3 Wedding Traditions You Wish Weren’t

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					3 Wedding Traditions You Wish Weren’t
Weddings are a time to celebrate. They’re a time to excitedly welcome a new stage of life for beloved
friends and family members.

Each culture weddings are performed in has their own special traditions to uphold. Not every culture
thinks that the couple should be respected and honored like you do in this place and time.

Many have developed traditions that thoroughly embarrass and annoy the bride and groom on their
special day. Here are three wedding traditions you should be grateful aren’t apart of your culture.

Night Crashers
First, wedding night crashers are the worst. In the nineteenth century it was popular to go crash the
wedding night of the married couple.

The wedding party would secretly follow the couple home. Once
the couple was safely inside, they would make as much of a
raucous as possible, banging pots and pans together, hollering and
singing out of tune, seeking to embarrass the couple as much as

As the tradition became the thing to do, the raucous would
sometimes turn into vandalism. Not only would the couple have a difficult evening to deal with, but they
were sometimes left with a mess to clean up as well.

Throwing Stuff
Second, who knew that throwing things throughout the entire ceremony could come as part of the
wedding package when you married in the Czech Republic? It is a tradition to throw things at the bride
and groom periodically from the beginning of the ceremony through the end.

Imagine being under a constant barrage of random items from the moment you open the chapel door to
until the moment you leave. It would become quite the nuisance.

To make matters worse, at one point, a plate is thrown at the feet of the couple. The tradition is for the
couple to clean the plate up together, symbolizing unity in their marriage.

Later, the wedding night crashers can be found throwing nuts, grains, coins, peas, and figs at the
couple’s home to appease various pagan gods. Some bombardment of items seems fine, but a constant
barrage of items must get annoying.

Trash the Dress
Third and finally, in some places it’s a tradition to blacken the bride. Trashing the dress is nothing
compared to the wedding parties antics here.
A concoction of the smelliest, grossest items is mixed together to cover the bride with the day before
her wedding. The concoction is made up of eggs, vegetables, dairy, feathers, fish, and sausages and is
dumped on her.

Once completely covered, she is then carried around town with a crowd that tries to make as much
noise as possible. It’s like a bachelorette party gone wrong.

                                                 It’s embarrassing and stinky, but it’s the way they show
                                                 love. Be glad your friends and family show their love by
                                                 treating you to dinner and activities the night before.

                                                 Sometimes the groom is also kidnapped and made to
                                                 smell like a pig that’s wallowed in too much mud. He
                                                 joins the bride in the procession and they are
                                                 thoroughly embarrassed together the day before their

Not many brides would be willing to undergo the same abuse in the U.S. Few people want to be
kidnapped and made to smell like pigs the day before their special day.

These are just a few of the weird traditions you can be grateful aren’t available as part of your standard
wedding packages here in America. American culture tends to prepare weddings that honor, respect,
and rejoice in the union of two people without the embarrassing or stinky stories that could come with

Description: There are many wedding traditions around the world. There are some that you are going to be grateful don't involve you.