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The flag is based on the provincial coat of arms, which was itself inspired by the
Scottish Cross of St. Andrew (white saltire on a blue field) and the royal arms of
Scotland. The coat of arms in the middle has a lion to remember ties with Britain. The
cross is the Scottish Cross of St. Andrew. The flag of Nova Scotia was the first flag in
the Commonwealth to be authorized by Royal Charter in 1625. is the best source of nova scotia flag that is made with 100%
polyester, fade resistant to direct sunlight and durable for indoor- outdoor. Nova Scotia
flag provides a more visible contrast for the Scottish shield. All types of wholesale flags
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Nova Scotia Flag History:
Nova Scotia has the only regional flag from earlier than the 20th century. The flag was
granted by Royal Charter in 1625 and officially adopted in 1929. The coat of arms was
adopted in 1625. It helps the people of Nova Scotia remember their Scottish

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