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									Marvin Ridge Mavericks Athletic Booster Club School Sports
The following document pertains to Booster Club and middle school athletic teams with the exception of middle school basketball and basketball cheerleading, which are Union County Public Schools supported sports and will be directed by the Marvin Ridge Middle School Administration

All Booster Club athletic programs shall be run under the MRMABC. This is an entirely volunteer program. 2. When a program has 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams, a Commissioner will be selected by using the application process and Executive Board approval. The commissioner is not allowed to coach. Once teams have been formed a team parent will be appointed by the coach. If MRMABC is participating in a league, MRMABC will take part and abide by league rules. 3. The Athletic Director shall have direct influence on appointing the coaches for the Booster Club teams, pending Executive Board approval. The Athletic Director and HS coaches shall also be involved in designing, planning and dictating practice/instructional philosophies, techniques, skills for the teams with the selected coaches. 4. All coaches shall be required to abide by the adopted MRHS Athletic Handbook and shall be held accountable to the School Administration, Athletic Department and MRMABC. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Athletic Director or MRMABC. 5. All teams are “pay for play” with supplemental funding to be determined by the MRMABC Executive Board. 6. The only MS sports funded by Union County are Basketball and Basketball Cheerleading. All other sports will be required for at least one parent/guardian to join the General Membership of the MRMABC for the child to participate in the Booster Club sports program. 7. Proceeds generated from gate receipts and concessions shall belong to the MRMABC. Revenue generated will help pay for complex supervision, maintenance and field/equipment development. 8. No High School, Middle School or Booster Club sports program will be allowed to do the following: solicit corporate sponsorship, conduct specific fundraisers or raise money in any fashion that is in direct competition of the MRMABC. Any individual or corporate donor who desires to contribute to a specific cause will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis by the MRMABC Executive Board. MRMABC supports all athletic teams. 9. All parents shall be required to work at least two games sometime throughout the year as a volunteer in concessions or other venues. This will be assigned by the Commissioner or team parent. 10. The MRMABC and Athletic Director shall have direct involvement in equipment and uniform selections and vendors used. 11. All Booster Club sports programs will also be required to carry insurance coverage that is to be included in “pay for play” fees. Final policy specifics shall be reviewed and approved by the school administration and MRMABC. 1.

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