Love Lock With Diamonds is Eternal

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					                                      Love Lock With Diamonds is Eternal

                               The significance of diamonds in the life of human beings has been venerable. Arthshastra-
                               an old Indian work, dated back to the 4th century BC gives out a significant insight into the
                               first usage of diamonds as jewellery items. By then diamonds were known, traded and even
                               taxed in India. The existence of diamond experts is mentioned together with a classification
                               of diamond as per their quality, colour and size.

                               The art of creating perfect Diamond Pendant Jewellery ranges to various techniques since
                               times immemorial. The word, 'Diamond' was derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας
                               (adámas), meaning 'proper', 'unalterable', 'unbreakable', 'untamed'.

                               While the Greeks believed these jewels were even adorned by the gods, the Romans
                               thought that these were the remains of falling stars on our planet. Some even believed
                               Cupid's arrow to be possessed with these beautiful stones.

                             The toughest task to fit a diamond in a jewellery piece, has always been to give it a perfect
                             cut since it is the hardest metal, known to be solid enough to not to be mended easily. The
                             evolution of the technique to carve a diamond in a jewellery item started with the
gemmologits to perform diamond cutting through 'Grinding' that involved the experts to hammer the stones or cut those
and see how easily they break. The more difficult it was to shape the diamonds, the better their quality was supposed to

Then, came the technique of 'Cleaving'. This meant the miners coming across a flawed diamond stone and immediately
eroding the defective areas and turn the stone into as flawlessly clear as possible.

'Diamond sawing' involved dressing a thin wire with diamond powder mixed with oil and running the wire across the
stone. This method was so far, considered to be the toughest.

In the modern era, we still follow the crafts of grinding, cleaving, sawing
and polishing; where polishing meant to rub the diamond surface to make
it as shiny as possible.

Other than these techniques, the Indian diamond cutting methodoly is
considered to be known as the Mughal cut. This is one of the most
phenomenal ways of creating diamond jewellery in history.

Seeing to the modern days of jewellery designing today, diamond sets
showcase heavy patterns to simple, minimalist ones, as per one's
preference and fashion interest.

Where diamond rings, especially engagement rings, since the beginning of
their usage, were always the most important type; today; various styles in
diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets are innumerable. And,
with the changing trends, the choices to adorn diamonds have changed significantly. Where women wore heavy sets in
the past, today, Designer Diamond Earrings Jewellery like chandelier earrings, cocktails rings, chic diamond pendants to
sleek diamond necklaces with multicoloured gems adding more appeal to the transparent diamonds are much more in

So, remember, whenever you are choosing a diamond, it signifies an unbrekable promise of love in its purest form. Gift a
diamond or own one for yourself; a diamond is indeed a blissful treasure for life.

Description: Diamonds in any size, shape or colour- these have always won our hearts over everything else. And for people to beautify their personalities, diamond jewellery is the most elegant indeed.