Move In Letter from Landlord


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									This is a letter sent to a new tenant from the landlord welcoming the tenant to the
property. This letter specifies the rent due date, the drop off location, and the late fees.
Additionally, this letter provides contact information for maintenance or building
inquiries. This letter can easily be customized by users to provide for any specific
language that may be necessary. This letter can be used by landlords, property owners,
or property management companies to make new tenants feel welcomed.
                                            Move-In Welcome Letter

                                                                      ____________, Alabama ____________
May 01, 2013
____________, Alabama ____________

Welcome Letter
Dear ____________,
I would like to welcome you to your new residence at ____________. In order to ensure a
pleasant living experience, I wanted to provide you with all of the necessary details and contact
information that you will need.
The monthly rent amount is Zero Dollars and will be due on the ____________ day of the
month. Late rent payments will incur a penalty of Zero Dollars if not received by the
____________ day of the month. You can deliver your rent checks via mail by sending them to
____________, ____________, Alabama ____________. Make checks payable to:
Each lessee is advised to purchase renters insurance, which protects your personal property
against theft, fire and other losses that may occur during the term of your lease. The landlord’s
insurance will not cover your personal belongings.
I have enclosed a Rental Property Inspection Checklist for you to fill out. Please inspect the areas
listed on the checklist and indicate the condition of each applicable item. Return the completed
form to me and keep a copy for your records. The checklist will be used to assess and compare
the condition of the property at the beginning and end of your lease term.
Maintenance and other building inquiries should be directed to ____________ by calling
____________ or by email to: ____________. If you have any more questions regarding your
new residence, you can reach me at the phone number or email address listed below.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time at ____________.



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____________, Alabama ____________

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Property Address: ____________________
Landlord Name: _________________________
Lessee Name: _________________________
Date of Inspection: _________________________

         ROOM/AREA                                 CONDITION              COMMENTS

Exterior of Property

Exterior Doors and Windows

Locks and/or Security systems

Lawn (if applicable)

Driveway (if applicable)

Garage or Shed or Storage Room
(if applicable)

Fence (if applicable)

Exterior Stairs

Balcony or Porch (if applicable)

Condition of Walls and
Ceilings/Paint Condition

Light Fixtures

Baseboards and Trim





Sink and Sink Fixtures (including
kitchen and all bathroom)

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Bath Tub and Shower

Stairways and Railings

Interior Windows

Smoke Detectors/Carbon
Monoxide Detectors

Laundry Facilities and Equipment



Furnace and Water Heater

Air Conditioning Unit/Fans

Outlets and Light Switches

Cable/Telephone Internet Hookup
(if applicable)

Summary of Items Requiring Repair or Replacement:

Lessee’s Signature

Landlord’s Signature

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