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									2010 Night of Spectacles Fashion with a Vision Design Challenge Application
Sponsored by the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation
The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation has held Night of Spectacles, an eyewear fashion event for the past two years. Each year, students have created fashion pieces from recycled eyewear, which were auctioned off. The funds raised support the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation’s vision services program for uninsured Georgians. This year we are holding our second “Project Runway®” style competition for up and coming young fashion designers as part of our third Night of Spectacles. To participate is simple. Complete this application form letting us know how many glasses and lenses you will need and submit a resume if desired.

All designs selected for competition will be featured in charity fashion show will:       Be introduced to Project Runway’s Mychael Knight Receive 2 tickets to the event (one for designer, one for model) Compete to win a $1000 scholarship Have chance to interview with various media outlets to promote event and design Be given professional photo prints and digital files of design and fashion show Display and auctioned off work for the event’s 400 guests

Applications may be submitted by fashion students or amateur designers. All designs submitted to the fashion challenge must:    Use eyewear frames or lenses to create fashion with a vision. Be able to be worn by a model to walk down a runway.* Be donated to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for fundraising purposes.

*Designers must recruit their own models and make clothing to fit accordingly Dates of importance:  January 1, 2010 - All completed applications due by 5:00 p.m.  February 19, 2010– Designs due to the Lighthouse Foundation office in Decatur for preliminary judging  March 31, 2010 – Pictures of finished dresses submitted to Lighthouse*  April 22, 2010 – Night of Spectacles, eyewear fashion show and competition *Early completion is encouraged. Submitting a finished dress to the Lighthouse office in Decatur before the deadline may make it eligible for publicity opportunities, such as an appearance on a local television show in Atlanta or featuring the design in other promotional materials leading up to the event. Twelve designs will be chosen to participate in the fashion show. Discounted tickets to the event will be made available for student’s families/friends and for students whose designs are not selected.

Please contact Sarah Epting at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation with any questions regarding this application. (404) 325-3630

I. Applicant
Name: Home Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone: E-mail:

II. Materials Needed
Number of Lenses Requested: ________________ Number of Frames Requested: ________________  I would like to select materials myself at the Lighthouse Foundation.  I would like the Lighthouse Foundation to send me assorted frames* *All donations of lenses and frames to artists are final and additional requests for materials will need to be made in person at the Lighthouse offices. Additional Comments/Requests: ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

III. Educational Information
Please list all secondary educational institutions attended, including degree awarded and any honors received. Undergraduate: Graduate: Other:

IV. Previous Awards
Please list any awards you have received in the past

VIII. Submission
Please complete this application in its entirety and enclose the following:  Resume (optional)  Application Submit all materials to: Sarah Epting, Partnership Director Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation 1775 Clairmont Road Decatur, GA 30033 For information on last year’s event and updates on this year’s event visit www.nightofspectacles.org.

Please contact Sarah Epting at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation with any questions regarding this application. (404) 325-3630

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