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									Mifos® – Pilot and Rollout Plan
                                                                            TECHNOLOGY FOR MICROFINANCE

This document covers the pilot and rollout of Mifos for the __________ Microfinance institution. The
Pilot will cover rolling Mifos out to ___ branches over ___ weeks/months. Upon successful completion
of the pilot the rollout will cover ____ branches within ____ weeks/months.

Roles & Responsibilities
The following individuals are involved with the rollout
     Please indicate if individuals are involved with just the pilot, rollout or both
     Branch participants are identified later in this document.
     Rollouts should include a representative from each of the major departments affected by the
        rollout (Generally IT, Operations and Accounting)


        Name                        Title               Role & Responsibilities          Pilot/Rollout
(sample) John Doe         MFI IT Manager             Oversee project, run data          Pilot & Rollout
                                                     migrations, provide head office


        Name                        Title               Role & Responsibilities          Pilot/Rollout

This is a general overview of the schedule. Detailed schedule should be built in another program like MS
Project. Please review sample schedule for more ideas.


             Task                     Owner(s)             Participants          Start Date   End Date
Rollout to xxx                                        Branch 1-4                 12-27-09     12-29-09
Rollout to Group #1                                   Branch 1, Branch 2         1-15-10      1-30-10
Rollout to Group #2                                   Branch 3, Branch 4         2-1-10       2-15-10
Mifos® – Pilot and Rollout Plan
                                                                                       TECHNOLOGY FOR MICROFINANCE
Post rollout evaluation1                                      n/a

              Task                           Owner(s)                Participants            Start Date     End Date
Train Remaining Branch Staff           ???                    [Need Trainers and             Feb-08         Feb-10
before rollout                                                participating branches]
Rollout to Group 1                     ???                    [List Branches]                Mar-29         Apr-02
Rollout to Group 2                     ???                    [List Branches]                Apr-05         Apr-09
Rollout to Group 3                     ???                    [List Branches]                Apr-12         Apr-16
Rollout to Group 4                     ???                    [List Branches]

Rollout Process
When rolling out to a selected set of branches, the following steps are taken (below is a sample, please
change to your own process).

                Task                                    Owner                                Scheduling
Run Data Migration script for           IT Department – John Doe                 Weekend before rollout begins
selected branches
Enter Collections and other MIS         Branch Staff                             Week of rollout
Assist branch staff on-site             Rollout Team – Support Member            Mon and Tues of rollout week
Monitor and Validate Reports at         Branch Manager                           Week of rollout
Monitor and Validate Reports at         Operations Manager, IT                   Week of Rollout
HO                                      Manager, Accounting Manager
Determine Success of rollout            Rollout team                             Friday, last day of rollout

  Post Rollout Evaluation involves reviewing the lessons learned during the rollout period and updating business
processes, rollout procedures, fixing data migration issues, fixing reporting issues, etc before beginning next step in
rollout. It is advised to schedule in an extended period after a live test and pilot for this step. During the actual
rollout it is expected this is ongoing and does not need an extended period as it is expected most major issues
would have been identified and resolved beforehand.
Mifos® – Pilot and Rollout Plan
                                                                           TECHNOLOGY FOR MICROFINANCE
             Task                              Owner                             Scheduling

                      Risk                                             Mitigation

Supporting Documents
         Document/Tool                       Description                          Location
Production Server                                                     https://

The following sections are here for demonstrative purposes. It is recommended that you use the google
doc templates for collaborative purposes or excel templates if offline editing is preferred/necessary.

Upon submitting this document for review, you can export the results from google docs into excel

List all comments, bugs and issues found during the pilot and rollout. The same document should be
used for the live test, pilot and rollout.

Google Doc Template
Mifos® – Pilot and Rollout Plan
                                                                     TECHNOLOGY FOR MICROFINANCE
Form Sample:

When staff are submitting issues, they need to provide the following (required marked in *):
    Date and time issue was found * (automatically added in google doc format)
    Reporter Name *
    URL (if applicable)
    Account ID (Client or System ID where the issue can be looked at)
    Description *

Tracking Details:
These details are used for managing and resolving those issues found
     Severity – How bad is the problem
     Priority – How important is it to resolve the issue
     Owner – Who is resolving the issue
     Status – Status of the resolution
     Bug ID - Used to link the issue to a bug if one is filed
     Resolution – Notes on how the issue was resolved, if at all
     Notes

During rollout it is important to validate that it was successful. Create an excel template to use as a
checklist to track the validation for each branch. You may want to create multiple checklists covering
validation from the headquarters or different roles at the participating branch.

The checklist should cover things like

       Business Processes
       Reports
       Data Validation between current MIS and Mifos

Review sample for further insight.

Note: During training it is important to stress with all participating staff what will be expected of them
during the pilot and rollout. Key is indicating that they will be doing operations in parallel with your
current MIS and Mifos.
Mifos® – Pilot and Rollout Plan
                                                                           TECHNOLOGY FOR MICROFINANCE

See <insert link> for commonly asked questions about planning and executing a rollout.

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