edu
Colorado School of Mines                                                   www.mines.edu
Colorado State University                                                 www.colostate.edu
Johnson & Wales University                                                  www.jwu.edu
University of Colorado Boulder                                            www.colorado.edu
University of Colorado Colorado Springs                                     www.uccs.edu
University of Colorado Denver                                             www.ucdenver.edu
University of Denver                                                         www.du.edu
University of Northern Colorado                                             www.unco.edu
Metropolitan State University of Denver                                     www.mscd.edu

Source: Colorado Department of Higher Education and individual schools.

Updated July 2012.
For more information contact the Aurora Economic Development Council at 303.755.2223 or info@auroraedc.com.

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