Youth Icebreakers - Searching for Dad by sappken


Students must describe their Father to others to retrieve a photo of their father.

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   Youth Icebreakers
    - Searching for

         Students must
      describe their Father
     to others to retrieve a
      photo of their father.

      Optimal Group Size
      Any size group.

      Game Venue
      Any place

      Game Preparation
      Instruct each student to
      bring a color photograph
      of his or her father to
      class. You might enlist
      the parents of smaller
      kids to do this.

   Game Play

   1. During the first five
      minutes, students must
      write a description of their
      fathers as seen in the
      photograph. For example,
      “My father is tall and
      handsome. He is wearing
      blue jeans and a white
   2. The teacher should then
      collect all photographs.

    3. Photographs are then
       shuffled and distributed
       to various students. No
       student should have his
       or her own Father’s

     4. After photographs
        have been exchanged,
        the first student
        chooses another
        student and says,
        “Excuse me, but have
        you seen my father?”
        The student he or she
        asks responds, “I
        don’t know. What
        does he look like?”

   5. The first student then
      reads the first sentence of
      his or her description. The
      student being questioned
      responds with, “No, I’m
      sorry. I haven’t seen him,”
      or “Yes, as a matter of fact,
      he’s right here [returning
      the photograph],” or “I’m
      not sure. Describe him
      further.” If called upon to
      describe him further, the
      student reads more of his

      6. A small prize may be
         given to each student
         upon his or her
         successfully locating his
         or her father.


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