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Quartzsite Town Council & sewer updates                                                    After a week like yours,
MAY 14TH. La Paz County Sheriff
John Drum failed to appear to make a
                                           MAY 24TH WORK SESSION
                                           Kevin Murphy, P.E., Town Engineer,                     you need a
presentation on the sheriff’s role (law
enforcement and civil matters) within
the Town of Quartzsite.
                                           and Karyn Keese, of Atkins Financial
                                           Services Practice, presented to coun-
                                           cil proposed sewer rates for the new
                                                                                               church like ours!
                                           expansion of the sewer system. The
AGREEMENT- Consider approval of
                                           Town will be receiving a 50% grant

                                                                                         Changing Hearts.... Changing Lives...
an agreement Discussion; with Sun          from USDA for over $3 million, $1.6
Edison Origination l, LLC for construc-    million from WIFA , and a 40-year
tion, operation and maintenance of a       loan from USDA. Murphy explained
solar powered electric generating proj-
ect; and to purchase from SunEdison
                                           Quartzsite is past 85% capacity and is
                                           required to plan for expansion.
                                                                                     Through Worshiping God and Serving Others
Origination 1, LLC the electric energy     The day prior, the presentation was
produced by the project.                   delivered to Municipal Water Ad-
approved LIQUOR LICENSE - of a             ministrative Committee which many
location transfer of a Beer and Wine       council members also attended. Keese
Liquor License for Beer Belly’s located    explained they are “unbundling the
                                           current rate structure to make it fair
at 35 W. Kuehn
                                           and equitable for everyone.”
  Council adjourned to executive ses-        According to Murphy, “The current
sion to Interview Applicants for the       structure does not meet the required
Quartzsite Magistrate position.            criteria of insuring year-round resi-
  APPROVED rejection of claims filed        dents not paying for excess capacity
against the Town by Anton Coetzee,         required by seasonal users.”
Jennifer Jones and AI Johnson.               He said the Fixed costs are not being
Town Manager Laura Bruno gave an           covered equitably from all user groups.
Update on settlement with the Office of     The proposed rate structure revi-
the Arizona Attorney General on Open       sion eliminates subsidies from other
Meeting law violations. All boards ex-     classes. The proposed rate structure

                                                                                          EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
                                           eliminates fixture counts and restau-
cept the Parks Board have now signed
                                           rant seat charges, eliminates charge
the agreement.                             fore extra hookups for residential
MAY 16, SPECIAL MEETING to                 users, and has only two components: a
appoint Magistrate Judge. Mary Scott       Base Charge and a Commodity Charge
was nominated, but withdrew and sup-       based on sewage strength and actual
ported the council’s choice of Amanda      monthly water usage. Future meetings
                                                                                     •   Sunday:
Lilly for the position. Scott offered to   are planned for public participation.         Christian Education 9am     • Wednesday:
mentor Lilly.                                                                            Worship 10:30am               Bible Study 6pm
                                                                                         Evening Worship 6pm

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                                                                                                                                         Fire Station

                                                                                     For free ride to Church
                                                                                         call (928) 927-5808

                                                                                         665 W. Tyson, Quartzsite, Arizona • 928-927-5808

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