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					Startup, Inc. Overview
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Nail it.                                                                            URL:
                                                                                    Industry: Internet / Web Services
Business Summary: Startup enables non-profits, political campaigns, churches,       Employees: 10
community groups and other causes and individuals to easily manage fundraising      Founded: 2010-09-07
and accept donations online from the web, social media and through mobile
technology. Startup 's SaaS platform empowers causes to get the most from their     Stan Founder
supporters/volunteers, donors and campaigns by combining a flexible, multi-
source payment platform with intelligent donor management.                          555-222-2882

Product/Services: Startup's SaaS empowers causes to get the most from their         Financial Information (USD):
supporters/volunteers, donors and campaigns by integrating donation                 Company Stage: Full Product Ready
management, business intelligence analytics, donation acceptance and                Previous Capital: $1,225,500
fundraising tools into one platform. Startup enables causes to easily accept        Monthly Net Burn: $75,000
donations and increase revenue from their website, social media                     Pre-money Valuation: $7,500,000
(Facebook/Twitter) and through mobile technology (including card swipe              Capital Seeking: $3,000,000
Customer problem: Fundraising is time-consuming, expensive, labor-intensive,        Stan Founder, CEO/Founder
technically/process complex, and always needed. There is asynchronous               Best Buddy, COO/CMO
coordination between organization staff, supporters, and donors. Current donor      Great Phone, Dir. Client Services
                                                                                    Super Geek, Dir. Product Management
management systems are closed-systems and expensive. Payment solutions are
fractious and complex.
Target market: The target market includes all non-profits, religious                Lawyer: Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP
organizations/groups, political campaigns, and other causes/groups that accept      Accountant: Prager & Fenton
donations. These groups do over $2tr in revenue a year and at least $250bil from
direct donations in the US. There are over 1.5m organizations registered with the   Investors:
IRS; which only counts those with over $25k a year in revenue. It's estimated       Super Angel
there are at least another 2m causes/groups that accept donations.                  Small Angel
                                                                                    Connected Guy
Management: Startup's management comes from a blended background of
technology development, fundraising, and financial SaaS management that has         Location:
                                                                                    123 Santa Monica Blvd
enabled the company to be developed, launched, and gain traction by a small         Santa Monica, CA 90401
core team basically working around a kitchen table. This team team serve as the
foundation to build the company. The current team is expected to grow and add
key members in technology operations and finance related process

Customers: Our customers include all non-profits, religious organizations/groups, political campaigns, and other
causes/groups that accept donations. The primary contact at these groups is fundraising consultants/service providers
and organization staff/management. Anyone that makes donations is also a customer as they may use Startup to
manage/track all their donations.

Sales/Marketing strategy: The initial marketing focus is fundraising consultants and service providers (channel partners)
who already work directly with fundraisers and donation accepting organizations. The second channel partner focus is
core payment processors/gateways, whereas we become their front end for non-profits. Finally, we focus on acquiring
organizations and causes using most online technique with a select business development effort on larger organizations.

Business model: Primary revenue comes from transaction and processing fees. At the highest rack rate we receive 3.9%
of the donation amount and $.30 per transaction. We pay a portion of these fees to the merchant bank/processor and
gateway (<60%). Additional fees come from SaaS add ons. The core SaaS platform is free to sign up for, no monthly fees,
and is easily supported by the transaction revenue.

Competitors: The ecosystem of competitors for Startup comes from three primary areas—payment/commerce platforms
(Paypal, Square), donor management/fundraising software (Blackbaud, Donor Perfect), and cause related social media
Competitive advantage: The lifeblood of non-profits and campaigns is donations. Donating is often a spontaneous event,
and more and more donations are being made electronically (projected to be 80% by 2015). Our single donor lifecycle
platform that can accept donations where the donors are—online to an event—and manage fundraising, donors, and
supporters make us unique. Plus, our business model makes Startup an easy choice and very sticky.

 Financials* (USD)              2011             2012              2013               2014                2015

 Revenues                          12,580          185,000          3,449,625         30,547,974         113,873,868

 Expenditures                     475,000          886,275          5,384,075         26,502,536          86,441,125

 Net                             -462,420         -701,275         -1,934,450          4,045,438          27,432,743
*Assumes series A round of $3m+ in Q1 2013.

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